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(747.16 KB 1170x2532 sdfsG)

anyone know how to validate the signature of a fake covid pass? Anonymous 11/04/2021 (Thu) 11:26:22 No. 6054 [Reply]
does anyone know how to validate the signature of a fake covid pass? i am trying to see if i can do it on the swiss covid cert app
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not enough info given, OP this system varies widely from locality to locality EU implementation: https://blog.hqcodeshop.fi/archives/516-Decoding-EU-Digital-COVID-Certificate.html https://github.com/panzi/verify-ehc/ Suppose you could set up your own key server, sign your own QR code using the same RFC method, and have your QR code route to a static page. This guy has a good idea: >>7031 It would not hold up to scrutiny, such as a server-based key-exchange authorization, but it would be a "good enough" forgery for most people (who do not look at URLs or anything else as they're trying to get you through some line.) Or just wait like one-two months because the narrative has already broken down.
>>7493 >make a local server on your android phone with Termux >open local host with your browser >show the certificate to the police officer >??? >profit
>>7506 imagining they scan the QR code you show them with some homosex phone-app, it would need to be hosted somewhere I am presuming a social interaction here because I have never been in this situation

(8.66 KB 225x225 download.jpg)

Anonymous 02/18/2022 (Fri) 21:28:06 No. 7497 [Reply]
are there still ways to clone card?
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>>7499 dudebro I am happy to help but I am aspie af and I need some info about the deliverables of the project so I can help suggest technical solutions. Touchless smart cards? Credit cards? What do you need?
(468.41 KB 1125x1365 IMG_3058.jpg)

im tryna find something that help me tap in w the cards n paypal. im a newb wanna kno how to make da muney da right way ^-^
idk dude, i need ideas

Anonymous 02/15/2022 (Tue) 19:14:14 No. 7473 [Reply]
Almost every normalfaggot internet service requiring working, hard to change, much more personally identifiable than plain IP address, phone number to register. And to periodically provide as "random checks" to keep working and not lock you out of your data without prior warning is normal and widely accepted business practice in Muttland as of 2020's. Requiring ID card or SSN to register for such services would be literal commiefascism and would never fly in Muttland, normalfags in revolt. How did it get this absurdly cucked in Land of the Free.
(24.77 KB 700x733 cycle-of-modernity.jpg)

Because the vast mass of people are lazy and/or ignorant, and the remaining people who are neither are either engineers or market drivers. Engineers keep the lights on and typically are not independently wealthy; market drivers reinvest the technology and science back into the market to create a captive market as services (non-ethical software). Furthermore, a majority of the front-running FOSS projects of the last decade have been co-opted by FAGMANN companies or destroyed by entryism by Rob Pike-alikes with awful fucking ideas. A few neckbeards keep any sort of FREE AS IN FREEDOM web alive by self-hosting and writing good notes, but this is seriously less than 1% of people and it will never tap into the auto-amplifying feedback loops which market mechanisms work on. Consider the number of people developing "open source software" on iBads/fagbooks working for tech firms, vs the number of people willing to demand FOSS software and actualize on it: the number of engineers willing to pay the actual price of freedom (lower convenience, lower interoperability, more time investment, actual money for hosting fees) is low and will always remain low. One can do their part by refusing to buy into it, by instead choosing to self-host services, and to make our methods known, but it only really goes so far. Ethical software will remain esoteric knowledge (as will understanding of computers, oddly enough for the same reasons.)

Volatile Blockchain as platform for textboards Anonymous 10/30/2021 (Sat) 22:31:55 No. 5982 [Reply]
I'm sure this has been proposed already by other anons, but I'd like to discuss and understand if it is a viable idea and what would be the weak points of a blockchain with the following characteristics: >Composed by blocks, each block would have a date, the previous block hash, the current hash, a list of posts. >Each post is composed by an id, an hash, a date, a public key for user identification (optional), a title and a message. >Both title and message fields are limited by a certain number of characters. >After a certain block amount (or time), the tail end of the blockchain is discarded >Posts may only be appended to the blockchain by using a small quantity of crypto currency (lets call it PST). >PST is unlimited and should be easy to acquire, possibly by just donating your processing power to miner pools for small amounts of time. >Another currency should be awarded to miners that spend more time and resources (lets call it GLD). This currency must be finite so it can increase in value and give miners a reason to spend processing power. I don't know what type of proofing system should be used to manage block validation, but it should be fast. The main problems that imageboards have are: >pedophilia might be used as a weapon to deplatform the website >abusive moderation >spam By using a text-only approach we can at least make the first problem slightly harder to be exploited. Links to illegal content would still exist and tech-savvy individuals would try to send base-64 encoded CP as text (but this might be mitigated by having a small message limit). Moderation would be non-existent, but this will increase the amount of spam. Third-party sites could offer moderation services where they hide posts in exchange of a fee.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>6257 That just begs the question: why is it an inappropriate technology to use in this instance?
Do you guys worry about mass surveillance?
>>7484 Yes, and while you can take some precautions, up to and including refusing to own a phone, if you're that autistic, we all at this point know about PRISM and 5eyes, so it's less "worried" and more "a disagreeable part of the regime" or perhaps "fact of life." One can assume things are tracked by any number of parties and stored forever, and you just have to do your own opsec: the opposite of security is convenience and you have to pick and choose depending on your requirements what amount of the Internet you are willing to use and how you use it.

