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(2.82 KB 200x200 questionmark.png)

/t/ech Questions and Support Anonymous 04/25/2020 (Sat) 07:16:43 No. 3
Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.
I'm using qemu/KVM for my virtual machines and every one I've created (Linux or Windows) has this issue where the first 2 turns of the scroll wheel in one direction don't get delivered to the guest OS. So if I want to scroll down, I need to turn the scroll wheel 3 times for the guest OS to register the first wheel turn and then scrolling downwards works okay, but if I want to then scroll upwards the same thing happens and the guest OS only notices after the third wheel turn. I've read from the mouse device on the Linux VMs and also used xinput to check whether the VM is receiving the missing scroll events but it seems it's not, they don't register at all, and searching for answers is difficult given that the problem is very generic. Any ideas?
>>17 Is the mouse USB or PS2? Does the issue happen on any other virtualization software? For example, does a VirtualBox VM have the same problem? Do you have any issues with any other inputs? Keyboard or other mouse events? Or solely scroll wheel?
>>18 The actual IRL mouse is USB, but as far as I've researched KVM forces you to use a virtualized PS2 mouse in the guest. As for other virtualization software, none are available in my distro as far as I know (yes, not even VirtualBox) so I haven't tried that, but it would be a good test. No issues with other inputs that I've noticed, everything else works great.
>>19 Have you tried using a different mouse? Some mice handle signals differently, and pretty much only Mouse 1 and Mouse 2 are universally supported with no differences. Could also look at your mouse drivers. If you're on a distro that doesn't support VirtualBox then I'll hazard a guess that you could be using drivers that are outside the standard generic set. If those aren't the issue, then I'm really not sure unless there's some configuration in your VM software that is trying to handle scrolls for something. Perhaps it's mapped to something and the software is eating the first couple indicators? Given your specific configuration, your best bet might be to drop into the qemu/KVM IRC rooms and see if one of them can direct you. If it's an issue with your configuration then they would be best-equipped to diagnose it.
>I'm looking for software that can open PDFs, ePubs, djvu, and (optionally) mobi files. I'd like it if it could have multiple files open simultaneously at the same time (like how Acrobat can have multiple PDFs open at the same time). Any suggestions? I kinda want a universal application but I'll use separate software if there isn't an application that supports all types.
>>44 I think SumatraPDF has support for all of those. I've also had an okay experience with Foxit. I also occasionally use Ice Cream eBook Reader on Windows but it's kind of a shit experience and they want you to pay to fullscreen. There's also some Firefox add-ons that support most of those, if you're into that sort of thing.
>>45 SumatraPDF seems to fill all my requirements. Thanks for the suggestion anon!
What is a good free software for editing large PDFs? I've got a 532 page PDF with high resolution backgrounds that I would like to shrink so ti loads faster and Libreoffice draw creates too many issues.
>>69 LibreOffice Draw is definitely pretty shit for anything but a quick edit job, unfortunately. Per >>45, I've had a lot of good luck with Foxit, although that was mostly on Windows. It's very feature rich and you can find a crack of it. As far as I know only their reader has been ported, not their editor. If you need a Linux solution, I've heard of both MasterPDF and Qoppa, but they're closed-source and I haven't used them. Open source options are pretty limited, unfortunately, and OpenOffice might actually be the best.
(269.70 KB 1280x1600 1468453037180.jpg)

I keep getting >SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN on a bunch of places in the internet and it's getting me mad. How do I fix this so that I can access these sites normally?
>>78 Does this mean that lynxchan is unsafe? I just want to post there
>>87 No. >>77 Either you're visiting sites with self-signed or expired certificates or your clock is wrong.
(1.05 MB 500x552 asdasda.png)

What is wrong with using Epic Privacy Browser as a free VPN? Also is it better than using free proxies from search engines that die within a few days?
>>89 With a VPN, you route all your traffic through them. All sites you go to, chunks of data inside sites, etc. Free VPNs are free because they bundle up all the data and sell it. VPNs are, in the end, about trusting someone else. I used to recommend PrivateInternetAccess but they got bought out by an Ad company. They at least had proven they had no logs in court cases. New recommendation around the block is Mullvad, 5 bucks a month I think.
>>90 Thank you.
I'm broke and I can't afford even a cheap vpn, also tor is not good to post here because I can't upload any images. How much of a bad idea is to post here with my real ip? Besides from talking about censorship and posting archive links I wouldn't be doing much else
(1.50 MB 1292x1292 unnerving scaruffi.png)

https://archive.vn/vgffM How fucked are americans?
(663.13 KB 2560x3116 1471026572415.jpg)

>>95 $5 is pretty damn cheap for Mullvad already. I'll reach out to Acid about uploading images soon; probably waiting to ensure we don't get hit by a Tor CP raid immediately. >how much of a bad idea is it to post here with my real ip? Depends on if you fear reprisal from your government or someone else and if you trust the admins to not intentionally leak or give it away without a legal fight. >>96 Not entirely. House still has to pass and it still might be challenged. They re-upped existing Patriot Act provisions for the most part, so there's still hope it gets torn down. Should probably post in the news thread for real discussion, though.
(899.67 KB 250x188 1-800-KEK.gif)

>>96 There are people alive, RIGHT NOW, who use their ISPs DNS settings.
>>3 Need new terminal. Any recommendations?
>>101 ST? it has scrollback support now
(25.94 KB 115x206 1404770163845.jpg)

>>90 >Free VPNs are free because they bundle up all the data and sell it. Does the same thing happen (having your data sold) when using proxies found on search engines? I'm considering using Tor, but i'm heard stories of police raids on people who have exit relays. What is an exit relay? Sorry i've never used it very much out of reckless ignorance. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=8PO6qQHygFo
>>109 If you use Tor like a regular user, your computer will not be an exit node. Tor works by tunneling the user's traffic through multiple nodes. The first node is called an entry node, and the last node is called an exit node. The nodes between entry and exit are called relay nodes. A malicious exit node can read all unencrypted traffic that goes through the tunnel, so don't send any personal emails unencrypted via Tor. As a regular user, you will only get busted if you do something illegal and get caught, or if you live in a 3rd world shithole where using Tor is illegal.
>>110 A slight pedantic correction: The entry and exit are called relays as well.
>>109 10-20 years ago those free proxies were full of ads and probably tried to infect your computer. IE6 was swiss cheese and nothing was HTTPS. Now they probably still try to MITM you, but between better security and adblockers the best they can probably do it try to read any data sent. You're better-off just using Tor. Or if you're trying to tunnel through a firewall at work, just configure your own proxy or ssh tunnel at home at route all traffic through there. You won't be an exit node. Exit nodes only get raided because cops are dumb and just see an IP associated to some activity and go after them. Most attacks on Tor are speculative and not an issue if you're just a regular user. If you do anything illegal via Tor then make sure you don't associate your identity with it in any way. You get busted by, for example, collecting a package that the cops are watching, or by having a payment linked to your bank account. Avoid all of that and you're untrackable.
What is some good, cancer-free material on web development? No pajeets, no faggots.
>>113 >I need my educational material to pander to me Pay for college. >I need to learn stuff STFU and look at pajeet videos, those guys made it from zero which is more than what can be said of the average CS teacher.
I'm looking for good privacy-preserving web browsers for normies. Ideally I don't want to cover anything which is more difficult than plug and play. Thus far, I've got IceCat, Firefox ESR, and Tor Browser with proxies disabled
>>112 Is it safe to download game roms with Tor?
>>124 Depends what kind of safety you're looking for. If the rom comes preloaded with malware, there's no scanning service in Tor that I know of so you might be screwed there. If you're just trying to make sure the gubment can't see your downloads, you should be fine. Tor is mega slow, though, so you'd be better off with a VPN or a single trusted proxy.
>>110 Technical question here: the entry node should be able to see your IP right? So using a VPN - > tor connection should prevent a potential breach in security if this is a concern, correct? Also, wouldn't using a tor - > vpn connection prevent exit nodes from viewing content? Assuming you're not connecting to a website which requires a tor connection, of course.
>>125 Okay, thank you for answering my questions.
On the topic of Tor, I also have a question. When you browse clearnet sites over Tor through HTTPS you have end to end encryption because of SSL so all your traffic should be safe. What kind of security is there when you browse onion sites (like randomrandomrandom.onion)? Do onion sites offer the same level of security? >>125 I'm actually surprised at how fast Tor is. I know we're not talking about multi-MB/s speeds but 10 years ago shit was around 10 to 50 kpbs and now I can browse imageboards at good speeds and can get 500+ kbps downloads. >>126 Yeah, the node you connect to would see your IP and if you put a VPN in the middle then your VPN provider should see your IP (and that you're connecting to a Tor entry node) but not the entry node. >wouldn't using a tor - > vpn connection prevent exit nodes from viewing content? This should only be a concern if you're trying to access a plain HTTP site as HTTPS already encrypts end to end. I'm not sure how you'd connect to a VPN from Tor, but yes, that'd likely work, however the VPN provider and all the hops between it and the target server would still see all traffic in plain. tl;dr: use sites that allow HTTPS.
>>116 Poo in loo.
>>134 Traffic via Tor is encrypted anyways so that hosting a relay doesn't allow you to MITM everyone using it. A .onion is only resolvable within the network itself, so all traffic should be encrypted. HTTPS is just a hack to do something similar for clearnet sites, so it would be redundant with a .onion. And if it wasn't redundant then the TOR foundation would have hacked a fix on like a decade ago when HTTPS caught on.
>>140 I imagined something had to be in place, but I couldn't imagine imagine how it could work without certificates, and all the articles I could find seemed to target end users so there was nothing concise. For (((some))) reason Google also finds less than 10 results for some my searches. Wikipedia says something about the addresses themselves being the public key or related to it, so I imagine that's how the scheme gets setup.
>>142 >the address itself is a public key Exactly. The .onion itself is the public key and there's a private key held on the server to authenticate with. It's secure as long as that private key isn't leaked. If it is, then another site could impersonate yours, just like a leaked certificate could allow a malicious site to impersonate a legitimate one.
I have a script that uses the output of zpool status | grep ONLINE | wc -l. When I run the script from a shell it works just fine, but running it from a cron job always returns 0. Why is it different when running via cron? forgive the cross-posting
What's the tech of the future? The deepweb through tor seems like it's mostly dead/bait at this point. Probably because normies started hearing about it and a bunch of 16 year old edge lords with no tech knowledge started using it to order pot. Is there any up and coming technology that will replace onions?
>>150 Pretty sure cron is going to run it as its own shell with its own environmental variablesand possibly not as the same user. You might want to debug by having cron run each of the intermediary outputs and seeing what is different from what you expect.
>>164 I think a bigger problem with tor is simply that people are not producing interesting content, which can be a problem on clearweb as well. If you want things to change, it's best to be the change you want to see.
When on tor, could my Mom's bossware could see that I am on tor? My moms is working in the other room on a different computer.
>>150 100% sure it's because cron doesn't know 'zpool'. Just write the full path to that binary.
>>177 If it's monitoring executables then it will probably see "Tor Browser" If it's just monitoring network packets then it would be much, much harder to detect. One thing you can consider to circumvent this is a USB boot drive with Tor on it; some privact-centered ones exist. You should then be able to boot into a different OS without monitoring. Then, if you're paranoid the network is monitored or firewalled, you can also use Tor to punch through it. You'll probably need BIOS access to disable Secure Boot and maybe change the boot order, though. If she was smart enough to password your BIOS you may be able to revert it to default settings (and wipe the password in the process) by removing the CMOS battery. But some laptops now (including newer Surface laptops) are aimed at enterprise customers and thus are resilient to attacks like that. But most common desktops and laptops will respond to a battery reset.
Is there any way to improve GIMP? As in, can plugins be added to it like paint.net? If so, is there an essential plugins list for it?
I'm sure I'll catch shit for using Wordpress, but I'd still like some opinions on best practice is for securing it. Appreciate it, /t/.
Is Avast a good virus program for windows?
>>189 WordPress is easier to get started and secure than a site you rolled yourself. There's too many small things to mention, but the first thing you need to do is disable basically everything. Then, enable stuff as you need it. Second thing to do is to change default configuration. Any additional services should run on a non-standard port. That or have an aggressive firewall. "Secure" also depends on different things. Do you care if you leak IPs? Or are you just trying to stop someone from getting root? You need a threat model. What data is on your site and how can you secure it? If you're just worried about someone getting access, then limit the ways to get access and secure them with strong passwords and 2-factor authentication if you can. >>194 Not really, no. It's bloated and I believe has tons of ads now. If you really need security on Windows, Windows Defender is decently light. Kaspersky used to work, but it might be backdoored by Russia so look out. >>185 There are plug-ins, but off the top of my head I can't name any "must haves". A lot of them add a feature of improve the interface to make is usable. Unfortunately, there's no central GIMP plug-in site that I'm aware of. Maybe someone has a directory repo somewhere.
Does anyone know if windows 10 force you to make an account to use it?
>>208 Apparently they removed that in an update. They literally make you sign-in with a Microsoft account on first boot. The absolute state of Wincucks. It might be possible if you make a custom image. Knowing Microsoft, there's a registry tweak or service you can remove that would stop it. But I haven't used Windows in years and I'm unfamiliar with Win10-specific hacks.
Why is Invidio.us running slow on the clearnet? Works faster when I am on tor. I am blocked 8chan.moe and archive.vn for some reason.
>>211 >I am blocked 8chan.moe forgot to menton I am using the onion site to post this, 8chan.moe .cc or .se doesn't work.
>>212 Only one that can diagnose that is yourself. I can post fine over clearnet. Try to see if it's a DNS problem or a connection problem for starters.
(78.55 KB 966x828 GPD Pocket.jpg)

>>209 I ask because i was thinking of getting the GPD Pocket, and i'd use windows 10 offline for some games, but if i have to sign in then no.
>>215 If you want to keep it offline, why do you care about accounts? Also it should let you make a local account anyways.
>>211 >>212 It's possible your IP is associated with a bot or spammer and ended up on some kind of blacklist. That or your DNS isn't resolving. >>215 There might be a way to just make a local account without it, but I'm not sure. I heard they made it mandatory. And they're putting stuff like Python on their store, which requires an account. Why not just install Linux and get your money back for the Windows license?
Is there any practical way to use tor or a VPN on Fedcord? Are there client forks that are less pozzed? The reason I ask is because someone I follow is insistent on putting content on that platform, but I don't want to compromise my infosec just to view it - much less participate in any dialog.
>>223 Don't see why a VPN with a throwaway e-mail wouldn't solve this. There's some alternate clients, though, including a terminal-based on. Still pozzed but at least you don't have to load up their data tracking website.
>>224 I tried to sign up using their website and a burner email via tor, vpn, and then complimentary wifi. I kept getting flagged and kicked to their sms verification nag page. None of the free sms sites worked, all blacklisted. They double flagged the account if I tried to sign in via different connections and got a location verification nag email in addition to the sms demand. I guess I'm wondering if they have the site signup locked down more than standalone clients?
>>225 Definitely. Probably worried about spammers making accounts. Unfortunately, all the privacy tools can also be used to work around account limits. You could try getting your own Twilio number. Or an actual burner phone. Or use a burner Google account to make a Google Voice number; I think they accept those. If the phone number is the major hang-up then one of those ought to work.
>>221 >It's possible your IP is associated with a bot or spammer and ended up on some kind of blacklist. I could see archive.vn, I manually archived sites a lot but why does Invidio.us and 8chan.moe think I am a bot? Jewtube works fine. I never seen a captcha under my end.
>>227 Nermind 8chan.se works fine now but I still have issues with Invidio.us
>>227 >>228 It's possible you're in the same sub-range as a bot and the entire sector got blocked because it kept hopping IPs. But it sounds like it's probably a DNS issue. I know archive sites have an ongoing dispute with Cloudflare and others over some configuration detail. Not sure about Invidious. Maybe try changing DNS providers and see if that helps?
>>189 As long as you don't install any plugins, Wordpress is secure enough. Once you start installing random shit, it's only a matter of time before you deploy a compromised plugin that will let third worlders access your docroot with a backdoor and start uploading even more shit.
(451.12 KB 680x929 pyra shirt.png)

>>219 >If you want to keep it offline, why do you care about accounts? True. >>221 >Why not just install Linux and get your money back for the Windows license? I'll take that into consideration.
>>116 Fuck you.
I'm thinking of starting an online blog but this guy (https://vriad.com/blog/devii/) says the Ideal Tech Stack for a blog is Next.js + React + TypeScript + Markdown. I'm pretty certain that in the modern web, the number of views on my blog is directly proportional to the number of frameworks I use. Dear 8chan.moe, is there a way I can fit in more frameworks or maybe bigger ones?
(8.57 KB 207x200 jc.jpg)

>>236 needs moar microsoft
>>236 This is an essential presentation: https://idlewords.com/talks/website_obesity.htm
(262.25 KB 620x387 Pikmin thinking.jpg)

So, question. I have a non-gaming laptop that I can use to watch videos, has a functions disk drive, etc. I recently got a DVD of Dink the Dinosaur as the only other version of the show I could find was of super shit quality on a remote website, but I found that the dvd won't allow it to be played on anything but sony brand dvd player systems. needless to say I'm pissed. Is there any manner of program that could allow my laptop to pretend to be a Sony DVD player or otherwise allow me to, say, rip the info off the disc for better quality episodes?
>>243 Install Gentoo
>>243 Does it open with VLC?
What's the best way to follow JewTube channels via RSS now that invidio.us is kill?
(7.33 KB 679x205 1.png)

(43.29 KB 642x470 2.png)

>>245 No. All I get is a folder showing audio or video files. The video file folder looks like pic 2, the audio file "looks" empty.
>>250 Did you try opening VLC and selecting Media->Open Disk and then pointing it at that directory? DVDs are a collection of files. I'd be surprised if VLC couldn't open it when imported properly.
>>248 What happened to invidio.us? It's up for me.
I was an idiot and deleted the partitioning table on one of my drives and then tried to put a new partitioning table on it and create a partition under that, TestDisk won't work to rebuild the partitioning table because of that and I don't know what I can use to try and recover the data on it. Recuva is bad at recovering files and RecoverIt requires you to pay to recover any data, along with that RecoverIt detects some files and the full contents of them while scanning and yet doesn't display them when done scanning so you can't recover files it knows are there but won't display, perhaps because it doesn't actually see them as deleted because they haven't been, they just won't display because they were on an old partition I stupidly deleted. tl;dr I idiot and deleted partition then made another one on top of that and now I can't access any files on the old one. Is there any way to get back the old partition or view the files on the old one even though they haven't technically been deleted?
>>255 You don't need file recovery, you need partition recovery. Try looking around for tools that can do that on whatever fs you're running. There's a good chance you're totally fucked, though. Especially since you made a new one on top of it.
>>252 I always get errors saying the instance is blocked. My RSS feeds haven't updated in Days
(131.09 KB 544x277 slap my ass.png)

>>251 Well I'll be a mother fucker, it works! Thanks a fuckload. Now the hard part: >friend have frequently streams >they frequently play shows to laugh at them or have nostalgia >they have the shit quality version of the series >want to send this series to them I don't suppose there is any way for me to copy the information from the disks and have it work, is there? If not, I suppose it's no harm buying another copy.
>>258 You can either use VLC to save/convert the stream. I've occasionally had issues with that because VLC isn't really a transcoder, but it can sometimes get the job done. Alternatively, learn how to use ffmpeg to just rip the files directly. I'm sure if you use some combination of "ffmpeg" and "dvd" in a search you can find a guide.
>>256 Tried TestDisk, a partition recovery program, before making the post and it says it can't recover it, possibly that saying it doesn't need to be recovered because there's nothing on the new partition. I'll try other software but it sounds like I am totally messed up though, any recommendation for other software that might work? Also, think it would work if I just deleted the new partition and tried recovering the old one?
>>261 The problem is that a lot of that software works by either un-marking data as "for deletion" or otherwise by trying to piece together what it can. Without a proper partition structure, are your files are useless blobs of data with no name, date, access rules, etc. Without the data, your partition structure is just a bunch of metadata for non-existent files. Neither can used to recover the other, but if one breaks you can sometimes piece it back together again. Short of finding a graybeard who is an expert in your filesystem or sending your drive in to a data recovery service, I think you're screwed. Try not to overwrite your partition next time and always keep backups of important files.
>>255 Which filesystem and which OS? And why don't you keep backups?
>>262 >>264 I kept backups that are a little bit old at this point but of the most important files at least, was just hoping that I wouldn't have to use them. Also, Windows 7 and the partition was a GPT partition table formatted under NTFS
>>265 Yeah, I would venture to say you're screwed. You may have been okay if you had just deleted it. After all, you just need to restructure it. It's hard but not impossible. Overwriting it almost certainly has put you beyond the point of recovery.
>>267 Well, I have a few tricks I can still try to fix it. If they don't work, still have backups of the most important stuff.
(1.99 MB 245x230 freakout.gif)

>>259 Hmm, this seem reliable to you? And I know jack shit about ffmpeg. is it already on my system or do I need to download it somewhere?
>>276 Seems fine. I haven't used ffmpeg on Windows but if you can figure out how to get it running then it should work.
Are there any FOSS language translating programs out there?
>>265 If you have backups just restore them, you've already screwed things up well past the point where a fix is easy (if possible at all). Also update to 10 unless you have good reasons not to.
(68.40 KB 399x649 how to doug.png)

>>278 All right. Thanks for the help. Now I just need to know where to get ffmpeg for Windows. I found some links but the sites seem dubious at best. FYI, I have scriptblock in all my browsers to prevent me from being assaulted by bullshit.
>>282 Can I recommend you install or dualboot Linux? I realize "Install Gentoo" is a meme at this point but literally any linux distribution will have ffmpeg in their repositories and you can install it in one command.
Neet here, My mom is threatening me to cut my internet because her internet connection and calls keeps dropping . She called someone at work for the tech guy and he said to call internet service provider to have only her hardwired Ethernet connection to run. The tech guy said there is too much internet activity. I won't be able have internet while she works Monday to Friday 9-5. Could they actually do this? I don't know what to do. Should I apply for section 8 or what? I am not willing to put up with this bullshit and I don't have anywhere to go.
>>295 Internet speed/plan? What all do you and her use the internet for?
>>295 Are you downloading things constantly? I find it hard to believe it's an issue if you're just browsing imageboards. >Could they actually do this Whoever controls the router can unplug the other ethernet cords. You could connect via Wi-Fi if you want. It sounds like they called their work, and work IT gave them the most basic troubleshooting advice which is to isolate the connection you want to diagnose. If she continues to have issues then she may just have to accept the internet sucks and it isn't you. On the off-chance it is you, you could find a way to surreptitiously connect. If they're gonna monitor you for activity, set up a device to generate/reroute traffic and then go chill somewhere else and connect remotely. When you come back a few hours later, she'll probably still be having issues, but now it can't be traced back to you. The alternative would be to buy your own internet line and have it installed. Depends on your area, but you can get a decent connection for <$50 a month most places. Even Gigabit is often <$100 now. Maybe you could also offer to pay the difference for an internet upgrade.
>>294 >2000 + 20 >dualbooting Shiggy diggy. Also installing Linux to have "easier" access to ffmpeg is like cutting your legs off to get a weelchair instead of buying a bike.
>>294 >>300 Well, all I need is a reliable place to download ffmpeg for windows 10 . I only have my laptop due to my current living situation.
>>302 Just get it from ffmpeg.org?
>>298 >>299 >Internet speed/plan? I don't pay for it but 33.6 Mbps download/ 4.37 > What all do you and her use the internet for? Shitposting and watching crunchyroll or jewtube but my internet speed is slow as fuck when she works, I don't know what she's sending. >Whoever controls the router can unplug the other ethernet cords. You could connect via Wi-Fi if you want. I am already on Wi-Fi but I am worried they could disable my Wi-Fi ,the work IT said the Wi-FI but she has to call my internet provider. I don't know if the IT guy is bluffing or not. There was a threeway call between the work IT and my internet provider but I think my internet provider didn't want to pull that off. >The alternative would be to buy your own internet line and have it installed. I could have two internet lines in same home?
Anyone have a good porn site. Good here means that it works without javescript, doesn't have trackers, the site is lean and well designed. Eporner is okay but I wonder if there's anything better.
>>302 Literally one google (or even Yahoo) search away: ffmpeg.org Also stop blocking all web scripts blindly, of course you'll break almost every single web page if you do that: you're supposed to build a whitelist of trusted domains.
>>304 >>308 Thanks again. I'm also aware that it breaks certain webpages.
(88.92 KB 1688x616 1.png)

>>308 >>304 Apparently I'm fucking retarded and can't do jack shit with this. >get ffmpeg >get vob files from dvd >even put a copy of ffmpeg.exe in the same folder as files >try to open command window via shift+right click <it's windows 10 so the command instead makes me open Powershell <powershell is fucking retarded >use start menu and open command prompt <will only open one specific folder and I don't know how to tell it to fuck off with that command and do what I'm fucking telling it to do >say fuck it and put a copy of ffmpeg.exe and the vob files into the directory it's pointing to >copy and paste the directory instructions word for fucking word >get this shit instead I MUST be retarded as I don't know what the fuck I'm doing wrong.
>>312 Jesus fucking christ.... just learn to use a computer. Search for PATH in windows and then figure it out.
>>313 WINDOWS FUCKING 10 IS FUCKING RETARDED Regardless, I may have found a workaround.
>>300 >installing Linux to have "easier" access to ffmpeg is like cutting your legs off to get a wheelchair instead of buying a bike See: >>312 >>313 >>314
>>314 Seriously, if you take anything away from this thread take this away. Learn things. I don't mean search up "how to convert in ffmpeg". I mean learn encodings, learn file formats, learn and practice with FFMPEG. AND THEN start converting shit. It sounds like this is autistic but it ends up being better in the long run. Just understand how things work. Don't copy and paste shit.
(80.73 KB 1920x1080 waning hope.jpeg)

>>315 >>316 Seems an easier way to do this is by just using cloud convert, converting the vob files to mp4, and then I have video files I can use and share in vlc which is all I wanted in the first place.
(24.15 KB 941x620 cunlaw.png)

>>317 Fuck off. It's taken you 4 days to rip a DVD.
(2.86 MB 720x480 soap.webm)

>>318 Not without saying thank you.
(47.91 KB 373x367 1456114845777.gif)

>>317 We can tell you that something is possible. We can tell you where to look for resources to do it. We can't just teach you how to use a commandline in five seconds. You're basically trying to learn cmd, ffmpeg, and how media formats work all at the same time. Either try using VLC's convert/stream options to save the output or rip the DVD and post it and I'll see if I can find some time to encode it for you.
>>320 This is what happens when you spoonfeed retards. Either ignore or tell them to fuck off and RTFM. They should not be allow to post in the first place.
>>320 >>321 I'm actually successfully ripping and converting the files myself at the moment, although it's through strange means and, for most of you, likely ass backwards. >get vob files off of disk >convert vob files into mp4 >have mp4's that can be shared and played in vcl Honestly, I did learn about vob files and what is important in regards to ripping the actual program off of the dvd, which is something I didn't know about before coming here. I'm aware I basically was trying to force three things at once, but I found out I had a backup plan that I didn't even know was possible until I tried it out. So I'm still thankful even if I was a pain in the ass retard to you all. I don't come to /t/ very often unless I honestly have hit a retard moment. So, thanks. Now I'll quit shitting up the thread and fuck off.
>>315 That's my point, you shouldn't be asking some guy who has trouble with basic CLI tasks on Windows to jump to Linux on the sole basis of Linux having a slightly easier ffmpeg installation. >>321 RTFM is valid in theory but mostly UNIX cope in practice.
Is there a way to stream audio from a server to multiple clients while keeping them all in sync? Everything I've tried so far has all of them slightly off.
>>324 No it's not. It is a mindset where a person solves a problem on their own, without asking other people questions. This is such a basic yet missing skill for posters who litter the forum with n00b questions. Example: >want to rip dvd >got suggested ffmpeg >search: ffmpeg rip dvd >got http://www.tech-g.com/2017/01/15/converting-dvd-to-mp4-h264-on-windows/ as th 4th result >oh no it says >>ffmpeg installed and in your path >search: windows use ffmpeg >got https://video.stackexchange.com/questions/20495/how-do-i-set-up-and-use-ffmpeg-in-windows as first result >follow steps >copy vobs to folder as told in first link >oh no something something file not found >search: open command prompt folder >got https://helpdeskgeek.com/how-to/open-command-prompt-folder-windows-explorer/ >use command >done All without even touching the manual. Being spoonfed since birth, shitposters never got the chance to develop such skill. Only by banning, saging and outright BTFOing them will they start to learn or fuck off to other charity sites. Good forums are getting increasing rarer. Even if you manage to get a n00b to pro. The same question will be repeated thousands time more. Because they never learn. Because they place their ignorance as everybody's problem at the cost of a forum's quality.
>>327 You'd probably need the devices themselves to sync. So it depends on what your clients are. Can you provide more details? Syncing audio is a non-trivial task. If it's streaming then a delay might cause one to de-sync and in general most music playing software isn't designed for that.
Can people in the Tor circuit see what i'm doing in the Tor browser?
>>333 No, your requests are encrypted and then bounced around a bunch of nodes. Finally, it reaches an exit node which decrypts your request and makes it to a clearnet site. The exit node then receives a response, encrypts that, and sends it back to you. It can only be sniffed between the exit node and the destination. If your destination is an onion address then it will never leave the network.
Not so much a /t/ question, but more of a meta question since there is no said thread; why are ID's disabled?
>>339 Why would they be enabled?
>>328 >It is a mindset where a person solves a problem on their own This is the "valid in theory" part. In practice, it's an excuse for social outcasts to create garbage tools to satisfy their immediate needs, document them poorly, act like cunts when improvements are suggested, and finally be all smug when "casuals" can't be bothered to deal with all their garbage and go back to whatever they were using before. >>339 >wanting IDs They bring nothing but drama.
>>332 I want to stream music from a server to several clients throughout my house simultaneously. Clients can be anything, I wouldn't mind buying new hardware to get it working.
>>341 >baby duck syndrome >excuse Nice bait. >poor document True. Most docs can use some help. Where is your pull request? >act like cunts Some are cunts, sure. I doubt most reject legit contribution though, except fags and sjws. >smug when casuals You mean being smug when a person not willing to learn? This is free software. No warranty is provided. If I share my new tool with you, and you don't even bother figuring out how to use it with the least amount of effort, don't. If the tool is really powerful, then its learning curve is justified. At least it is powerful enough for you to complain. Go be a bitch at GeekSquard or RedHat. If you are so confident that an improvement could be made and the dev is a cunt, fork it, or even make you own with colorful toy UI and zero learning curve. Don't forget the time you spent on learning the old stuff. You are not born with the knowledge; and you expect completely different things should work in the same way? I get it, you don't even try to appreciate what others have done, because you just want to do the job. There is not even a spark of curiosity and passion. You just bitch why things don't just werk, in a place dedicated to the interest in technology.
>>344 >Where is your pull request? Case in point: social outcasts who don't understand why nobody wants to contribute to their garbage without any effort on their part.
>>342 All the solutions I'm aware of, in terms of buying hardware, are closed-source. I've also never used any of them so buyer beware. I think Chromecast Audio does this but I don't know how well it syncs. If Google and Apple are doing it then Samsung might have a third-party version. No promise it's less pozzed. You could also just look for products like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmDAIeWDqt0 Bluetooth speakers are popular among normies and they like connecting them together like that so it's definitely out there. I don't really feel comfortable recommending a particular product or brand when I don't use any of these.
Just out of curiosity, What happens if you open an onion link with a non-Tor browser? Do you get swated?
Aside from switch proxies, is there another way to get around "Too many requests" error that occurs with YouTube-dl?
>>360 You literally can't resolve the address. DNS servers can't route there. >>361 You need multiple IPs in some way. VPNs are just the easiest option for most home users.
Is DuckDuckGo safe to use? i usually use qwant.com.
>>368 On one hand, it doesn't appear to track you and it's never asked me to make an account. On the other... >Owner got rich selling user data from his previous product >It's not open source, so you can't verify the code yourself. >It's not self-hostable, so you can't just run your own instance. Maybe it's viable with the ads and that's good enough for the founder. Maybe he genuinely doesn't want more money. I use it, but I have a bunch of other anti-tracking measures. I haven't used Qwant, but I have used Searx. The results are worse than DuckDuckGo (which I'd now put on-par with Google around the time it started getting big) but you can self-host, which is a big plus.
>>369 Have you ever used startpage.com? >Searx I'll give it a try, thank you.
>>370 I've heard Startpage is owned by an ad company but that was only from one anon
>>369 I saw a billboard for DDG while driving home, makes me even more skeptical then I was before.
>>368 Works over tor, so it's as safe as it gets as you can always stick to "safe" seaches only on clearnet.
Should I risk using Nim with Godot? Should I rather use C++? https://github.com/pragmagic/godot-nim The project is non-commercial.
>>379 It's your project. You can use whatever bindings you are most comfortable with. The underlying engine is the same. That said, some projects have incomplete bindings, so you should make sure it has a 1:1 functionality match or verify that nothing you need is excluded.
>>380 >make sure it has a 1:1 functionality match Thanks for pointing that out, that's why I ask, so I don't paint myself into a corner.
I finally deleted facebook.
I hate dealing with Nvdia, it doesn't recognize my video card ever since I downloaded updated patch for the driver, I tried reinstalling to the previous version but that doesn't help. Don't know what to do.
>>422 I feel retarded, I put the monitor usb in the wrong port.
>>428 You know, I'm laughing, but good on you for realizing and fixing it yourself.
>Building a rig >PSU (Seasonic Focus GM-750) passes paper clip test >No power when 24-pinned into the mobo (ASRock X570 Pro4), though >Not even when the board was tested outside the case Please help
>>438 Are you sure the problem is the PSU and not the motherboard? Have you tried another Power supply?
>>438 this >>439 Definitely a motherboard problem
>Are you sure the problem is the PSU and not the motherboard? I haven't any surety towards this problem. >Have you tried another Power supply? First build, so I've no substitutes. >Definitely a motherboard problem You're probably right, but the odds of a dysfunctional and brand-new mobo are considerably long. Is there any diagnostic technique I can apply without software? I could ultimately return it, but I should at least attempt to obviate any amateur mistakes.
(94.03 KB 571x540 1426363039343.jpg)

