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Frontend Feature Requests Anonymous Admin 06/09/2020 (Tue) 04:32:33 Id:96dae8 No. 134
Designated thread for all frontend feature requests. If you don't like the way the UI works, if you notice any bugs, or just have some general feedback then you can post it here. We are rebuilding the frontend from scratch, so now is the best time to tell us what you'd like to see. It will be harder to make major changes later.
(335.02 KB 1458x400 search engines mockup.png)
(59.77 KB 2542x90 broken ui.png)
(221.29 KB 684x1492 stuck quick reply.png)
(462.49 KB 712x1320 chaos.png)
>>134 Consider adding buttons to reverse search images. Google, Yandex, SauceNAO, trace.moe and TinEye are commonly used reverse search engines, and it would be nice if there were one-click buttons to search images with them. Another nice feature would be the ability to rearrange files. Additionally, I found some bugs. The first one is related to the top bar. Due to the high number of items the bar overflows and some of them appear outside of it. Another bug I found is that sometimes if you move the quick reply window when it has files selected it'll get stuck at the top of the page, making it impossible to move it to another place until you quote a post and the window position is reset. Lastly, the files field needs a rework. Currently it takes a lot of space and handles thumbnails in the worst way possible. Maybe forcing all thumbnails to have the same height would make the field look better.
>>136 You can just write a small userscript to add buttons like that.
(4.70 MB 640x480 borked.mp4)
I've posted several issues with the Win95 theme in the other thread and those still linger. However, there are a few issues with all themes in general. If your window is too narrow (I like to keep mine across half the monitor), the top bar gets screwy. On the regular theme, the text just gets bigger. On Win95, it gets bigger and goes to the top instead of the bottom. In threads, image thumbnails get absolutely tiny in a narrow window. Also, that second scrollbar appears sometimes and I know I've seen someone post a CSS fix for that in the other thread. The video demonstrates what I mean but it should be very easy to reproduce. Lastly, the issue of resizing Quick Reply on Chromium still remains. No matter how you try to scale it, it will expand horizontally as well.
Text under images not to the right
(204.84 KB 1085x516 ujh].PNG)
>>134 List aspect ratio of an image in the image details.
>>164 it's not that easy if text goes under the image, there'll be a huge chunk of dead space to the right unless it is very shallow
(1.78 MB 2560x3524 64gay.png)
Any chance of having a front page as cool as this one (or at least the purple theme)?
(59.54 KB 1640x234 example1.png)
>>134 >Designated thread for all frontend feature requests. It'd be helpful to have a list of features already implemented or planned for the new frontend to avoid repeating them. >>143 This. Also, the single feature that I miss the most is post inlining for quotes and replies, including the different cues to identify quoted posts and other useful related features >when hovering over a reply to a post, the quote in the reply gets highlighted with an underlined dashed line (see pic related). This allows you to quickly understand which part of the text in the reply replies to the post you're currently hovering from. >when inline expanding replies to a post, the clicked replies gets highlighted to show which replies you currently have inlined >image expansion on inlined posts just like with non inlined posts >ctrl+click on a reply or quote bypasses inlining and navigates to the reply or quoted post. I've also always wanted to see an option for filename randomization but ultimately that's just a nicety.
>>316 Yes. >>317 Duplicates are fine. It shows how many users are requesting a feature, which helps us prioritize. The plan is to use this thread as a checklist on top of all the issues we have already noticed. There's a lot of little formatting things (replies among them) that just don't "feel" right and it's the little details like that which are key. Thanks for making a note of it. If filename randomization happens it will have to involve changes to the backend. I can ask Stephen nicely to add it to his roadmap but can't make any guarantees. It's pretty convenient from a technical angle to expect an image to arrive at a particular hash, though.
Edited last time by codexx on 07/12/2020 (Sun) 22:19:37.
>>325 >it will have to involve changes to the backend Couldn't it be done in the front end with javascript by replacing the name sent to the backend when submitting a reply? >It's pretty convenient from a technical angle to expect an image to arrive at a particular hash, though. I don't know how the backend works but normally the filename doesn't affect the resulting hash.
Make CSS optional by using <br> instead of linebreaks and "white-space: pre-wrap;".
