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Cock.li stopped allowing new emails to register Anonymous 05/21/2021 (Fri) 21:24:08 No. 4144 [Reply]
Cock.li stopped allowing new emails to register and is only allowing new emails on an invite basis. Vincent claims do to this in reaction to governments using cock.li for foreign intelligence. Is this a canary?
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yes because big tech doesnt work directly with governments, theyre literally going to use a literal fucking joke server run by a literal nobody who has access to literally all of their emails how fucking retarded are you, literally vacccine yourself
I'd help the fellow anons out, but I never made a cock.li account to begin with, but I'd definitely help you out otherwise.

(62.43 KB 1600x999 richard_stallman_win.jpg)

Made my own Tor Directory Anonymous 04/25/2022 (Mon) 13:42:17 No. 8244 [Reply]
I am a 13 year old, who has been browsing the dark net for around a year or two. It was pretty hard to find good links and stuff that was useful to someone just starting out. So I created a list of my favorite sites. its basically just another directory, but I personally think it has all the necessary links from all the other directories. I have also crawled through the dark net to find some of the links that are harder to find. I think this is a great starting point for a beginner. I am only 13 and started browsing the net when I was 12, I was a bit lost, so after browsing I listed all of my favorite or most useful links here. Check it out. http://uilzy37qmw3rdbr33w36jxtqdtiil3iuzzveovteslgoc7bvefb6ywyd.onion/
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>>8244 how can i discover another dark net sites?
Not bad for a 13 year old boy. Perhaps you'll go places.
>>8311 Search engines probably, e.g Torch, Phobos, etc.

Phone Numbers without providers. Anonymous 04/30/2022 (Sat) 06:36:24 No. 8302 [Reply]
How do provider-less phone numbers work?
Never heard of that. Sounds impossible to me, like trying to set up a domain name for your website without using a registrar. Without going through the cartel, none of the other members will recognize your independant web site/phone number. If you call your custom unregistered phone number from a standard Verizon/AT&T/whatever phone, it won't get routed properly. Basically your phone numbers would only work on your own internal phone network.

(1.09 MB OrbitDB.pdf)

(454.35 KB 1920x1912 shit-the-fed-pot.jpg)

DWeb board Anonymous 03/04/2022 (Fri) 20:17:53 No. 7678 [Reply]
How hard would it be to make a functioning imageboard (or textboard) using IPFS and OrbitDB/GUN, or Hypercore/Dat? It would be immune to deplatforming by hosting providers (and DNS providers depending on how it's addressed). https://ipfs.io/ https://orbitdb.org/ https://github.com/amark/gun / https://gun.eco/ https://hypercore-protocol.org/ (formally https://www.datprotocol.com/) There's two chans on zeronet but you have to make an ID to use them
1 post omitted.
ipfs functions like a normal host I believe, so it would be easy, just a bit of RTFD.
>>7678 the problem is how many different p2p / decentralized platforms exist. even more so since the whole blockchain crap aside from those you mentioned and aether theres also gnunet, freenet, i2p, zeronet, agregore and more. personally i think imageboard needs are already mostly met by smaller chans and telegram groups. what im hoping to see one day is a p2p booru
>>8217 Another big problem is that due to ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOBODY knowing how to OPSEC anymore those places are probably already primed for a mass disruption and destruction when the time comes to use them. Small, new, and untested things that are set to only really become "commonplace" in the instance of a catastrophe will have no inherent protection against outside forces and shir-stirrers aside from the ones it's core user base and creators/maintainers put into effect.

