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General thread Anonymous 12/15/2021 (Wed) 22:20:58 Id: 5136cf No. 9420 [Reply] [Last]
For things that don't deserve their own thread, or if you just want to socialize
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(519.33 KB 1150x950 29281541_p0.png)

Posting Guide Anonymous 01/06/2022 (Thu) 01:54:08 Id: 8cd7a0 No. 10967 [Reply]
READ BEFORE POSTING >What are all of these New Thread fields? Name - A name you want to use, most of the time you'll want to leave this blank. If you're one of the people here who wants to use a persistent name, you may want to use a tripcode so others can't impersonate you. See https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/posting.html Make sure you use the same password every time, but also don't reuse any password that you use on other websites, and it's recommended that you use a secure tripcode, unless you need to be identified across multiple imageboards. Subject - Thread title, don't leave this one blank if you want to have a coherent thread Files - You can attach up to 5, and they don't necessarily have to be images. >Where can I find the source of an image? The source can usually be found by either searching on https://saucenao.com/ or using Google's reverse image search at https://images.google.com/. Before asking for the source, try with both of these first. >How do I save an image in full resolution? On Pixiv, and many other websites, click on the image to load the full-resolution version, then save. If you didn't do this correctly, the image will have a filename that ends with "master1200". Deviantart is similar. On boorus websites, there will be a message above the image that says something like "this image has been resized, click to view the original". Do that, and then save the image, if you didn't do this correctly the image will have the word "sample" in it somewhere. On sites like g-ehentai, if you're downloading individual images, there's a "Download original source" button on the bottom.

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Edited last time by Flatty on 01/06/2022 (Thu) 20:34:51.

Being tickled by younger people Anonymous 09/20/2021 (Mon) 11:00:49 Id: 38e96e No. 1244 [Reply] [Last]
Poor babysitters...
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>>10662 author?
>>1256 translating this for those interested. 1 page not going to translate all that. the important parts are. She's a spy. Very strong but got caputred. She's embarassed because she's strapped to a cross. Her nipples are really ticklish and she can't stand it. Because of that she doesn't want her nipples sucked during sex. 2 page what do you want to do to me? mpfh... torture me? just for your information. no matter what you do to me i'll never talk.

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Tickling animations Anonymous 09/26/2021 (Sun) 00:06:40 Id: dfe781 No. 1596 [Reply] [Last]
Surprised this thread didn't exist already
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Here's one that's a little smoother...
>>12125 >>12127 Those aren't animations morons

(302.05 KB 711x720 144.png)

(402.17 KB 2154x1459 8sV9xvG53Ik.jpg)

(1.74 MB 1826x3026 200828_ToDQ.jpg)

Bellies, navels and upperbody general. Anonymous 08/28/2021 (Sat) 17:05:45 Id: adfac1 No. 101 [Reply] [Last]
seeing how we already have a feet thread going, why don't we give the other end of the body a nice ol' feathering? i'll start.
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>>11822 Great~ any suggestion or idea~? Already have some, but since it's something for you two I wanted to know if there was something you would like to see. Oh~ and I will write it in a consensual way~ maybe she will look like she's suffering, but she will be loving it inside. I hope i don't disappointe anyone, I've seen so many non-con lovers here T-T Also~ here are some of my apportations to the thread 1º and 2º ones from eldelascosquillas on deviantart 3º one from bluishfeather, not much melly tickling, but look at that chubby belly~ it's perfect~ it's a shame he doesn't draw them more often 4º one from seviperman13 on deviantart
>>11831 Well, if you haven't started already... perhaps she has an agreement with a human(s) or small animal(s) in which she trades a bit of her treasure for tickles
>>12124 Hey~ that's a good idea! I think I have the main structure for the story mixing your idea with mine. However, it will take some time to write it due to my studies T-T. So~ if anyone has any other idea that cabe be applied to the previous one~ say it and I will think about it~

Find that Art Anonymous 09/29/2021 (Wed) 16:21:41 Id: 80ee91 No. 1958 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for finding specific artist or art you might’ve lost or forgotten. Start off by asking if anyone knows the artist for this.
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I am looking for a picture where Loz did made of a figure of asuka Langley from nge in a summer outfit
and if anyone could find it, I would be grateful
(262.59 KB 1080x1573 IMG_20220117_160411.jpg)

Anyone have the picture of this figure of asuka who lost one zero made? She was tied up by blue tape

Tickling Captions Thread Episode IV: The Retentacling Anonymous 01/16/2022 (Sun) 23:49:04 Id: 307c6e No. 12062 [Reply]
Now hiring: captioners and captionees.
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I can't believe we escaped the dark ages. So happy to have you back Tri :D
>>12066 The king, the god, the deity, the great Tri has returned. Apart from the jokes about your nicknames, it's good to have you back Tri, I hope you had a good Christmas and that you were able to enjoy something from last year.. I ask you please, as a way to start this new year 2022 well, that you can give some captions to this drawing, from the previous thread (which is already closed) I absolutely wanted you to write a good story, but unexpectedly with your departure momentarily, I had to wait. The characters are Shinobu Kocho and the spider demon sister, both girls from the Anime Demon Slayer. Just as a small detail, the image synopsis is like an alternate ending to what would have happened if in the brief fight between the insect pillar and the spider demon, Shinobu had relied too much on his speed, getting caught in their webs and being spider prey like a vulnerable and helpless butterfly.
(2.69 MB 1830x1440 Liberty.png)

(630.42 KB 1827x782 Vixen.png)

Post the two I did as well. See about getting back into writing a few.