>>441 Ideally you would test the motherboard with another PSU that is known to work. Since you only have the one and thus cannot do this, my recommendation would be to just consider it DOA and RMA it. >I should at least obviate any amateur mistakes You verified the PSU powers on and you don't have a spare to troubleshoot with. Motherboards are super complex and basically impossible for an amateur to fix, and since it's brand new you shouldn't have to. If you're not even getting any kind of LED turning on or signal that it's receiving power, and your fan doesn't spin up, then that's a good sign it's dead. Hell, even a board that does light-up and turn on might be dead. I built a new Ryzen build just a few months ago and it would not POST. Very infuriating. Turned out the motherboard was fried. I would just assume it's bad and return it. If the replacement also is bad then maybe there's something you're doing wrong, but it sounds more like you got unlucky. It happens.
(25.87 KB 500x375 1420901022455.jpg)

>>442 I see; thanks for your time.
>>3 Is there any good Firefox addon or greasemonkey script to force a dark theme on all websites, including New Tab?
(91.12 KB 640x400 darkreader.png)

>>446 Dark Reader works surprisingly well, and is considerably lighter and less broken than competitors. It's still bloated, but it doesn't just invert all colors and call it a day, so it's not bad for what it has to do. It does not work with new tab pages, though. As far as I know, because of the new Firefox permissions, the only way to alter that is via a theme. You could use a Firefox theme that's darker, or you could make a version of the default with a dark new tab page yourself.
So there may be a Solar Flare happening in this year, which electronics of mine will be affected and how can I protect them?
>>459 Likely all of them. Disconnect them from power, take out their batteries if you really want to, that way you should be safe. If you're paranoid, put them in a refrigerator that's turned off or on low cooling, but any actual cooling or freezing will mess over electronic parts. If you're super paranoid, put them underground through like, a hole you dig in the ground or something, if you have access to it, an underground area or vault. But all of that is assuming a solar flare happens anyways.
>>459 I imagine it should be fine and it shouldn't affect us given Earth's magnetic field or whatever it was it had that protected us from Solar disturbances. >>461 >put them in a refrigerator that's turned off or on low cooling Are Fridges good Faraday cages?
>>463 >Are Fridges good Faraday cages? No. You'd be better-off wrapping a small box in tinfoil, or if you have any large metal buckets, sticking a box inside of them and covering them with foil. You want a metal layer which is insulated from that which you desire to protect. >>459 Anything could die but most consumer stuff will be fine. You can grab some battery-powered devices and leave them without batteries. You may want a backup generator if you can afford one. And some gasoline to run it. On the topic of fridges, those tub-style freezers are very efficient and even without power can probably go a few days without thawing. Not a bad investment if you're worried about being without power for some time.
>>459 As with all EM pulses, the bigger the conductor the worse the damage. Your power lines and house cables will burn long before your phone suffers any damage. >>461 >Disconnect them from power, take out their batteries if you really want to, that way you should be safe. Completely wrong, the damaging effect would be (as with all EM pulses) joule heating and overtensions created by the sudden potential gradient: devices being on or off won't change a thing. >>465 >a small box in tinfoil This might work, have some insulation to protect the device as the tinfoil may get hot or even melt in some points.
>>341 >lists a bunch of irrelevant drivel The anon literally posted a step by step process of searching and reading. Of typing in what you want to know about in Jewgle then reading it. The initial retard somehow got here, was able to click reply, and complete a captcha. If he could do that, he could search for his problem of.... making DVD stuff to MP3 stuff. Fuck me, why would you even attempt to defend that?
>>483 >why would you even attempt to defend that? It's nice to see how freetards always drop the mask early.
Is it safe to open pdf files in the Tor browse? it seems to have it's own pdf viewer.
>>500 PDFs are potentially insecure and once upon a time could execute malicious code. To be safe, I'd download the file and use a minimal PDF reader. No risk of your browser getting compromised. And if the PDF is hosted over Tor then there's a chance it's designed to expose your IP. 99.9% of PDFs are probably safe on a modern install, but if you're paranoid then why risk it?
>>501 Okay, thank you.
>My computer's stock fan died in March >changed fan out with Arctic P8 >Later switched the cooler entirely for a Be Quiet Shadow Rock LP (mounting a 1300-rpm Noctua P12 Redux) due to the stock cooler not being that effective with the new fan >Turn the computer on, only for the system to POST with a system fan failure I know that bending the EPS 4+4 cable like it was Beckham isn't optimal, but neither was where Foxconn placed their ATX12V lead on this mainboard. For record, this is cooling a Phenom II X6 1045T and the mainboard is a HP stock Alvorix mainboard. And no, it can't fit over the RAM since the pipes collide with what I believe to be the chipset heatsink.
>>522 Another piece of info, I recently swapped the fan out with a Noctua A12X25 (and the rear of the case out with a Noctua A9) and I know that both can reach max speed on my fan hub connected to a jumped PSU. I don't know if this fan will make the computer pass POST, though.
I have a large amount of data that I would like to backup to BDs. Is there any software that will easily split up the data among multiple discs? Bonus points if I can do incremental backups ie I can backup new data to new BDs without needing to copy what's already backed up?
Have you ever used Riseup ? https://riseup.net/en/vpn
(63.52 KB 680x951 3a4.jpg)

>>3 Is there a way to download an entire twitter gallery? Bonus points if it's with the :large or :orig size.
>>587 I don't know of any good solutions to this; Twitter's API is limited and introduces breaking changes often. There is this: https://github.com/Jelly-Fish-Dev/Twitter-Image-Scraper Which I could not get to work, probably because the API has changed in the past eight months and the dev hasn't updated it. It also targets a user's uploads, so it might work if you target the user. If you want to fiddle with it, you may be able to get it working again, or get in touch with the dev and see what the issue is. Looks like he hasn't been active since April, though. Generic image scrapers won't work because Twitter deliberately hides links behind javascript specifically to obscure them from scrapers. If you're just trying to decode one gallery from one post at a time it's probably not that hard of a problem to solve. This guy claims to have reverse engineered Twitter's frontend javascript API so he could scrape Twitter with no limitations: https://github.com/bisguzar/twitter-scraper But it appears focused on scraping text and not images. Still, it might be a good starting place. Additionally, there are multiple contributors and the developer has provided their own Twitter profile for communication. Perhaps they'd be willing to develop an image scraping feature, or at least offer you assistance in extending the functionality they already provide. If you need help with Python, I can offer support for that, as can others in the /prog/ general. If I had more time or Twitter didn't deliberately obfuscate their API to prevent this then I would offer to just write you a scraper.
I noticed that my usb 3.0 external hard drive dock had Quick Removal as the default setting. Is it okay to use that on external hard drives/docks or should that only be used for USB flash drives?
>>590 Quick Removal on Windows is a misleading name. What it does is disable the OS write cache. This means it's almost always safe to disconnect a drive, but you will take a penalty to write performance. If you want better write performance on your drive, then you should disable it, but then you will want to manually unmount the drive before unplugging it.
>>591 I don't mind it being active, but didn't know it was enabled for my hdd external dock. I just did some research at the time because I connect my 2tb hdd, put some files o it, then go to safely remove it and it won't remove. Even though I'm doing anything with it. I even signed out of windows then back on and still wouldn't remove. Once I found out that Quick Removal was enabled I just turned off my hdd dock.
>>3 Is there a reliable way or a firewall on linux that can block internet access to certain applications? I am thinking all of them by default and only allowing some to have internet access on windows i use simplewall , i am considering to switch to linux but i haven't been able to find a reliable to do that..
>>594 You could use something like ufw to block all ports by default and only open the ones you want traffic to go through, but I suppose that still leaves the risk of software utilizing common ports (like 80) that you would need to leave open. To my knowledge, the solution on Linux is not a firewall but a permissions manager such as SELinux. You could set a policy to deny network access entirely for all but a whitelist of approved binaries. SELinux has a reputation for being difficult to work with. I think this comes solely from the difficulty of knowing what permissions software will need. Users often spend time debugging an issue caused by a poorly-configured permissions list. Since you only care about network access and you only want to maintain a whitelist, you should have a much easier time of it. Still, it's not as straightforward as something like simplewall. The problem is that Linux does not register every binary the way Windows manages installed software, so it's not as simple as generating a list of executables and then selectively firewalling them. You need the inverse approach.
>>587 youtube-dl will handle videos but I don't know anything that grabs images.
Pixiv has this proprietary animated pic format called .ugoira. For a while I was able to view it with Honeyview. Honeyview updates one day and now it can't view it. Just an X on a white backdrop. Is there another image viewer compatible with the ugoira format until Honeyview gets its shit together?
>>599 I didn't find a viewer that explicitly opens them, but I did find a tool (also called Ugoira) that claims it can download Ugoira files to more common image formats. So you could simply convert them to gif or apng with this. https://github.com/item4/ugoira https://ugoira.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ Also found a website that will convert them to webm or gif http://ugoira.dataprocessingclub.org/ You could also roll back to an earlier version of honeyview.
>>600 Rolling back doesn't sound like and option. The website lacks the older installers. Fortunately, Pixiv Downloader has some options in its config.ini that'll tell it to merely convert incoming ugoiras into webms. Size is just about the same (earlier attempts into gifs and apngs were bloated as fuck; from 7MB to 35MB!)) and it plays just as well. So far at least. I know some ugoiras pause for a few seconds so time will tell on how MPC-HC will handle those. Also a little inconvenient to have to switch between that and an image viewer if pics are in the same folder. Simply put, I'll stick with the webm conversion until Honeyview's next update fixes things. I hope. Searched around and I'm surprised literally no one complained.
>>595 Thanks anon! i think i'll just grab a book on SElinux >The problem is that Linux does not register every binary the way Windows manages installed software. Can't they all be found in $PATH ?
>>342 Vember VBAN, pulseaudio/avahi, or JACK (net-jack).
>>607 There's no guarantee that a binary will register itself with $PATH. And sometimes a binary is actually just a driver that will activate other binaries. It's true that some software on Windows will likewise opt-out of registration (you will occasionally see software not appear under Add & Remove Programs, for example) but most software will add an entry to the registry and make its presence known. The $PATH is just an environment variable that programs will extend with a binary, and perhaps an alias or two, just to make it convenient. A firewall working like a Windows one would need to be called every time a binary launches to see if it matches a list. This is, effectively, what SELinux is capable of. Otherwise it's non-trivial for one userspace binary to monitor another or prevent it from executing arbitrary code. Perhaps if you had a program that launched every binary as a child, but that would be needlessly complex when SELinux solves this problem and is well supported. Even if this were doable, the $PATH is not the best way to form a list of binaries. Some entries are drivers that will selectively launch other binaries depending on what is needed. This may be an issue on SELinux as well, where some software fails to get network activity permissions despite being whitelisted, because the binary doing the actual requests is hidden and not whitelisted. At least in the case of SELinux, you would probably be disabling by default, so the worst-case is a binary fails to get network permissions and you have to diagnose which binary is actually making the call and whitelist that. The alternative on Windows would be you fail to blacklist it and it's actually sending data. You may not notice until you spend time logging all activity.
>>618 >The alternative on Windows would be you fail to blacklist it and it's actually sending data. Windows has default-deny rules too as an option, but the firewall interface is pretty shit so it's usually not worth the effort.
I've got an audio file that lasts for 20 minutes. I chopped off the last 10 minutes with ffmpeg using "ffmpeg -i track.mp3 -t 600 -acodec copy track1.mp3" command. It worked well but when I play the track it shows that its duration is still 20 minutes while it is 10 minutes. How should I modify the ffmpeg command to make a player show the correct duration?
>>632 First verify the file actually stops at ten minutes. If so then it probably copied the file data and the index got included. I don't know of a built-in "rebuild index" option, but you could force a transcode and will be forced to build a new one.
JS or PHP? Why?
>>637 PHP isn't nearly as bad as its reputation suggests. Spaghetti PHP forms the same way spaghetti C does: by giving developers enough rope to hang themselves by it. Properly-written PHP is clean and performant. Especially newer versions of the language, which is still being actively developed. JS was developed in a weekend to solve a totally different problem and was not designed for backend or even most modern frontend work. The true answer is neither. You're better off writing your web server in another language entirely. If performance isn't a concern, Flask exists. Some people like Ruby (although it also has issues). You could also just write your site in C++, although that sounds like a special kind of hell. Most modern languages have networking support and some form of async baked-in now. Take advantage.
>>638 I can understand how you can really easily make a UI if you're making a website. I don't understand how you can easily make a UI if you're trying to write a webserver... (go easy on me, I'm a newbie, obviously)
>>639 You asked about PHP, so why are you designing a UI around that? PHP is for backend work.
>>637 Try wt. C++ from front to back.
>>641 Not that anon but damn, that's interesting. Do you know any interesting projects regarding REST APIs implementation in C/C++? I came across ngrest some time back and the projects is super interesting but unfortunately dead.
>>636 Thank you. Now it is how it should be.
How come when I put my computer on hibernate it closes my photos but leaves everything else up?
>>640 Because I'm...I'm...*sigh* ._. I'm wrapping a web browser around everything and using a bunch of cludgy HTML+PHP to be my UI because I have no idea how else to make a UI. The last time I used QT I got this absolutely godawful looking UI.
>>648 Are you using Electron? At risk of giving you a StackOverflow-tier answer, the "solution" here would be to learn how to use QT to make a native UI. A lot of good programmers are poor UI designers, but that's no excuse for using the wrong tool for the job.
>>649 It really is so much easier that I have to question: is it _really_ wrong? There are so many CSS templates, themes, libraries, etc. that are available everywhere I look if I try to have the UI built on something web-based.
>>651 I'd say it's definitively wrong. You're sacrificing performance and interopability for portability and faster writing. But if you're dedicated, then you should consider that the backend can be literally anything and your frontend will basically just be a webpage that operates with it. You should probably just stick a lightweight web server on top of that and write in whatever language you're comfortable in. If you like JS, stuff like Node is designed to run locally. If you like Python, try Flask. If you like Ruby, try Ruby On Rails. You have so many options for writing the backend. All the frontend has to do is access and present the data. You're writing the frontend and the API. That being said, people will groan when they find out it's an electron app (or similar). >>647 What OS?
>>652 >What OS? Wangblows 10
>>653 I'm not too familiar with Win10 since I've never used it, but hibernation is usually tied-in to battery/power settings. Perhaps there's something in there that's messing with it? Another option would be that Windows is killing parts of the OS when it hibernates, and Photos, being part of the system, relies on one of those. In which case it's just bad design by Microsoft.
>>652 >But if you're dedicated, then you should consider that the backend can be literally anything and your frontend will basically just be a webpage that operates with it. I know this sounds stupid simple to you, but I think that opened a door in my head.
>>647 >>653 First of all, stop using the default photo viewer because it's slow as shit. That said, that program is probably crashing when waking up from hybernation, so there's not much you can do.
(232.46 KB 960x680 oh wa ah ah agh.jpg)

Got myself a mouse with 5 buttons for graphical editing, but I can't assign the shortcuts (gimp) I want to use to my buttons. What can I do?
>>675 Use macro software. Assign your mouse keys to some obtuse combination of keys that you would never accidentally hit. Then assign your mouse buttons to do that keypress. Another benefit of this method is that you can making pressing combinations of mouse buttons (or regular keys) press different buttons for you, beyond what GIMP or other software would allow. I usually do this with video games to put more controls on the mouse. Helps with games designed for controllers.
>>3 does anyone know how to make openvpn work (client) on runit? i enabled the service (it was in the artix repos), but i get this error when i try to use any configuration file >Options error: --up script fails with /etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf': No such file or directory (errno=2).
What's a good photo viewer as an alternative for Window's built-in photo viewer? My biggest feature would possibly be support of viewing GIF files.
(47.55 KB 458x750 15953324067180.jpg)

Why displayport cables does not have ferrite beads?
>>3 Okay, here goes nothing. A year ago I accidentally dropped my 2 TB external drive like an idiot and was able to create a 700 GB incomplete image file from it using ddrescue. Now, I would like to either browse the incomplete image file or at least extract all the recoverable data files from it. ddrescue output a 700 GB .img file, exploring it with 7zip shows a 0.ntfs file which claims to be 2 TB long. I cannot extract it or browse it with any means I know of, BUT, I can view it with an hex editor and by knowing the file signature I could manually extract a file or two. Is there an easier way to do this?
>>712 Oh yeah I should mention, trying to pry 0.ntfs open with 7zip leads to a "Can not set length to output file: There is not enough space on the disk", even though the disk image is only 700 GBs (I'm assuming that is because the copied file system still thinks it has 2 TBs worth of shit in it?)
>>712 Have you tried using testdisk? I've had really good luck with data recovery using it.
>>710 Irfanview. >>711 I'm going to speak fully out of my ass here but I'm gonna say the ferrite might interfere with displayport's higher bandwidth/frequency.
>>714 >testdisk On which of the two items? The 2 TB image?
(1.29 MB 1200x900 type-c.png)

>>715 I'll consider your post as complete answer, makes me calm down. Thanks.
>>712 I haven't done what you did, so I am making an educated guess here. Can you mount the .img? If so, you may be able to load it like a normal drive. Assuming you had ddrescue skip unreadable blocks. You will still need to look through and try to identify corrupted files (or script that somehow) but it's certainly better than trying to clone 700 GB via hex. Are you on Linux? Or was the ddrescue via a livecd?
>>719 >Can you mount the .img? I hadn't tried it yet because I was afraid I would cause irreparable damage to the HD it's currently residing on. Is there a safe way to do so? >Assuming you had ddrescue skip unreadable blocks. Yes, I do believe I purposefully instructed the program to just skip broken blocks. Add to that the fact the drive had been defragmented just a couple of days prior, with most of the files residing in the top half of it. I used a Mint distro on a computer that no longer works, I can probably boot another one and install another. Thanks for your input, I'll get back to you if anything changes.
>>722 >I was afraid I would cause irreparable damage to the HD it's current residing on Which HDD is the .img on. and why is this a concern? You should be able to just mount it like it's a normal drive. You can also try running dsck on the .img file. Long story short: you can treat it like a virtual clone of your broken HDD, faults and all. Please let us know how it goes.
Is there anyway to create a jewgle account without a phone number? Any of the ways to bypass it no longer work for me
>>725 Your option would probably be to buy one off somebody who made it years ago and never put one in. Although any account with an active Google Voice number requires a (real) phone number attached. That or buy a burner phone and just use it to activate. Or use a friend. Or your grandmother's landline. But basically every online service now requires a phone number to utilize, and they maintain lists of number blocks owned by various web providers like GVoice and Twilio.
>>726 I dug up an old phone with gapps, factory reset it and created an account with that. Didn't ask for a number.
>>725 Buy a cheap android phone, connect to wifi, create account on it: no need for a SIM.
Does anyone have a working asoundrc that has a proper loopback device that is capable of capturing desktop audio without fucking up the application audio in one way or another? The current asoundrc i'm using is from the ffmpeg wiki, which "works" but i can only have a single application audio stream active at any time and it's a real headache to use. I have given up all home on trying to figure this black voodoo magic on my own and this has been the bane of my existance for over 3 years, someone for the love of god just help me.
>>653 install nomacs imageviewer. It's probably just win10 default hitting the shitter.
>>438 >>441 >>443 Me again, with a new mobo (MSI X570-A PRO) and a new problem. >PSU now works alone and with mobo >rig assembled and activated >get to Wangblows 7 pre-installation screen on a Rufus'd thumb drive >can't interact with known-working keyboard or mouse >weird >plug mouse into new USB port while still on pre-install screen >computer instantly turns off >open it back up, double check and re-plug every wire I can see >not even an error light on the mobo >computer refuses to activate unless I first unplug the PSU for a few minutes >even then, it deactivates after one second
>>735 >Win 7 If you're gonna be a faggot might as well use LTSC, that'd solve your keyboard and mouse problem For the power issues, you can try unplugging everything, then plugging in only what you need to post and see how that goes
(434.01 KB 333x1000 1570607942184.png)

Is using qemu+kvm with virtio drivers for windows a security issue for the host machine ? for example if i use cracked software or windows get infected ?
>>737 >look up "ltsc" >results dominated by Win 10 (NOT WIN 7) references I appreciate that this is free tech support, but at least make an attempt to be helpful. As for the post, not even unplugging everything but the 24-pin yielded any tangible result.
>>741 LTSC is Win 10, just a slightly less shit version. If you're gonna infect yourself with AIDs might as well get security updates and support for newer hardware. Did you try maybe reseating you RAM and CPU? It's a long shot but you never know. It's very possible you fried something on your MB and fucked it up beyond any repair.
>>742 Both components re-seated, no effect Do I really need to buy a THIRD mobo? If I had known they were such finicky cunts, I would've just gotten a pre-built.
>>739 It's definitely not impossible for malware to escape a VM, but I am doubtful you could get something like that from pirating games or Sony Vegas or something. It's more likely that files in a shared folder between the two system become infected, or that a worm can spread through any network it is connected to. The most secure thing would be to have a completely separate system, but that's definitely overkill for most people.
>>745 >It's more likely that files in a shared folder between the two system become infected, or that a worm can spread through any network it is connected to. I should have noted though, that even though it's "more likely", getting a virus in the first place from pirated games doesn't appear to be that common to me in the first place, I mean you'd think more anons would have mentioned viruses over the years, but I didn't want to sound like I'm encouraging you to pirate because who knows, it could happen, and I don't want to be blamed.
>>743 >Do I really need to buy a THIRD mobo? If I had known they were such finicky cunts, I would've just gotten a pre-built. Wait, did you get a new PSU as well? If you're expecting a new PSU, definitely don't plug your old one into your new motherboard. I'm not an expert or anything, but it sounds like your PSU is fucking up your motherboards.
>>747 >>735 >plug mouse into new USB port while still on pre-install screen >computer instantly turns off >computer refuses to activate unless I first unplug the PSU for a few minutes >even then, it deactivates after one second Okay, I was bit hasty before, motherboard could be fine actually (or maybe not), but yeah it sounds more like a PSU issue to me. Dumb question, but you're sure your PSU has enough wattage for your rig? Weird that it turned off after plugging something in, but that could have been coincidental. I know that with a failing voltage regulator, the problem will persist if it's re-energized while hot, but will work fine for a bit if you let it cool down first. Again, not an expert. Good luck with your build, shit happens.
>>743 I've built many PCs and I've never had this much trouble with motherboards, IDK what the fuck you keep doing. You can always try returning it and claim it was DOA.
>>745 >>746 okay thanks I'll be careful
Back earlier in July, I tried my Noctua A12X25 on my CPU cooler (Be Quiet! Shadow Rock LP). The computer failed POST with "CPU fan failure". I saw the fan run as the system POSTed, so it wasn't that. I have a 3000rpm Noctua NF-F12 IndustrialPPC in there now, after recalling that the last fan that ran had a max speed of 3000rpm. Yeah, I really need to build a more recent PC. I'm so far back that I need a new processor and RAM for a new motherboard, however.
Anyone know how to fix this shit? pcm.multi { type route; slave.pcm { type multi; slaves.a.pcm "output"; slaves.b.pcm "loopin"; slaves.a.channels 2; slaves.b.channels 2; bindings.0.slave a; bindings.0.channel 0; bindings.1.slave a; bindings.1.channel 1; bindings.2.slave b; bindings.2.channel 0; bindings.3.slave b; bindings.3.channel 1; } ttable.0.0 1; ttable.1.1 1; ttable.0.2 1; ttable.1.3 1; } pcm.!default { type plug slave.pcm "multi" } pcm.output { type hw card "Generic" } pcm.loopin { type plug slave.pcm "hw:Loopback,0,0" } pcm.loopout { type plug slave.pcm "hw:Loopback,1,0" }
>>3 How do I delete a glitched email account on W10's mail app? I click account settings but nothing pops up for it when I do. It's like it's not really there.
Snagging some videos with Youtube-dl. Latest version. They play just fine and the audio sounds okay but I'm worried about the warning that shows up after each download. >WARNING: Malformed AAC bitstream detected. Install ffmpeg or avconv to fix this automatically. I did download ffmpeg itself. Is it just a matter of putting the .exe in the same folder as Youtube-dl to prevent this? I know fuck all about command line type programs. All I do is just paste the URL of a video and hit the enter key.
>>766 >Is it just a matter of putting the .exe in the same folder as Youtube-dl to prevent this? If it said that then it's not finding ffmpeg, otherwise it should say something like "fixing malformed AAC" etc etc. The surefire way of getting it to work is to use the --ffmpeg-location option when calling youtube-dl. You could also encapsulate some default always-present options like these in a bat file if you know what you're doing.
>>762 # software mixer for sound card pcm.dmixer { type dmix ipc_key 1024 ipc_perm 0666 # allow other users slave.pcm "snd_card" slave { period_time 0 period_size 1024 buffer_size 4096 channels 2 # must match bindings } bindings { 0 0 1 1 } } # software mixer for loopback device pcm.dmixerloop { type dmix ipc_key 2048 ipc_perm 0666 # allow other users slave.pcm "hw:Loopback,0,0" slave { period_time 0 period_size 1024 buffer_size 4096 channels 2 # must match bindings } bindings { 0 0 1 1 } } # allows multiple programs to capture simultaneously pcm.dsnooper { type dsnoop ipc_key 2048 ipc_perm 0666 slave.pcm "snd_card" slave { period_time 0 period_size 1024 buffer_size 4096 channels 2 } bindings { 0 0 1 1 } } #this is where the pain all begins pcm.!default { type plug slave.pcm "dues" } pcm.dues { type asym playback.pcm "multi" capture.pcm "dsnooper" } #this is where your headset is pcm.snd_card { type hw card "Generic" } #audio goes in #pcm.loopin { # type plug # slave.pcm "hw:Loopback,0,0" #} #audio goes out pcm.loopout { type plug slave.pcm "hw:Loopback,1,0" } #this is a splitter, it moves the audio it's given to two outputs (output, and loopin) pcm.multi { type plug; slave.pcm { type multi; slaves.a.pcm "dmixer"; slaves.b.pcm "dmixerloop"; slaves.a.channels 2; slaves.b.channels 2; bindings.0.slave a; bindings.0.channel 0; bindings.1.slave a; bindings.1.channel 1; bindings.2.slave b; bindings.2.channel 0; bindings.3.slave b; bindings.3.channel 1; } ttable.0.0 1; ttable.1.1 1; ttable.0.2 1; ttable.1.3 1; }
(802.46 KB 2272x1704 1562802550039.jpg)

Just a heads up: Since the site has been going offline for random periods of time, and because not everyone wants (or knows how) to use the onion address on Tor, Acid has deployed a Tor2web proxy that allows anyone to access the onion link through their regular browsers without the need of additional software. The proxy is located at https://redchannit.net/, and from there you can access to and post on /t/ or any other board without problem. Proof in case you don't believe me: >>>/site/532
Is it appropriate to make a single /sci/ thread here? I want to talk about some specific science things again, but /sci/ is fucking dead.
>>790 Should be fine, but i don't think you'll get much of a response anyway.
>>790 Go for it. /sci/ is pretty niche but we may be able to get some discussion going.
I need to fill in a form it's a pdf, is there any good pdf editor for linux? libre office seem messy also can you trust the AUR ?
>>802 There's Sumatra and Foxit. LibreOffice Writer indeed does a poor job. AUR is generally trustworthy, especially for popular packages.
>>803 >There's Sumatra and Foxit that's for windows only no? sumatra is only a reader too.. guess i'll use foxit with wine or something, i was hoping for a libre editor but couldn't find anything.
>>809 I think Foxit has a Linux release, but I haven't used it. Sumatra I think you can edit and save fillable fields. I generally just groan and whip out LibreOffice Draw if someone sends me a PDF without fillable fields. They usually expect me to print it out like I'm some caveman.
>>3 I have a computer with Windows 10 pre installed. It is a pirated version like everything in this 3rd world country. One day, I installed Office and now WIndows is asking me for activation. Anyway, I want to buy one of those cheap licence and update my windows. My question: Do I have to install Windows all over again or I just buy and put the licence? I am asking this because I know that pirated versions of Windows have to do a lot of things in order to make them work, and I don't want my computer malfunctioning in the future.
>>825 You could probably just enter the key in the existing install. It would be better to download a original version and reinstall it though, you never know if there isn't some kind of malware hidden in the cracked version.
>>825 Just enter the license and activate it. Microsoft's long-standing policy ids that piracy is inevitable, so they don't try to bork your install too hard over it. They want to encourage people to buy keys. They only hold back their utility software and major products (like Office) from unverified installs. You could also just install LibreOffice, or maybe switch to Linux, which will work out of the box without asking you for money.
(579.71 KB 800x792 1368378094229.png)

