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Board Owner Support and Migration Requests Codexx Root 12/13/2020 (Sun) 05:27:09 Id:abfacc No. 1651
This thread is for Board Owners to get support for running their boards. How do I create a board? First, you should see if the board you want to create already exists. Some boards may be marked abandoned, in which case you can put in a board claim. If the board doesn't exist, you can create one yourself. Create an account or log-in by visiting the lightning bolt symbol next to the CSS dropdown at the top of the page. Once there, make sure you have a verified e-mail address. Then, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and find the board creation section. Enter the URI, name, and a description. After you fill out the captcha and submit, you'll have your very own board. How do I claim an existing board? A board will be marked abandoned if the Board Owner has not logged in for a few weeks. Sometimes, this indicates they've gone missing. If the BO cannot be reached then we will hand the board over to a willing replacement. We recommend sending an e-mail to the administration address of 8moeadmin@protonmail.com. Please include your username on the site and the board you are requesting. How do I create custom CSS? There is an upload field on the board settings page for custom CSS. Upload your file there. Custom board assets such as background images, mascots, icons, music, etc should be posted in the appropriate thread on >>>/res/. This board is for board assets only. This way, you don't need to clutter your board with a pinned asset, or worry an uploaded image will fall off the site. How do I create custom JavaScript? This feature is currently disabled. Soon, you'll be able to request custom JS be activated for your board. You can leave that request here. I am moving my board in from another website. How can I request a migration? We're happy to move or archive boards from other websites at the board owner's request. Please contact me directly at codexx@cock.li with the name of your board on this site, a link to the board on another site, and some kind of proof you are the board owner. Generally, a screenshot of your board management page or a capcoded post on the board to be imported is sufficient. Currently we offer imports for boards on Vichan and LynxChan websites. JSChan support will arrive in the near future. What rules do I need to enforce on my board? Just the global rules, which are minimal and mostly consist of deleting illegal content. If your board is marked as Safe for Work (SFW), you will need to spoiler any images that show genitalia, scat, guro, etc. Globals will only police global rules on your board. You're welcome to add more rules on top of this, but you and your volunteers are responsible for enforcing them. How do I label my board as "Safe For Work"? Leave a request in this thread for a board to be marked as such, or send us an e-mail from your verified address. Your board must be reasonably about SFW content, and NSFW content must be spoilered so it does not show on the front page or overboard. We may label boards SFW or NSFW at our own discretion based on the average content on the board. If you would like its designation changed specifically, then please notify us of your preference. Why was captcha enabled on my board? If you set an automated captcha threshold in board settings, then captchas will be enabled on your board once a set number of posts/threads per hour limit is hit. The setting will not undo itself; you need to manually turn the captcha back off again each time. Still, we recommend setting a PPH captcha limit a bit above your usual peak PPH; this helps limit spam attacks. What if my question wasn't answered here? Reply with your question and we will try to answer as quickly as possible.
(184.86 KB 1125x1069 1534155022589.jpg)
The original BO lounge thread was merged with the banner thread because the topic devolved into banner ideas, so this thread will be the new BO and Volunteer lounge. Shitpost about your board and users here.
Can I still view Unlinked file? Chosing those options lead to different urls https://8chan.moe/unlinkSingle.js?boardUri= (board and threadID) =index=4 https://8chan.moe/unlinkSingle.js?boardUri= (board and threadID) =1&delete=1 so I assume these options is different. It is possible for BO to see an unlinked file?
>>2029 Unlinking a file just removes it from a post. However, if that is the only place on the site the file is hosted, it may be purged from the site entirely pretty soon after. I'm not 100% certain on unlink and delete. I believe that, globally, it can instantly remove an image, but I'm not sure if the behavior changes for BOs.
I'm BO of /ai/. It looks like 1 thread in my place is locked from bumping https://8chan.moe/ai/res/7.html#100 This is the post, I make sure sage is off. I don't use bump lock either. https://8chan.moe/ai/ index view, the thread is unbumped
>>2038 Playing around with it. It's not updating the thread's bump date in the database, despite everything working right. It's late, so I'll continue investigating tomorrow evening. Also, I tripped your PPH captcha. You'll need to manually disable it.
