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(2.82 KB 200x200 questionmark.png)

/t/ech Questions and Support Anonymous 04/25/2020 (Sat) 07:16:43 No. 3
Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.
Should I change my PSU? So last time I installed ubunto my computer wouldn't boot properly unless I used a GPU that only drained power from the motherboard. I disabled booting to that OS and returned to using my regular GPU, but now certain programs close abruptly. The best example I can give is CS:GO crashing 3 times before it just shuts down my computer Alongside that, my PSU fan seems to be making a really loud noise, and frankly I don't know if I can deal with it. I disabled two fans and it stopped being loud in the beginning, but eventually it went back to doing a lot of noise I have >Motherboard: ASUS B660M D4 Prime >GPU: RX 570 4gb >CPU: i3 12100F >RAM: 4x16gb Mushkin Silverline 3200Mhz >3 casket fans and a ID-Cooling CPU Cooler I feel like I should change the PSU for an 800W one, but I wouldn't be sure
>>8660 Knowing your current PSU wattage would be helpful.
>>8661 650W
>>8663 Well it should be powerful enough but once your PSU fan starts grinding there isn't much you can do. I've experienced it first hand and it is absolutely unbearable. You should not under any circumstance attempt to disassemble or repair a PSU as you can die from the built up charge in them. But an 800W PSU is something people usually only get for driving shit like a 3090. If you're only going to be using low to mid tier GPU's there isn't much reason to go beyond 600-750W. More importantly you want to look at reviews for how the fan sounds and check the warranty. Longer warranty usually indicates better quality.
(10.22 KB 512x512 element.png)

I need to make a group chat that contains mostly normalfags. What can I use that won't send everything to the botnet but is still accessible for your average Joe? I'm considering Matrix but I haven't used it before so I don't know how technical it gets. I know you need to download a client (will have to explain this) and register on a server (though I think it picks matrix.org by default, unsure if this is perplexing to a normalfag). Signal might work but I imagine they would find assigning names to phone numbers manually to be a turn-off. I don't even care if it isn't E2EE if it just werks, but that's a plus if it doesn't require any extra effort from the normalfags.
>>8667 I may wanna change my GPU in the future for an 8GB one, would 650W still be enough?
>>8670 https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=X_wtoCBahhM&t=769 This video goes over it quite in depth. I linked the time where he gave more specific wattage recommendations for various GPU's alongside the watts they pull under load. >>8669 >I know you need to download a client It can just be used in the browser if they don't want a client. Element is good if you don't want to worry about phone numbers. I've heard signal is more niggercattle friendly but I've never attempted to use it since it requires a phone number. I use element to chat with some family sometimes and it's mostly pretty intuitive. The various home servers aren't really relevant to someone just signing up on the element site. The most awkward part is adding people to chats or whatever. I think you need to type out the full address of their homeserver along with their username. But I could be wrong, I haven't used it that much.
>>8670 >>8672 Also the reason he recommends PSU's with 100-200 watts higher than what they pull is because you generally want a decent amount of headroom.
This isn't homework. This is a personal investigation. Does anyone know how to use Desmos? I want to plot two 4D Graphs. f(x, y, z) = xz/2*sqrt(1-(x^2+z^2-y^2)/(2yz)) g(x, y, z) = x+y+z I might as well explain myself. On a whim, I've taken a fancy to polygons that have a perimeter equal to their area (e.g. when a square has a perimeter of 16 (and thus, implicitly, a side-length of 4), the area is also 16). I'm bored with regular polygons however and I want to try and explore irregular polygons that have this trait. I figured I should start with the simplest irregular polygon: the scalene triangle. The definition of f(x, y, z) comes from me producing an equation for the area of a scalene triangle when all the sides are known and none of the angles are known. I used the cosine rule, and then used the pythagorean trigonometric identity, and then simplified. The definition of g(x, y, z) is a simple perimeter calculation. Since I'm looking for when the area is equal to the perimeter, I'm looking for where these two functions intersect on a graph. The issue is that, when one equates these two functions to each other, you find yourself with only one equation but three variables. From my understanding of linear algebra, this means that I should be able to generate a plane of possible solutions, which is what I want. I would really like to see a 4D Plot of these two functions, but I'm unskilled with Desmos. Can I get some help please?
I had a thought just now: If my equation for the area of a scalene triangle is correct, then, in the scenario where a=b=c, the equation should simplify down into the equation for an equilateral triangle of length a. When I tested my equation, it failed. Checking over my work, I see my errors. I have not used the cosine rule since my mid-teenage years and so I misapplied it. I also slipped up in my algebra. This is the correct definition for the f function. f(x, y, z) = xz/2*sqrt(1-((x^2+z^2-y^2)/(2xz))^2) When x=y=z, this does indeed simplify down correctly. Just for clarity, here's the g function again: g(x, y, z) = x+y+z So yeah, please help me plot this on Desmos so I can see what it looks like.
Just a side-note, but I wanted to clarify: It kept bothering me that I never tested my f function for the scenario where x=z (i.e. the isoceles triangle) to see if the equation simplifies down correctly and reproduces the area equation for an isoceles triangle. I checked. It does simplify down correctly. It is correct. I have to admit, I'm very chuffed about this achievement. Anyway, yes. Please help. f(x, y, z) = xz/2*sqrt(1-((x^2+z^2-y^2)/(2xz))^2) g(x, y, z) = x+y+z
(29.39 KB 941x393 TheFunctions.png)

