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(235.43 KB 1856x1965 8b9a7bc3cc7c33bcf0a6349ea33e66f4.jpg)
QOL / BUGFIX THREAD - SITE UPGRADE EDITION Anonymous Board owner 04/29/2020 (Wed) 04:43:24 ID:37ac2f No. 27
UPGRADE PROGRESS REPORT FOR LYNXCHAN 2.4. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the site so far. While /v/ is still by far the most active community, more than a few others have begun settling in with us. So far the site has weathered one hack attempt by a Chinese botnet, and 7 DDoS attacks of varying size. We got hit with 3 DMCAs over the TLOU2 stuff, but have otherwise had no legal, host, or registrar problems post (((Esther))), and our server just got upgraded with a shiny new 2TB storage drive. Work on the 2.4 upgrade is around 75% complete. Our goal is to have it finished by the end of the month (on schedule) and we're looking at a half day of downtime on Monday August 3 for the installs, configuration, and other stuff involved. Its a pretty big deal, going well into re-configuring the server itself. Post upgrade you can expect a faster, cleaner site with all the features you expect either right there or on the way including custom CSS. Between (you)s, backlinks, archiving, site stats and board logs and other essentials we're also looking at a few fun new things for you all to play with. There will be minor bugs, because there always are, but we aim to find as many as we can before launch using our test server, and we'll work to wipe out any others that we miss as soon as you guys tell us about them/ Project Crescent Isle, an anti-takedown and anti-deplatforming system that I've been building for the past couple months, has a fully working prototype and the finished production version will be made public alongside the upgrade launch. For bugs please post your OS and Browser versions along with your complaint so we can try to duplicate it.
Edited last time by Acidadmin on 07/17/2020 (Fri) 07:14:55.
Let's see: -"Your IP is a spammer" bullshit, can be easily solved by checking the 'Disable check on spammer IPs' box in the Global settings -Tor users can't post at all, you shuld at least let them be able to text post -Default theme is still Tomorrow instead of Yotsuba B
Can you allow swf uploads, or is that up to the board owner? Also Yotsuba B doesn't change the color of greentext which makes it kind of hard to read.
Is a different shade of green for the greentext doable? It might just be me but it's pretty tough to read it, at least on yotsuba b.
Quick reply button is fucked when scaling If you try to scale it in any way, it expands horizontally. If you try to shrink it horizontally, it still expands horizontally. The few anons that responded to me and don't have that issue both used Firefox forks. I use Brave so I assume it's a Chromium-specific issue.
>>32 >>33 Noted and I agree, I'll be looking into this soon. Greentext too light. >>34 I'll test on Chromium tomorrow and see what the issue is. >>28 >-"Your IP is a spammer" bullshit, can be easily solved by checking the 'Disable check on spammer IPs' box in the Global settings Fixed. -Tor users can't post at all, you shuld at least let them be able to text post Fixed. Working on the theme thing. Its a very stubborn issue for some reason.
>>27 >Want to make new thread >Error pops up saying Flood Detected I don't know what I'm doing to trigger this.
Import suggestion!!! Have the front page be a dead end for fags that just type in [spoiler]"8chan.moe".
>>37 Even better if you can redirect people there if their browser sends an http referral of known enemy sites or if it's an Israeli IP.
>>36 Maybe an ip from the reverse proxy that isn't being trusted.
Sent you an email at the 8moeadmin address.
>>27 >If there is anything you would like to see added This is something minor, but could you make it so when you click someone to reply to that it appears where the cursor currently is in the reply box instead of it appearing always at the bottom of your reply?
To fix the annoying double scrollbar shit, in sideCatalog.css the line [code]#mainPanel, #sideCatalogDiv {[/code] should be changed to just [code]#sideCatalogDiv {[/code] to make it so the side catalog scrolls separately but the main page content uses the native scrollbar if needed. Anons can use custom css to fix it on their own in the meantime: [code]body #mainPanel { height: auto !important; }[/code]
>>46 >no code tags on the meta board For shame, Acid.
(99.61 KB 914x336 ClipboardImage.png)
(40.77 KB 776x440 ClipboardImage.png)
(135.33 KB 780x958 ClipboardImage.png)
(39.77 KB 460x498 ClipboardImage.png)
I will repost the issues I've seen with the Windows 95 theme, as well as add some new ones here. There is a background-colored bar at the top where there usually is a top bar in other themes. When I switched the theme, the posts were jittering up and down by a pixel but refreshing it fixed that, wonder what was up with that. Also, clicking on someone's ID or replying to their post turns their posts lime, probably a leftover from another theme. It should turn the dark gray from the top bar into a Win95 blue. And hovering over a quoted post, it doesn't show the top bar. Pic related 1 shows both of these issues. The ID font is different from the rest of the bar, so the IDs are smaller and uncentered vertically in the top bar. The refresh button doesn't have color, it's the same color as the background. While the top (or bottom in this case) bar works fine in threads, it appears at the top and with a double-sized font in the catalog if the window is too small horizontally. I think this is a problem with all themes but is especially noticeable with this one. Pic related 2. The "new thread" and "reply" buttons at the top of the catalog and thread stretch out oddly like so, pic related 3. The black text on blue background is hard to read as well. Lastly, the captcha bar on the Win95 theme is microscopic. Pic related 4. Took me a few moments to find it. Clearly not intended. And when I switch a theme, it only applies to one board instead of the whole site in general. Is that intended behavior? Especially on a board like this with no custom CSS.
It would be nice if the "duplicate image" notification when that feature is enabled would tell you which file is the dupe. I don't know how doable that is or if it would be worth the effort but it would be nice.
Just confirming that we noticed you guys. Its added to the list.
Should have backlinks push to the left after a certain point. Makes browsing in portrait orientation difficult. Would post an image but you niggers disabled tor file posting.
>>54 I should clarify I'm talking about the post boxes that show up when you hover over backlinks being unreadable when they're close to the edge of the browser viewport, not the backlink numbers themselves.
(202.54 KB 1521x742 why.png)
I am uploading twice, I have to refresh the page to kill it sometimes.
>>54 >>55 OS/Browser/Version/anything weird installed or running?
>>58 The behavior is the same across all browsers. It's not a browser bug, just lynxchan being shit tranny hue monkey code. The post hover always pushes to the right, and if you have a weird horizontal resolution then it gets crammed against the right edge of the viewport.
(28.52 KB 338x382 firefoxban.png)
(25.90 KB 332x284 firefoxreport.png)
(25.67 KB 336x375 operaban.png)
(23.29 KB 328x279 operareport.png)
My two primary browsers are Opera and Firefox, and the Win95 theme is fucked on both of them. When reporting or banning a user the fillable text fields are tiny and are aligned on the extreme right of the window. See attached images and note their names. Also worth noting that specifically in Opera, when attempting to resize the quick reply window, when you click and hold the bottom-right of the window it simply infinitely expands horizontally, regardless of mouse movement, until you release the mouse button.
>>65 >opera Stop using a literal chink botnet.
Whenever I attempt to attach an image to a post on my iOS browser, the page keeps crashing, and then reloading with the message, "Page was reloaded due to an error".