(6.06 KB 282x75 282px-Monero-Logo.svg.png)

Monero As the Internet's Currency Anonymous 04/18/2021 (Sun) 01:27:33 No. 3581 [Reply]
There's many cryptocurrencies out there. But out of the many cryptocoins out there only one stands out, Monero. It's safe, secure, private, and anonymous and there has yet to be a government agency that can crack its code. It's also not handled by banks, payment processors, and credit card companies that may blacklist you for bullshit reasons. The promising technology of atomic swapping will also render crypto exchanges to be not needed as this will counter government regulations of asset exchanges. Also this cryptocurrency is the easier to mine compared to Bitcoin. So do you think Monero will see more widespread use in the future? Give your thoughts.
31 posts and 1 image omitted.
could a kind anon pls explain what prevents the government from hijacking moneros infrastructure like they did with tor? i understand it is technically possible to send monero privately between two computers you control, but is that useful if feds compromise the majority of the network?
>>7911 He who controls the hardware controls the software. Always. There is no code solution to the infrastructure problem.
>>8050 agree, how useful is your private anonymous internet money if globohomo simply blocks your internet access until you doxx youself? were not there yet but they absolutely can enforce that. >but i can self host monero services on my local private network! if you can only trade your monero locally then whats the point? just get physical silver/gold/food/ammo/water/whatever at that point

(4.65 MB 4500x2970 ps3.jpg)

PS3 webserver? Anonymous 04/18/2022 (Mon) 12:20:08 No. 8175 [Reply]
So, I want to use my PS3 Slim as a web server, maybe also install an SSH daemon on it. Is it even possible? If so, how can I do that? (It's already modded with PS3 Hen) Inb4: why don't you just use a SBC? I also have a PS3 collecting dust, and I want to make it do something useful while connecting dust.
PS3Hen is not what you want for this. You're gonna want to do PS3xploit, use the flash writer to install the patch file to NOR/NAND Then install 4.87.2 Evilnat and use OtherOS++ to get whatever the fuck you want from there (some PPC arch *nix)

webcam leak Anonymous 04/18/2022 (Mon) 17:23:12 No. 8177 [Reply]
does anybody knows wher could i find some ip webcam leaks.... i already searched around insecam but it is not what i am looking for.

(513.89 KB 2560x1440 3D Metal Printer.jpg)

(42.25 KB 1244x896 3D Metal Printer.png)

(720.88 KB 1980x1372 3D Titanium dental implants.jpg)

(456.05 KB 4032x2268 Deflexion system.jpg)

Use electron beam physics to make your own 3D Metal Printer. Support this open source project Anonymous 04/05/2022 (Tue) 19:58:55 No. 8038 [Reply]
Hello! My name is Agustin Cruz. I'm making a 3D Metal Printer for making parts with titanium and other metals. Is a low cost, Open source project, so everyone can make their own 3D Metal Printer. This project have an extreme affinity in philosophy with Monero and would not be possible without your help. Making 3D printers affordable can help decentralize production of various mass produced items. The goal is to make 3D Metal Printing more affordable to the general public, hospitals, small institutions, organizations and companies around the world. Specifically for developing and low income countries. This project fills a gap that no open hardware successfully fills. 3D Metal Printing is an impactful tool. Making it more accessible will democratize science, engineering and empower people. This low-cost hardware will be able to accelerate innovations in and lower barriers to scientific research. This printer uses an electron beam to selectively melt each layer of metal powder, causing the powder particles to fuse together. After one layer is complete, the build platform is moved down one layer in height. The re-coater comes in again with a fresh layer of powder, and the electron beam starts to induce the fusion of powder particles, causing the new layer to form. This process is repeated until the entire part is finished, making a solid metal part. This is what I do fulltime. Doing all this takes a lot of time and effort. Now the project is opening to the community inside a crowdfunding model. The design, tests, updates, will be shared so I can receive some support and continue working 100% in this project I made a Patreon, if you want to support my work: https://www.patreon.com/3dmetalprinter I also created a Bitcoin and Monero address. They are also in the Patreon site. Bitcoin Address: bc1qh2zlse6nm8rtqkcvxx32jxea0jc2akp4pvw93y Monero Address: 44amLuHZzV49nkLj6Ahh5UXA7NTrYTUB5d6bKokbypd6FvNQw5x91UZ8PCEm3Tc44u1FfnPzuChfFF4hG97DQVpfBekmJHp
kill yourself you fucking SLAV[E] how do i know youer a fucking SLAV[E] because youre clearly <60iq and dont even know how to fucking scam people that arent mentally disabled you fucking imbecile no one is falling for your fucking retard level SLAV[E] scam you pathetic loser go spam your """""""""""""""""""hacking service site""""""""""""""""""" now you gypsy SLAV[E] mogoloid FACT: all SLAV[E]s are retards

Anonymous 04/05/2022 (Tue) 04:00:07 No. 8033 [Reply]
https://www.gentoo.org/downloads/ New gentoo live dvd released yesterday for those uninterested in minimal installation image.

