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Games thread Anonymous 09/09/2021 (Thu) 02:06:15 Id: 707f9f No. 680
>>10968 seething pedoshitter
>>10964 Bahaha, not even tickleshit is free from translation group drama, absolutely amazing >>10965 >I got banned on a forum website a couple years ago for calling them pussys Literally picrelated. Is there a bigger pussy move than banning the person calling you a pussy?
>>10972 being an entitled fag who gets mad when people won't translate his fetish game for free is a pretty big pussy move
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLkJsvgqGbE This game had potential, he finally posted the link to download but when you try to start it you get hit with..."failed to load image img/titles1/%E8%83%8C%E6%99%AF.png". The guy has been silent for a few weeks now. Can anyone fix this problem? Link for the game is in the description.
>>11016 Works fine for me. You need to extract it as Simplified Chinese, either by setting your system locale to that or using the Name encoding option in WinRAR or something.
>>11016 Most of the time errors like that are due to you not having the language installed on your OS. Example for japanese games: Since the computer doesn't know how to comprehend "くすぐり.jpg" it throws in gibberish and makes it "dk&$$kfls@#.jpg", but the game is still trying to find "くすぐり.jpg" so it gives an error. Once the language is installed, when you unzip the game the files should be named correctly.
>>11085 Sometimes not even just installing the language is not enough. For me, you had to change your system locale to Japanese first and then re-download to get the correct titles
>>11085 >>11087 >windows users pathetic
(44.14 KB 211x184 despair.png)

> tfw all your mechanics-driven tickling game prototypes have been shit Maybe I should just give up and make a visual novel with meters. I spent my teenage years on writing.com interactive stories. I've got this idea for a story where you're the captain of an order of demon hunters, and your character gets cursed by the head of the big bad coven. I could have a corruption mechanic that influences the narrative based on the decisions you make. Have a dynamic where your comrades are torn between knowing you're being corrupted, but wanting to help
(387.26 KB 610x444 indies.png)

