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(327.43 KB 560x420 1.png)

Special Requests Thread 6.0 Anonymous 12/28/2021 (Tue) 19:18:56 Id: 78748f No. 10336
The last thread went over the bump limit
>>10338 Tried to buy it but the site refuses my credit card >_>
does anyone have the new christmas piece by EveryDayComix?
In the previous thread someone asked for it, if someone has it, it would be appreciated if someone could share it.
>>10336 Bumping this
>>10336 This artist needs more games. Tickling Slave Dealer was top tier.
Does anyone have these?
>>10370 I don't think he's the one that makes those games? Pretty sure it's someone else that commissions him to draw the art for it.
this or any of the newer symbiontickle pics that arent on DA yet please
Anyone has the new Tied to Twins from Kusujinn? He only posts on discord now...
>>10342 Add money to your paypal account, then buy DLsite points with the money, and then buy the game(s) you want with the points.
Does anyone have an old drawing of Lara Croft being tickled on her feet and armpits by feathers? I'm 99% sure it was drawn by Kenzoe64 but I can't find it in his gallery and he didn't respond to my message. I'll trade any Patreon you want for it.
https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/95148791 From the same artist who does the 2 panel pictures of characters acting tough and then breaking down.
Anybody have this comic?
>>10486 Anon you're the GOAT, thanks so much
Anyone got this? Or Master417's Patreon stuff in general? Their Kemono hasn't been updated in forever. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/8295269
(545.91 KB 1200x630 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have this pic by arbustro? Would really appreciate it :)
(5.45 MB 3016x3700 6Vuf_qDg.png)

>>10549 Check on kemono.party. But here it is anyway.
(8.20 MB 6000x4000 hBhFVJq1odJhippifeiF6uH8.png)

>>10549 >pirating from aza-chan
(152.74 KB 1200x630 X3hVZA6WmvredjZnAtA3r2dV.jpeg)

(79.38 KB 1200x630 Do5GaOwQDeyChFyZBzodMnoa.jpeg)

(91.56 KB 1200x630 kEptupaqdTNgroe2JFkH2zzA.jpeg)

Anyone have any of these from Arisuyoku?
(142.92 KB 777x674 smug albert.png)

>>10599 >pirating from aza-chan
anyone have kusujinn's pic of annie leonhardt from snk/attack on titan? It released a while ago and I can't find it
(69.59 KB 620x421 01010.jpg)

>>10603 I don't really get it. If you pay 3 bucks to his patreon you get this drawing and a few others. But even if you pay for the highest tier there is no way to get the Bastila and Rouge pic?
>>10684 Bastila and Rouge pic is just an example of the 'blurred pics'
>>10677 2nd one is on kemono
(608.78 KB 1614x2160 l3spIIFjmqM.jpg)

>>10683 Here is what you were looking for.
>>10687 Great! You have the new Tied to Twins chapters? He only post on discord now...
(69.79 KB 680x719 Exhibit A.jpg)

(39.19 KB 530x581 Exhibit B.jpg)

I have a special request! I saw this meme, and this version of the meme, and I thought "Why not r34 this exact scenario?" Terminator tickling the shit out of whoever this is lol. Feet, Upper Body, go nuts.
(307.50 KB 600x825 ClipboardImage.png)

>>10722 Where did you even find that version of the meme?
(157.86 KB 909x1045 Take anything.png)

>>10722 Have some MS paint art. Terminator comes with extra arms!
(1.53 MB 600x600 155.png)

>>10730 Oh yeah, it's based time.
>>10728 Plenty of stuff like that in kink communities of Reddit and Tumblr (though less in the latter after the porn purge).
>>10730 Damn, this is some good stuff, thanks! I think I might even recognize the style...
>>10735 Thanks. Autistic requests are fun to draw in paint. Back to lurking...
>>10730 >T-1200 Based drawing anon
(1.52 MB 3028x1030 1639428641066.jpg)

Does anyone have the tickling Corrin?
>>10730 Hey Jimbob. Your style is absurdly easy to recognize~
(2.37 MB 3508x2480 92824953_p0.jpg)

(2.55 MB 3508x2480 92824953_p1.jpg)

(2.66 MB 3508x2480 92824953_p2.jpg)

Does anyone have the full set of pictures? by https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/50999852
Does anyone have Stockparty by dddindustry, the link where you could of bought is dead.
>>10845 Can't you find it on kemono?
>>10677 this for the first one
Thanks guys!
Anyone have this plz 🙏?
>>10864 Seconding this especially the Mirko one.
Anyone have this plz 🙏?
(6.25 MB 4000x3000 93836688_p1.jpg)

Does anyone know which artist made this? https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/93836688
(980.48 KB 1697x2002 icVNILQSrNY.jpeg)

Anyone have more work by Emcar?
>>10864 I only have the second and fifth:
(1.48 MB 1500x2200 rumi's treatment.jpg)

(9.99 MB 3343x2500 let's go on an adventure.jpg)

>>10864 I have 3rd and 5th begging for the remaining two!!
>>10910 Wow I just love straight jacket tickling, there's really not enough of it!
>>10904 That one's oirin, I'm pretty sure.
>>10910 Thanks you so much ☺️
I remember one art piece of Ibuki tickling an upside down Sakura Kasugano who's bound with ropes, with her tanuki Don tickling her belly button. That image is no longer on DA, does anyone have it saved? That person also did a revenge one with Ibuki locked in a TickleAbuse kinda setup.
>>10685 unblurred plz?
>>10913 No way it's oirin He says that "The artist is 幸运的g" but I do not speak Chinese (and a google search does not help).
(1.60 MB 3508x2480 fate artoria lancer 1.jpg)

(60.61 KB 823x864 fate artoria lancer 2.jpg)

gonna ask for these two again, they were posted on the old board so if anybody saved them it's be great https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/78809979
Anyone got Codricor's new Ahsoka pic? Not up yet on Kemono
>>10929 Damn, I love his style, reminds me of BAC.
(4.96 MB 3508x2480 Patreon_post_image.png)

(19.18 KB 400x383 f1.jpg)

Anyone know where is this from?
>>11031 Looks like it might be ChloeCreations judging by the camera quality and the position, though I'm not too certain.
I don't suppose anyone has Kusujinn's discord exclusives?
>>11007 Thank you so much!
Anyone have this from rodrigotfa?
>>11124 Not him, but thanks anyway, I really wanted to see it.
(1.12 MB 1080x1548 ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone have any good art of Aubrey from Omori? I haven't seen much of her. I already have the pics from Arisu yoku, Arbustro, and Carbon Pr. If anyone has any other pics that'd be great :)
>>11176 Seconding pls pls pls
Anyone managed to snatch Kusujin's new Tied to Twins(26 I think?) It feels like he just constantly checks whether his stuff got leaked and instantly nukes all links the second he notices...
>>11198 Artists protecting their work from entitled internet dwellers??? Color me surprised!!!
(8.00 MB 1762x2500 TiedToTwins26_hd.png)

