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(486.97 KB 1366x768 desktop.png)
CloverOS Thread Anonymous 09/29/2020 (Tue) 21:16:05 No. 1458
https://cloveros.ga https://ca.cloveros.ga https://gitgud.io/cloveros/coveros What does /t/ think of CloverOS? I think it is good, but the install scripts are missing full disk encryption and NVMe drive support.
better then manjaro. Only complaints i have are the default software and the horrid install script. Both of which i have no idea if they've been changed at all. It's pretty solid aside that since it's literally just gentoo. I do still just prefer to just do a standard gentoo install. Only thing i use clover for is quick and dirty installs which i haven't had to do at all recently.
noticed you kinda messed up the git link: https://gitgud.io/cloveros/cloveros on another note, is gentoo-kernel ebuild any good or is it just best to stick with linux-liquorix and genkernel?
What's the appeal though?
It sucks, never bother with it, lol, was made in 4chan, based in gentoo, so never try it i tried cloveros and was the stupidest shit that my thinkpad ever had, i wouldn't use it ever again, "download binary packages" my balls, it downloaded the binary, but compiled the dependencies like a retard, also if i wanted to download everything binary i wouldn't use gentoo, i would use void/debian/arch/whatever, not a gentoo based distro, because gentoo is for compiling shit, not downloading binary shit. tldr; it's shit never use it.
>>1458 It's a meme. >full disk encryption That's a meme too for most people.
>>1488 >complains it downloads a binary <complains it compiles the dependencies I agree that using binaries is autistic when the entire point is to compile. I do wish that CloverOS was more like Manjaro in some ways, but with more focus on Gentoo's features and always compiling. But CloverOS itself is fine... when it works. It seems geared towards making Gentoo installs easy on older laptops. I was in a hurry to install an operating system on a desktop once and CloverOS failed to handle multiple monitors and other basic configurations, but it worked fine on a ThinkPad. Altogether, I still use Manjaro for "I need this up and running now" and Gentoo for "I plan on maintaining this install for a long time". >>1494 Full disk encryption isn't just a meme: it's bad security. The keys need to be stored in a way that is vulnerable no matter what you do. It's better than nothing, and it's a good way to prevent easy snooping. It should still be done. But your really sensitive info should be in containers. And anything you think might ever get you in trouble should be nested multiple layers deep and unmounted when not in use. That said, operating systems should still enforce full disk encryption by default. Normalfags won't do it by themselves and it's still a step in the right direction.
>>1495 yeah, i also tried cloveros, but it seemed idiotic to me that it downloaded the binary but compiled the dependences, get the shit straight, you want to compile or not?
what de and theme is that in op's screenshot?
>>1495 >It should still be done Most people care far, far more about their laptop being stolen that they care about the thief potentially being able to get some of the info inside it. As long as their passwords are encrypted in some way (which is the default on chromium browsers), it's a non issue. Of course things are different for work computers, but for those meme distros aren't even worth considering.
>>1503 the WM is FVWM the GTK theme is Adwaita
It's funny how lots of the problems ITT come from a lack of knowledge on using linux/gentoo instead of direct issues with cloveros. cloveros itself is fine, but i feel it's probably only good for people who actually know what they're doing in the first place. Otherwise you get complaints from people stating theres a problem with cloveros when in reality it's working fine, they just don't understand why. this is generally the problem with aiming at less knowledgeable userbases >>1495 >cloveros fails at multiple monitor look up how to use xrandr. If it's failing to use multimonitor that's an issue with xorg not cloveros (cloveros is literally just a script) >it downloaded the binary but compiled the dependences update your system before installing packages. if a dependency isn't present portage falls back to compiling against the current dependencies in order to prevent breakage. You could probably prevent this fallback by removing --keep-going in the emerge defaults in make.conf

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