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(34.61 KB 500x500 DELETE.jpg)

hey does anyone have a way to access vimadventures for free Anonymous 07/27/2021 (Tue) 09:49:18 No. 4946
im tryna learn vim but do not want to pay a large amount
Vim has vimtutor to teach you the basics. Everything else you can learn from blogs and YouTube videos.
https://youtu.be/ER5JYFKkYDg https://youtu.be/tExTz7GnpdQ These should do it, for the basics at least
>>4963 And you should really refer to the vim tutor for further info.
>>4946 whats wrong with emacs
>>4946 Do what the other anons said, just type 'vimtutor' in your terminal and do the interactive tutorial. It will teach you in half an hour all that these soy-dripping websites do for free, plus you can run in on a potato without internet access and you don't get your browser data harvested. After that you can start using Vim and read the user manual bit by bit. Don't try to read it back to cover, read a bit, use Vim a bit, read a bit, use Vim a bit, and so on. To access the manual type ':help' in Vim. The manual has roughly to parts: the actual user manual and the reference documentation. The reference goes into detail and is intended for people who know what they are doing. Read the actual user manual instead. >>4963 I find these video counter-productive. Just do the tutorial yourself. The video format is better suited for short "tips" style videos, but YouTubers have to make 10+ minute long videos for that sweet advertising money.
>>4946 my advice is read `vimtutor` and use it, that's it that's how you're gonna learn, you can always find new features here and there, but you gonna learn it by using it
How tf is vim hard that it requires third party resources? Just use hjkl for moving and press i every time you want to (i)nsert text. It's legit probably one of the easiest text editors.
>>4946 >>5257 Nobody tells you ⇧ Shift + $ takes you to the end of a line. Or how ⇧ Shift + ^ takes you to the start of a line.
>>5258 Bro what? Why would you need the shift modifier? $ and ^ work without modifiers
soydev cringe shit that will make you gay dont use
>>7455 Exactly, use vi, the original visual ed
>>7455 neovim is less gay and lighter
>>7470 mg is less gay and lighter
>>7472 >less than 200KiB that is impressive (although I would have to use eVil mode if anything) does it support the same plugins as gnu emacs or is it just a standalone editor without the extensions/frills?

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