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Spying on instagram accounts Anonymous 01/28/2022 (Fri) 22:11:02 No. 7211
I have that one instagram account, that I really need to access or spy to, I thought of Phishing but this way is not possible, so any other possible way to do. I am not much of a guy knowing a lot of things in technology and hacking, but I know some few things... So help me!
>>7211 Try rebooting
bibliogram could work
>>7249 ^this, but you have to find an instance that isn't blocked facebook is really proactive about blocking bibliogram instances
try phishing friends of that account so that the phishing is more believable, it's the easiest way
(11.49 KB 349x367 Subtle TF2 soldier.jpg)

>>7211 >using social media >social media owned by the Zuckerborg no less

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