>>2039 Me again. I get it now I set the "non-cyclic thread bump limit" for 3 months that's why.
>>2039 > PPH captcha. You'll need to manually disable it. Just to be sure, you refer to Captcha mode, right?
>>2046 Oh, that makes sense. I forgot that was an option. Seems to be rarely used. >>2047 Yes. If either of the "Enable captcha for..." options (above tags, below thread limits) are set, and the number of posts/threads meets or exceeds the limit, then Captcha Mode will automatically be set to either Threads Only or All Posts depending on which one tripped. It will not unset itself, you must manually reset the captcha mode to None. When we update the settings layout, we'll add a warning. But it surprised a few BOs in the past when they hit a high PPH and expected it to unset itself after some time.
>>2048 > expected it to unset itself after some time I see the full picture now. Got it.
(835.47 KB 180x173 1505906245984.gif)
>/anime/'s BO had an emotional breakdown and deleted everything https://8chan.moe/anime/res/805.html https://8chan.moe/.global/logs/anime/2021-03-03.html jej. I don't know if this is the appropriate place for this kind of meta shitposting, but I found this sperg out funny and wanted to share it after seeing the thread on the overboard.
(79.09 KB 500x566 654.png)
>>2055 what happened he got bullied or something? Couldn't take being slower than smug/a/? or just a retard?
>>2055 Maybe he trusted a glowie or someone he liked leaked stuff? Who knows
>>2055 >trying to recruit him >Error: not found Does moderation team get a wind of this?
I got 2 stories related to this Smug /a/ was so infested with vtubers and people complaining about it that they went to their support Board to complain. So they make a vtuber board. Smug /a/ is fast in weird place, I don’t trust BO of this site vtuber board >>2056 >being slower than smug/a/? It was 2015/6 in 4chan/vg/. One morning (in 4chan timezone) a rogue mod delete all but 2 threads in /vg/. Dunno if he stop because a higher mod find out or it was on purpose. The 2 that doesn’t get deleted are the de facto meta thread filled with crossboarder and a dead game thread, both are my home threads.
>>2064 > I don’t trust BO of this site vtuber board Why not?
>>2064 I should've arranged my post better >>2055 I clicked when he only made 2 posts and I couldn't make a new thread. he's at 62 replies now. >>2056 I don't understand how you guess "Couldn't take being slower than smug/a/?" just from those 2 posts >>2066 Last month I check when it was newly created. The way the board is handled is like Smug, it is more like containment board. "here's your board, don't care what happen there as long as you don't post in /a/" as oppose to made by someone who care about it. That was 4 weeks ago. I check it now and nothing changes.
Is there a way to enable custom flags without location flags showing if one isn't selected?
>>2077 After talking to Stephen and playing around with it a bit, I think you do the following: >upload custom flag in Manage Flags page >set Location Flags to Disabled The behavior seems to be: >Disabled No location flags. >Enabled Location flags given by default, but custom flag will override. Users can select a checkbox to not show location, however. >Mandatory Users cannot opt out of location. Custom may override.
Edited last time by codexx on 03/09/2021 (Tue) 14:10:25.
(208.06 KB 702x669 thumbs-up.png)
>>2078 Thanks, that worked.
How many posts do cycling threads hold and can the number be changed and when will it be possible to change the number.
>>2090 As far as I know, cyclic threads cap at the global bump limit. Currently, that's 600. It doesn't look like there's a way to change that. Boards with smaller bump limits do not have smaller cyclic threads. There's certainly no way to make it larger.
>>2092 how ridiculous, who wants to keep opening a thread with 600 posts in it.
>>2094 That's how cyclic has always worked. I can see about modifying it so you can reduce the number of posts in cyclics, but it will probably always be tied to the autosage limit.
What happened to my banners? Its like they all got resized to a forced, unreasonably small resolution.
>>2109 Add the following to your board's CSS: #bannerImage {height: unset !important} The new CSS prevents reflow, but you can set any height you want (or none).
How i can activate dice rolling in my board? Or The dice option isn't available for The moment?
>>2143 Also, how i can active the id system in my board?
>>2143 Dice rolling is global. Use the following syntax: /roll{1d6} 1d6 = 3 >>2144 Uncheck the "Disable Threadwise IDs" setting.
