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(73.53 KB 1200x725 100215453035.png)
Tor Discussion Anonymous 06/15/2020 (Mon) 04:52:53 No. 449
So, what's so bad about Tor? >it's a honeypot Not really, I have done extensive research into this and the only people caught on it were dumb fucks who made OpSec mistakes. Plus, the only people championing this point are schizos who use VPN services or set up their own VPN, or even just use their plain ISP-given IP address, all of which are way riskier than using Tor. If you're concerned about onion links being honeypots, then set up your own. It's one of the easiest things in the world to do. >it's slow Fair enough. >a lot of sites block it Yeah, and a lot of sites are fags anyways, a lot of sites are also using ReCatapha and require phone verification and use Cloudflare or AWS. Sites have been against privacy for a long time and are banning VPNs too. >it's operated by sjws&trannies Literally everything is now, including VPN services and ISPs, there is no escape unless you want to fully disconnect from the internet and live in a cabin in the woods, which considering people are still using this site, I don't see happening. Also, the directors are known privacy-advocates. >firefox Firefox is rapidly becoming a shit browser for privacy, yes, Chromium is worse, "Ungoogled" Chromium is still Chrome garbage, same with Brave, alternative Firefox builds are usually outdated, and Opera is blatantly spyware. Meanwhile, Tor usually strips out all the tracking that Firefox tries to push in new releases. >relays and nodes operated by governments Which is more of a reason to get more people using Tor so more people can set up nodes and relays aside from government interference. Not opening this to start an argument or a bash on how bad Tor is or just to simply praise Tor, I want a discussion, because most points about Tor being bad for privacy are easily debunked and usually only used by schizos and I want to ensure my personal privacy.
>>449 >>it's operated by sjws&trannies >Literally everything is now So, why has no one forked it? Tor is open source, isn't it?
>>450 Indeed it is. I think it hasn't been forked because it's not as popular as Firefox, same reason why most of the relays and nodes are still government operated.
>>449 Imagine tomorrow the feds straight up raid 50 people with TOR nodes, publicize it, and charge the people running those nodes for every piece of porn, CP, whiff of a threat etc that ever passed through them (even if the operators never knew) and then railroaded them in court. Because that's a thing they can do. The TOR network would disappear overnight as people fled from it in terror. If that isn't enough, TOR traffic can be blocked by ISPs using DPI. One law makes that mandatory. Its done. TOR relies on the Western authorities' unwillingness to go effectively "door to door" on every node operator in pursuit of one connection. Anything that relies for its survival on the enemy's unwillingness to fuck it over is weak. It will exist exactly as long as it is allowed to, which more or less defeats the real purpose of it that its dedicated users want it to have. They are literally playing around on the enemy's field.
>>452 Which is exactly why Tor can be used to circumvent firewalls in China, which is blocked by ISPs there. Also, if they raided people with Tor nodes they mind as well be raiding themselves, considering governmental bodies host most of the nodes, currently that is. Plus, the US isn't the only country in the world, people could easily set up nodes in, I don't know, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, or any other privacy-respecting country.
>>452 Tor node operators aren't legally liable for content that goes trough their nodes in majority of countries where Tor nodes are operated. Onion sites also do use end to end encryption so feds would be having a hard time accessing contents of requests. >TOR >TOR >TOR >TOR If you aren't capable on typing Tor network's name correctly I doubt you are capable on understanding limitations and strengths of Tor. I consider this post to be a bait or just straight up retarded.
why is everything online run by homosexuals? you'd assume there would be more sane people running information technology, or people that actually look into the information, but instead it's always homosexuals? Is this just picking and choosing what we notice?
