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not a glowie apologize for the rant once in a while why are privacy activists constantly obsessed with political topics like LGBTQ rights? and then complain when trannies use the same software to groom kids what a bunch of disgusting hypocrites god i miss the old internet back then when politics wasnt a thing back then i can just sit and relax while i browse content nowadays everyone just spews about how evil china is and how american companies are better in every way TL;DR i am pro piracy NOT privacy this bullshit has to stop one day
>>7356 How the hell are you going to be pro piracy but not pro privacy? You do know piracy is illegal right?
>>7356 >NOT privacy this bullshit has to stop one day k, star by posting a photo of you with id... what's that? you don't want YOUR privacy to end right now? though shit bub, face+id or gtfo.
>>7356 lmaoing at your 2iq right noe
Child abuse isn't an internet problem, it's a fag/jew problem. If they cared about kids they'd make it illegal for fags and kikes to adopt kids.
I2P always wins. Also read Sir John Glubb 'The Fait Of Empirers and the Search for Survival'.
>>7386 "Fate" and "Empires" respectively.
>>7388 Your colonialism of my language is just a sign of your Intersectional bigotry.
>>7394 Yeah whatever nigger, learn to spell.
>>7367 to be clear i dont really hate security in general im just tired of all this woke BS being shoved by "privacy respecting alternatives" they tend to be hypocrites and ban percieved far-right shit on sight even if they are telling the truth about covid >>7366 actually i use a lesser known VPN service ((protonmail)) is woke i just want something clean and BS free even though its a little bit pricy also i dont get it guys why is brave and waterfox heavily pushed by fanboys eveywhere on 4chan yet you never call them out for thier BS meanwhile we chromefags just stay still while doing our work while you lgbt advocates scream all day about DATAMINING BOTNET! >>7363 torrenting websites dont actively datamine its users nor forces them to sign up with real name also they tend to be silent about politics unlike ((free speech)) sites which are loud and obnoxious >>7374 This. i gotta love the fact that redditors act like tough vigilates whenever someones accused of being a pedo yet no one seems bat an eye when children in thirdworlders get experimented on for profit nobody seems to want to hunt them down even though the names of the CEO and company employees are in some kind of public government database list which they could easily find with time and effort what a bunch of hypocritical cowards they dont even discuss about boycotting them let alone putting it to light

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