>>1651 Check your email Mr.Codexx.
Posting a custom CSS I made based on a theme from a dead site.
>>2195 Fixed an error with selected posts.
>>2048 > Captcha Mode will automatically be set to either Threads Only or All Posts I say this is a great anti-spam filter for BO without any volunteer. Please consider keeping this behavior as option if dev team find how to fix it.
I just created a new board (>>>/c/) that is supposed to be SFW, however, i can't find a way on the management page to mark the board as SFW. Any help?
>>2287 I just took care of that for you. When you're logged in as BO, at the bottom of every page on your board (index, catalog or individual thread) you'll see a few options. The SFW tickbox is in Moderate Board instead of Board Management. I'll mention that to the guys.
>>2288 Thanks for that. Just one thing, the "Moderate Board" option seems to be only available for global staff. Clicking on it returns a 500 error even on my own boards.
(99.25 KB 900x1100 14.jpg)
>>1651 I'm trying to create a board but am unable to recieve my verification email V Long winded explanation of events. V >Checked, board I intend to create doesn't already exist on the site >Created account successfully, link [MY EMAIL].mail.com email that has functioned for other sites and still does >Clicked "Request confirmation e-mail" box on account page while logged in, page shows pop-up confirming I clicked and that the verification e-mail should be sent >Wait... >After ~half an hour still no e-mail, click "Request confirmation e-mail" box again, page show pop-up saying (something similar to)"Confirmation e-mail already sent, expires on X/X/X Date, XX:XX Time" >Triple check email entered in account page is correct, only possibility is capitalization shouldn't be there? (i.e. "MyEmail.mail.com" is what was input, could change to "myemail.com") >Continue waiting, 48 hours pass checking still no confirmation e-mail recieved from 8chan.moe, in neither INBOX or SPAM >Change email on account page to remove capitalization to even more precisely match what is displayed on mail.com page >Since the last verification email has 'expired', click "Request confirmation e-mail" button again >Wait... >Still no e-mail received after another ~half an hour, again in neither INBOX or SPAM Is mail.com not "supported"? Have I missed a crucial step of the process? I'd love soem help with this. UNRELATED How should the 'url' section in the "Create Board" part of the account page be formatted? Like: /url/ or url Does it matter? Don't want to mess it up. :p
>>2293 >/url/ or url url > :p Kill yourself
>>2293 >(i.e. "MyEmail.mail.com" is what was input, could change to "myemail.com") CLARIFICATION, meant to type >(i.e. "MyEmail@mail.com" is what was input, could change to "myemail@mail.com")
>>2293 Sometimes the e-mails have issues going through. Our current proxy configuration isn't great and sometimes it eats them. The once-per-day limit doesn't help. Usually they arrive after 30 minutes, but since it's been two days and you haven't received it I'd like to ask that you e-mail me (codexx at cock dot li) from the address you want to verify. Be sure to mention your account name. I will mark it as validated. >/uri/ or uri Any time you need to input a board URI, exclude the slashes. So creating /site/ would be done by just typing in 'site'.
All boards marked as *Abandoned* that haven't had a single post in the last three months should be deleted to free URIs and space on the board list. Change my mind. >>2294 X-D
>>2296 Sent an e-mail with the info you requested to the address you gave, obviously with at and dot replaced >(codexx at cock dot li) Let me know if you didn't get it, or need more info
>>2293 I found your board :^) >>>/ss/
/sm/'s BO here, I'd like to hear your opinions on >>>/sm/5017.
>>2322 It is an improvement for visibility and readability. The inconsistency would bother me, though. Swapping the colors globally would help keep things internally consistent, but it would then be swapped for us relative to every other site that uses a Yotsuba theme. That said, I'd be interested to see how a global swap of those two colors for highlights looks.
(36.34 KB 603x262 e-hentai.jpg)
(7.49 KB 463x44 current.jpg)
How do I allow javascript upload in my board? I tried these but I still can't.
If you spoilered an image as BO, how do you 'un-spoiler' it again?
