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(7.23 KB 300x100 banner-banner.png)
(6.94 KB 300x100 tomorrow.png)
(7.69 KB 300x100 post-no.42069.png)
Banner Thread Anonymous 02/23/2021 (Tue) 01:16:17 Id:4a09b9 No. 1998
Requests, suggestions, contributions, ideas, and discussion Continuing off of >>1985 check there for some logo resources. Banner specs, if you're not aware: >300x100 px >Maximum 1MB file size Requests: >Post a picture or gif, and specify what you were thinking. >Larger images will be the easiest to /banner/ >General or board specific banner ideas are welcome as well. Banner images will resize to the default 300x100 ratio. To have any height/width ratio put this in the CSS: #bannerImage {height: unset !important} For CSS support use >>1650
Talk about your or the board you volunteer in here
>>1954 I'm shy why don't you go first
(15.61 KB 410x410 559e5b0.jpeg)
>>1954 This. Tell us which board you own or moderate before we do the same.
>>1956 I get my first poster. At least that was the only thing I would've said. It lead to ongoing diplomacy talk with other board. I hope I don't get bad end of the deal. Sorry for being cryptic, I will update more after the deal is done.
I was a BO of the old 8chan, it allow BO to see all post in your board by posting order (different than catalog which only show the OP). This allow mods to see page 10 shitpost. It look like smug.lo also have this feature.as I my post get discovered by mod. It is really a handy feature for moderation.
>>1960 >view latest posts in reverse-chronological order You can visit https://8chan.moe/latestPostings.js for that. It will show posts on all boards you volunteer by default, but you can filter it down to specific ones. In general, use >>1651 for board owner support. We're working on an FAQ and to make links like this more obvious and accessible to board owners. If there's anything you think is missing or non-obvious, please let us know so we can update the documentation. I know things are rough now, but with some layout tweaks and guides I'd like us to have the best board management tools of any imageboard, so feedback is welcomed.
>>1959 >I will update more after the deal is done. Please do, you sound like an interesting BO.
/sm/'s BO here. Does anyone else use custom CSS on their boards or for personal use? >>1959 I think I know who are you. Do you own a board that acts like a "spin-off" of another existing board?
>>1964 Neat. Thank you >>1975 Yes. Recently I also going around asking 'existing board' of another imageboards to compare what contents they allow. I'm surprised I allow more stuff than /d/
>>1975 I see no reason not to add CSS, as users can change to a default theme any time they want.
(36.80 KB 300x100 autismbanner.png)
Bannerfag here. If any of you need some banners for your boards feel free to request them. Just post a pic (preferably a wide one) and your board's name.
(8.35 KB 312x97 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1985 Would you be willing to make a default banner? The default is just text. Pic related. You're welcome to get creative with it, but it should at least imply it's a sitewide default for boards with no existing banners. I also went ahead and added that one as a /site/ banner. If you come up with any others, I'd be happy to add those, too.
>>1985 Nice offer. I will ask in 2 weeks after things calmed down in my place. Is there a restriction on resolution or will you just fit what we submit?
(12.90 KB 300x100 8ch-default.png)
(64.64 KB 300x100 your-banner-here.png)
(32.89 KB 300x100 site-dog.jpg)
>>1986 Here are two designs. The first one is based on Lynxchan's default banner while using 8chan's Yotsuba B theme and has a more formal approach (just like the original), while the second one is based on these physical ad placements and has a much simpler and casual approach. If you aren't fond of any of the designs feel free to comment it or suggest an alternative idea. Third pic is a banner for /site/. >>1987 >Is there a restriction on resolution or will you just fit what we submit? I use 300x100 by default because that's the standard on the site (see >>1950), but I can work at any resolution (provided that the base image looks good at it).
(59.18 KB 619x228 brave_juxZpdINzI.png)
(24.80 KB 387x248 8chan-logo.png)
>>1985 Your shit got featured! Banner fag here too, and I wouldn't mind chipping in as well. >>1986 This sounds like fun a fun little project. Here is 8chan's logo if anyone else wants to try making something with it. >>1989 Classic!
(183.57 KB 2362x1772 yotsuba_b.png)
(118.04 KB 2362x1772 yotsuba_p.png)
(321.32 KB 2362x1772 yotsuba.png)
(313.03 KB 2362x1772 miku.png)
(179.43 KB 2362x1772 warosu.png)
>>1990 I still prefer the original blue logo to be honest. By the way, here are the alternative logos used by the other themes.
(157.49 KB 2362x1772 royal.png)
(203.25 KB 2362x1772 penumbra.png)
(157.31 KB 2362x1772 clear.png)
(171.72 KB 2362x1772 windows.png)
(140.54 KB 2362x1772 redchannit2.png)
>>1991 >>1992 Thanks for these. >>1986 Here's some variants of a simple idea
(9.94 KB 300x100 simple-banner-no-shadow.png)
(10.12 KB 300x100 simple-banner-shadow.png)
Since this is a BO thread, what are some unwritten best practices? Not in terms of moderation, but as in board management.
