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(302.05 KB 711x720 144.png)

(402.17 KB 2154x1459 8sV9xvG53Ik.jpg)

(1.74 MB 1826x3026 200828_ToDQ.jpg)

Bellies, navels and upperbody general. Anonymous 08/28/2021 (Sat) 17:05:45 Id: adfac1 No. 101
seeing how we already have a feet thread going, why don't we give the other end of the body a nice ol' feathering? i'll start.
(78.17 KB 800x796 Nui02.png)

(190.27 KB 508x956 pantybox.png)

(39.94 KB 512x386 4215810-d-FwLjGz80JX1MQC.jpg)

(2.76 MB 3697x3007 12905_-_tagme.png)

(1.06 MB 2304x3072 92716084_p0.jpg)

(1.01 MB 2304x3072 92716092_p0.jpg)

(1.15 MB 1080x1440 92759982_p5.png)

Taking bellybutton tickle slave suggestions
>>1040 oh! it's you again! mind reposting the stff from the previous thread? i couldn't save it in time as for requests, can i ask for princess Daisy? get her right in the button!
(3.56 MB 1408x4248 latest.png)

(1.54 MB 1500x1500 フィオルン_メイン.png)

(208.81 KB 878x2048 20200906_073134.jpg)

(231.16 KB 1158x1637 IMG_20190907_134202.jpg)

>>1040 Fiora from Xenoblade
(74.46 KB 1000x822 Gallery_Saffron_003.jpg)

(1.26 MB 2060x2862 Saffron_TopDylan.png)

>>1040 Saffron from One Step From Eden.
>>1040 Miku Nakano from Quintessential Quintuplets
(349.10 KB 404x1059 Kefla.png)

(131.91 KB 660x1112 Android_21_Artwork.png)

>>1040 I suggest either Android 21 or Kefla, take your pick. If you take requests for tools, I'd love either feathers or some kind of spinny brush tool.
(345.36 KB 1024x1024 Hush.png)

>>1040 Hush from Fortnite, I know the game's "cringe" but that belly's just asking for it~
>>1055 Fortnite actually has a surprising amount of good targets.
>>1040 Echidna from Re:Zero
(165.88 KB 813x555 noi.png)

(237.08 KB 714x817 heeps.png)

(201.40 KB 603x974 liv.png)

(421.11 KB 963x1060 ABdancer.png)

>>1062 mmm, hot, wasn't there a Cala Maria one?
(567.04 KB 899x697 337.png)

(662.09 KB 966x775 351.png)

(493.82 KB 952x681 356.png)

Byleth and her cute navel she always bares with her outfit just makes her the perfect target for tickles. She deserves it for teasing us with such an adorable bellybutton completely on display~
>>1153 Unfortunately, she is canonically NOT ticklish
>>1160 We don't know that. She just wasn't scared of it when threatened (because she's perpetually emotionless in canon for actual story reasons). For all we know she could've never been tickled before and doesn't know the feeling of it at all. That's how I like to see it ;)
Picked at random, these two were our lucky winners
>>1200 Thanks!
(2.55 MB 2304x3072 466979-2.output.png)

(2.51 MB 2304x3072 466979-1.output.png)

>me >coped long enough over lack of decent upper body Fiora art for so long >finally caved in and commissioned it myself God fucking bless.
>>1457 that's honest to god how it feels some times.
that's honestly how it feels sometimes.
>>1457 Not bad, what artist did you buy these from?
>>1517 Their Twitter handle is @sevenstarhoshi. They are constantly doing commissions nonstop. Their skeb is linked on their page, which is where I placed my commission. They got it done very fast, too! Took less than a week after payment for it to be done.
(11.15 MB 800x450 The-Sea-Cave-825391974.gif)

(249.44 KB 1448x2048 E8ZROX7UcAkS6oO.jpeg)

(304.97 KB 1448x2048 E8bPGvtUYAIinFb.jpeg)

(5.37 MB 480x270 46-1d.gif)

(168.86 KB 816x597 chun%20li%203.jpg)

(60.19 KB 576x1025 DBZ - videl.jpg)

(53.22 KB 656x745 poke-officer jenny.jpg)

(76.04 KB 623x1032 poke-nurse.jpg)

(57.98 KB 726x811 ticklingmachine - girl.jpg)

(556.87 KB 1280x1656 Tumblr_l_619168522250.jpg)

(236.70 KB 759x1075 Tumblr_l_538097594330.jpg)

(646.84 KB 972x1376 Tumblr_l_515529604165.jpg)

(4.01 MB 654x368 Tumblr_l_1091350220435.gif)

>>5922 What video is this from?
(1.43 MB 2304x3072 05.jpg)

(1.10 MB 2304x3072 04.jpg)

(830.01 KB 2304x3072 07.jpg)

(1.20 MB 2304x3072 08.jpg)

(810.44 KB 1536x2048 09.jpg)

(993.14 KB 1612x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

(26.90 KB 640x784 r1CaD3L_d.webp)

(32.09 KB 600x422 WU4cDy2_d.webp)

(506.44 KB 2048x1906 20211126_030406.jpg)