>>328 This can also cause issues with libreoffice writer which only parses the html and thus removes all line breaks. With <br> that would neither happen in a notepad nor LO Writer.
>>327 You're right. I was sleep-deprived and thinking of the filenames as they are stored, not the original filename. I'll see if we can tack on a box. I'd like to redesign the reply/quick reply UI in general. I'll see if random filenames are feasible. >>328 >>329 This might actually require a backend tweak, since the way the posts are stored and formatted is not this way, and the markdown of every post would probably need to be updated. I'll look into it but it's probably a bigger undertaking than we can take on right now.
(146.08 KB 539x393 1432865217435-1.jpg)
Lots of progress this week. >>317 On the off chance you're checking this thread, could you offer clarification on your comments on inline replies, and what behavior ctrl+click should have? It's not a functionality I recall using and I have been unable to get it to do anything different to a normal click on either vichan or lynxchan boards. Hover posts have been adjusted, and the underlines are back. >>143 Can also confirm this is working. >>136 There's not a ton of room to add buttons and it would add a lot of clutter. I'd recommend installing an add-on for your browser that makes it easy to perform a reverse image search. Top bar seems to be fixed. >>164 It now behaves like vichan. >>162 Win95 hasn't been ported over, but it will get some love and care once it is. Quick Reply on Chromium specifically hasn't been looked into, but it will no longer stick to the top of the screen where you can't reach it.
>>338 Can we get this? >>259
(86.58 KB 1006x325 shit.png)
(86.32 KB 1006x325 fix.png)
(78.99 KB 1616x187 crap.png)
(80.40 KB 1616x187 good.png)
>>338 >could you offer clarification on your comments on inline replies, and what behavior ctrl+click should have? Yeah, sure. Hopefully it'll be clearer this time, otherwise please let me know if you have specific questions. >>when inline expanding replies to a post, the clicked replies gets highlighted to show which replies you currently have inlined Pic #1 shows a post that has several replies, two of which have been inlined. If you were done reading the posts and wanted to remove the inlined replies (by clicking on the reply links next to the replied-to post number), you'd have to read the post number of the first inlined post, and then compare it one by one against all the post numbers of the replies to the original post, and then repeat for the second inlined post, and at this point it's almost easier to just refresh the page. Compare to just how easy it is in pic #2 by highlighting the links of the replies that have been inlined. This is just a mock up, you can do the highlighting as you think it's best. >image expansion on inlined posts just like with non inlined posts On vichan, inline-expanded posts can't inline-expand images. If you inlined one post and clicked on the image of that post, the image would open in a new tab. I think ideally inlined posts would be able to expand images just like non inlined posts. >what behavior ctrl+click should have Basically I'd like the inlining behavior of vichan on normal click, and the current functionality we have here on ctrl+click, so you have the best of both worlds. Otherwise, it'd be impossible to navigate the thread by following the quote/reply chains. Something else I forgot to request: viewing replies on hover posts. Currently hovering here does not show replies to the hovered post, but it does on vichan. To show an example, pic #3 shows how it looks here, pic #4 shows how I'd like it (vichan). The way it currently works makes you go to each reply to see if it in turn has replies (and then navigate back), which makes hovering a bit pointless since you're getting incomplete information. >>259 >image details Oh, speaking of this. If I remember correctly, the mobile version does not show any detail about attachments. It doesn't show a filename or extension, or weight or anything else for that matter. Sorry for being a pain in the ass
>>335 >I'll look into it but it's probably a bigger undertaking than we can take on right now. Do it anyway. I mean what is this? A website with optional JS but mandatory CSS? It makes no sense.
