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(72.87 KB 897x528 hiro07.JPG)

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(46.30 KB 540x688 hiro11.JPG)

(37.23 KB 349x480 hiro17.jpg)

Post the OLDEST shit you got Anonymous 09/11/2021 (Sat) 02:12:46 Id: f6ed88 No. 755
Oldfag here. Pretty sure Hiro M was the very first ever Japanese tickling artist, at least as far as what we saw here in the west.
(39.01 KB 610x787 564.jpg)

(58.69 KB 776x588 747.jpg)

(67.80 KB 587x787 6548.jpg)

(53.98 KB 599x790 56743.jpg)

(61.50 KB 596x803 57645.jpg)

(52.27 KB 785x606 346345.jpg)

(118.61 KB 484x663 400866ac.jpg)

(29.43 KB 400x315 Batgirl+Tickled+%232.jpg)

(90.19 KB 720x530 c26a7372.jpg)

(20.06 KB 314x400 Catwoman+%231.jpg)

(57.59 KB 429x480 featherTK3.jpg)

(62.79 KB 610x842 fgn.jpg)

(123.93 KB 515x699 fth.jpg)

(73.13 KB 610x787 ftymdytm.jpg)

(69.55 KB 786x607 gjk.jpg)

(33.00 KB 311x400 Gwen+Tickled!.jpg)

(103.06 KB 700x536 hcdnbc.jpg)

(22.43 KB 360x272 Melissa.jpg)

(102.20 KB 700x539 nmvm.jpg)

(74.09 KB 431x480 PowerStar1.jpg)

(28.43 KB 267x360 Supergirl.jpg)

(73.28 KB 490x634 TFTA #22.jpg)

(121.44 KB 484x659 vghk.jpg)

(53.01 KB 606x787 w45w46.jpg)

(58.08 KB 350x265 vt1.jpg)

(15.00 KB 207x400 Wonderwoman+Tickled+%232.jpg)

(81.90 KB 777x533 xbxfcb.jpg)

>>6472 Thats all I got for tonight...
(78.55 KB 650x499 CHEER4.JPG)

Illustration for ancient story No Pity which written as advertisement of early MTJ Publications. It was reposted back in the day too but has long since been removed from TMF, probably because the kidnapped ticklee is 17 years old in the first part. Luckily the Internet never forgets and it can be still found from ancient Usenet. https://groups.google.com/g/alt.tickling/c/chjopqUEZdg
(225.10 KB 1090x690 1.jpg)

Oldest but probably my most favorite of all time
(73.59 KB 390x505 !f3991863sm.jpg)

(101.05 KB 824x621 33.gif)

(73.41 KB 504x535 bac 03.jpg)

(75.77 KB 406x590 bac 05.jpg)

(246.67 KB 576x411 8x10.jpg)

BAC Dump!
(37.36 KB 536x515 bac014.JPG)

(67.06 KB 670x631 bac013.JPG)

(162.64 KB 808x1071 bac006.jpg)

(202.03 KB 720x908 bac016.jpg)

(323.77 KB 720x908 bac015.jpg)

(61.37 KB 480x477 bac018.jpg)

(55.91 KB 373x480 bac020.jpg)

(38.78 KB 480x377 bac021.jpg)

(69.26 KB 510x396 bac019.jpg)

(344.38 KB 720x908 bac017.jpg)

(60.66 KB 306x418 bac022.jpg)

(44.14 KB 371x480 bac023.jpg)

(44.53 KB 480x326 bac024.jpg)

(172.75 KB 825x625 bac029.jpg)

(192.85 KB 800x990 bac030.JPG)

(62.01 KB 622x392 bac031.jpg)

(31.83 KB 418x306 bac033.jpg)

(35.25 KB 400x320 bac034.jpg)

(117.88 KB 654x532 bac032.jpg)

(139.95 KB 560x662 bac036.jpg)

(113.64 KB 444x580 bac038.jpg)

(102.98 KB 589x456 bac043.jpg)

(160.48 KB 831x638 bac037.jpg)

(175.65 KB 720x908 bac039.jpg)

(131.53 KB 455x584 bac040.jpg)

(125.78 KB 573x821 bac046.jpg)

(63.42 KB 788x1036 bac069.gif)

(165.17 KB 828x638 bac047.jpg)

(267.63 KB 824x638 bac044.jpg)

(352.20 KB 720x908 bac051.jpg)