(122.53 KB 1745x572 Capture.PNG)

darknet link Anonymous 04/04/2022 (Mon) 18:48:02 No. 8025 [Reply]
hey everyone, i want to know if someone get some cool forum to chat with another member ? :) because hiden wiki links are shit
>>8025 Our tax dollars at work.

(12.32 KB 474x237 iu.jpeg)

Apple M1 arm-linux-gnueabi Anonymous 03/30/2022 (Wed) 12:08:25 No. 7961 [Reply]
Has anyone used?
Fucking die bozo

(31.46 KB 313x291 Fine wine.jpg)

https://odysee.com/@NatTuck:9/nat-mnt-reform-unboxing:9 >>7961 >Has anyone used? Can't say I have because out of principle I'd never give ///cr-Apple\\\ my shekels directly but if I was given one for free I'd be willing to try Linux Gnueabi out. But I'd rather hypothetically support less shitty companies and get a MNT Reform made by autistic Krauts if I ever really needed an ARM CPU thing that badly for whatever reason but I don't really need it and as shit as what I have now (((Intel i7))) is it does what I need it to do for the most part. Hence directly though, I do actually own an old iMac because the school I used go to was going to through a bunch of them out out and they allowed me to take one home with me so I lugged one on the bus. But yeah just keep that in mind, Apple isn't the only company making ARM based laptops in fact there's quite a few. https://www.slant.co/topics/15760/~notebooks-based-on-arm-processors#2

Where can I download or learn how to create android malware? Anonymous 04/01/2022 (Fri) 08:22:42 No. 7984 [Reply]
I'm mainly looking for something that uses steganography or otherwise gets installed silently. I'd rather learn how to create it or find opensource code as I'm sure a lot of sites are just stings. It's just hard to find redteam stuff on the web these days.
It's not hard man you just have to do it the proper way and stop believing this "tutorial / stackoverflow is the way" bullshit. you learn your shit, write code, read code. Learn OS, networking, you see as much shit as you can see and then maybe you'll be able to actually read papers on new programming techniques or reports on exploits, reverse engineer malware, etc. There's a fuckton of info out there you just have to be prepared to eat shit and be confused for a lot of time and do it properly. Good luck and don't be discouraged.
I know. I found a github with a bunch of malware samples. What I'm trying to figure out is if there's actual guides out there. I know I should start with Android programming and I've done it before but it's very basic stuff. They tend to keep that stuff under wraps, it seems. It's not very common.

(39.26 KB 627x470 SpeakUp.jpg)

Anonymous 03/30/2022 (Wed) 19:52:34 No. 7969 [Reply]
SpeakUp: Silent Speech Interface; Low Cost; Arduino; Machine Learning Project Summary by Varun Chandrashekhar: "I have designed and developed a speech interfaced for the paralyzed, which they can use to communicate without speaking. This device detects speech-related electrical signals from the throat and converts them into letters or words that we recognize using machine learning models." SpeakUp - ML Based Speech Aid to Enable Silent Communication https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/Varun_Chandrashekhar/speakup-ml-based-speech-aid-to-enable-silent-communication-ffd9f8 My comment about the project: easily replicable by anyone with computer science knowledge, different from what is being done with the silicon trojans in the 3G/4G/5G equipment only on it needing physical probes. Anyone doing research on this area be cautious of sabotage when using US designed CPUs (AMD/INTEL/QUALCOMM/APPLE/ARM), as the microcode, SMM and firmware of your system may be manipulated to mess up your computations. Ask your own Nation to stop trusting Silicon Valley and make your own silicon supply chain and tech services. Meanwhile, mitigate this situation by moving to an area away from any cell radio transmitter (check coverage on OpenCellID.org) and shielding yourself and your devices from electromagnetic eavesdropping and interference.
the electrolarynx is over 70 years old put your bloated shit in the bin its garbage