>>343 We took a stab at it in the frontend is it seems like the backend ends up reporting a lot of that, so we're going to investigate how to add it that way. Little more work but we are working on an option. Current plan, to save space, is to make it an on-hover/alternate text for the image dimensions. >>350 By "a bigger undertaking" I meant we would need to apply a change to the frontend and backend and simultaneously go back and edit every single post in the database to accommodate. I agree that an ideal website would not require anything but the most plain response, and we can probably make it happen, but it's too big to put in the 2.4 upgrade + new frontend. I can reach out to Stephen and see if he'd be up for some tweaks to the engine as a whole. If the backend just automatically handles the conversion with an upgrade and we just have to make the frontend match then that's better for everyone. >>344 I actually was unaware vichan allowed inlining replies like that. How do you inline posts? I think what you're asking for is doable via frontend tweaks, we just need to be able to reproduce it completely. Currently, we've got underlines, and clicking on a reply will move your scroll position in the thread to the reply. Ctrl+Click will open a new tab (as will middle clicking). We've made some improvements to hover reply displays. Just need to add replies to hover mode and figure out this inlining thing.
>>356 Can you fix the bug where people posting with capcodes have these weird spaces in all of their posts
(19.77 KB 118x152 mfw.png)
>>356 >I actually was unaware vichan allowed inlining replies like that. How do you inline posts? Surely you gist. But you need to activate it in the options and then you just click a quote link or a reply link and the linked post gets inlined. >App.options.add('useInlining', _('Enable inlining')) Something else I'd one day like to see is better support for looking up post histories on the mod tools. I don't think I've ever seen it working on a Lynxchan instance, and also post information stops showing up completely after about a week or two. I mentioned this to Robi some time ago, he proceeded to yell expletives against StephenLynx. Anyway, any new features will be appreciated, thanks!
(1.34 MB 2048x1716 Waddy's Wagon.jpg)
(484.07 KB 540x599 Yamaguchi Otoya.png)
Filter by ID, option to post more than 5 files at a time, and snap the Quick Reply Window to the inside of the site window. Also seconding: >>143 >>164 >>259 >>317 >It'd be helpful to have a list of features already implemented or planned for the new frontend to avoid repeating them. >>344 >Oh, speaking of this. If I remember correctly, the mobile version does not show any detail about attachments. It doesn't show a filename or extension, or weight or anything else for that matter.
>>364 Thanks for the help. Now that we can toy with it we can see about replicating it. I'm not going to promise we'll support inlining, but if we do I will try to get as many of your QoL recommendations in as possible. If we're going to do it, we'll do it right. As for post histories, I am not sure if it's in 2.4 or not but I see a commit from four weeks ago supporting user history. I'll get more info on whether it's in 2.4 or 2.5 and we can hopefully work with Stephen to flesh the functionality out and make it useful to everyone who wants it. >>365 I've put in a ticket for additional Filter options. We've fixed the Quick Reply window so it won't jump out of bounds anymore. We probably will not be changing the image limit. Short-term there are some technical considerations. Long-term it's doable but I think there should be consensus among anons before bumping it up. I assume the hidden details on mobile is a feature and not a bug; an attempt to conserve space. But I will see if there's a way to add some/all of it back in without breaking mobile layouts. Default media volume is in. Aspect ratio is to-do but being worked on. Inlining, see above. I'll write up a changelog and a summary of the issues list this weekend. Once we go live and it's open source we'll direct people to make issues on GitGud.
(275.23 KB 1210x472 mockup.png)
(85.05 KB 2560x80 current.png)
(57.05 KB 2560x82 with dynamic height.png)
(40.23 KB 1200x358 out of bounds.png)
>>338 >There's not a ton of room to add buttons and it would add a lot of clutter You can free a lot of space by using a dropdown menu that contains a Hide file button, plus various other options, like a Save button that saves the file with the filename chosen by the uploader instead of the one given by the system. The Open file button could be removed too, and clicking on the filename could open the file instead of downloading it with the system filename. >I'd recommend installing an add-on for your browser that makes it easy to perform a reverse image search. I already use an add-on for that. My idea of adding search button was directed to facilitate things to people who can't into reverse search engines or add-ons. >Top bar seems to be fixed. The text on the bar still overlaps the rest of the content when there isn't enough space. Making the height of the bar dynamic improves it a lot.>>368 >>368 >We've fixed the Quick Reply window so it won't jump out of bounds anymore. It still happens from time to time, usually when the three or more images are selected.