>>68 That's never going to get fixed, just use a different browser. Safari is not supportable by any website that isn't a static html page.
>>69 I AM using a different browser.
>>70 Then it's your phone that's retarded. What kind of browser are you using
>>71 The Yandex browser.
(274.75 KB 455x612 disbelief.png)
>>73 are you russian? just use firefox or chrome
>>74 >firefox >chrome >Being recommended ever
>>75 At least they support basic functionality.
(29.45 KB 512x384 europe.jpg)
im having a problem (mostly when i post sick degenerate shit on /fur/) where the board sends my exact same post twice, making 2 different posts with the same content and 2 different post numbers (ie. 88 and 89) i think it has something to do with the block bypass/captcha thing, but im no expert, its just a hunch.
Is there a way to trim down the overboard so that we only see he boards that we want to see?
Please, for God's sake allow us to: a) select boards to hide from the Overboard and b) add a mandatory Yes/No dropdown menu that BOs must select an option on regarding NSFW content. If the board in question allows posting of unspoilered lewd/pornographic content, they must select "Yes", and any board with a "Yes" flag will autospoiler in the Overboard. Both of these issues only became issues when /abdl/ got created. I do not want to watch thread after thread of diaper fetish bullshit pop up while I'm browsing the boards I actually give a shit about.
>>82 Changes to the Overboard might need to wait until the 2.4 upgrade. But we're looking into the images appearing unspoilered outside of the boards themselves, including on the front page.
>>82 >a) select boards to hide from the Overboard and Can't do, the overboard is not a dynamic page. You might want to use the multi-board if you want select boards to be shown in the same fashion.
>>82 Also, boards are consideres NSFW by default and only site administration can flag them as SFW. In addition to that, there's a sfw overboard.
(30.76 KB 2560x60 good.png)
(41.34 KB 2560x50 fine too.png)
(59.76 KB 2554x88 you dumb nigger.png)
>>27 We need to talk about the bloat on the top bar and on a way to remove/hide it without using crappy custom CSS.
>>27 >OP image. That better be a girl.
(81.75 KB 540x960 1584577034839.jpg)
>>91 This On ungoogled chromium gnu/linux Also, /k/ when?
>>93 This site allows board creation. Just create a /k/. Alternatively, I heard /k/ will stay on anon.cafe after leaving Julay due to /v/ drama.
>>92 Or what
>>27 HELP I can't change the theme back from the shitty Windows 95 CSS, the top bar has disappeared.
(14.28 KB 603x319 ClipboardImage.png)
>>110 >missing top bar Anon somtimes you have to search high and LOW for the answer you seek.
(4.47 KB 282x103 ClipboardImage.png)
What does it mean when a board has *Abandoned* next to it? Did the owner delete their account or something?
>>119 Assuming that 8chan works like all other imageboards that allow the creation of boards, "abandoned" means that the owner of the board has not logged in after a certain amount of time (varies by site) and that the board is free to be claimed by someone else. In other words, you can claim the ownership of /newsplus/, /furry/, /r9k/, and other abandoned boards.
(54.03 KB 235x444 owwie.gif)
>>122 Ah, ok. Sucks for any faggot that forgets their password
(120.07 KB 1573x390 ClipboardImage.png)
For the love of god force text to go under images not to the fucking right of them. Can I fix this retarded nigger shit with custom CSS somehow?
One of the new Tor updates makes it possible for a site to advertise having a .onion mirror. Any point and/or possibility of having that feature here? (The "prefer .onion" user option is the part I'm really not sure on. User options are an enemy of perfect because anonymity set dammit)
>>145 Just need a custom header for that. It's not priority but I'm making a note to implement it.
(2.49 KB 436x39 ClipboardImage.png)
>>146 How do you get the "Admin" or "BO" tag in your post?
>>147 User account setting "Always use role signature".
>>147 >>148 Alternatively put #rs on the name field.
Any word on fixing auto refresh timing out? I recall this being an issue on Julay as well. Does everyone experience this?
>>147 Put "#rs" at the end of the name field. >>152 If you mean times where the counter breaks entirely on a page load, this is related to the Vanwa thumbnail issue. Vanwa makes requests to our server on your behalf and for whatever reason sometimes the images or the javascript fail on their end. If you mean a different issue, then please clarify what you mean by "timing out", or let us know if there's a way to force it to behave the way you're describing.
(2.26 KB 163x37 ClipboardImage.png)
>>153 I'm talking about the auto page refresh. It doesn't break on reload, or at least not most of the time, but eventually stops auto refreshing posts until you press the button manually. I don't know how to replicate it.
>>154 I'll check it out while we're building a new frontend. Might ask StephenLynx about it to see if it's a known issue. It might just be a frontend issue inherited from the repo we forked from. Thanks for pointing it out.
>>154 Yeah, this is happening all the time now. I was thinking that whenever Vanwa or the server has a problem it broke autorefresh indefinitely until you hit the button manually. But it's strange that it breaks autorefresh but works when you click the button, do they refresh the page in a different way?
(2.27 KB 177x34 ClipboardImage.png)
Anyone else have negative auto-refresh that counts "up" forever?
(314.29 KB 817x492 The source is faggotry.png)
>>98 Or it will summon homosexuals like this.
>>157 Now when I uncheck autorefresh, the number just reappears anyways and counts down, and goes negative like when autorefresh is on.
>>156 I usually just press the refresh button and it auto updates for an hour or so then times out again. Though I have scripts that auto refresh pages quite often because of memory leak issues, but that isn't unique to any specific imageboard software. I don't think it's a vanwa issue since I've seen the exact same behavior occur on multiple lynxchan boards, plus I'm using the hidden service.
Validation doesn't work when using Windows 95 CSS.
>>168 It technically does, however the bar to enter the captcha is just a few pixels wide and on the right side of the bar. It's in my full list of complaints with the theme.
Why does custom board CSS not work? This is absolutely niggerish.
>>170 Because the new frontend would break it, and because we haven't enabled a CSP so it's a security concern. It will be enabled soon.
>>171 >CSP CSP is a joke. I don't think you can even do anything security wise with CSS. It would only matter for JS.
And where can I commit a front end translation?
Enable it.
>>172 There was a case on another website where a BO used custom CSS to include assets hosted on other websites and farmed IPs this way. Additionally, enabling it will cause conflicts with the current theme loader, which we are replacing in the new frontend. Our priority is to build the new frontend, and custom CSS will be enabled when it launches. > where can I commit a front end translation For frontends, we are forking PenumbraLynx so if you get changes merged there then we will pull it downstream. https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/PenumbraLynx There's also a language pack in the backend itself. To contribute to that, you'll need to make changes to LynxChan itself. https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan We're downstream from both of those.
>to include assets hosted on other websites But that's a necessity if you're not willing to host it, baka. >it will cause conflicts with the current theme loader I don't give a fuck. That's what !important is there for. >There's also a language pack in the backend itself. It's here: https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/language-translations And there are still no language options available for my board.
>>176 Are you still here?
>>177 >no language options available I'll investigate that right now.
>>176 >There's also a language pack in the backend itself. To contribute to that, you'll need to make changes to LynxChan itself. No. You just translate the language pack as an individual file. Site admins can then select that file to be used either as the default or as part of an alternative language.