(115.38 KB 868x1228 94418263_p1.jpg)

(132.58 KB 868x1228 94418263_p2.jpg)

(236.13 KB 841x1200 tURNBsd.jpg)

(565.91 KB 1024x1463 CQL19zJ.png)

(611.93 KB 768x1024 bQHQQQk.jpg)

(726.55 KB 2624x4400 20211004_015941.jpg)

Just wanted to post this fairly recent commission of Zero I ordered because the artist deleted all of their work. Zero has little to no tickle art already, so I thought the world should be allowed this at least.
(510.80 KB 638x852 1604211991856.png)

>>9520 wait, he deleted it!?
I think he was banned, at least on DeviantArt, some tickle artists no longer exist.
>>9714 Sauce for the first one?
(931.56 KB 850x1063 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9726 Not sure, just found it on /trash/
(531.60 KB 1536x2048 FHrvZY-aQAMhfi_.jpeg)

This dropped on her birthday
(1.42 MB 3236x1798 2340897234.png)

(4.08 MB 4281x1416 94512180_p0.png)

(4.56 MB 4281x1416 94512180_p1.png)

>>11446 Sauce please?
>>11544 Thank you!!
(213.91 KB 503x865 CyliT.png)

(243.95 KB 543x861 chrimbo4.png)

(274.63 KB 574x1018 chrimbo3.png)

>>11547 no problem, and just as a heads up, i've already been commissioned to draw a second part to this with an entirely new set of characters and under the same circumstances.
>>11584 That's great!! Love to see there are more people out there with the specific fetish of tickling chubby or inflated bellies. Will there be in this part any dragoness OC?
>>11606 sadly, there won't be, but i do recognize you from another thread; if it helps, this previous pic has a girl who's also the daughter of a dragon, but this new one, no sauce so far.
>>11649 Heh~ looks like I'm starting to stand out a bit with my liking for dragoness 😅😅 it's a shame it won't have anything but I will be waiting for it eagerly~
>>11708 i wouldn't say whining as it is more of a concrete fetish, and it's a cute one at that; do you have any pudgy dragoness OCs of your own?
>>11716 Nope~ not really, never thought about doing one actually. But I've always been I little obsessed with this dragoness since I saw this comic~ https://youtu.be/lGD5JJVlEIM What about you~? Any OCs~?
(2.43 MB 900x968 Update.gif)

(431.00 KB 1050x750 61037109_p1_master1200.jpg)

(882.37 KB 1273x1785 71777517_p0.png)

well, outside of my unhealthy addiction to plant girls, i haven't thought or have had any interest in dragon OCs, i was thinking that maybe i could invite you in since my commissioner still has some spots for some more OCs in the follow up pic, but if you don't have any of your own that's fine, and i guess there is nothing i can do either.
>>11719 Ow~ whish I had any dragoness OC T-T, maybe the one from the video can be an option xddd. Anyways~ thank you so much for the invitation!! And plant girls are cool also~ are you talking about ler type right~? I love gahoo wolf ones~ they are the best~
>>11720 i don't want this to turn into a casual conversation but i do want to let you know that i'm heavily against OC tefth, and that dragoness there is clearly that vore guy's OC, so i prefere to leave her alone.
>>11719 I don't like how hard I just got over Gardevoir bellybutton tickling.
>>11727 Well you're right, it's sad the owner of OC is only into vore, would love to commission some tickling art in the future. And~ well, maybe I should start thinking about creating a OC, but then again, I suck at drawing and surely it would end up being too similar to him due to my lack of imagination T-T
(206.23 KB 916x1157 dragon4anon.png)

>>11732 well, the best i can offer you is this cute dragon gal, and no worries, she's on the house
>>11745 .... Wait~ for real??!! Is it for me??!! Thank you very much!! She is the cutest~ and you are the best~ you thought about a name~?
>>11751 you tell me, she's yours now, i'm willing to paint her if you want.
>>11752 Really?! Would you do that for me?! You're too sweet thank you very much! Can I return you the favour with something? Although I don't know how to draw or something like this T-T. For her name I came up with something like Gluttoniax~ maybe not the best name xddd, but I liked it~ And for the coloring~ mmh~ how about a soft yellow for her belly, breasts and face and a light blue for the rest of her body~? Also, ummm~ do you think you could a magic blue feather like, bending the part of the tip on her belly and tickling her? Maybe I'm asking for too much, sorry. It's just that the expression is perfect for a little feather to be included~ thank you very much for everything!!
(245.14 KB 916x1157 dragon4anon.png)

>>11754 ah, it's nothing, and you don't need to give me something back, it's just a gift between acquantainces; also feel free to post her wherever.
(1.03 MB 3000x2500 Cultured taste.png)

>>11756 >>11754 As a fellow dragoness enjoyer, I respect the vision. Here you go
(86.56 KB 1080x855 EB4Y9ZQXUAAcCFQ.jpg)

