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(83.95 KB 720x687 lp)
Anonymous 06/03/2020 (Wed) 20:27:28 No. 99
Can we PLEASE have a /leftpol/ board. There are two boards dedicated to fascism for FUCKS sake.
No wonder you're a lefty. You're either too unobservant to figure out that you can make your own board here, or you expect everyone else to do things for you (why not both?). Have some self respect, anon.
>>99 I, for one, would be okay w/ a lefty board.
(37.43 KB 500x503 ganowicz.jpg)
>commie is too retarded to figure out how to make a board >"hey admin could you please just do it for me" Like pottery
>>99 >>103 You have the whole world to post right now. Haven't you been watching the riots?
>>100 >>104 I was not expecting for the ability to make boards like on 8chan
>>106 Are you going to make one, leftyanon?
Seethe more, commie
(95.05 KB 1766x474 leftydead.png)
>>99 There are three /lefty/ boards, which are dead as fuck because most people here swings to various degrees of the right and because most leftyfags are on bunkerchan. Anyways, /leftypol/ is free to be claimed, so if you still want it you can contact Acid for an ownership transfer.
>>106 ... What? This place is called "8chan.moe" and that was the whole point of the original site that it was based on. It's called "infinite chan" because it has infinite boards. Get it?
>>99 >have the entire rest of the internet to cheer on your kike beliefs >come to one of the few places that has a few people who don't like it and expect to be welcomed By the way, what's it like having all major corporations support the same social values that you do while still trying to claim to be 'against the system'? Kill yourself.
>>1233 If you think any major corporations are even slightly socialist, let alone communist, then you clearly have no idea what those words mean. Trannies and anti-racism marches are neither socialist nor communist. Please point to a single corporation pushing for the abolition of copyright, investment banking, or private property. That's not to say that /leftypol/ or similar boards are much good. It's just annoying to see people endlessly repeat utterly retarded, nonsensical claims about them. It's a bit like hearing the MSM describe a toy airgun as a "military-grade assault rifle". It just shows that the person saying it doesn't have the slightest knowledge of the topic.
>>1236 Things marxists and all major corporations have in common: >anti-racism >feminism >materialism >trannyism/commodified concept of gender >commodification of sexuality/'free love' >anti-anti-semitism >rejection of borders and support of immigration >rejection of non-temporal forms of identity And things they don't have in common >private property issue So yes, they share the same social values. Marxists are hypocrites who in reality act as footsoldiers of the same system they claim to oppose, and fight against those who actually oppose the system. Furthermore, if you think that 'socialist' is a synonym for 'communist' or 'marxist', you're the one who has no idea what he's talking about. Socialism was historically nationalistic and existed long before Marx's false attempt to redefine it as anti-nationalist. True socialism is nationalist. https://archive.ph/78Um8 https://archive.ph/KdvV6
>>99 No, fuckoff
>>99 Consider >visiting a predominately leftyfag site >going "Whaaa I want a /pol/" >then witness the avalanche of being told to fuck off and die So go fuck yourself and as others have pointed out do it yourself if you're so married to being a retard.
I didn't mentioned this earlier, but OP talks with very normalfag-tier speech patterns. There's also the fact that they're completely ignorant of being able to make boards, the existence of a /leftpol/, or the fact that there being two fascism boards on 8chan is meaningless because they are dead like every other board that isn't /v/ Are all /leftypol/ users like this? Is the sky blue?
(34.05 KB 1040x222 resetera leftypol.png)
>>1286 /leftypol/ was mostly redditors and resetera users.

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