Anonymous 11/01/2021 (Mon) 09:06:20 Id: aeb67f No. 5624 [Reply]
What makes it the best tickling tool?
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>>5776 You forgot tongues
>>12109 Nah that's how you get sick
>>12113 fuck off pro you perpetually wet blanket

Breast Tickling Anonymous 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:44:05 Id: 6ec3de No. 434 [Reply] [Last]
since 8kun is dead, post your breast tickling pics. as anon once said, breast tickling is best tickling. sincerely, femanon
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Lost art Anonymous 10/28/2021 (Thu) 11:39:37 Id: e6f93c No. 5200 [Reply] [Last]
Time is cruel, post the art that you were able to rescue. First 5 images by color-arcano Last image by reati
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(13.96 KB 250x250 MqyWrOBR_400x400.jpeg)

>>12089 Thank you bruv, this is above and beyond my expectations. The only thing I remember that's not here is like a Christmas flash thing that I might have just dreamt up - but that might be un-uploadable even if anyone had it. You're one hell of an archiver.
>>12104 Patreon and narcissism happened.
I am looking for a picture where Loz did made of a figure of asuka Langley from nge in a summer outfit

(100.26 KB 1024x659 avatar2.jpg)

(292.61 KB 1190x1472 arm23.jpg)

(124.07 KB 375x605 eva18.jpg)

Tickle Picture Ideas/Suggestions Anonymous 01/13/2022 (Thu) 02:49:14 Id: 7bbaf0 No. 11777 [Reply] [Last]
Hi anons! I don't know if something like this exists already or not, I didn't see anything like it, so I thought I'd make this thread. I'm an artist who's struggling to come up with ideas to make, so why not ask the people who are more likely than not going to see it. So yeah, I'm ready to hear all your ideas and whatnot. Maybe other artists who lurk around here might be able to use this thread too. Who knows. Also sorry if the pics don't necessarily match the thread. I had no clue what to put but didn't want to just put like, some pic of a pencil or something.
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>>12074 you are weak your will is weak your genes are weak your children will be weak and will not survive the winter
>>12073 Okay I'll see what I can do.
>>12073 I think the "separation between neck and head" is that awkward line below the mouth. The shape doesn't match up at all though, which is the problem. I suggest the artist think carefully about whether you intend for her to be facing up or straight forward, because what you have drawn seems like an awkward mix of both. Just a bit of friendly advice :) btw I'm another amateur who scrabbled the suisei on the drawthread, might try my hand at the vtuber thing too

(346.82 KB 1375x1600 TootsieBox.jpg)

(886.75 KB 1223x1555 CaliDestroyed.jpg)

(256.32 KB 1600x1110 CaliDestroyed2.jpg)

Tickle machines Anonymous 10/01/2021 (Fri) 01:55:25 Id: 1e0c6f No. 2059 [Reply] [Last]
Robotic hands and computers have no concept of mercy
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(629.32 KB 900x582 E5XN7VQVgAIPy3l.png)

(126.86 KB 716x1117 E4ZWg6rVgAQFeVD.jpeg)

(535.22 KB 2048x1448 Ex9tEVFUYAIJ9GO.jpeg)

(275.38 KB 2048x1448 EyDnH11VoAkgcBo.jpeg)

(294.49 KB 2048x1448 EyDnH2tVcAYWF5d.jpeg)

(309.20 KB 2048x1448 EyI0IJTVEAECWEN.jpeg)

(320.90 KB 2048x1448 EyI0ILOVEAcKSNx.jpeg)

(327.05 KB 2048x1448 EyI0INJUYAknWwF.jpeg)

Here's one by DanteBun

Color/lineart/edit thread 2.0 Color Anon 2 09/01/2021 (Wed) 00:33:05 Id: b08c10 No. 193 [Reply] [Last]
Suggest anything you want colored here! Please include a good color reference of the character(s), their name, and the series they are from with your request.
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(2.63 MB 2000x3000 ClipboardImage.png)

>>11655 I still hope to see that one colored some day, it's top tier shit imo.
Original version by Mayesior. Colored version by me.

Self tickling Anonymous 12/31/2021 (Fri) 13:04:27 Id: 584813 No. 10485 [Reply]
Want something done right do it yourself
Original version by Mayesior. Colored version by me.

Anticipation Anonymous 10/12/2021 (Tue) 21:19:19 Id: 693cc8 No. 3310 [Reply] [Last]
Makes me feel dgfksgkhf
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(2.14 MB 2159x2379 95437437_p0.jpg)

(1.62 MB 1024x821 ClipboardImage.png)

(655.03 KB 680x524 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.32 MB 1200x1697 ClipboardImage.png)

(962.35 KB 1280x1029 ClipboardImage.png)

(870.60 KB 1024x2067 ClipboardImage.png)

MHA girl tickling Anonymous 01/09/2022 (Sun) 16:50:24 Id: 760cbb No. 11338 [Reply]
Heroes need to smile
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>>11472 Haha, nice. Now I’m imagining a ‘KOCHO KOCHO KOCHO’ punch rush while the victim goes insane from their nerves being assaulted with all the ticklish sensations~
(3.26 MB 2304x3072 ClipboardImage.png)

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