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Tickle Hell! Anonymous 01/02/2022 (Sun) 10:07:18 Id: b9fc49 No. 10635
Tickling in Hell or hellish tickle torture dimensions! Don't forget: You're here forever.
(683.09 KB 1280x1659 tomes1.jpg)

(988.31 KB 1280x1655 tomes2.jpg)

(918.96 KB 1280x1660 tomes3.jpg)

(889.17 KB 1280x1660 tomes4.jpg)

(171.60 KB 785x603 tIlNlDIqfgc.jpg)

(263.86 KB 1070x822 OyJiLY1FFVM.jpg)

(1.13 MB 2560x1995 8xUIInASu_Q.jpg)

(552.16 KB 717x540 n.png)

Hey it's canon.
(137.46 KB 770x482 ClipboardImage.png)

>>10653 Believe me, I know Btw there was some beginner level pic on dA about that very same scenario, but it was online for a few weeks only before the artist disapeared, I wonder if anyone still have it
(763.76 KB 1589x2332 m.jpg)

>>10654 Hu, someone actually posted a pic based on it a few days ago : https://twitter.com/ryu2_5/status/1476711405953101829?s=21
>>10655 There's also this by Biomacchia, and one more with same great theme.
>>10653 >>10654 >>10655 >>10656 Exceedingly based
>>10643 I hadn't seen that Justice and Beel one before, good shit. The world needs more Helltaker tickling. >>10655 >>10656 Maya is too perfect. 10/10 would tickle for 500 million years.
>>10669 Maya deserves every second of it for walking around in those sandals.

(118.62 KB 724x1300 59021700_p0.jpg)

(938.35 KB 2693x2972 1612131135904.jpg)

(123.99 KB 500x734 b8f0df1a784bd937.jpg)

(157.33 KB 694x1000 65d5ba7387f0a509.jpg)

(157.84 KB 667x1000 3c9068b8995e8849.jpg)

(392.22 KB 900x1322 AnnoXanti-Cocoon.jpg)

taken from another thread. Eternal, inescapable tickling is my favorite god damn thing
Now this is a thread I can get behind. No playful games, just pure ticklish torture, forevermore.
Running out of actual Hell to post. Being forced to find as many hell-adjacent scenarios as I can.
>>12046 Last pages of part 2 were only posted as lineart sadly (at least for now).
(173.87 KB 1592x1200 FDFd0NXXsAARp_Y.jpg)

(6.49 MB 1648x8096 image0.png)

(499.63 KB 2048x1698 ElsoroTVcAE5PKe.jpg)

(1020.46 KB 1118x665 01.png)

(1.08 MB 1118x665 02.png)

(1.16 MB 1118x665 03.png)

(1.14 MB 1118x665 04.png)

(1.08 MB 1118x665 05.png)

(1.08 MB 1118x665 06.png)

(1.04 MB 1118x665 07.png)

(1.07 MB 1118x665 08.png)

(1.13 MB 1118x665 09.png)

(1.08 MB 1118x665 10.png)

(1.03 MB 1118x665 11.png)

(1.12 MB 1118x665 12.png)

(178.17 KB 929x1200 1888684898.jpg)

