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Anonymous 01/25/2022 (Tue) 18:45:22 Id: 9f2272 No. 12688
What is your favorite character archetypes when it comes to tickling fantasies and fetish fiction? I'm purely a tickler, so I'm only going to speak of my ideal fantasy ticklees, which are aristocratic women that find themselves in torture chambers instead of throne rooms and banquet halls. Haughty noblewomen, domineering queens, wise and stoic empresses, kind fairy tale princesses, posh lady knights... All of them have that special grace and aura of authority around them, not forgetting the pride and entitlement that comes with the station and fortune of noble bloodline. Such women losing control and being forced to submit is ridiculously hot. Even better if they are still wearing crowns and at least pieces of their fancy outfits while being tickled.
I don't have a very specific archetype but my taste is similar to yours in a way. I like tough, stoic, smug, arrogant lees, ones you would think would be able to put up a fight but completely crumble under tickle torture.
(250.07 KB 1159x800 13959203839.jpg)

(164.60 KB 1024x1484 12690393839.jpg)

(265.63 KB 900x695 1248103748910.jpg)

For me, it's tough, badass and hyper ticklish secret agents.
Heroes and/or general do-gooders. Basically a normally strong, tough sort than can handle themselves with ease, forced to laugh, scream and beg for mercy from their hated villains/rivals. Just something so appealing about seeing a strong hero brought down and utterly humiliated in front of their enemy with simply a few tickles.
(355.80 KB 1080x1644 66386293_p0.jpg)

(406.16 KB 1080x1644 66386293_p1.jpg)

(374.54 KB 1644x1080 66386293_p2.jpg)

(782.31 KB 1080x1512 83351366_p0.jpg)

(152.01 KB 1287x1800 vg7grc4snka41.jpg)

I think OLs are underrated. Gorgeous lavish women that always try to remain presentable and professional but with a flirtatious 'ara ara' vibe, that you can push to their limits and watch crumble as squirming and tears of laughter ruin their hair and their perfect make up (which makes them look even hotter, obviously). I particularly love the idea of them trying to resist it with flushed expressions and maybe just a hint of genuine innocence as light tickles turn into more intense stuff and they end up looking wild and lewd. Plus all sorts of ticklish office shenanigans to boot: casual shoe dangling or sleeveless wearing to tease you with the spots she knows you love, being tickle harassed by your boss, being an underling that tickles your boss instead and keeps her on edge with random pokes on her sides or fingers sliding up bare legs to make her yelp in front of her colleagues (because you happen to know she's a tickle kinkster or whatever), a quick tickle session in the elevator before the big meeting so she's an anxious turned on wreck all throughout it, slow agonizing tickles on her soles while she's on an important business call and she has to keep a straight face, you name it. Plus plus, sheer pantyhosed feet bruv. I cannot stretch this enough, and that is a very intended play on words.
(479.33 KB 453x1019 ClipboardImage.png)

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(1.11 MB 1024x724 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.22 MB 1600x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.21 MB 1600x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

I like inquisitive or adventurous ticklees that find themselves in ticklish trouble far from help or civilization. Something about biting off more than they can chew and having that notion in the back of their mind that it's their own fault that no one is coming to help.
Similar to OP, but specially ancient Egyptian monarchs. Pharaohs, queens and princess. They're usually stoic and cold but their aesthetic and clothing lend them to be sultry, bearing a lot of leg and skin. Bonus points for using mummifying bondage.
(11.24 MB 6108x7910 klk satsuki_color_-_lewd2_1.jpg)

(2.06 MB 2048x1080 csm makima.png)

(3.06 MB 1918x1436 fate scathach tickled 1.png)

(9.43 MB 7016x9921 fate medusa color.png)

strong, confident, alluring women with a soft side hidden beneath. The more they seem like they're made for masochists to fap to, the more I want to see them humiliated
(504.10 KB 1468x1143 1644016892669.png)

(92.06 KB 720x488 image.jpg)

(420.35 KB 766x761 auxiliaryContent.png)

male human on female nonhuman or female nonhuman on male human the latter is sadly much more rare. the nonhuman lady could be anthro, alien, robot, monster, small strange creature, etc, I'm not picky
>>12689 >>13713 Seconding these, but I'll make a special note for sexy female villains. While they aren't used as lees very often due to the idea that they should be used as lers for the female protagonists, seeing the tables turned on them and being broken down via tickling is one of the hottest things to me.
>>13714 Sauce for that first one?

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