>>381 Reporting issues doesn't make you an annoyance. The feedback is super valuable. It's hard to remember every small detail that's wrong and this helps us write them all down and create a checklist. It's really appreciated. >topbar and quick reply issues To clarify, the things I said are fixed have been fixed on the new frontend, which isn't live yet. We're no longer attempting to salvage the current frontend and it will receive no further updates. We plan to replace it within the next few weeks. Topbar going to a second line causes issues with the side catalog. Instead, we're removing the text , setting everything but the board listing to a fixed width, and then calculating the size of top boards from the remainder. Eventually, mobile view kicks in and we've pared that down to just the essentials. We are looking at adding some more functionality to the dropdown (filtering), but there is only one dropdown per post, not per image. I'm also not opposed to making image lookups easier, but you can only hold people's hands so much. They can learn to do it or install an add-on to automate it.
A way to download all the media for a specific thread would be nice. Or even an entire board.
>>588 This will probably never be a site feature, but my scraper/importer handles this. I could use beta testers, especially on Windows, if you would like to volunteer. Otherwise, please stay tuned for the release announcement. The scrapers are stable, so I just need to fix the importer.
>>589 I don't use windows. An external tool is fine as well. Is it lynxchan specific? I'd very much enjoy archiving imageboard content locally, even entire sites. Also a more reasonably frontend feature would be pressing delete with an empty field to refresh the captcha instead of having to click refresh.
>>590 I've been kicking around the idea of a server that just scrapes 8chan bunkers and keeps updated backups for easy import. My main concern is ensuring that the rightful BOs of those boards maintain their communities. I'd hate to see the tool encourage fragmentation. Would be doable with this tool + a bash script to run it for a list of boards. It can scrape Vichan and LynxChan right now, I plan to add JSChan support eventually. Expect an announcement as early as this weekend and as late as the next, here or on >>>/t/. I'd love your feedback. >captcha refresh I've had issues with this myself. I'll see if it can be done solely on the FE with no JavaScript. If not, it will need to wait until after the new FE launches; my backlog for add-ons keeps growing.
>>591 >My main concern is ensuring that the rightful BOs of those boards maintain their communities. I'd hate to see the tool encourage fragmentation. Sort of understandable but that kind of thinking kind of goes against the infinity style imageboard spirit. People don't really use a board just because it has certain threads or posts, they do it because of the BO and the posters themselves. I think some retard scraped the zchan /v/ board and made a new jschan site and started shilling it and no one gave a shit because it was some random retard, likely a bad faith actor. I don't see anything wrong with someone being bale to essentially "fork" a board and all its content. But I also don't really approach these things from an obsession of unity and maintaining board activity, I approach it from a very principled perspective. I suppose it is technically possible that people would constantly fork boards and "steal" the content, but as I said before I don't think that would have any tangible long term negative effect. If anything it might increase user engagement since people can be more confident that their favourite boards and threads aren't so ephemeral. Insurance for if the site admin bails or if the BO turns out to be a sperg retard. BO's shouldn't be seen as some sort of copyright holders of their boards threads and posts. But just a tool for downloading all the media on a board would be nice either way. >my backlog for add-ons keeps growing. Keep up the good work jannie. I just spitball random ideas I have, I have no expectation for any devs to listen or follow through. A feature or even a vocal update every 6 months would still be better than anything Jim and Ron were capable of accomplishing.
>>592 I definitely do have an ideal of unity. I'd love to see the community come back together again I ended up making this site my pet project quite by accident, but it's been a fruitful endeavor. Ultimately, despite my "concerns", I'm releasing it under a copyleft license and plan to maintain it for the foreseeable future. Sheer momentum will protect most boards from being aggressively forked. The tool has the possibility to act as a "checkpoint" system for the entire webring to respawn from. Combined with Acid's Crescent Isle, deplatforming any of us will become both difficult and futile. >Keep up the good work I'm trying my best. This site has become my pet project quite by accident, but it's been fruitful. I really do think we've got one of the best tech teams of the 8chan splinters, and the community will start seeing the fruits of that this week. I've been burned by so many admins in the past. Moot cucking out. Hotwheels giving up and selling the site. Jim being an out-of-touch boomer who doesn't get the culture. I plan to build the site I wanted all of them to. Hopefully if I build it, anons will come.