Question for the admins. What's your official stance on 3DCG loli/shota porn? Every porn board has a different rule about it: /loli/ and /tot/ only allow material with an anime/cartoon style (although currently there isn't a 3DCG thread), /delicious/ rules state the same but actually allow more realistic 3DCG porn of characters from games and mods, /sm/ has a strange rule where realistic works are allowed if they have an obvious fantasy element (like known fictional characters, monsters or weird physical bodies), and /ss/ changes the rule every day (yesterday it was no 3DCG at all, and today is the same as /sm/'s). Is there a global definition on "how realistic is too realistic for the site" regarding 3DCG works that all boards can follow? Here are each boards' respective 3DCG threads so you can see the kind of content allowed on each board: >>>/delicious/184 >>>/sm/4965 >>>/ss/147 >>2325 You can't as far I know. Save them as .txt instead and tell others to change the filename.
>>2332 >Save them as .txt Okay, I will wait 1 more week in case our site got sudden update. >Every porn board has a different rule about it >mfw my board rule on that is simply no het but even that is shaky if it enter gender bender territory
>>2331 I don't think you can. And there's certainly no option to spoiler files individually. Both are on my wishlist, though. To some extent, I think the engine assumes a spoilered file won't have a thumbnail. It might, but there's a chance it couldn't. >>2332 We want to allow as much content as possible. Once you get into 3DCG, it becomes a much dicier legal area. If it looks realistic such that it looks real at first glance then it can't stay and US law treats that are identical to child porn. If it's cartoony and obviously not real then it's safe. If it depicts a real child in a 3D medium, it's my understanding that this is also illegal. Where's the line in the middle? Really hard to say. If you stick to cartoons then expect to be safe. If you push the line further and further towards realism, there's going to be a point where globals will start responding to it. At the end of the day, none of us want to study CP to determine if it's a 3D render or not.
>>2341 Welp, this certainly doesn't solve my doubts about exactly what is considered "too realistic" for the admins. There's 3DCG porn of original characters that actually try to look realistic but fail due to the lack of ability of the modeler, extremely realistic and detailed porn of fictional characters (like Sarah from TLoU), and a mix of both (fictional characters with "underage" OC). It's a complex subject that needs clear limits.
>>2342 >It's a complex subject that needs clear limits. It's hard to place clear limits on a complex subject. Don't depict real people or use them as a basis for the model. Most other content will be fine. Very few artists can produce photorealistic renders. Anything that is cartoonish or fantastical will be fine.
>>2342 If you use common sense in what you post, we'll use common sense in cutting you slack with things that might be over that blurry line by deleting them without a ban. Like it or not, the law is subjective in this matter. So we have to be subjective as well. We just want to do it without being a pain in everyone's ass, if we can.
(11.95 KB 343x60 example.JPG)
How would I make the text in my 'Board Message' act as a hyperlink to other boards, without the ugly >>>// visible? Similar to how >>>/sm/ does it, with text functioning as a hyperlink without a visible URL or >>>//
>>2747 Use the following markdown: [label](https://www.8chan.moe/) I'm not sure it's documented anywhere, so I'll get it added to the BO guide.
>>2747 Just don't add the //. Whatever you put inside [ ] will be part of the hyperlink, be it >>>/board/ or board. Here's how you can do it: [board](https://8chan.moe/board) [<a href="/board/">>>>/board/</a>](https://8chan.moe/board) [/board/ - Board](https://8chan.moe/board) [Read this!](https://8chan.moe/board/12345) [Click here to get free pizza!](https://fbi.gov) >>2749 I'd wish regular crosslinks worked in the board message. It would save a lot of characters.
>>2751 ><a href="/board/">>>>/board/</a> Alright, I didn't expect to get the html code. It should say >>>/board/
>>2752 It shouldn't be doing that. I will look into it.
how do i embed audio to autoplay on loop without a visible player? sankyu
>>2779 Also how do I add a custom font? Is there any documentation about this anywhere?
>>2779 You'd need custom JavaScript for that, and autoplay is... weird. We have some stock JS for playing music, but it has a visible player. >>2781 I believe the following would work: @font-face { font-family: fontType src: url(/.media/12345.woff); } Assuming it uploaded to >>>/res/. If it didn't, upload a copy of the font elsewhere so I can adjust the MIME list.