Gentoo fag here with a question on updating, how is anyone supposed to break the cyclic dependency block caused by dev-qt? So many programs use Qt now that I don't think it's feasible to exclude it from the system, and I absolutely cannot resolve the cyclic blocking caused by it to update my system. Even the gentoo wiki (wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Qt/FAQ) recommends removing everything from the dev-qt atom and re-emerging as the newer versions, but even after removing everything from that atom it still tries to emerge the pre-existing versions (5.14.2). I've attempted to use --complete-graph and --backtrack=99 to 999 to resolve the issue and accomplished nothing.
>>829 Can't this be resolved with slotting?
>>830 I don't know, I only just read about slotting and I'm not totally sure I understand how it's used. I have managed to update my system except for everything in the dev-qt atom and two other packages that rely on updated qt packages, which I can live without updating for the time being. I just hope it didn't break anything else in some way. One of the suggestions I saw for this was to check use flags with grep -r "dev-qt" /etc/portage/package.* and it showed a bunch of matches in files like: >._cfg0000_xterm >._mrg0000_xterm >xterm.bak >._cfg0000_xterm.bak where it shows the atom/package-version useflag and then #required by packages but I would be hesitant to touch these files and potentially break the system
>>829 emerge --unmerge packages that depend on qt. Then update qt and reemerge those packages.
>>841 Disable use flags that makes qt depend on those packages that you unmerged first. >Qt(USE:stuff) <> stuff >unmerge stuff >Qt(USE:-stuff) >Qt(USE:+stuff) should pull in stuff
Is the Signal app as privacy respecting as they say it is? You know for a phone app.
>>846 Open source, messages are end to end encrypted. It's based on the US and has centralized servers, so could be compromised. I don't use nigger phone "apps" but if it requires a phone number instead of just an email to create an account that's also an inherent anonymity flaw. "For a phone app" I guess it sounds okay. I wouldn't be using a standard proprietary jewgle or apple phone to do anything that I want to remain private.
>>846 >Privacy I trust that it can't read my messages. It seems to be doing a good job at also not collecting metadata although that's hard to prove. They had a court order a couple of years ago and could only give a teenie tiny amount of data. If that is still the case who knows? I suspect if it weren't then something would've leaked that that has changed. All of Signal's new features focus on minimising/nullifying Signal's ability to collect any data about its users. >Anonymity Signal is awful. As of writing, you require a phone number to register. This was done for accessibility reasons i.e for getting many people onto the service and as a natural way to stop bots. You didn't have to create a username. Your contacts were all connected to your number so Signal didn't need to store anything. The issue is it's starting to get harder and harder to get SIMs/phone numbers that aren't connected to you. Many countries require ID cards to purchase SIMs you could always find a Cryptoparty and trade SIM cards. >Security It's promising that their E2E encryption protocols have essentially become the standard for secure messengers. The client and server code is open source. Signal has been audited. >Principles From having used it for a couple of years and reading about it for some time now, I would say Signal has two main focuses: Privacy + accessibility to normalfags. That second point is good and bad. It's a lot easier to get your group of friends onto it because it's "like WhatsApp" apparently. I don't use WhatsApp so I don't actually know. However, it also means that sometimes work goes into adding stickers and private ways to get Giphy previews in-client instead of more important improvements. The clients aren't great. It can sometimes feel a little slow to sync up. The desktop one is Electron, so it's basically running a full browser for a messaging program. The project is also just another walled garden (you can only communicate with people inside it like WhatsApp and Telegram) and the project is hostile towards user run versions on the grounds that having many clients/servers means that some won't keep up with security/privacy standards/features. >Future Signal is currently in the process of coming up with a way to remove the reliance on phone numbers and a way for new/lost phones to get all the data back and the current situation has caused a bit of turmoil. The current solution is to force users to make a PIN basically a password, although many will just have a 4 digit number because it's called a PIN and the default input interface is a number pad from which a strong key is derived in an Intel "enclave" an isolated location for code to run where not even the programmers have access to it and that's used to encrypt lots of user data like contacts/settings so that when someone loses their phone and gets a new one they can have all their data back instead of starting from scratch again. This has two issues. Firstly, reliance on the enclave's being actually secure - it has been shown to have security issues. Secondly, this is a shift in the project philosophy. They used to store basically no data about the user and will no start storing basically everything although it will be encrypted. The first issue can easily be overcome by just having a strong PIN e.g. 20 digit alphanumeric random string, but then again 50 year old Bill won't do that will he? The second issue is interesting. Having an encrypted user account stored on the server means you won't need phone numbers and can seamlessly use it on new devices but like I said it's stepping into something it said it won't. If you want to get your friends/family off WhatsApp/Messenger because of privacy reasons, this is currently the best way to do that.
Anyone know of a program or script* that can sort duplicate pics and webms/mp4s by identical thumbnails and/or image hashes? I have literal tens of thousands of pics from varying imageboards going back almost a decade in one folder and doing this manually is murderously tedious. *I know nothing about scripting but am willing to learn
Is there something like nitter but for facebook? >>858 You could try a bash script that takes hashes of every file and removes duplicates, however many sites re-encode images when uploading so it wouldn't be perfect. But it's the best you can do without some kind of AI
>>858 I was actually just organizing some files of mine this week and had to do part of what you want. My use case was to compare different folders for duplicates by hash and the easiest way I found was to do this: #calculate hashes of the files inside some folder and its subfolders: md5deep -r <folder 1 path> > hashes1.txt #compare a second folder with the hashes calculated on the previous step md5deep -m hashes1.txt -r <folder 2 path> | tee diff.txt This should spit the files on the second folder that also exist in the first one. You can also ask md5deep to spit out more info (look it up in the manpage) and you can also use the diff.txt to rm the duplicates. It's not the best but it works and md5deep is likely on every distro's repos. I haven't yet needed to search for duplicates inside just one folder so I haven't researched a way to do this. I imagine it'd be possible to do the first step to get hashes of all files inside of it, then pipe it to awk it to obtain only the hashes, then pipe it to sort and uniq to get the duplicates, and maybe grep after that against the original file to get the paths and filenames I fucking love the shell, pic very much related. >>859 I don't much into twitter, what's special about nitter besides not being actual twitter.
>>842 >>841 I'll give it a shot, checking with equery shows these packages rely on the specific version (5.14.0/2-r1/r4) of qtcore: >PyQt5 >PyQtWebEngine and everything else in the dev-qt atom, more is listed as only depending on qtcore:5 >>858 I recommend gthumb for finding duplicate images, it's not perfect though and you'll probably still spend a while checking if the images are actually duplicates and comparing file sizes.
>>862 >what's special about nitter besides not being actual twitter. More lightweight and native support for RSS. Plus like you said, it's not actually twitter
>>863 >gthumb Forgot to mention that I'm on Windows 7. That doesn't seem to be compatible. >>862 Thank you for the effort but I haven't a clue as to how to implement any of that. Then again, I did say I know absolutely zero about scripting. A program may be my best bet.
>>866 >Windows faget >A program may be my best bet I've used JAM Software TreeSize Professional to do hash comparisons back when I was still on Windows.
When i go into YouTube (TV app) i get recommend clips of movies i've watched on my PC? I'm on windows 7
>>877 Watched how? Google is notorious for doing anything they can to target recommendations. If you have done any kind of search or visited a website where they can track you, then they may be aware of what you've watched and will recommend it to anyone with your IP. Alternatively, their machine learning is so good that it can detect your interests from other data.
>>877 No shit retard. Jewgle creates a profile of you based on your IP and plenty of other factors.
>>877 >win 7 digits checks out welcome to the b07n3t, newfag
Is it safe to open torrent and magnet links on Tor?
>>882 Your IP will be exposed to the swarm, but you can solve that with a VPN.
I have an issue with an absolute fuckton of my video files, a few song files corrupting themselves, and couple RAR files somehow. My 1tb and 2tb external drives have had almost all of these files from before 2016 and a handful of 2017 things corrupted. My question being how did this happen and is there anyway to recover these files? I have unplugged the drives without ejecting it in windows like you're supposedly supposed to and I also have has a few instances of power going out, these are the only things i can think of that maybe could do this but I've never heard of this actually happening.
(35.38 KB 500x715 alwaysremberm8.jpg)

>>885 Not looking very good, hope you got backups Everyone with backups lost some important shit once before For solutions: Maybe try a chkdsk /f or search for .000 files which may be the recovered chunk of files, then you'd change the extension Good luck
>>888 Breathtaking digits, but don't do that. Stop whatever you are doing and read ddrescue's manual. Then ddrescue a block by block copy of the partition. Figure out the rest.
(2.84 MB 3022x1523 3B-2.jpg)

I really want try Void Linux, but after the installation and make the first Boot without the USB I get this. What I can do?
>>972 Looks like you didn't have zfs support built into the kernel. I don't think zfs is shipped with any distribution by default, and unless you plan on having your whole install on a zfs raid then I suggest using another filesystem.
>>973 It's not because of their cucked license, so Linux can't mainline it.
I need a good web browser. I am currently using Edge and I'm under the impression it's a terrible choice.
>>986 >I am currently using Edge Jesus christ anon. Just use brave or some shit.
>>986 literally any browser is better then edge
>>987 >>993 I thought Brave had some form of kikery with bitcoin or am I thinking of something else?
>>999 It has some gay crypto currency built in if you enable their weird ad system but if you're brain dead fucking retarded enough to use microsofts edge browser than brave is the only thing you're going to be able to use anyways so just use it. If you were competent enough to use another browser you wouldn't need to be asking which browser to use in the first place.
(396.20 KB 508x538 ClipboardImage.png)

>>986 See >>>/t/984 for browsers and extensions. Ditch Edge. If you don't know what to pick, then Firefox is the safe default. It's the only non-Chromium option left. Or Pale Moon if you're nostalgic for 2005. >>1000 Nice.
My working gentoo install broke after failing to resume from suspend, now it no longer boots and I'm hoping someone knows what's gone wrong here. Resume fails sporadically and I mostly don't use it, but this time when I had to force a reboot, instead of the usual song and dance of "dirty bit set, drive did not unmount cleanly, running fsck", booting gets as far as :: Loading from crypto >> Determining root device (trying UUID=...) !! Block device UUID=... is not a valid root device ... !! Could not find the root block device in UUID.. It gives me the option to drop into an interactive shell, so I do and try running fdisk -l, at first it returned nothing, no drives, and I have 3 connected to sata, one nvme. I tried running fsck from a livecd and everything came back clean, maybe because I ran sync before suspend. So I chrooted into it from the livecd and recompiled with what I think is every serial ATA driver compiled into the kernel instead of a module, and the same for nvme, and updated grub.cfg, and now when it fails to find the root device, fdisk shows the nvme drive at least, but none of the sata drives. I cannot think of anything else to try with this, aside from just reinstalling entirely. It was working for months before today. The only other thing I can think of is that I had recompiled the kernel and never updated grub or restarted after, but doing in through chroot should have fixed that.
Despite Xhamster being officially supported, Youtube-dl refuses to download any videos from it. Keeps saying "No video formats found". I'm on the latest version too.
I'm trying to install a package using apt-get, and that operation makes apt-get want to remove some other packages. Is there any way to get apt-get to explain what's the reason it wants to remove those packages? It makes sense for this to happen when you're removing packages since in that case you could be removing packages which are dependencies of others, but in this case I'm wondering what's the cause.
>>1077 It's most likely left over dependencies from another program you uninstalled. If it's something you need you can mark it as manually installed and it won't auto-remove it.
I have two machines with the same OS and both have MODULES=most in /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf, but only one of them includes a sizeable amount of kernel modules in the initramfs and the other one includes very few. The one with a lot of modules does not seem to have individually added modules to the initramfs through /etc/initramfs-tools/modules, so I'm lost on how those modules are getting added to the initramfs. Does anyone have any clues? It seems as if there were something overriding it on the machine with few modules but I have found no such functionality. >>1096 I haven't found a way to do what I want, but I inspected the individual package info and I learned that there's a "breaks" tag in debs that can make what I was experiencing happen.
Anyone remember one of those custom Windows 10 builds someone posted about on /tech/ a long while ago. Maybe early 2019 I remember the thread? I don't plan on using Windows but I do have a certain fascination with those custom windows builds. It wasn't windows 9 it was one of those that came with like firefox, chrome and a dark theme installed. For the life of me I can't find it or remember its exact name.
>>1116 NVM I found it, it was Windows 10 AME
I have 8GB of RAM and wish to upgrade. Luckily, there's a spare unused (well, formally used) PC lying around. Possibly unfortunately, the sticks are 8GB each and of a different brand. The brand is likely not to make any difference but is there any word of a PC with irregularly sized RAM (24GB in this case) behaving strangely? I don't even know the timings, if that's important. Also, all of the sticks are DDR3.
>>1121 I think it may be sub optimal because of the difference in the specs of the sticks but it won't catch fire, and I don't think the irregular amount of memory will cause any issues. My notebook had 2+2 GB of memory but one day it burnt one of the sticks, and as a replacement I got a 4GB stick so it's had 6GB for a long time without issue. It has run Win7 and then Linux and never had a problem.
>>1121 With the timings you have to understand that it's like the weakest link in the chain analogy, whatever the slowest timing of a memory module is that's how the rest of them will be. As far as weird memory sizes I thought I read once that this is suboptimal for any system but I don't recall why.
What are some good/lightweight gui toolkits for C? I need to write a thing and so far FLTK looks like the best option, but that requires a C++ compiler.
>>1135 I'd definitely recommend FLTK but I don't know any that are pure C out of the box. Once you start doing GUI having objects is really helpful. You can always write your actual code in C and then link it to FLTK which is C++. Yeah, you need a C++ compiler, but are you not already using GCC? What's your situation where g++ is not an option but gcc is?
Since last week I haven't been able to update Devuan ASCII, I get the error E: The repository 'http://packages.devuan.org/devuan ascii Release' does not have a Release file. N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default. I tried configuring apt to allow it anyways but I still get errors. Is this something on my end I need to fix or is the Devuan devs fault?
>>1143 Devuan is a meme distro with retarded devs that plugged their ears when RMS criticized them, don't even bother trying to get things to work.
>>1143 I had the same on Debian Buster. The issue was with list file that states that the default way to get software is the .iso. After removing the line the problem was solved in my case.
>>1155 Can you elaborate? My sources.list file looks fine.
>>1145 Hey, another Debian bro. >>1157 On a Debian default install the sources.list has a line that makes apt request the Debian installer CD because it acts as an initial repository. In your case it seems that's not the case and the URL you provided is simply down (it redirects to http://packages.roundr.devuan.org/devuan but that site never answers).
(26.14 KB 148x234 1239247633448.png)

>>1159 First quote meant to quote >>1155
(11.24 KB 800x201 1.jpeg)

(27.52 KB 800x400 2.jpeg)

>> 1160 Hey. >> 1157 After the >> 1159 response I'm not sure but still it's worth to try. > This fix is needed only for those who installed Debian from a DVD. Because after you installed Debian from a DVD, you will get the error “the repository cdrom does not have a release file” every time you try to update your system > To fix this error, open the Software and Updates application and in the Other Software tab, disable CDROM repository
>>1139 Thanks! >>1138 Just personal preference, I'd rather keep away from C++ bullshit. I used FLTK multiple times and it's designed in a sensible way I think, but I just wanted to see if there's anything better.
>>99 What are some good DNS servers?
>>1164 OpenNIC is kinda slow but it's got more domains than regular clearnet. You can also host your own if you want to fix performance. If you use a VPN, some have their own DNS.
(164.14 KB 1000x1000 8bitdo-sn30pro-plus-1.jpg)

(20.57 KB 402x444 controller.png)

I have recently bought an 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ controller after it had been shilled to hell and back and it was pretty comfortable to play with, but I'm getting some issues with diagonal inputs. More specifically, according to Windows 7 patented controller settings screen, I can't seem to get the cross in any of the four corners, no matter how hard I try or what settings I change using 8BitDo's software. Updated firmware doesn't seem to make a difference. More specifically, I'm having trouble when playing with emulated games that use wide and angled movements, think Crash Team Racing. I can play it no problem but it won't turn all the way left or right in tight corners for some reasons. Is there a way to achieve that sweet corner movement, or is my controller just defective? It's such a joke that a Linq cheap PS3 controller can do what a 40 dollarydoos controller can't.
>>1177 I don't have one so I cannot check myself, but I would hazard a guess that the designers were trying to emulate analog-stick "circular" movement and thus didn't want full force in both directions. I can't think of any other reason why other controllers would work but this one wouldn't. If it's emulating an analog stick with pre-set values for each direction then this seems like a hack to prevent exactly what you want. Frankly, if something is shilled then I'd be extra skeptical. Plus, it's only got 4 face buttons, which makes it useless for playing Genesis, Saturn, and Arcade games.
How do I go about ripping videos from certain sites when Video Downloadhelper won't detect them? I wanna say Youtube-dl but I don't think that works on the especially lesser known sites (the [ad-ridden] kind that exclusively hosts JAVs).
>>1205 Why don't you give it a try? Youtube-dl supports hundreds of sites and costs you nothing to download. Otherwise if you want to do it manually look at the requests the site does and figure it out. Most likely you'll have to download the playlist of video chunks and then download all the chunks and join them together with ffmpeg or some other video encoding software.
>>1205 Youtube-dl works with basically any site. If you're too retarded for a CLI then just use youtube-dl GUI.
>>1205 What the others said. You know youtube-dl exists but you didn't even try it? You could also ask the developer to support it explicitly, if you're not to embarrassed to ask.
Any reason to use sndio over just alsa?
>>99 Yeah, that's me. I haven't really thought about it though.
Why does using a bluetooth controller suck ass on PC? If I use my PS4 then it works just fine, but the same controller in the same room is laggy as shit on PC. Do consoles use some propriety protocol over BT? Or is my USB adapter just shit?
Is it worth making your own imageboard if you have no tech or mod experience whatsoever? Also, do you need lots of money?
I've recently switched my jewtube workflow from invidious instances to youtube-local instead since invidio.us went down and the other instances tend to go offline often. In a lot of ways it's significantly more convenient, actually in just about every way it's more convenient since local subscriptions with thumbnails are easier to interface with than RSS feeds. The only issue, and this was an issue with invidious instances as well, is that the videos are all 720p. I've set the default resolution in the settings.txt for the program to 1080 but it's obvious the videos are still 720p. I noticed on the github https://github.com/user234683/youtube-local it says >Planned features: Muxing of 1080p I'm a bit tech illiterate about things like this, does this mean 1080p videos with youtube-local aren't supported yet?
>>1306 >does this mean 1080p videos with youtube-local aren't supported yet? Yes, they are not supported yet. Also youtube-local is absolutely retarded, tracking googlevideos connections would be trivial.
>>1306 1080p+ support for YouTube is missing from a lot of software that interacts with it. I think the lone exception is youtube-dl. You'll note that they say "Muxing of 1080p", this is because YouTube separates the audio and video streams entirely for 1080p (and above) videos, so you need to "sync" them together into a single file for playback. YouTube's official player handles this. youtube-dl gets streams separately anyways and always combines them, so it's a non-issue. For others, it's a technical barrier that much be overcome, and YouTube makes small changes constantly that can break them.
I am new to Gentoo and whenever I try to emerge unetbootin it tells me I need to add use flags or something but then all I get is a bunch of package names, (argument) and >=dev-libs/libpcre2-10.35 pcre16. I told it to add whatever these mystery use flags were to the make.conf but it didn't and now it doesn't even give me the option to add them. I am using a custom kernel and hardened gentoo if it matters at all.
(602.03 KB 963x720 Concerned Kirino.png)

Is switching from Windows to Linux worth it? I know that Linux is a lot more pro-privacy, even if one goes with the more mainstream distros like Ubuntu, which is great. On the other hand, I'm worried about having to deal with endless compatibility issues, re-learning how to install software, and so forth. I'm essentially looking for an option which balances user privacy and protection with reasonable compatibility for emulations, DAWs, and Wine (or similar virtualizers for Windows software), and an anon over at /v/ suggested Ubuntu was the most-versatile option, especially for a beginner. But will the benefits be noticeable enough to be worth what will likely be a high learning curve? Also, I hear Linus has a thing against Nvidia due to compatibility issues. If my rig has a GTX1660, am I shit out of luck?
>>1337 Nice digits, but if you can't be bothered to try it out by yourself it's certainly not worth it for you.
>>1337 If you are willing to learn lots of Linux commands and more new stuff, then go with Linux. Maybe try Linux in a Virtual Machine first to see if you would stick with it. I used to use Linux on a Desktop with a GTX 1070 and it wasn't too bad. The latest Ubuntu LTS release should automatically install the nvidia drivers if you choose the (((Install 3rd party software))) option during installation. Many other distros should be fine with nvidia drivers too, but you need to install them yourself. Follow distro-specific guides on how to install nvidia drivers and never directly grab the drivers from nvidia's website.
>>1357 not him but I never I liked Ubuntu on virtualbox, it always runs so slow but I discovered Lubuntu today and it works better so far.
>>1337 (nice) I have a 1660 Ti and compatibility is fine. A lot of distributions make it easy to install nVidia's drivers. Most Steam games work via proton, as long as the game is installed on a non-NTFS drive. You can check games you play often on protondb. Also, Ubuntu and Debian are commonly recommended "beginner" distributions. I'd say you should either try Manjaro first or at least look at one of the alternative flavors of Ubuntu with a better desktop environment. It handles the install for you and makes adding drivers and such easy. And they provide multiple desktops right on their website, so you can take a look. XFCE is pretty lightweight and you can theme it. KDE is pretty heavy but looks better out of the box. Both are plenty usable and better than GNOME, and i3 is an additional learning curve you probably aren't ready for yet. Is there a learning curve for Linux? Absolutely. You need to unlearn a lot of Windows behaviors and expectations. Sometimes this is the failure of the distribution (see below), and other times it's because Windows has made some choices and now people just accept that's how "computers" are. Little things like "oh, you can't do that from here". Why? Because it's not that program's job. Windows users tend to just want it where they expect it and don't care about system design concerns. >>1358 Any distribution that tries to force GNOME or derivatives (including Unity) on you out of the box is going to be slow. They tried so hard to be "feature complete" and newbie friendly, but all they've done is provide a a worse OSX-style experience with tons of bloat. Lubuntu or Xubuntu, out of the box, are a better experience. It's faster and it's going to be more familiar for Windows users trying to run a second install. Even KDE has better performance than GNOME in my experience, and it's also pretty bloated. At least they don't try to pretend it's lightweight, and value adding features instead of removing them. Still have to deal with Aptitude, but at least it's a step in the right direction. Especially for newbies who don't know how to change desktop environments. >>1335 I don't think a custom/hardened kernel should affect installing, it just impacts software at runtime. Hardened has also been significantly weakened since many of those patches went private, and it's generally not considered "worth it" anymore. If you're telling it to add those USE flags then it's probably doing it. Are you certain it's not? Are you getting a specific error when trying to install?
(779.43 KB 1920x1002 err.png)

>>1359 I may or may not move from hardened as the stage 3 was smaller. Do packages tend to be smaller? Also, why did they go private? Anyway, I am getting the same error as before and I did check the USE variable in the make.conf to be sure it was added or not. Whatever this variable is was not added. Pic related is the error. I am probably missing something obvious I just have no idea what this error is trying to tell me.
>>1360 >why did they go private The developers of grsecurity are faggots and decided they could make money selling to corporations instead of publishing the changes for free. They're really only able to do this because Linus doesn't consider it the kernel team's job to really think about security implementations. If they did, they'd have mainlined many of the smaller changes a long time ago. >Do packages tend to get smaller? Hardened pulls in a bunch of additional packages and updates your USE flags to build with SELinux compatibility. I think it might also forcibly set some GCC security flags, but those are easy enough to set yourself and I'd be surprised if they weren't enabled by default on most profiles; protecting against something like stack smashing is relatively uncontroversial and I can't imagine why you'd want to compile without it for daily use. >error I'm admittedly a little rusty on Gentoo since the laptop I was daily-driving it on has been stuck somewhere. I found this forum entry which seems relevant: https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-419133-view-next.html I think you just need to verify your make.conf isn't malformed and that you've added the correct USE flags somewhere.
I gave going X-less a try as a meme before moving to Void, but the longer I use it, the less reasons I see to not daily it. >window management <I already used to use i3 and rarely tiled, usually one fullscreen window per workspace, so Alt+F? feels normal to me >anime/other weeb videos <mpv -vo=drm >youtube <youtube-viewer, configured to launch above >viewing images <fbi >reading manga <download with cum(or a web browser from somewhere like itazura) -> unzip -> fbi >music <moc(used cmus back in the day but apparently it's a daemon now instead of a normal player) >irc <irssi >screenshot <fbcat/fbgrab >browsing files <ranger or mc, I actually like both >browsing web Here's where I hit a roadblock. <links: no images, no Japanese(well no shit, TTY's are ASCII) <links -g: images work, kana displays but kanji doesn't, and characters are apparently a .png baked in at compile time <w3m: images work, no Japanese <fbterm links: no images, Japanese works but artifacts out the ass <fbterm w3m: no images, Japanese works <also fbterm breaks fbi images, but on the other hand it would let me have Japanese in the rest of the system like in filenames <netsurf is not in the repos and I got confused by their compiling instructions What do I do to have both Japanese display(and input) and images at the same time? Try to stuff Unifont into links? Try to fix fbi/w3m images in fbterm? Try to get netsurf working? Or just give up and run X without a window manager just for the web browser?
>>1368 i assume by how roundabout your solutions are that you're using framebuffer and not wayland. Sounds like an interesting premise. I remember stumbling upon a gdk(gtk+) framebuffer implementation at one point, i don't know how well it works however.
I remember hearing that it's a good idea to just completely drain the battery on rechargeable devices every now and then. Is there a process that I should do this in, how often should I do this, and which rechargeable devices should I not do this with?
I'm getting this on mega.nz with PaleMeme 27.9.4. Does 28 have this same problem? Any addons out there that can still spoof a browser header to get past this? >I've been a Windows refugee for over five years. Honestly, it depends on the severity of your threat model.
Second half of >>1378 was meant for >>1337
>>1376 Honestly, don't bother with any of the "battery saving" shit you see. Batteries will go bad eventually, delaying it by a month or two isn't really worth all the effort. Just do what's convenient for you then replace the battery when it goes bad.
>>1380 The hell? How is it not good? A month can mean a difference for many things.
>>1381 A normal lithium ion battery will last a couple years. At that point an extra month is moot when you can just swap it out whit a brand new one.
(23.00 KB 474x534 thinking.jpg)

I've recently started dual-booting Manjaro with Windows 10, and I have to say, I really like the former so far. I've had to do some tweaking and whatnot, but things seem fairly stable, overall. That said, I'm trying to find the best means of playing Blu-Rays, and so far I've tried the following methods: >The method mentioned on the Arch Wiki, involving VLC and libaacs However, this does not appear to work with newer Blu-Rays, as it keeps telling me the aacs files necessary aren't there, iirc >Trying to run a Windows-compatible BR player through Wine This requires Java, which among other problems is apparently undetectable through Wine; as well, it can't detect my Blu-Ray drive this way. >Trying to use MakeMKV In a sense, this has been the most stable option thus far, but again, it can't detect "any useable optical drives". Am I better off just using my Windows boot for Blu-Ray playback? Or am I missing something really obvious?
>>1383 mpv
>>1383 Are you using the Linux version of MakeMKV or using Wine? I don't have any issues with it on Ubuntu
Reposting my question from Lainchan since I want to solve this issue fast. I'm having speed issues with Qt5 applications, Tor Browser Bundle, and Firefox on Gentoo. The UI is unresponsive. I've been trying to find out how to fix the issue, but I'm totally lost now. How can I finally fix this font issue? Tor Browser log is attached. qBitorrent log will be on another post.
>>1386 anonymous@gentoo ~ $ qbittorrent OpenType support missing for "MUTT ClearlyU Wide", script 11 OpenType support missing for "Liberation Sans", script 11 OpenType support missing for "Luxi Sans", script 11 OpenType support missing for "Nimbus Sans L", script 11
>>1386 >>1387 I don't have a concrete solution but I am not convinced that it is a font issue. I'm far more concerned with the following [Parent 18528, Gecko_IOThread] WARNING: pipe error (97): Connection reset by peer: file /var/tmp/build/firefox-8c99f46eb62b/ipc/chromium/src/chrome/common/ipc_channel_posix.cc, line 358 A pipe error on a system socket is a red flag, and the commonality between Qt, Firefox, and Tor Browser is the Gecko engine. I found this bug report on the issue for Tor Browser, although it was closed. https://github.com/SeleniumHQ/docker-selenium/issues/388 Additionally, I found this which was a problem with their SELinux configuration https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1545844 Are you using the hardened profile? Is SELinux configured? If so, it may be preventing Gecko from being able to access a socket it needs, which is causing hangups.
>>1388 No, I'm using the default Gentoo profile. I do not have SELinux.
>>1389 That doesn't mean it's not a permissions issue. Your Gecko IO threads are receiving pipe errors when trying to use a local socket. The most likely causes are that they do not have the rights to grab sockets, probably because of insufficient permissions. Whatever the cause, it makes perfect sense why they'd lock up, it makes sense that they all share Gecko in common. You need to figure out why Gecko can't pipe data through sockets.
Anyone know why my ATR 2100 USB mic has really shitty sound quality on linux that doesn't get picked up very well and kind of trails off and cuts out unless I'm yelling directly in the mic? I tested another shittier headset mic and it works more or less fine.
>>1392 To add onto this it sounds fine in things like audacity recordings but in VOIP software like steam and steam games it doesn't register at all unless I yell directly into the mic.
I am not sure where to post this but I am really worried, I haven't used my paypal account in years but I got a message on my email that paypal has been used I also got a tracking number from ups emailed to me with my PO box, 5days later I got 10 t-shirts sent to my PO box. I am not sure what is going on or what I should do. I am trying send the shit back to the merchant but I can't call paypal's Customer Service because >We currently have limited customer service staffing due to Coronavirus and get hung up as soon as the message ends. I have honestly forgotten I had it, and should have de-activated it a long time ago. My paypal shouldn't have worked at all since I changed bank account because of a different reason.
>>1395 If you didn't get charged, then just enjoy your free shit.
Is it safe to download torrents as long as it's done through a proxy? Deluge has a proxy setting.
>>1397 It's generally anonymous to do so, since all your traffic is routed through an anonymous endpoint. You can still download malware if you're not careful, and that can reveal your actual IP if it wants to. But that's on you to look out for. But your IP shouldn't leak as long as you do it all via VPN.
>>1398 >But your IP shouldn't leak as long as you do it all via VPN. What about non-VPN proxies?
>>1399 You would have to do packet capture to find out for sure, but torrent clients in general have a reputation for leaking information. That's why one of the reasons it's inadvisable to use them with Tor.
>>1400 Okay, thank you.
>>1397 I down/up load about a TB a month, no VPN or proxy. Never ran into any issues
Can someone recommend me a tiling window manager with good mouse support for moving and resizing windows?
(209.92 KB 1024x1024 seamless.jpg)

