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The backup domain is located at 8chan.se. .cc is a third fallback. TOR access can be found here, or you can access the TOR portal from the clearnet at Redchannit 2.0.

We denounce the actions and motivations of shooters

Please be aware of the Site Fallback Plan!
In case outages in Eastern Europe affect site availability, we will work to restore service as quickly as possible.

8chan.moe is a hobby project with no affiliation whatsoever to the administration of any other "8chan" site, past or present.

(955.54 KB 1367x1068 Sinon Yoko.jpeg)

A Brief Reminder of Fallback Measures Acid Board owner 06/05/2021 (Sat) 04:38:27 Id: fc16f1 No. 3004
Greetings. With the recent drama passed, I have had some anons contacting me asking if there is a plan or plans on how the site would deal with any sort of major trouble or deplatforming event. Many of you who were here during the "Esther" era already know that we have multiple fallback setups, but it was suggested to me to make a post reminding the oldfags about them and informing the newfags that they exist. If 8moe should go down for a significant time (more than a couple hours) any reason, keep an eye on the site's Twitter and the meta boards of the other imageboard sites. We'll bring updates to the inevitable topics. >If the main domain should be deplatformed <Use the backup domain at https://8chan.se >If THAT somehow gets taken down, which is unlikely as its handled by the guys who handle TPB, we will spin up the https://8chan.cc domain from a Chinese "bulletproof" registrar. >If we lose Cloudflare, the most likely weakpoint in our current setup <We will switch over to the host's in house CDN for DDoS protection. The site will be down for a few hours to a day as the DNS records update, and we'll have to spend a day or two adjusting some settings. Not a big deal. >Its the end of the world and all the domains got yanked. <Access us via the .onion link and Tor Browser/Brave/Dissenter, or visit the proxies on Redchannit. We can spin up tor gateways on redchannit.net, .org, .com, and .xyz on short notice. >The host boots us from the server. <Unlikely, as we have a bulletproof host in a non-english speaking country and we only allow legal content. Still, if this happens we have backups of the site and two alternative pirate hosts in our back pocket just in case. >Absolutely everything else has failed and the world is ending. <We will spin the site up on a hidden server on a new, secret host as a tor based bunker site and fire up the Crescent Isle-based CDN we designed to provide our own DDoS protection. The 8chan.moe domain and all the rest will redirect to this CDN and become the main URLs for the tor site. >One of the admins gets ///v& for wrongthink\\\, blackbagged, or (((assassinated.))) <Two others stand ready to take over. The site's tor address: http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion I think that covers everything.
>>3004 >>One of the admins gets ///v& for wrongthink\\\, blackbagged, or (((assassinated.))) <Two others stand ready to take over. Realistically, in the event that one of you fags gets physically taken down in some way as a consequence of running this site, I expect the others to abandon ship before it happens to them. Principles sound nice and all, but physical threats are a true test of conviction, and I doubt you fags would think this site is worth your very lives, no matter how much time and money you put into it.
Lol don't worry nobody cares about this dead site anyway.
>>3007 speak for yourself mother fucker
>>3007 Neck urself.
>>3007 Hey Fred.
>>3007 I still hold out hope they can right the ship and move beyond the same zombie like state 8kun is in. Though it dwindles with the total radio silence on the subject that forces you to assume they're just okay with the state the site is in and I just can't understand how anyone would be content with it being how it is. Jim is fine with the state of 8kun because he doesn't actually want a functional imageboard anyway.
(53.38 KB 220x220 ah i understand.png)

didn't read
Cool that you have a plan. Hope you ACTUALLY follow it.
Thanks for running the site so well!
Based extremely paranoid but also transparent site owner
(228.83 KB 1180x2048 1591544270027.jpg)

I find it kind of funny how /sm/ made a public list of 8moe's fallbacks long before the admins made theirs.
>>3022 Well it was never a secret. We talked about it openly during the whole Russia/Vanwanet incident, and listed what we had. Its just that not everyone here now was there for that, and someone asked me to make a thread.
(1.04 MB 1191x746 yoko mermaid.png)

