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Anonymous 11/23/2020 (Mon) 06:52:05 No. 1835
So, how's my build guys? The heatsink is over two 16GB-3200mhz T-Force VulcanZ kits and contacts a Ryzen 3700x processor. My GPU (GTX 1050ti) is running around 25c in this thing and the chip's at 33c when idling and stays around the 45c-60c range doing basic tasks or playing vidya. I'm unsure how it'll hold up in a heavy workload...
It's clearly a computer with a chode GPU.
Put in a fan on the bottom to suck in cold air.
(516.32 KB 1632x976 JgCLI.jpg)

>deliberately obstructing airflow by using a case
>>1835 >low profile heatsink why? you want the air hitting the heatsink
>>3244 you get more airflow with a case because it concentrates the air through the small intake holes, making it go faster
>>3976 Not true. Open air will almost always result in better cooling.
>>1835 I was going to make an image for this thread it was going to be the guy from crysis with "maximum cringe" written on it fortunately for you this thread is so cringe it doesnt even merit the effort
your "build" reeks of poverty
what phone did you use to take this picture its fucking awful
>>1835 cpu is overkill for such a shitty gpu, that shit was a budget card 5 years ago also get a better case, any budget corsair should do

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