>>11776 holy shit dude! that's pretty impressive! i really wasn't expecting to see much else from this convo! you know, may as well post this here DQ#7175
>>11776 Dude this is AMAZING. Great work!
>>11756 Splendid! It's great~ I love how it ended up~ she's so cute~ thank you very much again for everything~ >>11776 Wooow! Another more??!! Yours is amazing too dude. I'm really thankful for all these gifts, they're the best. I thought I could try writing a story about the dragoness for everyone~ and that way maybe I can return you two the favour~ do you like the idea~?
>>11802 yeah, that'd be really cute.
>>11822 Great~ any suggestion or idea~? Already have some, but since it's something for you two I wanted to know if there was something you would like to see. Oh~ and I will write it in a consensual way~ maybe she will look like she's suffering, but she will be loving it inside. I hope i don't disappointe anyone, I've seen so many non-con lovers here T-T Also~ here are some of my apportations to the thread 1º and 2º ones from eldelascosquillas on deviantart 3º one from bluishfeather, not much melly tickling, but look at that chubby belly~ it's perfect~ it's a shame he doesn't draw them more often 4º one from seviperman13 on deviantart
>>11831 Well, if you haven't started already... perhaps she has an agreement with a human(s) or small animal(s) in which she trades a bit of her treasure for tickles
>>12124 Hey~ that's a good idea! I think I have the main structure for the story mixing your idea with mine. However, it will take some time to write it due to my studies T-T. So~ if anyone has any other idea that cabe be applied to the previous one~ say it and I will think about it~
>>3129 source?
(324.63 KB 1268x1507 belly.png)

>>13385 Did you make that?
>>13385 this guy does amazing art, he's a friend of mine (at least, he's my friend lmao) and he's said he's feeling a bit out of it lately, so i'll commission him some good stuff.
>>13420 Wait~ will you commission him for more chubby belly tickling stuff~? Really??!! Because I have been really thirsty for some more of that type of art from him, he draws it so cute and perfect, but I couldn't pay him T-T. Thank you for commissioning him!!
(1.23 MB 1898x911 Ifrit Dungeon.png)

(84.73 KB 868x1156 IMG_20220202_162519.jpg)

>>13524 Wait! Is that you~? Eldelascosquillas~? I can't believe you are here too~ I thought your arts were fully done by computer. It's so cute at the moment~ keep it up~ I'm sure it will end up lovely~
>>13548 no it's me again, the IPs got refreshed and i thought i could just remove my name, lmao.
>>13548 Is not him. I have asked him for commissions and what he does is that he draws the sketch on paper and sends you a photo so you can confirm if you liked it and then digitize it. That boy simply posted the photo of the sketch that EldelasCosquillas sent him
>>13552 >>13555 Oh~ I see now~ it's a shame, I was a bit excited that he was also here~

(210.00 KB 1280x894 1638509771469.jpg)

(2.85 MB 2560x2560 97012497_p1.png)

(2.24 MB 2560x2560 97093845_p0.png)

(2.24 MB 2560x2560 97093845_p1.png)

Man, this place is dead.
Taking bellybutton tickle slave suggestions
(363.75 KB 2894x4093 86956710_p0.jpg)

(12.38 KB 190x412 ranamon_t.jpg)

(90.67 KB 1440x1080 hands_.jpg)

>>17428 Ranamon from Digimon, please If I can pick tool, something simple like normal feathers
(706.10 KB 1200x675 yamato-one-piece-1-1200x675.png)

(461.94 KB 2141x3508 Yamato.(One.Piece).full.3370244.jpg)

(3.14 MB 1617x2127 Yamato_Anime_Infobox.png)

>>17428 Yamato from One Piece
(1009.56 KB 640x995 ClipboardImage.png)

>>17428 The 4 armed Ranni the witch.
>>17428 Schwarz from Arknights
>>17429 Seconding
>>17428 Lamb getting licked by Wolf
>>17428 LWMMG from Girls' Frontline
(32.23 KB 174x240 tenor.png)

>>17428 Nepeta leijon from homestuck
>>17428 It's me again, yeah. I humbly request you draw Suisei from Hololive
>>17436 Seconding
(1.08 MB 2600x1305 97233776_p0.png)

(188.03 KB 1440x1372 95991566_p0.jpg)

(700.59 KB 800x1280 1644014645255.png)

(1.81 MB 2153x1553 ca9a312301672400d105.png)

>>17466 seconded
Picked at random, these two were our lucky winners!
>>18027 Based anon, thanks a lot!
(4.91 MB 1152x648 shot13_playblast.gif)

>>19244 Source?
>>19248 It's in the filename
(70.86 KB 868x1156 IMG_20220416_203700.jpg)

(77.58 KB 868x1156 IMG_20220416_203707.jpg)