>>11201 Cope
(1.08 MB 720x1050 ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone happen to have this comic? https://biomacchia.gumroad.com/l/konosuba
>>11213 Jesus fucking christ, this Tied to Twins series has been fucking disappointing. I thought the one where they look at their foot in the bathtub would lead to tickling but NO its just a blue ball to blue ball to blue ball.
(389.52 KB 1200x850 88833460_p2_master1200.jpg)

(525.71 KB 1200x850 88833460_p1_master1200.jpg)

(525.13 KB 1200x850 88833460_p0_master1200.jpg)

Anyone got the full versions of these?
>>11201 >Artists protecting their work from entitled internet dwellers??? Color me surprised!!! If you're here like the rest of us then you have no room to talk. If artists want to put in the effort to stay on top of any leaks that appear on the internet, more power to them. Personally, I don't think the time and energy some artists seem to spend on doing that translates into a proportional amount of profit. If they're just doing it for emotional reasons, then I understand, but pity them.
>>11227 >>11159 You are welcome
Anyone have this plz 🙏?
anyone got new stuff from yourhardnerdcollectr?
Does anyone have access to MTJPUB's patreon? It's on Kemono but hasn't been updated in months. I really want to get my hands on this!! https://kemono.party/patreon/user/9605001
(53.25 KB 153x220 ClipboardImage.png)

Once again requesting aubrey art. I already have the ones from Arisu yoku, Arbustro, and carbon pr. I would really appreciate it :)
(130.59 KB 1200x630 5cH5oQJpkGdD0ozDGD0XEuZu.jpeg)

Anyone has the latest from Arisuyoku?
>>11337 Tifafag, if you're here, how many thousands of dollars have you spent commissioning every single tickle artist on the face of the planet to draw her?
Does anyone have this It was on virtual fairy discord for paterons. It's only $1 and I'm not too sure but Im like 98% sure that there are tickling variants out of the 150 others varents. I would appreciate Alot.
>>10684 Anyone got this or the daughters
>>11339 He's the hero we deserve
(1.72 MB 398x224 tt0085galya_facedown.gif)

Anyone have video from tt galya?
>>11290 As a fellow fan of Omori, if any pics of Aubrey exist other than these two, please let me know.
risking a lot cause i know schizopunk patrols this place, but anyone got the psd for this jaiden pack?
(498.81 KB 768x1024 y3plo3p2j6z61.png)

(389.95 KB 886x1644 Faraway aubrey 11 29.png)

(32.92 KB 649x800 Untitled_2.png)

(696.15 KB 938x1200 90726308_p1_master1200.jpg)

>>11404 Glad to see there's another Omori fan on the board. Again yes, more Aubrey art. Here are the pics that I have currently. I'd love to know if there are more out there, and I'd appreciate it if someone would post them :)

(7.67 MB 2500x3200 90726308_p1.png)

>>11413 Why are you saving thumbnails ano...cs91?
What the fuck is takeing dazidentevil so long
Has anyone got this? is from "Cleaninghousetk"
>>11440 well, he has told me on his Deviantart page he's never seen MHA so he might be doing research. plus, who knows, this might be his LONGEST one he's ever done if it's taking this long. and even if it isn't, it's a hundred+ single drawings that make a story. that takes time.
>>11503 I second this request
There's this artist called kanahiyori (sample of his artwork provided) who used to post regularly on Pixiv and Pixiv fanbox. However, he seems to be transporting everything he's got over to this new site called Skeb. If anyone can figure out how to operate it and get what's been put there, let me know. https://skeb.jp/@hiyorinoibara
>>11577 >need a twitter account to login What is this bullshit
>>11580 That's how Skeb works.
>>11577 >>11580 Okay I realize my post wasn't very informative, so to elaborate, Skeb isn't just a regular art platform, it's a service for artist's to get commission work from clients. You need to be logged in to see r18 works though.
>>11359 I second this
>>11419 much appreciated, but is the attached psd the one for the couch tickle set? I downloaded it but it seems to be np's first jaiden set.
Need this expeditiously im beggin yall
(26.95 MB 5000x3564 ClipboardImage.png)

>>11619 Here you go :)
Anyone have this pack?
>>11625 It JUST released and you're already trying to fuck him over, you entitled sperg. Get a job.
>>11556 Nope it's only 75 I wonder what took him so long
>>11627 Go home schizopunk
>>11627 Fuck you bro, I didn't ask for your opinion I only asked for the pack
>>11625 Big agree
>>11623 Thank u
>>11582 Here's the problem though. You can't download the images as just pngs, jpeg etc. They only come as this weird file type that can't be viewed in the average photo viewer. They are avi. type files whatever that means. That's why I'm asking if anyone can figure out how exactly this website works in terms of downloading content. Its really annoying too that nothing is in English either.
>>11631 you're screwing over an artist just because you're an entitled child
>>11640 Because it's a Japanese website, it isn't meant for English speakers to use.
Don't worry about asking for the pack nitro is just pissy almost all his shit got leaked on one of those r34 sites
>>11670 *is just*
>>11671 >>11670 Forget to switch IP there bud?
Bit of an unusual request but does anyone have any of the novel type tickling stories that mtjpub or Mrtenacius made? Been looking for stories that go over the 10k-20k word count and that half of it isn't just filled with "hahaha"' dialogue...
Does anyone have the new pack from daz?
>>11701 i second this.
>>11677 Na I thought I made a error in that sentence and went to correct it
>>11677 Oh look, it's the retard here again.
>>11582 Yeah but >twitter I don't want to associate my phone number with porn.
>>11714 That's fair. I know Twitter changed their shit because they want to associate your account with a phone number, but I was able to make one just fine by telling them to fuck off. You might have to deal with their customer support though.
>>11669 He started adding edgy gore shit to his packs to epically troll people.
>>11669 Talking of nitropunk, I think hes something to do with why Chizzu took all her stuff down, she was a fetish content creator, good one at that
>>11701 >>11659 Does anyone have a big folder of nitropunk/screampunk's stuff unpacked and all? I can never get those passwords posted here to work.
Anyone got this?
(690.48 KB 2557x2000 Temari.jpg)