>>177 >>179 Also, as I explained on irc, site admins first need to register languages for boards to be able to use them. And the repository that I keep translated language packs are here https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/language-translations
>>174 No, it controls remote urls from css too. I am 100% positive of that. >covered types are JavaScript, CSS, HTML frames, web workers, fonts, images, embeddable objects such as Java applets, ActiveX, audio and video files, and other HTML5 features. it's in the very article you linked.
>>177 >>178 We can load a language pack for you and that will make it available. Which language? I'm going to hazard a guess that you're the owner of /de/? We can add the de-1901.json file from https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/language-translations Or if you want we can load your own language pack if you want to put it on GitGud.
>>183 >We can add the de-1901.json Would be nice. Nicer would be both de and de-1901 in case I decide to switch. I'd also like a custom font. So you either introduce font uploading or don't fuck around with CSS external resources.
And maybe I'll also want to set a background image.
>>183 btw, that language pack is probably outdated. It will output any missing entries on boot. or at least it will in verbose mode.
>>186 So what? If it's too bad, I'll update it.
>>184 >>185 We will have a method for allowing custom images and possibly fonts, either by hosting them ourselves or providing a list of known hosts to load assets from. >>186 >>187 I'd be happy to work with you to help update it. I can be reached at codexx@cock.li. We'll add the pack either tonight or tomorrow and we'll make a list of any missing entries. Contact me when convenient and I'll keep you updated.
>>188 >We will have a method for allowing custom images and possibly fonts, either by hosting them ourselves or providing a list of known hosts to load assets from. That's good to hear. Don't forget the fonts. We don't have German fonts on our israeli computers preinstalled. >We'll add the pack Both or which one? I hope for both. >Contact me when convenient and I'll keep you updated. Just post it here. I'll check.
Just noticed custom spoilers don't work either, pls fix.
I just compiled my woff2 font. Would be really epic if you provided 1MB hosting space for images and fonts.
I found the mistake you're probably talking about. It's not outdated. It has 1 line less and that's because the closing bracket } is missing in both de and de-1901.
>>190 I just did a test on a board and was able to add custom spoilers. They work for a number of boards. What image are you trying to set? It should work right away. >>191 We'll be happy to host once custom CSS is enabled. >>192 He means that the translation corresponds to a particular release of the engine. It might be outdated and missing messages. We'll be testing out language packs today so we'll find out if anything is missing.
>>193 >It should work right away. Weird, now it works. Yesterday it didn't work right away. >He means that the translation corresponds to a particular release of the engine. The mistake still has to be fixed and commited. The names match the ones in defaultTraslation so I don't think it's outdated or missing messages.
>>194 I added de-1901.json as 'de'. I know you requested both, but I can't have two with the same subtag and all the other subtags are for variants. Still, if you want me to add both, you can pick a subtag for me to "overwrite". There is a comprehensive list here: http://www.iana.org/assignments/language-subtag-registry/language-subtag-registry Stephen will push a commit by the end of the day. I've fixed the missing bracket on our end. There are definitely some messages missing, such as "Flood Detected" and I'm sure some more are missing as well. I'm not sure what variable name is for that. They default to English if no replacement exists. If you want to work with Stephen to complete the translations, we'll pull down any alterations he commits. I can put you in touch with him directly if you'd like, or I can ask him to check this thread if you have any questions for him.
>>195 >I know you requested both, but It's okay. Thank you. The only change I can see is for "catalog" in the title. Now it's "Katalog". What do I have to add? That was all that was in defaultLanguage.json.
>>196 So the way languages work on LynxChan is a little weird. The language pack controls anything the backend touches. This includes the catalog title, error messages, and the dates. If you want things like "Reply" to be in German, that's all handled entirely separately by the frontend, and we have to maintain a copy of the frontend, with translated strings, for every single language. If there's a custom frontend specified for a language, then it will automatically use that based on the preferred board language. Also, if your default browser language is, for example, 'de', then all boards with no preference will just go ahead and appear using that frontend. I'd be happy to work with you to translate the frontend and make a custom one for German. If you really want a custom FE now then you can fork the current FE on GitGud. I'll need to ask Acid to push the latest tweaks so it's 100% up to date. He should be on some time tonight. Otherwise, I'd wait a week or two for the new FE to hit a functional state and then you can fork that.
>>197 >and we have to maintain a copy of the frontend, with translated strings, for every single language. Why can't you just make language packs? I don't wanna become maintainer of a software. >now What do you mean by that italic text piece? That if I waited it would become easier? Anyway it doesn't have priority now. I want CSS and fonts to work.
>Otherwise, I'd wait a week or two for the new FE to hit a functional state and then you can fork that. Oh you meant that.
I might do that. Maybe, maybe not
>>198 >>199 >>200 >Why can't you just make language packs Because that's not how Lynxchan is designed. The buttons are hardcoded into the frontend. The language packs only touch the backend, which is why they convert error messages and the like. It might be possible to fix with CSS. I'll keep you posted as progress develops on the new frontend. We'll figure out a solution for hosting images and fonts and for frontend text.
>>201 While we're at it >>>/de/ I tried saging but it didn't work. At least there's no indication.
meant >>>/de/20
Well, good night.
>>203 >>204 >>205 Hmm, it works via the e-mail field but not the button. Pretty sure it works on boards that have the e-mail field disabled, though. We'll look into it.
How long is the CSP gonna take you? It's a fucking HTTP header. Shouldn't be hard should it?
The custom CSS already works but only if Javascript is disabled. That's not supposed to be like that right?
It also doesn't say it like for the spoiler >There is a custom spoiler saved for this board
>>212 >>211 WTF the dates are displayed differently at the on the same fucking page. 17.06.2020 06/17/2020
Also UMatrix shows a weird domain: prolikewoah.com loading 5 images.
>>211 >>209 Long story short, the current frontend has conflicts. The JS for the themeloader is what breaks custom CSS. Our new frontend does not have this problem. CSP isn't really that big of an issue, and we'll probably be implementing that this week for another reason. >>213 Can you link or screenshot this? Will help diagnose. >>214 On what page is this? Or is this via your custom CSS? PLW is where 8chan's /animu/ went. So they're probably hosting some assets being used somewhere. Let us know where this happened. If it's on our end, we'll strip it out. If it's from custom CSS, CSP will take care of it.
>>215 I can already see what's going on without a screenshot. I must have made some fuckup (or it's simply outdated) regarding the days of the week.
(9.17 KB 161x311 screenshot.png)
Or it's a bug anyway (Wot) is from the German-1901 translation.
does custom CSS work or doesn't it if it doesn't, when will it work also can you please add additional resource capacity per user account, because i would like to be able to upload background images and custom png fonts and shit
>>215 Let us know where this happened. If it's on our end, we'll strip it out. Right here in this thread. Do you have someone fucking around with your server?
>>218 also thank you for hosting this site, i like it
>>216 The file is okay. It must be on your end.
It's only the bottom post and only in this thread that the date is in American format.