(445.96 KB 300x100 channel8.gif)
(346.39 KB 300x100 channel8-glitch.gif)
>>1993 These scanlines filter gave me an idea. Here are two more banners for /site/ or /vhs/. By the way, I think we should make a separate thread for banner ideas and requests. >>1996 No idea if these are truly good practices, but I do the following: >ALWAYS keep the onion link in your bookmarks or in a text file >make your board visible or nobody will know about it >have at least two volunteers to cover you (try asking BO of related boards to help monitoring each other's boards) >have a meta thread for people to vent at mods and send feedback (making it cyclical or pinning it is up to you, I prefer both for visibility and to avoid cluttering the catalog) >don't have more than 2 pinned threads (unless something big is happening), otherwise you'll clutter the first page >don't enable captchas per post unless you're being spammed >don't use word filters to "hide" newfag tourist terms (based, cringe, seethe, cope, sneed, etc), let these people out themselves and be bullied >don't force anonymity, ban obnoxious tripfags instead >add clear messages to your bans, not vague shit like "off-topic" >use banners of 300x100 for consistency and because the default CSS resizes them >use a theme that isn't Yotsuba B to make your board stand out more (Yotsuba B, Miku and Royal are my favorites) >pay attention to /v/ and /b/ since they tend to be the main targets of spam and CP, and enable captchas per post on your board as a temporary preemptive measure if they're being attacked >a bit of subtle advertisement in the GG threads on /v/ is ok :^) (just don't spam)
>>1997 Good idea, done >>1998 That's all good advice, thanks!
>>1999 naisu. I like the second banner oi, acid/codexx, is it possible to move the discussion about banners (starting at >>1985) to the new thread and let this thread continue with its original topic?
>>2000 I can merge this thread into that one, but can't take arbitrary posts from this one and move them. Not without database surgery. That said, if OP is fine with it I can just merge this one over there. If you want a "BO Lounge" then >>1651 exists. >>1991 >I still prefer the original blue logo to be honest. Honestly, I was just trying to reduce the gradient and was too lazy to get the colors any closer. If you want to attempt a recolor of the current logo to bring it closer to the original shade then I'll take it. Plan was to have a logo contest but I never got around to making the post. I'll try to make a thread soon (maybe over on /loomis/ if they're not opposed), so if you have ideas for a new permanent logo you can start brainstorming.
(33.33 KB 865x359 brave_HHO2hctxQV.png)
(6.84 KB 300x100 banner-banner.png)
(3.36 MB 498x210 mfw.gif)
Just noticed this. Didn't know you'd use that one. I actually forgot to make it transparent lol
Thought I already posted here; must have forgot to submit. I've added most of the banners from the other thread and we've picked the first banner, with the instructions, for the new default. I liked the Your Banner Here one, so I added that to the /site/ rotation as well. >>2003 I love a good banner and there's always room for more. I'll update it to the transparent one, though.
>>2002 OP here. Since the thread is now functionally about banner I'm fine with it being merged. If anyone want to make make new Lounge they can do it. But why no one reply to that thread you pointed out?
(37.88 KB 387x248 blue logo.png)
>>2002 >I can merge this thread into that one, but can't take arbitrary posts from this one and move them. Not without database surgery. Well, that sucks. I guess this thread can be merged with the new banner thread and a new BO lounge thread can be made. >If you want a "BO Lounge" then >>1651 exists. That one seems to be more for tech support than for blog/shitposting. Are you sure it is okay to use it for random chatting? >Honestly, I was just trying to reduce the gradient and was too lazy to get the colors any closer I actually like the gradients, they provide a metaphor of change and transitioning, which is fitting considering how almost everyone on the site are here after moving from 8kun or defunct webring boards. Not to mention that it gives it a cool look different from modern flatshit logos. Anyways, here's a recolor of the current logo. Let me know if you like it or if it needs some changes. >>2007 I think that thread was locked, but I may be wrong.
(38.49 KB 387x248 blue logo 2.png)
>>2009 And here's an experiment with Photoshop's automatic tone and contrast settings.
(239.04 KB 638x314 1.png)
(141.06 KB 638x318 2.png)
(140.54 KB 638x310 3.png)
(243.64 KB 640x314 4.png)
(78.19 KB 624x298 5.png)
>>1998 Here's a suggestion: use the infinity symbol instead of an 8. >>2005 >I've added most of the banners from the other thread and we've picked the first banner, with the instructions, for the new default. I liked the Your Banner Here one, so I added that to the /site/ rotation as well. Nice. Still taking requests from any board, by the way.
