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(455.57 KB 820x1100 MOAI.png)

(9.14 MB 824x1108 moai.webm)

(1.28 MB 640x480 Rapa Nui Gondola.webm)

(441.06 KB 932x1600 Gaint Moai.jpg)

Moai General Mahu 04/29/2021 (Thu) 10:10:23 No. 975
Just post big head pics. Tikis are OK too I guess.
(588.67 KB 2500x1536 Hodges_easter-island.jpg)

(596.04 KB 1600x1281 CHL_EasterIsland_2Moai_.jpeg)

(514.86 KB 1200x1600 Moai_Rano_raraku.jpg)

I want to see Easter Island some day.
(204.23 KB 640x430 dsc00539ea.jpg)

(279.67 KB 427x640 10877840614_1653250c14_z.jpg)

(110.43 KB 604x483 Rano_Raraku,_helicopter.jpg)

(253.44 KB 1200x800 encabezado-rano-raraku.jpg)

I use to have a big collection of Moai images but I think it's on my old computer.
      , - 一 - 、_      /      .:::ヽ、     /, -ー- -、 .:::://:ヽ     i..::/\::::::::ヽ、::|i::::::|    /7  .:〉::::::::: /::|::::::|    / / .:::/   .:::::|:::::::|   i /  .:::::i   :::::::|:::::::|   .i i;::::ヽ、 ,i   .:::::::|::::::::|   i `''''''''´   .::::::::|::::::::|  i-=三=- 、 .:::::::::ゝ、ノ . i       .:::::::::::i:::| ..i       .:::::::::::::i:::| .i      .::::::::::::::/:::| .ゝ、____.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;/::.:::!  /:::... ....::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ヽ
    _, - 一 - ,    ィヽ:::.      ゙i  r´:゙i゙i::::. 、- ─- ,゙i  |::::::i|::、ヽ::::::::/゙i::...i  |::::::|::゙i :::::::::〈:.  7 ヽ  |:::::::|:::::.    ヽ:::. ヽ ゙i  |:::::::|:::::::    i:::::. ヽ i  |::::::::|:::::::.    i, 、ヽ::::;i i.  |::::::::|::::::::.    `''''''''´ i   !、、ゝ:::::::::. 、 -=三=-i    |:::i:::::::::::.       i .    |:::i:::::::::::::.       i..    |:::゙i::::::::::::::.      i.    !:::.::゙i;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.____、ゝ.   ヽ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.... ...:::゙i
         ⊂⊃               ^^   ⊂⊃              ^^              r‐、     r‐、            ㌘/   ㌘/              辷ハ    辷ハ         ─'''''┴┴''''―┴┴'''‐''
(55.63 KB 567x262 Tamano Moais.jpg)

Contrary to popular belief there's more than one style of moai.
(174.92 KB 900x820 30442370_p0.jpg)

And this is Tukuturi, the last moai. Or maybe the first moai.
(224.37 KB 1605x642 rano kau.jpg)

(186.02 KB 640x428 5d7d5befd91e6-621355.jpg)

>>983 While we're on the subject of Easter Island, this is Rano Kau a long dead volcano that's become a marsh lake.
(186.69 KB 993x1412 1-huge-Moai-head-sculpture.jpg)

(225.90 KB 900x600 broken-moai-head-jess-kraft.jpg)

(55.87 KB 474x474 Rj1T3XPUhcAxQfvyrZ2P5wHaHa.jpg)

(428.28 KB 758x393 moai-6.jpg)

(13.45 KB 460x246 moaifinal.png)

(103.36 KB 550x366 Moai-550.jpg)

(100.09 KB 300x200 great-moai-slot.jpg)

(78.83 KB 170x378 Moai.jpg)

(143.57 KB 1024x682 moai_5.jpg)

(404.08 KB 650x433 moai rr.jpg)

(69.38 KB 768x432 isla-de-pascua-1920-4.jpg)

(1.19 MB 787x600 ihTFL1s.png)

(444.71 KB 1100x800 Moai-Statues.jpg)

(155.00 KB 600x900 Tongariki Moai.jpg)

Orongo is the name of an abandoned village near Rano Kau. It's also apparently the name of an a Easter Island themed board game.
(22.37 KB 372x610 anakena1.jpg)

(19.05 KB 338x573 rano6.jpg)

(19.80 KB 313x472 rano2.JPG)

(10.01 KB 345x472 rano1.jpg)

(17.99 KB 343x477 rano9.jpg)

Many different shapes.
I wish I wasn't the only one posting Moai here.

(92.20 KB 903x600 red topknots.jpg)

(762.21 KB 5000x1122 Anakena beach.jpg)

(2.26 MB 4486x3322 Ahu Ature.jpg)

Every Moai looks a little different.
Some Easter Island postage stamps.
Not Moai but they're damn close.
I should post some more tikipop things.
(148.59 KB 757x960 by Dawn Frasier.jpg)

(95.25 KB 570x735 Modxotica2018 No3.jpg)

(104.68 KB 570x718 Moodxotica 2018 No5.jpg)

This is really out of theme but this set of literal tiki lounge drawings are too goon not to post.
(266.52 KB 817x675 bday.png)

I felt that I should screenshot this.
(2.65 MB 1280x720 Moai5steps.mp4)

(40.69 KB 839x348 godzilla-seatopia.jpg)

The Seatopian moai from Godzilla vs Megalon.
(990.95 KB 1280x1791 Angus McKie.jpg)

Tikis. I'm currently low on new moai.
From the frens on >>>/digi/
(422.58 KB 498x498 moai-pizza.gif)

(215.32 KB 300x540 moai-1531388705.png)

(291.39 KB 720x424 moai-unpainted-1531388711.png)

(315.91 KB 720x441 moai-painted-1531388708.png)

(52.36 KB 640x480 Hidamari Sketch 44.jpg)

(66.01 KB 478x270 Moai sound.mp3.mp4)

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