Work in progress commission~~ Anyone wanna try and guess who these two gals are~? ;3
>>19447 Sandy and Catty? Nice
>>19447 Sandy and Mei's mother, name eludes me at the moment. honestly i thought you'd be asking for a big round dragon girl though.
>>19450 Correct~! ;D Also, what big round dragon gal~? Do tell o.o
>>19449 Oooooo who is Catty? :o (I may know her but my brain fog is high af atm ~w~) And thank you~ :)
>>19452 From Undertale, someone sorely lacking in tummy tickles.
>>19454 No way O.O Well, I suppose it's your lucky day fren >w> Definitely going to commission her next >w< Anything you wanna see with it? Perhaps some inspiration on how that big belly of hers is gonna get it~? ;3
>>19451 oh shit, i guess i confused you for the guy who's into big dragon girls, my b.
>>19455 Oh damn, alright! I don't really want to fill up the thread with my detailed fantasies but she could be shooting a fetish tape with her best friend (gator girl here) for some cash, and got over her head when she thought she could handle some tickling on her fat tummy? Hard to get away from scribbling hands when you're tied down and spread out, though... They're also both friends with a mad scientist inventor, if you want to throw in some additional mechanical hands.
Also, (it me again with the comms uwu) if anyone would like to give me ideas for future commissions regarding characters who are underrepresented in belly tickles, you may do so uwu And no rush, it isn't first-come-first-serve, but rather how much I vibe with the character idea uwu
(140.05 KB 1080x1529 nptbw6g1hlr61.jpg)

>>19459 I don't know if they're your type, but Nian and Schwarz from Arknights have incredible midriffs and barely any belly tickling, none of it that good.
>>19456 Nope~ it wasn't me xddddd. I wish I could commission already, but I'll have to wait some more time until that T-T >>19459 Heya~ I'm the one that love dragoness~ it's so great to have someone commissioning some lovely chubby tickles arts, specially if they are from Eldelascosquillas, I've been a long time fan of his work. If you are taking ideas, then let me try my luck~ >>11776 This girl over here is Gluttoniax, and she is my OC. As I said, I love chubby dragoness, but there is almost no art about them, and that's why I asked over this thread and some nice people gave her to me~ DQ was the first one to give me the idea to have my own OC and gave me the first drawing of the two I got~ >>11756 So~ do you like the idea of a giantess chubby dragoness getting her belly tickled~? Just curious~
(556.29 KB 1715x811 bigtumalt.png)

(758.54 KB 1920x1016 octwo.png)

>>19466 hey, a good, ticklish belly is a very good ticklish belly and that's all gonna say~
>>19470 wtf happened to this thread?
(335.24 KB 816x624 77025191_p0_master1200.jpg)

(445.29 KB 800x600 67722839_p0_master1200.jpg)

(164.73 KB 1200x1190 D6IeqTPUcAEan1s.jpg)

>>19472 eh, idk, i get payed for doing stuff, and i do it, some people have their kinks and i don't mind, but hey, have something more up to your speed.
(70.97 KB 800x800 1233002275446.jpg)

>>19470 DQ I respect you living your truth, but you must understand theres a very narrow demographic that this is appealing to.
(209.82 KB 304x324 Consider the following.png)

>>19476 yeah, it's a narrow audience, but just by its mere existance it means that someone was interested enough to want it, again, i don't give a shit about what people like and jerk off to, i'm here to provide, in fact i was about to say that i'm feeling like opening two request in this thread just for the fun of it, all i want is for people to not turn into puritarian faggots and go >EWWWW you jerk off to things!? wooooow i don't jerk off to that, that's disgusting!
(70.61 KB 903x825 E7VbuHXWEAkw78H.jpg)

(370.99 KB 443x510 me_irl.png)

yeah, like, fuck it, it's 3 AM, i'm going to use the sleepless boldness to ask for it, i'll just drop some rules real quick 1 - character be image related, 1 char per person 2 - tell me how to tickle them, i can't read minds 3 - pick a number to your submission, that way i can spin 'em on a random wheel decide 4 - ask what your body wants, put a spoiler tag on it if it really embarasses you, just know that i have a very high tesh hold for degeneracy. 5 - keep it to tickling, you can ask me a futa getting sounded with a feather rod or whatever like some Caroo contraption, but i'm not here to draw a girl getting farts sucked out of her prolapse or some shit. i'll take submissions for the next 3 days. >>19487 interesting choice, but now you know how to fill up the submission.
>>19489 >>19487 uuuhhh. 5. tie her down and getr her belly somehow, I'm not picky.
(362.61 KB 552x588 Krystal_SSBU.png)

>>19487 1 - I've been seeing a lack of Krystal from Starfox action lately 2 - Since the game is space travel themed, it only makes sense for the tickles to be robotic and extraterrestrial (wait does that make sense?) I'm thinking complete X-frame, naked torture at the mercy of these fuckers: https://www.deviantart.com/colorpandora/art/Britney-Tortured-828178213 Or something along those lines 3 - let's go with 15 Here's to hoping I get picked!
(24.02 KB 500x375 770826_80ca899ae2.jpg)

>>19489 1. Well~ what do you say about Gloria from Madagascar 2. Would love to see her big belly getting some tickles by some lemurs tickling her with their tails and hands. If it would be possible I would like to see one lemur on her belly tickling her, the rest can be only their hands and tails. She would be tied in an X position and although it can look like a torture, I would like that in reality it was a playful game~ I don't know if I self-explanained well, ask me if there is any doubt please~ 3. For me it will be the 8
>>19489 1. Nepeta Leijon from Homestuck. 2. I want her naked on an x-frame, being tickled all over by floating hands, with at least one fingering her navel, and two hands with feathers tickling her nipples. 3. Number: 13
(127.83 KB 854x1280 Roll_MvC_artwork.jpg)

