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Find that Art Anonymous 09/29/2021 (Wed) 16:21:41 Id: 80ee91 No. 1958
Thread for finding specific artist or art you might’ve lost or forgotten. Start off by asking if anyone knows the artist for this.
Been looking for this picture for a while, i cannot find the original lower res version that made me go on the hunt, basically, its a furry with his feet infront of the camera, they're crossed i think, the boots are on the bottom left of the screen next to the soles, and theres a watermark in the very bottom, it's a red fox but the feet are black and pink, please someone help me find this, peice or the artist.
Forgot to specify the waternark is at the bottom right, the entire pic has a thin black border, i think he was wearing a camo type outfit, and his feet were on a table.
(521.42 KB 720x1280 78843095_p0.png)

>>10606 This one?
>>10595 Not that one, but thanks for it too. The picture I'm after had no visible ticklers (just tickle tools and sppech bubbles) and had her both feet locked in same stocks.
No clue if anyone will know what I'm talking about, but I remember this image of a girl with kind of a goth/punk style being tickled by a bunch of disembodied arms, with one of them coming up between her legs and flipping the bird to the viewer. It was in a distinctly Western style and I think the girl had a bellybutton piercing. It was posted on Deviantart for sure but it was from a non tickling artist so I've lost it.
(1.33 MB 848x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>10641 Is it this one?
>>10666 That's the one. Thank you anon.
>>10668 Welcome :)
>>10621 That's the one. Thanks anon
It's probably by a long shot but over a year ago I saw this art on twitter of a girl being tickled everywhere by disembodied hands while being suspended by a bunch of ropes. It was highly erotic but when I checked out the artist apparently he/she also draws guro art. The image was in black and white and I think the artist was Japanese.
hi, im looking for Zelda getting tickled in Stocks, it was a drawing by the artist Monokron, does anyone have it?
There's a picture I saw a while back of Ibuki and Sakura from Street Fighter. Ibuki was tickling Sakura while she's suspended upside down, with Sakura's body bound by ropes. Her tanuki Don was also tickling Sakura's belly button with a backscratcher. Does anyone have it saved? The person also made revenge art with Ibuki in a TickleAbuse-esque position if that makes it easier.
>>10926 You are an actual godsend, thanks so much. These pics were both my faves, especially the first one. Ibuki ninja trickery and cheekiness lends herself so well to these sorts of scenarios.
Does anyone know of a picture with Tails' feet about to be tickled in stocks with him trying to hide his feet from the hands? I saw it on Furaffinity ages ago, but it seems to have been deleted.
>>10936 Did you check e621
>>10950 I've checked. It isn't on there
>>10936 by twomario?
Anyone got a sauce?
(355.85 KB 1026x1500 suda page1.jpg)

(325.77 KB 1026x1500 suda page5.jpg)

(343.31 KB 1026x1500 suda page3.jpg)

(384.04 KB 1026x1500 suda page4.jpg)

(323.84 KB 1026x1500 suda page2.jpg)

Does anyone know the source of this comic? Its name? Or where I can find the rest of it?
>>11316 It's utterly tickling-free, but if you're a footfag it's good shit still. Go nuts fren https://nhentai.net/g/199924/
>>11316 Aoi Tiduru - Ashi ga Suki Nano? Do You Like Feet? https://nhentai.net/g/199924/
>>11296 Thanks anon
This picture used to be on deviantart. It was a ninetales tickling a vaporeon and another pokemon with her tails. There was a caption as well I think
Anybody got the dialogue version of this piece by Shadow-Aspect?
>>11895 When I saw the thumbnail I first thought you put a caption on this. I think the use of text boxes alongside their character profiles is nifty and spices up the piece. Thanks for finding this.
(5.08 MB 380x213 1641796312855 (1).gif)

Hi I recently found this gif on a Discord server, the original poster said he found it on an old 4chan thread but it didn't contained any info about the original autor or anything Does anybody knows the source or who was the original author? Thank you in advance
I once saw an animated machine tickle torture for one of the Fairy Tail girls that wasn't Lucy. It was someone with twin tails. I thought it was from Cesar3o0 but it isn't on his site at all. The person who showed it to me said that the audio came from the girl's actual voice actor, but I'm sure he was lying. The audio was really damn good and convincing though.
I am looking for a picture where Loz did made of a figure of asuka Langley from nge in a summer outfit
hey im trying to find where the source of this image is from. I know that it came from reddit but that's it
and if anyone could find it, I would be grateful
(262.59 KB 1080x1573 IMG_20220117_160411.jpg)

Anyone have the picture of this figure of asuka who lost one zero made? She was tied up by blue tape

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