>>453 If a government owns most of the entry or exit relays then they already have access to most of cleartext data but they probably have every ssl certificate known to man by now and keep the providers on gag orders if they're not complacent which screws https. Plus, they can do parallel construction to fuck the relays over if they wanted to regardless how legal it is if they want some down so its some more government controlled relay in their place that someone can pass through. >US isn't the only country in the world Five Eyes exist
>>449 Tor is the definative privacy orientated browser that you can count on to safetly browse imageboards, news sites, a couple of torrent sites and several unkown web sites but not all sites will work on it. Having a 2nd browser as backup and a VPN is optimal. I'm using Otter Browser so far and it seems pretty optimal because it has no telementary, uses less ram than most browsers, fully open source, you can spoof your User Agent, and works with Greasemonkey scripts. Also worth mentioning its one of the few browsers made from scratch and not based off Chrome or Firefox.
>>457 Cleartext data yes, they probably don't have SSL certificates. The literal only people who have been tracked down by the government is due to correlation attacks, this is despite the thousands of illegal stuff that passes through the deep web, they also do nothing even though illegal things happen on the clearnet, and they still don't have SSL certificates on clearnet sites. And if you live in a Five Eyes country you're still probably better off using Tor than your plain internet or a VPN. >Five Eyes exist None of the countries I listed are in the Five Eyes. Norway is in the 9 Eyes, sure, and Sweden is in the 14 Eyes, there's still Switzerland and Iceland, and various other countries.
>>456 neuronorms are too busy chasing pussy
Every anti-tor and anti-VPN conversations boils down to this. VPN's could be harvesting your data. Glow niggers could be in control of every single one of your tor nodes. But your ISP IS harvesting your data, and they ARE in control of your "node". Even when you agree with the least charitable perspective on things like tor and VPN's they still come out on top in the game of chance. It's not worth arguing with anti-tor and anti-vpn posters, they are almost always either straight up unironic glow niggers or tech illiterate retards.
>>452 That's no reason not to use any protection at all while it's still legal. That's just retarded.
>>452 Non-western hands wrote this post. What gives it away, even moreso than the "state is omnipotent" mentality, is this part >If that isn't enough, TOR traffic can be blocked by ISPs using DPI. which is blatant propaganda.
>>it's a honeypot this is just some brainlet schizos who think funded by DARPA = combromised
>>449 TBB and onion routing are criticized by VPN shills and by surveillance agency deskwagies because Tor makes their jobs difficult.
>caring about trannies Rent free
>>449 I use Tor as my daily driver browser and I don't really have any qualms with it aside from a few things: 1. I sometimes get kicked off of websites (namely zogtube) for "unusual traffic". 2. Websites I do go on are sometimes in different languages because of the node location or whatever 3. Some websites don't load properly or at all 4. I can't click hyperlinks from my desktop or applications (KDE), even after setting it as my default browser and shit. Tor just starts up on the startpage 5. For some reason when I search duckduckgo using the browser search bar, then click on a link in the results, going back doesn't take me back to the search results page, rather it takes me back to my start page. Really annoying because thats how I do most of my searching and it makes me do a lot of unnecessary searching Other than those relatively minor annoyances I don't see why any non-pleb shouldn't use tor. If a site blocks Tor, then you shouldn't be using that site anyways since it is probably a honeypot Also if anyone has fixes for the above problems I would appreciate it. Might get fixed in opensuse 15.2 which is coming in a week or so
(86.29 KB 486x579 browser.png)
Blackpill for everybody: privacy against the government is dead. You can't stop them, you can only slow them down. If they want something from you, they have a way of breaking into anything and everything eventually. >>449 >Chromium is worse, "Ungoogled" Chromium is still Chrome garbage >Chrome garbage Look at pic related, and also realize that microshit is literally cucking themselves by moving to a chrome-engine base for Edge. Chrome is literally the "best" browser out there and I would use it if it didn't glow so much
Is there any illiterate-friendly guide on how to set up Tor? Every jewtube video or article I come across only discusses about the Browser.
>>516 >2013 Old as hell, chrome is absolutely destroying the competition now somehow.
>>518 Does this count bots?