>>1404 i3 perhaps as it still has titlebars so you don't need to press alt just to move a window with the mouse
Why does seemingly every website break the simple "tab" option for moving between the username and password field? What the hell do the coders of the website get off on when they think forcing the user to click on the password field themselves is good? Not only that, it also breaks a lot of password managers that just use a "auto-type" method instead of a method based on the input fields.
(64.39 KB 800x534 borked.jpg)

>>3 Hey /t/, computer illiterate here: Recently, my MSI pre-built computer won't turn on properly. Basically, it's been raining and storming a lot in my area lately so I am fearing the worst, but essentially the computer does the following: >Boots >Starts loading for about 3 seconds >Fan starts >Hard shutdown I have tried the following, and none of them worked: >Removed RAM sticks and put them back >Removed just one RAM stick >Removed both >Removed the HD >Plugged every removable cord in and out of the motherboard >Changed socket >Changed charger And none of them worked. It doesn't really look as if anything got burnt, so is there any other check I must attempt before deeming the motherboard completely dead and over? Also, should I buy a new one and if so, what exactly should I look for in a new one, how much am I expecting to pay and is there any comprehensive guide to pc building or repairing for these cases?
(226.66 KB 2000x2000 boot failure chart.png)

>>1443 By boots do you mean it boots fully into Windows I'm assuming you're using Windows since you're retarded? If so it might be overheating
>>1444 No it just starts sending signals to every component connected to the motherboard, including the fan, then it stops abruptly. >I'm assuming you're using Windows since you're retarded? My mom says I'm special In all seriousness, I was able to get to the BIOS Setup after fucking around by plugging and unplugging shit until it sounded well plugged enough. I usually try and remove dust bimonthly but I have been unable to in the last few months so it might be that too. Is there any test I should perform?
>>1444 Managed to get through Safe Mode, running SFC right now, cpu is unusually hot Also wow I am on an even worse pc so I didn't notice that was a chart. Amazing, thank you kind sir.
>>1446 Clean your CPU cooler and apply new paste. If it's a shit cooler you might wanna replace it.
>>1447 I'll look into it. I really need to learn the basics of this shit.
>>1447 Ah yes, by the way, can you recommend any one product? Even if it's just something that I have to look into the ingredients used, I don't mind.
>>1449 What CPU do you have, and how much clearance do you have for a cooler? Also depending on what you currently have you may not need a new one, new thermal paste might be enough.
>>1451 Intel i3-3220 It's an old pc but I've been able to keep it from dying for quite a while now and I'd be sad to lose it
>>1451 Oh and about space, I think I can probably fit one and the PSU has an extra unused wire. I'd probably have to find a way to make it stick to the walls of the case though. Like I said earlier, I try and dust it off gently with a pair of small hairbrushes and frequently dust off where I can reach in a well ventilated area, but I had to slack off lately and here I am now. I'm waiting for some checks to go through so I can read fan speed and temperature.
I want to buy bitcoin/cryptocurrency but I don't want to fuck all my personal information over to a shit service like Coinbase. I have an idea for how to buy it, but I need some way to get a wallet without going through any of these services, any wisdom anons?
>>1454 You can literally just create a wallet. You download software that generates one, and then you have an address people can send the currency to.
>>1454 >I want to buy bitcoin/cryptocurrency but I don't want to fuck all my personal information over to a shit service like Coinbase. Then prepare yourself to get scammed, and don't put in any amount of money you'd rather not lose. >but I need some way to get a wallet without going through any of these services You can create a wallet yourself, without any trouble. The fact you haven't figured it out means your idea for how to buy bitcoin is probably retarded, and that you're probably going to fuck up somewhere else anyways.
(49.53 KB 400x400 image_proxy.png)

Does anyone know how to download Ungoogled Chromium for PureOS? I would appreciate it if the instructions are not technically demanding, as I am rather new to Linux.
>>1472 According to this: https://tracker.pureos.net/T797 It's not packaged for either PureOS or upstream Debian. So you'll need to get it from outside repositories. You can try the prebuilt binaries which the maintainers list https://ungoogled-software.github.io/ungoogled-chromium-binaries/ Your best bet is probably the Debian installer. An architecture isn't listed, but I am guessing it's x86_64. If you have an Intel or AMD processor in a laptop build within the last decade, then this is fine. If your device is older, or you're trying to run PureOS on something else like a Raspberry Pi or a phone, you should beware that this is probably not the binary you are looking for. If you get a .deb file you can do a search for how to install one. Generally you'll just need to provide it to either aptitude or dpkg and then handle dependencies which are hopefully packaged. May I make the recommendation that you just use a private browser which is already packaged for Debian? Such as Firefox, Icecat, or any other derivatives? Ungoogled Chromium is duct tape on a bandage as far as privacy goes.
>>1472 >new to linux >meme distro >meme browser >filling up the subject field >>1474 >private browser >Firefox >the browser installing adware "extensions" remotely, something not even Chrome does
How can I successfully install Win7 SP1 on a laptop that originally came with Win10? The laptop is from 2015. I attempted to do this before, but after I installed the OS, the wifi and ethernet drivers failed to install possibly due to missing updates. I do not have the error messages at all.
I'm trying to open a webpage but they're doing some sort of blocking at the DNS level that makes it so that I can't resolve the address using any DNS I try, however if I connect to a VPN the same DNS servers I tried previously actually do resolve the address without issue. How is this possible? Is there anything in the DNS protocol that would allow them to filter name resolution by the IP address that requests the resolution? I've never heard of anything like this before. >>1479 I tried installing a fresh Win7 SP1 install recently and the issue was with certificates. Some of the updates must add some root certificates and without them other programs failed to run. Also I faintly remember some issues about outdated SSL libraries. tl;dr: let it update
>>1480 How can I update at all if I can't get any internet access at all? >wifi drivers failed to install <ethernet drivers failed to install
>>1479 >SP1 Why are you so retarded that you want to install a specific version of an unsupported OS? I could understand wanting to install Linux, but this is just stupid. >>1480 >they're doing some sort of blocking at the DNS level They aren't, it's literally impossible unless they own every single DNS server you used. What is more likely is that your government blocked that site, but there could be many other explainations: hard to tell without knowing which DNS you tried and what's the site you wanted to get to.
>>1484 If you want to try solving it via updates, Microsoft used to allow you to download and bundle updates via an offline installer. These days, it's possible that option has been removed. They take a scorched earth policy when it comes to unsupported operating systems and a lot of very helpful tools are just gone now to encourage upgrades. It's embarassing that Win7 never figured out generic ethernet drivers at the very least. Another option might be to look up what chipset your motherboard has for ethernet and then see if you can find the driver from the manufacturer website, or from somewhere else. If that also fails, you can look at older models of the same line and try to find their drivers. It's possible that will get you enough functionality to connect and get started. >>1485 >Why are you so retarded that you want to install a specific version of an unsupported OS? In his defense, SP1 is the last compiled release of Win7. Unlike XP or some of their other releases, it never got a SP2, nor did it get a "here's everything bundles" end-of-life release. The only way to have all updates for Win7 out of the box would be building an image yourself, and I don't even know if Microsoft offers tools for that anymore. Why he wants to install Win7 is his business. I've told all my friends and family who don't need it for work to just move on to Linux. Not a lot listen, but it's the sensible move at this stage. But there are reasons you might not be able to ditch Windows.
>>1484 ha, I missed that bit. Maybe try getting more information about the error and if it actually is an error with certificates try getting the certificate from a Win7 VM and installing it manually. You could also try to see if you can get the required update(s) to install offline, I think Microsoft provided a way to get updates for offline installation and some other websites used to mirror them too. You could also try getting an older driver that may install in a non-updated Win7 install, and then upgrade it after Windows gets upgraded. >>1485 I think I figured out what's going on. The user facing DNS server eventually needs to hit the nameserver of the website that I'm trying to access and that nameserver must have been tweaked to not resolve to an address depending on where the DNS server I use is located. I obviously tried and as DNS servers but those addresses always reach local nameservers so that's why the name started resolving on a VPN. Using regional DNS servers always fails, but using DNS servers in other regions actually works. Nifty trick, 8moe should implement it.
>>1485 Windows 10 is malicious bullshit and I can't into Linux. All the distros suck except Gentoo, but I've been running into obscure issues in Gentoo recently. I also started to try out Windows 8.1 again, and I'm now having audio stutter issues. It doesn't happen on Windows 7. Windows 7 is the best desktop OS, but sadly it is dying. Anyways, FUCK WINDOWS 10 FUCK SYSTEMD FUCK WINDOWS 8.1 FUCK RED HAT FUCK MICROSOFT
>>1501 >can't into Linux >can totally determine that win10 is malicious bullshit because he read it on facebook
It seems that even entry level help desk openings demand experience in Active Directory. Odds are they mean actual work experience but how do I go about practicing that at home?
>>1510 If you're committed to learning it then you can do it at home and they don't need to know that you're all that new. I would gather any old/cheap computers you or your friends have and configure a basic network. Or if you have a nicer desktop you can use VMs. Install Windows Server on one and then create a domain and add the others onto it. Create users and administrate from there. Learn to use group policies to push updates and control permissions. You might want to pirate a book on the topic and follow its examples. There are also certification programs. Microsoft's certifications are notoriously easy and even Pajeets have them. You just need to get a book that teaches to the test and learn from it, and then you can say you're certified. Do they have an Active Directory specific certification? No clue, but you can find out, check Amazon for books that purport to teach it, and then look for that on libgen or your favorite private tracker. In general, you should assume certificates are worthless and professional experience matters more. But the goal is just to get your foot in the door somewhere that can tolerate your being green while you learn how to apply the knowledge. A certification can help with that. But it's still good to have a network to play around on, even if it's unlike the spaghetti you'll find in the real world.
>>1510 If you're just doing help desk, odds are all you'll be doing in AD is resetting passwords, and maybe account creation. Either way it's easy as fuck.
Anons i would like to get a bit on an advice. I found a PC next to a skip (pic) and i would need advice in getting a new motherboard for it. The specs are quite decent for what was thrown out, It's got an AMD Athlon II X4 ADX645WFK42GM , 4 gigs of ddr3 ram, and a GTX 560 all neatly packed on to an asrock N68C-UCC mobo. The thing works but mobo wise its got a few issues dragging it down, the first is that it's got an Nforce chip set, front USB is dead with even voltage missing from the rails, front audio is dead. Two from the 4 sata ports are also appear to be dead the connectors are there but that's it. Now im asking for advice what would be a decent mobo i can migrate the stuff to make a usable PC?
>>1555 Are you planning on re-using the same CPU/GPU just with a new motherboard? Doesn't really seem worth it imho From the pic it looks like an OEM prebuilt. Some of them have custom boards, so the holes might not line up if you get some ATX board.
>>1556 I guess once it was an OEM prebuilt but the parts can be found separate on ebay and there are links that amazon stocked them in the past. About reusing the CPU/GPU. Yes i was planing to reuse the CPU+ram since with a decent mobo they would make a sweet retro build- The GPU is king of hit n miss it works but only one output from the 3 so that might get sold or just taken to a recycling center near me.
>>1555 >The specs are quite decent for what was thrown out They aren't especially good, see if you can find a compatible mobo on ebay or similar sites but don't worry too much about getting the perfect model.
>>1558 That's why I was hoping that someone who have used am3 mobos would have a decent idea about what to recommend and what to avoid. The mobo what was inside.. Well it exists. I had a boat load of troubles back in the day with nforce so I want to avoid it. And hey maybe I can "upgrade" my own retro pc with it without breaking the bank Sry about the id hop I'm on phone at work
(2.25 MB 320x190 melon rage.gif)

Okay, so, I have a link to an elusive video. It's part of an episode of Happy Days where Mork from Ork is at Arnolds and The Fonz has challenged him to a fight. Mork ends up freezing him in place, but the Fonz breaks out of it. WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: It is THE key scene where the Fonz gives a double thumbs up with an "Eyyyyyy". However, CBS are a bunch of fuckwits and want the mandella effect to take place. I have a link to the video on jew tube, which is not deleted, but the video is blocked. if anyone can rip this or even provide the actual scene, it'd be most appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46cG2foNwiU
>>1511 >>1514 I do have VMware, which I used to dabble with via a Windows 7 iso but not the Windows Server iso. Where do I go about getting one of those without attracting God knows how many viruses?
(3.93 MB 640x360 Fonz goes eyyyy.mp4)

>>1560 Nevermind, I found it on a 3rd world website. It's mirrored but it's the scene with the intact audio.
Should I download games to my HDD then move them to my SSD, or does that matter?
>>1581 Lolwut
>>1581 Why would that matter?
>>1582 >>1583 I thought it would be less writes to the drive but I guess moving the files would have the same effect.
>>1584 I don't think there's much reason to care about SSD health in that way. I think it takes something like a decade of constantly writing to it to make a dent. By the time SSD health goes into the shitter they'll probably cost next to nothing anyways.
>>1581 If you really care about your SSD, do this: https://archive.is/t20Pa >>1585 Not true, I have an one dead. Don't even know what caused it.
>>1587 If you don't know what caused it the it probably wasn't excessive writing to it.
>>1588 The health gradually falls. It starts from non-often rootfs inaccessible to impossible to read it. If that isn't health related, I don't know what is.
There wouldn't happen to be a FOSS program for cataloging backlogs and watch you've watched for movies, games, shows, anime and the like would there? Obviously this is something that could be done in standard office software like excel but it would be nice if there was something that had cover art and new/related releases built into it. Probably a bit too niche of an idea. I'm sure there's websites that do this but fuck that.
>>1590 Not sure about movies, games, and shows. But there are FOSS anime list applications like Trackma for Unix-like OSes and Taiga for Windows that track your anime progress for you. You'll need an account on AniList or MyAnimeList if you are okay with using Google Recaptcha every time you log in to their website (MyAnimeList has a invisible recaptcha that doesn't ask you to solve everytime). When you do register an account, you can just use their API to update your anime list locally so you wouldn't need to touch their websites for a very long time. AniDB would probably be the best in terms of privacy, but they don't have an API for externally updating anime lists sadly.
>>1590 I guess you could use Jellyfin for this
>>1591 Would have been nice to have a cohesive program that pulls data from everything from IMDB all the way to steam to catalog games, review scores, related media, and have that information all stored locally to avoid analytics. It's a shame so much useful tech is locked away behind data farming websites requiring accounts.
>>1591 I almost forgot to mention that I recently found out AniDB uses Google Recaptcha only for registration.
What's better: Powering my computer speaker by the wall outlet, or using a usb port on the computer?
>>1501 win8 is almost the same, and looks like shit if you must use that pos, it's possible to make win10 tolerable, by disabling most of its bs and using custom visual styles to change the retarded appearance, but it takes patience and it's possible to break shit and have to reinstall from scratch. >All the distros suck except Gentoo some seem good, eg. parabola >>1502 is a faggot
What are some good e-mail services to use?
(149.02 KB 250x254 tenor.gif)

Linux newfag here, so I apologize in advance if this is a retarded question. In Mint 20, if I'm trying to download certain emulators (specifically Dolphin, PCSX2, ePSXe, and SNES9X), am I better off building them from source, or using Lutris runners? I can't use PPA, at least with Dolphin, since it always returns a "This PPA does not support focal" error, which is apparently an issue with Mint 20 itself. Thus, those are my remaining choices. There are issues with both, however: >I can't seem to find where the Dolphin runner is saved, which is an issue, as I'm hoping to transfer over my memory card files from my Windows boot >On the other hand, building Dolphin from source requires GTK libraries to be installed, and I have no clue where I should extract the tarball in order to have anything else detect it. Am I missing something incredibly simple, or am I just boned? >>1644 I use ProtonMail, myself.
>>1655 I don't use Mint so I don't know what your issue is, but I think you should seriously consider switching to something like Manjaro as a starter distro. You don't have to deal with the packaging bullshit that come with aptitude and PPAs. If something on Arch isn't packaged, it's probably in the AUR and you can install it from there. Try installing pacaur and using that as your primary package manager; it makes it easy. Compiling from source is ideal, and Gentoo is great for that if you know what you're doing. But I think Manjaro offers the right balance of training wheels and not getting in your way. Debian developers (Mint is downstream from Debian) live in constant fear that someone, somewhere, is installing a package that isn't a tested and approved configuration. If you really want to compile from source on Mint then I can help but I think for someone just starting out you should use something that will automate it. Download the GTK tarball or see if the GTK development headers are packaged and install them via aptitude. For most tarballs, you will need to run ./configure followed by make and sudo make install and this will put stuff where it needs to go. You might also need to run ldconfig for linking libraries to compile against.
(46.28 KB 942x243 Manjaro.png)

>>1656 > I think you should seriously consider switching to something like Manjaro as a starter distro. I did; it was the first one I ever tried. Had nothing but grief after awhile, so I admit I'm not especially keen on moving back. I agree the AUR makes things a lot easier in many ways, but I've also been hearing stuff like pic related, which fits quite well with my experience. What it did well, it did very well; what it didn't, basically broke the system for all intents and purposes. Part of the reason I decided to try Mint, was its famous stability, coupled with its copious documentation and the Cinnamon DE. I can honestly say that so far I've had far fewer issues with Mint than I did with Manjaro. Don't get me wrong, though, I appreciate the recommendation. >Download the GTK tarball or see if the GTK development headers are packaged and install them via aptitude. Will do; thanks for the info. >For most tarballs, you will need to run... and this will put stuff where it needs to go. This is excellent. I KNEW there had to be a way to get stuff to move to the right place! If I understand this correctly, then, it'd go something like this: cd ~/Downloads tar xf filename.tar.gz ./configure make sudo make install sudo ldconfig But how can one tell if ldconfig is necessary? Just by whether or not it crashes or gives an error upon attempting to install? I must admit, I've never had to use it before. Thanks again for the advice, anon.
>>1656 >Try installing pacaur and using that as your primary package manager; it makes it easy. Sorry for the double reply, but for the sake of completeness, I should admit I didn't use pacaur; I used a mixture of pacman and yay.
>>1657 ldconfig is usually necessary if you need library files for developing software. When compiling, these are usually a byproduct, but when installing from packages they're usually separate. If you would normally need to install the lib*-dev version of something (that's how Debian usually labels it; not sure if Mint inherits from Debian or Ubuntu repositories) then you probably want to run ldconfig to ensure your compiler can find it. >Manjaro is fine until it breaks and then requires advanced knowledge to fix So does Debian/Ubuntu/Mint, but the knowledge required is different. Personally, I'd rather deal with a partial upgrade where I have to resolve dependencies using package management directly. Fixes are easy, you just don't know what you need to do. It's inexperience, but between the Gentoo/Arch wiki and some searching, you will learn the correct way to fix the problem, and those solutions will often work, to some degree, on other distros. On Debian and its derivatives, the problem is usually caused by maintainers packaging the files you need in a way that is unsuitable for you. It's probably a couple years out of date. It's also possible there's a bug for your exact release, and you can't fix it without a dist upgrade. Oh, but that dist upgrade might mean other packages get moved to a version which isn't compatible with what you're trying to do. Okay, so the official repositories for Debian and others are shit, but you can always pull in PPAs. Well, maybe, if someone has one. And if aptitude feels like letting you do it. Some require you to add keys first, which usually entails looking up said key and blindly pasting a command to wget/curl it and input it to your keyring, because newbies have no idea how to search a key database. This is a "safety" measure that encourages newbies to paste strange commands into their terminal. And if the PPA you want doesn't exist or doesn't offer the exact version you want? Now you need to compile from source. And because of dependencies, you probably also need to compile all of those from source. And if you hit a wall here as a newbie? Good luck troubleshooting it when you don't even know your environment. Meanwhile, on Gentoo and Arch, you could have just run a single command and the package manager would gladly download the latest stable release, as well as dependencies, and compile them from source and install them for you. You can skip to the conclusion of hours of troubleshooting and do it the easy way. And the wiki usually documents issues here. Why spend hours reading StackOverflow posts from 5-10 years ago with outdated information to solve what is, ultimately, a problem caused by Debian's shitty packaging and mismanagement, when you could spend that time reading the wiki, learning how the system works, and fixing a real issue? The people who promote Debian and its downstream distros are deathly afraid of leaving the wading pool, but as a result they never learned to swim. >>1658 Pacman is the default. It works perfectly fine if you don't want any AUR packages. I recommend Pacaur because it will do a search of official packages and then use the AUR as a fallback. Generally, installation via AUR entails cloning a git repository and then running a makepkg command on it. Pacaur simply automates the process. I've never uses yay, despite technically having it installed. Try to stick to one package manager. Manjaro's biggest problem out the gate is preinstalling too much shit, including package managers. They should pick a default or make it part of the installer to select your preferred manager.
(87.87 KB 659x423 fug.png)

Well, fug. This was what happened upon trying to ./configure the tarball. Now I assume I have to find other packages and fit them into the tarball somehow. >>1659 >Fixes are easy, you just don't know what you need to do. Which means they are effectively no longer easy lol. Seriously, though, I constantly felt terrified of doing stuff in Manjaro, like everything was going to shatter into a million pieces if I fucked up even one install. At least with Mint, they have Timeshift, which in theory allows one to quickly pick up the pieces again. >between the Gentoo/Arch wiki and some searching, you will learn the correct way to fix the problem The Arch Wiki is indeed god-tier, I agree. It helped a LOT when I was using Manjaro. >And if the PPA you want doesn't exist or doesn't offer the exact version you want? Oh, it's worse than that: I was digging deeper into Dolphin's website, and apparently they don't even maintain their PPA anymore, explicitly telling users to compile from source now. And apparently, PCSX2's repo doesn't "support focal" either, so you know what that means!! :^) >And if you hit a wall here as a newbie? Good luck troubleshooting it when you don't even know your environment. But again, this is the same exact issue I faced with Manjaro. If this sort of stuff keeps up, I may be forced to switch back, but God, I hope not. >I recommend Pacaur because it will do a search of official packages and then use the AUR as a fallback. That actually sounds pretty great. Wish I'd known about that sooner lol. On a related note, I have separate partitions for /root and /home. How badly will things fuck up ifhypothetically I were to switch back from Mint to Manjaro, attempting to keep my /home folder intact in the process? Would there be a crapton of file conflicts, or is it likely to work?
>>1660 Install Gentoo.
>>1662 Doesn't Gentoo install similarly to Arch, in the sense that you have to know exactly what you're doing beforehand in order not to break everything before it's even past the gate? I appreciate the recommendation, I really do, but I have a feeling I'd fuck it up with my current level of knowledge.
>>1666 Daemon, that is how you learn. You learn by learning to learn. Search, don't ask. Understand, think. What you did shows you don't know what you are doing. That level of knowing is basic. Yet, you lack it. TLDR: Stupid question. RTFM.
>>1669 >Search, don't ask. Understand, think. Yes, I understand that, but for someone who is still learning to troubleshoot properly, they're simply not going to be able to figure everything out by themselves. Meanwhile, I'm trying to find a distro that will work as a stable desktop OS. If I have to risk breaking stuff and consequently having to waste several combined hours undoing mistakes, that's no longer an OS -- it's an experiment. That's fine, but again, I think you'll agree it's way less productive in the long-run, at least until you know how to troubleshoot properly. >That level of knowing is basic. Yet, you lack it. I'm pretty sure that the very fact I mentioned Gentoo seems to work that way means I was aware it would be a problem, yes? Unless you meant my earlier posts >>1657 >>1660, though I made a point in both of those to stress that I was already trying to apply my current knowledge to my situation. I was stumped, and tried asking anons as a last resort. I fail to see the problem here; there's no immorality/stupidity in asking a question, provided one has tried to solve it by oneself first. >TLDR: Stupid question. RTFM. Gee willickers, anon! You sure told me who's boss! How will I ever recover?! :^)
>>1660 >Will switching back keep my /home folder in-tact? I've had mixed results. In theory you can just tell it not to wipe it and to mount it as /home on the new system, too. In practice, I've had installers (can't remember which distro, probably either Manjaro or Ubuntu) ignore that directive and wipe it anyways. Back stuff up if it's really important. If you aren't using a LVM you should probably nuke it regardless. If you don't allocate enough room to / then resizing becomes difficult and risky without an LVM. >your picture Basically ./configure is looking for dependencies so it can configure the make file properly to link them. You'll need to install those packages, either via package manager or compiling. In theory, package managers were meant to solve this issue by providing binaries and installing any dependencies.In practice, working around them is more frustrating at times than not having one at all would be. But this to me is the appeal of a compilation-based distro like Arch and Gentoo. The package manager is generally able to run a compile script itself and has been packaged as such. Debian and Ubuntu just ship binaries of stuff with no regard for compatibility between versions, as long as it doesn't break the system entirely. >this is the exact same issue I faced with Manjaro No, there's a distinction here. With Debian, you have to spend a few hours grinding away your will to live fighting aptitude and their packaging decisions. You eventually discover that, due to ship dates, one library is nearly four years out of date, and another is two, and there aren't any releases that package compatible versions for what you need. So you end up having to compile both and all their dependencies manually. It's common for this to happen, and the package manager will fight you and not let you link stuff properly since it will want to use system versions of everything, even hopelessly out of date libraries. For rolling releases, you're probably on the cutting edge and everything is within some degree of compatibility. AUR provides scripts to compile and install for your OS automatically, and Gentoo packages are all just compile scripts, basically. Since you're always compiling, it's a first class experience. Compare with Debian and Ubuntu where you have to install the compiler and basic libraries via a package manager first... It's about what the maintainers expect you to be doing, and the maintainers of Debian and its downstreams think that under no circumstances should you be compiling. You should use their packages, which have been wisely chosen to be stable. Except their packaging decisions are shit. Their distro is shit. And when users don't know what's best for them, their distro will try to force them to do the "right" thing and just accept what is provided. At least when you end up having to compile I'll just say that compiling and finding dependencies on rolling releases has been far easier, and I found the experience less frustrating than "stable" releases that claim to have everything packaged but actually don't.
>>1681 >In practice, I've had installers (can't remember which distro, probably either Manjaro or Ubuntu) ignore that directive and wipe it anyways. Back stuff up if it's really important. That was my concern. Luckily, I already tend to back stuff up quite frequently, so it's not the end of the world. >If you aren't using a LVM you should probably nuke it regardless. If you don't allocate enough room to / then resizing becomes difficult and risky without an LVM. I'll have to look into that option. I actually had to reinstall Mint once already due to misjudging how much space I'd need in /. I had been led to believe that 20 GB would be sufficient, but I ended up going with 80, just to be safe, and it's still half-full. >Basically ./configure is looking for dependencies so it can configure the make file properly to link them. You'll need to install those packages, either via package manager or compiling. Yeah, I did some digging and found most of the necessary dependencies; however, the gtk+3.0 library is nowhere to be found, even taking into account its new name. For some reason, it still let me build from source anyway, but upon trying, it obviously still yielded an error. Am I cancer incarnate for downloading the flatpak version out of desperation? >But this to me is the appeal of a compilation-based distro like Arch and Gentoo. The package manager is generally able to run a compile script itself and has been packaged as such. Debian and Ubuntu just ship binaries of stuff with no regard for compatibility between versions, as long as it doesn't break the system entirely. That's definitely fair. I'm keeping Manjaro on the table, just in case these sorts of problems keep happening going forward, as it seems to be the only beginner-friendly distro of this type. >For rolling releases, you're probably on the cutting edge and everything is within some degree of compatibility. AUR provides scripts to compile and install for your OS automatically, and Gentoo packages are all just compile scripts, basically. >At least when you end up having to compile I'll just say that compiling and finding dependencies on rolling releases has been far easier, and I found the experience less frustrating than "stable" releases that claim to have everything packaged but actually don't. I admit I'm still a little apprehensive about switching back to a rolling release, but you've made a good argument. I keep wondering what went wrong with Manjaro the first time around, though; I'll admit that it's quite possible I simply didn't know enough about how the AUR, etc. works, but the fact that so many people keep lambasting the way updates are handled, and how packages are updated, etc., makes me wonder if it wasn't entirely my fault. I could also throw caution to the wind and try Pop!_OS, but I'll have to do more digging on that subject first.
Could there be issues if the kernel headers get upgraded to a version newer than the current kernel? It sounds retarded but the package manager said that it was reasonable and I was curious. I've also found a page on the gentoo wiki that said it was okay but it seems to only take into account glibc and in my case the headers are required for something else.
>>1701 It's fine. It just has to match what's expected of other libraries compiling against it. So be sure you upgrade glibc and other system libraries at the same time.
How do I get Imgbrd-Grabber to properly pull from my Zerochan's favorites page without making it download every image one-by-one?
Is Proton VPN any good? Ever since I've started using it every time I changed by IP it just slows down my internet not to mention it prevented me from accessing exhentai and several proxy sites? Is it something wrong on my end or what?
>>1744 Never ever ever ever use a free VPN.
>>1744 There are VPN's with trials you can try. Mullvad is one. If I recall correctly exhentai is that retarded site that only lets you access it if it has some bizarrely specific fingerprint of your identity through cookies or some stupid shit. So I could see how a VPN might trip it up.
Does anyone know how I might configure awesomewm so that the horizontal layout is limited to 2 rows instead of expanding to 3+ after 6 windows are opened?
(3.97 MB 1017x1812 libbysleppy.png)

So, after the shitshow that was the LibreOffice mascot contest, is it still "superior" to OpenOffice, are they just about the same, or is there a better office suite program?
I remember using a Chrome extension years ago that would save the posts that you were in the process of making so when you navigated off the page, you didn't lose what you typed but didn't submit, and have to start over. Does anyone here know what it could've been?
>>1757 LibreOffice still better. They did "threaten" a paid enterprise version but the community jumped on their throats and they backed down quick.
>>1758 Might've been a Greasemonkey script rather than an addon.
Got asked if I could snoop and check if someone was "really working" at their computer. FUCK Even my autistic ass would call their phone and mark them as absent if they didn't answer, Jesus H. Christ on a pogostick
(1.76 MB 1314x1809 libbie.png)

