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(291.84 KB 450x399 stallman_saves.png)
/t/ - Technology Codexx Board owner 04/25/2020 (Sat) 07:10:33 No. 2 [Reply]
Welcome to /tech/ - ∞chan's technology board. Please check the rules before you post: https://8chan.moe/rules.js?boardUri=t Looking for hardware or software recommendations? Check out the InstallGentoo Wiki: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/ /tech/ is for the discussion of technology and related topics. /tech/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site. We have stickies for that. Keep those kinds of posts in there. For tech support, software recommendations, and other questions that don't warrant their own thread, please use the '/tech/ Questions and Support' sticky. For consumer advice, please use the consumer advice sticky located below. For tech support/issues with computers: https://startpage.com/ or https://ixquick.com (i.e., fucking Google it) https://stackexchange.com/

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Edited last time by codexx on 04/25/2020 (Sat) 07:14:46.

(2.82 KB 200x200 questionmark.png)
/t/ech Questions and Support Anonymous 04/25/2020 (Sat) 07:16:43 No. 3 [Reply] [Last]
Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.
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What are some good e-mail services to use?

(4.65 KB 200x200 dollarsign.png)
Consumer Advice Anonymous 04/25/2020 (Sat) 07:18:24 No. 4 [Reply] [Last]
Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.
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>>1640 Your best bet is probably going to be finding a "flip phone" that's running Android and then rooting it. No idea if any of them support hotspot. But you're certainly not going to buy an off-the-shelf FLOSS phone that has all of these things. >>1611 Find a ThinkPad in your budget on eBay. Although anything around $300 is probably good enough.

Poz in Tech Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 10:22:27 No. 1631 [Reply]
General thread for discussing Codes of Conduct and other attempts to take over technology with political aims and enforce behavioral constraints. Point out languages and products that try to force politics on their users. It's become commonplace for tech startups to virtue signal, and for large open source projects to attract users who contribute little in terms of code but demand favorable treatment. Additionally, some have started including political messages in the software itself, or naming releases after issues the developer cares about. Some argue that such constraints and impositions violate the spirit of free software by requiring an agreeable political alignment between developer and user.
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(305.06 KB 1509x1068 issues.jpg)
(35.01 KB 1224x211 coc.jpg)
(85.28 KB 666x1068 psf sponsors.jpg)
>>1625 <attacking the group I supposedly am part of <saying that I do nothing and whine >learn to read <getting nothing done even while endlessly ... </pol/ will keep losing because of people like you. <for your obvious /pol/faggotry <you bitch instead of doing something >An "example" that is in no way related to the topic of the thread You're the retard who can't comprehend even basic dialogue it seems, and can't connect two dots or think in an abstract manner. >You didn't even try to find some dirt about Python >vaguely programming-related pic Programming languages' or libraries' documentation websites are vaguely related to programming, indeed. You're a dumb faggot with woman-like abilities of reasoning. You should go back.
>>1625 <attacking the group I supposedly am part of I haven't done that. Once more: LEARN2READ, NIGGER.
>>1633 based as fuck
As someone who has an interest in privacy tech and information security, what are the chances that I'll be surrounded by trannies and communists at any given workplace for which I'm ultimately qualified? I want to believe this area of tech is relatively untouched, but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part. In particular, the recent actions of the EFF and Tor Project have me on edge. https://archive.vn/xNwsi https://archive.vn/GSKub https://archive.vn/J7vtY
>>1650 Whoops, here's another winner I forgot to include: https://archive.vn/SQ3dY

(150.82 KB 1356x823 ClipboardImage.png)
youtube-dl just got DMCAed Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 02:51:02 No. 1647 [Reply]
>Main target of the takedown was the youtube-dl project, a Python library that had amassed more than 72k stars on GitHub and was used in many YouTube video ripping tools and services. https://archive.vn/4jDv7 You can still download the latest version via: https://web.archive.org/web/20201022211941/https://ytdl-org.github.io/youtube-dl/download.html
Full repository with all commits and branches https://codeberg.org/polarisfm/youtube-dl
>>1647 The code itself isn't illegal, this is just a threat. The project will find a new home that won't back down or is outside of the RIAA's capabilities to threaten. All Microsoft has done is show us why we shouldn't trust GitHub.