>>515 >I sometimes get kicked off of websites (namely zogtube) for "unusual traffic". >using zogtube instead of invidio.us (http://fz253lmuao3strwbfbmx46yu7acac2jz27iwtorgmbqlkurlclmancad.onion/) pleb anon, pleb. >I can't click hyperlinks from my desktop or applications (KDE), even after setting it as my default browser and shit. Tor just starts up on the startpage. I think most browsers' desktop files just have an Exec entry that looks something like >Exec=browser %U where %U takes URLs to append as command-line arguments to the browser. So, you might check to see whether launching Tor browser from CLI and providing an .onion link as an argument will actually cause it to load the page. If not then it probably doesn't support opening links given through arguments at all, presumably for security reasons. If it does work, however, then check your .desktop file for an Exec= entry and see whether it lacks a %U at the end. >>517 >Is there any illiterate-friendly guide on how to set up Tor? if you're on linux just install your repo's Tor package and run `tor` in a terminal. it should automatically create a connection to the Tor network that you can set applications to use by pointing their SOCK5 proxy settings to by default. the reason that nobody talks about how to "use Tor" beyond using the browser is because unless you're hosting a node or a bridge, connecting to the network is pretty brain-dead simple, you just launch `tor`. It takes care of opening the SOCKS5 listener for you. To actually *use* that listener means going into the settings of whatever application you want to send through Tor (web browser, irc client, etc) and pointing its SOCKS5 proxy settings at the Tor listener. So the matter isn't so much "using Tor" as it is "making applications use Tor", which is application-specific, not Tor-specific. It's the same instructions for using *any* Sock5 proxy, except that you point it at the Tor listener on localhost instead of some other clearnet proxy IP.
>>517 >Is there any illiterate-friendly guide on how to set up Tor? If you can't figure it out yourself there's no point in you using Tor.
>>517 Whonix has it all automated and with relatively good docs. I think Tails does too, even if it's liveUSB
>>449 >So, what's so bad about Tor? Probably it's just shilling because it works too well. Think about it, it enables people to commit crimes without being noticed, it enables people to post on boards and evade bans, it inhibits browser profiling, it has sites that aren't even available on normalfag web and so on. No matter who you are, chances are you are secretly, subconsciously pissed about one or another thing tor enables people to do freely. But then again everyone has to also admit that tor is a very useful tool. Then add those: >it's operated by sjws&trannies >relays and nodes operated by governments And it's simple to see why people have ambivalent feelings towards it. Everyone who thinks it's more "compromised" than some random VPN company is clearly a idiot.
(623.96 KB 680x479 media_CXAxEgjWMAACIRw.png)
>>449 >Not really, I have done extensive research into this and the only people caught on it were dumb fucks who made OpSec mistakes. True, but it's not like Tor's invincible. The main issue with Tor is that they separate users from Tor's infrastructure. As such there's a drastic disproportion between the number of users and the number of relays (~2.5M vs ~10k). If you have a government which is serious about Tor, injecting shitloads of corrupted nodes and/or (as >>452 said) reducing the network size by force will bring the whole thing crumbling to the ground. >it's slow MB/s is slow for you? Wait till you see I2P! >Literally everything is operated by sjws&trannies don't worry, there's someone nosey behind the scenes too >Which is more of a reason to get more people using Tor so more people can set up nodes and relays aside from government interference. Humble goal. Go ahead. Spoiler, it's not gonna work. You'll get a few more nodes at best and that won't change much. I2P solved this quite nicely making everyone who wants to participate in the network a node by default.
>>449 Tor's main strength is bouncing your IP address every 10 minutes and hiding your user agent from onion supported sites(if you have javascript disabled). That sounds great on paper and better than a VPN except there's a draw here; compromises in speed, and not being compatible/flexible with Cloudflare supported sites. Tor's not practical to use outside imageboards and Tor supported sites. For clearnet sites you're just better off using a VPN. >>800 SJWs and the likes are a cancerous bunch but they can't censor the Tor software as it would rid of the point of using it in the first place. Still though I'd probably just run a Browser with no telemetry/spyware and a VPN and that ought to do the trick.