(152.81 KB 1192x720 organic meme.jpg)
requesting custom.js pl0x User Name: Davey >>>/404/ when it becomes available:^)
>>2873 I've noted your request. Expect custom JS to be re-enabled when the 2.6 update drops. We're working on it. Should be done soon.
(117.67 KB 459x274 big if true.jpg)
>>2874 ok, great! its nothing major. just want to torture myself with Dollchan™ one more time and then settle with my youtube_embed.js i got off of Rodent a few years ago on balkanchan. Thank!
Today 3 threads got 1 post each. I'm so happy
PPH makes my already small board look smaller 6 days a week. Can we have an additional column that shows post per week? I'm proud with having 2 per weeks.
What are the exact conditions for boards to become abandoned? Gahoole completely disavowed 8moe by unlinking it from tvch and banning people that disagree with him on that decision. /tv/ on here is completely dead, and yet it still seems like he owns it. Would it be possible for me to become its new owner?
>>2918 Is there any point to a /tv/ board? We already have >>>/vhs/ and that barely has traffic itself.
>>2919 I want to bring new life into it. I'd rather have /tv/ than /vhs/ because legacy boards will almost always attract more attention.
>>2919 Also, I'm sure I can steal at least a few posters from tvch. Gahoole is a shit owner so it shouldn't be too hard to get a least the ones that put in some effort rather than the absolute garbage shitposters.
(106.97 KB 220x263 v and tv on a bad day.png)
>>2920 Yeah but /tv/ is liable to attract the sort of people who post on /tv/ and no one wants that.
>>2921 >Also, I'm sure I can steal at least a few posters from tvch. Gahoole is a shit owner so it shouldn't be too hard to get a least the ones that put in some effort rather than the absolute garbage shitposters. Well you can try but it seems like you're playing with fire. You need to have some firm rules to stop retardation.
>>2923 >You need to have some firm rules to stop retardation. obviously
>>2905 I think PPW is too much. I say counting PPD instead of PPH would make the site look less dead. >>2918 >What are the exact conditions for boards to become abandoned? Board owner not logging in more than two weeks (or a month, I don't remember).
Would a gore board be allowed? Asking this because you guys seems pretty rulecucked lately.
>>2945 With the exception of animal abuse vids that now have a holy shit Federal law against them, I don't see why not.
>>2956 >animal abuse Doesn't that law only apply if you make profit off of it?
>It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly sell, market, advertise, exchange, or distribute an animal crush video in, or using a means or facility of, interstate or foreign commerce. >the term “animal crush video” means any photograph, motion-picture film, video or digital recording, or electronic image that— >(A) depicts animal crushing; and >(B) is obscene; and
>>2964 >the term “animal crush video” means >>(A) depicts animal crushing lol, what does that even mean
>>2967 an animal crushed what could possibly be confusing there
>>2967 >>2968 I forgot to include the definition >the term “animal crushing” means actual conduct in which one or more living non-human mammals, birds, reptiles, or amphibians is purposely crushed, burned, drowned, suffocated, impaled, or otherwise subjected to serious bodily injury See https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/48
>>2968 'member when /b/ posted guro, loli, br torture, snuff, niglets and everyone was fine, but the moment someone posted cat being kicked, thread went apeshit? I love those times
>>2979 >purposely So you can't distribute that but it's okay with humans? What kind of retarded logic is that?
>>2989 First reason that comes to mind is we don't really keep tabs on the lives of most animals. A wild squirrel or your own domestic cat, you can kill it pretty much any way you want and no one will ever look into it. With a human, people are going to look into what happened to them. So, that in mind, you could suppose gore will influenc emore people to want to do it. Animal abuse is something anyone with passing whimsy could try out, and do it a TON with no consequence. Since hurting humans is hard to get away with, whimsy is probably not going to make it happen. If it does happen, they aren't getting away with it nearly as easily. This is the only perspective that makes sense to me. It's a preventative measure, trying to stop would-be crime that is otherwise hard to find out about. Think of that what you will.
>>2989 As I understand it it only applies to commercial distribution and the only cases I can find are people who produced crush videos. It also has to be 'Obscene', but not sure whatever that exactly means.