(59.97 KB 747x587 bac070.jpg)

(21.35 KB 328x400 bac071.jpg)

(37.42 KB 177x480 bac072.jpg)

(41.26 KB 184x480 bac073.jpg)

(383.47 KB 788x1036 bac069.jpg)

(41.94 KB 469x640 bac074.jpg)

(31.89 KB 469x640 bac075.jpg)

(67.33 KB 377x412 bac078.jpg)

(67.64 KB 451x480 bac080.jpg)

(185.14 KB 831x634 bac079.jpg)

(63.07 KB 406x480 bac081.jpg)

(55.82 KB 401x480 bac082.jpg)

(53.77 KB 480x370 bac084.jpg)

(155.10 KB 775x586 bac083.jpg)

(53.87 KB 474x545 bac085.jpg)

(112.00 KB 506x764 bac086.jpg)

(55.69 KB 360x276 bac087.jpg)

(76.23 KB 828x625 bac088.jpg)

(75.92 KB 480x375 bac089.jpg)

(373.21 KB 900x1133 bac090.jpg)

(45.93 KB 338x436 bac091.jpg)

(31.99 KB 851x578 bac093.jpg)

(102.08 KB 828x638 bac094.jpg)

(98.96 KB 825x638 bac095.jpg)

(447.37 KB 1174x1522 bac092.jpg)

(126.65 KB 825x638 bac096.jpg)

(77.35 KB 496x701 bac097.jpg)

(70.24 KB 361x480 bac098.jpg)

(69.22 KB 750x300 bac099.jpg)

(102.05 KB 404x517 bac100.jpg)

(85.63 KB 463x475 bac101.jpg)

(93.21 KB 640x375 bac104.jpg)

(304.63 KB 1009x835 elbacco.jpg)

(433.35 KB 1700x2338 bac103.jpg)

(1.35 MB 1559x2153 bac102.jpg)

(124.42 KB 567x727 elbacco2.jpg)

(83.96 KB 703x535 elbacco3.jpg)

>>8174 Thats all I got
I hate how many of these have shitty 3rd party colorjobs and the originals are nowhere to be found because the ancient coomers had shit taste and saved the gawdy MS painted versions instead
Looking back, it's really interesting how much the formula for tickling art has changed. It seems like almost all of the older stuff is way more fetishy and sexual in nature, is primarily foot focused and is either totally original characters or Marvel/DC capeshit. Looking at it makes me a bit nostalgic, I'm glad this thread exists to take me back down memory lane.
>>8401 I agree, I find a lot of it much better in general and memorable too.
>>8411 It's very reflective of the times. A lot of this was posted before the generation that grew up with anime started drawing, so the style and content is totally different. It's a bit of a lost art, but admittedly how well it holds up depends entirely on your tastes. If you aren't very explicitly a tickling FETISHIST with a clear interest on the sexual part, you're probably not going to be a fan. Also if you don't love feet and/or find Western comic characters and art styles to be unpalatable, you probably won't be a fan. Nevertheless, I'm glad it's preserved all these years later.
(312.79 KB 740x1024 5941410552_8062b71c41_b.jpg)

>>8412 >>8401 The boomer tickle stuff draws major influences from old trashy pulp literature and softcore horror/thriller/"historical" movies, you can tell that plenty of boomer tickle coomers recreated scenarios from them but with tickling instead of rape and painful torture. Despite never living those times myself (except lots of pictures in this thread being my first encounters with fetish art online in early 2000s), I still really love the pulpy fapfiction aesthetics and their special atmosphere and think it's a shame it's fading away.
>>8168 I've been dying to find the artist of that second image.
>>8417 Spot on. And since that type of media doesn't really exist anymore, or at least not enough to influence newer generations, that whole style has basically gone extinct. Boomer and Gen X artists were influenced by that, millennial and zoomer artists got theirs from anime, so I wonder what the future generations will come up with.
(6.66 MB 3220x4315 0189-1.png)

Do I win with obvious fetish content from 1912 snuck into a newspaper? https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn83045396/1912-06-09/ed-1/seq-41/
>>8441 Don't worry anime will only go extinct when libshits ban the entire artstyle for being way more attractive than they are.
(729.92 KB 1669x1285 1.jpg)

>>8441 >>9047 The nu-manga style most of these guys use today sucks complete ass too, though.
>>9047 >>9050 Meds now

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