>>817 To add to this, while Pale Moon exist, I think its probably worth fixing up Firefox, and removing all the telemetry features because it has Noscript which can safeguard you against malicious sites that might have spyware and avoid having to install anti-virus software in the first place.
>>817 >Still though I'd probably just run a Browser with no telemetry/spyware and a VPN and that ought to do the trick. Sure. In most situations it's enough.
>>a lot of sites block it lel how do you block large proxy networks which are supposed to be unblockable?
>>995 You can block Tor by blocking all the exit nodes, and a list of exit nodes is publicly available. Tor provides anonymity because it prevents anyone from tracking who made a request. It does not prevent sites from knowing a request was sent via Tor.
>>817 >>819 The problem with Browser+VPN is that you lack the triple proxy, browser fingerprinting protections and constantly changing IP adress of Tor Browser. You can chain three or more VPN's together to achieve a similar effect to the Onion system, but the fingerprinting and static IP will remain a big problem. Especially if you are trying to use a website with javascript. Big data companies can track you just by knowing your IP, user agent and analysing your browsing habits. Even with a VPN where there are hundreds or thousands of people using that particular IP, their insane AI systems can easily isolate each user of that IP based on the type of websites they visit, how long they stay there, etc. Meanwhile, Tor Browser users will all appear to be the same exact browser, with traffic randomly spread across a wide number of exit nodes. In this case, it is much harder for the AI to isolate individual users. This an especially big advantage when you need to use a website with some JavaScript. A regular browser without full script blocking can easily be identified by any JS trackers it encounters, and then singled out from the other users of the VPN by the tracking server AI. With Tor Browser's identical nature and other fingerprinting countermeasures the AI will still have to go through the process of isolating your browsing habits from those of the different users of the Tor Network.
>running tor through palemoon fine for months since palemoon is the only browser that doesn't memory leak imagebaords until my computer freezes >suddenly tor through palemoon slows to a crawl >tor through TBB loads fine >TBB memory leaks and constant errors when loading pages, more auto refresh timeouts than any other browser This is fucking stupid. Why are browsers all so fucking bad. Why the fuck would TBB load tor faster than palemoon for no reason out of the blue. This is fucking retarded. Fuck the internet.
>>1171 Guess: Javascript on?
>>1172 Yes, but I fixed the loading times by switching to a fresh install of palemoon. But now I can't access hidden services through tor with palemoon. It's bizarre but I don't necessarily need access to hidden services so it's not a big deal. I have to assume either palemoon or tor broke something since I recently updated all my packages. I'm never fucking updating packages on a stable system ever again, rookie mistake.
>>1173 >changed no variables and now hidden services are working I've given up on trying to understand computers.
>>1173 Uhh is palemoon asking your clearnet DNS provider to resolve onions?
>>1175 On second thought yeah that was probably it. I forgot I switched the DNS over to tor which is probably what fixed it.
Would it be possibly to achieve a configuration where you download the contents of a webpage, for example an imageboard, and any files you load like webm's, over the clearnet, but have files and posts you upload to the page be masked with tor?
>>1248 That sounds like a bad idea, in any case you can do it by only lurking on a clearnet browser and posting on tor browser
If you want to be anonymous and care about security. Just fucking use Tor, don't forget to turn off js
>>1315 >If you want to be anonymous yes >and care about security no fuck no Tor is possibly the worst common choice in terms of security. If you're not a target and not a retard it's not a problem but don't spread false advice. Good starting point (see also links at bottom more concerned with Tor than Firefox) https://madaidans-insecurities.github.io/firefox-chromium.html
>>1483 >literally who blog >links to a medium.com shill as a "security expert" source Try again?
