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(36.44 KB 334x400 blank.jpg)
TORpedo spammers Anonymous 07/15/2020 (Wed) 17:37:30 Id:4315f9 No. 342
I occasionally get some faggot spamming my threads using TOR, is there a way to block him from doing so? I don't want to disable it permanently from my board, I just want to ban it for a few hours a day.
>>342 We're working on an expanded Tor banning system beyond what LynxChan provides. We're not very happy with the control it gives, either. So the short answer is "no", but the long answer is we will add disabling Tor per-board as an initial stopgap soon and then build some more advanced options to help BOs and admins manage Tor users with more granularity.
May I recommend a simple solution of rate-limiting TOR posts per board? And then a more complex solution of requiring an in-browser proof-of-work for tor posting, with the work size exponentially proportional to the tor posts rate.
>>1144 Proof of work is coming in the next LynxChan update. The problem with rate-limiting is that a bad actor can block genuine posters by spamming and that's not fair to them. Proof of Work will allow us to throttle bad actors by banning their bypass while people just trying to post won't be bothered.

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