(32.03 KB 400x400 brian_fagioli_color.jpg)
(20.40 KB 400x400 brian_fagioli_twatter.jpg)
News Thread Anonymous 05/06/2020 (Wed) 01:48:07 No. 21 [Reply] [Last]
Post and discuss the latest in technology happenings. t. Brian Fagioli
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>>1363 why? since when is C unsafe?
>>1363 >since when is C unsafe? C has always been memory unsafe. Since inception. It has never been made safe.
>This afternoon, one of the most well-known pieces of software for downloading YouTube videos, youtube-dl, was removed from GitHub following a takedown notice from the Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA. (((Stream))) the approved content goyim. https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl https://github.com/github/dmca/blob/master/2020/10/2020-10-23-RIAA.md

(18.49 KB 768x184 discordfag.jpg)
(393.58 KB 1185x1041 nt5src.png)
(103.22 KB 575x840 cae.jpg)
(34.96 KB 599x440 gnu make on windows.png)
(31.99 KB 555x336 drawlib.png)
Windows XP/Server 2003/NT 5.1's source code LEAKED Anonymous 09/24/2020 (Thu) 22:54:14 No. 1405 [Reply] [Last]
So apparently the source code of Windows NT 5.1 AKA the shit used on XP and Server 2003 was leaked by the same fag who stole 2 terabytes of stuff from Nintendo two years ago, and it was uploaded by the same Discord circlejerk that has been leaking random stuff from Nintendo (>>>/v/69748). Here's the original (now defunct) thread on 4/v/: https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/525864626/ And the MEGA link posted there: https://mega.nz/file/PdhxBSZD#w-O3C-BAMwE4E02qPn_fSdTivILcE8hzk9PeyoXg7wU Archived /g/ threads because they seem to be the only fucking place on internet talking about this: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/thread/77879263/ https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/thread/77874231/ (at least they have some interesting screenshots and links) Bonus: A collection of past Microsoft leaks Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:cec41d87d329822ea9b05c4f6c0dff7d29514d59&dn=Microsoft%20leaked%20source%20code%20archive%5F2020-09-20 Torrent: anonfiles.com/Ffn8u2Yaoa/Microsoft_leaked_source_code_archive_2020-09-24_torrent Limetorrents: https://www.limetorrents.info/Microsoft-leaked-source-code-archive%202020-09-24-torrent-15247398.html
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>>1622 Is there a problem with the current state of NTFS support?
>>1622 No, because enterprise non-free drivers for Linux already exist and are the best NTFS support you could ask for. Better than Microsoft's own implementation. But they're making money off of it. What's available for free mainly suffers because of how Linux handles drivers, especially via FUSE. >>1628 Yes, but not from lack of understanding how the spec works. See above.
>>1629 Thanks for the clarification, anon.

(160.75 KB 822x777 ClipboardImage.png)
Invidious development halting Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 22:22:29 No. 826 [Reply]
https://omar.yt/posts/stepping-away-from-open-source https://archive.fo/78QBm https://web.archive.org/web/20200801221530/https://omar.yt/posts/stepping-away-from-open-source Starting September 1st, I'm shutting down the user-facing portion of https://invidio.us and stepping away from development. If you have an account on the site, you can export your data here, which will allow you to import everything to another instance or self-host. The API will continue to function until October 1st, to give time for any services relying on it to migrate to other solutions. If you're a patron on Liberapay, I would urge you to switch your donation to iv-org, as that will ensure it goes to the stewards of the project going forward. At the time of this writing, the main Invidious instance has roughly 35,000 users. It's difficult for me to even begin to think of those as actual people, and not just a number. At that level, the amount of feedback I receive, which I would consider rather small in comparison to others I've seen, is overwhelming. It's demoralizing not being able to respond to all of it properly. Even more so when I've received something that deserves an involved response, but I haven't had the time to reply, which counter-intuitively means the best comments are least likely to receive any response. To echo antirez: it's crushing not being able to be "there" for people. Lately, I've felt myself withdraw much more in return. For any project though, especially something that requires maintanence, it's difficult to actually "unplug" and mentally recharge. Turning off notifications has helped, but it's definitely taken its toll. For any project of a certain size, it's more important for the lead to be a manager more than a developer. As an example, it's mostly well-known that Linus Torvalds hardly does any coding anymore. At that point working on a side-project becomes a job, and not one I particularly enjoy. If I had known that I would've ended up in that position on a passion project, I'm curious if I would have made it open-source, or started working on it at all. In either case, I consider myself extremely lucky to have people that can manage the project in future, and can only imagine what it would be like for someone without that luxury. I can't help shake the feeling that somewhere, the software I use is being developed solely by volunteers who would rather quit, but don't have the ability to say "no". This post has been delayed for that very reason, especially when so many people have given so much, and I feel they deserve a proper goodbye. At this point though, I can't find the strength to leave on better terms. I don't want this to read like I somehow feel underappreciated or underpaid. I'm not motivated by praise or money. After working on the same thing for three years, I'm just tired and ready to move on.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Is there any good instance out thee? Each one I tried has something not working, be it the search results, displaying a channel page, or even the video itself not playing.
>>1638 The snopyta one suffers from that problem, but I've had good luck with yewtube.
>>1638 Trying the search over and over again sometimes works. And sometimes it doesn't.

