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(2.00 MB 1920x1080 smug_doc.png)
LynxChan 2.4 + Aleph Changelog Anonymous 08/04/2020 (Tue) 02:03:00 Id:5476c9 No. 628
Changelog The site has been upgraded to LynxChan 2.4. This provides memory optimizations and some improved moderation tools. New Frontend! We have build a new frontend on top of Penumbra. Custom CSS now works! BOs are asked to place their resources on >>>/res/. Fonts are currently not supported; current workaround is to use base64 encoding. Resources hosted off-site are subject to break. New homepage that pays homage to a long-lost home. Logo has been cured of autism. Default Thumbnail has been updated. Yotsuba and Warosu themes have had some tweaks for familiarity. Win95 Theme has been rebuilt to behave better. Tooltip/hover replies should now behave better. Clicking "back" after navigating to a reply should now return you to the correct positon. This was caused by the old side catalog, which has been upgraded. The navigation bar has been adjusted to overflow less often. Text has been converted to tooltips. Default WebM Sound has been added. You can configure it by clicking on "settings" in the navigation bar. Filter by ID and other options have been added. They can be accessed by clicking the "Hide" button. Markdown has been improved. Spoilers should now hide text properly. Markdown nests outward to inward. Added Moe Markdown.For when you're feeling moe! Added (((Echoes))) Added Ultra-Violence Added Magnet Links: 35563d58 <Updated Pink Text (Reverted by popular demand) Markdown instructions in the Posting FAQ have been updated. Quick Reply box will no longer jam itself off-screen. Captchas can now be refreshed by pressing alt+r (with JavaScript enabled) Refresh Timer should no longer go negative, and should refresh faster if you are actively viewing a page. Graphs are now available via the home page. Autofill should be disabled, despite every effort by Google and Mozilla to autofill everything. Archive links now point to archive.today, since we do not (currently) host our own archive. Sage button now works. Sage is now silent. Aug 14th Update Catalog scrollbars fixed, thanks to BO of /de/ Default Volume should now remember the position it's in Quoting/Replying in the reply box should now utilize your cursor position, instead of just appending to the end of your input. Attempted fix of videos opening in a new tab instead of inline. Thank you to everyone for the feedback. There's a few things we didn't get around to, either because it was just too much to pack in or because LynxChan makes accomplishing it difficult. Feel free to drop bug reports or requests/suggestions for the next iteration here. I know some stuff isn't working! Drop anything that's broken (or is in the changelog but not on the site) here and I will take a look. Worst-case some stuff will be broken until tonight. I'll triage the worst issues.
Edited last time by codexx on 08/14/2020 (Fri) 12:43:16.
(93.59 KB 777x685 ClipboardImage.png)
(77.78 KB 755x513 ClipboardImage.png)
After clearing cache, there are still issues that happen when the window is too small. The posts stretch across the whole window and the time and date do not show up. Image thumbnails are much smaller than normal as well. This applies to all themes. Also, some padding would be nice for images in the Windows 95 theme. It's not as noticeable on other themes but the images are right up against the top bar which looks like crap. This happens regardless of window size.
>>629 I should add, if possible, it would be nice if pasting from clipboard could automatically expand the "files" section on the quick reply menu. As it is, you paste something and it doesn't seem like anything happened.
(593.00 KB 960x920 ClipboardImage.png)
(253.69 KB 931x873 ClipboardImage.png)
>>629 Might just need to give it a few minutes. Some stuff doesn't clear. >>630 Like this? It's working for me. It might be your cache still.
This new CSS is fucking disgusting how do I go back?
(28.20 KB 389x523 ClipboardImage.png)
(25.89 KB 326x404 ClipboardImage.png)
>>631 After fucking about with it, it's another issue created when your window is too small. Pic 1 is what the quick reply looks like in a normal window, and pic 2 is what it looks like when it's too narrow. It needs a refresh to trigger either one. When it's too small, you have to manually click on the "files" section to expand it.
Moe text uses annoying markdown. Can't it just be something like %%gay%%?
>>633 This might be a "feature" intended to save space on mobile devices or to avoid breaking if the window is too narrow. But I can see how it's annoying. I'll see what we can do. Might be a bit while we diagnose this webm/mp4 upload issue. >>634 I was gonna do <*>homo<*> but I got talked out of it.
(83.46 KB 303x312 1583711283108.gif)
>>628 >Quick Reply box will no longer jam itself off-screen. FINALLY
(1.11 MB 640x426 Honk.mp4)
>>636 Testin'
>>637 Swank. How about replies when putting the cursor back near the top? Aw swing and a miss, still end of text/eof>>635
>>628 Yeah everything is looking great. Front page looks more like OG 8chan, and a ton of quality of life features. Can't go wrong with those.
>>638 Can you clarify the issue and give exact steps to reproduce?
>>640 I assume he's talking about the fact you can't insert post quotes where you select in the reply box and it still goes to the bottom. Need to manually cut and paste it where you want the quote.
>>641 Oh, yeah. That's bothersome. I wanted to overhaul the quick reply box but time was an issue. Since the quick reply is all JS anyways we can probably do something about that. Once we finish tidying up from the upgrade I'll play with it.
(648.10 KB 400x400 1464076991825.webm)
[moe]test] Test TEST!
