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(53.88 KB 692x282 cant archive.png)
Anonymous 09/27/2020 (Sun) 06:30:11 Id:000000 No. 1365
Why can't I archive threads? What can I use to archive a thread if archive.today and archive.org only save the pop-up disclaimer that appears every time you enter Redchannit (the regular 8chan.moe domain isn't an option)?
Either archiving is disabled globally or you are not a staff member on that board.
>>1369 >archiving is disabled globally Must be this since I'm a BO. Oh, well.
We don't currently have Archives enabled, because of the storage requirements. The Archive button is supposed to provide you a link to archive.today for the page you are on (or a search for all archives from the board if you are on an index page). I'm not sure why you're getting a direct LynxChan error instead. We'll look into it when redchannit is back up. We'll also just look into hosting our own archives at a point.

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