>>1757 If you need an offline productivity suite, your choices really are LibreOffice and... LibreOffice. OpenOffice is abandonware that everyone ditched for a good reason, and the only "alternative" is Microsoft Office. Or caving and switching to Google Docs, NextCloud, etc. A self-hosted NextCloud might work fine, but I don't think it's worth maintaining just for yourself. >>1758 >>1766 I remember this extension or one like it. I was able to find https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/autosave-text/omgpghebcjlafeegihofjnhhmllplnie for Chrome but it hasn't been updated in years. No idea if it still works. Maybe you can take it and update it. Or write your own clone.
>>1757 latex
Is bad to leave your laptop on 24/7?
>>1781 *Is it bad
>>1781 >>1782 Idling isn't really harmful to computers, but it's probably not great for laptops. Mainly because the battery will become damaged if it's charging 24/7. And some laptops have heat management issues. If it's running cool and you don't mind the battery getting trashed then it's fine, though.
>>1781 Definitely remove the battery if you're doing this. Otherwise it should be fine.
How do I change Video DownloadHelper's default directory? Keeps going straight to my SSD's Downloads folder by default and I worry about writing too much to it.
So, with Blender now being compromised, what are the alternatives for 3D modeling programs?
>>1840 How is it being compromised? Also >not using openscad
>>1849 Kikebook is now funding the project.
How come the usual methods for bypassing youtube age restrictions don't work anymore?
>>1859 They seem to be cracking down. As usual, moral majority puritans and SJWs cry "think of the children" and YouTube obliges. Is youtube-dl and Invidious not circumventing? Or are you just trying to get them to work in the browser directly?
>>1768 Why was OpenOffice abandoned, anyway? I used to use the hell out of it and then an update broke my system one day. I switched to Libre out of necessity, but never heard the full story.
(260.17 KB 686x441 1346025436630.jpg)

>"Windows has encountered a critical problem and will restart automatically in one minute. Please save your work now." >atapi errors in event viewer ("The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort3.") >volsnap errors in event viewer ("The shadow copies of volume C: were aborted because of an IO failure on volume C:."_ >system restores keep deleting, when I turn system restore back on, it eventually just deletes the system restore again >KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR 0x0000007a Every time I boot up my Computer there's been an issue now. After a restart it's fine... until the next day it starts all over. (This is AFTER a year ago my nvidia drivers seemingly crashed so I can't play many games or any game in 3D, and after I could no longer plug in my external harddrives, crashing windows explorer and hanging my computer, so i can't even back shit up now)
>>1869 Whatever you did really fucked the install. >I can't even back shit up now Use a Linux LiveCD. Burn it to a disc or to a USB drive using a different computer. Set that as your primary boot option. You can move files you want to keep to another drive. Your only option is to nuke that install, so be thorough. If you run into any problems, feel free to ask. I've done a dozen of these recoveries for people (successfully, as long as the drive isn't dead) and it's not that bad. Time consuming, but not bad. Be sure to grab everything in AppData and check the Documents folder for game saves. >>1861 There was some drama a decade ago about ownership and direction, I think over Sun (and later Oracle) owning OpenOffice. They managed to piss off everyone, so there was some kind of split and OpenOffice lost most of their developers overnight. I don't know what knocked over the first domino, but that's why they were set up to cascade.
(76.12 KB 795x744 34mb-unallocated.png)

I'm curious, is there any reason why a brand new, 512gb micro-sd card would have an unallocated volume of 34mb? Will I fuck something up if I merge the two together before reformatting them?
>>1873 Thanks for the reply. I can still use my computer, but randomly on occasion on a chrome tab will hang when trying to load something then give a Error code: STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR, which is in line with the BSOD I had recently. >Use a Linux LiveCD I actually had planned to use some sort of linux drive to get access to my external harddrives for while, as during research I heard that if Windows can't access the hard drive often times Linux will. Basically every time I try to plug in my external hard drives it completely freezes of Windows Explorer, crashed my computer once, constantly loads in My Computer and cant be accessed. And then for some reason my other external did the exact same thing so I don't think they are dead, it's just my computer can't access them anymore for some reason, possible due to a power issue with my USB HUB. This all happened ages ago, so when I decide to try I'll keep this in mind. Does Linux LiveCD also work on 64bit?
(2.53 KB 112x110 dumbs.png)

What the heck is this? Why does it appear on nearly every directory I downloaded from my external HD? How do I delete them all at once? They don't show up with the search option
That's Windows' thumbnail repository for all the files in the given directory, so things like images show a thumbnail of the image as their icon.
>>1876 >Does Linux LiveCD also work on 64bit? Of course. >Possible power issue If you haven't tested with another OS then I would first assume your drivers are broken. But a hardware failure like this, while rare, is possible. If you're using a hub, it could be as simple as bent pins. I'm staggered you're putting up with it, though. I wouldn't be able to stop debugging until I found the problem and fixed it. >>1874 Either it can't be allocated or the manufacturer stuck some extra info there to fingerprint it. Most consumers don't know what formatting is, so if you want to mark a card for any reason with additional information then this is fine for 99% of the market.
>>1879 Since I believe my hard drive is beginning to fail I'm ordering a new hard drive and will start the mass debug process there. I guess I'll install linux on there temporarily to even see if I can access my external hard drives. Then if it works and I can back up data then I will go full ham into the debugging.
What's a good file manager with a built-in search feature that functions similarly to either Windows XP or 7?
>>1887 Are you looking for something compatible with Win10 that brings back older functionality, or are you on Linux and looking for familiarity?
(20.24 KB 577x196 wndw.jpg)

Kubuntu newfag here 1) How do I change icons and pointers to the ones I made myself? 2) How can I make advanced changes to the windows style so I can get stuff like pic related? I tried manually messing with some .svg files but nothing happened 3) How do I save my settings combination as a "Global theme" so I won't have to individually change wallpaper/windows-style/colours/icons/pointers/etc. whenever I wanna go back to the same combination?
>>1888 I'm on Linux and I'm looking for familiarity/nostalgia.
Does anyone have the infographic thing on recommended free software for windows. I'm pretty sure i downloaded one of them years ago but i can't find it and I want to edit a video clip a little bit and don't know what to use.
>>1897 I don't have the infographic, but I believe Shotcut and OpenShot are both cross-platform and free. If you want professional grade then you should pirate Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. Anything but Windows Movie Maker is probably workable for small projects, though.
>>1897 Depends on what kind of editing you need to do but give Avidemux a try. It has a rather unintuitive interface but it's rather simple once you get the hang of it and all the different things you can do to the video are in one place. It is FLOSS however I think it depends on a library that has a license that is a bit more restrictive and it made the debianfags throw a fit.
Alright. Bought a new internal hard drive, installation went smoothly. Now I can back up data again in case something happens to my main hard drive and if it really is failing. Now the main thing I want to do before more vigorous debugging/testing of my Windows installation (and possible reinstallation) is that I need to gain access to my external hard drives that I alluded to in a previous post: >2 External hard drives >always worked >downloading onto one of the externals >all of a sudden the download was cut short as the drive no longer existed >in an attempt to access the external, windows crashed, had to reboot >windows explorer constantly forever loads when I try to plug it in >my other external (that had no part in this) has the same thing happen for some reason >externals can't be accessed on any other Windows computer/laptop, still continuous loading of windows explorer They are western digital externals. The lights are still on, no noises or anything, they look as they always did. Just randomly after a windows crash they can't be accessed. My USB stick still works though. >>1879 My only goal now is to see if I can gain access to my externals that no longer are being recognized on my PC. Can I use Linux LiveCD for that? And if so which Linux LiveCD do I use? There's Clonezilla Live, DRBL live, Gparted live and Tux2live. Google searching "Linu7x LiveCD" seems to default it to Gparted live but I'm still not sure, I'm not a Linux guy. I have a USB to use for installation.
>>1920 >>1920 Technically any livecd will work. It's just booting an operating system that will live entirely in RAM. You'll want one which comes with recovery tools, though. Something like SystemRescueCD: https://www.system-rescue.org/ Clonezilla is mostly for cloning disks. GParted should be sufficient for your purpose. As long as you can mount the drives (to verify they are working) and move data (if you want to move the data to your new drive) then you're fine. If you cannot access these external drives via a LiveCD boot then there is probably some kind of hardware issue. Since it's unlikely both failed at the exact same time, I would plug them and your new hard drive into a different computer, do the transfer there, and then you can stick the internal in your PC and write-off those USB drives. Or you could swap your motherboard for one that doesn't have a damaged USB bus, but at that point you might as well just build a new PC. You'll probably have to reinstall your operating system at that point, too. If it's a hardware fault, especially in the motherboard, it's terminal. If a reinstall doesn't fix it, or a LiveCD runs into similar issues, that's a solid sign your hardware is destroyed.
I have an old PC I want to sell. How do I safely erase the hard drive (a regular spinning disc HDD, not an SSD)? I want it to be reasonably secure, just so some random asshole cannot recover my personal data. There is nothing illegal on it that would need to withstand a forensic attack or something like that.
>>1930 Oh, and while I'm at it, what if I rub a magnet over the hard drive aftwards just for good measure? Can a magnet actually damage the hard drive or does it just scramble the data?
>>1930 Format the drive and then write random data over all of it at least once. You can look up "zero fill" programs for your operating system. You could also just find create a large junk file and write a bunch of them until the disk is full. Basically, "deleting" a file marks it for overwriting. Deleting the partitions/master boot record will make it very hard to recover data. Subsequently overwriting the data at least once puts it firmly in the "forensic recovery required" camp. DoD has more stringent requirements involving multiple overwrites in patterns to make it harder, but you don't need that. Nobody is going to spend hundreds of dollars trying to recover a 0-filled disk. If you're that paranoid you could just toss the disk and sell the computer a few bucks cheaper without the HDD. Some people might prefer that if they want to install their own SSD anyways. >>1931 The magnet thing is a bit of a meme. Just format and 0-fill.
>>1932 >Format the drive and then write random data over all of it at least once. So basically just `dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda` and I'm good to go? >The magnet thing is a bit of a meme. Just format and 0-fill. Yeah, I look it up. It's more likely that I will damage the mechanism for moving the read/write head than actually affect the data stored.
>>1933 >writing /dev/random to the disk Yeah, that works too. You can format and do it again multiple times if you want. Twice is plenty, unless you're worried about Feds. Once is sufficient for selling.
>>1933 Might want to ad bs=512. Ultimately I don't think it would make much of a difference however.
>>1924 Be a while before I get my hard drive and attempt to reinstall windows, but I did use a USB to get System Rescue CD to check in my external drives. gparted recognizes one of the drives, but it gives some errors about the drive. Don't have the errors on hand but it seems salvagable? It at least reads that it's a thing. The main one though, my WD Passport 2TB can't be read with gparted. The program just continues to load and never finds the device, even though the light is on and the hard drive still clearly working inside like it always had. Unless the issue is with the cord then it's over, I guess that drive can't be recovered through conventional means. Maybe I'll have to get more extreme with data recovery but otherwise going to forget about it for now.
Do anons have any experience with Gainward graphics cards? Specifically the Ghost model for the RTX 2060 and 3060 Ti. They are the only ones readily available in my country and it doesn't look like the GPU shortages will get better any time soon.
>>1949 Forgive the doublepost but I only found this German review, though I'm not a kraut. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9LQOAVgLr8&
What are some good proxies that aren't Tor?
>>1952 Tor isn't a proxy. Pretty much every free proxy is sniffing your data. If you want a proxy you can trust, your best bet is renting a very cheap VPS and configuring it as a proxy. There are guides for this which are easy to find. Just tunnel all your traffic through them. >>1949 >>1951 I have no experience with them, and hadn't even heard of them. They have no foothold in the US, it seems. I found some people praising them and their affordable prices, but be warned that it's a Chinese company. I found one forum post stating their support is entirely in Mandarin and they do most of their operations out of Hong Kong. That person recommended buying from Amazon or another site which offers their own warranty separate from the manufacturer's, and that sounds like the safest bet. It's an nVidia design and they can only change so much. Performance should be within spitting distance of other cards. Only question would be cooling and reliability, but it sounds like your only other choice is waiting out the shortage or going secondhand for an older card.
>>1953 Ended up getting it anyway since apparently shit isn't going to get any more available/cheaper where I live. I did find a review in German though that seems to be really satisfied with it. Those seem to be good temperatures, I think: https ://cinemediatech.wordpress.com/2020/12/06/gainward-rtx-3060-ti-ghost-oc-test-review-raytracing-4k/ >I found some people praising them and their affordable prices, but be warned that it's a Chinese company. I found one forum post stating their support is entirely in Mandarin and they do most of their operations out of Hong Kong. That person recommended buying from Amazon or another site which offers their own warranty separate from the manufacturer's, and that sounds like the safest bet. Yeah, the store I got it from offered its own warranty which is why I was a little more relieved to have picked this card. I was personally going to get an Asus Dual Mini or the EVGA XC3 since I liked their compact sizes. I found the Gigabyte Eagle OC too but not only is it sparsely available, I haven't been told good things about their products. I really hope this fucking kraut is right.
>>1953 >Tor isn't a proxy What the fuck are you talking about? It absolutely is. It's just more complex than most proxies.
>>1953 >They have no foothold in the US, it seems. Yes, from what I've gathered, they mostly distribute their products to Europe, hence why most of the reviews I found where in German or some Serbian language.
(1.10 MB 3839x1775 IMG_20191023_180603.jpg)

(653.29 KB 3738x2125 IMG_20191023_180550_1.jpg)

My Samsung 55 inch 4k Tv i bought a few years ago had this weird purple discoloration in the center of the screen I'm not sure what exactly it is i noticed it about 10 months into the 1 year warranty but i thought it was a 3 year warranty and i waited a month too long to report it and either get it replaced or fixed. I think it might be a failing backlight led not sure wanted to get thoughts on it and how to fix. Pics very related. I was just checking to make sure it hasn't gotten worse and i think it might have slightly but i also noticed during the testing that the windows logo is burnt in the left corner and the firefox scroll bar things are burned in on the right and bottom side of the screen. I just turned off the windows task bar on non-main monitors and have this running. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VN-KIlsxxOw[Embed] Since i was doing the check i decided to check my 10 year old Sony 32 inch 1080p TV i use as a monitor and my LG 32 inch 1440p 144 hz monitor i got last black fridayish. My Sony is flawless no issues at all. My LG has a very slight windows logo burn in in the bottom left as well had to look extremely closely to even notice it but it exists. Is the video all i can do? Is there another option? How do i prevent this type of thing? I did try to prevent this by using fullscreen quite often but that clearly wasn't enough. I never thought my LG would get burn in but still did my paranoid precautions anyways. I thought new tech was supposed to have fixed this issue years ago but the only one this is a complete non-issue for is my oldest screen. I'm very frustrated and would appreciate any advice on the topic.
>>1958 I also just had a thought is there a program or way to have multiple "full screen" windows like pic related? Like have a full screen video in one corner 2 full screen browsers windows in other others and a full screen program in the last corner.
How do I get foobar2000 to load something I select in File Explorer to play in a new playlist, rather than overwrite the current playlist?
>>1958 Hard to tell with photos. Could be something physically pressing on the display. The worst case is that it's defective entirely. Considering the display is the entire product in this case, I don't think you'll have a cheap fix unless you can determine it's JUST a bad polarizer or something like that. I'd harass their warranty service and insist you took a bit to report it because of the pandemic or some other excuse and that it was occurring well before their deadline. If you're nice to the customer service people and also keep harassing them they might be willing to cut you some kind of deal. >>1960 On Linux you can use a Tiling WIndow Manager. Not sure for Windows. Maybe one exists, but it would probably be hacky.
When i was in high school a friend of mine somehow found these MP3s that supposedly caused drug effects on the listener. I'm wondering if any of you have ever encountered such technology.
>>1970 It was a big trend back in the early 2000's, but it was just all a bunch of placebo bullshit for dumb kids.
>>1968 I forgot to mention an important note it is only on a dark grey/some lighter black screens like the pics that the purple shows. In most usage the display looks perfectly normal. Its wall mounted, i did have the thought that it might be pressure from the mounting but I feel of that were the case if there was a problem is would be much more severe but I haven't tested the theory and because I've had back issues since i initially installed it by myself a few years ago i wouldn't trust myself to take it down and put it back safely anymore.
>>1970 >>1980 It's a meme, just like those "hypnosis" porn tapes. Although it doesn't stop people from insinuating they worked. Psychadelic music can work pretty well for this purpose, if you're into that. Good for lying down and letting your mind wander. >>1981 Well in that case I'd assume it's bad and fight with the manufacturer over the warranty. Or you can decide to live with it. But bad picture quality drives me nuts. I can handle backlight bleed, but discoloration is a step too far. At least it's minor in your case.
Is there any way to snag the allegedly free Windows Server from Microsoft's website without signing up for anything or entering potentially personal information? Really need a way to practice Active Directory, albeit on a VM.
(20.47 KB 756x423 00000.png)

>>1860 Isn't Invidious dead though? Most of the methods I'm thinking of involved typing something in the beginning of a youtube link that would automatically play the video on another site, copy and pasting a youtube link on another site's search bar, or playing an embed version of a video. Now I get pic related
>>1991 >Isn't Invidious dead though? Yes, but it has at about 8 mirrors, all of which work to varying degrees.
Is there a free VPN for torrents? Yea, I'm the product blah blah, i don't have cash for actually paying the sub fees. I was buying probably stolen Nordvpn accounts on ebay for a couple bucks and then getting my money back after a few months when the accounts would stop working, rinse and repeat for about 2 years but now ebay has started banning this it seems. Most of the VPN accounts you can buy are removed when you click on them. Last week i found out ProtonVPN has a free week on new accounts and their free VPN service shuts off if it detects p2p activity as i just learned i thought i might have been able to work around it and while it may be possible to stop their detection thats far above my skill level unless there is a guide out there but i did a brief search and couldn't find anything. Am i gonna just need to make a new Proton account every week until they stop giving out free trials or is there something better?
>>1993 https://cryptostorm.is/cryptofree Can't vouch for how well it works, but it's severely bandwidth limited.
Is it just me, or is it getting harder and harder to find decent quality hard drives that don't die immediately, or after two years of light-to-moderate use?
>>1999 It's not just you. They have to cram more and more data onto the same sized platters. They spin thousands of times per minute. They're shingling them now for density. The write heads are incredibly fragile. It's amazing hard drives work at all, but they're reaching a physical limit. How much further can they go? The manufacturers have seen the writing on the wall. Hard drives make economic sense at scale in datacenters but not for home users. The average computer user just needs an SSD big enough to hold their Word documents and some photos. A terabyte is plenty, and two is probably more than they will ever need. Gamers might want a bit more, but they're buying SSDs anyways for the speed. It's home users who want to store massive amounts of files that get fucked. We can't afford to spend thousands on a bulk order of HDDs, but can buy one large one. Except now all our eggs are in one basket. Your option is to buy smaller drives which are hopefully less error prone and more resilient or to wait a few years and hope either SSD prices equalize or HDD manufacturing finds ways to reduce failure. Or you can buy two of every drive and run them in RAID. At least then you won't lose the data when one fails.
>>1990 They lock everything behind signups and have done so for nearly twenty years. If you're running it in a VM, you could pirate it. Alternatively, if you live near a school, it's possible students have access to a free Windows Server copy. You can probably buy a license and access to an ISO off one of the kids for a few bucks. They used to call it Dreamspark but I think they've rebranded.
>>2001 >If you're running it in a VM, you could pirate it. I was afraid of that. Piratebay is the only torrent site I know of but how do I go about checking if any of the torrents there aren't malicious? Just in case. I do have a VM and intend to run some version of Windows Server off that. >Alternatively, if you live near a school, it's possible students have access to a free Windows Server copy. Once upon a time I attended a vocational school that had some Windows and Linux ISOs lying around on their computers, complete with VMware and a crack for it. Fortunately I swiped that, Windows 7, and a Linux distro (Redhat, I think) for use on my own PC (the Windows ISO in particular was instrumental to saving money on my PC build). Bad news is, I ignored the Windows Server ISO due to thinking I wouldn't need it. Stupid, I know. Seeing as the image files in question were in school PCs and in constant use in their VMs for teaching purposes, I was/am confident that they were 100% safe. Torrents are a bit of a crapshoot.
>>2000 >Your option is to buy smaller drives which are hopefully less error prone Is 2TB considered "smaller" these days?
>>2003 Anything under 8 is probably "small". But at 2 TB you should ask yourself if a 2 TB SSD (or 2x1TB configuration) is worth it, because they're pretty reasonably priced.
>>2004 Not SSD, HDD. Even if I was employed I rather have just one 500GB SSD to store the OS and vital stuff. More liable at some point to replace my 1TB HDD with a 2TB one. Just need some advice on how to cleanly transfer everything. And then there's brands to consider.
>>2006 Right, I am saying you should consider just using a 2 TB SSD. If your concern is reliability then you'll get that and speed. 2 TB is relatively small now and SSDs in that size are affordable. For transferring over, you should probably just connect both drives and copy them over. Be sure to format the new drive first and configure any drive settings to be how you'd like. For brands, I'd avoid Seagate HDDs. WD has issues but they're still more reliable. Hitachi had a good record but got bought by WD, so it's unclear if they're worse now. For SSDs, the major manufacturers are Intel and Samsung. I'd trust either of those to have a solid warranty, but cost a bit more.
(34.35 KB 983x758 ClipboardImage.png)

I decided to try using FFmpeg with OBS to try and make recording videos small enough for 8chan less of a hassle, but it keeps crashing. Pic related shows the settings I'm trying to use.
>>2010 Does it work with different settings? If you return to defaults is it fine? Or does any form of recording cause a crash?
>>2011 Every setting I've used, it still crashes, and I'm unaware of how to reset it to the defaults.
>>2017 Does standard recording mode work? Do you have an FFMPEG binary installed on your system and in your path?
>>2018 Standard works, FFMpeg is installed, but I don't have it on my OBS Studio folder if that's what you mean.
>>2019 I'm at a loss; I've never had an issue but I'm on Linux and don't usually use FFMPEG recording. You can try a plugin like this one https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/ffmpeg-encoders-for-obs-studio.826/ and see if that helps. Failing that, you might just need to record and then re-encode. It might also be possible to stream to a file that just pipes to FFMPEG, although I don't know to script that on Windows.
At what pace do rolling release distros like Arch or Manjaro release updated packages? Like, how many packages could you have to update after 3 days or a week? I know it depends on the packages you have installed in the first place and other variables, but I'd like a general idea for a regular desktop.
>>2035 If I wait a month or two, I can fill up the terminal with a list of packages, especially if there's been a new C library release. But the amount will depend on how many packages you install and their development speed. Some might update daily or even nightly, if you choose nightly updates. In a given week, I'd expect a few packages to update. In a month, a dozen or so. At least with KDE, which has a lot of dependencies for the DE. On a lighter install you can probably get that down to one or two a week. But it's so dependent on your chosen packages and their dev teams. No estimate will ever be accurate. The updates are quick, though. Worst update I hate was months of backlog and took half an hour. Happened totally in the background, though. Just had to restart at the end to make sure nothing was mismatched. Pretty painless. I wouldn't worry unless you have a ton of packages, a slow CPU, and you like to update only once a year.
How could I get Pale Moon to pick a folder on my PC as the default download lcoation, depending on the file type?
>>2037 >In a month, a dozen or so On what distro? I run Debian stable so I only get updates when there's a vulnerability in a package and don't get any actual version upgrades and I get more than that, so it can't be that a rolling release distro gets less. I don't even have that much stuff installed. >The updates are quick, though I know, but for a project I've been using a VM with Debian testing, which is rolling release most of the time, and it gets like 90 upgrades in 3 days despite being so close to the freeze, and I was wondering if that was normal because at some point I'd like to switch to a rolling release distro and having so much of my system upgraded every 3 days sounds unnerving, not because of how long it would take but because of the possibility of something going wrong.
>>2041 >what distro? Arch. >Debian Testing... 90 upgrades in 3 days Debian is a big platform and when packages encounter issues or conflicts in testing they start contributing package updates manually. A lot of them are trivial. Debian also has more installed out of the box than even a KDE Manjaro install. Debian Testing is not a true rolling release and shouldn't be used as such. They also might divide up packages differently from other distros. >>2040 Probably not possible without writing an addon for it. Firefox has had multiple "last file locations" when you do Save As for a long time so Pale Moon might have this behavior, but it will change locations after you save a file somewhere else. I've also seen it remember per site to some degree. You'll probably need to override this behavior.
Is there any good alternative to Microsoft Word on winbloats? One that isn't filled with ads at least.
>>2043 Wordpad for something with the same basic function, LibreOffice Writer for if you actually need all of the extra features Word gives you that Wordpad doesn't.
>>2043 Libre Office I can't believe I even responded to this post. Where the fuck are you retards coming from?
(1.76 MB 1314x1809 libbie.png)

>>2043 Try LibreOffice newfriend. >>2045 I bet he hasn't even jerked it to Libbie.
>>2040 Sometimes Pale Moon keeps my location depending on filetype, but it's not always consistent. Otherwise, as >>2042 says, you might need an addon for that.
How good of an idea is it to pirate a VPN? I thought i had a ridiculous dumb stupid idiot idea when i decided to search it, expecting nothing, but sure fucking enough you can pirate a fucking VPN.
(376.71 KB 308x308 MarieMod.png)

What are some ways I can extract PS3 sound data from a dumped disc/installed RPCS3 title? I want to make a Persona 4 Golden mod but I require Marie's sound clips from Arena Ultimax in order to make it in the way I want.
>>2069 That is an unbelievably fucking stupid idea.
>>2088 I've never ripped a PS3 game, but you could try mounting the ISO and viewing files directly. If the data is packed into archives, you'll need a tool to unpack them. If it's some proprietary format, then RPCS3 must have some way of doing that. You might want to try asking the RPCS3 developers for a lead.
I'm trying to archive any interesting websites I find using WinHTTrack, but some of them give external links to places like YouTube. How would I replace them with local versions of the same video in order to preserve the information the website tries to convey?
>>2091 I don't know what built-in capability the HTTrack utility has, but it doesn't seem like it'd be too hard to integrate youtube-dl somehow and to replace the YouTube video player with a link to a local media file.
(52.04 KB 571x578 ice_fairy_cooler.jpg)

My r9 390 fans are starting to have a mind of their own as of late. At completely random intervals their fan1_target jumps to 2500 regardless of the setting in pwm1 and stays there for random amounts of time, sometimes jumping up and down like the card can't decide if it wants to be loud or not. Setting pwm1_enable to "2" resets this behavior and keeps the pwm in the 120s/fan1_target at 1500, but the default fan curve it used to have seems to no longer be present since Mesa 20.3 dropped hence pwm1 remains in the 120s with pwm1_enable at "2" plus fan1_target resumes its random deviations after some time so it doesn't really help. Thankfully the fans never go below the target set by pwm1 so there's no threat of overheating. What do? Is my computer cursed? t. openSUSE Tumbleweed
>>2089 Yea it didn't work out anyways. Took a look at the comments on a lot of them and they were mostly complaining that it doesn't work or if it did work it only worked for a few days at best.
When you open images that have a transparent background, which background color in your photo viewer is easier on the eyes? Or does it not matter?
How long should I wait? I had blue screen watchdog violation error. Did Scf /scannow told me it repaired some files but couldn't repair some. Now its stuck on dskscan 12 % when I restarted it ( I manually typed /f /r on cmd) will cold starting kill my computer? Is possible quit dskscan?
>>2110 I. Successfully booted in safe mode, what I do?
>>2107 I hate black, and white is almost as harsh. My default has settled on a pale blue not unlike the background color of Yotsuba B, which makes it easy to visualize how most people will view it. >>2110 >>2111 You can try running dskscan again. If it still has issues, your only recourse is to create a boot disk/drive from a Linux LiveCD and run a disk check utility from there. Safe mode is the same OS, just with fewer drivers loaded. If your disk is failing on sectors it needs for the scan, you'll have no other choice. A LiveCD runs in RAM from a separate medium. Prognosis not good, though. But if it's just a bad sector then a disk scan and a fsck might be enough to fix any major errors and buy you some time to get a new drive.
>>2096 >r9 390 fans are starting to have a mind of their own as of late. Did that "as of late" coincide with a kernel update perhaps?
>>2112 Ran it again, boots up now but now I have unsupported UI error messages at the login. As for liveCd is it possible to download Linux at the library to usb? Which linux? This my only computer I have and I am stuck on safe mode.
I've reached an age where I've started investing and managing my finances. I have a decent bunch of shit already, and I know I've very late to the party, but I wanted to grab some cryptocurrencies before the prices become unapproachable. At the very least, I want to put a few hundred dollars into BTC, Etherium, and dogecoin and hold it for 5-10 years. Anyways, I don't want to do it through an online brokerage if I can help it, but I don't know much about crypto besides how it works on a proof-of-work thing. I'm looking for software recommendations (Windows) for a crypto wallet that is open source, and not shitty (my understanding that if your private key gets lost or stolen, you've basically lost everything - hence why I don't want to do it through a web platform)
>>2116 >I've started managing my finances <goes to invest 10 grand into crypto when it's about to crash again Ledger is the standard for cold storage wallets. Wait until the bubble bursts later this month before you invest.
>>2117 I don't even know where I got that 10 grand figure from after reading your post again, my bad. Either way don't invest right now. I'd also suggest considering Monero since it's the only cryptocurrency that actually does what everyone think things like BTC do, which is providing actual privacy and anonymity.
>>2117 >>2118 Alright thanks anon. I'm a little short from Christmas and I know it had a huge spike ($33k jesus) so I'll probably scoop some up this quarter at least, after it cools off.
>>2123 Reference January 2018 to see the last time this happened.
>>2117 >>2123 Apparently Ledger had their databases hacked and customer information leaked, so on second thought take that recommendation with a grain of salt.
>>2130 They downplayed it too, I remember having that impression after reading their notice, something like "Your real-life identity was leaked. Don't worry though, your money is safe."
Speaking of cryptocurrency, can someone explain whether or not it's worth it to mine something like Monero at a loss? Does mining a coin with less value turn out a reward if that coin eventually gains in value and has more people mining it in the future? Or is it pointless to mine a coin if the dollar per watt isn't profitable regardless of whether or not it eventually increases in value?
>>2134 At this point you're gambling that Monero will increase in demand and value. It might as governments attempt to regulate bitcoin transactions, while Monero offers better privacy from said regulations. But again, you're still gambling potential earnings over the cost of electricity, equipment, or mining other crypto.
>>2136 I'm seriously considering Monero mining, or at least investing. The additional privacy guarantees are going to make it a strong alternative. Bitcoin trading is already restrictive as a result of regulations. I avoided investing in bitcoin a dozen times. Every single time, the common knowledge was "it's not worth the electricity cost anymore, and it will only get more difficult". But that fraction of a bitcoin I mined once would be worth a few hundred dollars now. If Monero is ever worth a tenth of what Bitcoin is now then it will be worth it to hold onto. >>2134 If you get a bunch early and hold until it hits a peak then you can come out ahead. Bitcoin has shown the market is volatile. Remains to be seen if another winner is picked. But if there's ever a similar phenomenon, Monero and Ethereum are top contenders. Also means there's quite a bit of mining already being done, though.
(89.44 KB 1280x720 1466863141338.jpg)

