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(179.43 KB 1024x946 lain.png)

Anonymous 05/14/2020 (Thu) 07:03:18 No. 49
Let's all love Lain
>>49 I do love Lain. She was my first anime. However, she needs to mercy kill her imageboard.
>>49 lewd
the fucking lain cult is antithetical to SeL itself, this shit is idol worship.
(212.16 KB 502x384 didn't install gentoo.png)

>install gentoo >OR ELSE
>>49 done
>>269 I hope the people who drew those pictures get bullied into killing themselves. And I hope that you get treatment before it's to late.
(49.80 KB 800x800 Lain.gif)

(709.15 KB 500x537 1487987200344.gif)

(45.33 KB 462x700 1459078632427-3.gif)

(96.18 KB 429x650 1459018652395-0.gif)

(435.13 KB 300x300 1459018652405-3.gif)

(74.80 KB 737x700 1458874750179.gif)

(295.43 KB 700x704 1391496073108.gif)

(92.68 KB 1272x953 1284329255999.png)

(1.44 MB 2560x1600 1261322930344.png)

(14.23 KB 2250x3000 327865345324.png)

>>268 god, i love nichijou
>>5145 inside Lain :-)
(389.21 KB 450x343 She'll be here forever.gif)

Let's all love Lain
(61.13 KB 640x1237 you.jpg)

>>85 >05/16/2020 damn, I'm late to the party. Anyone still got an active link?
(84.99 KB 1024x768 lain_005 (1).jpg)

(5.85 MB 1.pdf)

(2.88 MB 2.pdf)

>>49 is this from that chinese cartoon called serial LAME
>>6201 Thank you fellow lainon.
>>269 Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
>>376 https://fauux.neocities.org/ Afaik they're all from here. This site's a treasure to explore, it has an onion address as well. I stumbled on this site before I watched Lain and then after as well, rediscovering it and getting to understand what I had already seen was great.

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