>>13137 Probably one of the best examples of tickle hell in how it escalated to pure hysteria. Shame the artist deleted all their stuff but it’s good that people saved it and salvaged it.
Title for this piece is "Fruit of Eternal Life," so they're all going to be there for a long, long, long time.
>>13477 Nice. I’m familiar with a plant tickle piece similar to this where the plant gets sustenance from tickling the victim and continually prolongs the lifespan of the victim to tickle them forever.
>>10635 Always wondered...has anyone ever made a description of Tickle Hell? How it works and such? It always seems to be a rather broad enigma rather than a detailed realm
>>10636 >>13499 I created a concept of what a "ticle hell" might look like, it's not that detailed because I did it a little quick, and also mine Primary language is not English, but I would like to see the opinion of those who read it. You wake up, it's all dark, you wonder where you are and how you got here, but you can't remember anything, and you can barely move, just squirm a little, the place starts to get brigth, you start to see and you realize that you are completely naked, the fright of being helpless is interrupted when you look around, countless people being tortured physically and mentally in various possible ways including tickling, the fear you felt turns into panic, you finally realize that you are dead and in some kind of hell, suddenly, coming from behind, something starts to grow and grows around you, starts to form a cocoon, in a few seconds you find yourself inside a kind of ball of skin, the texture, the smell, it looks like human skin, you feel like a fetus inside a uterus, then, from all sides, several hands start to emerge, of different sizes, they start touching you, tickling you, it starts slowly, just in some spots,as the time passes, it escaled until it covers your entire body, any spot that could be ticklish is being touched, every minute you become more ticklish, to the point that a simple touch leaves you hysterical, faces begin to appear around you,you recognize some of them,they start looking at you, judging you, mocking you,some of them starts whispering in your ears, teasing you, driving you crazy,the only thing you can do is laugh hysterically.Time passes, weeks, months, even years, you don't know anymore but it doesn't matter because you're already broken, your eyes have no more life, your mind is empty, you don't know where you are or who you are, no matter how intense the tickle is you laugh like you're catching your breath, like you're not feeling anything, there's nothing left, you're just an empty shell,this continues for a indefinite time. Suddenly you wake up, and realize you're back at the beginning,and you remember everything that happened, from start to finish,even after your mind broke, you got shocked, losing your mind was not your salvation it was just a brief rest,and now all Will start again,the shock is so big that you almost throw up but there's nothing in your stomach for you to throw up, you start crying begging for help then suddenly you heard a voice, an angelic voice that says: "oh, my poor child" A being that looks like an angel approaches you, hug you, pat your head, you cry in relief, you are finally saved, so it says: "it's okay, you'll be fine, you just need to accept that you'll stay here forever." you quickly open your eyes ,slowly turn your head to see and the creature comforting you wasn't an angel it was a demon, it's looking at you with the most evil grim smile you've ever seen in your entire life, you've been tricked. You start to mumble a few words begging saying "no" repeatedly, the demon laugh, and asks: "are you ready to continue? because I am!", despair consumes you,the cycle begins again, and so it will be , for all eternity.
>>13499 There are few ancient stories in TMF where it was described as the Christian hell with Hieronymous Bosch-esque surrealism of ticklish punishments. http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?87-A-different-kind-of-hell This one is about bunch of occult nuts who discover that witchcraft is real and Hell punishes sorcery instead of rewarding it. http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?8361-Tickle-Hell!!! This is first in series of stories about tickle hell, just detailing women being punished there. It includes celebrities who are damned for eternity for "seducing men into masturbation".
>>13541 That sounds both epic and horrifying. I love it.
(515.94 KB 1268x1652 Tumblr_l_1187644415338249.jpg)

>>13477 Not to dredge this thread back from like 6 pages ago but A) it's my favorite subject and B) I had a dream about this specific image last night based on the artist's pixiv works. Two gay fantasy hero type guys seek out the fruit of eternal life together and manage to find it, taking a bite out of the same fruit so they could be "together forever." Worked about as well as it did for everyone else in this pic. They were sealed in the same tree with their backs to one another, arms absorbed by the tree in such a way that they could just barely touch the other's fingertips, legs absorbed by the tree so their feet just barely poked out the other side. They could hear each other laughing, but they couldn't talk because the tree was tickling them too hard and they could never touch each other again except for their fingertips. But at least they would be together forever. When I woke up and my brain expanded on it I decided it would be really sadistic if they eventually came to hate the other, blaming the other for their situation each time they managed to get words out. Two lovebirds, bound together and tickled forever in an ever-growing grove of eternal ticklish suffering. Hoping and praying this artist does way more pieces like this one.
Artist deleted their dA but I saved this. Too bad the little story is gone, too; this gal was kidnapped from her home dimension and trapped in a tiny room where she never gets tired or hungry, can't feel pain, and can't die. Then she's tickled endlesly and forever until time stops. Eventually she forgets what her life was like before she was trapped in tickle hell, but she never gets used to it, never completely loses her mind, and never learns to enjoy it.
If you press this button you >Gain the ability to convince anyone to let you tickle them, even if they hate it. >Gain the ability to sense where people are most ticklish and what tickle-methods will tickle the most. BUT >When you die, you are placed in tickle hell for eternity where you are a million times more ticklish than you were in life, and you never get a single break. You can never pass out and never make it stop. You are constantly being teased and taunted. Do you press it, /tkr? This is like the Jigoku Shojo of tickling.
>>15639 I wanna press it.
>>15640 >Press it >Immediately have a heart attack and die Too bad, no take-backs! Have fun~
(628.51 KB 1730x1257 3fphuz.png)

(512.40 KB 768x768 ClipboardImage.png)

>>15639 >press it >immediately eat bullet >travel to harcore 'lee heaven >??? >profit
(5.50 MB 2199x2330 2022.png)

(7.60 MB 900x968 ahri.gif)

(6.43 MB 2310x2482 4doom4.png)

Post captured cuties that have ZERO chance of escape and subjected to tickling for what could only be estimated as a really really long time and up to... forever. Scream all you want, it's not stopping. Welcome to your new life.
>>15639 Ehh Time-restricted benefits for eternal punishment are never a good idea. Wanna make this actually tempting? Make it that you get sent to tickle hell for exactly as long as you've tickled people in life. Now THAT'S a deal that would give me actual pause to think.
>>18930 are those the same skeletons that roasted jellybean
some stuff by jungle definitely falls into this category
(218.83 KB 1280x1214 FVlF5gEWQAQEkne.jfif)

(370.41 KB 2023x1719 EWTEfK7XgAIG7bl.jfif)

(310.61 KB 1308x1780 FU2YsxCWAAocKR4.jfif)

(743.86 KB 2520x3150 20220828_031349.jpg)

Drew this a while ago but I still think it's decent

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