(43.05 KB 618x656 ChannelChangerLogo_Avatar.png)
(133.69 KB 1510x924 ChannelChangerLogo.png)
ChannelChanger Development & Support Anonymous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 18:37:48 No. 1257 [Reply] [Last]
This is the official development and support thread for ChannelChanger. Please request help, post bugs, or offer suggestions here. What is ChannelChanger? A cross-platform, multi-site scraper and importer. It allows anyone to back up a board and then import it to their own website. https://gitgud.io/Codexx/channel_changer What do I need to run this? Python 3.8+ and most of the dependencies listed in requirements.txt. A basic set-up guide is provided in the readme. This software was developed and tested exclusively on Linux. I intend to support both OSX and WIndows. If you use either of these platforms and encounter any issues, please let me know. Can I scrape a board from [site] with this? Probably. There is explicit support for LynxChan, Vichan, and JSChan websites. Some vichan sites may have issues with thumbnails because their APIs do not expose thumbnail extensions; I have added an override but you may need to run two scrapes of boards on some sites to get all of the thumbnails. Vichan's API matches 4chan's with some extensions, so the scraper might work on other sites which clone the 4chan API, but this is untested. Many vichan sites have customized frontends, such as OpenIB, Lainchan, or Kissue. I've tested and confirmed these work, but can't always guarantee full compatibility with each of these, especially if they decide to alter the API or where files are stored. LynxChan sites should work fine, since the direct path for both the thumbnail and the file are in the JSON.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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The political posts are off-topic and have been moved to >>1631.

(642.83 KB 1138x1078 firefox.png)
(59.52 KB 256x256 pale_moon.png)
(13.26 KB 262x119 libre_js.png)
Browser and Internet Privacy Thread Anonymous 08/13/2020 (Thu) 06:48:58 No. 984 [Reply] [Last]
A place to shill for your favorite browsers & addons. Learn how to protect yourself from the botnet. What are your favorite addons and browsing tricks to protect your privacy? Share them here so we can all be a little safer. Browsers Chrome Chrome is somehow still in the lead due to sheer momentum, despite even the dumbest lusers cracking jokes about memory usage. Google has continued to abuse their position as the largest website and browser to force non-standards compliant changes to the way rendering works, generally to their benefit. Should be avoided at all costs. They track everything you do in some way. Chromium Even "de-Google'd" it still phones home and tracks your every move. Plus it gives them market share to bully smaller browsers and websites into complying with their standards. Avoid. Firefox Mozilla is pretty cucked and it's running on Rust these days, but it's a decent compromise between the modernity of Chrome and the standards compliance of something like Pale Moon. It's the closest you can get to a proper browser that's also updated regularly. Addons are worse now that they use Google's "web extensions" API, which is a downgrade from the Mozilla API and no more secure. But the whole "Quantum" thing has it flying, and they are better about standards compliance than Chrome is, and usually only break away because Chrome gives them no choice. Pale Moon The Gentooman's preferred choice, although some sites just don't play nice with it anymore. The last real holdout of old Gecko rendering. Has a diverse ecosystem, but it's basically the remnants of Firefox from yesteryear repackaged. Not bad if you can stand many sites not playing nice.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>1184 is this bull? the site won't load for me.
(113.85 KB 1071x831 1599053816613.jpg)
(142.69 KB 1438x510 1599053998880.jpg)
>>1575 I found this on Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20200901004144/https://lolifoxbrowser.moe/ The links in the archive still seem to work, in case you want to try it. A bit of research shows that it was created by a random 4chan /bant/ user who also posted it on an obscure imageboard: https://archive.nyafuu.org/bant/thread/11169853 http://tohno-chan.com/cr/res/3119.html Also I found a couple of screenshots in a random 4chan /v/ thread.
>>1577 Thanks lad.