(38.47 KB 720x540 kys glownigger.jpg)
>>1486 >i don't know who it is, therefore a well-known security OS dev is a literally who >facts don't matter if the writer isn't an e-celeb >a world renowned security expert who literally sells exploits to nation states and specializes in anti-forensics, counterintelligence and operational security is bad because they published a blog on a platform you don't like
>>1483 >>1486 >>1489 Every browser sucks, use palemoon
(392.90 KB 640x360 77e.gif)
>>1489 >If you want to be anonymous and care about security. Just fucking use [outdated homogeneous Firefox]
>>1489 >a world renowned security expert who literally sells exploits to nation states is totally the first person you should trust when he tells you that you should use a VPN instead of TOR to hide from a nation state Glossing over your abortion of a reply, the fact remains that your "well-known security OS dev" blogpost also contains a link to a hackernews comment as a "security expert" source. Said hackernews comment is full of hot takes, sorely lacking in sources, and written by a user that appears to often shill apple products. Therefore, it's quite interesting how you're eager to label anyone you don't like as spooks yet fail to see obvious signs of shilling as long as the post confirms your opinions.
>>1493 >when he tells you that you should use a VPN instead of TOR to hide from a nation state That's not what he tells you. Read the article properly to avoid strawmanning. The closest to that he says is that if someone is in a nation that would imprison you for Tor usage (like some in the Middle East), saying 'just use TBB' is horrible advice. >contains a link to a hackernews comment as a "security expert" source. >further reading == source That's an EOF for me.
>>1493 >abortion of a reply says the author of >>1486 which doesn't even attempt to refute in any way the insecurity of using a common, outdated version of firefox widely used by enemies of multiple powerful states and by crypto users (financial sector incentive) >inb4 just turn off js that helps a lot, but it's only one part of the gaping problem. just turn off js in any other hardened version of chromium or firefox or palemoon and youre more secure. even the founder and leader of openbsd calls firefox security shit, and this was before they sacked most of the security team due to covid.
>>1315 >secure ok glowdark
>>449 >it's operated by sjws&trannies Because the FOSS paradigm is inherently left of center. Historically ""leftists"" have been the main groups that really cared about anti-government/anti-capitalist software creation. It doesn't mean that all privacy devs were left-wing, they just have to have had a certain left-wing political view (because politics is more complex than a person being left<->right, conservatives can and often do have some leftist opinions). Even Gab is just outdated, rebranded Mastodon.
>>1500 (it is free to be nice to each others)
>>1500 Anti-capitalist I can agree, but anti government? Neither socialism, communism or idpol bullshit left can exist without a BIG state regulating everything. Anti-govenrment is more akin to those on the right/conservative spectrum that lean towards libertarianism, and useless anarchist faggots.
>>1506 Nah, conservatives aren't anti-government. They're anti-government in terms of regulating the economy, but they still want the government to be their buddies in case they need someone there to make laws regarding people that don't follow their religion or any case when they use simple social psychology concepts and create groups in the intent to turn them against each other (both sides do this though). Meanwhile anarchyfags are considered far-left. My views, for reference, is fuck both sides. Both are reliant on the government but they define their reliance in different ways.
>>1506 /t/ not >>>/pol/ so please fuck off
>>1507 >Meanwhile anarchyfags are considered far-left. Who the fuck considers that? That's fucking bullshit. Literally nothing on the left spectrum is compatible with anti-government. >They're anti-government in terms of regulating the economy, That's what I said when I singled out the libertarians. >>1508 Very kind but I'll decline. Thank you very much
>Who the fuck considers that? That's fucking bullshit. Literally nothing on the left spectrum is compatible with anti-government. nigga what? it's a whole quarter of the political compass. Most types of anarchism are considered left-to-center. But the whole left-right paradigm is retarded so there's that to consider.
