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(117.92 KB 823x971 Du3qoa-VsAArNAK.jpg)

Shameless Venting your Tickling Fantasies! Anonymous 03/06/2022 (Sun) 03:57:16 Id: 53cd5c No. 15941
Excuse the picture I think it's funny... This is a thread for venting your tickling fantasies, this started from talk in whyboners thread about our m/m fantasies involving tickling mafias and the like.
>tfw you will never be tortured by big tiddie bunny girls
>>18969 Frrr i feel you on that, plenty of opportunity for teasing and humiliation would abound
>>19005 What a fucking hot scenario, scenarios where lee can't cum or will be royally destroyed by tickling are so hot. Not to mention trapped in a tickle hell for cumming.
This might be a weird one, but one that's always kinda lingered in my head. I've always been fascinated and painfully intrigued at the idea of someone being tickled, but somehow unable to register it's happening. So how I picture it is someone suddenly giggling and wriggling around a bit, but continuing their action or conversation like normal, as if nothing is happening at all. I don't know why, but the idea of seeing someone giggling up a storm and wiggling around while asking what you want from McDonalds is weirdly arousing. I got plenty more, but I figured this was one that was less likely to have already been shared or to be shared in the future.
>>19146 Thanks! Hopelessness is a big turn-on in a lot of my scenarios, especially if the lee is told, repeatedly, that there's nothing they can do about their fate. The tickle mimic from the caption thread was good for me because of that, the captured adventurer's own mind repeating to her that someone caught by a tickle mimic is unlikely to ever escape on their own. I think I've said this in another thread but there's a fantasy I like going to where the lee is captured by some supernatural creature who's an extreme tickle sadist. The victim is kept relatively healthy but tickled to breaking point every day, and every day the creature gently pets their hair as they're coming down from the latest bout of torture and tells them that they're making "a wonderful sacrifice," how their suffering is keeping "so many more" from suffering the same fate, and how the creature is wondering how long the current toy will last. Then the victim looks over and sees walls of trophies or tally marks, so they know they're not the first, they won't be the last, and none of the past victims have ever escaped or been rescued. Then the tickling starts again.
>>17825 This but I'd be in a cute crossplay. Same with incorporating my cross dressing kink with a session of merciless tickling slash edging. Did a few sessions like that with my ex, good times.
m/m tickling and getting tickled by another man does nothing for me. But lately I've been getting off at the idea of a girl getting off watching me being tickled by dudes. It all started with a girl sending me an xvideos clip where a guy is being milked by a venus 2000 and fingered by a dude while two other guys watch. She said it makes her cum like nothing else and ever since then I can't stop thinking about being in an mmm/m tickle session at the behest of a girl who is watching and getting off.
you know what's really good? noncon kidnapping, i don't know why i have a tickle fetish, hell, most of us don't, but i can attest by many here that one of the bst aspects of this fetish is kidnapping, regardless if the lee is into it or not, the idea of nabbing a girl and leaving her powerless, just forced to endure her tickle torture for as long as the captor wants her too, that's fucking peak deliciousness. that said, consentual kidnapping is the most basic, boring fucking by the books bitch pussy coward yellowbellied setting that can exist in this fetish, it's the antithesis to it, it's basically a fucking playdate arrangement, pussy shit, i spit on it. noncon kidnapping 4 lyf
>>21853 Based and evilpilled.
>>21853 This, but instead of capturing a cute girl, I'm a male who wants to be captured and tortured for an extended period of time. You guys ever hear that Taylor Swift song Blank Check? Where she goes "boys only want love when it's torture, don't say I didn't, say I didn't warn ya" twice before going back to the song? I'm just saying I think about that specific line a lot, and evil women sensually singing about how bad their male victim surely wants it while they're stretching him over a rack and exploiting his helpless body.
>>21853 >second picture Ambitious snooping journalist/detectives/amateur investigators/etc. getting in over her head into a ticklish distress will eternally be dangerously based.
(688.54 KB 850x1170 1589059381910.jpg)

(933.65 KB 2637x4057 E3ecPcqXEAstm4q.jpg)

(398.67 KB 645x845 octo2.png)