>>2009 >>2010 I updated the frontend but it can take some time for caches to clear. Once CloudFlare registers the change in CSS it should be good to go. Thanks for the fix(es). > think that thread was locked, but I may be wrong. It's not. It was intended as a tech support alternative for BOs to avoid critical board management issues getting lost in the general user support thread. I think it it just fails to grab anyone's attention. You guys are 100% welcome to use it as a lounge. We're also working on some faster ways to reach a global in an emergency. I'll be sure to update that thread when the time comes. We're also working on some moderation/board management documentation. No idea when it'll be ready. If you feel anything is unclear or hard to find related to board management then please bring it up there and we'll try to make it clearer or at least explain it somewhere.
>>2015 Honestly I think you should keep the old logo, specially because resources like the overboard banner and files without thumbnails (pdf and zip files) use it.
>>2022 >overboard banner I forgot about global banners since only overboards use them. I've synchronized the banners on /site/ and the overboard. >files without thumbnails the generic file thumbnail is a floppy disk with an infinity mark scribbled on it. The logo would still be an infinity sign. A few people have said they can do better than the current logo, and if someone can make something really nice then I don't see any reason not to give it a chance. There's still banners with the old logo floating around, so I doubt the current one will go anywhere even if it's replaced.
(31.61 KB 975x332 firefox_PS2iByHts0.png)
(113.60 KB 1250x417 b.png)
(115.17 KB 1250x417 b2.png)
(18.40 KB 300x100 blue.png)
(18.88 KB 300x100 blue2.png)
>>2024 It looks like some filetypes show up as spoilered pic for me. >>>/v/246322 Also what's the verdict on the logo? Should we be using a newer version or it doesn't matter? If we should, can you point out whichever that one is please? This post is also a test. There might be some quality variations between these banners.
(19.62 KB 300x100 b.png)
(20.61 KB 300x100 b2.png)
>>2025 >fuck
>>2025 Should be fixed now. The template settings somehow regressed. That or I forgot to pull down a change. Can't tell because gitgud is down. >Should we be using the newer version or it doesn't matter Doesn't really matter. If you like the gradient, go for it. If you don't, use the one without. And feel free to get creative with the colors. There's a number of flavors linked above. I'd link the full repository but, as I said, gitgud is currently down.
>>1997 Keep filesize to 3mb max. Even opening 300kb image is difficult in this site.
>>2031 If images are loading slow, drop by and let us know. It's fixable. We're hoping to have a permanent fix soon.
(97.56 KB 1400x740 logo_ver01.png)
(111.41 KB 1430x860 g1679.png)
I made some logos for a newer 8chan "branding," something that can be distinct enough from the original site but different enough to know this is different. They're vector files so they can be scaled to 16x16px without loss in graphical fidelity. If you have any ideas or thoughts let me know.
>>2025 >>2026 >>2051 is there a reason we aren't red/green anymore?
>>2051 I like the first design, although I would make the flat side a bit darker like the second design. >>2052 I like to think that different colors represent different "eras" of 8chan: green = HW's era red = Jim's era yellow = 8kun era blue = 8moe era Or maybe it's just because it fits with the default Yotsuba B theme, who knows.
Requesting banner for /u/
(66.03 KB 300x100 u.png)
(66.49 KB 300x100 u2.png)
>>2062 anything specific in mind?
(74.46 KB 300x100 test.png)
(67.19 KB 300x100 test2.png)
>>2062 Here's my attempt.
(67.67 KB 300x100 nuns.png)
I made this. Not sure where it could be used, so I'll leave it here and let anyone do whatever they want with it.
(39.29 KB 300x100 want.png)
(35.00 KB 300x100 wecan.png)
(30.00 KB 300x100 gookanon.png)
(22.80 KB 300x100 pill.png)
(22.39 KB 300x100 GGilda.png)
For the ni/gg/a board.
>>2081 Banners added and CSS updated. Thanks! I might dig through my GG and Vivian folders later to find good banner material. If so, I'll post it here.
>>2068 I like the leveling but I should’ve ask you beforehand to add 8chan.moe like >>2067 If search engine/pinterest somehow crawl to our banner, we want them to know this is from 8chan /u/’s, and since the previous 8chan is somewhat alive (they have problem with posting at random times but their server somehow still faster at loading image than ours) I need to keep adding .moe to differentiate us. Sorry for my late reply to both.
(72.20 KB 300x100 kemono1.png)
(80.24 KB 300x100 kemono2.png)
>>2141 >If search engine/pinterest somehow crawl to our banner They won't. Images from this site can't be hotlinked and will return a 404 error. Only links to different boards are being crawled. Regardless of that, here's a version with the full URL.
>>2172 Added to /u/'s banner. Thank you. I will remember to specify that next time.
(6.12 KB 300x100 banner404.png)
Here's a banner for /site/

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