(34.61 KB 500x500 DELETE.jpg)

hey does anyone have a way to access vimadventures for free Anonymous 07/27/2021 (Tue) 09:49:18 No. 4946 [Reply]
im tryna learn vim but do not want to pay a large amount
11 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>7455 neovim is less gay and lighter
>>7470 mg is less gay and lighter
>>7472 >less than 200KiB that is impressive (although I would have to use eVil mode if anything) does it support the same plugins as gnu emacs or is it just a standalone editor without the extensions/frills?

(179.43 KB 1024x946 lain.png)

Anonymous 05/14/2020 (Thu) 07:03:18 No. 49 [Reply] [Last]
Let's all love Lain
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>>269 Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
>>376 https://fauux.neocities.org/ Afaik they're all from here. This site's a treasure to explore, it has an onion address as well. I stumbled on this site before I watched Lain and then after as well, rediscovering it and getting to understand what I had already seen was great.

Messengers Anonymous 11/08/2021 (Mon) 18:57:24 No. 6139 [Reply]
Is there a single non-retarded alternative to Discord out there? Pic related is from Revolt's Acceptable Usage Policy. >Sharing any type of imagery that depicts real-life violence Can't share news reports >Sharing content that is designed to harass or degrade another person Self explanatory >Sharing any content or imagery illegal within the European Union, we don't want you or us to get into any legal trouble, stay in line by not engaging in illegal activity content such as, but not limited to, sharing pornography depicting minors, sharing revenge pornography, selling or facilitating the usage of drugs, extortion or blackmail.
4 posts and 1 image omitted.
for i am, a flaming homo
>>6139 >What we can''t allow <anything that has historically been posted on the chans
Just use bitmessage

Matrix technology room Anonymous 02/09/2022 (Wed) 16:58:45 No. 7376 [Reply]
Hello everyone, stop using Discord and step over to the superior alternative already! Stallman disapproves of Discord and nobody should use this proprietary botnet for anything related to technology or programming. Since the old /g/ room on Matrix with 400 members died I made a new one. It's not on matrix.org for security and privacy reasons. #friends:catgirl.cloud
2 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>7376 > Matrix That's a weird way to spell XMPP
>>7380 Weird way to spell i-r-c
>>7379 only 49% efficient XD

Canadians cucked out Anonymous 02/13/2022 (Sun) 14:46:29 No. 7443 [Reply]
What pieces of fucking shit. White people, if you can call "fellow" whites "people, get the hell that they deserve. They complied and refused to shed the blood of their enemies. They wonder why the God (of the Armies) doesn't help them after.

(38.23 KB 616x610 0-1.jpeg)

Remotely view/access/listen through computers (Keyloggers) Anonymous 02/13/2022 (Sun) 00:20:21 No. 7435 [Reply]
Interestingly (my only hero)….you interested in the cold war spying? I had him checked out and i get it! He is a total package, the pandemic few years back helped me with closure in my affair, as we had to adopt new living methods…argh never mind, a mystery parcel I found on deep uni vi sion now down…I’d recommend with such awesome Hack Oracle Application Server, that can recover password to email accounts, Facebook Hack, Phone Hacks, want to monitor your partner. You need to give this dude more encouragement !! services are not just confined to Website Takeover, Social Media Hacks, Database Hacks, Email Hacks, Phone and Gadget Hacks, change of certain grades, Location Tracking (Stealth Spying) or any other accounts that requires activation VERIFICATION code but other complex tailored services not listed in this message with respect for such low prices. Send a request to cybilltritech A T p r o t o n m a i l D O T c o m Acknowledge that Pollarkmoms credited his services.
didnt read dont care cringe ass faggot
(42.02 KB 720x960 hotel.jpg)

Tech guy with great programming skillset, had cybilltritech crack my girlfriend iphone

>>7388 Your colonialism of my language is just a sign of your Intersectional bigotry.
>>7394 Yeah whatever nigger, learn to spell.
>>7367 to be clear i dont really hate security in general im just tired of all this woke BS being shoved by "privacy respecting alternatives" they tend to be hypocrites and ban percieved far-right shit on sight even if they are telling the truth about covid >>7366 actually i use a lesser known VPN service ((protonmail)) is woke i just want something clean and BS free even though its a little bit pricy also i dont get it guys why is brave and waterfox heavily pushed by fanboys eveywhere on 4chan yet you never call them out for thier BS meanwhile we chromefags just stay still while doing our work while you lgbt advocates scream all day about DATAMINING BOTNET! >>7363 torrenting websites dont actively datamine its users nor forces them to sign up with real name also they tend to be silent about politics unlike ((free speech)) sites which are loud and obnoxious >>7374 This. i gotta love the fact that redditors act like tough vigilates whenever someones accused of being a pedo yet no one seems bat an eye when children in thirdworlders get experimented on for profit nobody seems to want to hunt them down even though the names of the CEO and company employees are in some kind of public government database list which they could easily find with time and effort what a bunch of hypocritical cowards they dont even discuss about boycotting them let alone putting it to light

