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cams Anonymous 11/19/2021 (Fri) 18:39:26 No. 6273
> uni installs ai cameras to spy on students > hides it for a year > today the news broke > "it's so we can monitor how many people are in each room for covid & safety & some other bs. it's anonymous. trust us." what do i do
>>6273 say you would not have enrolled if you knew about this and that the failure to disclose this information demands a refund then when they refuse, because they will, open an inquiry with whatever organization accredits your university, dig through their coc and accrediting requirements to find other violations to really stick it to niggers and then email your statement of claim to both of them, you can do it alone but try via petition with other students since it will go way faster, theyll contact the university and send an inspector to make a report, if it gets really bad they assign an adjudicator and litigate the dispute against the university, just know youll have to pay all fees for the adjudicator and inspector IF they say you dont have a real claim otherwise its on the schools head which is why they usually dont let you go that far if when they know they are in the wrong my experience comes from the pre covid circus though, I dont think anyone knows how this clown show goes anymore
>>6275 this basically
>>6275 do this otherwise a 1w laser pointed at the cameras for a few seconds should do the trick
>>6275 I'm pretty sure that filming someone on private property without their consent/knowledge is an invasion of privacy. You should look at the papers you signed when you enrolled in the course to check if you agreed to being filmed (consent) and wether they needed your knowledge of it to do it lawfully (aware). Just grab a copy of every document you signed to them and read it thouroughly. If you don't see anything about being filmed and what not, run it trough a lawyer and see how you can win a case.
>>6275 >use the jewdicial system against the edjewcational system thats not how the taliban and north vietnamese defeated zog. you will lose because you fear death more than you fear being a cuck and a slave
>>6294 >use the jewdicial system against the edjewcational system >get jewed <use public record of getting jewed as your manifesto <say "see i tried to reason with you, i tried to be civil, but you fucking animals left me no choice" <acquire subscribers step 1 should still be try to use the jewdicial system, because losing that way beforehand will give some fence-sitters more of a (((pattern))) to notice. otherwise, any "activities" can be much more easily played off as "he was just another random psycho". it's better to leave a public record of where the rage came from, for others to see the reason in it if they have a keen eye.
Well first of all find the cameras. You can't do anything about them until you know where they are. Also a source would be nice.
yurop or burgerland? if the former, you probably have strong options
We must enter into a new regime where complicity and involvement is met with absolute liability and mortal punishment. In the words of the profit > really punish

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