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(264.72 KB 512x512 alunya-cheeky.gif)
/leftypol/ about to lose their home Anonymous 12/20/2020 (Sun) 21:11:52 Id:03b4e6 No. 1757
https://archive.is/g5MsZ Just a heads up, Acid, be wary of power hungry communists in the next few weeks.
(417.49 KB 800x800 ClipboardImage.png)
Remember to bully them when they get here
(154.10 KB 768x1024 tranny gahoole.jpg)
>creation of a board /cute girl/ dedicated to idpol about trans people.
(647.32 KB 2499x1562 death of stalin.jpeg)
Only half of them moved to >leftypol.org The rest stayed in Bunkercuck. We still have a few months before another mod fucks every one else in the administration over in an attempt to seize power over other party members and they inevitably just opt to coming back here.
>Capitol Protest Thread Rhetorical question: how do I remove this from my board? Also no mention of confederate flag in that livethread. So much for being usa
I don't give a fuck if commie degenerate trannies come here as long as Qniggers fuck off. Qniggers are more damaging than anything else.
>>1757 Can someone explain the chain of events? I rather no read the archive and get cancer.
(374.15 KB 964x2260 Ugh.png)
This might be related to the apparent civil war on /abdl/.
>>1815 do you have any more>>1815
Half of them never left Cuckchan /tv/ after 8chan was shutdown.
>>1902 That was highly amusing to read, thank you for posting it
>>1895 >Pariah admin named pyongyang makes a board for trannies called /cute girl/ >everyone hates it because it's idpol >the admin gets removed >head honcho space_ then reinstates pyongyang >"bunkerchan is now in the hands of reactionaries" All of this is in the archive's OP
>>1757 why is /leftypol/ full of incel losers?

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