>>11165 >Maybe I should just give up and make a visual novel with meters. I spent my teenage years on writing.com interactive stories. Probably the best idea, I think even half this thread will admit they just pound away mindlessly at "the gameplay" in order to get to the scenes so they can enjoy the pictures.
>>11165 I hate to say this, but there's a reason most adult games with "gameplay" are generic RPG Maker games with a few slight tweaks. People generally don't want complicated mechanics, and it's important any game can be played one-handed. Anyone with even basic knowledge of game design can probably put together something better than all the western RPG Maker games we've had so far though. There are very few that are even playable, and the insistence on using tickling as a battle mechanic instead of a capture mechanic like Noircastle's games makes them very slow and clunky to play through.
>>11168 That's exactly what I'm saying though. I'm embarrassed by western representation in the scene. I have the technical skills to make something better than the RPG maker flips we've had so far, but amateur art skills and completely untested writing skills. All of my ideas involve discarding my primary, professional skillset. There's a visual novel called "Long Live the Queen" though, that is basically a single story played out like D&D, where between each 'day' you decide which skill you want your character to train. It's basically a meter management game. I could see a system like that working in a narrative driven tickling game. But, like I said. That lives or dies on writing and art.
>>11169 Someone was working on something similar here: https://twitter.com/game_create/status/1452612647149400066 As far as I can tell they ended up abandoning that aspect of it and it is now basically a visual novel made in RPG Maker though. Making something appealing for any reason other than art is actually really difficult, there have been tons of attempts at text-only games that haven't been great too. Some sort of point and click puzzle game would be an interesting way to go, but that would definitely require some advanced art skills unfortunately.
>>11169 >amateur art skills Go back and play the first few levels of Fairy Maze. The art was charming, but very amateurish and rough. It's amazing how much better Noir's later work became. >completely untested writing skills Probably the easiest part to learn, or at least the part that most people won't care a whole lot about.
>>11191 This. As someone who has made a shitty tickle RPG maker game I can assure you that the art doesn't have to be good at all for people to be interested in it. If your coding is competent and it works and you release SOMETHING people will be interested.
I'll fire up unity and work on a prototype chapter of the VN game I had in mind. I'll pop back in here to get feedback. Thanks for the encouragement anons
>>11225 Make sure add sleeping tickles, sneaky tickles during foot massages, and sole line tracing tickles.
>>11168 These two games by cogitory on DA are the perfect example of a good tickling based RPG game imo. No battles or extra long scenes, the tickling is seamlessly inserted in the game in many occasions with various results with different choices available. For example, in one you had to get a book from a sleeping bandit, and to get to move her you had the choice to tickle her in different spots, but if you got too faar she would wake and it would be game over. Too bad he only released two games, they were the bomb. https://www.deviantart.com/cogitory/art/Tales-of-Emertung-Prologue-708791511 https://www.deviantart.com/cogitory/art/Tales-of-Emertung-Chapter-1-768740384
>>11225 Go for it and remember what >>11195 said: >if you release SOMETHING that even just works, people will be interested. >>11233 Exploration and light puzzle games are at least tolerable as far as gameplay is concerned. There were a couple of good Japanese games like that. Both of them had the premise of exploring a haunted building (mansion and school respectively) and you could trigger tickle scenes either by getting caught by enemies or when interacting with items.
>>11016 When i open the game says that cannot load a img.png, anyone knows how to fix that? i changed the locate to chinese before
>>11242 Make sure it's simplified Chinese. I had a different version of Chinese and it did the same thing.
>>11264 Yeah i'm sure that is simpiflied chinese but there's no way, mi computer is not able to read chinese i don't know why.
>>11333 Not trying to be overly negative, but I really don't get why people like this one. It's a real chore to play through and the short, text-only tickling scenes aren't good enough to make up for it.
>>11486 Not to mention the set up is really cringe and sacchirine vanilla
>>11487 >>11486 Agreed. I don't want to discourage anyone from making tickling games, but at least make the effort to produce some art. Text and game sprites just don't do it for me.
>>11489 Honestly I'd be happy enough with just sprites and text if they'd put at least a little effort into either of them. The built in sprite generator in RPG Maker isn't exactly great, but it can do some way more interesting things if you're willing to spend like 50 bucks getting a few of the DLC packs, which is very common for devs who try to make money from their work. The text is just bad though. The story is garbage and the tickling scenes are boring.
>>11490 The medium is severely lacking in quality non foot focused animated content in general Im a believer in the pareto principle, so its very likely we'll have to wait for (or become) a wealthy patron to just fund something from the ground up, or at least inject a reasonable amount of money into an already existing game or project for some additional content
>>11489 It takes a special kind of person to have art, writing, and programming skills. You're using every corner of your brain for it. Plus you gotta be the kind of sperg willing to put hundreds of hours of work into a niche fetish with no expectation of getting compensated. It's a massive ask.
>>11489 >>11490 Text-only games are pointless. Might as well just write a novel or a short story at that point because you'll much better result for much less work. I understand that not everyone can or wants to do art, but sprites should be the bare minimum. I think there's even a Japanese artist on either dlsite or the pixiv store who sells tickling-themed sprite asset packs for RPG maker games so you can probably buy one or two of those if you can't make the sprites yourself.
>>11548 Do you have some idea for what you want to do? I would say writing is by far the most important part, you can just grab other people's art unless you're planning to sell the game (the person who made lala's ordeal did that for his games), and honestly the gameplay doesn't matter as long as it isn't irritating (most tickle games fail at this). If you need help coming up with scenarios and writing them I'm sure there's at least a few people around here who could help.
>>11589 My current plan is to make almost a visual novel where decisions you make change the way the story plays out. I want the player to actually develop their character's relationship with the cast so the tickling scenes have more weight. Like other VNs, but instead of the big scenes being vanilla sex it's shit for ticklefags. The central thread I'm currently working with is this: You are the captain of a chapter of paladins defending your kingdom from a demonic invasion. During the first incursion scene, your character comes into contact with the big bad of the game. After establishing the setting, the big bad curses your character. That establishes the "corruption" mechanic. The higher your corruption gets, the harder it will be for your character to pass up tickling opportunities on members of your chapter. I could see the "bad end" just being traditional smutty tickle hell. I think the hottest scenes could be when you're trying to progress through the story in character. Getting to know the women in your chapter as they try to help you without getting seduced. The gameplay will be deciding what skills to train so when you go on the next mission, or meet with the next girl, the character you are choosing to play is adequately represented. If the context of the scenes are the most important when it comes to tickling games, then I'll make a system that turns your victims into characters, and scenes into character moments. Or at least, that's the plan. I'm sure I'll come around for feedback as I get closer to having something playable, but at the moment I have enough that I want to write that I'm not tapped for creativity. In terms of art, i could commission an artist for a small enough project. If I expand my scope, I could hire an artist on. Time will tell.

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