>>1515 sage for politics, I never understood why anons seem to view leftists in technology as a new phenomena. A lot of open source developers, and especially crypto anarchists, historically were left leaning (anarchists should be a hint). They were just less concerned about diversity and inclusion. Bitcoins really the only thing I can think of that's more right leaning. >>449 >"Ungoogled" Chromium is still Chrome garbage Are you saying it's bloated or you think it's still spying? I think the first is irrelevant and the second onne you'd need proof. >Firefox is rapidly becoming a shit browser for privacy I think most people here could figure out how to customize it to get better privacy protection. Tor is still good, but if you care about privacy I think ublock origin is sufficient for the most part. Anonymity is it's true strength.
>>1519 Lol it removed it after the block bypass
>>1519 >Are you saying it's bloated or you think it's still spying? Not him, but he probably means "it's still strongly controlled by Google": if Google sabotages adblockers with ManifestV3, for example, Ungoogled Chromium can't do much to stop that. The whole project is a bandaid at best. >I think most people here could figure out how to customize it to get better privacy protection. "But you can tweak it" is a short term plan at best, and Mozilla's clear lack of respect for privacy has made that clear.
>>1515 >it's left because I read so! I'm not saying it's not considered left for some weird reason by some authors. I'm saying it shouldn't. It's completely incompatible with the communist-leaning left that requires a gigantic state regulating everything, much like any form of socialism and everything to do with idpol which requires big daddy state telling off the "intolerant" meanies. It's closer to the extreme libertarianism, the anarcho-capitalists that don't want a state at all. Anarchism is inherently capitalist since there's no regulation and there's free trade of goods/services. Even minarchism, a practically applicable form of anarchism (in the sense that State is very at the very least) is very capitalist.
>>1544 >It's completely incompatible with the communist-leaning left The communist-leaning left has as much to do with the rest of the left as the lolbertarian-leaning right has with the rest of the right, the whole left-right axis stops making sense as you go further away from the centre.
>>1546 >The communist-leaning left has as much to do with the rest of the left as the lolbertarian-leaning right has with the rest of the right Which is a lot? Libertarians agree with conservatives on economic liberty and less taxes, idpol faggot leftists agree with communists on big State regulating a lot of shit. Anarchists on the other hand have nothing in common with these 2 branches of the left and quite a bit in common with libertarians. >Left-right dichotomy doesn't work I agree but my point is that in this bullshit conceptology, anarchists should be on the right. I explained why.
>>1548 >Which is a lot? Having a few minor common points doesn't mean they don't fundamentally loathe each other: the right sees libertarians as populist con-men with no respect for traditional values, the left sees communists as fascists trying and failing to fit in. Also, the points you mentioned aren't even common: "economic liberty" for conservatives is subordinated to hundreds of other concerns, which is why you'll never hear a conservative say that you should be able to hire foreigners to pay them less than local workers, and the moderate left absolutely isn't friendly towards Big State as a concept (hence the emphasis on cooperatives and grassroot movements) while communists hate current Big State because they want to be Big State.
>BLAH BLAH BLAH LOLBERG XDDDD remember how you fucks shit up your own boards with this non-tech retardation while DAY OF THE SEAL was carried out
>>1549 >Minor The points I mentioned aren't minor at all, the size of the government is a big deal. According to the shit you described, though, it seems that nothing fits within this left-right axis so it's very useless to call things left or right when there are fundamental differences within the same side of the axis, making the conceptology useless. So yes, let's agree on the axis being dumb and call it a day. Anarchists not being left is only a small part of the problem. I only have one question, in what sense are libertarians populists? There's nothing populist about the idea, those that don't work enough to generate enough revenue are not given any freebies.
>>1552 >the size of the government is a big deal. Ask three people how to measure such size, you'll get four different answers. Outside of lolbertarians (and arguably totalitarians) nobody puts much focus on it. even indirectly: for example, it's common to see the right wing argue for both lower taxes (smaller government?) and more police (bigger government?), or the left wing argue for more worker rights and less military funding. >in what sense are libertarians populists? They're the political equivalent of a pyramid scheme: work hard enough and you'll be rich, every man for himself, morals and laws are antiquated obstacles on the way to success... From a conservative POV, the whole thing is an appeal to the least noble instincts of men, working to tear down even the most sacred social structures and any shred of patriotism that might remain.