It sorta works without JS. The problem is the theme loader we used breaks it. We're replacing the themeloader in the new frontend and then it will stop fighting custom CSS. Nobody's fucking around with the server. We'll find any errant resources and remove them. We're either gonna need to host those files manually or work out some kind of custom solution. LynxChan doesn't natively support uploads, Stephen Lynx has no interest in adding that, and we want to host all the assets or have a very narrow list of sites to use. As a workaround for now, you could upload the background as a post and link to it. As long as the post remains it won't be purged. Still not sure on the date thing. The backend should be handling all of the dates and that should be in accordance with your language. It's weird that it's mixing them. I'll ask Stephen in case it's a bug with the way translation packs work.
>>222 Always the bottom post? As we continue to post, do old ones fix themselves and new ones update?
>>224 The old ones fix themselves when I reload.
>>223 >As a workaround for now, you could upload the background as a post and link to it. I can't upload fonts can I?
>>225 I'll ping Stephen and ask him to take a look at it. >>226 I can see if we can whitelist fonts. I think LynxChan supports arbitrary file types. What's the extension on the font?
>>227 woff2
>>223 is it permissible to create a /boardres/ for board resources and just link to it
>>229 Why are you asking the questions I should be asking?
Vanwa downtime interrupted our conversation. >Font Uploads Having some difficulty because the MIME types (which Lynxchan relies on) are non-standard across browsers for fonts. One option you have is to just convert the font (or even the image) to its base64 encoding and embed it directly in the CSS. https://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/webmaster/serving-up-base64-encoded-custom-fonts.html Alternatively, if you can host the file somewhere, Stephen Lynx thinks he might be able to manipulate the post data to an accepted MIME. Maybe drop it on catbox? >hosting images I went ahead and made >>>/res/ for you to use. I also made a board backgrounds thread. I'll just keep posts pinned so the images should never be purged. I'll make a thread for fonts if we can get them to upload.
>>231 i would vastly prefer to use my own pseudo-hidden board if it's okay with you
think you could add markup to a help page i know it's 8chan style but i doubt anyone else will know how to make italics or whatever without help
>>232 I'd rather just keep everything to one board that we can maintain rather than clutter the board list. If every board has their own, then that doesn't scale. It just clogs the database. I'm going to be directing any BOs who want custom assets to use /res/ for the time being. If we develop an add-on to manage custom asset uploads, then we'll deprecate that. I can't promise we'll never do a purge of old & inactive boards and a hidden resource board could easily be flagged. It's less of a headache if we just whitelist /res/ and keep everyone's stuff there. There should be no difference from your end. You're welcome to upload any content you'd like. No judgement. Only other BOs will probably know the board exists. If there's any other concerns you have for hosting it on a shared board, let me know what the issue is and I'll do whatever I can to alleviate it. >>233 I'll add it to the FAQ. Even old 8chan stopped updating their markup after awhile and the only guide is an image that circulated years ago. It would be good to have an updated guide.
>>233 >>234 Turns out it already exists on the "posting" page. https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/posting.html It's admittedly a bit hard to find. You have to go to About -> Posting to get to it. I'll see if we can make it more prominent.
>>231 No they are not. You will find other mimetypes but they're all deprecated. The current ones are: font/ttf .ttf font/eot .eot font/otf .otf font/woff .woff font/woff2 .woff2 Really impossible to fuck up. >One option you have is to just convert the font Now that's fucking retarded and will make browsers puke.
>to its base64 encoding Was supposed to be part of my quote.
>>236 Well I've got application/font-woff application/x-font-woff font/woff font/woff2 whitelisted, and my roboto.woff won't upload. You are welcome to try yourself. Perhaps your browser will pass in one of the correct values. I've gone ahead and made a font thread on /res/ just in case it works.
>>231 >https://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/webmaster/serving-up-base64-encoded-custom-fonts.html That bullshit article doesn't even have a date. Since HTTP2 files can be served in one go and if using HTTP1.1 the overhead is worth the increased compatibility. And if some browser doesn't accept custom fonts, it doesn't have to download them. Those authors should really kill themselves. The web was perfectly engineered in the beginning. >application/font-woff >application/x-font-woff DEPRECATED Seriously. It says so right on the left of the wikipedia article. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_Open_Font_Format Don't put this shit anywhere. It will just cause problems.
What's the problem?
>>238 >whitelisted Where?
Is this an engine thing? WOFF2 has the magic number "wOF2". If that helps.
Wait, are you using the mimetypes reported by the browser? Why don't you just check the file through magic numbers etc?
>>241 Whitelisted in the global settings. LynxChan uses file MIMEs for everything. We are already validating MIMEs (which I would assume uses the magic number), so LynxChan should be correcting it to a valid type.
>>234 the issues as i see them: >everyone gets to see what my emoji etc. are, which tips them off to what I'm like, which reveals attack surface the countermeasure is probably uploading stuff i'll never use in addition to legit content to whatever "general resources" thread there is (because having my own thread for resources lets people know which ones are mine) >people see my shit whenever they load the resources board, which could sensitize them to it and annoy them "just get thicker skin" doesn't really work because their skin's plenty thick, just they hate shit and reminding them of it will make them hate it more, and you can't/possibly shouldn't moderate them out of hating it by instructing them "no judgy" idk maybe some kind of custom css on the /res/ board so that each thread (presumably a per-board resource dump but i don't think people should be forced to keep all their shit in one thread, as per above) just displays as a hotlink in a list, with maybe a subject (optional)? but you'd also have to do it for the catalog too. there may be a few others, but i don't have them right off >I can't promise we'll never do a purge of old & inactive boards please, please tell us before you do. there was a lot of vintage cultural shit on an old 8ch.net board that i failed to save.
>>244 What does the file command return on a woff2 file?
>>246 never mind. That shouldn't be the issue.
>>245 if you wanted to go maximum kludge on it, you could probably CSS away the index and catalog entirely then just tell people to bookmark their resource thread(s) so they don't have to hunt around typing >>>/res/1+...n
>>245 I'm a little unclear on how you expect to be attacked based on what emoji you upload. >People might be sensitive to content on the board >You can't tell them "no judgy" I don't plan on it being a public board. I plan to remove posts that aren't for the express purpose of hosting assets. Your assets will, presumably, be publicly available on /de/ itself, and that board is visible. If anyone gives you, or us, shit about the content on either board then they're welcome to pound sand. We have zero intention of removing content unless it violates United States law, no matter how much someone cries about it offending them. Ultimately, custom CSS to hide the assets is a band-aid. Nothing would stop anyone from just using their own CSS to un-hide them. Again, if the assets will be publicly displayed on /de/ or any other board, then I'm not sure what the benefit of hiding them is. Either people can see them or they can't.
