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Let's fix your tickle scene! 12/26/2021 (Sun) 18:08:03 Id: 849c84 No. 10092
Have you ever encountered a tickle scene that caught your interest and just dissapointed it you for wahetever reason? I'll start with this scene from Dragon Crisis. We have this girl tied up in a bed, about to be tickle interrogated. Since I'm a sucker for any kind of tickle interrogation content and seeing the girl with almost any kind of tickle spots exposed I tell to myself that I'm in for a ride, possibly one of my favorites scenes from all time even. The scene finally starts, my heart is beating like a set of drums and then the tickle scene is just a fucking tickle ear shit. What a way to ruin it. The only change this scene needs is to remove that and focus on one of - if not all of them - the other spots. Hands would be my choice but I don't mind the feather that much. What are your scenes and what would you change about them?
(6.95 MB 2640x3312 kuva_2021-12-26_220509.png)

Sengoku Otome had an episode which included TWO tickle scens. One where protagonists subdue several antagonists of the episode, and the protagonist interrogates them through dual wielding feather tickle torture... Offscreen. (05:15-06:25) Then it has another scene where the freed antagonists kidnapped protagonist, took her to their remote forest hideout and tickle torture her both as revenge for their ordeal and to interrogate her about her comrade's weaknesses... By wiggling their fingers somewhere near the rope she is tied with. (09:49-10:26) Very underwhelming visually, but at least the voice acting and few expressions shown are decent. I suppose explicit tickle torture would have simply been too much for this generic fanservice anime, or maybe only the writer was into tickling but literally nobody in the animation team was. https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/battle-girls-time-paradox/videos/209534
>>10096 And as for changes, I naturally wish that one tickling scene would be first 10 minutes of the episode and the other would be the second 10 minutes, but realistically speaking, I would have loved to even see first girls getting their ankles held by Nobunaga and Mitsuhide, and audience getting to see Hideyoshi feathering their soles for even couple of seconds. I also would have really wanted to actually see which one of the ladies broke first and talked, and heard her actually say it while begging the heroines to stop. As for the second tickle scene, I would have loved it if Hideyoshi was tied so that both her exposed sides and bared feet would have gotten tortured by two ticklers at the same time.
I feel like the April scene is the definitive example of this. Never saw it as a child and heard of it by how hard it gets hyped up like THE most iconic tickle scene in a cartoon. Then I saw it and what is it? She gets tickled for 3 seconds, the goons declare "She's too tough" and move on to some guy. I feel convinced that it is only so famous because how how exceedingly rare it was to even see a female get tickled at all.
Shokugeki no Souma has a tickle scene with great set up and it becomes extremely disappointing once the tickling actually starts, just like the Dragon Crisis scene. In this one, the scene is supposed to be an analogy for how the MCs food is making her react in a positive manner despite her not wanting to, just like how tickling makes people laugh when in fact most don't like it. The problem with it is that the tickling barely even looks or sounds like what it's supposed to be. Instead of laughing, the girl just does some fake moaning sounds since this is a standard ecchi show and so characters are only allowed to moan in a fanservice scenes. I'm fine with tickle scenes including things that wouldn't seriously tickle anyone in real life (like feather ear tickling shit) since it shows that the character is unbelievably sensitive, but only if they also include something that looks like it would actually tickle. As for what I would change, I would definitely add some chibi angels going for her armpits and feet on top of the ass and breast feather tickling, with the ones at her feet also sliding some feathers in between her toes. Instead of moaning she'd be laughing and I would make her laughter get louder and more uncontrollable when she starts getting tickled on her feet and armpits. I'd also get rid of the annoying background music and sounds that the angels are making. >>10104 I completely agree, it's massively overrated because there was barely anything else at that time. Off the top of my head, the only scene from that period of time that I would consider great is the Dragon Quest one.
(2.34 MB 1920x1080 E9GDJeQ.png)

Obligatory. Just make this beta sob actually tickle her. The set up for teaching the smug brat a ticklish lesson is perfect. Spineless paisen doesn't even have to push it out of his own volition if that's too ooc, maybe she just panics and clamps her arms down and he gets stuck wiggling his fingers under there until Nagatoro has a meltdown, it's a classic trope. A good minute of her over the top reactions as she gradually falls apart, apologizes and eventually just starts begging for mercy and this would've been absolutely top tier, up there with the Fujiko scene, a legitimate awakening-provider for future generations. I still haven't recovered from the blue balls, as you can probably tell. Oh well. It's all in all okay, nice pit shots, anticipation, implications of Nagatoro being STUPIDLY ticklish... It's just kind of a bummer about the lack of pay off man. That's what fanart is for I suppose.
>>10104 It was all their was at the time man.
>>10118 Same goes for nishikata tickling takagi, I hate how spineless these two protags are
(1.66 MB 499x281 94a.gif)

This scene could have been great. But it ended up being underwhelming af. One feather on a socked foot is just disappointing lol.
I'm still pretty pissed that the remake version of the Lupin scene cut out the feet tickling. I'll always prefer the original for that reason.
>>10124 I still really love this scene, but i definitely agree it would be a whole lot better if she was barefoot
>>10128 Other than the remake not being full body tickling like the original. Did anyone else think it looked more stiff compared to the original?
>>10143 It's a step down in every single way
Damn... that's a good question. Really any tickling scene ends up being a disappointment most of the time. Really many examples come to mind but at the same time I block myself from saying them.
>>10128 Congratulations, you know how shit it feels when footfags ruin a tickling scene by reducing it to feet tickling, cry I like it that way
>>10158 Fuck off man, I'd be bitching if it was anything else getting cut too. It would still be less to appreciate than the original scene.
>>10158 This may surprise you but not everyone is a part of your manufactured shitposting war. It would be equally bad if the remade version took out all the rest and only had her feet being tickled.
>>10159 Do not give me stupid things, it is precisely the same group of footfags that rejects the new version precisely because of that. Learn for a bitch that your fantasies are not always going to be fulfilled in every tickling scene out there.
>>10193 It is not a war, I just like to say it because it is true.
>>10196 >>10195 What the hell is this ESL gobbledygook
>>10195 Lmao did you have a stroke while writing this?
Aside from having something for all tastes, the older scene was better animated and had better voice acting and artwork. The only reason you'd prefer the new one is if you're a contrarian or a petty shitter.
>>10195 Trying to read this is giving me heart palpitations wtf
This is a perfect example of the average /tkr/ thread. A handful of people post on topic for the first half a day, then it turns into complete shit.

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