(1.52 MB 3295x1934 oskar-woinski-1.jpg)

i need money Anonymous 03/09/2022 (Wed) 05:15:29 No. 7754 [Reply]
im poor af and i would want to make money in the internet, give advice and it will be highly appreciated
>>7754 I'll start mugging people, wanna join?
One of easy ways of making money, that most people won't suffer doing iiis - sex. Yup :) handjob blowjob ass/pussy/penis That of course hugely depends if you can find someone in need. I'd say dress sexy and if someone stares at you without a grumpy face, then ask them :/
>>7795 >One of easy ways of making money, that most people won't suffer doing iiis - sex. Yup :) how dare you, sex work is dominated by women, therefore it is super challenging and sex workers all deserve six figure salaries. being a sex worker is almost as hard as being a single mom (those all deserve 7 figure salaries minimum)

Deepfakes Anonymous 03/23/2022 (Wed) 23:58:45 No. 7882 [Reply]
Is there a retards guide to doing deepfakes and AI generated content? It seems like every mainstream site in existence has purged most information about it so it's hard to figure anything out about it.
2 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>7895 sad cringe losers that get all their info and opinions from the jewtube
>>7895 The same people that think design patterns that sidestep / mitigate OOP are elegant. programming instructors at the community college level tend to breed this counterproductive cargo-cult mentality, but it slowly crept into acadamia as well. To be fair, 'OOP' is the only word they can summon when trying to convey "modular design", "abstraction", "orthogonal design"; their heart is at least in the right place. For many its a rite of passage and they can't imagine any other paradigm, its basically the programming equivalent of circumcision. Its similiar to language teachers trying to get students talking in a formal / polite manner before learning to talk casually. OOP boils down to memorizing terminology, and testing can be done with multiple choice, text-book authors love it, colleges make shit tons of cash off it, etc.
>>7895 OOP is interesting until you realize that it's for mouth breathing fags

Oy vey, throw out your accessories, it's the future! Anonymous 08/29/2020 (Sat) 13:05:15 No. 1178 [Reply]
https://www.usb.org/sites/default/files/2019-09/USB-IF_USB4%20spec%20announcement_FINAL.pdf >USB-C connectors mandated >USB 2.0 backwards compatibility minimum (your 1.1 keyboard is now moot) >b-but now you can tunnel PCI-Express Jesus Christ, even Micro$oft gives somewhat of a fuck about backwards compatibility. Do they really think that we'll send a fuckton of hardware right to trash, just because they feel like changing the connector?
13 posts omitted.
>>1180 >Find a keyboard with an usb-c plug in your house. Good luck. My Razer Huntsman TE has USB Type C. I replaced it with a PS/2 keyboard because I didn't like Razer's Synapse bloatware. I found your challenge just in time, as the Huntsman is going in the dumpster tomorrow morning
>>1181 >native USB 2 ports even though I don't think there's any reason to have those some usb bluetooth adapters say right on the box they need to be in a usb 2.0 port because usb 3.0 operates at 2.4GHz, which interferes with the bluetooth signal. also usb 2.0 is more compatible with stock windows 7 and earlier
>>1180 >Find a keyboard with an usb-c plug in your house. A year and a half late it may be, but the board I've been using for the past four or five years takes USB-C. The computer end is USB-A right now, but a replacement C-to-C cable would be cheap even if I'm still using this board a decade from now and I need to plug into a type C port. Don't tell me, are you using some Jew hardware with non-replaceable cables, so it needs to be thrown away and replaced entirely once the cable frays even if the actual hardware is still good? Do you do that with headphones too?

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