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(1.51 MB 425x481 Pepe Fire.gif)

OCs but the owner isnt a ticklefag Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 17:08:02 Id: 9629a4 No. 1090
Reviving this old thread from 8kun >See OC >OC hawt >Want to tickle >Artist not into tickling >Fugg.jpg >Get idea >Create alt account >Visit other artist >Want private comm of OC getting tickled >I'LLSTEALIT.mp4 >NOONEWILLEVERKNOW.mp3 Anyone else feel this? If so, any good artist recommendations? Hard to find someone who can keep a good secret in a sea of self-righteous morality cunts. Feel free to post OCs you find hot too, furry, human, otherkin it don't matter
(34.07 KB 459x413 h3befbkzicz61.png)

>>1090 no i'm not a fucking cunt.
>>1091 So stunning and brave. Would you like a checkmark?
(24.27 KB 960x422 1482246422200.jpg)

>>1094 >>1091 imagine being moral in a fucking fetish community
>>1090 same tbh
Am I not seeing the big deal with this? You PAID for a commission. The artist AGREED to the commission. It's no different than any other kink or fetish getting commissioned. There's no reason to feel like some criminal mastermind. Now if the artist requested that you kept it private and in your own collection, and you instead start posting it around, that's a bit annoying. Chances are the artist won't do any more kink commissions. If you start posting it around and proclaiming that the artist is a disgusting pervert for making such art, you're a dick.
I don’t see what’s the problem like people paid for art of real people in some fetish scenario so an OC feels kinda tame.
Kind of a victimless "crime" innit? No worse than using your imagination as long as you don't share it I reckon.
>>1090 who drew the pirate girl last thread? anyone save that?
Who was the OC? Don't be shy OP, this is a safe space.
>>1156 ?? m8 thats just a muscular anthro pokemon, you can make your own, they cant do shit
>>1090 does jaiden animations count?
>>1090 When you think about it, every copyrighted character is someone's OC to begin with, and I definitely don't think there are many ticklefags working on these shows, comics, or games. I don't see why there should be a double standard. >I'LLSTEALIT.mp4 You paid for it, and considering most artists charge extra for private commissions, I don't think they have the right to be mad. Just hope someone doesn't recognize their style.
(28.24 KB 500x500 hmmm.jpg)

>>1157 >Just an anthro >You can MAKE your own! ...can't that just be applied to any OC then? Pokemon or not?
>>1180 I mean, to a degree? pokemon its easier to get away with, people tend to half ass them. in this example you can just draw or commission your own buff anthro typhlosion, it's not like they invented typhlosion. with other anthro OCs there may be quirks about their designs that make them more distinct or unique.
>>1090 mfw i have the same issue sadly idiotxp's wasted on sasha 'catsish' shark cant wait for the day they meet and he realizes sashas a he
>>1232 Fucking. Same. There's NO way Sasha isnt a catfish
(70.68 KB 200x218 1620888204497.png)

>>1090 all the time
(617.03 KB 840x1200 pirate.png)

>>1103 here
Major kink: Naruto weeb sandals.
>>1091 This right here. >>1092 >>1097 It's fine if you're cunts, but don't assume everyone's a cunt like you.
(3.56 KB 229x175 nobodywillsuspectathing.png)

>See innocent artist >Get idea >Hey, please draw this character getting tickled, I think it would be cute haha >I'MGOINGTOWANKTOIT.mkv
>>1743 Uhoh another morality cunt. Get the rope.
>>1743 Pfft, what the fuck are you people even doing here? >>1746 'd be difficult to pass off a drawing of the character getting every spot tickle wrecked while they beg desperately for it to stop with tears, spit and cum flying everywhere as 'cute haha'' tho, and that's what I'd wanna see, obviously
(240.58 KB 250x300 1608264058196.gif)

