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(150.82 KB 1356x823 ClipboardImage.png)
youtube-dl just got DMCAed Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 02:51:02 No. 1647
>Main target of the takedown was the youtube-dl project, a Python library that had amassed more than 72k stars on GitHub and was used in many YouTube video ripping tools and services. https://archive.vn/4jDv7 You can still download the latest version via: https://web.archive.org/web/20201022211941/https://ytdl-org.github.io/youtube-dl/download.html
Full repository with all commits and branches https://codeberg.org/polarisfm/youtube-dl
>>1647 The code itself isn't illegal, this is just a threat. The project will find a new home that won't back down or is outside of the RIAA's capabilities to threaten. All Microsoft has done is show us why we shouldn't trust GitHub.
>>1647 >dmca a tool unrelated to anything illegal. This isn't going to last. it's like DMCA'ing torrent software because they're used to download torrents. It's beyond dumb. but then again RIAA jews don't give a shit anyway
>>1649 Unfortunately, GitHub is the Youtube of git repositories. It's fucking evil, oppressive and has insane nonsensical SJW rules and anti-right rules, but if you want people to contribute, it's the best place to go. On the plus side, creating a competitive alternative isn't as bad as creating an alternative for Youtube since you don't need to have a bunch of server farms for massive storage and streaming.
>>1663 You can self-host GitLab (which had more features, especially for free, until Microsoft started giving stuff out for free to prevent migrations) or Gitea. The lead developer should grab a VPS somewhere outside RIAA's authority. France has laws that allow VLC to exist from reverse engineering various file formats, as long as they write their own codecs. That might be an option. The extreme alternative would be Seychelles, which is not party to any copyright treaties. Why hasn't the leadership of the project found some kind of meeting place or put out a statement yet? Have they done so, but it isn't well-publicized? Fixing this problem seems trivial.
>>1663 People don't host on Github for money, there are no ads. An alternative doesn't even have to pay for people to use it.
>>1664 >GitLab <JS Requirement to view the repositories at all No thanks. Even GitHub is better than GitLab in terms of having JS disabled. At least Gitea would be a decent choice as it doesn't require any JS to view the repository and the commit info.
>>1667 Somehow, GitHub doesn't really require JS anymore to view commit info for some reason.
>>1668 Switching branches and viewing files on small screen does.
>>1667 This but also its interface is awful. I would use gitea or gogs if selfhosting.
(162.21 KB 220x165 kike-fly.gif)
Jewgle wants you to go to youtube.com and no other domain. Then they want you to enable javascript, turn off any canvas fingerprinting blockers and user agent spoofers and watch as many (((advertiser-friendly))) videos as possible. Youtube-dl stands in the way of that by preventing repeat views on older videos. I suspect that the creator of Invidious stepping down from developing on it at the end of August had something to do with coercion from jewgle. After all, if people are going to Invidious instead of Youtube, then jewgle can't collect analytics on the people watching videos.
>>1674 yes, we can see yet another retarded DMCA RIAA whatever action was taken as usual, we don't need your brainlet narrative on it
(431.80 KB 641x758 think.png)
>>1675 Google's greed is becoming a big problem though. They need to be broken up into smaller companies. They started as a search engine but now have a monopoly on video-sharing, email, (((cloud storage))), internet browsers and of course, search queries. Google even makes fucking routers. Imagine using Gmail in your Chrome Browser while connected to a router manufactured by Google. They have complete, unmitigated control over more than a few people's entire internet-related affairs. Even non-internet-related affairs for some people, such as those who use Chrome OS or Chromium OS, or those who pay for things with Google Pay. They're getting way too powerful and influential for one company.
>>1688 All they need now is a CDN.
(47.90 KB 472x472 them_dubs.jpg)
>>1688 And then there's this: http://archiveiya74codqgiixo33q62qlrqtkgmcitqx5u2oeqnmn5bpcbiyd.onion/ue4JJ It's amazing how they dance around the fact that there's nothing quite like them, even outright saying that people use their shit because they love them, not because they can't find the alternative. Hold on, I need to close that tear in reality. also, checked
(4.00 MB 264x198 uber-troll.gif)
>>1697 Google claims that they don't have a monopoly because there are alternative search engines - what they conveniently forget is that most normalcattle: >are way too stupid to seek out an alternative search engine >already assume that google is an outright superior search engine and that's just how it is. For most people, Google is probably the only search engine they've ever really used and maybe even the only one they know exists. They might have heard of DDG or Yahoo, but they'll stick to Google because they know that if you type "time" into Google, it'll look at your IP address and display the time for that region. Seriously, most people will stick with Google because it can display the time or do arithmetic if you type in an arithmetic problem like 72 / 6. They might have possibly heard that Google spies on their users (many people aren't even aware in the slightest), but even then they just seem to think that it's fine for Google to spy on them, even though they can't justify why it's fine. They just aren't concerned about their privacy and with an increasing amount of privacy violations by big tech companies, it reinforces the belief that having your privacy violated is perfectly acceptable, as long as it's by either a tech firm or the government - this shows how absolutely retarded people are though because they aren't ok with having a random stranger on the street seeing their emails, yet they have no problems at all with a random stranger working at Google being able to see their emails at any time, without their consent and without even their knowledge.
>>1704 At some point, you notice those people are NPCs like nodes on a botnet. Getting rid of the botnet means getting rid of both ...
(7.37 MB 1280x720 Sam Hyde on human cattle.webm)
>>1704 >...but they'll stick to Google because they know that if you type "time" into Google, it'll look at your IP address and display the time for that region. Seriously, most people will stick with Google because it can display the time or do arithmetic if you type in an arithmetic problem like 72 / 6. Just get a watch and a calculator, goddamn, and your computer and your phone does this shit anyway. Normalfags really are cattle.
>>1707 >No need to buy a watch and calculator goy! That's a waste of money when chrome browser with web assembly is your new operating system anyway, goy!
>>1704 so, is there any way of enlightening the normalfags or are we doomed to live in 1984?
>>1717 I think we missed the boat. We could have gatekept the internet better and prevented computers from becoming easy to use. Made it a requirement to learn how to use them. This would have let us redpill entire generations. Instead we gave people smartphones and made everything a one-button solution. Developers can't code. Normalfags don't know what code is. They don't know how anything works, just that it does. They're not even users anymore, just passive observers. Niggercattle happy to be driven from place to place as long as their gacha games and social media work.
>>1719 >we >not (((they))) Otherwise on point. Natural selection is the process to move us away from 1984. Instead, we have goyim selection now. It shouldn't be possible for normalfags to be normal, retarded faggots should be enslaved or be farming in Africa. But anons are selected against now. The (((botnet)))/botnet is coming. Search: the great reset
guys github stands up for developers https://github.blog/2020-11-16-standing-up-for-developers-youtube-dl-is-back/ In other news the host of youtube-dl's homepage is being sued in Germany. https://youtube-dl.org/ >We would also like to heartily thank our main website hoster Uberspace who is currently being sued in Germany for hosting our essentially business card website and who have already spent thousands of Euros in their legal defense.

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