>>19489 hung in the air by her wrists, dress lifted up to expose her belly, venom or shuma gorath's tentacles tickling her thighs, waist, and belly i shall take number 7
It seems I have sparked some inspiration amongst y'all and DQ for gift commissions >w< Coolest beans ;D
>>19507 Seconding this but with feathers instead of tentacles! I will claim number 420
all submissions are looking fire so far, but again i'm gonna have a bit more time for other belly tickle lovers to join the thing, the more the merrier
>>19489 I suppose I too will hop on the bandwagon and take my chances uwu A voluptuous, chubby, big-bellied, milfy Nicole Watterson getting her big belly grope/pinched tickled by some simple floaty hands (or whatever you feel like) and her deep navel tickled by like 2 fingers wiggling deep in there uwu Her arms tied above her head, and her absolutely losing it laughing uwu My number shall be 777 uwu
>>19489 Guess I'll throw my hat in the ring. 1. Gebura from Lobotomy Corp/Library of Ruina. 2. Have her midriff as well as her tits and thighs put through tickle duress by plant vines (I added a ref if its needed). Brushed by them, played with, fondled, etc her body's overall at their mercy while restrained in a device like this: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/97675860. No where to squirm, only able to be prodded like some lab rat. Geb's tough, but she would absolutely be new to this sort of experience and would would eventually lose her shit as she thrashes in her bonds. She is sensitive, and her tormentors absolutely capitalize on that. 3. Guess I'll go with 210 4. I don't have any additional notes besides to just go evil, reduce her to a big helpless girl. Make her regret not being strong enough that she's brought low by something as infantile as tickling.
(163.59 KB 385x500 ClipboardImage.png)

(367.22 KB 559x1280 ClipboardImage.png)

>>19489 1 - I'd like to request Ichigo from Darling In The FranXX, if by chance you don't vibe with her, then Hori from Horimiya, I want you to decide, I'm fine with either one. 2 - I'd prefer upper body tickling by feathers, so arms tied above the head would be the best pose, they can be standing or lying, whichever you'd like. Be it armpits, belly, breasts, even all of them if you want, I don't care as long as it's upper body focused. 3 - Random number: 256 Note: I gave you so many choices because I don't know what is easier to draw, so I want you to decide. I don't have a really strong opinion on these kinds of things
>>19493 >>19489 Just now realized I replied to the wrong post. Hopefully this still works xd
(311.87 KB 1395x1915 1.webp)

(212.10 KB 1920x1080 2.jpeg)

>>19489 1- Throwing FFXIV's Y'shtola into the mix. 2- Being interrogated by the technologically-developed Garlean Empire. I'll let your imagination come up with the machinery, but I want an emphasis on armpits. Submitting a pic of her in a bikini,might be best to strip her down. 3 - 88
(3.96 MB 3985x5141 mmmm2.png)

(5.04 MB 3963x5122 ssssss2.png)

>>19447 Finished~! ;D They do be gettin' tickled doe u///w///u
(4.13 MB 3985x5141 mmmm2.png)

>>19599 Corrected image*** woops -w- (the nose/snoot is now colored in)
>>19599 My goodness lord! Aren't they cute and sexy?! Such a nice expressions and cute chubby bellies~ I love the fact that you added some fat to Sandy to make her even more enjoyable to tickle~ could you spoil us what's in your mind for the next commissions or will we have to wait some time to see something new~?
>>19604 I'm thinking of that huge mommy Nicole Watterson honestly >w> But also Catty from Undertale that an anon made me aware of -w- I would love more character ideas from anyone lol, maybe I might even do your big-bellied Dragoness gal >w>
(1.97 KB 200x352 Light_susie.png)

>>19489 I want susie from deltarune, tickle her however you want but be sure to get her bellybutton specifically. Number 567.
(527.15 KB 631x632 1597459019367.png)

>>19622 this is the only request i'm going to pray i don't get fuck undertale fuck deltarune
I don't have a request (yet) but I like that you avatarfag as Ripper Roo, he's the most based Crash boss.
>>19606 Oh~ it would be great to see her in Eldelascosquillas' style someday! Thank you for considering her!!
(2.21 MB 1581x1016 Ripper roaring.png)

