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Volatile Blockchain as platform for textboards Anonymous 10/30/2021 (Sat) 22:31:55 No. 5982
I'm sure this has been proposed already by other anons, but I'd like to discuss and understand if it is a viable idea and what would be the weak points of a blockchain with the following characteristics: >Composed by blocks, each block would have a date, the previous block hash, the current hash, a list of posts. >Each post is composed by an id, an hash, a date, a public key for user identification (optional), a title and a message. >Both title and message fields are limited by a certain number of characters. >After a certain block amount (or time), the tail end of the blockchain is discarded >Posts may only be appended to the blockchain by using a small quantity of crypto currency (lets call it PST). >PST is unlimited and should be easy to acquire, possibly by just donating your processing power to miner pools for small amounts of time. >Another currency should be awarded to miners that spend more time and resources (lets call it GLD). This currency must be finite so it can increase in value and give miners a reason to spend processing power. I don't know what type of proofing system should be used to manage block validation, but it should be fast. The main problems that imageboards have are: >pedophilia might be used as a weapon to deplatform the website >abusive moderation >spam By using a text-only approach we can at least make the first problem slightly harder to be exploited. Links to illegal content would still exist and tech-savvy individuals would try to send base-64 encoded CP as text (but this might be mitigated by having a small message limit). Moderation would be non-existent, but this will increase the amount of spam. Third-party sites could offer moderation services where they hide posts in exchange of a fee. By making the blockchain volatile, it will be easier for normal users to start mining since the blockchain size won't become gigantic. Boards and threads can be simulated by simply adding tags to the title or message field. Ex.: /b/12345 These features can also be adapted by third party clients that can parse messages and titles, only showing posts that follow their conventions.
>>5982 I meant to say: >After a certain block amount (or time), the HEAD end of the blockchain is discarded
>>5986 >centralizedfag
(542.43 KB yellow-paper.pdf)

>>5982 Have you heard of Arweave? It's a blockchain (technically blockweave) platform that incentivises the hosting of data and websites. PDF related. It's for storing data permanently though, so if we're making an imageboard it might just be useful as a source of ideas.
(54.37 KB 395x388 1426915187845.jpg)

>>5994 >55 million AR were created in the genesis block at network launch on 8th June 2018. A further 11 million AR, an additional 20% of the genesis block supply, are being introduced into circulation gradually as block mining rewards. Consequently, the maximum circulation will be 66 million AR. <83% of the supply has already been mined
bump for interest
saged for boring
(76.33 KB 393x355 media(3).png)

Speaking of decentralised, censorship-resistant boards, FChannel (based on ActivityPub) and Multichan are a thing (is NNTPchan still around?): https://github.com/FChannel0/FChannel-Server https://bitbucket.org/796f/multichan/src/master/ Also, someone already made something like OP's idea: https://git.kiwifarms.net/CrunkLord420/chainboard
(188.02 KB 1280x720 vomitlion.jpg)

>>5986 >>6246 What's wrong with blockchain? I would have thought that most people here would be all for something that prevents censorship. Guess I was wrong?
>>6252 >uses a hammer on a screw >thinks people are criticizing the hammer
>>6257 That just begs the question: why is it an inappropriate technology to use in this instance?
Do you guys worry about mass surveillance?
>>7484 Yes, and while you can take some precautions, up to and including refusing to own a phone, if you're that autistic, we all at this point know about PRISM and 5eyes, so it's less "worried" and more "a disagreeable part of the regime" or perhaps "fact of life." One can assume things are tracked by any number of parties and stored forever, and you just have to do your own opsec: the opposite of security is convenience and you have to pick and choose depending on your requirements what amount of the Internet you are willing to use and how you use it.

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