>>250 i get the sense that i'm annoying you, and i apologize for that. thank you for your patience. what i mean by "attack surface" is >go to /res/ >see /foo/'s resource thread >see that /foo/'s resource thread has resources "foo.png" "bar.jpg" ... "zud.tga" etc. >this gives you an idea of what /foo/ is, what its owner cares about/thinks, in a manner that is less opaque/anonymized than simply going to the board however, this can be kind of addressed by just uploading a few never-to-be-used additional assets, so it's kind of a non-issue the other problem is the one i'm sort of worried about >go to /res/ to do routine maintainence on your board >already predisposed to hate /foo/fags >see the /foo/ resource thread >you don't even go to their fucking board, why do you have to see their shit >get a little madder at them for existing >know that it's not going to get removed if you bitch >now you're angry and powerless it's like how twitter shows you other people's likes in your TL - i worry that it could shove shit in people's faces when that's not ideal. the difference is "people see them (when going to the board) and people see them (in the routine course of maintenance)". the barrier "unfuck the CSS to see shit i hate" seems to me like a larger one than "go visit /foo/ board to see shit i hate" (and so it's less likely they'll cross it) which is why i brought it up at all sorry if i'm making a big deal out of nothing
>>250 I really don't mind helping or alleviating concerns. You've actually been the most prodigious beta tester so far and have exposed a number of bugs/oversights. If anything, I'm sorry that a number of them won't be fixed immediately and are instead relegated to the new Frontend. I don't want you to think I don't take your concerns seriously. I'm happy to do what I can for you with the the resources at my disposal. As far as /res/ goes, I expect it to only be used by BOs, and even then, only to upload an asset they need for custom CSS. Going to /res/ is going to be pretty deliberate. It won't be advertised and most users won't know it exists. The only people who should be seeing it are BOs or whoever they have doing their CSS for them. I don't really know what to tell you other than "they don't need to look at what others post". I acknowledge Twitter has become less useful now that it displays anything a friend of a friend liked in the last week. But /res/ isn't Twitter, it's Imgur for board resources. Maybe you catch a glimpse of something you don't like on the way in, but ultimately you're just there to upload your image and get the link, which will take two seconds. And it's hidden, so those images will never show up on the overboard or front page. I don't see it getting much traffic. Could I ask that you meet me halfway and give /res/ a try? I expect you'll be the only one using it for the time being. If for whatever reason it becomes a problem for you then we can revisit it and work out some other arrangement.
>>252 sure dw about it tyvm also
>>253 Don't worry about it.. Let me know if there's any other issues. Also, I think I forgot to follow-up on the date issue. Stephen thinks what's happening is the Frontend handles posts when they first are made, so the Frontend handles the formatting. Then, when loading them from the Backend upon refresh, the language pack takes over. This will be alleviated by providing a different Frontend per language pack. Once the new Frontend is stable we will work on a build system to keep the alternate FEs updated.
Still can't upload fonts. Pls fix.
>>255 I'll have someone else take a look at the issue in case I overlooked something. But every possible MIME for it is whitelisted. I'll also ask Stephen Lynx again but he was under the impression it should work if we're validating MIMEs, and we are. If you want it working ASAP you have the option of embedding it, which should work fine. Fonts are not large assets.
>>256 It's pretty useless without the "new front end" you're talking about anyway because all JS users won't even see it. When will that be ready?
>>257 We don't have an exact date. We're aiming to have it done sometime this month. There's a very long list of bugs/features that are targeting it and we want it to at least hit feature parity with the current FE.
PLEASE add some kind of confirmation before deleting a board. Every time I access the admin panel, I freak out because I'm worried I'll misclick. I think the current layout is a disaster waiting to happen. The best solution would be emailing people a confirmation link and making them click THAT to delete a board or account. I really don't like there being a self destruct button on my dash. Also, I can't "moderate boards". I assume that's for global mods?
Made a new favicon for the site because the current one is shit. All layers but 16x16 are PNG-compressed. https://files.catbox.moe/aum7dn.ico
>>261 Can you read? There already IS a checkbox. That's more than enough. Your solution would also make email a requirement. The chance of you misclicking twice is way to low for that to happen, so just fix you insecurities instead of demanding the site to change.
>>261 We may be able to add a captcha to it. Alternatively, we may discuss removing the functionality entirely and making it a global action that BOs can request. Not sure how the users of the site would feel on the issue. Regardless, we don't want anyone accidentally deleting their boards, and it already happened once to /vg/ so it's on our radar. Seems to be an issue for BOs who mod via phone more than anything, since a bad swipe can accidentally check the box and then hit the button. An additional layer of confirmation cannot hurt. I'll add it to the list of issues for the new frontend and someone can investigate when they are able. >I can't "moderate boards" The labels on some of this stuff are pretty wonky and it took us awhile to learn them, too. Moderate Board is for Admin and above only. You aren't missing much; ownership transfer, locking the board, and toggling SFW. That's about it. >>262 I like it. I'll drop it in tonight. Thank you!
>>264 The other guy was right. I didn't see the checkbox. But I guess, since it already happened to someone, it might be a problem anyway. >Alternatively, we may discuss removing the functionality entirely and making it a global action that BOs can request. I don't like this because it feels like there'd be a human-centric delay between the user's request and the actual deletion, which could be a problem if no one is present to confirm it.
>>264 >since a bad swipe can accidentally check the box and then hit the button. If the swipe registers one touch then NO. Either nothing happens like with a mouse (Because a click consists of down and release on the same surface) or one of it. (If just the down or release is evaluated)
And I'm pretty sure mobile browsers don't register clicks when scrolling more than a certain amount. So most likely you can't even click one of them while scrolling.
>>264 >I like it. I'll drop it in tonight. Thank you! More like tomorrow night.
Ban Tor posting until it becomes an option for the BO to turn on or off.
>>272 Better option, allow Tor posting and actually moderate your board instead of sitting back, doing literally nothing, and then blaming Tor users for all the stuff you refuse to moderate.
I just got ding dong bannu'd on /v/ unjustly for the first time, and now that I've attempted appealing a ban, I've noticed the subsequent ban message doesn't say whether the appeal is still under review or if it's been denied. It sure would be nice to not have to check constantly if my appeal was actually denied and instead just wait until the ban is over.
>>263 >Can you read? There already IS a checkbox. That's more than enough. Your solution would also make email a requirement. >The chance of you misclicking twice is way to low for that to happen You mean like how that totally didn't happen to /vg/ because of phone moderation. Just like how a certain cake oriented Jew sometimes does?
Do my reports still go through if I'm banned? It still lets me make them.
>>275 >>277 >browsing imageboards bareback What's wrong with you?
>>278 I'm a good goy.
>>279 VPN's are like $5 a month nigger, get with the times.
>>280 I'm a broke NEET.
>>281 Could try cryptostorms free version, but I can't vouch for it.
tried to upload global.css containing the following .theme_yotsuba_b { background: #eef2ff no-repeat; color: #000; background-image: url("..."); background-repeat: repeat; } the url is irrelevant so I axed it css didn't change is this just the standard problem w/ custom or did I mess up somehow
Where did the admin go?
>>284 I think custom CSS doesn't work yet.
So how many years are we going to wait for this fancy new front-end? I just want to implement custom CSS on my board. I hope this won't be another shitty imageboard where everyone is sitting in the meta board and everything revolves around the administration, we don't need another shitty imageboard where the site itself discussed more than the actual topics we came here to discuss.