If someone breaks global rules on my board, i.e. posting "media depicting the sexual abuse of real children", how should I deal with that? Should I just ban them from my board and delete the media, or globally report them and delete the media to make sure a global mod globally bans them? Is there any way to spoiler individual images instead of all images in a reply? Is there any way to move a reply to a thread to a different thread, similar to thread merging?
>>3072 I've always just done "delete post and media" and ban with reason "cp" or similar. It makes the most sense to me.
>>3072 >If someone breaks global rules on my board, i.e. posting "media depicting the sexual abuse of real children", how should I deal with that? Should I just ban them from my board and delete the media, or globally report them and delete the media to make sure a global mod globally bans them? Ban them on your board and submit both local and global reports if they appear to be posting on other boards as well. >Is there any way to spoiler individual images instead of all images in a reply? No. >Is there any way to move a reply to a thread to a different thread, similar to thread merging? No.
>>3072 >Is there any way to move a reply to a thread to a different thread, This thread itself is a big example of no. >>3075 >submit both local and global reports if they appear to be posting on other boards I don't have this problem but shouldn't we global report on the first instance regardless?
>>3072 >>3075 >>3089 For now, just remove what you can as soon as you see it and hand out bans as appropriate. Once the 2.6 update lands, there will be a new recommended set of steps. No ability to move posts between threads at the moment, just to merge threads.
>>1651 I would like to claim /zoo/, as it is abandoned and the previous BO claimed it for the purpose of preventing anyone from actually using it and has left file uploading disabled. I'd use a burner email for privacy purposes, but cock.li is refusing new registration and I don't feel like looking elsewhere. Account name is Cloaca. Can the administration also "confirm" my email, since I used a made up one?
>>3105 Also, there's a typo on the login page for unconfirmed e-mails. >Your e-mail haven't been confirmed yet.
(11.22 KB 482x58 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3105 You'll need to e-mail us and verify the e-mail on your account. There are private e-mail hosts besides cockmail. >>3106 Pic related is where that is written and it looks fine.
(3.57 KB 374x52 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3116 I guess I'll go through the proper channels then instead of being lazy. That text is not what's being displayed.
>>3130 I'll look into that. Let us know if you aren't receiving validation e-mails and we can attempt to validate it manually.
What does "Don't index on top boards" mean? Does that prevent my board from appearing on overboard? Since this option is glued to "board list" I suspect it could meant something else.
Can threads be moved between boards? For example, move a thread from /v/ to /b/, or merge it with a thread on another board. >>3136 By enabling that setting your board won't appear on the board list, overboard and top board navbar, leaving direct URLs and crosslinking as the only ways to access it.
>>3137 >won't appear on the overboard Oh I hadn't thought about that before. Now I'm really curious what's hidden out there. >Can threads be moved between boards? I think we've been told no, but you could try with merge /b/23456 instead of just a post number alone and tell us if anything happens, or whatever board you want. I'm going with probably not. There's likely some very silly shittery you can get up to with that power.
>>3137 Threads can be moved between boards, but the permission required is pretty high. Root/Admin can do it. I think Globals can't, but they might be able to.
>>3138 >I'm really curious what's hidden out there I only know about >>>/voxxe/ and >>>/2dblacked/ >>3139 Uh, I assumed any BO with two or more boards could do it.
>>3137 > won't appear almost everywhere I see. I think it would be handful if it allow BO to handpick the degree of visibility for their board.
>This feature is currently disabled. Soon, you'll be able to request custom JS be activated for your board. You can leave that request here. How can you make sure that this is safe?
(7.25 KB 300x100 loli captcha.jpg)
>>3144 You really can't. I think the best approach could be to add a badge on the board list to the boards with custom Javascript (similarly to how SFW boards are marked as such) and maybe an option in the settings panel to disable custom Javascript.
I want to learn CSS so that I can make my board look more unique, but it looks like there's a lot of specific things that you need to know the proper name of in order to edit imageboard specific with CSS, like greentext and the banner. Is there a list of these that I can see somewhere? I tried looking at examples, but the examples are always incomplete.
>>3148 You can set the default Yotsuba B theme on a thread and use the element inspector to check the name and attributes of every part you want to tweak.

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