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(11.22 KB 300x300 1599981232676-1.jpg)
Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 14:11:28 Id:314aef No. 1184
Do you guys use an modified version of LynxChan engine?
(312.05 KB 448x336 1599572916807.png)
Also, how theres so many files store if the boards are in constant cycle? Does it have anything with the store files on disk option?
>>1186 >stored Fixed
The engine of the site is unmodified vanilla lynxchan, yes. Our frontend is quite gucci though.
(44.20 KB 500x500 1599479279791.gif)
>>1200 Did you like my dog pics?
>>1184 The engine is unmodified but we do have some addons loaded. I think the only thing active at the moment is some markdown tweaks and the Tor IDs feature. Most modifications are accomplished via the frontend. >>1186 You can store as much as you have room for in the database. Or you can export it to disk which makes db dumps much smaller. Dumping to disk also makes it easier to move files to another location if you run out of room.
>>1288 Could you please send me the addons? Any tips?
>>1291 I don't want to open up the repo just yet because there's a few half-finished addons and I want to clean them up or remove them. I've included the two activate addons, however. One adds our extra markdown and the other forces Tor users to have 000000 as their id. The only other addon we're using is "sageBox.js" which is provided in Stephen's repos. >Any tips? Plenty, but I'd need to write a pamphlet. Can you be more specific? Did you have any questions in mind?
(735.00 B addons8ch.gz)
>>1331 Well, how did you config to thumbnail files like that? Why the front end last images on the index doesnt work on a new install, is it normal?
>>1367 Forget it, i just read the documentation and i am exploring, managed to do it. kek.
/* Royal Theme */ /* Based on Yotsuba B. Credits to 8chan.moe and Badchan.xyz */ @import "./syntax/foundation-modified.css"; :root { --background-color: #2B181E; --background-gradient: #2B181E; --text-color: #c5b184; --contrast-color: #3C212A; --menu-color: #472732; --background-highlight-color: #3C212A; --horizon-sep-color: #3C212A; --border-color: black; --marked-color: #472732; --marked-border-color: #472732; --marked-text-color: var(--text-color); --board-title-color: #bfa977; --index-text-color: #000333; /*DEPRECATED --board-shadow-color: rgba(105,10,15,0.6); */ --link-color: #f9c440; --link-hover-color: #d00; --navbar-text-color: #462F2C; --table-every-other-color: #e0e5f6; /*--button-color: #eceff6;*/ --sfw-indicator-color: navy; --subject-color: #fff394; --thread-navbar-background: #A4815E; --thread-navbar-color: aliceblue; } body { background: var(--background-gradient) no-repeat; color: var(--text-color); background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom,var(--background-color) 0,transparent 260px); font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } footer { margin: 1em 0px 1em 0px; } #dynamicHeaderThread { background-color: var(--contrast-color); color: #472732; } .topBoards a, .innerPost, .sideCatalogCell, .sideCatalogMarkedCell, .divPages { background: var(--contrast-color); } .catalogCell { border: 1px solid var(--horizon-sep-color); background: var(--contrast-color); } .floatingMenu, #quick-reply table, .modalDecorationPanel { background: var(--menu-color); color: var(--text-color); border: 1px solid var(--border-color); } .diceRoll { color: #fff394; } .modalTableBody input[type="text"], .modalTableBody select, #themeSelector, #modalAnswer, #cssInput, #jsInput, #postingForm input[type="text"], #postingForm textarea, #quick-reply input[type="text"], #quick-reply textarea { color: var(--text-color); background-color: #171717; }
(518.66 KB 512x512 zombiegwen.jpg)
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