>>21856 i don't mind the gender or the sexuality of the lee, just the general idea of taking a character, pinning them down and tickling them senseless is a golden idea, hearing them scream and beg for mercy or plea for help from their friends or family, hopelessly crying out for anyone to help them and to make it stop to no avail because they're so deep into the belly of the beast that nobody would hear them besides their captor is like the horniest shit you can imagine. >>21863 yeah, totally, i wanted to do a comic, i think i mentioned it on the previous board, about one of my characters trying to flee from a facility owned by a competitor in the market only to be caught and subequently subued by twice the ammount of tickles she would have recieved if she had just stayed put, it's like some perverted cat and mouse game, where the mouse loses almost every time. >oh, and inb4 tickle twitter comes for me bcuz "dangerous sexual predator" or "threat to female acquaintances" if you couldn't tell, everything i'm bringing up here is fictional, because i have enough braincells in my fucking head to know that you shouldn't do this shit irl unlike the people who need to constantly cover their ass and pretend it's con and have to constantly remind themsleves of it or convince themselves about it, it's just fucking stupid TBH; if you really enjoy Con kidnapping, be my guest, but if you constantly have to go on about how it's immoral and shit and tone down your fics due to flak you may recieve or something, then just fucking grow a spine.
>>21880 >oh, and inb4 tickle twitter comes for me bcuz "dangerous sexual predator" or "threat to female acquaintances" Are those people relevant nowadays? I have written some very non-con fetish fiction (though not for a good while now) and don't remember ever getting feedback like that.
>>21880 >That restraint in the third pic that has appendages tickling her belly I love that shit, it's so rare to see though.
(46.07 KB 500x492 1604288733935.jpg)