>>19627 ayo, thanks! >>19622 also i guess as a complement, i don't hate that you like undertale, i just despice the game ever since it released, but if you win i'm willing to draw it.
>>19637 What is her physical description~? uwu like colors n' stuffsies ;3
>>19637 Oh and also also how would you like her tickled~? uwu Raspberries, licking, fingers~? Toothbrushes? uwu
>>19638 Thank you, it's nice that you are willing to honor it even if you dislike it.
>>19643 O_O..... Omg thank you!! T-T that's very nice from you~ about colours, the part where she has horizontal lines (over her belly and neck) and the tuft on her tail would be a light yellow and her scales would be a light blue. About how she would be tickled, I love the scenario of little people having her tied and tickling her (all in a playful way, not real torture). But I've never seen Eldelascosquillas do something like this, so I guess it can be with some hands and a feather. What do you think about it~?
just a bump for those who're still interested in requests, you have till midnight tonight.
(300.00 KB 420x358 welp..png)

and a second bump to let you know, i am going to extend the deadline because shit has been going down irl, i was hoping i'd have today in the afternoon to do these drawings but i got double-cucked by university work, i'll make it so that i'll draw three things to compensate. shit sucks.
>>19489 1. Katalina fron Granblue 2. Arms tied above her head, dressed in a bikini or underwear, her belly and navel ravaged by devilish fingers. 3. Number 9.
>>19489 Missed this so let me do a formal submission before it's too late: 1. Schwarz from Arknights (girl on the right here >>19463) 2. Have her in her usual outfit, tied down with her limbs out, tickled by feathers on her navel , each of the exposed spots of her sides, and her armpits, laughing with eyes closed. 3. Number 26
>>19774 Hey DQ, sorry to hear that T-T, I hope it gets better for you soon~
(201.99 KB 1920x1080 EUlirHTUMAgE3Fs.jpg_large.jpg)

(1.85 MB 932x1156 Menat_1.png)

>>19489 1. Menat, either outfit 2. Honest anywhere, but feet or under her tips would be choice 3. 17 or 42 idk what's taken lmao 4. Her being tied down and tortured with feather/hands would be great, I am a simple man, I see a cute woman being pushed to tears and anguished cries for mercy via tickling and teasing, I am happy
>>19792 You're in the wrong thread bro
(2.90 MB 498x211 me-too-me-too-kid.gif)

>>19785 image related >>19792 >>19803 i mean, i don't mind doing it, it's just going to be on the low priority list when I do a couple participation sketches >also deadline is till tomorrow midnight, i think i have friday off.
>>19792 Wrong thread, unironically go back to 1st grade and learn how to read.
(252.72 KB 721x799 ClipboardImage.png)

okay, here's the wheel, and that's all i'm showing you until it's done~ good luck everyone!
>>19962 Jack?
(408.21 KB 1109x1284 raffle1.png)

okay, here's the first winner of the raffle! >>19570 i'll be posting things at the rate i make 'em
(338.44 KB 880x902 raffle2.png)

and here is the second winner! >>19493 and that's gonna be all for tonight, i'm kinda tired and my arm feels heavy, i don't know when i can get to the sketches, but i'm glad all of you showed interest in this little gambit! :D
>>19969 Nice. Thanks a bunch!
>>19979 HOLY SHIT NO WAYYYYY This is fucking awesome man very nice job!
>>19979 Aaaagh, it's a shame I didn't win, they are looking so great! I wish you have some more time and the motivation to do it again in the future. Anyways~ thank you for doing these type of things for everyone DQ!!
>>19979 Based
(657.61 KB 994x1815 Slave 151.jpg)

(259.39 KB 1077x1796 Slave 240.jpg)

(645.49 KB 1169x1692 Slave 763.jpg)

Taking bellybutton tickle slave suggestions
>>20358 Frederica Baumann from Re:Zero
(134.16 KB 400x600 228282.jpg)

>>20358 Ogata Rizu from Bokuben
>>20358 Liliywood Yggdrasil from I Was Caught in a Hero Summoning, she's a character from semi-obscure isekai manga I'm reading.
(36.23 KB 250x536 Miko_Iino_Vol._8_Extras.png)

(76.08 KB 849x1200 ovgyjqom5j051.jpg)

>>20358 Miko iino from love is war
(158.05 KB 921x1000 dfd.jpg)

>>20358 Byleth
(931.02 KB 512x724 Jinako.png)

>>20358 Jinako Carigiri from fate! My chubby goddess deserve more love
>>20358 Going to reuse my suggestion from last time >>17436
(8.12 KB 179x282 sex octopus.jpg)

>>20370 seconding this, and adding
>>20373 >>20370 Picked two at random, these are the lucky winners chosen to join in on an eternity of bellybutton tickle torture! Art will come soon
(8.78 MB 521x589 presenter-girl.gif)

Does anyone remember this girl? She used to do some shows on YouTube or something. I recently found this gif and remembered her. I had a huge crush on her as a kid. Does anyone remember the show she did? Or who she was?
>>19979 >>19774 When are you going to draw the third one?
>>20641 being honest, when i have the time, but i do prommisse there will be a third one.
>>20389 And here they are! They're such fantastic additions to the collection, tysm!
>>20794 Thank you kind sir You're great
>>20794 Thanks so much! Finally Schwarz gets some belly tickling and she looks great!
>>20796 >>20797 Yw! And yeah she looks perfect, a tummy like that deserves to be enslaved and tickle tortured until the end of time
(1.18 MB 2894x4093 97109167_p0.jpg)

(1.38 MB 2894x4093 97109167_p1.jpg)

(1.35 MB 2894x4093 97109167_p2.jpg)

(1.25 MB 2894x4093 97109167_p3.jpg)

