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Oy vey, throw out your accessories, it's the future! Anonymous 08/29/2020 (Sat) 13:05:15 No. 1178
https://www.usb.org/sites/default/files/2019-09/USB-IF_USB4%20spec%20announcement_FINAL.pdf >USB-C connectors mandated >USB 2.0 backwards compatibility minimum (your 1.1 keyboard is now moot) >b-but now you can tunnel PCI-Express Jesus Christ, even Micro$oft gives somewhat of a fuck about backwards compatibility. Do they really think that we'll send a fuckton of hardware right to trash, just because they feel like changing the connector?
>/pol/kiddo doesn't understand USB, news at 11 If your keyboard has an usb-c connector, then it's not 1.1, and you can bet motherboards will have standard USB ports for quite a while (the same way some still have serial KB/M ports). Also pci-e passthrough is a big deal, you'd understand were you not a raging faggot.
>>1179 >If your keyboard has an usb-c connector, then it's not 1.1 Find a keyboard with an usb-c plug in your house. Good luck. >Also pci-e passthrough is a big deal You could this with expresscard for years.
I doubt this will be a big deal. My x570 motherboard still has a PS2 port (which I did have to use once or twice with a PS2 mouse), and it also has native USB 2 ports even though I don't think there's any reason to have those. Video cards haven't had VGA ports for years so I just bought an adapter for a 13yo monitor and that's it. Did you complain when ATA and AGP ports were phased out too?
>>1180 >Find a keyboard with an usb-c plug in your house. Good luck. I'm glad to see that /pol/niggers still can't read a full line before replying: non USB-C ports are not going away anytime soon.
Backward compatibility is gay C brain damage tier bloat. It's the sole reason why x86 is still operates like an overclocked 16 bit CPU and C makes every computer operate like a 70's mainframe.
>>1179 >>1183 Now that I think about it, you guys are right. RIP laptops, though
>>1179 You have no power. We will keep redpilling people against your industry.
>>1256 Laptops tend to cut corners and would rather overcharge you for a "gaming" model than let you plug in an external GPU, so the issue will most likely be laptops not having the new port at all rather than laptops not having old USB ports. >>1268 >redpilling people by telling them they might perhaps have to buy a new keyboard somewhere in the future The public opinion couldn't bring itself to care about Snowden for more than a couple months, why do you think they'll care about you?
>technology progresses >retard from /pol/ can't help but throw a fit and whine about jews for the 80th time that morning You may as well bitch and moan that modern graphics cards and monitors dropped VGA support ages ago, and most motherboards don't have serial ports anymore. They're not actually needed. You can cobble together a legacy machine with old hardware if you really, really need support for obsolete hardware.
>>1563 >VGA obsolete literally nothing is obsolete in monitors since the market just is a bunch of retards adding trendy features every day. the one only thing i can think of that's objectively bad is 60Hz LCDs
>>1572 >proving the point immediately Analog is completely obsolete for video, given its vulnerability to noise.

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