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(17.16 KB 474x253 th-2382814816.jpeg)

Connect to Tor Anonymous 05/10/2022 (Tue) 14:22:14 No. 8395
What is the safest way to connect to the Tor-Network? Is this the safest possible way: Tails (VM) -> VPN -> Bridge -> Tor-Network
tails > dnscrypt/unbound > proxy > obfs4 wrapper > VPN > bridge > tor
>>8395 >>8400 Why would you go through VPN to connect to Tor?
>>8436 Because some nodes are compromised and expose your IP when in clearnet anon this is /t/ 101
>>8395 You seem inexperienced with anonymizing software, I will give you some advice. Connect to Tor before anything else. If you wish to obfuscate your Tor connections, use Tor bridges, don't connect to a VPN before Tor. Do not listen to the dunces telling you to connect to a VPN before Tor newfriend, by relaying your connection through another proxy before Tor you are routing your traffic through their servers before Tor, this is idiotic as that traffic can and inevitably will be linked to you. These services are not trustworthy, nor is Tor, Tor is a damn sight better than any VPN service. By using Tor to mask your IP address you are allowing yourself to hide among the countless other people using the Tor network, this is just one of the many reasons Tor is superior to normal proxies. If you must connect to proxies, chain said proxies to the end of your Tor circuit, never before. Why are you running Tails in a VM? Just use Whonix, Whonix outclasses Tails, Whonix can be run live just like Tails. There is no need to use Tails anymore, use Whonix. I would recommend running Whonix KVM to avoid Virtualbox, however it almost certainly makes no difference at all as regular Whonix is KVM, Virtualbox just acts as a paravirtualizer interface. Are you using Windows with Tails in vmware? It tends to be windowsniggers running Tails in vmware.
>>8436 You wouldn't. By connecting to a proxy before Tor you are undoing the entire purpose of using Tor: hiding among the millions of people using the Tor network. >>8470 >Because some nodes are compromised and expose your IP when in clearnet Your VPN is compromised. There has never been a privacy respecting VPN service. You can never know a VPN provider is not logging your traffic or spying on you. Tor has a far better track record than any VPN service, where are all of the people being arrested through the Tor network for crimes? Zero. Not a single one, only people who made operational security errors (like connecting to a honeypot proxy before Tor). IP leaks have rarely happened to people who used Tor properly, those vulnerabilities were also patched long ago so I don't know why people keep harping on about it. VPNs can also leak your IP, they are far more likely to leak your IP than Tor. People at risk of IP leakage now are tor users with janky configurations, and they still have a very low chance of leaking their IP. The chance is there, they should check their IP regularly to ensure it is not leaking. Everyone should do that.
>>8436 Tor relies on encryption. Encryption relies on relatively slow brute forcing. If computers improve significantly in your lifetime then you are vulnerable to anyone who can grab your traffic. Governments of the world have already claimed they grab all encrypted traffic and likely have vast processing power.

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