(1.25 MB 2894x4093 97109167_p4.jpg)

(1.29 MB 2894x4093 97109167_p5.jpg)

(1.28 MB 2894x4093 97109167_p6.jpg)

(1.21 MB 2894x4093 97109167_p7.jpg)

(60.34 KB 600x960 98218888_p6_master1200.jpg)

(1.09 MB 1431x1216 98218292_p1.png)

(1.01 MB 1615x1332 98218049_p0.png)

(305.01 KB 1045x1016 97577888_p2.png)

(1.85 MB 2289x1295 95608443_p0.png)

>>20794 Jinako's hot as fuck, not that anon but thank you for delivering these Are these all posted somewhere?
(1.57 MB 3000x2000 Commission 11.png)

My comrades! This is a great day! The legend has come back! https://www.deviantart.com/anothertkranon He has reopened commissions, and I couldn't let the opportunity pass, here is Gluttoniax suffering/enjoying some full body tickles~ with special focus on her cute belly
(252.17 KB 599x1078 BBbBB.png)

(242.00 KB 506x867 BBbBB5.png)

(319.88 KB 659x1216 BBbBB8.png)

(265.53 KB 684x1050 BBbBB10.png)

>>22046 holy shit that's some good stuff, lucky you. >Also i may as well shill a little if anyone is interesteeeed. >also 2 i'm dealing with a lot of stress from uni but i'm out on tuesday, that's when i'm throwing a party and i'm doing the final raffle winner, sorry for the hold up, it's just been a mess.
>>22081 shit forgot to post the link, really shows how fuckign out of it i am today after today's worload, ugh. https://twitter.com/itsDQ2/status/1528231787192795136 open invitation to anyone TBH.
(143.38 KB 994x1657 Slave 269.jpg)

(291.18 KB 994x1692 Slave 909.jpg)

(294.31 KB 994x1832 Slave 241.jpg)

(239.37 KB 892x1500 Slave 464.jpg)

Once again taking more bellybutton tickle slave suggestions!
>>22405 Minori from Arcana Heart
(117.05 KB 848x1199 FUK0obnWQAAD6s_.png)

>>22405 Professor Sada from Pokemon Scarlet
>>22405 >>20375 for the love of christ please.
>>22405 Repeating my previous suggestion >>1051
(2.98 MB 1137x2001 Yor_Forger_Colored_Full_Body.png)

(252.80 KB 380x946 Yor_Forger_Anime.png)

>>22405 Yor Forger from Spy x Family
(189.02 KB 453x731 Etna.png)

>>22405 Etna from Disgaea
>>22405 Melia Antiqua from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (Future Connected)
>>22405 Altera from the Fate series, she barely has any tickle art.
(290.46 KB 437x864 Lin.png)

>>22405 Lin from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
(608.17 KB 653x824 Jadegodtier.png)

>>22405 Jade Harley from Homestuck.
(380.61 KB 677x956 73713910_p0.jpg)

>>22405 Tsumugi from K-ON!
Decided to go with 3 this time, you'll see who got imprisoned for an eternity of unending navel tickling soon!
(3.56 MB 1408x4248 XCDE-Fiora.png)

(231.16 KB 1158x1637 IMG_20190907_134202.jpg)

>>22405 >>22421 I'll increase the chances of Xenoblade by suggesting Fiora
>>22484 Never mind I'm hella late and can't read LMAO
(112.31 KB 1336x1016 20220609_060427.jpg)

Well~ and here we have another one from our favourite dragoness girl~ this time~ by our great DQ thanks to his BBbBB. As you can see~ the idea of Gluttoniax getting "tortured" by a bunch of people came out incredible~!
Here we have our lucky winners, enjoying their new lives as eternal bellybutton tickle toys~ Thanks for playing everyone!
>>22867 thanks so much for setting these up
>>24043 Holy fuck. S-tier laughter.
(3.87 MB 4281x1414 99462143_p0.png)

(4.27 MB 4281x1414 99462143_p1.png)

>>22081 Any updates on the third raffle image?
>>24799 i literally just sprained my back today and i'm kinda working on comms, sorry anon, but everything is hell for me right now.
>>24800 Fair enough, take as much time as you need.
(454.01 KB 994x1767 Slave 471.jpg)

(319.04 KB 995x1692 Slave 463.jpg)

(246.84 KB 1009x1796 Slave 239.jpg)

(271.69 KB 1072x1726 Slave 242.jpg)

Taking bellybutton tickle slave suggestions once again! Only one will win, suggestions close in 24 hours
(32.40 KB 225x350 208637.jpg)

(311.91 KB 1024x1024 hange-zoe.png)

>>24862 Amazing art as always. just going to put this here... Hange Zoe from attack on titan
>>24862 I'll reenter >>22484
>>22427 >>24862 Re-entering Jade Harley from homestuck.
>>24862 reentering >>17431
>>24862 >>22426 this one
>>22425 Re-entering Altera from the Fate Series >>24862
>>24862 Reusing from last time: >>22407
>>22407 >>24876 Based answer
>>24862 Jibril from No Game No Life
(1.45 MB 990x1530 KN-04-Alice.png)