I bought a PAL Wii. Being a burger, I would like to know a few things even though it feels like a shot in the dark because I find conflicting information. >is it safe to use a NTSC-U power supply on the PAL Wii or would it be better to use the PAL power supply and find a converter to go with it? If a converter is better, which one would be ideal? >do most TVs nowadays have a way of changing the signals from NTSC to PAL and vice-versa? According to the sticker on the PAL Wii, it says Only to use with power supply (RVL-002). Power supply output : 12V -=- 3.7A The power adapter for the NTSC-U Wii says Output: DC 12V 3.7A
Should I switch my gaming rig to gentoo, qubesOS, or some BSD variant? I'd like to try gpu passthrough to a VM, but have browsing and work on the host, and I'd rather not dual boot. I'm aware and fine with limitations of virtualization. Regardless, if I wanted to try a *BSD OS, is openBSD fine or are there better recommendations?
(368.97 KB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2141 on the PAL power adapter, if it says 110~240V for the input voltage, you can just use one of these rather than an actual converter, from whatever europoor outlet to the traditional NA outlet.
(335.63 KB 1200x1195 plug for the bong.jpg)

(453.77 KB 1200x1701 the power.jpg)

>>2143 Yep, it says 110-240V. Now while it says USA, the plug is made for use in bongland. As far as using the pal wii in NA, as long as I use what you posted the console won't blow up into a fire or have its circuits fried?
>>2144 *100-240V
(14.74 KB 225x77 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2144 I'm not some expert engineer who specializes in this, but from what I've gotten from yurop its always been fine as long as it said 100-240V or so. Also if that little diagram to the right of the output voltage and amperage matches on both versions, there shouldn't be a reason for incompatibility.
(115.76 KB 345x570 the us power.jpeg)

>>2146 That little diagram appears in the US power supply too.
>>2142 Last I checked OpenBSD was king of BSD. Void Linux is worth mentioning. Light as GNU / Linux can be and you can make it as BSD-like as you want.
>>2141 Just curious, why'd you buy a PAL Wii? Convenient at the time? SCART? Once it's softmodded any Wii should be able to run games from any region just fine. I've played a couple PAL games on my NTSC Wii fine.
(20.60 KB 225x225 51292.jpg)

Is there a way to control a thumbnailing daemon like XFCE's tumbler from the command line? I want to generate thumbnails for all files recursively in a directory and all of its subdirectories.
(166.54 KB 512x539 sonicowithglasses.jpg)

>>2151 These are the minor reasons I got it. >convenient that it was sold in the US >cheaper than paying shipping from Europe or Austrailia. >didn't see PAL Wiis listed often unlike the NTSC-U and NTSC-J units >being used to the burger and japanese broadcast signals along with minimal difference of electricity usage, I thought it would be a fun challenge to study european stuff since I never bought a european console before Main reason is for a bloke nostalgiafagging over the Super Nintendo and I thought it would be better to just send 'em a softmodded Wii that could work as a idiot-proof budget retro machine capable of playing many classics. I also figure a PAL Wii would've worked better than having 'em import a NTSC-U unit. I don't have any clue what SCART is.
(490.66 KB 220x165 tenor.gif)

>Wife uses software that needs flash player for her day work >Flash EOL happened yesterday >try to install older version >windows 10 blocks it from installing >the flash installer calls home and cancels the installation >it also deletes the installer >try installing with no internet connection >installer is online-only >can't find any offline installers >older versions of flash also are blocked in Windows as "unsafe" versions Fucking kill me, any suggestions?
>>2158 Also, I'd like to say fuck all tech journalists and their fucking worthless blogposts about how this is a good thing.
>>2158 >any suggestions? Install gentoo. Renounce 3DPD. Learn to search the internet. Actually use the offline version. https://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/updaters/32/flashplayer_32_sa.exe
>>2158 >>2160 2160 is right, but see pic related for more details.
Now that Whatapp is updating it's privacy policy, what are some good alternatives that respect privacy? or respect privacy as good as possible on phones. I heard that some missing teen wasn't able to be tracked on kik because it was anonymous, but it was just something i heard. I'm preferably looking for video calls and instant messaging. Thanks in advance.
(36.30 KB 436x731 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2165 signal isnt bad, and has voice and video calling. session is a fork of signal that doesnt use your phone number as id or for verification, and uses tor/loki for more anonymity, but is still under development to add many of those features. I've heard mention of telegram as well. https://www.signal.org/ https://getsession.org/ https://telegram.org/ pic related is the session roadmap, from https://loki.network/
(29.59 KB 560x314 1565305143048.jpg)

>>2153 I am pleased to say that the Wii and TV did not blow up after I put the euro prongs into the US plug adapter and plugged it in. Trying to change the settings though was a pain in the ass due to the screen flickering in the beginning but I managed to get it working by changing the TV type from 50hz to 60hz. Despite not having any colour displayed I can still softmod it with ease. TV is CRT so I was concerned I would have to use the LCD flat screen but I am relieved to know that progress was made in the past.
>>2171 noice
>>2160 >>2164 Thank you anons, I managed to make it work. The programmers who made the software originally shipped the program with an older version of flash that would install automatically if you tried to open it with flash uninstalled. Now I hope the microsoft doesn't make the optional update, that automatically removes all flash installations without warning, become an obligatory update.
(166.29 KB 1200x1194 Linux Mint logo.png)

Still fairly new to Linux, and I was wondering if it's worth it to change from Mint 20 to 20.1. It doesn't seem like there are too many significant changes, but are there likely to be improvements to security, performance, etc. under the hood? Also, is usrmerge cancer, or a good idea?
>>2165 >now WhatsApp was always harvesting this data, they just updated their policies to reflect that. All proprietary software is harvesting your data.
>>2165 I'm having a ball seeing everyone bailing from Whatsapp and the rest of the services gaining more users and popularity. I think pretty much anything is better than Whatsapp and Skype in terms of privacy. Signal is apparently the standard because they open sourced both their client and their back end, and are also run by a non profit, but ultimately you can't audit their servers to know if they're running what they say they're running. Telegram is much more widespread and has open sourced their client although not their backend, and the app they distribute through the playstore has trackers, however there are other FOSS Telegram clients which are clean. Ultimately you could just install both to get the best chances of managing to still reach your contacts
>>2181 Anything that uses fucking phone numbers as a method for identifying users is inherently pozzed regardless of being FOSS.
<How to privately browse internet in 2021? I was thinking old Lenovo thinkpad with mint installed, I just dont know anything about any of this. I was thinking of having cheap privacy proofed pc for browsing and gaming pc on w10 - disconnected.
>>2185 QubesOS is pretty good if you want to bother with its quirks, but has moderately high hardware requirements. (16gb+ ram, ssd, vt-d/vt-x cpu) It does help you compartment shitposting, work, banking, etc pretty well with virtual machines though. Also has whonix for tor. Tails is probably second pick for privacy; if its a livecd distro then every user is mostly identical and cant be fingerprinted. Just don't use it for banking over tor. If you want a plain distro then mint is fine, I haven't used it for a while but upgrading between versions every year or so seems easier now. And remember, privacy protects your data, anonymity protects you. It's up to you to decide how paranoid to be.
>>2177 It's good to bookmark the blog/news feed for your distro to be informed, here's the relevant posts. https://www.linuxmint.com/rel_ulyssa_xfce_whatsnew.php https://www.linuxmint.com/rel_ulyssa_mate_whatsnew.php https://www.linuxmint.com/rel_ulyssa_cinnamon_whatsnew.php >In Linux Mint 20.1 you can turn any website into a desktop application. >Another application which is new in Linux Mint 20.1 is Hypnotix, an IPTV player for M3U playlists. >some favorite files function >If you're using cinnamon it says the window manager got a new version with 5% faster rendering. Probably the most important would be comparing your kernel version with the one in this release, in this case it seems there is no change, so unless some of the new features tickle your fancy it should be fine to not upgrade.
>>2186 >recommending QubesOS to someone having to ask this question in the first place QubesOS won't install on 98% of hardware, including old thinkpads. >>2185 Honestly I think I'm just going to be directing people that ask broad "how do I into privacy" questions to this series. It's basically impossible to answer the question without a full understanding of the individuals threat model, of which they themselves probably don't have an answer to. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=Y19RFmOxfVM Also keep in mind old thinkpads aren't going to necessarily be any more "private" by nature of being older. Well, in some cases they are since newer lenovo machines come with weird spyware, but in comparison to laptops in general I mean. You aren't going to be flashing your own firmware to nuke the IME because virtually no one does that regardless of whether or not you read about it online. Old thinkpads are good because they're cheap, easy to fix, and easy to find replacement parts for.
(1.25 MB 830x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2188 >QubesOS won't install on 98% of hardware, including old thinkpads. He didn't mention if he already bought one though, the option is simply there. >Old thinkpads are good because they're cheap, easy to fix, and easy to find replacement parts for. If he cant find one in thrift stores or pawn shops, a thinkcentre M73 i3-4130T is 3x cheaper than a thinkpad on amazon, at $100, and is probably even easier to service.
Is it a good idea to keep using a password manager? I've been reviewing some OpSec methods and it's caused me to doubt doing so, as a password manager generally easier to be compromised than a physical piece of paper containing your passwords (cracking security vs physically tracking you, taking that paper from you without you noticing, and fighting you off or getting away from you if they got it but failed to get it without you noticing).
>>2190 Depends on your threat model and convenience tolerance. Physical paper requires you to manually type in passwords each time. Ever time you need to quickly make a new password for any given service you'll need to use a proper system like diceware to manually generate a password with high entropy. Something like Keepass only requires a single password to remember to decrypt the password manager, then you can generate highly entropic passwords quickly and easily. But you're storing that information on a computer which might be susceptible to being hacked, though I'm not sure how much of a risk that really is as long as you have keepass set to automatically lock itself after a few minutes. All those passwords are encrypted so unless you have a keylogger that's going to scrape your keepass password then someone log into that keepass vault and steal all that shit I don't really see how they could get your information. Physical password management is probably going to be inherently more secure if you don't think you have any physical threats to worry about. But the inconvenience of it doesn't really seem worth it. As long as you're using keepass responsibly, backing everything up, making sure its encrypted with a strong password, the risk of it being compromised, at least to my understanding, seems quite low. But maybe I'm missing some big factor, who knows.
(186.84 KB 955x1267 1565487247183.jpg)

>>2171 Now I hit a weird roadblock with the PAL Wii. The programs can be accessed via homebrew menu fine but I usually install channel forwarders on the wii menu for convenience. The forwarders usually work fine on a NTSC-U Wii but not the PAL and I don't know why. I didn't change the folder names and I formatted the SD card to FAT32 (which fixed the issue with WiiXplorer not detecting the card.) The forwarders shouldn't be region-locked. I haven't tested the games to make sure they actually work. Chances are they'll work. Should I just forget about the forwarders and have them use the homebrew channel? Navigating it should still be easy.
>>2192 Definitely shouldn't be an issue with the region. Try redoing the install and be sure to double check everything is in its place. But I would test it works elsewhere first just to be sure. If not, then there might be something misconfigured. The worst case is an undocumented difference between regional versions that needs to be worked around, but I can't imagine homebrew software would need to worry about this.
(23.33 KB 428x243 Reimu wonders.jpg)

>>2193 I put the SD card intended for the PAL Wii into a NTSC-J unit, installed the forwarder wads, and they worked great with no issues. When I put that same SD card into the NTSC-U unit and installed the same wads, they also worked great with no issues. All of the homebrew on the Wiis were installed using the str2hax method and they're all RVL-001 models which are backwards compatible with Gamecube games and controllers. I don't think the colors of the Wiis make a difference as they have the same hardware inside. To sum it all up, here's what I don't think are the problems >it can't be the programs themselves or where I downloaded them, they work fine on all units >it shouldn't matter what type of SD card I use. I used both Micro SD and regular SD cards and they had no problems >I turned on REGION FREE EVERYTHING in Priiloader. I don't see how that could stop a forwarder from working I don't really know what could be the issue. I find it hard to believe Nintendo would sneak something in the Euro Wiis to hinder homebrew being installed and not do the same thing to the American and Japanese units. Nonetheless, this is a very strange encounter. I'll run SysCheck HD on all units and see if there's anything that isn't right. Worst case scenairo I have to do a factory reset and re-install homebrew on it. On a side note, I tested Super Mario Bros. 3 in the Europe, America, and Japan regions to see any differences. All of them work fine on the PAL Wii, my only complaint though is that the movement in the Euro version isn't as smooth as the American or Japanese counterparts. I would probably chalk that up to the 60hz screen setting that I changed to have the picture display properly on my TV. If it were to be 50hz or a different setting perhaps the Euro Mario 3 game will have smooth movement. I could see if my flat screen TV has the option to change between NTSC and PAL signals, but I'm not too concerned over game movements at the moment.
>>2198 Is it possible to get debug output from a Wii at all? It might be helpful to see what the Wii's channel discovery system is doing and why it is failing to load these folders.
What are some methods to automate bookmark sorting? In specific, I want to merge multiple folders into one, to make moving the contents of each one much easier by making it all one large folder instead of multiple, smaller ones.
>>2199 Wiibrew has a page on debugging, I think following the instructions on Homebrew Crash might be close enough to a debug output. http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Debugging Usually when a program doesn't work it either boots back to the home menu or displays an error crash with numbers on the TV. When a forwarder doesn't work I usually get tossed back in the system menu. I ran InspectMii and SysCheck on all the Wiis to compare and figure out what could be the problem. InspectMii showed nothing important besides general console info and settings changed in the options menu. With SysCheck I found some differences between the different region wiis >PAL Wii has Homebrew Channel 1.1.2 running on IOS61, USA and Japan have Homebrew Channel 1.1.2 running on IOS58 >PAL Wii has 41 IOSs installed, 10 of which are stubs. USA Wii has 48 IOSs installed, 15 of them are stubs. Japan Wii has 47 IOSs installed, 15 of them are stubs. >IOS 61 on PAL Wii has no patches, whereas the Japan and USA units have USB 2.0 attribute for IOS 58 This what's on a PAL Wii for the IOSs 222 and 223 >IOS222[38] (rev 65535, Info: hermes-v5.0): Trucha Bug, ES Identify, NAND Access, USB 2.0 >IOS223[37] (rev 65535, Info: hermes-v5.0): Trucha Bug, NAND Access, USB 2.0 These are USA and Japan >IOS222 (rev 65280): Stub >IOS223 (rev 65280): Stub hermes-v5.0 does not show up at all in those two units. I think it may be possible to remove stubs or installed the original IOSs on the PAL unit, but I have a feeling I'll have to reinstall everything.
(7.57 KB 238x165 icons.png)

I have an autistic question. Why has the new version of Waterfox started making drag and drop bookmark icons retardedly huge and how can I revert this?
>>2208 The answer is use librewolf and disable desktop icons faggot.
>>2209 Does librewolf even work for windwos?
>>2210 Also install linux, forgot to mention that step.
>>2206 Great news everyone! I ran the ModMii program and imported the SysCheck file into it and it gave me things to install in the PAL Wii. Following the steps that were laid out by the custom-made guide I installed a bunch of IOSs and reinstalled the Homebrew Channel because it wasn't running on IOS58. Once that finished I went to the channel forwarders and they finally started to work like the other Wii units! It is evidently not a region issue (I couldn't see Nintendo putting security on only one region but not giving the others the same treatment.) I simply had some things that were not installed and because of that, it explains why I always got a frozen black screen. Now it should be idiot-proof enough.
>>2167 Does Session have video calls?
Is there any reason to use a separate image viewer application instead using image editing software to do so? Aside from the editor somehow being slower to open than the viewer.
>>2214 Not yet no, from what I've read on their site tor only uses tcp packets, and they're in the process of adding udp with the loki network. The latter is what video calls require since they can be sent out of order over a network, it seems.
If you turn back time on your computer's system clock can that negatively affect files?
>>2230 It might confuse some utilities that rely on accurate timestamps to determine the last time a file was updated. But usually systems have tolerances for date irregularities. If you go too far back you might break certificates, though.
(438.64 KB 598x422 kaiji-serious.png)

Has any anon ever dealt with removing shit stains from the bugs who made themselves home inside the electronic? What would be the best way to scrub them off?
>>2237 Isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs? I heard of better swabs that are easier to scrub with and wont unravel as easily, used for cleaning after soldering. from one of the first search results: >IPA may affect some clear plastics and it will dry out many soft rubber parts (like rubber feet), other than that it is pretty benign. Soldering flux remover might also work, but I doubt you'd have any on hand.
>>2239 I used those swabs and they did pick up the droppings but for some parts like the steel frames they didn't seem to do anything. I switched to a toothbrush and that kind of worked for removing stains but it faces the same problem as the swabs where it too isn't removing the stains off the frames.
(357.82 KB 900x900 1.png)

Hey /t/ech bros, what's the best browser to use for a smartphone/tablet? I used to use old versions of Firefox but I am not sure I really want to anymore, since the new ones are draining the battery and whatnot.
>>2277 Main upside to Firefox on phones is they allow extensions. New versions have limited extension capabilities, and if they're draining battery too I would stick to older FF versions. Someone used to compile Ungoogled Chromium for phones but I don't know if those still exist.
(21.64 KB 220x217 ano....gif)

Is there a way of getting the classic Macintosh OSs to run in VirtualBox? Not OS X and beyond but older releases like OS 9, 8, 7, etc.
>>2281 Not in VirtualBox. You need something that can emulate PowerPC and translate instructions to x86.
(7.89 MB 1920x1080 Windows7-chan.webm)

I need a headset, preferably with a microphone, what should I get? I heard gaymin branded shit is absolute garbage. You lads got any recs?
(652.84 KB 1600x2966 HEADPHONE_GUIDE.webp)

(113.78 KB 600x800 1320020147396.webp)

(128.77 KB 1280x1024 1316372662626.webp)

(284.99 KB 2860x980 $100_Headphone_guide.webp)

(262.23 KB 1734x1080 THE_BEST_HEADPHONES_UNDER_$100.webp)

>>2297 Until someone more informed than me replies, have pic related. I use a Superlux HD672 because poor, and the rubber ear pad has held up longer than expected. Don't know anything about the sound quality, and I use a shitty clip-on shirt mic on the rare occasion I need one.
(79.21 KB 1066x1500 71rwVEUK72L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

(46.87 KB 1500x1500 61r-RQ4gviL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

>>2298 There are also these kinds of cables for headsets with replacable cables, but I cant vouch for any.
>>2298 I have the K702 right here. They're the most feeble piece of shit ever manufactured. Before these I had the ATH-M50 and the difference in build quality is huge, even though the nu ATH-M50s don't feel as great as the old ones.
what CSS/JS should I add to give each board unique mascots like 4chanX and Oneechan do
I'm trying to follow the ultimate ffmpeg webm guide, but despite follow the instructions, I keep getting webms with intact audio but no video. This is what I've been trying to convert (can't link one I have locally saved because it's 1.11 GB): https://invidio.us/watch?v=DOQNGrUcK4c
>>2331 Perhaps you could post what commands you are using? There might be an error in which parameters you are passing. Available codecs also matters, although less so these days. One option would be using youtibe-dl to download a compressed version of the video. You can use -F to list available formats, and then select the resolution you want. YouTube usually has both webm and mp4 options available for each resolution.
>>2331 The times that happened to me I had set the bitrate ultra low by accident (e.g. mixing up -b:v with -b:a). Try upping the bitrate as a test. Also be mindful of other options that may affect video that you may have fucked up accidentally, like video resolution resizing. If you're on ganoo+loonix you can inspect the streams on your encoded file with mediainfo to see if there's something wrong. I think ffmpeg also has a program to examine media files but I don't use it.
>>2341 >I think ffmpeg also has a program to examine media files but I don't use it. ffprobe has some info like that. Not sure if it's as comprehensive as mediainfo.
>>2338 >>2341 I forgot to mention that I figured it out; I was just retarded and didn't properly follow the two-pass method correctly.
Is there some magical program that downloads any video form any website that i don't know about?
(1.14 MB 2400x3420 ffmpeg_WebM_Guide_v1.0.1.png)

>>2351 youtube-dl does
What would be an easy way to convert multiple FLAC files to Opus and copy the metadata from the former onto the latter? I used to convert them using Audacity with this guide ( https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/opus_export_options.html ), but I could never figure how to easily transfer metadata from one format to another using this method, so I would try (and fail) to automate this using mp3tag, but exporting the FlACs' metadata and importing it onto the Opus' metadata always puts everything in the wrong fields. Ideally, I'd like to be able to convert them to 128kbps VBR, as that is supposed to be just about as loseless as Opus can get.
>>2355 ffmpeg has a map_metadata setting. You can try that and see if it maps correctly. You'll also have full control over the output format and bitrate.
My system's been fucking up recently like Windows Explorer going apeshit and I think it's something wrong with the registry. I want to run sfc.exe because I've seen people say it can fix these issues, but I'm not sure if it'll undo all the update halting and anti-telemetry things I've done to it. Will it?
>>2386 I can't say for certain. It's a possibility, if your mods removed any system files. But there are anti-telemetry programs out there that just make registry tweaks and shouldn't raise any red flags. If you're using that utility (I forget the name) then you can just run it again. I think it saves your configuration and reapplies it. Considering the alternative is probably a fresh install, you may need to reapply these tweaks anyway. Better to take the option that may not need it and won't nuke everything.
What's an easy way to move installation locations of programs without individually reinstalling it, transferring files (if there's no auto transfer options), then uninstall it from the old location?
>>2389 Symlinks?
Is there a good image converting program that allows for batch conversion and adjusting color depth? I'm trying to convert images into PNG with 32-bit color depth and so far I can only do them individually which is a pain in the ass.
(3.01 MB 800x450 [incoherent_yelling].webm)

(12.77 KB 361x406 fucking SHIT.png)

FUCK YOU WINDOWS I DON'T want to look in the store for an app to handle a specific protocol you FUCKER. I want to use this shitty program from AGES AGO. And FUCK all the fucking normalFAGS on the internet who think it's about choosing a DEFAULT APP IT'S A PROTOCOL YOU FUCKS! STOP TALKING IF YOU CANT READ THE FUCKING QUESTION WARRRGLBLARGGL
Is there a way to make ristretto less shit for remote filesystems? Or can someone recommend a better image viewer?
>>2431 You could try Gwenview, Okular, etc. Not sure how well they hold up. They're going to be slow unless they preload other images remotely. Doable but most lightweight software will not bother making extraneous requests for performance.
>>2434 >Gwenview, Okular I'd rather not have 400 mb of dependencies just to view a jpeg I ended up finding viewnior, so far it works very well for local and remote directories.
>>2431 >>2440 If dependencies are an issue, you could try Mirage for a GUI viewer or FIM for a CLI viewer. I found these dependencies for Mirage with the deplist function on my package manager: dependency: /usr/bin/python3 dependency: gtk3 dependency: libX11.so.6()(64bit) dependency: libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.4)(64bit) dependency: libpthread.so.0()(64bit) dependency: python(abi) = 3.9 dependency: python3-cairo dependency: python3-gobject dependency: rtld(GNU_HASH) These are the dependencies for FIM if you use a Debian-based distro, according to pkgs.org, though other distros may have similar requirements: libaa1 libc6 libdjvulibre21 libexif12 libgcc-s1 libgif7 libjpeg62-turbo libpng16-16 libreadline8 libsdl1.2debian libstdc++6 libtiff5
Apparently gentoo decided to remove support for python 2.7 because it's deprecated, which has caused a lot of strife since a number of packages continue to require python 2.7 as a dependency. I cannot update my system because of this shit, here's a short list of blocked packages produced from trying to update: (dev-lang/python-2.7.18-r6:2.7/2.7::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) pulled in by >=dev-lang/python-2.7.5-r2:2.7 required by (dev-python/certifi-9999:0/0::gentoo, installed) USE="" ABI_X86="(64)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_6 python3_7 (-pypy3) -python3_8 -python3_9" >=dev-lang/python-2.7.5-r2:2.7 required by (dev-python/vcversioner-, installed) USE="-test" ABI_X86="(64)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_7 (-pypy3) -python3_6" >=dev-lang/python-2.7.5-r2:2.7[xml(+)] required by (dev-python/setuptools-46.4.0-r1:0/0::gentoo, installed) USE="-test" ABI_X86="(64)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_6 python3_7 (-pypy3) -python3_8 -python3_9" >=dev-lang/python-2.7.5-r2:2.7 required by (dev-qt/qtwebengine-5.15.2:5/5.15::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) USE="alsa pulseaudio system-ffmpeg system-icu widgets -bindist -debug -designer -geolocation -kerberos -test" ABI_X86="(64)" >=dev-lang/python-2.7.5-r2:2.7 required by (dev-python/backports-1.0:0/0::gentoo, installed) USE="" ABI_X86="(64)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_7 (-pypy3) -python3_6 -python3_8" dev-lang/python:2.7 required by @selected >=dev-lang/python-2.7.5-r2:2.7[xml] required by (www-client/chromium-88.0.4324.96:0/0::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) USE="hangouts js-type-check (pic) proprietary-codecs pulseaudio suid system-ffmpeg system-icu tcmalloc (-component-build) -cups -custom-cflags (-headless) -kerberos -official (-selinux) -vaapi -wayland -widevine" ABI_X86="(64)" L10N="am ar bg bn ca cs da de el en-GB es es-419 et fa fi fil fr gu he hi hr hu id it ja kn ko lt lv ml mr ms nb nl pl pt-BR pt-PT ro ru sk sl sr sv sw ta te th tr uk vi zh-CN zh-TW" >=dev-lang/python-2.7.5-r2:2.7 required by (dev-python/enum34-1.1.6-r1:0/0::gentoo, installed) USE="-doc" ABI_X86="(64)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7" >=dev-lang/python-2.7.5-r2:2.7 required by (dev-python/configparser-3.5.0-r1:0/0::gentoo, installed) USE="" ABI_X86="(64)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7" >=dev-lang/python-2.7.5-r2:2.7 required by (dev-libs/boost-1.72.0-r1:0/1.72.0::gentoo, installed) USE="bzip2 lzma nls python threads tools zlib zstd -context -debug -doc -icu -mpi (-numpy) -static-libs" ABI_X86="(64) -32 (-x32)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_7 -python3_6 -python3_8" >=dev-lang/python-2.7.5-r2:2.7 required by (dev-python/functools32-3.2.3:0/0::gentoo, installed) USE="" ABI_X86="(64)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7" >=dev-lang/python-2.7.5-r2:2.7 required by (dev-python/ipaddress-1.0.23:0/0::gentoo, installed) USE="" ABI_X86="(64)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7" Reading the news from eselect shows a recommended method of updating: emerge --depclean emerge -vDuU @world emerge --depclean Which of course I cannot run depclean because I haven't updated according to this error: Calculating dependencies... done! * Dependencies could not be completely resolved due to * the following required packages not being installed: * * media-libs/glew:0/2.1= pulled in by: * media-libs/opensubdiv-3.3.3 * * dev-qt/qtx11extras:5 pulled in by: * app-emulation/virtualbox-5.2.40 * * dev-qt/qtx11extras:5 pulled in by: * media-video/simplescreenrecorder-0.4.2 * * virtual/perl-Pod-Parser pulled in by: * app-text/po4a-0.57 * * dev-qt/qtx11extras:5 pulled in by: * media-sound/qjackctl-0.6.2 * * >=media-libs/freetype-[png,abi_x86_64(-)] pulled in by: * x11-libs/cairo-1.16.0-r4 * * Have you forgotten to do a complete update prior to depclean? The * most comprehensive command for this purpose is as follows: * * emerge --update --newuse --deep --with-bdeps=y @world But of course I cannot update because of the aforementioned issue of python2.7 being a required dependency of a bunch of shit. Fucking thanks, gentoo.
>>2475 Just get the last release of 2.7 and compile it yourself.
>>2476 >compile it yourself I don't understand how that can fix anything, considering gentoo wants to purge python2.7, yet portage still wants to pull the last build of python2.7, but can't because of conflicts. Also, half of the packages in that first block have no ebuilds when I try to specify updating python:2.7 with the ones listed. vcversioner, backports, enum34, configparser, functools32, and ipaddress apparently don't exist so I really don't know what the fuck is going on.
>>2477 >I don't understand how that can fix anything, considering gentoo wants to purge python2.7 Because gentoo can only purge the package from their repository. They cannot prevent you from installing it on your system, or packaging it yourself. Why not figure out how to package it and just run your own package? Others might be willing to use it.
https://invidio.us/watch?v=zn290yvOo9U Based nigger is here to tell you about open source bitcoin crypto wallets, since many people ask. Unfortunately you might need a wallet program for every coin, and the high transaction fees make bitcoin less than ideal for small transactions. Related question, do any burgers know a crypto atm without sms, id, or ssn requirements? If not then are there any gift card to crypto sites that you personally can vouch for?
Is there an image viewer for linux that's on par with irfanview? Ristretto kinda sucks.
>>2543 Try nomacs. You can customize some of the shortcuts so that it's similar. It has some annoying features but it's the closest.
I need to update my graphics driver for video gaymen, but it keeps asking me to get windows updates before letting me install. I don't want to get more computer aids or a forced w10 install, are the kb4474419 and kb4490628 "safe"? Alternatively how viable is modern gaming through a VM?
(9.14 KB 192x262 Curious Penguin.jpg)