Does anyone have the full res colored version of this piece by Kusujinn?
>>11804 Isn't that on their Deviantart page?
>>11701 Bump
Does anyone have Stimulating Feet/ Stimulating Reflexology's videos from patreon? He deletes them at the end of every month https://kemono.party/patreon/user/17213587
anyone have this?
Any chance we can get a Kemono of this onlyfans? https://onlyfans.com/steffany.montoya
>>11865 ok no, that did not work. let me try again.
>>11866 Can you try sharing a Google Drive/Mega link?
>>11873 yeah i think i got it. i gotta download the rar files in google drive, then extract it from zip extractor and share that link. it's gonna take a half day though. it's taking a long time for both of the rar files to download to google drive.
>>10684 Bump
>>11865 Delete that post, it could be used to detect you.
>>11889 Yeah u might want to do that
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1h2ekgpPj58IW3hkh37jhi1mMpsF9Crvp?usp=sharing here is part one of the Tsuyu pack by Dazidentevil. part 2 is downloading. just gotta convert it in zip extractor. anyway, it's a very nice "comic" since it's not a bunch of the same pose, just different positions like in the other packs. this one is pretty much a comic, just spread over 75 single panels. it's pretty cute to see if you're a MHA fan like me, but a tiny bit underwhelming in the ways of foot worship or tickling. but it's still good!
>>11903 Thank you a lot for this anon
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1F5tqKOBMl0-bDquDTtG_ORzRPyaplcGA?usp=sharing thank me even more. here's part 2! satisfying ending. although, for some reason, part 59 could not load. but it's another repeat panel, so it's not that necessary.
>>11916 Thanks anon. Love that Tsuyu’s curiosity is what brought about this situation and that monstrous expression Uraraka makes before starting up her playful attack rivals the smirks of the other MHA baddies in its ferocity. He did good making this one a comic instead of image variants like usual, made things more fun.
>>11917 yeah, and if Tsu seems out of character, i'm pretty sure he said he's never seen it, which is a little shocking, and he apologized if these fan favorites didn't act like the ones from the anime. but i think he did pretty good.
>>11916 >>11903 If google drive is trolling anyone else and does not let you download the file as a zip, try https://github.com/wkentaro/gdown As for anon, I would suggest uploading the archive in the future instead of extracting it.
>>11921 She is a little off, but he did well enough for porn. I kind of like the way it's done, so that flicking through each image just changes little bits as the story moves on. If you go through it at a good pace, it almost feels like it's animated, and would probably be very easy to make a gif out of. I would say this is pretty worth the price of admission and would like to see him do more.
>>11921 It's not that surprising tbh
Does anyone have this?
Does anyone have this? https://juzi.fanbox.cc/posts/2352329 I'm surprised that the Kemono page doesn't have it
(10.07 MB 4200x5100 Ninja Corrin - FEH 1.png)

(10.14 MB 4200x5100 Ninja Corrin - FEH 2.png)

(10.14 MB 4200x5100 Ninja Corrin - FEH 3.png)

(10.46 MB 4200x5100 Ninja Corrin - FEH 4.png)

>>10795 I finally got this, anon
>>12133 Do you have the tickle version of this?
By any chance do you have the Hu Tao pictures from the same bundle that Corrin is from? Is there a tickling variant by any chance?
>>12136 Sorry I don't have it >>12138 Yes, I have the entire pack, but there is no tickle variant besides the Corrin one
>>12141 Damn. The Hu Tao preview looks really good, been wanting to see that one for awhile and was curious what variants there were. Shame there isn’t a tickling variant this time like his Jean post.
(6.39 MB 4000x4500 Hu Tao - Genshin Impact 1.png)

(7.90 MB 4000x4500 Hu Tao - Genshin Impact 2.png)

(6.55 MB 4000x4500 Hu Tao - Genshin Impact 3.png)

(8.08 MB 4000x4500 Hu Tao - Genshin Impact 4.png)

>>12145 Here you go anyways Not a fan of the dirty soles, the only piece that was worth for me was the Corrin one
Anyone got the new Tied to Twins page? Apparently this is where the good stuff starts
Anyone got Caitlyn tickled by Jinx by Avijustfeet?
>>12148 Yeah, never been a fan of dirty anything either personally. The Corrin picture is definitely the highlight of that pack it seems. Thanks for sending though! I appreciate it.
>>12149 Neeeeed that tied to twins
(45.85 KB 800x450 Cum-For-My-Perfect-Soles.jpg)

https://wantfeet.com/clips/cum-for-my-perfect-soles/ Is there anyone who by any chance could have this great video "cum for my feet" from WantFeet?
>>12214 Does it have tickling in it?
>>12223 I have no idea, but i hope so
>>12231 Sounds like a resounding "no".
>>12208 Man, it pains me that he swapped over to afdan, makes me wonder if he did it on a whim or to prevent piracy. So far I could only get the hu tao set from here.
>>12236 I see , It can only be shared by the chinese who bought it
>>12208 I tried to buy the Rin pack a while ago but the transaction got blocked by my bank and they refused to fix it. The Paypal option would probably work but it looks real sketchy.
>>12236 >So far I could only get the hu tao set from here Share please.
Are yall able to see updated people on kemono I cant
>>12306 Thank you. Although in the future you might want to use some other file host (like mega or https://fileditch.com/) - or alternatively upload stuff zipped because mediafire requires that you manually download each image separately.
>>12313 Although I have, but still thank you for sharing, bro
>>12316 I share the latest set of works and hope others can share this artists's works as well
(5.58 MB 3508x2480 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone got Mismiskyz's stuff?
anyone got the new wtfeather pic of Ci and Caityn?
>>11846 seconding this. cutest lee on OF by far
(460.46 KB 850x1750 94966108_p0.jpg)

Does anyone have the "Ticklish Hyrule warrior" comic by marmite chan? Thank you so much in advance https://marmitechan.gumroad.com/l/bprcf
Anyone have this comic? thanks c: https://trappeddreamer.gumroad.com/l/gbspp
>>10336 anyone got any of rodrigot's stuff? most of it is under paywall now and nothing is on kemono party. Particularly his adventures of cyrusia
>>12377 Seconding this
>>12417 seconding
>>12440 Y E S
Anyone have this?
I'm looking for schizopunk's Jaiden pack pls
Does anybody knows how to dowload stimulating reflexology's videos? Every time I click it's either 'unauthorised acess' or 'wrong URL' https://kemono.party/patreon/user/17213587?o=0
Yall know who drew this and where can I find more of it?
>>12524 It's literally in the filename https://www.deviantart.com/bob1524
(8.58 KB 249x179 bruh moment.jpg)

>>12528 I think he meant the original artist
>>12541 Yeah kinda got my hopes up til I saw it was a repost
>>12524 I think that's Neiissu's art?
(491.54 KB 2081x2300 89249292_p0.jpg)

(269.50 KB 1591x2500 91384947_p0.jpg)

>>12524 This is just hunch, but it does looks like neiissu formally sansoverload. As to where this sketch came from, beats me.
Anyone have this?
>>12541 Welp, I'm retarded then, didn't see that.
Anyone got the Marceline and PB pic from shriekymori?
Does anyone have Tied to Twins #27 by Kusujinn?
>>12613 Because the last update w/ paid content was the Kaguya one from 11/20. Every post after that on Kemono are freely available on their fanbox, so someone randomly added them without being subbed.
>>12619 Oooh, thanks for letting me know. I thought that it was a bug with kemono.
>>12619 >Every post after that on Kemono are freely available on their fanbox Do you mean on their pixiv page?
(730.12 KB 1655x1024 93599631_p0.png)

Anyone have this by Dan-5000? Please
(214.91 KB 1317x285 ClipboardImage.png)

(640.45 KB 795x877 ClipboardImage.png)