>>588 You can do this with wget pretty easily. >>591 If your concern is that someone in bad faith would scrape boards and mirror them to fragment communities then although I share the concern I don't think your tool would really change much. Someone with the kind of knowledge and motivation to do all that would either just make their own tool or use generic tools to do it. You can even do it with wget as well in 1 shell line, I actually do this to keep backups of my board in case shit hits the fan, but it is missing the part that would import it somewhere else. >>592 >People don't really use a board just because it has certain threads or posts This makes sense on a big and fast board but on slower boards that have taken literally years to build up a catalog it may not be so true. >>593 Thanks fag.
>>612 >You can do this with wget pretty easily. I'm too retarded for epic scripts and cl autisms >This makes sense on a big and fast board but on slower boards that have taken literally years to build up a catalog it may not be so true. If someone can fork your board and run it better than you do then so be it. I don't see the problem with this. I also just don't see this occurring with any degree of frequency, people just up and migrating to a randomly forked board that is.
Add AV1 support. It has 10 bit in the main profile and compresses better than VP9. You can also download youtube videos with better quality/filesize.
(321.32 KB 2362x1772 yotsuba.png)
(179.43 KB 2362x1772 warosu.png)
(264.17 KB 2362x1772 tomorrow.png)
(171.72 KB 2362x1772 windows.png)
What do you think of the idea of having logos of different colors for each theme? It would be a nice touch.
(133.77 KB 2362x1772 redchannit1.png)
(140.54 KB 2362x1772 redchannit2.png)
(119.19 KB 2362x1772 penumbra.png)
(157.31 KB 2362x1772 clear.png)
>>924 >>925 I have those saved and it's on the to-do list. It's not difficult, just tedious. The frontend requests the logo from the backend, so we have to replace all of those requests with a link to a static file. There's a few dozen of those per theme. We'll try to include them by the LynxChan 2.5 upgrade. Stuff like 404 pages might be stuck with the default logo, though.
(144.28 KB 2362x1772 miku.png)
>>924 >>925 I like that idea. Here's a Miku version for future use.
Something I'd like to request (which is probably just a CSS fix) is that when you hover over spoiler text, the text should become readable but still different than normal text because otherwise it's impossible to determine where the spoilered text ends outside of hovering out of the spoiler and back in.
(2.37 MB 880x1034 stairs.webm)
Lately I've been thinking about the UX of imageboards and how fucking terrible the way I interface with them is. I'll have dozens of tabs open from dozens of websites so I can see whenever a new post is up in a thread I'm interested in. Some of these websites, this one included, will have threads that don't receive posts for months but I'm still interested in knowing when there is a post in these threads regardless of the length of time between posts. As I said the method I've used for years is to just have a metric fuckton of browser tabs open, but this increasingly started to get on my nerves over the years because of how bloated and fucking stupid it is. Having all these resources loaded up just so I can be made aware when there's a new post in a thread, it's ridiculous. I remember a lot of people mocking Stephen for his stupid ass catalog side bar thing, myself included. It's current implementation is still fucking useless but after spending the last few hours mulling things over and experimenting with stupid shit like the RSS feeds LynxChan has I've come to the conclusion that his sidebar catalog if refined is the future of imageboard UX and debloating the imageboard browser experience. What it needs is the ability for users to customize the boards that are shown in that sidebar, and each thread needs to be labeled according to their board URI. It also needs an auto-update function, as well as possibly showing the number of unread posts or at least if there are unread posts and maybe (You)'s. Essentially I feel the sidebar catalog needs to emulate the browser tab experience for imageboards without the need to have entire threads loaded up into your browser. As a technological nodev nigger brained retard I don't know if this is possible or realistic, but good god do I fucking HATE how I've had to interface with imageboards for the last decade. It almost makes me want to stop being a lazy useless fuck and start learning how to program so I can execute all my ideas instead of just crying to smarter people to save me from my own incompetence.
>>942 Already exists. It's called watched threads and it's the eye in the top bar. Nobody knows what the symbols mean. They should be replaced with words. How is it obvious that a bolt is "User Account"
>>944 Aren't watched threads just shitty bookmarks? That's not even remotely similar to what I described.