>>3028 >>3029 Anon if you're going to post like this, please keep it to your /bss/ board and/or /b/ if the BO there allows it. Don't make it a problem for others.
>>3031 I already fucking deleted that board and I'm done with this shit site again, fuck off kill yourself, fucking sick of eeveryttttt don't care anymore I 'll go blog somewhere where I'm not bothered by idiots deleting posts on my own board. Hope your site fails already has fuck you and al lthe shitpigs on the internet die die die whatever.
>>3032 The Hell is this guy talking about?
>>3033 This guy makes boards to talk with himself then deletes them one week later. So far he has made: >/animu/ >/pure/ >some board with two letters that I keep forgetting >/eeeeeeeeeeeeeh/ >/ton/ >/bss/ I tend to monitor these boards from away because this guy makes good custom CSS and because seeing somebody talk to himself for hours is a bit interesting. Apparently a global deleted one of his posts on his blog board, causing him to have a meltdown here.
>>3034 He was spamming multiple boards across the site. If any posts were removed from /bss/, it was most likely because the global didn't realize it was his own board he was spamming, and the entire wave was deleted. It wouldn't be obvious it's his board if it's sandwiched between posts elsewhere. I think the two letter board was /ai/.
>>3035 >He was spamming multiple boards across the site What did he spam? Word salads like the ones in this thread? Links to some website? Porn? >I think the two letter board was /ai/. No, >>>/ai/ is a completely unrelated board that has been up for months. I think the board started with b, c or p.
>>3037 >What did he spam Just word salad, some allcaps stuff.
>>3038 Was it something like >>>/b/20675?
>>3039 Yeah, that's one of them.
>>3004 you are a full fledged schizo jesus christ bro take meds
>>3051 fuck off nigger
>>3007 kek.
posting this image auto-spoilers
>oldfags >blackedmoe jej
>>3007 >Lol don't worry nobody cares about this dead site anyway. That's what they said about cripplekike's 8chan...and then suddenly everyone needed a place to go and flooded in.
what is the twitter account's handle?
lol never mind you faggots blocked me.
>>3351 Who are you and why are you blocked?
>>3115 And what makes you think that will happen here? Almost everyone that left for the original 8chan either stayed on 8kunt or disappeared from imageboards entirely, because they sure as shit aren't here and aren't on the dead ass webring. And believe me, you do not want the current stock of 4chan to show up here, nor do you want to be pulling in users from other public sites like Reddit.
Tor onion address not working. Please update
>>4022 They disable it sometimes when tor users get particularly awful, I think.
>>4285 It's not disabled, the routing has just been having difficulties.
what drama
>>3004 What happened to the .moe domain? It's currently down.
>>3006 Screw this idea! i would step in too. Martin luther king didnt step aside either.
Are there any other imageboards that allow custom board creation? I like the custom board creation function but I also don't want to be on an FBI watchlist
>>4510 The only site besides this one that allows open board creation and isn't an obvious honeypot is endchan. There are others but they're flooded with pedophiles and are all obvious honeypots. And endchan is borderline unusable because it's on a fucking ancient version of lynxchan that is completely broken.
>>4511 Jut ask another webring site. Most don't have board creation open, but will give one to you if you ask.
Update on Ukraine Situation It's unclear at this time how far Russia will push westward, but in case power or internet is lost to part of our infrastructure we will do what we can to bring it back online shortly. In a worst-case scenario, we may be offline for a couple of business days while we migrate resources.
>>4980 everything will be daijoubu
If anything ever happens to your domains, I will just uncomment these two lines in my /etc/hosts: # 8chan.moe # watch.8ch.moe
>>4989 Updated with all available IP addresses, including IPv6 addresses: # 8chan.moe # 8chan.moe #2606:4700:3030::ac43:d4bc 8chan.moe #2606:4700:3037::6815:17b8 8chan.moe # watch.8ch.moe
que quieres encontrar
>>4989 >>4990 Are you sure that's not just your closest Cloudflare node?
I think the server company is being DDoSed. I keep getting connection errors and seeing double posts everywhere.
Is the 8ch.moe domain down? I can only connect using "8chan.moe".
>>5058 Also someone is spamming dead babies on /b/
thanks for the reminder

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