(493.13 KB 785x745 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12643 No, I mean on their fanbox.
>>12667 Aha, so these posts were added on his kemono page despite being free on their pixiv fanbox, got it. I hope the uploader won't skip on that particular work though.
Does anyone have this?
Does anyone have electricchimera's baiken's punishment?
does anyone know what the deal is with wtfeather's kemono? It's probably the second time I see the site considers it updated, but there are still no new pictures
>>12756 It is WTFeather, I wouldn't be surprised if he's given up tracing his own drawings and just re-uploads old stuff, claiming it's new.
>>12826 I worry that Miko is rapidly becoming overused, especially because most pictures for her use the exact same concept, but damn if she's not still cute as hell and the art is still boner-inducing.
>>12826 Thanks, that last pic's fucking fantastic, love her expression and how absurdly wrecked her feet are getting
>>12836 yeah it is tickle streaming device or game over tickle, honestly tickle game over scenarios are super fucking hot and miko is top tier. Honestly at first I thought she was caroo's oc
It is that day of the month.
(304.67 KB 2604x1663 E9qXrHJXoAQZcOS.jpg)

(123.77 KB 1334x984 E9qXwEdXIAQnqui.jpg)

(153.72 KB 1559x1087 E9qXsSFWQAAKSYR.jpg)

Anyone know where these are? I couldn't find the full pics on either twitter, Deviantart or Pixiv, and I don't think ProRaindancer has paywalled content? https://twitter.com/ProRaindancer/status/1430622801866772482
(3.22 MB 4270x2373 10 - Cynthia Part 1.png)

(4.64 MB 4607x4190 9 - Melony.png)

(6.06 MB 4306x4010 4 - Drasna.png)

(3.82 MB 2326x3674 Komi No Overlay.png)

(3.68 MB 2326x3674 Komi Anticipation No Overlay.png)

>>12853 Can I get Sauce for that? Its not that I don't believe you, but I just wanna see where she said it. >>12847 Also here
>>12914 It's on the special requests thread 5.0
Does anyone have hedgehog19 a captain's debt? the kemono link doesnt work
>>12913 thank you man
>>12853 Imagine pirating from Azamuku..... That wasn't her you dumb fuck. Any idiot on here can create an account with her name and pretend to be her. Wasn't it rather convenient for "her" to pop in right when people were bitching back and forward whether we should or should not pirate her work?? This was just one of the beggars trying to deflect the hate in hopes of dying down the conversation and getting his hand at free art. Nothing more, nothing less. Some of you are truly delusional lmao
>>12943 this was never funny nor will it be
>>12847 >>12914 >pirating from Aza-chan
>>12943 >>12956 This has got to be a joke right? Like I see this type of message so many times specifically about Azamaku and nobody else yet nothing seems to change? Please tell me the worthless simping is just some elaborate inside joke on 8c
Does anybody have the mega link for DTKA66’s Zendaya pic?
>>12990 Seconding
>>12986 It's one samefag
Anyone have this from Dan-5000 pls 🙏?
>>12928 Seconding this
>>13017 yeah i second this
(71.58 KB 935x529 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12956 >>12943 Instead of complaining that its not her, you could've just asked her lmfao. She is really nice.
>>13022 Nice photoshop
>>13025 Cope

(2.49 MB 2627x2954 witch fondo dialogos.png)

>>13029 Would you happen to have either of these, sharer-san?
>>13029 Thanks ☺️
(16.46 MB 3751x2600 TiedToTwins28_hd.png)

Only got 28, missed out on 27
>>13029 thank you kind anon
>>13052 Sorry for bothering you again but do you have this too 😅?
Anyone got this
(1.71 MB 2404x3843 chika fondo dialogos.png)

(1.57 MB 2863x2510 darkness fondo dilaogos.png)

>>13056 Thanks ☺️
>>13022 Absolutely based, both of you.
What's up guys! Anyone have this from Dan-5000🙏?
(2.27 MB 3616x3216 rem and ram dialogos.png)

>>13055 seconding this
Anyone have the new MHA pack from Nitropunksart?
(196.27 KB 720x587 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have this? Its by Tickly-giggles
(35.39 KB 680x357 D9ZATc9g.jpeg)

Gonna ask if anyone has the pics for Arbustro's UMP45
>>13144 My man
>>13125 Thanks so much!
>>11644 Did you forget where you are bro?
Can someone update the mitari no sono story of ナッシュ on kemono https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/7894733 pls ?
>>13129 Second
Anyone have works of loupanther? I found his pics are so sexy XD
Do you have that Kotoko Utsugi pic by Dan-5000?
>>13196 have none of you ever bothered to check kemono?
>>13196 It has not been updated
Idk how to use this site
>>13196 its here
(2.82 MB 2535x1281 ClipboardImage.png)

edited newest wtfeather to have dialogue + clothes
>>13213 Niiiiice, naked was good too, but fucking stirrups man, oof.
>>13161 Yo thanks dude
Anybody have the full "Attack of the Tedbots" comic?
(223.30 KB 600x244 ClipboardImage.png)

someone could share this? thanx!
(126.84 KB 1200x630 VolJkN0rgrq5AMjEO4b2Pjwt.jpeg)

Anyone have the new art from Arisuyoku? https://arisuyoku.fanbox.cc/posts/3351945
>>13129 Third
>>13295 Would love to see this too.
>>13272 second this
Anyone has the new uraraka image from Azamuku?
>>13133 Seconded
Anybody have this?
Can someone import art from Arlioth on kemono party ? https://arlioth.gumroad.com/
>>13295 This one looks really promising.
(22.17 KB 600x334 ed4.jpg)

>>13372 Imagine pirating from Aza.....
>>13454 simp
(401.38 KB 391x607 boa.png)

Anyone have this comic? It's not in the big MTJPUB drive file
>>13473 Guess I’ll have to see how well this works. The detective noir narration and atmosphere work great for this one, Valentine’s the sultry, naughty sort of tickler you expect out of the Bounce Chix, and seeing Jane finally cut loose and give into her ticklish desire is also very enticing. If this doesn’t work I’ll try with my computer later when I get home.
>>13485 Yay, it looks like it works! Enjoy anon.
Anyone subbed to CollaredKid?
>>13485 Holy shit, was not expecting someone to have this. Thank you so much!
>>13497 No prob.
>>13454 This meme still isn't dead huh?
Anyone got this?
>>13505 Not really a meme. I'm pretty sure it's just a single retard posting it over and over again.
(359.97 KB 636x900 FKtyByJXEAE0rJO.jpg)

Hey, does anyone have the bottom picture in this list?
>>13649 Id like to see the third pic too.
(703.08 KB 1200x849 ClipboardImage.png)

https://afdian.net/@mismiskyz Yes, again a request for this author, on this resource.
(16.46 MB 3751x2600 TiedToTwins28_hd.png)

(1.10 MB 1579x2600 soon.jpg)

(2.52 MB 2039x3000 Spider-Pervert.jpg)

