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(39.45 KB 1506x600 hopeful.jpg)

Anonymous 01/04/2022 (Tue) 02:23:33 Id: 8c96d6 No. 10776
They look good on paper, but it's time to give up.
>>10776 The toothbrush is shit but the babinski wheel is good. You just have to use finesse and not be a complete retard with it.
>>10776 >>10777 >literally just a smaller version of the best tool + optional vibration What could possibly be wrong with it? Plus we all know who the real villain is here.
Tell me you've never actually had a tickling session without telling me you've never actually had a tickling session.
>>10792 Please tell me about your tickling session Anon?
Was it necessary to make another tool thread when we already have one? Most tools are trash and should only be used if you're desperate to mix things up a little, fingers are almost always the most effective method.
>>10776 The toothbrush is fine for most things but not great for feet. Feathers and hairbrushes are better for them.
>>10799 tools are 100% about the psychological aspect of it. Nobody is scared of fingers. Just like using a leather whip probably doesn't hurt as much as punching someone but it's hotter
>>10803 Leather whips are a different kind of pain from being punched. One of them is a blunt pain and the other is a harsh pain.
>>10776 I've read stories where Q-tips apparently tickle? I can suspend my disbelief for being tickled for the rest of one's natural life, and for not one of the billions of humans on earth to rescue this lee, but q tips is where i cross the line
>>10810 I can imagine them tickling if you stick them in someone's bellybutton but that's about it.
Not to mention that the electric toothbrush absolutely rapes the audio quality of any video it’s in.
Not loud or distracting, inexpensive, actually tickles a lot…
>>10776 Nah these totally tickle, anon. The feeling isn’t what I expected it to be though. It just feels like something sharp being dragged, similar to the quill end of a feather. Maybe a little more effective than that, honestly. Electric toothbrushes didn’t do shit to me unless the top was taken off and it was just the vibrating metal rod. Most tickle tools are pretty shitty apart from hairbrushes and sharp stuff. I’ve seen some types of weird massagers used pretty effectively.
>>10792 Cope, you embarassing namefag
The wheel sucks and doesn't feel ticklish at all. Domme was a sadist who was really into getting reactions out of me, and it fucking hurt, at least on the cock. She even accused me of faking the discomfort/begging, but I hate that thing. It was worse than a lot of other stuff that you'd think is more painful. It was really annoying and the only hot thing about it was I couldn't get out and it was still below the threshold to safeword.
>>10824 This. Hairbrush on feet is a killer combo for every girl I've ever tickled.
>>10869 This. Never, ever use those things on someone's genitals, it never feels good despite what 2D porn might tell you.
>>10869 >put a spiked wheel on your dick >"hey wait a second, this hurts!" I don't think most of you understand what the things are for.
>>10871 From what I've known, hairbrush on feet are better used with oil, yes? Naturally, it depends from person to person (and from brush to brush, you'd think), but it seems to me that the raw brush on feet could also be uncomfortable and painful more than ticklish. Regardless, do you have any sort of technique for this kind of tickling?
>>10914 Honestly I don't usually use oil - although sure, if the girl you're playing it complains about it hurting, use it. Will depend on how sharp the brush is too, mine isn't that bad. Also don't press it like a gorilla against her soles.
(73.38 KB 700x556 spinner.png)

whens the last time someone invented a tickle tool? here's one, I call it a spinner. real creative I know. best kept away from body hair.
>>11215 hobbit girls need not apply

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