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(44.51 KB 540x373 cat.jpg)

Characters with no tickle art Anonymous 09/23/2021 (Thu) 04:16:10 Id: 0677bf No. 1381
Its this thread again (characters without GOOD tickle art are also acceptable)
Really wish there was more tickle art of The Boys Closest thing I could find was this fake, and as far as tickle fakes go, it's not that bad but it's not nearly enough
>>24079 Not much, but there is some tickle art of Starlight and one of Maeve that I found. Girls from The Boys deserve it so bad-
I know this character was just shown recently, but I genuinely hope she gets a good amount of tickle art, I find her cute
>>24088 Another artist and I spedrun making Sage tickle art-
>>24093 >new character showcased >tranny jumps on to make art of the loli like clockwork
(8.99 KB 250x237 Bg_rochelle.jpg)

I kind of understand why Rochelle doesn't have any tickle art, as she really has barely any good art to begin with. Still, with how long the game has been out for, and the fact that Zoey has a couple decent ones, you'd think there would have been ONE good tickle/foot fetish image for Rochelle.
(1.45 MB 1900x1900 3d0.png)

(3.55 MB 1176x1669 Xiao by michael 1987.png)

>>23632 Yeah, you get it
(227.49 KB 723x1106 uAoVPLv0vV0.jpg)

>>24112 Best I can do I'm afraid...
(319.82 KB 640x1069 ndcluetappingheels.jpg)

(47.22 KB 300x492 _.jpeg)

Nancy Drew pretty much created the archetype of a snooping sleuth girl who stumbles into danger, but I don't think she has any tickling art or even stories of herself. A bit weird really, since there are pretty fetishy damsel in distress scenes in the old Nancy Drew stories already.
Reika Kirishima (time Gal) I’m honestly surprised she doesn’t have any art, especially when you consider her original outfit.
Kaho from Momodora and Ann from Anno Mutationem are 2 cute protagonists with adroable as hell outfits, ripe for tickles
Hidden Dragon. Those boot stirrups tho
(1.58 MB 2480x3508 70251610_p0.jpg)

(91.80 KB 948x948 E_OZ6IlX0AEK1f_.jpg)

Im honestly super surprised theres next to no tickle art of Queen Mara Sov from Destiny. As expected, regular porn of her is bomb af, but theres nothing from our end on her. Such a shame too, since I feel she would be a top tier lee. She has this whole personality that is based around keeping a mask of stoicness on to be seen as a perfect ruler to her people, and she rarely lets it slip (mostly only with people she really trusts). Theres one lore tab where she allllmost smiles at a gift she receives, but catches herself at the very last moment and puts the serious mask back on. It got me thinking that maybe she keeps it as an incredibly guarded secret that shes ticklish as fuck and would absolutely be in hysterics if someone got a hold of her and did that to her. Maybe you could even go with the consensual angle and have it be her secret fetish where she enjoys giving up control and having someone like Petra or Sujr(her dead former lover) tickle torture the crap out of her on occasion and have her really lose her shit and vent out all her stress and worry with these sessions. And only her trusted ticklers know the queen's secret and must keep it under wraps at all times, while needing to control their attraction to her and perform their duty, all while the image of her cackling and squirming under their touch is vivid in their minds. Honestly lots of potential for really hot stuff. Maybe I should comission a bunch of art from her. Any suggestions for artists, and other scenarios we could put her through?
>>25240 Shes a real hottie and its a shame theres barely any tickle stuff of her. There is foot fetish art of her though on DA StarPermafrost did a piece
>>25242 Agreed. Ill comission shit. Got some ideas and artists in mind. Interested in hearing the ideas Ive got? Maybe you can add some too.
these big beauties from darksiders NEED more tickle art ;3
La Muerte from book of life needs to be tickled on her spooky scary skeletoes ;3
Mr. X, I freaking love this dude and I wanna see him tickled! X3
>>25380 >calarts rupaul
I still like him X3
(29.55 KB 382x441 The-reality-of-big-mom.webp)

(82.66 KB 660x989 Mira_Mira_no_Mi_Infobox.webp)

I've seen so much art from One Piece floating around, but nothing with Big Mom or Brulee. I'd rather see their giant feet getting worked over in stocks instead of Nami and Robin for the millionth time.
>>25496 Well, gee, I wonder why...
>>25497 There's a very good reason why a bunch of the characters in this thread don't have any art and it should stay that way.
>>25496 Because they are ugly, obviously. If anything that makes annoying that the right is about the only female character to ever get tickled in the manga among the dozens of males that probably do, as though they had to find the ugliest one to ruin it.
(49.20 KB 460x446 anM38ML_460s.jpg)

(64.07 KB 651x1106 Otori_Anime.png)

I haven't seen anything of Otori Kaede from Komi-san, which is a bummer because she's a qt.
(3.40 MB 1913x2693 media_FYWxcAgUYAAiRVl.jpg)

there needs to be more, especially for Hana and Julia
(145.16 KB 912x1000 75525164_p0.jpg)

Criminally underrated
come to think of it I havn't seen anything for this girl either.
(185.27 KB 604x804 1659835368959998.jpg)

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