(3.08 MB 2220x2600 ticklingu.jpg)

>>13649 Have them all anon, why not.
(1.28 MB 1613x2500 the hero's rest.jpg)

>>13683 OK, you just became my hero
*tries again*
>>13683 >>13687 Amen to that, buddy.
(357.35 KB 903x462 2020_11_29_muffet_ss.png)

Anyone has this from Reathroch? https://reathroch.fanbox.cc
(913.71 KB 1041x1133 k10 (5).png)

>>10336 I'm looking for a specific F/M feet tickling video of a woman tickling a skater/emo guy in stocks. Any help?
>>13689 >pirating from Aza-chan
>>12603 required some digging but it was already on kemono https://kemono.party/patreon/user/6696635/post/23612696
(160.68 KB 1200x630 desconhecido.jpeg)

Anyone have this from ArisuYoku pls?
(450.94 KB 661x553 ClipboardImage.png)

(380.83 KB 554x363 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13742 Page not found :(
>>13744 Go to tickling art/tickling comics discussion board and click the topmost board, it was posted there. If you still can’t access it, I don’t know what else to do.
(2.06 MB 4000x5600 RyukoWIP4.png)

does anyone have the final version? I only found the WIP on Knismotik's kemono https://kemono.party/patreon/user/10011298/post/33376537
>>13734 Go whiteknight autismopunk.
Anyone got this?https://asakuraneko.fanbox.cc/posts/2660458 Theres no way in hell that their work is worth 59 dollars.
>>13754 It sucks that they don't sell the packs individually and instead bundles all the previous ones together with an expensive price tag.
>>13747 >ck I can't find the comic in the discussion board, can you pass the link?
>>13748 he never finished it
>>13757 I already passed the link but you couldn’t access it. I’ll pass a link to the board it was posted on, and after that there’s no much else I can do: https://m.vk.com/topic-42291453_39988064?offset=last#last
>>13761 well, fuck thank you anyway anon
>>13745 That's amazing! Thk
>>13295 >>13316 >>13440 it's on kemono now
>>13133 Looks promising
(4.97 MB 3541x2508 94886631_p3.png)

(5.03 MB 3541x2508 94886631_p0.png)

(905.39 KB 2063x3150 Cover.png)

anyone have this by any chance?
>>13785 Thanks so much!
Anyone have this vid complete?
(48.53 KB 666x500 647urr.jpg)

I know yall got me
Does anyone have his stuff? https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/4046335
Could anyone update this page from Wtfeather? https://kemono.party/gumroad/user/4219954624835
>>13833 This was posted in the animal licking thread.
29 is posted to the artist hate thread, I'll be posting the next pages as well going forward as well
(500.13 KB 960x720 96078269_p0.jpg)

Anybody has the full version?
>>078006 Oh, thanks anon
>>13873 Seconding
Could someone update ZP92's fucking Kemono already
Anyone got the new Medusa and Eruka pics from Meteorreborn?
>>13869 Seconding
can someone PLEASE update Gopher's kemono https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/31510945 https://gopher.fanbox.cc/
anyone got this set
>>13910 Weird, this set is not on his kemono page along with several others like the Klee and Ganyu set, but I remember seeing them on seiso before it shut down. Now I really wish I had saved them at the time, lol.
>>13910 Took me a while of sifting through my shit but managed to find it. I should probably start setting up separate folders for certain artists.
>>13911 Don't remember seeing the first Klee one on there back then, but I can at least offer this Ganyu in these trying times.
>>13910 Who's the artist?
https://www.mediafire.com/file/pb1z8u90wvvlah9/Ganyu.zip/file For those that also want to have the barefeet version of Ganyu
Ima bumb this
(532.17 KB 2480x3508 96091234_p1.jpg)

(713.44 KB 2480x3508 96091234_p4.jpg)

Anyone got this from Dan-5000?
Does anyone have any recent works from Master417?
Does anyone has the natsuko hiragi's junko enoshima full Video? I would be really grateful
(1.59 MB 1147x1200 96109585_p0_master1200-1.png)

Does anyone have this?
>>13961 Bumping This. I'm dying to see that. Morgana is highly underrated in the tickling community, even though she walks barefoot.
>>13961 artist?
>>13914 Do you have the remaining parts? It looks like there should be more
>>13966 Looks like MrBelmont273
>>13967 I don't, those were the only ones I saved.
(2.82 MB 1800x2504 15.jpeg)

>>13967 This is the only missing page
Would anyone have any of these comics/novellas? https://tickling-videos.com/update-comics-87/ Especially Adronicas Odyssey, Bump in the Night, Tickling in Space 23 and Vamp Records?
>>13992 >>13995 Limit of 5 files per post apparently.
>>13995 >>13996 Based fucking anon, may your life be full of ticklish cuties
>>14007 Thanks
Anyone have this? Thanks in advance
(1.94 MB 1280x1748 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have this?
>>13912 >>13913 >>13914 Amazing, very appreciated anon. and if you magically also somehow have the Klee set that would be great too/ many thanks
>>14023 I have this one but the first one he made has never been on seiso/kemono. Chances are they never will be either because he raises the price to see all his older works. Last I checked it'd cost like $40, and he's not the only one that does this.
>>14054 seems like a lot of chinese artists think fanbox means separate "packages"
(2.70 MB 2041x2895 96149816_p0.png)

>>11413 Here's some more Aubrey
Alright yall know the drill
(699.75 KB 874x882 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have this?
>>14098 >y'all know the drill, buy me free shit get a job lmao
(3.06 MB 2575x3000 Togametk.png)

(2.28 MB 1440x2160 ClipboardImage.png)

>>14111 Thanks a lot, I was really looking forward to seeing this one.
(184.98 KB 720x1512 Screenshot_20220123-202736.png)

(113.28 KB 720x1512 Screenshot_20220123-202747.png)

>>14111 Do you have this too 😅?
>>14112 have you got the link and password for the mega?
>>14109 You do know where you are and who you are talking to right?? Truly think these sweatfest neckbeard basement dwellers see any form of sunlight or social interaction in their daily life?? They couldn't get a job even if they wanted to.
Long shot, but those anyone have Admiral Starhex by Pawfeather?
(2.00 MB 2300x3000 BiaLarv.png)

(2.98 MB 2250x3500 MeiCommish.png)

>>14127 Thanks ☺️
(3.87 MB 2680x1750 PatreonPic Feb2022(9).png)

(938.01 KB 874x915 ClipboardImage.png)

(667.87 KB 874x915 ClipboardImage.png)

(596.86 KB 874x915 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone got these?
>>14131 An electric toothbrush? Fuck, he could have at least respected the setting.
(397.93 KB 1440x2160 F82nUYGgnh0.jpg)

(692.79 KB 1440x2160 y-Pen5Q-j8c.jpg)

(565.28 KB 1440x2160 2JxQKrsqMfs.jpg)