>>24862 Alice from Monster Girl Quest
(1.49 MB 1292x2000 COM_Spooky_5A.jpg)

(1.62 MB 1292x2000 COM_Spooky_5C.jpg)

My latest commission :3
Picked randomly from the suggestions, and Altera is the lucky winner who will be doomed to an eternity of cruel, non-stop bellybutton tickle torture~!
>>24932 Might as well also put that in Fate tickling, it’s been a bit since that got updated.
(1.32 MB 1057x1500 99800658_p0.jpg)

Who has the most lickable belly button? My vote is for gardenia from Pokémon.
>>25159 My vote would probably be Shantae, no matter the art style she just has a very tempting belly. On that Jack image however, I’d say that’s more meant for raspberries then licks.
>>25311 Agh, it would be great to see some tickling on that chubby belly~ always liked the idea of a hippo getting tickled since I saw Gloria from Madagascar
(32.24 KB 800x450 holdup.jpg)

>>25311 okay what the fuck this shit was literally posted today in my server, are you lurking there or what? also, yes, i would tickle her belly senseles.
And here we have Altera getting acquainted with her new life as a bellybutton tickle slave! Thanks for suggesting her, she fits right in with all the other damned navels~
>>25166 Literally every female character in that series has a tempting belly, I'm pretty sure the devs have a belly fetish
>>25311 Hippos are underrated as fuck, hell yeah.
>>25337 Perhaps they do, but hey I don’t mind considering how underrated the belly is in this community I’ll take what zip can get.
>>25337 Them censoring sky is unforgivable
>>25365 They censored Sky? Never heard anything about that
>>24800 Sorry to ask again, but has there been any progress on the third image? I don't mean to rush things, I just want to know.
>>26348 no worries, and if i'm being honest, i think i can finally do it today on the afternoon since i got no homework or anything.
>>26374 How long do you think it'll be until it's ready?
(325.15 KB 747x1139 raffle3.png)

>>19497 okay, i really hope nobody was holding their breath for the end of the raffle, so here we have the winner, number 13! sorry for the hold up, i have been busy with other things, but i really hope i made at least one of you guy's day happier
>>26506 You definitely made my day much happier, thanks for this piece, and dont worry about the wait! (Also, if it aint too much trouble, could you edit the blush to be green? I shouldve mentioned it in the original post, but this character has olive colored blood)
>>26508 iii don't know much about homestuck, sorrey, and i had to open the wiki and all, plus, i didn't save the wip mid making, so i don't have much option but to leave it like this.
>>26509 Fair enough, thanks again for the amazing image
>>26509 I hope you don't mind, but I was able to edit the image to have the correct blush color. The original image is still incredible, thank you again for taking the time to make it.
>>26580 the images didn't send for some reason, hold on.
>>26580 >>26582 hey, it's good anon, thanks for doing the edits man!
>>26613 ...ripper roo when?
(318.26 KB 800x546 1660291898671637.jpg)

(877.63 KB 1000x2991 1660252466599005.jpg)

(1.33 MB 800x2358 1660249762645888.png)

(1.25 MB 800x2380 1660248675642374.png)

ay yall hear me out here
>>26749 I really expected her to get her tummy tickled. XD
(1003.97 KB 1654x1488 hthdettf12.png)

(264.41 KB 1024x1726 Slave 238.jpg)

I absolutely refuse to get a Twitter so I can't see like 90% of this dude's artwork so if someone with an actual account wants to post a bunch of it, it's highly relevant to this thread. https://twitter.com/Andreyka_1941
(116.99 KB 368x619 ShantaePromo_SkyWrench.jpg)

>>25489 Her original design was god tier
(3.30 MB 2048x1542 cutes.png)

>>27260 >That last one Whew god damn, I never would have imagined the funny meme pose working that well
(318.38 KB 994x1727 Slave 237.jpg)

(260.38 KB 1006x1692 Slave 640.jpg)

(326.68 KB 1091x1796 Slave 496.jpg)

Taking bellybutton tickle slave suggestions
>>29209 Pardofelis from Honkai Impact
>>29209 Alice from Monster Girl Quest
>>29209 Reika Kirishima (time gal)
>>29209 >>20375 god please
>>29209 Byleth
>>29209 kuki shinobu from genshin impact
>>22427 >>29209 Re rolling this one
>>29220 Seconding
(91.91 KB 750x1250 rSteXKR.jpeg)

>>29209 Yoko Littner (Gurren Lagann)
(355.88 KB 1107x1726 Slave 159.jpg)

>>29221 Already enslaved
>>29209 trying for ranamon >>17429
>>29209 >>17431 rerolling
>>17429 Backing up Ranamon as well
>>29311 Ranamon all the way
Yooooo Ranamon is a based as fuck choice
>>29216 >>29220 >>29257 Picked three at random and these lucky three will be getting their cute little belly buttons tickled for all eternity! Thank you all for suggesting!
(17.59 KB 704x400 9RjRaUr.jpg)

>>29339 maybe one day...
>>29339 Based, can't wait to see em

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