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Poz in Tech Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 10:22:27 No. 1631
General thread for discussing Codes of Conduct and other attempts to take over technology with political aims and enforce behavioral constraints. Point out languages and products that try to force politics on their users. It's become commonplace for tech startups to virtue signal, and for large open source projects to attract users who contribute little in terms of code but demand favorable treatment. Additionally, some have started including political messages in the software itself, or naming releases after issues the developer cares about. Some argue that such constraints and impositions violate the spirit of free software by requiring an agreeable political alignment between developer and user.
>>1604 >muh pozz >does absolutely nothing himself /pol/ will keep losing because of people like you.
(21.90 KB 1375x214 golang.png)
>>1608 >does nothing himself You're a retarded faggot, crying "muh /pol/" and using social-based ""insults"" in an anonymous mongolian basket-weaving forum. Such stupidity and herd mentality have brought things to the current state.
How does and how might migration work in the future with this? Does it mandate a board be wiped from scratch or could importing threads into a board be done while leaving the current threads in place? The latter would be much more ideal.
>>1613 >crying "muh /pol/" >using social-based ""insults"" I haven't insulted you for your obvious /pol/faggotry, I've insulted you because you bitch instead of doing something. Learn2read, inbred retard. Also why the fuck are you posting about Go now when this project doesn't use it? Is it some more unrelated and non-actionable whining?
(53.76 KB 780x280 jquery.png)
>>1619 "insulted" by attacking the group I supposedly am part of, a minority group of "outcasts", to make me feel like a loser for being part of it, and saying that I do nothing and whine. That's characteristic of women: not having arguments and resorting to this level of "insult", such as calling one an "incel". You're an enormous faggot. >why are you posting about Go That picture is just an example. It seems that your woman-like mind is limited in rationality, and cannot infer from the context what I meant by posting something indirectly related to the ideas being presented. To put plainly: "the current state" of technology, that I talked of above, includes associating crappy political ideologies with purely technical things (like programming languages). Herd mentality: having a choice to use any language, and choosing what is easier and popular, is one of the causes of this.
>>1621 >"insulted" by attacking the group I supposedly am part of LEARN2READ, NIGGER. >That picture is just an example. An "example" that is in no way related to the topic of the thread, how convenient. You didn't even try to find some dirt about Python, just shat out the first vaguely programming-related pic from your outrage bait folder. >>1624 Accessible to the public means accessible to the public, disallowing scraping of such data is impossible to enforce so it would only create a false sense of security.
(305.06 KB 1509x1068 issues.jpg)
(35.01 KB 1224x211 coc.jpg)
(85.28 KB 666x1068 psf sponsors.jpg)
>>1625 <attacking the group I supposedly am part of <saying that I do nothing and whine >learn to read <getting nothing done even while endlessly ... </pol/ will keep losing because of people like you. <for your obvious /pol/faggotry <you bitch instead of doing something >An "example" that is in no way related to the topic of the thread You're the retard who can't comprehend even basic dialogue it seems, and can't connect two dots or think in an abstract manner. >You didn't even try to find some dirt about Python >vaguely programming-related pic Programming languages' or libraries' documentation websites are vaguely related to programming, indeed. You're a dumb faggot with woman-like abilities of reasoning. You should go back.
>>1625 <attacking the group I supposedly am part of I haven't done that. Once more: LEARN2READ, NIGGER.
(134.75 KB 835x289 angular.png)
(29.19 KB 898x272 electron.png)
(66.15 KB 954x311 express.png)
(29.88 KB 897x331 react.png)
>>1630 Once more: you're a stupid faggot with an infantile woman-like mind. Unable to understand even what the things you wrote yourself, imply. >/pol/ will keep losing because of people like you <attacking the group I supposedly am part of >I haven't done that >learn to read Obviously you can read. That's a trait not uncommon among most retards in this field: having a shallow comprehension of written text. Not seeing through speech figures, not seeing the bigger picture of things, not making associations except for what's apparent. This is the result of having zero taste for real art; only reading, aside from technical garbage, garbage books and garbage on the internet, and spending long times doing basic logic on a computer. Guess I have to make clear that, by saying that, you have used the alleged state of me being part of an external social group, that allegedly is "losing", as a form of discredit. This, again, is a feminine trait, as well as the other shaming, done when unable to argue on intellectual grounds.
>>1633 >nigger still refuses to read >still does what accuses others of doing >still posts off topic >still wonders why the world seems to be against him
(13.88 KB 701x320 reduxjs.png)
(24.20 KB 936x272 vuejs.png)
>>1634 >faggot still has no arguments >still unable to grasp general concepts based on localized examples or vice versa >still can't understand the topic even now with the OP >still uses feminine ""insults"" based on group approval Go back and 40% yourself.
>>1633 based as fuck
As someone who has an interest in privacy tech and information security, what are the chances that I'll be surrounded by trannies and communists at any given workplace for which I'm ultimately qualified? I want to believe this area of tech is relatively untouched, but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part. In particular, the recent actions of the EFF and Tor Project have me on edge. https://archive.vn/xNwsi https://archive.vn/GSKub https://archive.vn/J7vtY
>>1650 Whoops, here's another winner I forgot to include: https://archive.vn/SQ3dY
>>1650 self employment
>>1631 go back where you came from, fa/g/got
(371.41 KB 843x1238 inclusive_naming_initiative.png)
"Harmful" language is out, and may soon require replacing it with "inclusive" language in code: https://archive.md/nALE4 https://archive.md/erDpj >While master in and of itself is potentially neutral, the propensity in which it is associated with the term slave in computing makes master on its own guilty by association. Though it is used as a standalone, it’s impossible to remove the association with command and control entirely, and thus we recommend moving away from even singular use. Unsurprisingly, The Linux Foundation, IBM, and Red Hat are participants.
(4.89 KB 212x249 sad penguin.jpg)
>>1818 >Linux Foundation What the hell happened to Linus, anyway? I'm pretty new to Linux, but I've watched old interviews with him where he simply didn't give two shits about what normalfags thought of his bluntness. Now, I've heard that he's become more and more pozzed, and apparently that has something to do with his daughter's influence? Does someone have dirt on him? I always wondered if that was why Stallman resigned from the FSF after the tranny fiasco.
>>1826 Linus tried to get out of a conference by organizing a vacation to a different city at the same time. They then panicked and moved the entire conference because of him. When he tried to politely tell them it wasn't necessary and they could make decisions without him, all of his advisors pulled him aside and let loose all their frustrations. Among them, his blunt attitude. The main driver apparently being his immediate successor, a guy who, by default, became the corporate point of contact. They basically ganged up on Linus and got him to agree to be "nicer" for the sake of not making corporations uncomfortable. They don't like the bad PR. As a result, Linus quickly declared he was taking a vacation and that there would be a Code of Conduct that he would be bound by. I don't think there was any thought or concern beyond Linus trying to avoid the situation by placating them and letting it cool off, but the consequences for poz have been astounding. RMS is a different beast. The FSF have been awkwardly trying to push him out for years because, even though they're all extremists under his banner, they don't like him autistically giving opinions on everything and eating his toe cheese. His comments on Epstein were perfectly reasonable, but (((journalists))) made him out to be a pedo defender and the FSF used that as an excuse to bully him into resigning and take his post at MIT from him. It's been a non-stop coup to put corporate interests in charge of the tech industry and to take power away from actual nerds in favor of normalfags focused on the PR over technical decisions and philosophy. Social Justice has just been their blunt instrument to get their way.

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