Anyone here have this?
>>14137 Why are pussies too scared to make Saber barefoot JFC
>>10948 since we're talking about saber I'm gonna bump this
(4.28 MB 2765x2894 96151783_p0.png)

>>14137 Can you please share this one as well?
>>14139 i genuinely feel bad for the people that paid a subscription just because they saw Saber and she isn't even barefoot behind the paywall
>>14139 >>14179 There's dozens of barefoot Saber pics and they're in no way the minority. Here's one of them, now you can be happy.
>>14182 That's not even the same character, neither of them are
>>14179 And now you know why we call jewtreon a scam
>>12377 Its all yours
>>12214 We really, really, REALLY need a board specifically for all other foot fetish content that isn't tickling. One for footjobs, foot worship etc. I love this board but damn do I wish I could see all the other foot related content here too.
>>14182 Looks like Salter and Jalter. Great job proving your point anon.
>>14137 Leaving aside potentially misleading patreon sneak peeks, I had to go through my waifu folder to see if there really was anything to this 'tight controversy' thing, and the results... Are about what I expected, with a grand 90% of the content I have of her being barefooted. I only counted the feet tickling pics for obvious reasons, and I also only took the Once and Future King, 'nilla OG Artoria herself, into account, but if I include Alter and Lartoria the ratio stays about the same, so... Yeah, I don't really think there's that much reason to complain (although obviously I'm not stopping anybody, go crazy). The one thing that I would keep in mind is that the tights being a part of her character design and one that is predominant when it comes to depicting her without shoes in the VN, official materials, etc., means they're probably a big part of her appeal for more than a couple of her fans (I know I like them myself, although barefoot would've been nice too) so it's really no surprise she'd have more than a few pics that cater to those people.
>>14219 Yes anon, Salter and Saber are two different characters with different personalities. Glad you noticed something that obvious.
>>14219 >Be wrong >Get called out >Backpedal like a pissy faggot instead of admitting you were wrong Go fuck yourself dipshit. >>14211 We have one, actually.
>>14234 Wait that's a board can u like it or sum
>>14243 I don't have the link, I just know that it exists. Sorry man, I'm basically only into feet when they're being tickled.
>>14247 It's fine but if u ever find it plz post it here
>>14234 Please share a link when you can. Would love to see it. Thanks for letting me know.
>>14234 You mean 8chan.moe/feet/ ? Because there's a problem with that one. It's called being stillborn. >>14269 >>14282 I don't think you're gonna get much out of it folks.
>>14283 Well it's not gonna get better if you don't post in it
>>14284 Are you saying ME specifically posting there would make it a better place? Aww. That really means a lot anon.
Anyone have this?
Anyone have this?
>>14177 bump
>>14296 Anyone have the leafa pic from kandenrem?
>>13493 Bumping this cuz no one's updated his kemono account yet
Anyone have this?
>>14430 Sure, here you go.
>>14438 Only one page with tickling, clickbait
>>14439 But it's only one page.
>>14441 Sorry i meant one panel
Anyone have the new animation from Avi?
(576.63 KB 3153x2454 1.jpg)

(990.93 KB 4600x3500 1 (1).jpg)

Anybody have tickle variants of kacique patreon? Especially this
(150.79 KB 1024x854 ClipboardImage.jpeg)

Anyone have the full version of
can someone post this ganyu pic by jaxhesc5? https://jaxhesc5.fanbox.cc/posts/3391879 thanks
Anyone got Gwen?
>>14574 I’m looking for the meloetta one
>>14574 >>14598 Now i'm looking to, looking for Rosaria
Does anybody have any of the miskyz stuff from afdian? It won’t let me buy it because I don’t have an overseas card https://afdian.net/@mismiskyz
>>14624 Do u have the meloetta one
>>14678 there are some sets above around post 12310 and someone recently posted the most recent one with yae over at the genshin thread.
>>14691 Thanks I completely missed those! Does anyone happen to have his Zero Two set?
Can someone update mrchasecomix on kemono party
(1.61 MB 3028x1030 Reward preview.jpg)

Anyone have this? (Specifically the Lucy Pic?) I'm sure it was posted in a much older thread but I am unable to find it. (may have been the older taken-down board). Artist is Omegazero.
>>14860 I second this specifically for the botan one. far too little art of her
(4.68 MB 2765x2894 96312482_p0.png)

>>14177 Still hoping that someone will post this one Also looking for this one
>>14867 botan got one of arguably the best artist in the whole scene when taro did one
>>13801 Seconding thisssss
>>14574 imtheguy97's now on kemono, should find everything you need there.
Anyone got this from NitroPunkArts?
Anybody have the NSFW variations of Rebel Tickles by Neruvous?
I dunno if this counts for this thread, but can anyone play this, download it and post it here? https://ecchi.iwara.tv/videos/nyxw5sm139ipv6m5e?language=de I can't play this for some reason, but I can play and download other ecchi.iwara videos, not this one apparently
(1.36 MB 1600x1084 96433962_p0.jpg)

Anyone got this?
(1.38 MB 4096x2494 IMG_20220222_083525.jpg)

anyone got these 2 from Azamuku-Chan?
>>15047 >pirating from Aza-chan
>>15049 What 0 pussy does to a mf
>>15056 Except you care! Not only enough to reply, but also look up a PNG to post alongside with it!
(4.36 KB 225x225 index (1).jpg)

>>15049 Devious Drake is that you?
(123.33 KB 500x414 nobody-asked-you.jpg)

>>15018 iwara's just weird like that. There have been a lot of videos that'd do that randomly. It'll probably work in a couple days.
anyone have the new moekaki visual novel?
(4.12 MB 2269x2570 ClipboardImage.png)

>>15047 Here you go my friend :)
(1.81 MB 1072x1078 asd.png)

>>15081 >pirating from Aza-chan
Anyone got this from Kandenrem/Teichikun?
>>15167 Oh boy the exact same Tifa image for the 900th time
>>15175 Also the 901, 902, 903 and 904 times I think it's 5 "different" pics
>>15175 To be fair it's the same person making them all. Don't know why someone would keep commissioning the same thing of the same character so many times but that's just me, as someone that tries to commission characters who don't get much art.
>>15178 >>15182 But like, calling it the exact same image isn't even an exaggeration. Someone paid multiple artists for literally the exact same concept and execution over and over. At what point does it stop being worth it? If you're interested surely you can go view the many versions that already exist?
(46.83 KB 600x571 96507715_p0_master1200.webp)

