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Smalltime artists Anonymous 01/27/2022 (Thu) 09:57:44 Id: 79c226 No. 12808
artists with less than a thousand followers/watchers, why not give them some love? limscast on dA draws some cute stuff
(1.11 MB 2200x2800 shroom_tickles-1-1-1.png)

(954.10 KB 2200x2460 box_shroom_1-1-1.png)

SrMinturo18 on Twitter. Mostly feet but sometimes they draw tickles
Is this code for cringe dA artist?
(53.28 KB 1400x932 81huuaiNR8L._RI_.jpg)

>>12820 >hhnngrrooommbbblblbl.. cr.. criiiinge nnnbblllpphhhhh..... get throat groped by the cope rope, dope.
>shameless self promotion for garbage art Yikes.
>>12854 you can promote your garbage art if you want to, anon, its ok
lol malding
(95.79 KB 1145x1027 FIg3kojXEA8pLfV.jpg)

>>12941 >le latest zoomer buzzword I accept your surrender.
>>12984 >responds with a meme catchphrase Brilliant self own.
(1.64 MB 853x480 121234578897.gif)

>thread for drawing attention to obscure artists >Immediately devolves to bitching Bet y'all are a buncha fuckken Amadeus Michaelangelo's, aye? Let's see your art.
>>12808 These are actually really nice. I gotta get back into doin' art
>>13142 seeing new artists is always great! don't let anyone tell you that you can't. >>12808 love this one, still waiting for them to leave DA and get themselves on a decent platform.
>>13145 Honestly. Imagine being such an elitist fuckwit that you don't wanna see new artists emerge and improve. Do you guys not like having new sources of tickleporn? Shitdicks like these are why we lost inky125. "this new artist isn't perfect??? CRINGE! CRIIIIIINGE!"
(209.82 KB 304x324 Consider the following.png)

>>13146 that's honestly something i really don't get; all tickle artists have posted cringe smutt when they didn't know better, i know damn well that i did, but you eventually improve, it's just that absolute entitled retards expect everyone to draw the same shit instead of liking people for the specific part of our nieche that they dabble on.
>>13153 That's common in pornography in general, just go to hentai sites and read comments on anything that isn't generic vaginal hetero sex.
If we're extending art to include authors, then I'd like to push forward Serhazattmf and AFNull as a pair with some really well done tales of tickle torture. https://www.deviantart.com/serhazattmf https://www.deviantart.com/afnull
>>13155 Fuckin hell I hate that shit, vanillafags get the vast majority of shit and they still cry about it. Whiny fucks.
>>13162 >>13155 i wouldn't say it's just vanillatards who do this kind of shit, everyone has their own preferences, but there are people who cannot jerk it to anything that isn't anime or anime inspired because it's just not anime, so most cartoonists in the tickle comunity won't get the same kind of respect just because their style is different.
>>12808 I really need to know if it's just one guy posting these pics or we really have that many people jacking off to the xenomorphs from alien.
>>13195 >or we really have that many people jacking off to the xenomorphs from alien. anon... are you new to the internet
>>13195 >>13201 I mean you're right, but they do seem to be a preferred xeno for tickle torture (which is based). Is it all QQ and their Black Beauty OC's influence still, you think?
>>13195 Considering they were designed sexually, Im not surprised
>>13195 Xenomorphs are quite literally babby's first monster fap
(87.67 KB 375x332 ClipboardImage.png)

(71.51 KB 328x250 ClipboardImage.png)

(115.66 KB 413x267 ClipboardImage.png)

Alexandero12, this guy usually uses pictures from mainstream media however he sometimes does draw his own artworks, he rp's so if anyone is interested in that then here you go. https://www.deviantart.com/alexandero12/gallery/all
>>13950 >Warframe tickling Based
>>12984 Source?
>>13960 this. TFW still no Ivara art (i am specifically requesting her... pls...)
(70.52 KB 343x250 ClipboardImage.png)

(41.60 KB 343x250 ClipboardImage.png)

Xenopredator Rarely draws Also really plain
>>12808 I never was into vanny tiggles that much, but something about the last piece just does something to me

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