>>287 A better question would be where the fuck is that gitlab for this shit
>>284 Custom CSS is disabled due to how our CSS selector works. This is coming. >>287 Its the current main project for the dev team. Depending on how many man hours we can put in we expect it to be finished within the next couple weeks, or by the end of the month if our schedules wind up fucky. We're aiming for the most feature-complete LynxChan build out there, so you guys should be pretty tickled with the results. If you want a hard number, out of a 14 point list of additions and conversions we've finished 6 of them. >>288 Our repo is private while we're working with it, but it's most likely going to be released to the rest of the Lynx-based board community when it's all done. I keep flipping back and forth between wanting everyone to have all the cool stuff for the current version of Lynx for their sites, and wanting to hoard it because we obviously made it for this place while the others haven't exactly done anything to help us out here. I expect we'll eventually let it go out of the spirit of things, but we can at least get it finished and bugtested first.
>>290 Why haven't you changed the favicon yet? I thought you liked my contribution. Have you simply forgotten it or have you changed your mind?
See >>262 >>264 >I like it. I'll drop it in tonight. Thank you!
(137.79 KB 270x670 Asuka pajamas.jpg)
>>291 >>292 Ah, that wasn't me (probly the other admin, who's been working on our 2.4 test server) but I can look into it for you. Changing a set favicon is really weird as its actually stored in the database itself. I have to go in and find the old one and purge it, and then input the new one via command line. I don't see a problem with the current one, but that's a pretty small change so I don't mind. I've been busy with a special side project of my own to help deal with the deplatforming threat. It's going well with a working prototype, so I'll be unveiling that pretty soon too.
>>293 >I don't see a problem with the current one The current one has no transparent background, no different sizes (not that I personally mind) and lacks contrast because the white background and parts of the symbol are too similar in colour.
>>291 I actually did drop it in but it wasn't updating. Then I got pulled away by more pressing matters. >>293 >You have to find the old one and purge it Well that explains why it wouldn't take. I was actually just dropping in to update on the new FE. Acid should have some more time now and it's moving forward. Once we get all major features added (hopefully in the next week or two) I will write a build system to automatically translate it. If you're still up for helping with the German translation, we can pilot the FE translation system with that.
>>293 Acidfed taking a bite out of the onion. The ni/GG/ers are going to be absolutely seething when they find out.
Is the global limits 5 files per post and 24 MB? Just making sure. Also, does the "Unique file/post" setting on a board refer to the entire board, or just within a thread?
(195.85 KB 493x506 responsibility.png)
Can we manually abandon boards?
>>298 Not that I am aware of. But if you want to bail without deleting it you could make a post offering it for claims and see if anyone wants it transferred to them.
>>297 5 files per post, 24 MB, which I think is per-file. Unique file/post is board-wide, and will give an R9K error if you post a duplicate.
>>297 >>300 There's also a max upload limit per post of 40mb. So you can't do 5 full 24mb webms, for instance, but could do a 24mb and four 4mb webms. It keeps the server and Vanwa from gagging on so large a request at once.
(9.39 MB 960x540 1574737372306.webm)
>>295 >I keep flipping back and forth between wanting everyone to have all the cool stuff for the current version of Lynx for their sites, and wanting to hoard it because we obviously made it for this place while the others haven't exactly done anything to help us out here. You never fail to impress me with your entitlement, Acid. Keep it up, your Jim impersonations get better and better by the day.
(306.89 KB 403x403 are_you_super_serious.png)
>>302 You quoted the wrong post. That being said... >develop software for own use >not sharing is entitlement >but demanding others release their work is fine Niggerpilling will get you nowhere.
>>303 >use others work for free >refuse to open source your tweaks and addons so your users can be confident in the security and privacy your site offers Sure we can pretend like it's totally normal for imageboards to go proprietary and like they have anything to gain from doing this. I'm sure in the long run it definitely won't hurt the site that is accused of being ran by a fed informant when they refuse to release their source. It makes little difference to me, I'm not invested in the success of the website. Have fun withholding your epic tor catpcha tokens from lynxchan sites I guess, I'm sure admins will shed a single tear.
>>304 open source is good concern trolling is not so stop doing that
>>305 I wasn't really trying to concern troll. I just know how else you respond to someone using open source software as the core of their website then going around and declaring that they're entitled to keeping their tweaks to that software hidden from their users so they can't be audited. The only other person I've met who's insane and entitled enough to do that was Jim and cripplekike, which is hilariously ironic.
(442.15 KB 1035x686 015.jpg)
>>302 >>304 >>306 Our plan is to open source everything. The backend is going to remain vanilla LynxChan. The only addon not included in Stephen's repos is a small pinktext markdown one I wrote, and there are already alternatives to that available. The current frontend isn't open because it's a modified 16Lynx and it was patched together haphazardly. The new frontend will be open sourced when it's done. All other tools are personal side projects. I can't make others open source tools they wrote. I plan to open source my migration script once I have a vertical slice working. I personally believe free software is important, and users should be able to audit the code that they and their sites run. The site should, at the end of the day, be the sort of site I want to use, and I happen to agree that users should be able to audit the site.
>>314 Acidfed btfoed by based lainfag
>>315 they're both root that's not "btfo" it's an elaboration on policy stop glowing
>>331 They're different people with different principles on open sourcing software retard. Acid is an entitled BLACKED lover who thinks his additions to an open source project should stay hidden from his users so other lynxchan sites can't benefit from his labor. Lainnigger understands that being able to audit a sites code is invaluable to privacy and security. These are conflicting ideals, not an elaboration on policy. Learn to read retard.
(90.74 KB 316x265 1471075624335.png)
>>332 Both of us having Root is somewhat confusing. Unfortunately, the Admin level doesn't give access to global settings; it's purely for managing global volunteers. I'll look for a way to differentiate us more easily, especially on boards with namefagging disabled. For now, we'll just try to avatarfag. Acid will post Asuka and I'll usually post Lain or Konata.
(246.37 KB 1920x1080 Asuka anta baka?.jpg)
>>302 >>304 >>332 >I expect we'll eventually let it go out of the spirit of things, but we can at least get it finished and bugtested first. Why are torniggers illiterate?
>>340 "I expect" is not a commitment. You've still left not releasing the source on the table. Maybe your ability to write what you believe accidentally slipped through those ridiculous reddit spaces before you submitted the post. Wouldn't be the first time. Or the second, or the third.
>>346 Lynxchan already has original file checking, it's just not been enabled on the boards you've tested it on.
>>347 It should be enabled by default, or at the very least, on all the porn boards so porn dumps aren't full of dupes.
(377.48 KB 867x651 021.jpg)
>>345 >>346 >>347 >>348 Duplicate files are a toggle and they work board-wide not thread-wide. We can fix this with an addon for LynxChan but it will probably come after our 2.4 upgrade which is our current priority. I can also pester Stephen about adding it to the core engine.
EXTREME BUG ENCOUNTERED See >>>/v/63112 I got an ID from another poster two times and one of them my text from the post was missing.
(63.44 KB 767x512 025.jpg)
>>353 It's an issue with Vanwa. They don't report all their IPs and we have to manually re-configure things every time they rotate. Acid will contact Vanwa, get the updated IP list, and update the config, We might reset the server afterwards to make sure it clears. Apologies for the inconvenience, but the alternative is eating a DDoS with no protection.
