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(4.65 KB 200x200 dollarsign.png)

Consumer Advice Anonymous 04/25/2020 (Sat) 07:18:24 No. 4
Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.
>>8168 No I don't need any new peripherals, apart from maybe a better keyboard. I was thinking of buying more ram for my setup and a better power supply. Here's my current setup : >gtx 1650 super >Ryzen 5 2600x >12gb 2666mhz RAM >250gb ssd + 2tb hdd + 500gb hdd >A320M-S2H for the motherboard >450 watt no name psu Hope that's the info you were looking for! >>8168
(186.32 KB 634x372 ClipboardImage.png)

>>481 when you accept closed source youre powerless to prevent pic related
(1.44 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(491.16 KB 850x995 ClipboardImage.png)

What's a good bodycam to wear in Walmart and while trail running? Theres been an increase in hostile homeless/drug addicts in my town and I want proof it was self defense if I have to hurt one of them. Ideally it should be a hidden camera, they will probably get angry and escalate if they notice theyre being recorded.
>>8254 I don't have one myself but did a bit of research occasionally over the years. None of them seem particularly amazing but the hidden pen cameras seem like the only real option. I recall some button cameras but they usually aren't one cohesive unit and are more like wearing a wire or some shit. The pens are simple and transferable to basically any outfit since you can clip them to your pocket, waist, vest, etc. Just watch a lot of jewtube reviews on each individual model since a lot of the time they bullshit about the video quality on the listings.
>>8259 Thanks for the advice. After watching a few reviews it seems mostly all of them have good enough picture quality for my intention (it just needs to show I was being attacked first), the main concern is battery life. Since pen cams are generally knock off chinese brands, they stuff shoddy batteries in there.
>>8263 I imagine they're relatively easy to replace if you have a soldering iron. But I doubt there's any tear down videos of them. Maybe you could look for one that takes AA or AAA batteries, not sure if they exist.
>>8267 After a bit more research I'm thinking of wiring one of those button cams you mentioned into a smartphone. Pretty much everything else seems to either be total garbage with 30 minute battery, or a fist sized plastic brick that would draw way too much attention. There are some baseball cap and sunglasses spy cameras that would be perfect if they had good batteries. Oh well, maybe in a few years
>>8273 Doesn't seem realistic to rig that up every time you leave the house.
(303.96 KB 1200x1037 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8275 I've decided to stop being autistic and just do pic related. I'll use a burner Android phone with no SIM card. I don't want calls/texts/whatever possibly interfering with the recording.
>>8276 Not sure how important battery life on a pen you only turn on briefly when you think some shit is going down would be.
>>8277 1) Hold on Mr Junkie, let me click my pen real quick... ok you can proceed, I'm recording now 2) It's a good idea to have ~5 minutes padding to prove I was minding my own business before I was assailed. How many times have you seen videos of blacks getting shot by "racist" police, and the 5 minutes of violent crime justifying the shooting are conveniently missing? Constant recording protects me from "well what did you do to provoke the homeless druggie? I bet you called him the N word and cut out that part because it made you look bad"
>>8278 >1) Hold on Mr Junkie, let me click my pen real quick... ok you can proceed, I'm recording now Dude it takes like a fraction of a second to clink a pen. That's an infinitely more plausible scenario than having your fucking phone dangling out of your shirts pocket. You aren't going to leave your phone perpetually recording either, or at least I hope that wasn't your idea. >2) It's a good idea to have ~5 minutes padding I think it's silly and borderline unhealthy to want to record every waking minute outside your home in the case that some bizarre scenario occurs. Tapping a pen the second you're uncomfortable or see someone suspect seems much easier. But you do whatever you want. I don't care to convince you either way.
>>8280 >The problem isn't how long it takes to click a pen, the problem is doing it without the other guy seeing you. I don't know what reality you're living in where people are capable of being able to instantly figure out that the fact you briefly brushed against a pocket meant that you suddenly enabled a fucking spy camera that was located in the body of a pen when they're about to assault you but it not the reality I or anyone else around here exists in. >You ever watch a spy movie where the seasoned vet has to tell the new rookie "stop touching your earpiece, idiot"? Same concept here. Spies usually aren't worried about fucking hood rats and street urchins dude. >I live in a silly and unhealthy society. Glad to hear you live somewhere thats still nice I don't live somewhere nice. I'm saying that you've set the bar ridiculously high to the point where your caution has evolved into needless paranoia. You also simply won't keep up with a constant phone recording every single thing you do the moment you step outside your house. There is the theory and there's the practice. A pen is easy. It can always be in your pocket. It takes a split second to activate. You don't need to worry about the constantly running lithium ion battery attached to your fucking chest like you would with a phone perpetually recording 1080p footage and melting itself within a month. >if they know youre recording that will be a deterrant I'm well aware that shoving a camera into a niggers face will result in them chimping out even harder.
