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8mule Triumvirate /site/ Anonymous 06/05/2020 (Fri) 12:11:59 Id:bac04a No. 108
A meta for /monarchy/, /fascist/, & /liberty/ + crossboard fun & games. Other boards welcome.
(109.21 KB 334x394 1589783874412.png)
I want to live in a world where the only air I breathe is filtered through Integralist-chan’s smelly dirty socks
(200.39 KB 292x569 -z37fuDRWf3.jpg)
>>111 (checked) Well at least it's "dirty socks" and not "large intestine".
(283.95 KB 774x935 miko YES.png)
>>109 Good taste in mangos, fren
(1.91 MB 2654x2697 WelcomePatterned.png)
(1.34 MB 1801x1720 smelly socks vector two.png)
>>108 >>111 Based and smelly sock-pilled
>>127 nope :^)
What happened to hoppe-sama? Is it coming back or are you niggers going to stay here on 8chan?
>>139 Fuck Hoppe. Apparently it ran out of space or something and that made it impossible to post. According to what at least the BO of /fascist/ said on Anon Cafe the owner, Renart, never replied to his several emails informing him of the problem, or when he emailed about getting the database info so they could retrieve the posts. He went totally AWOL. He fucked over another site too at the same time, Tengureich
/fascist/ posters return to anon.cafe, BO nuked the board here
>>144 And now we're back as a bunker >>>/fascist/
monarcy, facist, liberty, essentially all boards besides /v/ and maybe /co/ and /pol/ are dead. /co/ and /pol/ are on life-support.
(46.23 KB 400x400 000440.jpg)
>>1452 /monarchy/ was always a dead board. It's just dead dead now. Double dead. The fate of /monarchy/ is unknown. I wouldn't hold it against them if they washed the board completely and started over. Would be for the best. >facist They're fine. >liberty idk how they are. >besides /v/ and maybe /co/ and /pol/ are dead /ck/ is a pretty decent board.

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