Anyone have this from Dan-5000 pls 🙏?
anyone have wtfeathers new d.va/ahri piece?
>>15267 you can find it on kemono
This one is a bit of a long shot but does anyone have any of the TK novels that Mrtenacius01 has written? It's hard to find well written TK stories these days
>>15346 I dont understand how the link works, it brings me to a page with a lot of links that, if i paste them on browser, it just goes "403 forbidden" :/
>>15386 It has moved to mikocon, a place that's out of reach of pussy brits. They also offer exclusive works that are not being sold on gumroad.
>>15427 Based anon My favorite part is him going "I WILL take legal action" as if he has a right to these characters or any legal grounds to stand on
Does anyone have other stuff from Nitropunkarts?
>>15434 Thats the thing, can't they get sued for selling fan art of characters they don't even own?
>>15439 Tell that to every fanartist with a Gumroad or Patreon. They still own the copyright to the artwork.
>>15440 "Copyright to the artwork" LMAO no they don't. They'd have to file copyright laws under all of their art, which they cannot do without consent from the intellectual properties of the characters they're drawing
>>15443 That's not how UK copyright works. https://www.gov.uk/copyright DMCA also applies globally, so you may not like it but they are within their rights.
>>15445 Fuck the UK
Anyone now the artist for this one at least?
Can someone PLZ UPDATE mrchasecomix on kemono.party plz
>>15449 Based
(372.98 KB 1200x630 96574400_p0.jpg)

Does anyone have this?
https://www.patreon.com/mrchasecomix/posts Anyone have the Jenny pic from this
>>15455 Bumping this because the art style looks familiar but I can't think of a name...
>>15445 Yeah, for ORIGINAL work. Key word there. You may be making tickle porn fan art of that character, and you may be the creator of said fan art, but it is just that: fan art. You have no copyright holds over the character if you do not own it.
>>15482 your opinion of how it should work doesn't trump the law, is the thing.
Does anyone have Fanbox stuff from this artist? https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/83666723
>>15484 >Implying anyone here gives a shit about the law Did you not miss the multiple piracy threads?
>>15484 LMAO it's not an opinion it's literally a fact retard. Quit bitching that someone is stealing your art, how about you just admit to whoever creator you are so we can properly make fun of you
(89.12 KB 1200x630 UAEPsMqnPNxoReKlCclyiPLL.jpeg)

Anyone got the new thing from Arisuyoku? https://arisuyoku.fanbox.cc
Does anyone have this from Mrbelmont273 it would be extremely appreciated
>>15496 Seconding this.
Does anyone have this set from juzi?
Anyone got the new gardevoir pack from Nitropunkarts? https://www.deviantart.com/nitropunkarts/art/Feet-Gardevoir-908519353
>>15557 It's free you fucking retard.
>>15566 You can't expect footfags to be able to read
Okay jeez
(629.19 KB 805x511 ClipboardImage.png)

(664.56 KB 830x517 ClipboardImage.png)

(651.30 KB 826x518 ClipboardImage.png)

(704.60 KB 833x521 ClipboardImage.png)

(684.56 KB 827x525 ClipboardImage.png)

(626.45 KB 829x519 ClipboardImage.png)

(661.32 KB 827x521 ClipboardImage.png)

>>15427 was anyone able to download this? files seem to have gotten removed
Anyone have this?
>>15605 Who did Nitro do in that one
Does anyone have this?
>>15617 Artist?
>>15617 >pirating from Aza-chan
>>15614 Mina and Kyoka from MHA
>>15627 Don't know who those are or what mha is but I second this
>>15620 Why does that always happen when some one asks for any thing from them
>>15633 It's probably a simp like Devious Drake or something.
>>15575 God bless u anon
>>15633 It's a meme at this point
>>11623 By any chance, would you have/be willing to post either of the Nobara Kugisaki by KandenRem? The most recent one from 2 days ago or the one from 12/26/21?
>>15226 Someone actually mentioned this in the comments of the recent Tifa post saying that they hope that person didn’t get a commission slot so other characters/people can commission artwork. The guy commissioning all the Tifa’s got angry about it and responded. Kanden seems to have hidden the comments, only leaving the Tifa commissioners comments. One of which calling the guy he was mad at a “moocher.”
>>15657 i cant really blame kanden for securing the bag honestly. a commission is a commission
Can someone update the artist "random" on kemono party ? https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/6810171
>>15662 >No tickling No, fuck off footfag.
>>15669 How long are you going to keep up this autistic shitfit?
>>15496 bump
(349.26 KB 446x345 overtime.png)

>>15699 hes not wrong. Footfags are the only people who do this. You don't see armpit or bellyfags posting armpit pics or belly pics with no tickling and insisting its on topic.
>>15708 Footfags are the type that tag a doujinshi with "tickling" because 1 panel out of 1000 have a finger touching a foot.
Anyone have this piece by codricor1?
>>15709 I find the opposite. Usually it's a brush or tentacle that's stroking a nipple and automatically it's "tickling." Sometimes there's a tentacle under the arm and they'll say "Ah! It tickles!" but look like they're in pain and that's the only panel in the entire thing.
>>11359 You entitled bitches are straight up embarrassing, begging people to buy a $1 piece of content for you
>>15726 Cry about it
>>15727 No u
>>15710 It’s on his kemono page
re posted from another thread Anyone got this? https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/28730/15719830/anime-girl-light-home-tickling-hd-720p super old video that went around on PH before it got nuked. I remember it not being super popular in terms of like/dislike ratio but goddamn have I never busted a bigger nut
(3.30 MB 2000x3000 83605315_p0.jpg)

Anyone have this? It would be greatly appreciated Thx in advance
(9.44 MB 4167x3140 Naruto_Exclusive.png)

Does anyone have this animation? I would appreciate it. https://sawasa12.fanbox.cc/posts/3116560
Does anyone have this uncensored?
Can anyone give me Elden Ring tickling. I want Milena's sweaty feet tickled, I want Selen the barefoot magic instructor tortured, I want the barbarian Nepheli Loux captured and tickled while rabidly thrashing, I want the BIG QUEEN of the Moon RENNALA's BIG FEET licked and tickled.
(193.76 KB 848x1200 4ac.jpg)

>>15813 What no maidens does to a mf
>>15813 souls games hardly get any tickling content, get some money and commission something yourself
>>15800 Sorry to trouble you but by any chance, do you have the Nobara Kugisali ones as well? If it helps, they were posted on December 26th 2021 and more recently, March 1st. I’d send the previews but I'm unable to for some reason.
(175.75 KB 1280x720 20220220150840_1.jpg)

>>15813 Look at Rennala's big feet, they are begging to be licked and tickled
>>15822 they are in kemono party
>>15828 They are? I checked and didn’t see see any update there. Does Kanden have another account on Kemono? I only ever found Techikun since nothing came up for Kanden but it stopped being updated a couple months ago.
>>15828 Search "M90z2oxy" in kemono party
(2.12 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>15813 >I want Selen the barefoot magic instructor tortured Having one of the barefoot characters strapped to a wall begging for her torturers' mercy was just straight up dog whistling, I don't care. >>15819 It's a sadness, lots of cool characters and like a dozen pics total. And most of them aren't even good. >>15823 Lmao, Miyazaki-sensei was off the leash in this one.
>>15854 >>15823 More like a Soles game am I right hahahaha
Does anyone have the full version of this picture?
(2.44 MB 1351x1073 Screenshot (41).png)