This is beginning to feel like spam so hopefully, this is my last post. I feel like my f function looks completely unapproachable so I've decided to display it in a picture. Please help me with Desmos. Thanks. P.S. Could you also show me a couple of lattice points that satisfy both functions? That'd be cool.
>>8694 this only works for squares because area is a SQUARED measurement this comparison is completely meaningless on anything thats not a square, there are infinite configurations for a triangle with an area of x and all will have a slightly different area and vice versa equating the area of triangle with its perimeter just gives you infinity
(62.66 KB 892x629 Explanation1.png)

>>8698 Thanks for trying to help but I don't think you understand the problem. >this only works for squares because But that's wrong. It doesn't only work for squares. Consider the equilateral triangle. The formula for its area is as follows: A = sqrt(3)/4 * l^2 l is the length, btw. But yeah, if we're looking for the situation where the perimeter is equal to the area, all we have to do is rewrite the area-equation in terms of perimeter, equate the new equation to the perimeter, and then solve. For regular polygons, this is trivially easy. So, for an equilateral triangle, l = p/3 (i.e. a length of one side is a third of the total perimeter) The new equation then, in terms of perimeter, is as follows: A = sqrt(3)/36 * p^2 Then, equating this equation to the perimeter... p = sqrt(3)/36 * p^2 ...and solving yields... p = 12*sqrt(3) I attached a picture to make it easier to follow, but yeah, if you calculate the area of an equilateral triangle, with the assumption that its perimeter is 12sqrt(3), you will find the area is equal to the perimeter. There's nothing "meaningless" about it. And of course, equilateral triangles aren't the only regular polygon this can be done for. It works squares, pentagons, hexagons and I imagine it never stops working. Technically, mathematically speaking, there's no difference between a circle and a polygon with an infinite number of sides. I have already calculated that, when a circle has a circumference of 4pi, it has an equivalent area. That was the first thing shape I tried. >there are infinite configurations for a triangle with an area of x and all will have a slightly different area They either have the same area, or they don't. This is Maths we're talking about here, not the reality of how accurately such triangles can be constructed.
>>8699 its clear that youre the one that doesnt understand basic geometry, i meant to write theres infinite configurations for a triangle with an area of x and all will have a slightly different shape as is obvious from the pic i posted thats why using f(x, y, z) = xz/2*sqrt(1-(x^2+z^2-y^2)/(2yz)) g(x, y, z) = x+y+z is MEANINGLESS because this is the area and perimeter of ALL triangles hence you get infinite xyz values from equating them because you can make an infinite number of triangles of area x and perimeter x when dimensions are arbitrary and now youre trying to define the dimension by using a completely different formula than you posted which is only true for equilateral triangles to try and wipe the egg of your face
forgot to mention this no other regular polygon can have area=perimeter other than a fucking square, if it is then its not regular
>>8700 >i meant to write theres infinite configurations for a triangle with an area of x and all will have a slightly different shape as is obvious from the pic i posted Right. I forgot to mention: why was that pic even relevant? The triangles had the same area, but different perimeters, meanwhile, I'm exclusively interested in triangles for which the perimeter and area are identical. It just made me think the problem wasn't understood. >this is the area and perimeter of ALL triangles hence you get infinite xyz values from equating them because you can make an infinite number of triangles of area x and perimeter x when dimensions are arbitrary Right, I acknowledged this in the first post. <The issue is that, when one equates these two functions to each other, you find yourself with only one equation but three variables. From my understanding of linear algebra, this means that I should be able to generate a plane of possible solutions, which is what I want. I want to see this plane in a 4D Plot. I want to know what defines the plane, what equation defines the points on the plane. Planes have definitions too, even if they have infinite values. Also, it's: f(x, y, z) = xz/2*sqrt(1-((x^2+z^2-y^2)/(2xz))^2) g(x, y, z) = x+y+z That f function is the one that outputs areas for any triangle. This is the correction I made later. >>8701 >no other regular polygon can have area=perimeter other than a fucking square, if it is then its not regular That is simply false. I already demonstrated to you that it's possible with equilateral triangles. I even have a regular pentagon proof! It's possible for all regular polygons.
What is a browser for android that doesn't track you and has adblock? I've been using Free Adblock Browser and the Brave Browser so far, are these okay for privacy? None of the usual privacy sites ever focus on android browsers.
>>8704 https://techlore.tech/resources This site has browser recommendations.
>>8705 That site lists Brave as one of it's recommended browsers, doesn't that have spyware like the desktop version? https://archive.ph/cWrxJ
>>8706 It has telemetry that can be disabled and auto updates. That isn't really spyware. The site also lists bromite which doesn't have auto updates and mull which I guess is some hardened firefox. Use your brain and decide for yourself how autistic you want to be about """spyware""" that isn't really spyware in your browser.