>>21885 well, that's more of a personal thing, i brought it up because it's happened before that people acuse me of writing posts in this platform, one incident in particular involved some anon foaming out of the mouth about some people with feet fetishes and having basically a meltdown, and though i don't wanna mention her by name, she inmediately acused me of doing it and started shit talking the fuck out of me on her server which i had been on, and it felt really shitty because i never did anything to her or any of her friends and believed i was her friend at the time, so yeah, i rather just specify instead of having to deal with something like that again.
>>21880 holy fuck that second pic with the blob wall and belly focus is *exactly* my jam Where'd you find it?
Stumbled onto this place while looking for inspiration/prompts for stories, and holy shit, I hit the biggest motherlode imaginable. Y’all have some AMAZING fantasies~ 🤤
Alright, I'm fucking back bitches this time with a real fucking curve ball. Firstly, I wanted to give a shout-out to tadashbaka for flipping the switch in my head to the concept of Rule 63 for this use. I initially dismissed it as a nothingburger in hentai but then he fucking did the pic included and I've basically been full "Neuron Activated" over it. So far it's only her that's gotten my attention but I wouldn't be surprised if in the future it hits me with someone else. But I just want to see her, along with Alexis just....they lose. This is their fate. Like 4Kids Ending for the show but enjoyable for us degenerates instead of how they ended it.
>>16129 >>16023 https://8chan.moe/tkr/res/21060.html Me too, there's a page for that, we really need more content!
>>15941 Holy shit fantasy thread reborn
>>16129 Black girls legit love torturing white girls. There was that video footage years ago at a cheerleading camp where a white girl was being forced to do the splits by two black girls and they were obviously loving it. A white friend of mine briefly had an IG bellybutton page and told me multiple times black girls would want to do RP sessions where they tickle tortured relentlessly until she agreed to make out with them. Which also is exactly the premise of this clip, leading me to believe that tickling a white girl into wanting to kiss them is a common black girl fantasy and that is hot as fucking hell. https://txxx.com/videos/11688541/skater-chick-toetied/ (2:35 and 4:00 for the moments)
I've had this one fantasy lately where I love the idea of buying slaves for their ticklishness and forcibly breeding them together to artificially select for extreme ticklishness as a trait. The offspring would be given out to selected families so that they could grow up normally (you don't want their brain development slowed by spending their formative years in a tickle dungeon). But at 18, they're re-captured and get to learn the truth when they join their real parents in being tickle tortured and they find out that they are also going to be bred the same way. Rinse and repeat until you have your own race of natural tickle slaves bred for hypersensitivity.
Have you seen Edge of Tomorrow, with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt? What I thought of involves the time travel aspect of the movie. For all of you who haven't watched it, the idea is that if the protagonist dies, he is sent back in time to the previous day at a specific time, where everything happens the same unless he changes it. It's sort of like a branching path situation. Recently, I've been watching a bunch of videos where the lee is tickled with a hairbrush, and the first time that it's done is always the worst. I was thinking it would be really cool to be able to explore a lee's spots "freshly" as if for the first time through the time travel aspect. Obviously, this wouldn't involve dying, but some sort of mechanism that would let you go back in time to the start of a tickle session.
>>22715 Why is the idea of get race dommed so hot?
>>22715 Also post more about anecdotes where you've seen this i wanna hear more
>>15941 gonna resurrect this to post about a dream I literally had. Where I was taken to this giant white building along side other people where we were gonna get tickle tortured by our friends. But as they were tickling us we were gonna get auctioned off?? But also for some reason getting auctioned off meant we die??? Unfortunately some giant storm happened before any tickling took place
There's something incredibly enticing in the concept of tickling conversion camps. Like, yes, mindbreaking someone to the point where they change sexuality and/or gender identity or at least repress hard is just.... *chef's kiss*. Like, obviously in real life this would be horrific and about as ineffective and destructive as the other methods they've tried but the aesthetic is 10/10. t. bi theymab enby incorporating my brainworms into my kinks
>>23373 For real the idea of complete emasculation where a guy is tickle tortured and teased endlessly is hot. I had an intense rp with a guy who would describe coming to kidnap and that he'd slowly erase things of mine while tickling me like tickling me to beg him to destroy my belongings or photos for relief. Threatening to tickle me to death if I didn't hand over my phone so he could tell everyone I'm leaving (in rp ofc), tickling me and gaslighting to forget my name and other memories. Also getting thrown around and physically dominated. In rp all to break me into a sensitive giggly tickle slave.
I want to be completely and utterly helpless. I want a session to last merciless years. I know it's impossible irl, but I've recently been thinking of concepts like time bubbles; the sort of year-inside-hour-outside deal, but while inside, you don't need to eat, sleep, or do anything else. Can't get hurt or rope burn or bed sores or anything; pure fantasy realm. In the bubble with me is some hot witch or demon or monster girl that never gets bored of me, binding me or holding me down in inescapable binds/holds. Tickle torturing me, edging me to the point I lose my mind, sucking me off, and taking advantage of post-nut sensitivity increase. I never get used to it, and it doesn't stop for weeks or months or years. Once the bubble pops, barely any time in the 'real world' has passed. In my fantasies, depending on the mood it either results in terrified despair as the ler effortlessly creates another bubble and taunts me with a potential eternity (or so close to it that it doesn't matter) of ticklish suffering and forced orgasms, or I ask them to create another willingly because nothing else compares to it.
>>23394 Mf wins the thread
>>23505 not at all bro
>>23373 >>22387 I spun off of these ideas with a fantasy about a utopian future where, to combat those evil large corporations soaking up the whole penal market, someone comes up with an app to let small, mom-and-pop prisons compete. Airbnb for prisons, if you will. Law-abiding citizens interested in diversifying their investment portfolio can bid for government contracts to keep a few prisoners in their basement to help pay their way through college. This is also a win-win because, since these Airbnb prisons are run by private citizens, they aren't bound by annoying, burdensome regulations like the 8th amendment. One of these boutique prisons specializes in taking violent criminals and making them tame and submissive through a program of tickle torture conditioning. Daily tickling sessions, humiliating rituals like thanking their warden for their punishment and being forced to refer to themselves in third-person as, "this ticklish prisoner," maybe some brainwashing by adding estrogen to their meals and requiring prisoners to speak in a higher-pitched voice to avoid punishment. The chastity goes without saying. This would of course be wildly successful at reducing recidivism, because how can anyone take seriously a violent criminal who leaves jail with pedicured feet, a docile demeanor, and a healthy learned helplessness in the face of wiggling fingers. The free market triumphs once again.
>>23529 Such an amazing idea, I love it imagine getting all your masculinity tickled away, and having your whole world view destroyed by tickles and brain washing. A great means of social humiliation would be marking free prisoners with a tattoo or something so EVERYONE know what's happened to them. See my crooked fantasy us someone wrongfully being tried in a kangaroo court and sent there

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