(525.24 KB 1280x624 update777tb.png)
UNBLOAT THE INTERNET Anonymous 05/17/2020 (Sun) 18:26:32 No. 105 [Reply]
here is some GOPHER tools https://bitbucket.org/SSS8555/ G6 documentation: https://bitbucket.org/SSS8555/acid/downloads/G6_project.7z Link for normies: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=85198 ------------ plans to implement on G6 protocol: 1. requests for line ranges (DONE) 2. CRC32 in requests to prevent sending filest in cache http://mdfs.net/Info/Comp/Comms/CRC32.htm 3. bookmarks for specific lines and link to them 4. requests for line ranges relative a bookmark (DONE) 5. user filling forms (DONE) 6. LOW-END G6-BROWSER FOR COMPUTERS WITH 15KB MEMORY (DONE) 105. server side text formating for different video modes/devices 106. PICTURES IN TEXT?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>105 When IE11 is dead, so many libs will unburden themselves of so many extra bytes.
Ok, OP. What is it you're trying to do? Invent some obscure protocol nobody's gonna use anyway?
>>1230 Imagine being this new to the internet. protip: gopher predates http

Oy vey, throw out your accessories, it's the future! Anonymous 08/29/2020 (Sat) 13:05:15 No. 1178 [Reply]
https://www.usb.org/sites/default/files/2019-09/USB-IF_USB4%20spec%20announcement_FINAL.pdf >USB-C connectors mandated >USB 2.0 backwards compatibility minimum (your 1.1 keyboard is now moot) >b-but now you can tunnel PCI-Express Jesus Christ, even Micro$oft gives somewhat of a fuck about backwards compatibility. Do they really think that we'll send a fuckton of hardware right to trash, just because they feel like changing the connector?
8 posts omitted.
>technology progresses >retard from /pol/ can't help but throw a fit and whine about jews for the 80th time that morning You may as well bitch and moan that modern graphics cards and monitors dropped VGA support ages ago, and most motherboards don't have serial ports anymore. They're not actually needed. You can cobble together a legacy machine with old hardware if you really, really need support for obsolete hardware.
>>1563 >VGA obsolete literally nothing is obsolete in monitors since the market just is a bunch of retards adding trendy features every day. the one only thing i can think of that's objectively bad is 60Hz LCDs
>>1572 >proving the point immediately Analog is completely obsolete for video, given its vulnerability to noise.

(73.53 KB 1200x725 100215453035.png)
Tor Discussion Anonymous 06/15/2020 (Mon) 04:52:53 No. 449 [Reply] [Last]
So, what's so bad about Tor? >it's a honeypot Not really, I have done extensive research into this and the only people caught on it were dumb fucks who made OpSec mistakes. Plus, the only people championing this point are schizos who use VPN services or set up their own VPN, or even just use their plain ISP-given IP address, all of which are way riskier than using Tor. If you're concerned about onion links being honeypots, then set up your own. It's one of the easiest things in the world to do. >it's slow Fair enough. >a lot of sites block it Yeah, and a lot of sites are fags anyways, a lot of sites are also using ReCatapha and require phone verification and use Cloudflare or AWS. Sites have been against privacy for a long time and are banning VPNs too. >it's operated by sjws&trannies Literally everything is now, including VPN services and ISPs, there is no escape unless you want to fully disconnect from the internet and live in a cabin in the woods, which considering people are still using this site, I don't see happening. Also, the directors are known privacy-advocates. >firefox Firefox is rapidly becoming a shit browser for privacy, yes, Chromium is worse, "Ungoogled" Chromium is still Chrome garbage, same with Brave, alternative Firefox builds are usually outdated, and Opera is blatantly spyware. Meanwhile, Tor usually strips out all the tracking that Firefox tries to push in new releases. >relays and nodes operated by governments Which is more of a reason to get more people using Tor so more people can set up nodes and relays aside from government interference. Not opening this to start an argument or a bash on how bad Tor is or just to simply praise Tor, I want a discussion, because most points about Tor being bad for privacy are easily debunked and usually only used by schizos and I want to ensure my personal privacy.
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>>1554 >Ask three people how to measure such size, you'll get four different answers. That's only relevant to a question of semantics. If you insist on them disagreeing on the meaning of "size", then, instead, present them with whether they think a large amount of institutions, gov. workers, legislators, taxes, public spending, etc, specially relative to the size of the country, constitutes a big deal. >They're the political equivalent of a pyramid scheme How? Pyramidal schemes entrap you on a neverending string of debt. How is this politically analogous at all? >morals and laws are antiquated obstacles on the way to success I understand you're speaking from the hypothetical perspective of a conservative, but where did you get this shit from? Libertarians aren't ant-laws. They're also not anti-morals, they just don't put emphasis on them. Is there any reasoning behind the way conservatives think this way?
"TOR is compromised" is a fun way to mess with paranoids, mostly. There are some suspect things, but nothing is flawless and without concerns. The real concern is that there isn't a proper fork of it that works on ARM architecture, just a proxy to install that hooks into firefox. I want TOR on my pi, dammit!
>>1570 i had tor on my pi years ago. not tor browser though