(517.50 KB 495x587 yayifications.png)
>>349 You're ignoring half the context to frame this in a disingenuous way. I'm not a tripfag, I'm not screaming anything. I would never in a million years call someone an entitled autist for wanting code to be open source, regardless of how insufferable they are because people being able to audit this code is vital to my privacy and security if I want to continue using the site. Do you think this site would even exist without open source projects? It's hypocrisy to make your website less secure of trustworthy with proprietary code while the heart of it is an open source project that more or less saved the infinity style imageboard community when pigchan went to complete shit. So yeah, wanting your lynxchan addons to stay proprietary is entitled. Proprietary software is a fucking cancer on society that only serves to benefit the few at the cost of the many. There will never an instance where I think any amount of labor justifies making software proprietary, but that goes doubly so for imageboard software. Good attempt though you fucking faggot.
>>354 >Vanwa That explains why this and 8kun.top have overlapping downtime. Shit and gay.
>>359 >using 8kunt lol, no wonder I felt like I was posting among cancer.
>>360 >he doesn't have 8kunt gold What, are you poor?
>>361 Shit, dawg. I only got 8kunt wood.
Has there been any progress into the auto update timer timing out? I know it's a lynxchan issue since it happens across every lynxchan site. I know nothing about programming but some sort of way to brute force auto update checks would be nice. Sometimes it does the negative timer number shit and sometimes it just stops and the timer is gone until you click refresh.
>>366 Some time was spent attempting to duplicate it but so far it's been a hard bug to reproduce. It's possible that the double-counting bug is related. If the script is running side-by-side asynchronously then that might be a cause. I can't promise a fix in time for the frontend upgrade, but it's on our radar. Additionally, there are some other improvements to the script that might make the experience better, even if it still breaks sometimes.
>>367 thread.startTimer = function(time) { if (time > 600) { time = 600; } thread.currentRefresh = time; thread.lastRefresh = time; thread.refreshLabel.innerHTML = thread.currentRefresh; thread.refreshTimer = setInterval(function checkTimer() { if (sideCatalog.loadingThread) { return; } thread.currentRefresh--; if (!thread.currentRefresh) { clearInterval(thread.refreshTimer); thread.refreshPosts(); thread.refreshLabel.innerHTML = ''; } else { thread.refreshLabel.innerHTML = thread.currentRefresh; } }, 1000); }; Here's the issue: if (!thread.currentRefresh) { replace it with if (thread.currentRefresh<=0) { This may be a floating point issue or some shit since all numbers are floating point in JS. Further if refreshPosts aborts for whatever reason, it will be run again a second later this way. >>367 I haven't encountered this either but he might be using a 32-bit system or something.
>>366 > I know it's a lynxchan issue since it happens across every lynxchan site Does it happen to you here? It might be front-end dependant.
>>369 This may be a solution. I do not want to suggest that it is nor that you should do it before >>366 confirms anything.
>>369 It's worth trying. I went ahead and made the commit. We'll do some testing tomorrow while we try to fix the double-count issue and improve the timer caps. >>370 It is frontend-dependent but the same timer script seems to be near-universal.
>>370 Yes it happens here. This is the only site where I see the timer go into the negative numbers, but every other lyxnchan site has the same issue where the timer disappears and stops auto updating until I click on the refresh button.
>>374 Actually I'm seeing the negative refresh timer on PLW now too. So it's not exclusive to here.
/meta/ is abandoned and can be claimed (along with a lot of other boards). The admin may want to grab it before another troll steals it again.
>>377 Claims aren't automated yet, so we'd have to approve a transfer anyways. Nonetheless, I went ahead and snagged /meta/. I'll have to talk to Acid about whether he wants to migrate there or not. If we do it will probably be after the upgrade.
>>378 Move to /8/ or /8ch/ instead.
Overboards are killing imageboards.
>>380 Then don't use it.
When will the front end be finished? >>197 >Otherwise, I'd wait a week or two for the new FE to hit a functional state and then you can fork that. is what you told me last month.
>>386 Finished by end of month, planned launch is August 3rd.
>>386 Our internal timeline when I said that was mid-July. A couple members of the team were unavailable due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts. That more or less accounts for the two weeks. Any further delays can probably be put down to "it's impossible to estimate when software will be finished". You can look at the QoL Requests thread for general updates on what is or is not working. But we still need to revamp the home page and rework mobile, plus a few oft-requested features like Filter by ID. Once that's done then I can write a build system to support FE language packs.
>>388 >Once that's done then I can write a build system to support FE language packs. Kohlchan already has that: https://gitgud.io/Tjark/KohlNumbra
>>389 As far as I know, their build system is pretty dependent on using their frontend. I can see if it's adaptable or not, although I would be more comfortable maintaining something that's not built around node.
>>390 The build system requires a few changes to the structure of the project, but it should easily be adaptable to any new frontend. It's just a small gulpfile and a few shell commands after all.
Hey Acid, Codexx, whoever else, someone's shitmodding your site. I posted a meta complaint on this, the fucking meta board, and it was immediately deleted. You mind reining in whoever did that?
>>395 False alarm, apparently.
How do you up the number of threads in a board? I'm seeing a lot of good threads go missing because the limit is so small (101).
>>414 Its a global setting, sitewide. Our image file sizes are so large that running out of server space is an actual long-term threat. To limit this from getting too out of hand boards are initially capped at 10 pages and 10 threads per page. Post 2.4 when we have the main database stored on its own (huge) drive, we can look at bumping the board sizes up.
Somehow download speed is slower than it was two months ago. Large webms are lagging now.
Site's dead over the clearnet. I've also noticed sometimes images get broken too, which I think is due to vanwanet, and the same thing happens on 8kun but with a lot more frequency. Is there anything going on?
>>434 clearniggies can suck my nuts
>>435 sounds gay as hell
Request for file names to stop saving as "imagepng" or "imagejpeg" at the end. Also Tom is adding image filename anonymization to jschan and it would be cool if you could add it as well as a checkbox or default setting. Or maybe I should ask the hue tranny instead, but last time I asked him for a feature he called me a rule cuck.
>>429 We'll look into it. Performance is hard to reproduce since it's heavily dependent on user, user location, if Vanwa's network is under load or slowed for any reason. But there is some stuff in progress to speed up the site. No ETA but hopefully in the next month. I'd like to do a proper profile of the site's performance metrics at a point. >>434 There's a misconfigured router. A ticket has been opened. If Vanwa is loading find and saying we can't be accessed, then it's having trouble seeing the site behind that router. The broken images are a problem with the way Vanwa works. They add a harsh timeout for requests, and loading pages sometimes causes too many requests at once, especially long threads with lots of images. So some of them time out. This is why refreshing helps; your local cache will minimize the number of requests. 8kun's issue is actually different. I ran into a lot of problems trying to scrape their site and the issues seem to be entirely on their end. I think they stuck all their media on a separate server which sometimes goes unresponsive. >>437 >saving the mime to the end of the filename It's how Lynxchan works. Not sure how feasible it is to change without breaking everything. >filename anonymization It's on our radar. If it's doable entirely in the frontend then consider it to be coming soon. >he called me a rule cuck We also asked for bumplocking.