>>15823 Look at the size of her PEDS!
>>15813 i didn't realize Elden Ring had so many ladies in it. A barefoot magic instructor, you say? A barbarian you say? A big queen with big feet, you say (which you've already posted in this thread)?
(196.41 KB 2000x2000 8dd.jpg)

>>15813 Tarnished + Scarlet Rot + No Maidens + No Runes + You Died
>>12141 Sorry to bother again, by any chance, are you still a Patron? If so, does the Yae sent out today have a tickling variant? The preview looks really good. Interested be in the post, also hoping it hasn’t a tickling variant this time.
>>15901 Meant to say “has”, not “hasn’t.” My mistake.
>>15894 Yeah I spent longer than I'm proud of admiring those long soles. I feel like as the winner of that fight, it should have been my right to tickle them senseless, but I guess I dream too big lmao
(1.75 MB 1590x900 ope.png)

Fia is barefoot, I repeat Fia is barefoot and deserves to be tickled. We need to band together and fund a shitton of Elden ring tickle art
(239.54 KB 351x328 ggfswdfwgs.PNG)

(389.51 KB 1184x738 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have this? Don't care about the other tkgeek stuff only this one https://www.deviantart.com/tk-geek/art/Catwoman-Broken-on-Patreon-909036938
>>16002 How many times are you doing the same? Nobody here or in vk have tkgeek stuff, please stop asking for it. Good, you are dense Erick
Anyone got the new Tied to Twins side series? This actually has tickling in it apparently
>>16008 Whoever told you that is a liar, there isn't any at all.
https://kemono.party/patreon/user/4624426 UPDATE HIM ON KEMONO NOW PLZ
>>16031 This is all just generic vanilla porn, no tickling in sight.
>>16008 Here hope you enjoy
>>16037 The third one is absolutely diabolical. Love the idea of trapping Sadako’s feet in another screen and wreaking havoc on them for hours and hours. Might be the most effective way to break her curse…..and perhaps keep her as a tickle slave too.
The Bayonetta one and Koto
Does anyone have Sketchy volume 1? I know you lurk around here B and I do apologize in advanced if you see this for blatantly pirating your shit.
>>16005 view the ID pls, idiot
>>16005 There's no one named erick here, sick stalker
>>16076 Stop asking tkgeek stuff man. We already ask you, and I see that the mods remove your tkgeek board, so Erick, please stop spaming here and in vk
>>16076 wait a second, if you not are the guy of vk then how do you know that I was talking about him?
>>16090 You... you called him "Erick"
>>16002 I just updated his kemono, enjoy shh
(76.04 KB 600x584 96758488_p0_master1200.webp)

Anyone have this plz 🙏?
Anyone have the new "totally tentacles 3" pack from pawfeather? https://pawfeather.gumroad.com/l/cjial
https://yueyue233.gumroad.com/l/2333 Anyone by any chance have the "Miku feetbox" comic from Rue? All of his pieces are always great
>>16121 Seconding this
>>16037 You dont have the marin one ?
>>16122 Thanks ☺️
(31.62 KB 600x333 96642166_p0_master1200.webp)

(39.18 KB 600x333 96711598_p0_master1200.webp)

(24.18 KB 600x333 96596779_p0_master1200.webp)

Anyone have this from this artist? https://sawasa12.fanbox.cc/
(3.19 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (47).png)

(715.05 KB 1131x836 lottie-p1-1.png)

(721.18 KB 1131x836 lottie-p2-1.png)

>>16005 Wow people are making requests on a thread for requests I never would have seen that coming Also it’s fucking tickle porn why so angry bro calm down
>>16167 why? Because this guy ask for it 30 times, here in 8chan and in a group in vk. And if nobody answer him, that's not problem, he ask again and again and again and again. December have 31 days, this guy ask for tkgeek stuff 28 times. Not to be angry, but Erick only ask stuff, so yeah, I can be angry
>>16170 It's understandable but dude, they're tickle stuff and neither of them belongs to you, and if he made you bother with tkgeek or something related, that's no reason to get mad at other people and think they're all "erick"
>>16172 I don't really care about the tkgeek stuff but I don't understand why you're so insistent on claiming that you're not Eric. Its really fucking obvious kid like I don't know who you're trying to fool
>>16174 You could also be a little bit respectful and just leave the man alone if he's asking you to stop insisting, bro
>>16190 Bro this kid asked for tkgeek stuff every day in december, everybody ignored him but he kep asking. Sorry, but I don't leave Erick alone until he promise not to do spam again here and in vk
>>16195 no one here is called erick and check the IDs, there are only people who are interested in tkgeek, he will not be the only person who likes it, that shows more how stupid you are, look at this, he said he would stop since January 2
>>16195 I created an account on vk, I won't say what it is, so you don't harass me too
Does anyone happen to know if there's a way to unblock age-restricted posts on twitter without making a twitter account or logging in? I know shit like this exists for youtube, so I hope someone made it for twitter too.
>>16106 Funny joke
>>16074 bump since it got buried under all this eric nonsense. which I don't understand why you fags just won't let the guy be. I understand it gets annoying but this is just fuel to the flame at this point
>>16196 The guy don't stop spamming, but he deleted a lot of messages or maybe the admin of the group deleted it
>>16197 try again kid, you are latin like Erick, so we don't trust you ;)
>>16212 Because is a teenager in a +18 board spaming? Who cares
>>16224 I don't need you to believe me, you're a sick stalker of people, look for someone to give you psychological care friend.
>>16224 who is the child, me for defending someone?, or you for living harassing someone you don't know
>>16228 yeah Erick, don't cry kid, nobody laugh about you
>>16228 that's funny, you are the only here asking for tkgeek stuff, and erick too in vk
(122.16 KB 1400x1050 Catwoman Broken .jpeg)

>>16228 You know, you're right. I've been a fucking stalker. Let me reward you with some stuff from tkgeek that I know you'll like. Consider this my apologies to you
does anyone have kusujin pateron exclusive versions of aqua from kanusuba
>>15033 enjoy
>>16124 fr, I desperately need it
(653.61 KB 1440x799 96824640_p0.png)

I am once again asking for Asuka tickling pics https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/96824640
>>16127 The what?
does anyone have this art pack by red2870? its been out so long but havnt seen it anywhere. https://www.deviantart.com/red2870/art/Art-Pack-8-Released-853853221
Anyone have this??
anyone has this old version? i want to collect it https://www.patreon.com/posts/amirian-curse-50251805
(3.01 MB 1417x2300 PORTFOLIO 2020_2.png)

(1.24 MB 620x800 uktghdfgdvxcccc.png)

(1.28 MB 566x800 thegrdfds.png)

(2.65 MB 396x560 iu_179086_7217772.gif)

(1.33 MB 636x900 gndggbfdv.png)

I've been looking for some of Aster-Effect's nudes for a while now. New stuff gets uploaded to kemono regularly, but there's a gap in uploads and a bunch of images missing. Pic related is what I'm looking for. Has anyone ever SEEN them? I've tried asking around in a bunch of diferent places, but no luck. It's like they don't exist anywhere.

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