(16.76 KB 500x500 1589184982-0.png)
>>644 wow, the black shit is gone, naisu!
>>629 Seems like you're stuck on mobile view, which kicks-in if your browser's width is below some set width. That causes the tiny thumbnails and also the posts stretching. >Win95 needs padding The issue is that the margins on the main themes aren't margins, they're just whitespace around the text. On Win95, the blue background fills in the entire cell, and the image is up against that on all themes. You just can't tell as easily. We can add extra padding to just Win95, but I am worried it will dramatically change the height of the page. Maybe that's not a big deal and would be worth it, though. Will play with it.
>Sage is now silent. why can't we just have nokosage like in the past
>>628 The font in the reply, quick reply, and theme selector is always this shitty blurred "Hack" instead of default even on Yotsuba B and other themes. CSS at fault is global.css:149
>>628 Another thing, clicking on IDs to toggle the highlight doesn't work on the first time, and you can't untoggle it either. Also doesn't unhighlight when clicking a different ID or highlighting another post
I miss the hover over timestamp for relative time. >>628 >Sage is now silent. Why? There's always going to be faggots who sage as a downvote, but when visible and used correctly it shows that the anon understands that the post is offtopic and implies that replies should also be saged.
test Moe DOOM Moe and DOOM DOOM with Moe inside it Moe with DOOM inside it Moe text and DOOM text side by side Moe and DOOM interlocking no show Moe and DOOM text interlocking
HOLY SHIT THE THE REPLY BOX DOESN'T CONTINUE EXPANDING HORIZONTALLY FOREVER ANYMORE IT'S A MIRACLE >>654 >Moe and DOOM text interlocking That one didn't function as it ought to have. I put [moe]Moe and [doom]DOOM text [/moe] interlocking [/doom] Instead of ending where I placed the tags, the moe text continued the whole line and the doom text ended when it hit the end tag for the moe text. Of course, the intended effect can be simulated with [moe]Moe and[/moe] [doom][moe]DOOM text [/moe] interlocking [/doom] Moe and[/moe] [moe]DOOM text interlocking
>>655 >Moe and[/moe] [moe]DOOM text interlocking That didn't work and I don't know what went wrong.
New text formats? Neat (((Jewtext))) Doomtext Moetext
another test I don't know how to do the doomtext
can you nest redtext and doomtext?
(117.90 KB 300x300 2020-08-04-16-05-21.mp4)
Anyone else have this issue of the Auto Update timer ticking quickly? Running on Windows 10, Waterfox Classic.
>>686 its being fixed right now. Clear your cache in a few minutes and check again.
>>688 It works now, thanks.
Media volume setting wasn't working before, it works now.
>>884 OP has been updated with a changelog for today's patch.
>>628 >Quoting/Replying in the reply box should now utilize your cursor position, instead of just appending to the end of your input. That code was also mostly from me (BO of /de/) However the current code doesn't take into account when you placed the curret in the top box. The code I committed does.
Damn it's written "caret".
rofl In the code I misspelled it carret.
>>890 Our main frontend guy was developing the same thing and we merged that in on top of your commit. I'll look at reconciling them better tonight.
>>893 >was developing the same thing By developing you surely meant copied from shitoverflow. >//insert at cursor position, courtesy of stackoverflow/11076975
>>893 That shitoverflow answer is from 2012. IE9 came out in 2011 and supports Windows Vista+ and selectionStart. If I were still on XP in 2020, I would either install another OS or browser. I would not surf the web with IE8.
Holy shit the HTML building sucks. Add image dimensions to the HTML itself, so that when the page is still loading and I press "Bottom" I don't immediately find myself in the fucking middle of the page when the images load. That's gay.
>>1247 We're working on it. I have an idea of what needs to be changed. Just need to get the current situation sorted.
If I filter someone's ID it should also filter new posts responding to their ID. Right now filtering by ID+ only filters existing posts responding to them, not future ones.
>>1360 Yes it should. I'll get on that.
Possible to have tor only boards indexed on the onion site?
How hard would it be to add support for webp images? It's far from an urgent feature request, but it would be nice to be able to post them since it appears to be a more efficient format for short animations than either gif or apng.
>>1363 1: it depends on imagemagick to support it. 2: webm.
>>1360 >>1361 This might be fixed in the newest update. ETA for that to go live is "when we upgrade to LynxChan 2.5". >>1362 >only on the onion site Short answer: No Long Answer: Maybe, eventually. The Other Answer: The issue might be sidestepped entirely soon. >>1363 As Stephen said in >>1364, ImageMagick needs to support it. Additionally, it's my understanding that Safari and some other browsers do not properly support the spec. We looked into generating thumbnails as webp and decided against it for this reason. It seems like it's possible to build IM with webp support. I'll look into this for the next update, but I won't promise anything.
other test.
test TEST Test
Adding some sort of identifier to cross-thread quotes would be nice. It's super fucking annoying to click a quote and not realize it's to another thread and be redirected to a new page.
Using Waterfox on Windows 10, when I fill out the captcha and attempt to post on 8chan.moe I get "Wrong answer or expired captcha" no matter what, every time. Adblockers off, https everywhere off. I am able to successfully pass the captcha and post using Microsoft Edge. -posted using Microsoft Edge on the same PC
>>1553 I've been intermittently having the same issue on Firefox. I'm going to look into it after the holiday.

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