Hey, anons. As someone who had a taste of the superiority of Linux via dual-booting Mint with Windows, but then had to get rid of said dual-boot some months later due to various extenuating factors including certain Windows functions breaking entirely, such as Disk Manager, I was wondering something: If I were to run Mint, Kubuntu, or whatever through a VM, would it still be more secure than Windows? I've never used machine virtualization before, at least not like this, so I don't know anything about how privacy, security, etc. would be effected. The thing is, I can't switch to Linux full-time, as I need certain, resource-heavy software that has no Linux equivalent. Not only that, but in my experience, most distros' wi-fi support is touch-and-go without drivers that first have to be downloaded, and I have no ability to use ethernet atm. ThinkPenguin adapters don't seem to work, either. (Speaking of which, does the guest OS still require the same wireless drivers, or does it rely on the main OS for its network connections? If it's the former, then how would you even manage to set it up without offline installations and sacrificing the blood of 13 virgins under the light of the full moon?) Since I still would have Windows as my main OS, I'd be using it for the aforementioned software, vidya, and so forth; but I'd like to be able to use Linux for web browsing and other security-intensive things, if possible. Is this viable through a virtualized configuration? And if so, which VM is the best for this sort of thing? I should also note that I'm interested in VMs due to inevitably needing them for my chosen profession, so I might as well learn them now. And how would file backups work? I assume it's still possible to copy files and documents onto external media, but that depends on how sandboxed the guest OS is from the main OS, doesn't it?
>>2558 Sure you can do it, but it wont be any safer than doing it on windows, because ransomware can just encrypt your vm, and any privilege escalation in the windows host would easily be able to view and modify the vm, I'd think. And if its just for running linux software, you might as well use WSL2 distros in the win10 store. An alternative would be getting an old IBM thinkpad, since the drivers for wifi and such are so popular they're usually included. If you really have a lot of spare time you can try learning pci passthrough, so a linux host can provide the gpu directly to a windows vm. If you're using a laptop its unlikely you can get it working, mostly old ones or high end ones provide the right kind of muxing/muxless display handling.
I'm considering switching to linux eventually, but what's holding me back the most is software. I can handle using a VM for some stuff, but not for software I frequently use. Are there any decent alternatives for >Honeyview (Generic image viewer, works with pretty much everything from gifs to pngs and even psds. Also works on compressed folders.) >MPC (video player that lets you go through folders, make playlists, and modify/randomize the playlists) >sumatra ("Sumatra PDF is a free PDF, eBook (ePub, Mobi), XPS, DjVu, CHM, Comic Book (CBZ and CBR) reader for Windows.") >browser that works, has addons, and isn't a nu-firefox fork >Office suite that isn't dogshit like libre
>>2560 >image viewer dunno >video player possibly mpv or vlc? >ebooks calibre might handle most of those formats, mupdf/gsview is a very light and accurate pdf renderer >browser icecat is the gnu version of nu-firefox, otherwise falkon seemed pretty independent but I cant recall if there are any addons >office suite haven't found anything that matches certain excel features, and compatibility would likely suffer regardless of what alternative you find
(57.53 KB 793x431 update-installation-win10.jpg)

>>2560 I've used nomacs for Windows and Linux. Great all around and >>2548 recommends it too. >generic image viewer However, I use feh for images and mpv for gifs. That might work for your needs too. >browser Firefox and disable telemetry. >reader Mupdf or fbreader. Whatever tickles your pickle works.
>>2559 >Sure you can do it, but it wont be any safer than doing it on windows Damn. Still, if nothing else, I can use it to get acquainted with VMs and bash, so I guess that's still good. > And if its just for running linux software, you might as well use WSL2 distros in the win10 store. Should I feel like a cuck for doing that? I keep hearing that WSL is just Microsoft's way of consuming and destroying Linux, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if that were true. Also, the fact that they didn't call it LSW leaves a bad taste in my mouth. >An alternative would be getting an old IBM thinkpad, since the drivers for wifi and such are so popular they're usually included. That's not a bad idea; they appear to be pretty cheap, assuming I'm looking in reputable places. Still a bit out of my means atm, but it's good to keep in mind for sure. >If you really have a lot of spare time you can try learning pci passthrough, so a linux host can provide the gpu directly to a windows vm. Unfortunately, I'm pretty busy lately, but it might be cool to read up on when I do have some time. Overall, I'm just conflicted about this whole deal. I know I have to use Windows for the most part, and that most if not all distros are beyond my reach atm due to the aforementioned networking issues, but damn I feel guilty. I feel like I'm stabbing the cause of pro-user software in the back, despite the fact that I don't truly have much choice. That said, I really appreciate the feedback, anon; it helps a lot knowing my options going forward. Thanks for taking the time. >>2560 >Video player Dunno if you're interested in Blu-Ray playback, but I found it was pretty easy to get Leawo running through Lutris using the Wine runner. Just start with the Setup file, then do the same process with the proper .exe, placing it in the same folder. Here's more info: https://archive.is/2sipO
>>2563 Yeah it certainly doesn't hurt to keep learning linux in a vm; I missed the part in your original post where you asked, but its a virtual network adaptor. Learning to use it's command line before actually having to use it for troubleshooting helps a lot.
>>2560 >image viewer gthumb works with pretty much everything, my only gripe with it is that by default it tries to play video as well, with poor support for various video formats making it work extra hard during playback while still being very choppy so I just disable video playback >video playback there's vlc, but I just use mpv because it's less hassle out of the box and I don't need the gui functionality, there's also SMPlayer which I think has the functionality you're looking for >ebook/pdf/cbt reader Evince looks like the application for that. >browser I think everyone should try qutebrowser at least once, it's the only one I use any more, only problem is that it doesn't have addons, so if you needed greasemonkey for userscripts you're out of luck. >office suite there is still OpenOffice, I don't know what problem you have with libreoffice
>>2566 >Yeah it certainly doesn't hurt to keep learning linux in a vm; Honestly, I just loved it so much apart from hardware/middleware fenaggling, that I didn't even realize how much I missed it until I got rid of it from my machine completely. Glad to have some means of getting it back, even if only for certain functionality. >I missed the part in your original post where you asked, but its a virtual network adaptor. Fantastic! So I shouldn't have to worry about wireless driver incompatibility, then? >Learning to use it's command line before actually having to use it for troubleshooting helps a lot. Yeah, definitely. I suppose I can also look at this as a way to learn different distros, even ones which I would be hesitant to try otherwise (Artix, Void, Nix, Gentoo ) without more experience. Also, just for clarification: when you say that it won't be any safer than Windows, doesn't that just apply to ransomware/etc. created specifically for VMs, or even to Linux more generally? I ask simply because, iirc, both of those are presently very low-priority targets, unless that's changed. Or does it also apply to any malware that targets the host OS? Bonus question: I know this is pushing it due to the processing overhead inherent in virtualization, but would RetroArch have a decent chance of working in a virtualized config? Not the end of the world if it doesn't, just curious.
>>2574 >wireless driver incompatibility The host os gets a driver to tunnel a connection into the vm, but yeah it usually justwerks (I only ever used virtualbox in windows and the automatic qubesOS VMs). >different distros After gentoo, I recommend trying openBSD just for the fun of it. >clarification I mostly meant the kind of teamviewer viruses where someone is actively snooping, not a passive virus that just installs adware or mines monero. >bonus question It probably works fine for 2d consoles, depending on your cpu and how many virtualization features you can enable.
>>2577 >The host os gets a driver to tunnel a connection into the vm, but yeah it usually justwerks Neat! Hopefully it won't require too much micromanaging, though if it does, that's another learning experience. >After gentoo, I recommend trying openBSD just for the fun of it. I've been curious about the BSD ecosystem for awhile due to the stuff in this thread >>1631, so I may look into it. I've heard some bad stuff about having to basically write your own drivers from scratch, but I still want to say I've given it an honest go. >I mostly meant the kind of teamviewer viruses where someone is actively snooping, not a passive virus that just installs adware or mines monero. Ah, gotcha. But that means that it'd still be safer for normal web-browsing, etc., since only malware made for Linux and/or VMware would be able to compromise it, right? Or am I missing something? >It probably works fine for 2d consoles, depending on your cpu and how many virtualization features you can enable. Sounds good. I admit I was more asking about fifth-gen, but it's nice to know regardless. I suppose I can just use the good ol' standalone emulators until the Windows version of RetroArch becomes more stable. If it does. I know I've mentioned this before, but I really appreciate the advice; this helps a lot.
I'm thinking of making a new Windows 10 PC for Diablo 2 Resurrection, While keeping my old Windows 7 PC for everything else. How badly am i going to get fucked, i know that Windows 10 collects my IP address, but so does a lot of other sites and programs. I already had to do my resume on a windows 10 PC, Is it really that bad if i just use it for games?
>>2586 >Is it really that bad if i just use it for games? Do you have a webcam or mic? Are you going to use literally anything that can connect the computer to you, even if indirectly or in the most roudabout way? Are you going to use anything that can give microsoft information such as a browser or chat software? If so it's still bad, it might be worth it, but be aware of what you're giving them.
>>2587 >Do you have a webcam or mic? No. >Are you going to use literally anything that can connect the computer to you, even if indirectly or in the most roudabout way? >Are you going to use anything that can give microsoft information such as a browser or chat software? I think i'd use the in game chat, and that's it. >If so it's still bad, it might be worth it, but be aware of what you're giving them. I'll look into it before actually getting into it, thank you.
Does anyone here run windows 10 ameliorated?
>>2586 >keeping my old Windows 7 PC This retarded Win 7 meme needs to die. Learn to use some idiot-proof distro like Ubuntu, and if you need Windows for anything use LTSC
>>2607 >>2587 There is a program called Spybot anti-beacon that gets rid of a lot of the telemetry in windows 10
Is there a site to view someone's Twatter media/images without making an account? Nitter was my go-to place but recently their search doesn't work.
>>2648 https://github.com/zedeus/nitter/wiki/Instances There are multiple nitter instances. Difference instances might work better.
Is there any software that lets you losslessly edit gifs as animations instead of layers like gimp?
If i watch a youtube video with ungoogled chrome does yt collect my PC's information? If you have some reading on this i'd love to read it.
>>2666 Short answer yes. The only to prevent youtube from collecting information is not using youtube (invidious still uses Google's video servers).
(11.91 KB 700x400 my life.png)

so im in the market for a CPU upgrade from my old Fx 8xxx series. is there a single modern CPU that isn't cucked or are they all designed to spy on you now? >>2652 the main nitter instance (.net) is permanently rate limited, so forget about using that one, try one of the many alternatives or set up your own.
>>2665 I'm going to go out on a limb and say most image editors can be lossless but I'm not sure on the specifics of if putting it back into gif format would be lossless, since its inherently lossy. With that said, Krita and I believe Clip Studio Paint both have animation tools. You can probably go down the list of image editors in a search engine and append animation in your query and see what comes up.
>>2669 intel has the intel management engine on everything past stuff like core 2 duo. I'm not sure when AMD introduced the Platform Security Processor (PSP), but luckily it isn't on the cpu, and several mobo manufacturers have added the option to disable it, with AMD's blessing. Some ASRock ones have it iirc, but you can surely find a few others by searching. I happened to have a model that does disable it, the X470 Fatal1ty Gaming K4. One thing you should know though, a lot of amd mobos require flashing a bios to add support for new processors, and only a few can do it without an older cpu in socket. I can't recall the exact term, but several new ones do have a usb flashing feature if you cant find a first or second gen ryzen processor.
>>2671 to make it very clear, it's a very unique feature that you should be absolutely sure your mobo will have, because almost every mobo nowadays can flash from a flash drive when an already working cpu is socketted
>>2671 >>2672 yeah im not messing with intel. my mobo is an asus-m5a97 pro, with an Am3 socket. you guys think i can just buy a better CPU than my Fx bulldozer and just put it in there? and if so, which CPU would you guys recommend?
Does any one have a copy of the Windows 7 telemetry removal from /tech/? the original is a blank page
Are there any external bookmark managers that are worth using? I've switched from Pale Moon to Ungoogled Chromium (Moonchild is a faggot who's becoming the kind of retard people try to avoid when choosing non-mainstream browsers, and many versions of privacy-oriented plugins are out-of-date or are no longer updated and their best alternatives don't have PM-compatible versions available). Chromium's bookmark manager is fucking dogshit and doesn't even have tags, I feature I'm sure I'll sorely miss once I finally have this damn thing properly organized and bother to pull this out from it. Also, what would be an easy way to mass-migrate Pale Moon's cookies to Ungoogled-Chromium?
What's a good program to extract PDF files into pages? I have a PS2 service manual PDF I want to post on a wiki, but the file size limit is absurdly small (2MB, the manual is 9MB); I want to see if extracting each page as a PNG, running it through PNGGauntlet, and compiling the results back into a PDF will bring down the size of it enough to be posted onto it.
>>2678 Nevermind; I'm retarded, forgot that GIMP can do this, and didn't look for a plugin (Export Layers) to make the process smoother.
(12.39 KB 614x371 ClipboardImage.png)

(20.00 KB 818x576 ClipboardImage.png)

I am an absolute newbie concerning Linux: today, I spent some time exploring my VM on which I installed Debian. I spent some time messing with my shell and installing a variety of programs that I use on my Windows machine to see how much work everything is to get it running. I customized my shell, I selected a DE on a whim (I will try a tiling DE later) and did some UI customization. However; I have run into a problem: I managed to set my terminal emulator to xfce4. My current shell is fish. I can open a file from the command line and edit it in nvim. However, when I use the graphical file manager and double-click any file (no extension, .txt, .vim) I am prompted with what I presume is xterm or uxterm with an nvim instance (1st image). How do I change this to my normal terminal (2nd image) - moreover, what would I need to search for or what settings does this cover?
>>2680 You identified your problem. Now change the default terminal emulator. Uninstalling the one you don't want should work.
>>2683 Which I already set to xfce4-terminal. I uninstalled xterm, but when I double-click the file now, it does nothing. This has something to do with the standard program for files right? Thanks anyways.
>>2696 You can tweak the defaultslist. It's literally just a mapping of file MIMEs to binaries.
>>2696 I think so. If you haven't figured it out already try looking into .desktop files online, might be related to your issue but I've never had to mess with them manually. I'm also not sure why you're spending time doing that kind of stuff if you're a newbie instead of things that will be more useful to you on the day to day. In any case, happy to see another soon to be debianfag, I've been using Debian for a year and a half as my first distro and I haven't looked back.
I need to buy some Ethereum-based stablecoins, what wallet software do I get? Almost everything I find seems tied to big corps or exchanges or is closed source, and it's fishy as hell.
>>2722 Usually each site recommends what wallet to use, wallets that handle multiple coins are almost never trustworthy. https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.walleth/ can do etherium, if it helps.
(49.43 KB 1225x473 Diablo 2 R.png)

(229.68 KB 1243x779 Untitled.jpg)

I know that the game isn't even out yet but do you think a GTX 1080 can run it in 4k?
>>2732 Maybe on lower settings. It depend if the recommended specifications are for maxed graphics or just medium.
(82.93 KB 700x700 1572198967273.jpg)

I am unable to get certain PS2 games to run via WebMan or Multiman on my fat CECHKxx PS3. While some will work great and boot to the PS2 logo, others will shut down the console and leave it with a blinking red light. I'm not sure what could be the cause. >the programs work >took the console apart and cleaned out all the filthy dust inside >increased fan speed to save console from overheating >roms are from AlvRo redump archive, other games downloaded work no problem >the PSDev wiki says the game is playable or has minor issues, nothing about it says it won't work >have plenty of free space I assume downloading big games onto a FAT32 USB thumbdrive that I use to transfer to the console is the culprit because I tried to extract other games that are 4.7GB in the zips but I got an error saying they couldn't be fully extracted.
>>2749 Stop playing games now and you will get double the benefit. Offer limited in time!
>mkdir: cannon create directory : Permission denied What should I do? I'm really tech-let.
>>2756 Where are you trying to make the directory? You might need to chown the folder you're working in so your user can write to it.
>>2756 chmod a+rwx -R /path/to/directory/
>>2758 /usr/local/share/fvwm-crystal
>>2756 sudo mkdir :^)
>>2761 >that worked I'm retarded, thanks anon, just started using linux yesterday.
>>2763 no problem, sudo lets you run a command with root permissions, as an alternative to typing su and using a root account in your terminal.
>>2763 I'm pretty sure that just makes the folder owned by root. You're probably better off doing this >>2759
>>2765 Apparently it worked, the software was installed.
>>2766 Well I don't know enough about Linux myself to lecture you on best practices, I just know that running things as sudo to solve permission issues is generally not the best approach.
>>2767 Will try to do what the other anon said next time. Thanks anon.
>>2763 Read about users and groups, access control and file attributes on the arch wiki. If you are going to be creating directories in unconventional places, you reeeaaally should know what you are doing. You may have gotten away this time, but someday you wont, and then you'll be sad.
>>2773 all i know is that a+rwx -R made my steam games partition accessible on xubuntu.
Anybody know some software like this as alternative? pimeyes dot com I don't care if it's FOSS or Paid Proprietary I just need something that could reverse image search faces very well. Also use this if you want to obscure pictures of yourself. sandlab dot cs dot uchicago dot edu slash fawkes
(77.39 KB 1200x675 confused.jpg)

Does browsing the web through a VM circumvent Windows telemetry? Also, why is it that Ungoogled Chromium refuses to connect in such an environment? Is there something which stops it from functioning properly in a guest OS, or am I just being retarded and overlooking some obvious settings to tweak?
>>2824 >windows telemetry In theory no, since the host OS can view the tunneled network traffic. In practice, windows is closed source and you'd need an expert to answer what exactly it collects, which can change with any update. If you do some kind of usb or pci passthrough with a wifi or ethernet card/dongle maybe that would remedy it, but windows might still grab screenshots, etc. I'm not a specialist on how VMs work, but the host OS can likely view and access the VM's memory as well, maybe someone else can tell if these are valid answers. >ungoogled chromium Check your vm system clock so https certificates validate? If that's not it and other programs do connect to the internet, I don't have any clues at the moment.
>>2824 Not necessarily. Use a VPN if you want to avoid interception. In theory, MS isn't supposed to be tracking anything in the VM to send off, but you never know. Is the issue only with Ungoogled Chromium? Do other browsers work?
(54.45 KB 770x578 raspberrypi400pcb.jpg)

>>2825 >In theory no, since the host OS can view the tunneled network traffic. I was afraid of that. >If you do some kind of usb or pci passthrough with a wifi or ethernet card/dongle maybe that would remedy it, but windows might still grab screenshots, etc. I keep getting recommended this, so I'll have to look into it when I have some time. Thanks (again?) anon. >Check your vm system clock so https certificates validate? My God, I'm retarded. Not only was the time off, but I had to manually tweak it. (Issue with my VM config, maybe?) Now it runs fine. Much appreciated. >>2826 >Use a VPN if you want to avoid interception. I remember having a horrible time getting them to work reliably back when I was using Linux Mint as a host OS, but maybe I'll have better luck now that I'm using a virtualized card. I admit, this never occurred to me, simply because I assumed for some reason that Windows would be able to snoop past any given VPN, due to it being the OS operating the computer which connected to said VPN in the first place. It's good to know that's not the case, at least. Incidentally, being that I can't fully leave Windows behind atm, but seeing as it's becoming less and less safe to use it, is it theoretically possible to set up a basic, rudimentary Raspberry Pi and hook it up to the same monitor I use for my main desktop, using the former for browsing, etc, and the latter for vidya and other system-specific software? I'm thinking pic related in particular, since it'd be portable enough for the job, but I'm worried about the fact that they generally aren't especially secure out-of-the-box. Then again, I guess they benefit from being in the Debian ecosystem, and I could use it as a work-in-progress security project, if nothing else.
(23.93 KB 1045x477 vpn ms shitdraw.png)

>>2827 Windows can snoop past a VPN via telemetry even if not at the 'local' PC level. Windows will just make connections to IPs through background services which have telemetry in them. Is it harmless? Is it fingerprinting you? It's still going to them through your VPN. VPNs protect your bits from actors in between the connections, doesn't solve background programs from doing stuff in your PC.
>>2832 (Yes, I know my drawing is simple and wrong but I'm not pulling out Visio or an equivalent for autistic reason)
>>2824 It would make it more difficult for sure because the host wouldn't necessarily know what's in the guest's memory, however it would still be able to read that memory because it's the (host) operating system. Regarding the network traffic, it would not be able to snoop it as long as you use HTTPS given that the encryption is end to end and unless you mess with the certificate store it resists a man in the middle attack. >>2832 cute
(62.39 KB 322x397 arakune-twirl.gif)

>>2696 Ok open up any terminal and run xfce4-settings-manager Set default programs that way.
>>2827 I'm not sure on the current state of ARM software, but it should be able to do the basic things people nowadays use computers for (arm software is more niche and might have fewer malware but more bugs, and not everything might have an arm port). x86 emulation would be a topic to read up on, as for physical security its difficult since I don't believe it has a bios to select a different boot device than the microsd card. Still better than windows in both regards, bitlocker full disk encryption is compromised last I heard.
I might drop w7 for linux within the next few years, but I still want vidya. How safe would it be to run w10 in a VM with GPU passthrough?
>>2844 You'll still want to disable telemetry. It can communicate if you have any networking available, and modern operating systems and drivers tend to be VM aware. >GPU passthrough You have two major issues with this route. The first is that passthrough isn't hotswappable on Linux. So you can pass a GPU through to a VM, but only if you don't use that GPU for the base OS at all. Most people get around this by having a Linux "hypervisor" OS, and then they launch either a Win10 or Linux VM on top of it, both of which have GPU passthrough enabled. It's extra setup over some other options. The other problem is nvidia drivers which sometimes crap out if they detect they're in a VM. There's workarounds, but it's also a hassle. Proton works great and you should look at what games you play and see if your needs are met with that alone. Failing that, dual booting is usually easier.
>>2844 Pretty safe, as long as your internet network is secure. There are extremely few malware that attempt to break out of a vm, most instead are inert in a vm to avoid detection. As for pci passthrough specifically, you are giving your vm control of that piece of hardware. Most of my vm knowledge comes from reading the qubesOS documentation, but I believe the best practice is to reboot before attaching the pci device back to the host machine. This removes any possible persisting program from the vm.
>>2846 >most are inert I meant most that interact to figure out if theyre in a VM, 90% of viruses will behave the same.
>>2844 I just ended up going W10 on hardware but focusing on network stuff: got a lot of telemetry IPs and domains blackholed. W10 can also be mostly managed by group policy into something that's tolerable to use without web search or cortana or similar stupid shit (thanks to MS finally listening to the whining of mid-sized businesses)
(75.38 KB 283x248 Chitoge Poker Face.png)

>>2832 >VPNs protect your bits from actors in between the connections, doesn't solve background programs from doing stuff in your PC. Alright, good to know; thanks for the clarification. >>2842 >x86 emulation would be a topic to read up on Will do; thanks. Honestly, all I'd need it to do is basic web-browsing and USB file storage, since practically everything else would still be done on my main desktop. I don't trust Microsoft worth a damn, but I can't make the switch final for the sake of certain software and a lack of ethernet access. I've heard that the software in question can run decently through Wine, though, so assuming that's true, the networking issue is the main one. >Still better than windows in both regards, bitlocker full disk encryption is compromised last I heard. Excellent! Didn't know about the BitLocker thing; good to know. I'll have to read more into that. >>2845 >Proton works great and you should look at what games you play and see if your needs are met with that alone. Seconding this. Back when I was dual-booting, I had nothing but positive experiences with it. The handy thing is, since Proton's devs are largely pulled from Wine's dev team, the advancements in the former end up carrying over to the latter. Or at least, that's my understanding. >Failing that, dual booting is usually easier. I'm not so sure about that. Maybe I was just retarded and overlooked something really simple, but when I was dual-booting Mint and Windows, I eventually encountered pretty major issues; for instance, the Disk Manager in Windows refused to even open. Ultimately, I had to get rid of Mint, repair the Windows boot loader... and I fucked it up somehow, leading to a GRUB error screen on boot, and not much else. Had to take it in to be fixed lol. Still love Mint, though. >>2846 Not the same anon, but this post helps me out, too. >There are extremely few malware that attempt to break out of a vm, most instead are inert in a vm to avoid detection. <mfw using Windows as the host OS <mfw the biggest security risk to my guest OS is my host OS >>2852 Would you happen to have any good resources on that, anon? I know there are a handful of PowerShell scripts that apparently do the job, but is there anything else to look into? I'm a bit worried about the scripts, since I would imagine Microsoft has long since made them obsolete via updates.
>>2854 There are scripts but I did half of it by googling and having the old Education edition (equivalent to Enterprise back then). Win10 Pro is better now compared to years back where MS would disable the ability to disable certain things (yo dawg) Essentially, just googled "<annoying thing you hate> group policy" until Win10 stopped being annoying. I really should back all of that up just in case...
>>2845 >and modern operating systems and drivers tend to be VM aware. But can it fuck with the linux OS and access files from outside the containment folders? >but only if you don't use that GPU for the base OS at all As in it won't even output an image if you're using the image output from the GPU? >by having a Linux "hypervisor" OS Wouldn't that add extra bloat and make the system slower? >Proton works great I haven't tried it yet, but I doubt it works with eroges and some more obscure games. From looking at the site it seems like it works with a decent number of games, which is way better than the half baked potato it was years ago. >dual booting is usually easier Trust issues and linux fuckery aside, booting into windows is too slow. If it's in a VM I can just do stuff while it boots, but having it by itself defeats the purpose of leaving w7 for me. >>2846 >as long as your internet network is secure Just generally secure or secure as in blocking windows stuff in the router? >but I believe the best practice is to reboot before attaching the pci device back to the host machine That's fine, linux generally boots pretty fast from what I remember. >>2852 I just don't like the system. The way it looks and feels disgust me, it'll never be sanitized enough for me to feel safe, and it's just more bloat on top of the already not ideal w7. Having a small and fast system has always been a desire of mine, but video gays have held me back. I honestly don't see any reason not to go from w7 to linux when it becomes unusable.
>>2856 Proton and wine are just compatibility layers. They don't need to be tweaked for individual games most of the time. You can even run random weird windows programs as long as they don't have some bizarre dependency. A game being obscure doesn't necessarily make it any less likely to run over wine, in fact the more obscure it is the less likely it is to be filled with retarded bloated anti-cheat niggery that makes it impossible to run on Linux. Plus proton will get easy anti-cheat support by the end of the year which will further allow it to cover 99.9% of the steam library.
>>2856 >Just generally secure or secure as in blocking windows stuff in the router? Both, since the VM might be able to access other devices on the home network. >it won't even output an image if you're using the image output from the GPU? The VM will control the video output exclusively, he means. A possible example of how this is unpleasant is if you had to render something, that gpu is hands off until its detached. But you can still render from within the vm, or play vidya in it. >Wouldn't a hypervisor OS add extra bloat and make the system slower? Qubes does kind of does this, and it isn't terrible with an ssd, but in theory a headless one should eek out some extra performance in a windows vm if the host OS doesnt have to render a gui until you want a linux vm. Also, are we getting a new thread soon?
>>2854 >the networking issue is the main one What's the issue again? It's not clear. >>2856 >I haven't tried it yet, but I doubt it works with <whatever> and some more obscure games. From looking at the site it seems like it works with a decent number of games, which is way better than the half baked potato it was years ago. >video gays have held me back. I honestly don't see any reason not to go from w7 to linux when it becomes unusable. I've been exclusively on Linux for a good year and a half and wine has run 100% of the games I've thrown at it. From old stuff like Freespace and DosBox games (yes, even though DosBox is portable), through more modern stuff like Sleeping Dogs and Miami Hotline to modern garbage like the 2016 Doom and Fallout 4, everything has played perfectly or almost. It's so god damn convenient that I use it even for things that actually have a native port, because I've made it so that everything that runs through it is sandboxed and doesn't have network access so it's great for closed source or dubious things. Additionally some of the features are really convenient for old games, like using the virtual desktop to constrain the game to one screen, since some games have issues with multiple monitors. I've even used it to play some amateur games and to play with fags from /v/ on gamenights without any issues.
>>2855 Thanks for the information, anon; I'll check into it when I have some time. >>2863 >What's the issue again? It's not clear. I simply have no effective means of setting up the ethernet connection necessary to download wi-fi drivers in the event that I switch to Linux. If I had known at the time, I would have kept my old range extender and my dual-boot config, then tried to install ndiswrapper or something to see if it worked with my wi-fi adapter of choice. Buying a new range extender and/or router is a bit on the pricey side for me right now, for potentially-mediocre results. Even ThinkPenguin adapters didn't work; I just got an endless Wi-Fi authentication loop that couldn't be solved. That was about the time I noticed the other stuff happening back in Windows, too.
>>2864 >I simply have no effective means of setting up the ethernet connection necessary to download wi-fi drivers in the event that I switch to Linux You can just download the packages you need on your current OS and then install them offline on Linux. The Debian installer for example prompts you to do it when it detects the computer it's installing on has a wifi adapter.
>>2865 >You can just download the packages you need on your current OS and then install them offline on Linux. Tried that on my laptop with Kubuntu. Bizarrely, I was able to download the drivers on the live-boot with a properly-detected wi-fi detection; as soon as I installed the full OS, no dice. Very weird. I thus tried the offline method, only to run into dependency hell, even after downloading every last dependency mentioned in the Ubuntu repositories. I now have a permanently-offline Kubuntu with various broken packages lol. I'm even less enthused about the idea of having to do that with my main rig. Thanks for the idea, though; I do appreciate it. I assume that's more of an advanced user thing, though, especially as, iirc, a lot of the problem was due to my inadvertently downgrading multiple packages.
>>2863 Such games are talked down upon here, but what about games that run like, Kernel-level anticheat software that makes it so they will only run on Windows? Anyway around that?
>>2866 I don't know, Debian has relatively clear instructions from what I remember and I managed to do it on a friend's laptop. Evidently if you managed to do it with the live image there's a way to do it with the installed OS too, but I guess if you don't want to keep trying you'll have to keep enjoying winblows. >>2870 I haven't tried any. I don't think they would work these days if they involve ring 0 stuff. The newer Linux kernel has features to help with that (which were made specifically for wine), but it only gives the tools (syscall redirection) to be able to build actual functionality with. I'm not sure if Wine would be able to implement the kernel features in userspace, I guess depending on their architecture they might as they're simulating Windows so they might be able to manipulate the windows processes in whatever way they want without needing an actual kernel driver, however even if they could I don't know if they would as it would just be an arms race between them and the anti cheat developers who I don't think would like it and would just try to detect them and not allow the game to run. What might however happen is that someone might create a fork and do it themselves outside of wine official as it's a super interesting project.
(2.62 MB 1315x1033 clip-on headphones.png)

(6.85 KB 284x178 mdr-q68.jpg)

(6.20 KB 284x177 ath-ew9.jpg)

Are there any good clip-on headphones? The only two that had seemingly good reviews were $30, discontinued nearly a decade ago, and cost $300 now.
>>2880 Seems like a niche format anon. If you want quality, you can get regular headphones or try in-ear phones, unless you've got a literally hueg head
>>2881 In-ear causes my jaw to hurt sometimes even with the smallest tips, earbuds fall off and have mostly been shit for their small driver, and I'd rather not have a headset while outside due to its bulk. I guess those headphones that are linked behind the head might be the next choice.
>>2882 Hear me out, glasses with speakers.
(195.55 KB 750x750 sony clips.jpg)

>>2882 Even with the half-way tips of sports clips? If you'll just be using them for outside or sports, get cheaper over-ear clipons if you really can't stand even just the tip.
(498.09 KB 540x539 bone beats.png)