>>945 Oh wait I just tested it, it appears they do show notifications for new posts. I was unaware of this. Though I do stand by that this should be integrated into the sidebar catalog somehow. I'll be testing out watched threads for a bit now, thanks for reminding me of the feature.
>>946 After toying around with watched threads I agree with my original conclusion that it doesn't achieve what I described, at least not entirely. The auto update function of the watched threads notification is also kind of inconsistent and doesn't always update without refreshing the page. Plus it doesn't cover the need for seeing new threads. I think the watched threads function should be integrated into the side catalog, and the side catalog should be changed to a customizable overboard. In which you can hide and watch threads from that interface without needing to click into the individual threads. I don't know how "watching" a thread would distinguish from all the other threads though, perhaps watched threads are "stickied" to the top or have a special icon attached to them. But since I highly doubt anyone is going to go through all that work for my stupid idea I'll just comment on the watched thread feature itself. It needs to be a bigger more noticeable button that acts as a toggle for opening and closing the window instead of pressing it then needing to press a different "X" button to close it. Also threads themselves need their watch button changed to reflect whether or not you've already watched that individual thread. And the catalog needs a watch button attached to each thread.
>>957 I'd actually really like to focus on how imageboards can evolve with the next major update. Watch Threads offer a good way to customize the experience. I've also seen people say the RSS feeds don't update when threads do; that's another avenue I'd like to pursue for allowing anons to get updates for threads they want to keep on top of. It's going to be a few months before the next major frontend upgrade, but I think it's viable and I see a lot of value in offering it for anons who want to browse this way.
>>958 The number of anons that do/would utilize RSS feeds is likely completely insignificant. But you just need RSS feeds for threads alongside an RSS feed for the catalog, that's the only problem I can see with it right now. I think for an actual frontend upgrade that the majority of users could benefit from, overhauling the watched threads feature and side catalog would be huge.
>>959 >overhauling watched threads would be huge I agree; native site functions are best. I was just mentioning RSS because it was already on my radar as a method for watching posts. I'd like to encourage you to suggest any other features you can think of, or to flesh-out/elaborate on what you'd like to see watched threads do. The more detail about the workflow, the better. It just gives us more to work on. Same goes for any other ideas. If you feel something is lacking, say so. Everyone uses the site in different ways and if nobody says anything then we have nothing to go on. The feedback is incredibly valuable.
(137.71 KB 461x672 ClipboardImage.png)
>>960 This is essentially what I'd like to see. A side catalog that functions as a customizable overboard (able to decide which boards you want to "follow") and keeps track of new unread posts for each thread and auto-updating. Being able to implement (You)'s into this idea would be amazing as well. I'm uncertain if these ideas are realistic so take my autistic ramblings with a grain of salt. Figuring out the CSS for this basic mockup took me much longer than I care to admit.
Two features I'd like to see that previously existed in Infinity or whatever it is 8chan was running when it died: --for the browser to "remember" user-selected flags in cookies, so that the flag last used is automatically selected whenever a post is made. --for the links to favorited boards in the top bar to automatically take you to that board's catalog if clicked on from a catalog. E.g., if /monarchy/ is one of my favorited boards, and I'm currently on /site/catalog.html, clicking on /monarchy/ in the favorites list would take me to /monarchy/catalog.html.
Requesting the GG CSS be added to the drop down list. I thought it was going to be obnoxious but it became quickly extremely comfy. https://pastebin.com/xYZkGiz8
>>1031 We'll need to clean it up some. For now, you can take the CSS and apply it on your end; there's a number of theming add-ons to facilitate this. If you didn't grab a copy from the thread where I posted it, you can find it as "custom.css" over on >>>/gamergatehq/. >>1026 The first one is probably a quick fix and I'll try to get it included in the next release. I'll need to look into the second; the top bar is primarily served by the backend and changing that might not be straightforward, but I'll see what I can do. >>961 Been working on migrations all week. I'll look into this as well.
(15.41 KB 200x200 8moe-pdf3.png)
(15.13 KB 200x200 8moe-pdf2.png)
(15.12 KB 200x200 8moe-pdf.png)
Here's an icon proposal to replace the current image used for PDFs. Each version has the logo with a different level of contrast, so pick your favorite.
>>1033 test

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