I'm trying to think of ways to securely connect to a server that I have control of without having to rely on DNS or HTTPS. The use case is to access some web UIs of services running on it. When the server is on the local network, you would connect via http://192.168.1.x:yyyy for example. Here's what I've researched so far: >HTTP/SOCKs proxy No encryption between the client and server, so this is out. >Connect directly to external IP This requires opening ports, which is annoying and makes my network less secure. Out. >Reverse proxy Relies on both DNS and HTTPS, so out. >VPN I think this would work, but haven't really tried it. It seems awfully hard to get right from what I've seen online. I don't want to put all of my traffic through the server anyways, so this is out. >SSH LocalForward + HTTP/SOCKs proxy SSH handles encryption between the client and server, and LocalForward makes it appear that the proxy is available on localhost. Connecting to the proxy allows access to the server/its local network (ideal in my case). Also a plus: since everything is accessible through localhost, you don't get warnings about the lack of HTTPS. Simple and just werks, but only on machines that can SSH into the server. Not ideal. >Shadowsocks Handles both encryption and the proxying, but not directly supported by anything. From what I can tell, you can run a sort of Shadowsocks<->regular proxy locally, which allows programs that support SOCKs and/or HTTP proxies (again, not sure on details) to connect to a Shadowsocks server. Clients for doing this seem to be on most platforms. Haven't actually tried this though. Anything I'm missing? Suggestions welcome.
i have this hard drive that isn't recognized on my pc, so i smashed it with a pointed metal rod a few times (making a few serious holes in it), the middle part fell out. There isn't anything illegal in it but it should be inoperable right?
>>8730 You can open it up and shatter the plates. Which would take an extremely inordinate amount of effort to recover data from. Though just smacking it with a hammer from the outside might shatter the plates too. Put it in a bag before smashing shit up, you'll get tiny metal shards everywhere otherwise.
Let's figure out a way to transport people, objects, or information into the past (especially into the past before the technology was invented)! There must be a way to do it - and if there isn't, we should be the ones to discover that fact! This kind of technology would allow us to fix all the problems in the world if we pout it on the open market! If it works, then we can immediately rule out causality-based paradoxes and conclude the existence of an infinite number of timelines (one for every possible series of universes between the big bang singularity and the singularity of the big crunch). So lets do our best to make this dream into a reality! BTW, Time Travel of this sort would also necessitate the creation of other technologies (like Faster Than Light travel, Teleporation/Portal technology, etc). So there's no reason not to but our genius level brains togeter and start formulating the potential ways that we could go back in time, and if we determine that it cannot be done, at the very least we can outdo the international scientific community by showing definitively that it cannot be done and what the reasons why are. Fail or Win, we will be victorious! So let's do it!
Can anyone recommend me Android f-droid software for music that simply scans folders on launch to generate its playlists? I want to just sync a folder to update a playlist and have that automatically generate in the music software on the phone. But it seems like most of the software you either need to recreate that playlist from the folder every time you update it manually or you have to just completely remake playlists from scratch and update them manually.
OS: Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Enterprise GPU: GTX 1650 I can install driver 473.04 and older without any issues, but the latest 473.62 always gives me Code 28 and fails to install. Any ideas? Search engines didn't bring up anything helpful.
(19.03 KB 628x466 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8761 I made sure my download wasn't corrupted. I have .NET 4.8 and vcredist 2022 installed
(83.13 KB 608x451 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8761 >>8762 Still fails if I try to install the normie way instead of through Device Manager
>>8763 The normalnigger way is installing geforce experience.
>>8764 Ok maybe I should've said installing from the .exe is the "boomer way." The true normalnegro gets their driver updates from Windows Automatic Update
(27.14 KB 508x600 core2duo_logo_01.jpg)

I would like to install the Intel Core 2 Duo processor on one of my laptops but the price for it is expensive. If I have a different laptop that has the same processor, will removing it from that board & installing it to the other laptop work fine or is it not doable?
Invidious is the YouTube Front-End. Teddit is the Reddit Front-End. What's the Pinterest Front-End? I cannot find it. On that note, is there a list of all the Front-Ends?
>>8771 The privacy redirect addon comes with a list of frontends inside it for various things. I don't think there is a pinterest frontend though. There's a tiktok one that isn't in privacy redirect that I know about. https://proxitok.herokuapp.com/
Is there a webpage or a program that renders matrix characters for windows like the terminal program Unimatrix?

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