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(747.16 KB 1170x2532 sdfsG)

anyone know how to validate the signature of a fake covid pass? Anonymous 11/04/2021 (Thu) 11:26:22 No. 6054
does anyone know how to validate the signature of a fake covid pass? i am trying to see if i can do it on the swiss covid cert app
get violent faggot compliant pussy
>>6054 >covid pass what do you need that shit for? you should be boycotting any business that asks for a "covid pass"
>>6054 Just get the jab you fishface.
>>6070 Now why would s/he would do that?
>>6133 i hope you get every booster. also if you have any sons, make sure to help them transition to female at age 5. its the only way to defeat the nazis
>>6054 Forgery is compliance. >>6132 >>6133 You will never be fully vaccinated.
I realy need one too, because these faggots in the faggot country gonna make it mandatory in workplace. its been 2years since i traveled or even ate at a restaurant just because idont want the jab. but i am a young man who loves his job, idont wanna lose it, if anyone can help with this QR CODE bs ......
do the jab and stop feeling special for not doing it
>>6054 riot in the streets.
There's no way to do it, validation is done server-side. Even if you could reverse-engineer their algo they'll still have it on your records that Citizen No.420133769 has no record of vaccination. tl;dr ur fukt unless you revolt against your oppressive govt with your similarly unjuiced peers. Funny to think that "no jab, no job" was something you'd be laughed at and called a lunatic conspiracy theorist for suggesting would happen, and now those very same people are labelling us conspiracy theorists for opposing it.
>>6755 Maybe OP has nothing against the vaccine but aganist the pass.
>>6054 Get a job at a pharmacy or doctor's office and steal the private key.
I don't know how it works in Europe, but here in Argentina that QR takes you to a government website that shows you a nice static page with your info and your vaccines. If the system is similar, you can download the website(by asking a family member/friend to show you their pass), modify the html or whatever is needed with your data, and host that modified html file yourself, you would also need to make the QR code in your fake app point to your server's ip. You can go further and buy a domain that looks similar to the government's domain. All of these steps are very risky because there is no way to host a website and get a domain anonymously, I'm doing it myself because no one gives a shit here, but I imagine the dictatorships in Europe are more rigorous and the people validating the QR are smarter Btw all of this is assuming the European system is almost as low budget as ours
Stop trying to comply your way around it and start shooting the people responsible.
>>7061 >Stop trying to comply your way around it and start shooting the people responsible. Since whites won't give up their little girls to their own white men: they don't get the men's service. Simple as. Whites deserve to die because whites won't pay their men child brides. Whites get what they deserve. Whites are cattle that just want to live: no matter the cost.
not enough info given, OP this system varies widely from locality to locality EU implementation: https://blog.hqcodeshop.fi/archives/516-Decoding-EU-Digital-COVID-Certificate.html https://github.com/panzi/verify-ehc/ Suppose you could set up your own key server, sign your own QR code using the same RFC method, and have your QR code route to a static page. This guy has a good idea: >>7031 It would not hold up to scrutiny, such as a server-based key-exchange authorization, but it would be a "good enough" forgery for most people (who do not look at URLs or anything else as they're trying to get you through some line.) Or just wait like one-two months because the narrative has already broken down.
>>7493 >make a local server on your android phone with Termux >open local host with your browser >show the certificate to the police officer >??? >profit
>>7506 imagining they scan the QR code you show them with some homosex phone-app, it would need to be hosted somewhere I am presuming a social interaction here because I have never been in this situation

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