>>443 >It's how Lynxchan works. Not sure how feasible it is to change without breaking everything. By upgrading to 2.4 it will no longer have the mime types at the end.
>>444 Then sit tight. Upgrade is planned for the night of August 3rd/morning of the 4th.
Could you add AV1 webm support?
>>447 Does it give you an error when trying to upload or does it post silently without the file?
>>448 The later.
btw 8chan was unavailable just for like 15 minutes or so. Was that Vanwatch or the server?
>>450 Neither. There's a misconfigured router between the server and Vanwa, and when the routing tables decide to direct traffic through there it prevents Vanwa from being able to reach us. If it was the server or Vanwa it would have been fixed by now. We have files a ticket and are going to try to get routed around that, but it may take some time. We're aware of the problem and gathering info on it to submit to the relevant parties. For now, you can use Tor or wait for Acid to launch his backup solution, which will hopefully be in the next couple days. >>449 If it's failing silently then something, probably the thumbnail generator, is choking on it. I'll look into it, but it's not as simple and flipping a checkbox to enable support. We also have (or had) issues with .webp for similar reasons. But I'll look into it after things die down. I have to finish this migration script and then the new frontend to prepare for the 2.4 upgrade. After that, there will be more time to tinker with the backend.
>>451 >We also have (or had) issues with .webp for similar reasons. Forget about Webp (based on VP8). AVIF will be supported in Chrome next month. Webp is worse than jpeg.
>>451 The onion pill wins yet again. How will the clearniggers recover from this?
Other sites run fine, yet here seems to be randomly breaking images a lot. Sometimes it's a bunch of thumbnails. Sometimes the image with break halfway through loading. Generally opening the file in a new tab fixes this, but it's hassle when it has to be done for many images. It's unacceptable when thumbnails are breaking and I just reload the page over and over until they do.
>>458 Other sites don't have Vanwa between users and the server. We're working with them on a solution, but they're a startup and don't offer the same variety of tools and configuration options places like Cloudflare provide. We also were serving bigger thumbnails than some sites and have one of the larger file size limits. We scaled it back and made thumbnails into jpegs which has alleviated the issue for most users. We've done tests to see if we can reproduce any of this behavior when connected to the site directly and through Tor, but it just doesn't happen there. We'll continue to investigate configurations that ease the burden on bulk requests without sacrificing user comfort. Once Vanwa upgrades their capabilities, we should be able to deliver bigger, better thumbnails faster than we already do, and all of that without loading issues.
>>459 Current thumbnail size is fine in my opinion and I don't see a need to raise it if it could potentially cause issues again.
>>460 It's only slightly smaller. 225 versus 250. Unfortunately the bigger savings comes from switching to jpeg. No transparency in thumbnails and if you look closely you can see the artifacting. This one bothers me far more.
Disabling scripts on /site/ causes the plw css to load. Is uploading css bugged?
>>464 Yeah, it is. It's fixed on the new frontend. We're planning to launch it and upgrade the site to LynxChan 2.4 in a little over a week.
(224.33 KB 499x447 farcry6.png)
>>465 So when are you enabling captcha sitewide due to dolphin's spam Or at least filter >> replies with a high-ass number if that's doable, cuts down on it.
>>520 Working on it
(163.08 KB 465x502 gottado.png)
(767.93 KB 1920x1016 mop.webm)
https://8chan.moe/.media/t_85d4b5164f2721e16a257c0ee5ca3e28-imagepng Why is this the thumbnail in the catalog for the pinned thread on https://8chan.moe/de/catalog.html ? The post doesn't have any images attached. Did you fuck around with the database?
Or is some admin fucking with us?
>>526 >>527 Well that's an interesting glitch... No, I assure you we haven't done anything to mess with you guys, but we were changing the database as part of importing the /japan/ board the other day. Its possible this was a bug that happened somehow, but I've never seen anything happen that was similar to this before.
>>526 >>527 That's from /pdfs/ I believe, which was just imported. It shouldn't have any effect on existing boards, though. Strange that it only affected it within the catalog. Let me dig around and try to figure out where it's referenced and see if I can remove it.
>>526 >>527 I went into the database and removed it manually. I have some idea what happened and will be amending the migration script to fix it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I've been doing malformed queries and the only reason it's worked so far is because nobody else happened to have an overlap in thread IDs.
The site was down at least two times today. Get it under control.
>>572 It's a router between us and Vanwa. We've submitted reports to both our host and Vanwa and we are waiting to hear back.
>>572 Forgot to mention, the site is accessible via Tor when this happens. We have a clearnet portal up at redchannit.net for those who want it. That will bypass the issue.
Sage button still doesn't work.
yall ain't manually derank boards, right?
Feature: Per-Thread Spoiler Reveal If you want to look at a threadful of spoilered content, you can just click the PTSR button and have everything in that thread revealed. This is for e.g. porn boards, where you only want to see your specific fetish and not everything else.
>>582 Working on that today. Should be fixed after the frontend upgrade next week. >>584 We can't; it's all LynxChan's doing. The Boards page has a dropdown and you can sort by different metrics. "Most Popular" is default and it puts the highest UIDs first. >>585 I'll see if this can be done without JS but I'm not optimistic. In general we try to avoid features that won't work without JS. That said, porn boards do not need to spoiler their content. Spoilers are only required for boards marked SFW to avoid NSFW content from appearing on the homepage and SFW Overboard.
>>586 >That said, porn boards do not need to spoiler their content. Spoilers are only required for boards marked SFW to avoid NSFW content from appearing on the homepage and SFW Overboard. No, it's just for user comfort, so people don't have to see things they don't like, but also don't have to manually unhide everything they do.
Someone seems to have experienced some NaNs >>>/de/120
>>595 That's... quite strange. Was that their post? Or someone else's? If it was a post they just made then it may be an issue with the frontend (which is being replaced in a few days). If not, it's a bit more serious and I'll need to escalate it to Stephen.
>>596 Post 30 is my post, so to him it was someone else's.
>>597 I'll forward this, then. Sounds like the backend choked for some reason.
>>595 >>597 Does he use the side catalog? Did he switch to that thread using the side catalog?
>>599 How am I supposed to know?
>>27 It sucks there aren't that many viable imageboard software outside of Lyxnchan and JSchan, with the latter looks good but hasn't been updated in a while though Vichan is more outdated than all the ones I've seen.
>>27 Still you guys are doing a good job maintaining the site and in contact with the Lynxchan dev on software updates. This site will gradually evolve overtime the way things are shaping up to be.
(33.97 KB 318x488 Eliminate the gays.jpeg)
Why the fuck did you post this tranny image faggot?
(3.39 MB 1144x4744 ClipboardImage.png)
>>604 I should really make a rule banning acid from /cb/ so he doesn't flood it with blacked tranny porn or some shit.
>>604 because it's 2014 and CJWs don't exist yet
>>604 >Muh trannime Fuck off goon.
It's a dumb question, but will there be a full changelog detailing the new and improved stuff for both users and BO?
(2.39 MB 382x498 eyebrows.gif)
Overboard catalog functionality when?

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