Programming Thread: Up and Running Edition Anonymous 04/27/2020 (Mon) 19:03:16 No. 9 [Reply] [Last]
Hey Anon, Learn to Code! There's a bunch of free resources for learning to program. Come here to ask for advice or to discuss current projects. Download the complete Gentooman's Library: https://g.sicp.me/books/ Visit MIT OpenCourseware on (((YouTube))) https://www.youtube.com/user/MIT Or take one of these free online courses being offered by universities right now: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/free-courses-top-cs-universities/
Edited last time by codexx on 05/04/2020 (Mon) 00:54:19.
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>>1518 > literally the first page that's not the title or copyright notices < Dedicated to my granddaughters, Olivia and Isabella, and to other young women who will grow up to be scientists and engineers And into the trash bin it goes.
>>1535 Do books with these kinds of pages tend to be low quality not worth the time to read all the time?
(6.62 KB 180x239 searx.fmac.xyz)
It's cover looks so unusual, has any of you read it.

(73.37 KB 600x478 spurdo_computer.png)
User-respecting websites Anonymous 07/01/2020 (Wed) 14:17:12 No. 546 [Reply]
Are there any notable websites left that would respect the user's right even to some degree? My criteria are quite simple: 1. The website must not require javascript to work properly. It's fine to have extra functionality that requires javascript, but the main purpose of the site should be implemented without requiring javascript. 2. The website must allow Tor users and other proxy users. 3. The website must not require the user to give his name, address, phone number or any other identifying detail. In other words, the website must allow pseudo-anonymity. I can think of very few such websites: 1. cock.li allows you to create e-mail addresses, although the webmail doesn't work, but you can use your own e-mail client instead. 2. Some smaller imageboards work. 3. Search engines like duckduckgo and sometimes Startpage work. Although Startpage has been more frustrating lately. A lot of forums require registration, which is not new, but nowadays they require the user to pass google recaptcha v3, which does not work at all without javascript, and even with javascript it often just gives a never-ending list of traffic lights. invidio.us works without javascript, but the comment section doesn't really work, and you obviously cannot upload videos that way. Bitchute allows you to watch videos if you already have the channel URL and do some RMB+Q magic, but the main page is practically unusable without javascript, and registration requires recaptcha v3. None of the social media sites fit the criteria, obviously.
31 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>1534 Is there a single website that doesn't require javashit to work at all nowadays? Imageboards and some search engines are basically the only kind of websites that work without it.
>>1534 You can see the repo and the files within it without javascript, but you can't see the last commit info next to each file without javascript.
>>1536 There's a billion interesting blogs that don't need JS. Example: https://cheapskatesguide.org/

(486.97 KB 1366x768 desktop.png)
CloverOS Thread Anonymous 09/29/2020 (Tue) 21:16:05 No. 1458 [Reply]
https://cloveros.ga https://ca.cloveros.ga https://gitgud.io/cloveros/coveros What does /t/ think of CloverOS? I think it is good, but the install scripts are missing full disk encryption and NVMe drive support.
8 posts omitted.
>>1495 >It should still be done Most people care far, far more about their laptop being stolen that they care about the thief potentially being able to get some of the info inside it. As long as their passwords are encrypted in some way (which is the default on chromium browsers), it's a non issue. Of course things are different for work computers, but for those meme distros aren't even worth considering.
>>1503 the WM is FVWM the GTK theme is Adwaita
It's funny how lots of the problems ITT come from a lack of knowledge on using linux/gentoo instead of direct issues with cloveros. cloveros itself is fine, but i feel it's probably only good for people who actually know what they're doing in the first place. Otherwise you get complaints from people stating theres a problem with cloveros when in reality it's working fine, they just don't understand why. this is generally the problem with aiming at less knowledgeable userbases >>1495 >cloveros fails at multiple monitor look up how to use xrandr. If it's failing to use multimonitor that's an issue with xorg not cloveros (cloveros is literally just a script) >it downloaded the binary but compiled the dependences update your system before installing packages. if a dependency isn't present portage falls back to compiling against the current dependencies in order to prevent breakage. You could probably prevent this fallback by removing --keep-going in the emerge defaults in make.conf


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