>>2882 Oh yeah, there's also bone conduction headphoens where you shake your cranium to the beat. Can't say anything about quality, never used the type.
>>2884 I've had that exact set of sony headphones and couldn't figure out how to wear them at all, but maybe there are some that aren't a hard plastic insert which might be okay. >>2885 Looks interesting for crowded places, but I imagine they only work as wireless or powered units. >>2883 Already wearing glasses, unfortunately. But maybe they can clip onto them. Although that sounds even more niche It just seemed strange that clip-on headphones nearly fell off the earth. I had a pair more than a decade ago and they were more comfortable than the others I had, but being a kid I don't remember the quality.
>>2886 Phones packing little in-ear phones with 3 tip sizes doomed on-ear clips anon (probably)
Why will I never be an MIT Computer Scientist?
What's the best slideshow software for windows that supports custom timing? I just want something as lightweight as possible, preferably portable.
>>2905 So you want a video of pictures that change at intervals? The lightest way to do that would probably just be using ffmpeg or using a video editor like shotwell. Slideshow can mean a lot of different things, I'm pretty sure windows image viewer can do slideshows of folders just fine, but I haven't used windows in a long time.
>>2906 Kinda, but fast. I know I could just use ffmpeg to make a video, but that requires making the video beforehand which can take some time depending on the ammount and size of pictures, not to mention the fuckery when it comes to resolution differences. Windows image viewer does it, kind of, but there's only three time settings on w7 and they're all too fast. I want to take a bunch of pictures and have display a picture and then change it after like 2 minutes. Randomizing the order would be ideal but it's not necessary.
>>2907 > I know I could just use ffmpeg to make a video, but that requires making the video beforehand which can take some You can make videos out of just images with ffmpeg. Though this tutorial is in linux. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=9U29pLrCfms LibreOffice Impress might work if you need a GUI solution.
>>2908 >You can make videos out of just images with ffmpeg. I know, but that still means you have to wait for the video to render. >LibreOffice Impress LO sucks, and wouldn't you have to manually put each pic into one slide that way? I just want something like windows image viewer's slideshow mode but with configurable time.
>>2909 Alright I checked and digikam seems like it should work, but it's not a very lightweight program. Alternatively qView might work but I haven't bothered to check it out, it seems lighter. https://www.digikam.org/ https://interversehq.com/qview/
>>2909 here's irfanview's slideshow setup https://www.irfanview.com/
(17.89 KB 381x397 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2910 qView is pretty good, I think I'll use that one. Thanks btw. >>2911 >brags about being fast, compact, and simple >requires an installer I hate modern software practices.
>>2912 Did you miss the option for a zip file? 32-bit has one as well.
I want to make clips from ripped weebshit I've got (in this case, DBZ) using ffmpeg, and I've managed to get it all right except for the subtitles. It seems that no matter what I do, I can't get the subtitles from the original file to properly display in the clip (it just says the chapter that clip was made from). If it helps, I think these subtitles are "image-based" and I'm using a precompiled version of ffmpeg, in case the solution is something that can only be gotten from an option that has to be enabled when compiling ffmpeg.
>>2952 If it's PGS subs from a blu-ray then yeah it's picture based. Use the overlay filter to burn it into the video https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/HowToBurnSubtitlesIntoVideo
>>2953 >If it's PGS subs from a blu-ray They're dvdsubs from a DVD release, and I recall using the method linked but I don't think anything happened. I'll give it another shot, anyway.
>>2954 Another option is to OCR it into an SRT and try it that way.
What is the text length limit for a Facebook post? I'd make a facebook account to check myself, actually no I won't.
>>2981 Huh, that IS an interesting question anon. All I can find is from like 2010-2012'ish which would be useless.
>>2982 I found it, it's 63,206 characters
Considering the shitshow currently at mangadex, how do I back up various list on there? telling users to pound sand and install the latest chrome if they want to continue using the site after the newest "update" isn't really smart by the look of it
(2.27 MB 404x404 2938hf9283hf293.gif)

>>3009 >chrome only And suddenly I have some sympathy for script-kiddie man
>>3009 Mangadex doesn't have an export function, you'll have to scrape it off your follows page yourself. Unless the latest update added one, which I doubt.
How do I update RSS feeds that are behind some CDN? Specifically for Fitgirl's site, my feed hasn't updated for over a month.
(144.56 KB 900x900 1616426858659.png)

A lot of universities have shut off normal IMAP email authentication and forced everyone to use Microsoft AD and Oauth2.0 This is very frustrating. Problem I'm having in running davmail is in getting the oauth 2.0 window to open up in a normal gui https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66754677/office365-auth2-0-oauth-davmail-no-browser-popup-for-authentication-no-logs-prod This thread also is relevant https://emacs.stackexchange.com/questions/61060/how-to-make-email-in-emacs-work-with-an-oauth2-requirement/ Many people could benefit from some anon explaining what we can do to get this running, faggots on stack overflow don't answer the question since davmail seems pretty obscure. I haven't seen any questions get answered about davmail for about five years on there. It's sourceforge Russianware or something but I'm sure some anon knows how to answer it
>>3070 I was able to get thunderbird to work but I'd rather use emacs
>>3070 You can try emailing the IT department and request IMAP be enabled for your account. Though where I work I have it enabled on my account, and I still can't get it to work. O365 is clusterfuck.
>>3080 Naw dawg I'm good, they are peak normies. No need to scare them into thinking I'm a 1337 h4ck3r Seems like it's a problem with the port my davmail is running on
Has anyone else ran into issues with running the latest surf? I upgraded a while ago and haven't had it running since. Used to work just fine. Now it crashes immediately on startup, outputting (WebKitWebProcess:33417): GLib-CRITICAL **: 01:58:02.512: the GVariant format string '(ii)' has a type of '(ii)' but the given value has a type of 'i' It builds successfully with warnings, and looking back I noticed webext-surf.c: In function ‘webkit_web_extension_initialize_with_user_data’: webext-surf.c:98:16: warning: passing argument 1 of ‘g_variant_get’ discards ‘const’ qualifier from pointer target type [-Wdiscarded-qualifiers] 98 | g_variant_get(gv, "i", &sock); | ^~ In file included from /usr/include/glib-2.0/glib/gmessages.h:36, from /usr/include/glib-2.0/glib.h:62, from /usr/include/glib-2.0/gobject/gbinding.h:28, from /usr/include/glib-2.0/glib-object.h:22, from /usr/include/glib-2.0/gio/gioenums.h:28, from /usr/include/glib-2.0/gio/giotypes.h:28, from /usr/include/glib-2.0/gio/gio.h:26, from webext-surf.c:9: /usr/include/glib-2.0/glib/gvariant.h:399:96: note: expected ‘GVariant *’ {aka ‘struct _GVariant *’} but argument is of type ‘const GVariant *’ {aka ‘const struct _GVariant *’} 399 | void g_variant_get (GVariant *value, | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~ I noticed the devs recommend building webkit from source, which I've done. Might need to look into what surf is looking to to meet its dependencies. I'll look into both when I get off work, just figured I'd ping the noosphere to see what I get back in the meantime. Google is of no help so far.
>>3118 The most obvious thing to ask would be if you compiled the right version of webkit. I emerged webkit and cloned surf from the git and haven't run into an issue yet.
What's the recommended way of splitting a pdf back into jpgs? Some programs ask for a DPI, but I just want the original images back at 1:1 pixel.
>>3123 I had issues with what can be pulled from webkit's git, so I used their tarball. v2.30.6. I'm using surf from git. Ubuntu's webkit is very likely downstream. I've learned to suspect dependency issues when running into these sort of problems. If you're not running into any issues with the latest build of surf, then I'll put my attention towards webkit. There is no difference in the errors after compiling from the tarball, so my hunch is surf is still trying to use the gimped version.
What is the best plug and play windows-like distro for normies that isn't botnet?
>>3131 >normies Kill yourself retard <ubuntu <MX Linux <Mint <Manjaro The most similar to windows desktop environment is KDE, followed by cinnamon. GNOME is an apple/soydev desktop environment that can work well for idiots too due to big buttons and other stupid shit. None of the distributions are "botnet". But GNOME devs hate white people.
>>3132 Also "plug and play" is completely relative, I've had problems with all these distributions at one point or another. They're still the best retard proof ones available either way, though.
(1.31 MB 400x399 party_dont_stop.gif)

>>3132 >>3131 >GNOME It's pretty and usable but with a dark side: If you're used to Windows you'll discover small things here and there that will bug you. Eventually you'll be peeved enough to find a solution to these small things and you'll have to install add-ins, extra repositories, random fixes, etc. to get GNOME to do what you want. I agree with anons list though, there's some issues with distros (Ubuntu's snap shenanigans, generalized systemd autism) but those don't matter for a regular less-technical user. Successfully switched my mom to Ubuntu since she literally only needed firefox for facebook and youtube.
Is there a way to play minecraft at previous version? I hate 1.16 because it's too bloated plus when you add double chest and furnaces it loads the whole chunk with it. I'd like to place furnaces and chest at every level so I don't have to go down. I turn some the particles off but it feels slow especially with all the farms and items I have.
>>3143 Doesn't the launcher literally let you pick any version? Unless they removed that feature some time in the last decade...
>>3144 I could only go back to 1.16.0 instead of using 1.16.5, add a JAR plugin or buy dungeons
>>>/v/270940 Assuming that you aren't being targeted by an organization or individual, it should be enough for daily use. Mint is based on Ubuntu's LTS releases, which are "guaranteed" security patches and support for 5 years. Linux Mint 20.1 is the latest version of LM, which is based on the latest Ubuntu LTS (20.04), so it'll get security patches and new features until 2025. Mint also removes telemetry and disables Snap (a way to install software that is somewhat controversial) from its Ubuntu base. Is worth mentioning that Ubuntu and almost all of its derivatives use systemD, and init system developed by (((Red Hat))) that has caused a lot of controversy because it's a giant monolith that is difficult to audit because it keeps gaining features that other tools already do. So this may be a problem for you if you really care about what is inside of the OS. Also Linux Mint got their site and release ISOs hacked once, but that was years ago and shouldn't be a problem anymore.
>>3159 >Assuming that you aren't being targeted by an organization or individual, it should be enough for daily use. How much more difficult would it be for fedniggers to sniff you out? >Ubuntu and almost all of its derivatives use systemD, and init system developed by (((Red Hat))) that has caused a lot of controversy Which linux distros are free from "systemd" and fairly secure?
>>>/v/270954 I've only done research and haven't done any practical tests, so take these suggestions with some salt. That said: Linux Mint seems to be your best bet if you're new and don't mind systemd. MX Linux seems to be a good alternative if you still want a "just works" distro without systemd. You might want to at least consider a "minimalist" distro, meaning that they contain only the bare minimum, and anything extra, you'll have to download/compile/configure yourself; You probably shouldn't use them as your main OS unless you're willing to spend time adjusting everything from the start, and if you're not at least decently familiar with general Linux operations, though. They're all customizable though, so it's not like choosing one or the other locks you out some advantages; the only real difference is what they come with by default. As
>>3160 >How much more difficult would it be for fedniggers to sniff you out? Easy as fuck if you use Chrome/Chromium, vanilla Firefox, any popular communication software (Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Zoom, etc,), Google/Microsoft/Amazon's services, or install shit from shady places. If you really, REALLY have something big enough to get the feds' attention then you best choice is to have a separate machine running Qubes OS that is physically isolated from any network and a spare device that can run TAILS for online stuff, because general purpose OS are vulnerable. >Which linux distros are free from "systemd" Here: https://sysdfree.wordpress.com/2019/10/12/135/ Of them I only have tried Devuan, CloverOS, MX Linux and Puppy, but as I said, Sytememed shouldn't be a problem if you're a regular user who just wants to do work and play vidya. >and fairly secure Practically all of them if you keep them updated and have enough common sense to avoid downloading software from shady places.
>>>/v/270957 99% this. If you aren't tech savy Linux Mint Cinnamon is the best option for you, with ZorinOS Lite as a second choice for low-end devices and the upcoming version of elementary OS for former macfags. >Mint has force auto updates for some reason It doesn't as far I know. The devs were considering enabling automatic updates by default because most of their users are too dumb/lazy to click on the update button and wait few minutes, but they haven't done anything official yet.
>>270968 >was wondering what the whole controversy about "systemd" is? Is it some kind of telemetry service masquerading as a core system feature? In simple terms Systemd is the thing that tells every other service run and stop, and there are other alternatives that do the same thing. The problem with it is that the main dev decided to turn the program in a colossal blob that does all kind of other stuff just for the sake of it instead of following the traditional philosophy of "do one thing and do it right". Being a fuckhuge program with 1000 different functions also makes it difficult to check for bugs and strange code, and some people are wary of it for that sole reason. tl; dr: Is the Linux equivalent of turning a regular vidya news thread into /b/ but 100x bigger than usual (kinda like these threads, lol).
Is there any drawback to running Win 10 / linux dual boot, and using Windows only for vidya? If I ever get a new computer, newer hardware won't run on Windows 7 and I don't want to be gimped for games.
>>3166 Dual boot is a pain. If you can keyword here. Don't break your computer anon. do GPU passthrough into a virtual machine just do that if you want to play a win 10 exclusive. >>3163 I thought it have auto-updates. Guess I got baited.
>>3166 If you don't have care Windows 10 can shit the entire bootloader with an update (the thing that loads your OS) and make you unable to use any other OS (or even Win10) until you fix it (with Linux) and explicitly make it use a bootloader that doesn't suck ass.
>>3166 >>3168 More importantly, while using windows your linux os is still exposed, for any bad actors that want to target it. Besides the bootloader, you might also want to do hardware encryption, but it might be trivial to get around that if your bootloader is compromised.
Is Qubes worth installing for the additional benefits? Right now I'm using Whonix over Debian.
I've been meaning to switch to Gentoo, but because my Internet connection isn't support by the minimal installation CD, I thought about switching to another distro before switching to Gentoo, as my first priority above all is to get out of the glowbox. I've come to the conclusion that switching to MX Linux would be the best idea, as it seems to be analogous to Linux Mint, except without systemd. Is this a good choice for a non-systemd "just works" distro?
>>3171 Do you at least understand how Qubes works?
>>3172 >my Internet connection isn't support by the minimal installation CD Elaborate. Are you using wired or wireless? Tried what's written here: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Handbook:AMD64/Installation/Networking Especially the "Manual network configuration" part. >minimal installation CD One of the good things about Gentoo is that you don't need the official CD to install it. The basic Gentoo installation files are just packed into a .tar.xz archive called stage3. You just donwload that, upack it into a prepared partition, chroot into that, fix a couple of configs, set your date/time/locale, create your user, set root password, install bootloader and syslogger, update, and build the kernel. All of that is done from a LiveCD environment, which can be any mainstream Linux LiveCD/USB. I used Lubuntu LiveUSB to install Gentoo. The main advantage of using that instead of the official minimal CD is that you get a fully working temporary environment with GUI and shit, so while your Gentoo is installing, you can still watch jewtube/gooktoons, shitpost on Samoan cave painting mailing lists and play some light vidya on the same machine. >get out of the glowbox. HOL UP Is this the first time you're about to install a Linux distro? Then Gentoo might be a bit daunting. A typical normalfag-friendly distro has a usual "Next->Next->Next->Done" installation procedure that assumes a variety of sane, middle-of-the-road defaults which might not be perfectly tailored to you but at least they quickly get you a usable system. And then you set off changing those defaults to better suit your needs. Gentoo assumes very little and expects you to start making choices before you even start the installation, frontloading a lot of that work; and unlike most modern RPGs, your choices do matter. Like, you can go completely without GRUB or any other kind of bootloader if you choose to build the kernel with EFI stub support, so that your motherboard boots the kernel directly without intermediaries.
>>3132 >>3135 To be clear: absence of botnet means 0 unsolicited connections, no update checking, and no systemd or other glownigger trash like networkmanager. And no fucking google trackers or cuckflare on the distro site
>>3177 it also helps to understand compiler flags so you don't have long as dicks compile times, and experience the actual benefit of gentoo instead of using arch (or void linux if you want systemd-less) I was suprised how simple openBSD was to install compared to my failed attempts at arch and gentoo.
(29.54 KB 753x730 Screenshot_20210327_104353.png)

(284.88 KB 450x399 65b.png)

FUCKING LINUX FAGS KEEP MAKING DESKTOP WORSE EVERYTIME I LOOK Hey maybe I'll try again, right? Maybe it's better now right? Even that Proton DB site keeps showing better results for gaymes! Let's just use something that's not GNOME this time, it'll be good! And what is the FIRST FUCKING THING I feel when I go on the internet? The scroll wheel! Well, let's just speed it up a bit! WHERE THE FUCK IS THE SCROLL LINES PER MOUSE WHEEL EVENT YOU FUCKING FAGS Do you WANT me to have middle finger arthritis you user-hostile FUCKS? And when I google this shit? oh it's up to the DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT to implement it! It's been 2 years you FUCKERS! I don't give a fuck about your SILO'D MODULE PARANOIA! I just don't want to have a fucking CLAW HAND using my FUCKING MOUSE JESUS CHRIST TERRY WAS RIGHT
>>3180 wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/IMWheel
>>3180 You don't have that problem when you only use the keyboard.
>>3181 Thanks for helping anon the fix works, but I can't help but feel that your good nature is abused by the retards over in GNOME/Wayland and their retard ways.
>>3183 GNOME is notorious for being developed by retarded anti-white cuckolds. But I don't think there's any desktop environment that has a scroll speed variable. That's why desktop environments are kind of a bad way to approach Linux if you want things to work exactly how you need them to.
What would be the differences between having a linux OS for daily use with a w10 VM vs having a hypervisor OS and running a linux VM for daily use and a w10 VM for vidya? Are they both equal in regards to safety and performance or are there drawbacks for going with one over the other?
>>3187 >What would be the differences between having a linux OS for daily use with a w10 VM > vs >having a hypervisor OS and running a linux VM for daily use and a w10 VM for vidya? hypervisor would allow you to share a gpu passthrough between both windows and the linux vm with little overhead. with linux as a host you could get the same working.. but it'd be a lot more tedious as you'd need to shutdown all gui related tasks before initiating passthrough. Unless you have multi-gpu where you could dedicate a gpu to the VM without having to share. >Are they both equal in regards to safety and performance they're about the same safety/performance wise >or are there drawbacks for going with one over the other? mostly comes down to the approach and preference. Personally i haven't tried using a dedicated hypervisorOS and i just run things through a VM when needed. I don't play much vidya that requires windows though so take that as you will if you find yourself constantly on windows but also know enough about linux then hypervisor would probably be better. but if you're like me and can't be assed to set up a dedicated hypervisor linux as a hostOS is perfectly usable just gotta keep in mind the limitations of passthrough. multi-gpu would be the ideal situation which if you have multi-gpu you could go either way without any issue.
Anyone else using Surf notice an issue where reloading pages on here just doesn't work? I didn't notice this at first, but the automatic refresh on threads hasn't worked and then trying to manually reload the page it just hangs at 10% for minutes before it quits and shows an error that the page could not be loaded. I tried running with scripts disabled and it actually didn't make a difference. Trying to reload without cache also doesn't help, and I'm forced to open a new instance or ctrl+click a link to load the same thread in a new window.
(34.89 KB 744x478 lxqt-config-input.png)

>>3184 >I don't think there's any desktop environment that has a scroll speed variable LXQt. The fact that bigger and more featureful DEs don't have the scroll step setting is mindboggling.
>>3165 >W10 sends out printscreens of your screen yeah I am not connect wangblows to internet ever again
(1.59 MB 1920x1080 test1mb.mp4)

(4.94 MB 1920x1080 test5mb.mp4)

(47.66 KB 812x638 obs1.jpg)

(46.35 KB 831x696 obs2.jpg)

I'm trying to record vidya through OBS and I'm unable to get any image quality worth a damn unless I REALLY crank up the bitrate up to like 18MB/s, which makes no fucking sense. I'm on Linux and I've tried tried both VAAPI and x264 encoders and it's the same shit. First video is a video recorded with 1MB/s bitrate and although I wasn't expecting it to come out with super crisp frames it's unacceptable that it does this with a bitrate that high. Second video is the same thing but recorded with 5MB/s, it can't possibly look that bad with such a high bitrate under normal circumstances. There has to be something screwing up the quality and I'm not sure what it is. Pics related are the only options OBS would let me change for the encoders. Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with OBS? >>3165 >>3228 There are several things about that video that don't quite make a lot of sense. Not that that means they're not doing it, if you look into their terms and conditions they outright tell you they're going to record your keystrokes and your room's audio through your microphone and send it to their servers so there's no reason to think this would be any different.
Set the CRF higher or lower and the cpu usage preset slower perhaps? Try 20 and 25, and 2 slower from veryfast. Also try not doing 60 fps, and I believe mkv is a bad container because if your stream is cut short the whole video is corrupted, use mp4.
>>3230 >>3231 Also might be a good idea to record to an ssd if you have one, and if you're on older hardware you might want to go from veryfast to ultrafast instead and compress it later if possible. The bitrate should be fine at 2.5MB/s.
I'm looking at setting up on site backups, specifically a NAS for surveillance footage and images. Currently I'm looking at a Synology rack station. Does anyone have any experience and anecdotes from doing this they can share? Also, is there a compelling reason not to go for the rackstation vs the disk station (the smaller desk based one)? There is a large price difference.
>>3233 I've only heard rack units in general are dicks because they require active cooling, since only the front and rear are usually available for ventilation, as well as sometimes having proprietary replacement parts for things like heat sinks.
>>3233 Rack stuff tends to be noisy as well. Not bad if you're sticking it in your garage but can get real annoying otherwise.
(31.18 KB 783x207 mp4.png)

>>3231 >Set the CRF lower Tried that, it basically does the same as setting the bitrate ultrahigh manually and results in a super bloated file size. It's interesting that the encoder somehow assumes that the quality is going to be awful and cranks up the bitrate on its own too, but ultimately it doesn't give me any more clues. >cpu usage preset slower Also tried that, didn't make a difference. >Also try not doing 60 fps I usually don't but I wanted 60fps in this video because of the speed. Regardless, it shouldn't take 18MB/s of bitrate to get decent quality. >I believe mkv is a bad container because if your stream is cut short the whole video is corrupted, use mp4. It's in fact the other way around. >>3232 >Also might be a good idea to record to an ssd if you have one I don't think there's any chance the HDD is throttling the recording, but I could try to measure it just to be safe. >The bitrate should be fine at 2.5MB/s. It should, but the reason I'm posting is because it's not.
(8.26 MB 1920x1080 qp42.mp4)

>>3230 Ffmpeg: ffmpeg -f alsa -ac 2 -i hw:2,1 -vaapi_device /dev/dri/renderD128 -framerate 60 -f x11grab -video_size 1920x1080 -i :0 -vf 'format=nv12,hwupload' -c:v h264_vaapi -qp 38 $name.mp4 Change the audio device to what you have. Record and post results. OBS: Change Rate Control to CBR. Post results.
(18.79 MB 1920x1080 qp38.mp4)

Why is the webm so janky? Even with a flawless loop the start isn't as smooth. Going frame by frame it seems to be the same, my best guess is that the framerate is fucked.
Retard here. Any known workarounds or exploits for questionmark secure browser and other software like it?
(88.64 KB 800x1130 output.webm)

>>3238 That's a neat idea, I'll try it after work. What about bitrates, both for ffmpeg and OBS? >OBS: Change Rate Control to CBR That's only for the x264 encoder, wouldn't a more fair test be to use VAAPI in OBS too? >>3246 My ffmpeg encodes it properly. What command line did you use? Yours somehow got almost 50% more framerate, did you try messing with it?
>>3248 I edited it in AE then encoded it as an AVI.
(1.88 MB 600x587 Ne Zha.gif)

>>3249 >(((adobe))) after effects >encoded as an avi >it's actually a webm
>>3250 >(((adobe))) after effects Everything else somehow worse. Kdenlive is borderline useless for even the most basic video editing. Really laggy and all around unstable. Premiere is even worse despite being paid. Gimp has no support for animations, you can only edit gifs layer by layer and that takes too much time. Krita can't even fucking import gifs as animations. >encoded as an avi The piece of shit can't export as gif or webm by default. Lossless avi to webm is good enough, aside from that problem.
(384.91 KB 1176x785 ga.png)

(12.97 MB 1920x1080 qp18.mp4)

>>3248 -qp Determines bitrate. This new video is at 10.8 Mbps. >That's only for the x264 encoder, Doesn't work for me. Ffmpeg still reported it exists.
(8.46 MB 1920x1080 testanon_cut.mp4)

(7.10 MB 1920x1080 testanonobsVAAPI6k.mp4)

(7.15 MB 1920x1080 testanonOBSx2646k.mp4)

>>3257 >Doesn't work for me. Ffmpeg still reported it exists. No, I meant that OBS only lets you adjust bitrate mode with the x264 encoder, not with the VAAPI encoder, see >>3230 >that -qp description I have to admit that description goes a bit beyond my knowledge of video encoding. Anyway, I did the test with the command line in >>3238 except I removed the alsa part given that the first few things I tried didn't work and ultimately the audio stream shouldn't really matter for this test. I'm not sure how to go about making a good video to compare against in OBS (that is, I'm not sure what options to use). For now I just made the second mp4 with the VAAPI encoder and a target bitrate of 6MB, and the third mp4 with x264 with a bitrate of 6MB and CBR for rate mode. The ffmpeg one is clearly better quality than the second one and maybe slightly better quality than the third.
(327.59 KB 800x1130 a.webm)

>>3246 Wait fuck, I'm stupid. I hadn't thought of this before but converting the gif to a lossless video (e.g. FFV1) and then using that as a base in AE works perfectly because it leaves all the timing fuckery to ffmpeg. I'll have to redo all this shit, but at least I know how to make it work now.
>>3259 Good bump in quality on 1st one for just 1 MB more.
(10.89 MB 1920x1080 qp39.mp4)

>>3259 Oh, I thought you were strictly using vaapi. You're right, first one looks nice when Sonic boosts. Do the ffmpeg command with -qp 39 or 40.
>>3126 huh $ ldd /usr/local/bin/surf | grep webkit libwebkit2gtk-4.0.so.37 => /usr/local/lib/libwebkit2gtk-4.0.so.37 (0x00007f10c6676000) $ ls -l /usr/local/lib/libwebkit* lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 23 Mar 23 01:20 /usr/local/lib/libwebkit2gtk-4.0.so -> libwebkit2gtk-4.0.so.37 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 29 Mar 23 01:20 /usr/local/lib/libwebkit2gtk-4.0.so.37 -> libwebkit2gtk-4.0.so.37.49.10 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2634137336 Mar 23 01:16 /usr/local/lib/libwebkit2gtk-4.0.so.37.49.10 $ ls -l ~/webkitgtk-2.30.6/lib/libwebkit* lrwxrwxrwx 1 anon anon 23 Mar 23 01:16 ~/webkitgtk-2.30.6/lib/libwebkit2gtk-4.0.so -> libwebkit2gtk-4.0.so.37 lrwxrwxrwx 1 anon anon 29 Mar 23 01:16 ~/webkitgtk-2.30.6/lib/libwebkit2gtk-4.0.so.37 -> libwebkit2gtk-4.0.so.37.49.10 -rwxrwxr-x 1 anon anon 2634137336 Mar 23 01:16 ~/webkitgtk-2.30.6/lib/libwebkit2gtk-4.0.so.37.49.10 I did think it was strange that the compiled library was executable and the installed copy was not, but it throws the same error after changing the permissions. I'm really not sure what could be going wrong at this point, but I'll keep looking into it.
(315.61 KB 800x1130 a.webm)

>>3260 >worked perfectly yesterday >same process breaks today Fuck video editors.
(7.42 MB 1920x1080 testanonqp39_cut.mp4)

(7.28 MB 1920x1080 testanonqp40_cut.mp4)

(15.92 MB 1920x1080 testanonqp32_cut.mp4)

>>3261 Yes, but it's 1 MB in a 10 seconds video. It's a significant increment. >>3263 Here you go anon. I also did a test with qp32 to see a bigger jump in quality. qp32 is nice, but I feel like a nigger having a 17mb file for a 10 second video, what the hell.
>>3259 I don't remember this level in Sonic Generations
>>3332 It's a level from Sonic Colors modded into Generations. I posted a full video of the level in >>>/fast/23820 3333 GET
>>3333 I wish to play this mod.
>>3334 I got it from https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vqNwrRVHG4N9roQje-O0eA4ACAYtCglO Read the instructions. You'll also need SonicGMI.
>>3334 >>3340 Also if you run it in wine, make sure you have ESYNC off, otherwise the sound gets fucked up.
>>3267 $ sudo make uninstall ... rmdir /usr/local/lib/surf rmdir: failed to remove '/usr/local/lib/surf': Directory not empty make: [Makefile:72: uninstall] Error 1 (ignored) odd. What's in there? $ ls /usr/local/lib/surf libsurf-webext.so so, for a clean install I removed that file, make clean and installed surf once more. Now it works just fine. What the fuck
Which codecs should I feed into ffmpeg to get the best compression nowadays?
>>3358 h265 for lossy, h264 for lossless.
(1.12 MB 1920x1080 encoding.png)

>>3358 I've been archiving stuff with x265. Holy shit it's much slower than x264, but on normal preset I'm getting files down to 1/3 of their original size. Before anyone shits on me these are stream archives, not anything actually important.
Why does Opera's browser keep turning the screen black and crashing recently?
>>3359 >>3368 Thanks, and what about audio?
>>3359 >>3368 Why do you use x265 instead of VP9?
>>3371 call china and ask to speak with their devs
hey i got this chromebook which is locked-down nasa cia fucking government restricted style and i'm wondering if i can somehow enable dev mode on this thing. a simple ctrl+d doesn't work, says the admin disabled it. is there anything that i could do to make it not botnet?
>>3400 Manufacturers wised up to simple circumvention, so these devices are all locked down in the BIOS, too. You'll need to flash the BIOS chip to remove Enrollment settings. There's specialized hardware for this, but you could use any microcontroller if you know what you're doing.
(2.43 MB 640x352 lolice freeze.gif)

>>3400 >buying electronics from a sweating nigger on a bike for a 20 You deserve it anon
Good, cheap, t-mobile compatible phone with physical buttons?
(948.07 KB 200x200 disappear.gif)

>Windows install so borked I can't even download Windows with the media tool In case anyone needs to know, just change your user-agent to something mac based and the media tool site will give you a direct .iso link. Can't believe it took me more than 2 minutes to find. Now I can finally nuke this stupid thing. Does anyone have any tips on search engines? It's like they are ignoring more and more of my queries and I hate it
>>3436 >Does anyone have any tips on search engines? It's like they are ignoring more and more of my queries and I hate it SEO tactics have convinced Google and their copycats (DuckDuckGo included) to change their algorithms aggressively. It's hard to say if these changes are mitigating an endless stream of ads or if they're just making things worse (mainly because we can't compare how the old algorithms perform on the modern web) but basically all results are shit right now for one reason or another. Either the algorithm is okay but deliberately ignores some stuff, or it just returns total garbage and can't seem to rank pages well.
(1.93 MB 245x187 high speed.gif)

>>3438 The problem is that I'm sure it works on normalfags for their normalfag queries. But when I'm looking for a specific hex error code I'm not looking for the hex error code that's very similar and off by 1 character. That's retarded I'm working here, I don't need AI handholding you fucking searchengine turds, I need the shitty site to trawl shitty ad-infested russian forums so I can find a lead to solve this stupid problem.
>>3443 Enclose it in quotation marks? If not try searx, startpage, I don't remember many others.