cams Anonymous 11/19/2021 (Fri) 18:39:26 No. 6273 [Reply]
> uni installs ai cameras to spy on students > hides it for a year > today the news broke > "it's so we can monitor how many people are in each room for covid & safety & some other bs. it's anonymous. trust us." what do i do
6 posts omitted.
Well first of all find the cameras. You can't do anything about them until you know where they are. Also a source would be nice.
yurop or burgerland? if the former, you probably have strong options
We must enter into a new regime where complicity and involvement is met with absolute liability and mortal punishment. In the words of the profit > really punish

Spying on instagram accounts Anonymous 01/28/2022 (Fri) 22:11:02 No. 7211 [Reply]
I have that one instagram account, that I really need to access or spy to, I thought of Phishing but this way is not possible, so any other possible way to do. I am not much of a guy knowing a lot of things in technology and hacking, but I know some few things... So help me!
2 posts omitted.
>>7249 ^this, but you have to find an instance that isn't blocked facebook is really proactive about blocking bibliogram instances
try phishing friends of that account so that the phishing is more believable, it's the easiest way
(11.49 KB 349x367 Subtle TF2 soldier.jpg)

>>7211 >using social media >social media owned by the Zuckerborg no less

(1.23 MB 3120x4160 zaghhmm7hbi21.jpg)

lightwieght linux for old processor Anonymous 06/06/2021 (Sun) 04:55:17 No. 4355 [Reply]
Really glad to see this board taking off. I want a linux distro that I can rice for my x41 tablet thinkpad. It's a pentium m, 2 gigs of ram, 1024x768 screen. I've heard some suggestions >void linux >puppy linux >debian I'm a linux noob so I don't know what I'm doing, but I'd like to learn. as far as usage I want to shitpost and maybe doodle some. I've heard some say that my browser is more important than distro as far as snappiness goes. What browser would you suggest that still has 32 bit support.
28 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>5531 >its okay when we do it
>>4577 >I'd have recommended antiX gnu/linux but their website now says "proudly anti-fascist", with no extra explanation, whatever that means. But I used to use it a lot for older hardware because it doesn't use system d as its inint system and it comes out the box with a bunch of programs so noob friendly. I use it too on old hardware. The antifascism is cringe but as long as they do not include any spyware to enforce their ideals - and they do not, for now - i'm fine wit hti. It really is a nice lightweight systemd-free debian-based distro.
It's wrong to use a faggot's software because you're being a willing participant in the expansion of mindshare for that project. Several lurkers here will see your posts and think "Oh, so there's nothing wrong with using that?". There will be more victims for the time when the devs do sneak something in there. The faggots declaring "proudly anti-fascist" are easily roped into anti-meritocracy. You should check their opinions on meritocracy, and maybe push them towards either extreme to become certain of their intents with the project. I wouldn't camp on a minefield. That's why I should get off my ass and remove systemD from RPiOS here. Too bad all tutorials use only that.

(465.48 KB 1920x1080 20211219-desktop-0.7.png)

helloSystem Anonymous 12/24/2021 (Fri) 09:20:01 No. 6830 [Reply]
>A desktop system for creators that focuses on simplicity, elegance, and usability. >Following the published Human Interface Guidelines, and First Principles of Interaction Design liberally re-interpreted for today. >For mere mortals. Welcoming to switchers from macOS. Not just a theme. Not a clone of anything, but something with which the long-time Mac user should feel instantly comfortable. The latest technologies, without the complexities of Linux distributions. Without lockdown. Without Big Brother. The user in full control. >Based on FreeBSD. Wouldn't it be hilarious if we got the year of the BSD desktop before Linux?
1 post omitted.
>>6830 >Wouldn't it be hilarious if we got the year of the BSD desktop before Linux? I, for one, welcome our new BSD overlords
Is this only for macs?
FreeBSD coders run their BSD in a MacOS virtual machine. In a reversal of this, now someone tries to make FreeBSD look like MacOS. What made MacOS feel like MacOS (till it became shitted post-Snow Leopard) was the cohesive design of it. Not sure a BSD can emulate this. It is not only the menu bar and dock that make MacOS MacOS

(882.48 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)

(887.43 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)

(841.73 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)

(836.09 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)

Anonymous 11/23/2020 (Mon) 06:52:05 No. 1835 [Reply]
So, how's my build guys? The heatsink is over two 16GB-3200mhz T-Force VulcanZ kits and contacts a Ryzen 3700x processor. My GPU (GTX 1050ti) is running around 25c in this thing and the chip's at 33c when idling and stays around the 45c-60c range doing basic tasks or playing vidya. I'm unsure how it'll hold up in a heavy workload...
7 posts and 1 image omitted.
your "build" reeks of poverty
what phone did you use to take this picture its fucking awful
>>1835 cpu is overkill for such a shitty gpu, that shit was a budget card 5 years ago also get a better case, any budget corsair should do

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