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Anonymous 03/20/2021 (Sat) 13:28:39 Id:000000 No. 2142
>8moe boards being actively malicious, spamming cuckchan and other boards with cuckold porn and directing them to the webring I think the age of blind unrestricted board creation needs to die, or at the very least this site should have a few more rules deterring people from being blatant bad actors and engaging in behavior that can be of significant harm to the sanctity of online discourse and content distribution. Spam and raiding boards with inane posts is literally something the 50 cent army does and you now have boards engaging in the same kind of behavior that the CCP does. Platforming people coordinating to spam and subvert other communities violates the NAP. >>>/interracial/549 >>>/interracial/549 >>>/interracial/549
>I think the age of blind unrestricted board creation needs to die, or at the very least this site should have a few more rules deterring people from being blatant bad actors and engaging in behavior that can be of significant harm to the sanctity of online discourse and content distribution. Let's not be too drastic here, otherwise this is going to end up like old 8chan "Officially appointed board owners." who become part of the administration. We may as well reinstate /lefypol/ and /pol/ with new BO's, delete the other boards made previously for dying, and market that "8CHAN IS BACK BABY" on Times Square with our URL out for the world to see while Vivian dances to 80's J Pop. This is a very simple problem with a simple solution: Have Acid tell /interracial/'s bo if he wants to keep his board he will prevent any and all mentions to other sites on the webring, they already have a bunker on endchan and will be directed there and no where else for emergencies, on site and on webring raids are not allowed. Cuckchan raids will be because fuck cuckchan, but with the added consequences that raids on /interracial/ calling them trannies who jack it to niggers will be allowed.
(175.54 KB 858x2048 Asuka mirko.jpg)
There's a clause in the rules for this, actually. Global 3: >Board Ownership and User Accounts are granted and maintained at the discretion of the site administration. Severe abuse, neglect, or mishandling of your board, its rules, or its users may result in its loss or reassignment. There was some reasonable apprehension in the first days of the site over why this rule existed. The most common case where it might be applied is expected to be a malicious BO trolling their own community, or taking over a legacy board just to destroy it or otherwise deprive anons (such as squatting it and locking it just so no one can use it). However the inspiration for its creation was old 8ch boards who had cultures dedicated to attacking the site from within. I felt that a major mistake that Hotwheels had made before he became a soyblob was in being so hands off that he allowed the site's own enemies to set up bases on it and attack us with impunity. It was a suicidal decision and one that I don't intend to repeat. That being said, no community is going to be prohibited from here just because its content is unpopular. I've received complaints from anons about /abdl/, /interracial/ and others on the basis of their content, but we're committed to neutrality and free speech means free speech.
>>2157 >r otherwise deprive anons (such as squatting it and locking it just so no one can use it). Is there a way to temporary freeze my board? Just in case I want to take a holiday if I don't have any volunteer. Locking up the whole threads one by one doesn't seem practical
>>2182 You can request it be locked by globals. Of course, you could also just ask the globals to keep an eye on it for spam while you're away.
>>2188 Okay. I plan to take break at least on end of year.
(1.83 MB 1790x1220 1617321949047.png)
>>2157 Please delete the /interracial/ board, this is an illness. They're all probably discord trannys, and they've admitted to conducting raids. And while you're at it, fix your own cuckold fetish
>>2206 Take note of the fact the /interracial/ board lists in its description that is for black male on white female interracial sex specifically, despite the name not implying any specification of the sort. While I can see that this might seem like splitting hairs to try and get an icky board someone doesn't like fucked with by the admins, I do think when a board is clearly being ran by a weird as fuck cabal of people like in that image this anon just posted it's at very least worth taking note of. It's conflicting. I was quite bothered by Ron's dethroning of imkikey back on 8chan regardless of how utterly incompetent he was as a board owner. So I don't know if I would outright encourage admins stepping in on accusations of boards being less than good faith communities. But at the same time my positions over the years have also adjusted to the reality that there are relentless subhuman NEETs who spend their every waking moment as a degenerate teenager doing gayops like this. And every single day the supply of fucking losers like this increases as more and more spawn of subhumans gain enough sentience to operate a computer. I can't yet form a conclusive opinion on the matter because I value a position of absolute free speech while also wanting to wring these fuckers necks and end their entire fucking lineage once and for all.
>>2207 I don't care about freedom of speech, these people are trying to turn every imageboard/forum into another reddit, because they allow opinion they don't like. Don't be a jew on wheels, keeping /leftypol/ as they shit up the site. delete /interracial/ now/
>>2208 I demand every BO go on strike until /interracial/ is deleted.
>>>/interracial/1043 And now they're raiding webring boards. Didn't take long for that the go beyond "lol it's just cuckchan who cares".
>>2240 B.. b.. but, muh free peach
>>2240 >/b/ Wait two more days until they post outside the designated porn board and then you have every right to tell Acid to shoot them down or we riot.
>>2142 I'm just gonna assume that you are the one doing the spamming and are here to propose the "solution" to the "problem" you created.
>>2250 Even if I was it wouldn't change the fact that the behavior is being endorsed by the BO by not deleting the thread. I'm not, but that can't be falsified. Of course you already know that though.
>>2142 >tell people not to post child porn >doesnt define what cp but ban people who post non PORN/loli cuckchan is a fucking illiterate and pretentious to this matter.
>>2206 >>2207 >>2208 >they're trying to turn every site into reddit >now ban everything I don't like t. /pol/
Please delete >>>/hebe/ That board has no place here, it justs retards talking about how they want to fuck real children,
>>2429 >Waah Waah >Mommy make it go away >THEY TALK ABOUT THINGS I DON'T LIKE lol
>>2430 Pedos get the rope fucking kill yourself
>>2431 >namefag tells others to kill themselves That's rich
>>2240 Tengu was right in deleting the board.
>the blackpilled anon sperg allover webring I was in zzzchan meta board reporting something when I spot him making multiple threads all under the same proxy flags. Imagine being this much of a beta
(140.93 KB 513x474 smug_kitty.jpg)
>>2142 >>2151 Reminder that 8chan was created based on reddit's subreddit system and that this was criticized early on. Reminder that 8chan is full of newfags, including the staff, and has long since been a hugbox-circlejerk; mob-rule. Reminder that there is continual overlap between reddit, 4chan, 8chan, funnyjunk, twitter, kiwifarms, and others. Reminder that free speech, like other Enlightenment faggotry, is a long-outdated joke, as it can never be attainable, and that quality discussion and content are not overrated.
>>2872 I'd like to say that: 1) that cat doesn't look smug at all 2) what you said isn't really controversial as you didn't really come to a clear conclusion

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