>>8284 wdym I used to facetime my ex for multiple hours at a time, phone didnt blow up despite constant use of the camera and 3g antenna (this was ~10 years ago). other anon shouldnt use a smartphone as a bodycam because they make you a robbery target, not because of overheating or whatever
>>535 >>535 eGPU is and will remain ass until they expose a PCI-e slot or something. USB just doesn't do it for that. As far as it has come
>>8368 There are some laptops that do exactly that. Though most of the time it's some proprietary connection.
>>1243 Bananapi any better?
>>7110 >when they could have just made open source android phones with privacy switches. Would be a lot simpler and achieve the same degree of privacy and anonymity with much more functionality Fuck. Why isn't this a thing? A custom Aosp with google defaults removed and replaced with free software plus switches would be a HUGE step in ameliorating the mistreatment of mobile phone users with great functionality. How do we get this idea to a fucking OEM?
>>8382 Maybe you can just install android onto one of the linux devices that have the hardware switches, but I don't know if that's possible or viable.
>>7299 Get an adapter and use a 5400rpm
>>7577 Google (android) products are subsidized by datacolletion. Cheapest is not best misercuck
>>8383 Price:performance ratio and battery life
>>8284 >the constantly running lithium ion battery attached to your fucking chest like you would with a phone perpetually recording 1080p footage and melting itself within a month. liar, tons of youtubers livestream for multiple hours from their smartphones, sometimes even outdoors or in their cars
>>8385 >Google (android) products are subsidized by datacolletion. does that matter if youre using it without internet as a sideloaded-apk slave? im considering getting a used android just to use as an in-car nav system, and maybe another to use only as a handheld game system
>>8388 >does that matter if youre using it without internet as a sideloaded-apk slave? You'll want to nuke the Google bits of the OS by using a custom ROM with privacy features, but no, then it doesn't. Not if it's stripped of anything to send data, especially Google services.
>>8388 Better yet, you can root it and degoogle it and then load whatever you want!
>>8397 how is it going to send data to Google without WiFi or a SIM card? I understand phones can still ping cell towers without a SIM but assumed only feds could take advantage of that. And honestly why do I care if Google sees me playing SNES roms? How would they even know it's me playing? Is Google going to work with the feds to commandeer my offline phone's front facing camera and then email my face to Nintendo's copyright lawyers?
>>8410 and as far as navigation, I was going to use OpenStreetMap. I figure connecting to GPS satelites exposes my device to the govt anyway, if I was worried about being tracked by feds as I commute to work then I could use a paper map I guess
Do not buy wd elements external hard drive It's absolute dogshit. I've used that shit for 2 years, it constantly made clicking noise and connection issue than die suddenly, i've encountered huge data loss. If you trying to buy ehdd buy toshiba instead and MUST use cloud storage for bck up and connect device to back of mainboard mostly wd product is poor quality Fuck WD, burn it down to hell
>>8437 How good are WD's My Book and My Passport external HDD's?
My bedroom is above the living room, where my mother sleeps. When I turn on my computer, she hears the whirring of my computer's fans. To clarify, it's not that the fans are so loud that the sound is travelling through my room's doorways and all the way downstairs. The whirring of the fans seems to travel through the floor itself. Is there anything I can buy to resolve this problem? If I bought a layer of foam and laid it between my tower and the floor, functioning as a shock-absorber, would that help?
>>8543 Probably. There are plenty of anti-vibration materials. Rubber, foam, cork, etc. https://invidious.projectsegfau.lt/watch?v=QDSgK89LOM4
Can someone recommend to me a wristwatch that can have multiple alarms with vibration, that doesn't need to sync with a smartphone and doesn't need internet access?
>>8677 The cheap Casios have at least one alarm. The fancier ones have more I think. That or a Seiko digital watch. There's a lot of small variation in models. I wish I could recommend a specific line, but you'll need to do some work to identify which features exist. But these brands are tried and true, plus they're affordable right now.
>>8736 looks like Casio is my best bet, ~$29 at Walmart for one with Vibration Alarm

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