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(525.24 KB 1280x624 update777tb.png)
UNBLOAT THE INTERNET Anonymous 05/17/2020 (Sun) 18:26:32 No. 105
here is some GOPHER tools https://bitbucket.org/SSS8555/ G6 documentation: https://bitbucket.org/SSS8555/acid/downloads/G6_project.7z Link for normies: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=85198 ------------ plans to implement on G6 protocol: 1. requests for line ranges (DONE) 2. CRC32 in requests to prevent sending filest in cache http://mdfs.net/Info/Comp/Comms/CRC32.htm 3. bookmarks for specific lines and link to them 4. requests for line ranges relative a bookmark (DONE) 5. user filling forms (DONE) 6. LOW-END G6-BROWSER FOR COMPUTERS WITH 15KB MEMORY (DONE) 105. server side text formating for different video modes/devices 106. PICTURES IN TEXT? 206. rave style openGL client (done: gopher://qcyjtksieyhjejyxff7itxk236icwchlateva7lv7vk6dztnld4m6tid.onion/1/ )
(510.80 KB 1280x624 CoronaClockPub2.png)
(764.28 KB 1280x624 CoronaClock060520.png)
(624.53 KB 1280x624 forms_OTBform2.png)
(628.21 KB 1280x624 LINKS_OTB.png)
(14.57 KB 641x401 G6clientZXd.png)
>>105 but gopherfAG, Lynx exists
unix hater kun desu >unbloat the internet by adding yet another underpowered piece of crap protocol, on top of some ill defined notion of text (which will break the moment you use any configuration other than OP, lol), with 9000 vulns the neckbeard creators cannot even perceive
>>174 This. The reason the web is shit now is because WWW is a garbage protocol for what people want to use the Internet for. You get bloated garbage when developers have to build the stuff people want with inadequate tools.
(645.23 KB 1280x624 lolifox777tb.png)
>>179 Lolno, WWW is perfectly fine: the internet is bloated because webdevs can get away with it, because ads and tracking are profitable, and because Google comes up with new and exciting ways to bloat things up to prevent anyone else from developing a functional browser.
>>179 dont you mean http?
(170.77 KB 528x528 all of a sudden.jpg)
>>179 >www >protocol
>>179 >>761 Nowadays even many normal client/server applications use http and rest because it's easy and formulaic to implement it this way.
>>761 >>775 >no arguments
>>1015 Could you stop spamming Wikipedia? Thanks.
>>105 When IE11 is dead, so many libs will unburden themselves of so many extra bytes.
Ok, OP. What is it you're trying to do? Invent some obscure protocol nobody's gonna use anyway?
>>1230 Imagine being this new to the internet. protip: gopher predates http

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