>>1554 >Ask three people how to measure such size, you'll get four different answers. That's only relevant to a question of semantics. If you insist on them disagreeing on the meaning of "size", then, instead, present them with whether they think a large amount of institutions, gov. workers, legislators, taxes, public spending, etc, specially relative to the size of the country, constitutes a big deal. >They're the political equivalent of a pyramid scheme How? Pyramidal schemes entrap you on a neverending string of debt. How is this politically analogous at all? >morals and laws are antiquated obstacles on the way to success I understand you're speaking from the hypothetical perspective of a conservative, but where did you get this shit from? Libertarians aren't ant-laws. They're also not anti-morals, they just don't put emphasis on them. Is there any reasoning behind the way conservatives think this way?
"TOR is compromised" is a fun way to mess with paranoids, mostly. There are some suspect things, but nothing is flawless and without concerns. The real concern is that there isn't a proper fork of it that works on ARM architecture, just a proxy to install that hooks into firefox. I want TOR on my pi, dammit!
>>1570 i had tor on my pi years ago. not tor browser though
>>449 >Literally everything is now, including VPN services and ISPs Not at all, you're just not going to have an easy time finding them and using their services. I dropped Tor (Browser) because I was too much of a bitch to handle the slowdown and inconvenience and the Tor Project cucked to terrorists by providing them advice. So I just switched to Pale Moon with a VPN and privacy addons. Dunno how well it works in comparison 'cause I'm frankly new to going this far in keeping my online privacy intact.
>>450 Forks of Tor aren't really necessary when other projects like I2P and Freenet exist.
>>1486 blog is literally written by Whonix's security researcher.
(32.43 KB 640x615 gtfo.jpg)
>>1715 >leddit spacing You need to leave.
(12.77 KB 540x390 problem-solved.jpg)
>>1661 If you're using Linux and want to do some really easy stuff to improve your internet privacy, then try installing the bubblewrap package and then run the following line in a terminal bwrap --dev-bind / / --unshare-user --uid 256 --gid 512 bash That'll create a sandboxed terminal environment on your kernels user namespace. You can use other namespaces with the --unshare command. Then use the cd command to change to the directory that Pale Moon is in. Make sure that you've installed both the Tor and Torsocks packages and run the following command. torsocks ./Pale Moon Pale Moon should open, except it'll connect to Tor. MAKE SURE YOU SET UP A FIREWALL AND SET THE FOLLOWING RULES >deny incoming packets >deny outgoing packets >add an allowance for packets that are going in and out on port 443 and ONLY port 443 >add another rule that all traffic going through port 443 MUST be TCP. Tor Browser uses TCP so if you send UDP traffic over Tor then you're going to stand out. You can also configure your distro to connect to Tor via your VPN (so your connection looks like You --> ISP --> VPN --> Tor network --> Website ) but I've only combined a VPN with Tor before, not Torsocks, so I couldn't help you there.
>>1733 >torsocks ./Pale Moon My bad, that command should actually be >torsocks ./palemoon
>>1733 >bwrap --dev-bind / / --unshare-user --uid 256 --gid 512 bash >dev-bind / / the fuck is the point of sandboxing if you're just giving full access anyway, your not even mounting it read only.... You might awell skip sandboxing alltogether cause every application launched with this will be able to finger print you easily just by reading/writing a file.
(64.26 KB 1200x638 you know what to do.jpg)
>>1715 >some literally who faggot who unironically uses T*legram and has no PGP key on his page Here is even better security researcher: https://darthsecuria.neocities.org/
>>1820 >t. glowing shill
>>449 Tor
>>1570 nigga you blind i've been hosting my onion shit on a rpi for years now

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