>artist draws tickle art sometimes >has a fucking cute OC >never draws them getting tickled fucking cock tease
I NEED to see Jeff's lizard cock lapped by hungry feral dogs
>>3930 tell us who anon!
>>6727 Probably Zp92 or Quintonquill
(5.23 MB 2894x2039 Patreon_post_image.png)

want to draw someone else's OC? just fucking do it! the trick? all you need to do is say it's gift art and you're done! I've done it 3 times now, with no issue. not even that though, just straight up draw it, they literally can't do anything about it besides make a journal on DA about it at most. I go into adoptable auctions and just comment "i will draw this character without paying. you can't stop me." and people don't even get mad and say anything, they just hide my comment because they don't want other people realizing that they can just... draw the character without paying 85$ for some neon green wolf girl. plus, morally, what's the difference? people will go ahead and draw cartoon characters every other day, people will draw smaller "indie" cartoon characters (like from YouTubers or other small animators) all the time too, so it's not like it's a "oh it's ok cause it's a big corpo that owns them", so why is there any reservation about drawing other people's OC?
>>6727 I don't wanna name names but they have drawn one pic of one of their OCs since this post, so I'll forgive them for now. >>6728 bold of you to think I'd think any of zp's ocs are cute.
>>6758 You are right, most of them are pokemon which he doesnt change their design one bit aside from giving them a fat ass and feet, lazy ass artist
>>6731 eat shit smithandcompanytoons, that's why you don't have any friends.
>>6763 I see you're still in this thread, raging over people having the big horny to imaginary characters. Kek. Cope and seeth more, faggot.
(322.83 KB 446x750 1605498030592.png)

>>6788 >i see you're back >hasn't replied once until then either a VPN coward faggot or some lurker who's too afraid to have an opinion.
(9.59 KB 480x360 qeegee.jpg)

>>6805 Sorry, I've been too busy laughing at your r a g e
>>6805 >Replied to you once >Only replies once you reply back Fuck were they supposed to do, samefag themselves and go full schitzo? LMAO take your meds, anon
(93.63 KB 949x1060 E1EOh3LWQAEdPgs.jpg)

(67.05 KB 913x952 Evt9N-7WQAEojWv.jpg)

(61.89 KB 766x926 EzmJYGWXEAIYw1o.jpg)

(96.56 KB 918x764 E9wCgk2XMAYoDCn.jpg)

can we fuck off with this autism and get back to the usual kind of autism? I wanna tickle the absolute fuck outta GlacierClear's cute ditzy cornsnake.
(32.87 KB 680x513 E8OUdpeWUAAoHgd.jpg)

(300.48 KB 676x680 E8OlaRgXoAMkBlH.png)

(82.92 KB 994x1027 E_TkdohWYAQyF3b.jpg)

(63.76 KB 1032x700 E9wGwI0WUAE_SPf.jpg)

>>6836 AND their cute chubby mom salamander
(210.41 KB 1522x1243 FDqngqSX0AMLlcF.jpg)

>>6838 salamander's canon ticklish btw
(527.15 KB 631x632 1597459019367.png)

>>6828 >>6833 >>6791 this is actually pathetic, almost as pathetic as the schizo VPN footfag from the caroo thread.
cho but only cuz she dont do that nsfw
>>3930 Bruh this is my problem with ChaztheWeasel, he makes this cute ass milf but hasn't drawn her being tickled once
(409.39 KB 586x653 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7270 idek if he does tickle art anymore. I think he's just going to draw this animal crossing OC forever
>>6722 Can someone tell me where the source of this image is??? Thought Jeff stopped posting. He got a new account or something??
>>7316 nah dude jeff is only posting to closd circles on discord as usual enigmas playing him like a fiddle and anytime someone points it out enigma reees and jeffs such a beta that he refuses to break off the abusive relationship so he fence sits as usual only to break out in fits occasionally he deleted his discord server 3 times and swore hed never do another discord server but then joins another discord server only to post sporadically then go quiet for years almost tl;dr you have to be in his special friends club to get any new art unless youre enigma who somehow milks him for all the free art he could swallow its fukkin sad
>>7317 punctuation nigga

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