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Artists you hate 2: electric boogaloo Anonymous 01/27/2022 (Thu) 17:56:02 Id: bb1cc4 No. 12832
Last thread hit the bump limit. you know how it goes, posts artists you hate and why! or just post the latest stupid shit artists have been up to: sperg outs, break downs, essay length journals, e-begging, entitlement, inflated egos and whatever else you hate from artists in our community!
(128.03 KB 1600x900 JohnnyAutism6 Season 2.png)

(190.71 KB 1280x720 JohnnyArtism1.jpg)

(291.86 KB 1280x720 JohnnyArtism2.jpg)

(291.48 KB 1280x720 JohnnyArtism3.jpg)

(133.10 KB 1256x578 bear fucker 4.jpg)

What is it about drawing niche fetish porn that makes people so fucking self absorbed?
>>12791 funny that you say that, because that Johnny guy or whatever is a known art thief and a general shitbag.
>>12791 1: post link 2: tl;dr
(13.15 KB 320x180 images (37).jpeg)

Overall fetish artists put minimum effort so when they see that they're getting a bit known and payed for it, they think they're god or the cum bender in that community. When in reality it's just a niche fetish really hungry of content that they will go monkey over anything they throw them at
Thank God it’s back Best thread on this board Not an artist, but I just think it’s fun to remember how much that one guy from one of the Carolina’s used to sperg out on the old board. Where he didn’t quite understand how IPs or IDs worked, and assumed that every time a post had a different ID meant it was the same person. I think his name was James or something? Good times
>>12835 Lemme get this straight. He thought: DIFFERENT ID = SAME person?
not reading all of that happy for you or sorry that happened
(42.28 KB 640x426 1641040111421.jpg)

Proraindancer: ever since he switched to digital his art just looks worse Wtfeather: all his art looks the exact fucking same CleaninghouseTK: that one artist that keeps drawing kids needs to piss off TicklingOscars: i wouldnt be surprised if his ass ends up on a watch list someday And all cucks who delete their art cause they have a temper tantrum.
>>12835 link'd >>12859 No. Retard over here is (likely deliberately" misrepresenting that time I accused someone of samefagging, the "many people" I was talking to swore up and down he wasn't, so I had the admin turn on IDs without an announcement, and then FOR SOME REASON "all those many people" all turned out to be using one ID. When asked how the fuck that happened, surprise surprise, the guy then tries to say he wasn't actually samefagging, but just wanted to make three, four, five follow up posts mere minutes apart to single posts. WHY he did that he never elaborated on, but he was nevertheless quite mad that IDs made their arrival. So to get you straight: retard up there literally said the exact opposite of what happened.
>>12874 Ahh I see. Thank you for elaborating
>>12874 There he is Good job rewriting history to make it look like you didn’t constantly embarrass yourself. >>12859 Not that there’s any proof, so it’s his word Vs mine and you can choose, but he argued that there were too many different ids so clearly it was just one guy with a VPN It was embarrassingly illiterate on a technical level, and pretty funny imagining him seethe over it.
>>12872 CleaningHouse is a pedo? I didn't know that.
(183.63 KB 474x356 spongewallet.png)

>>12874 make more Kink Shamed content
>>12874 I thought you weren't on 8chan variants anymore on account of them having a rep for breeding nuts like the New Zealand guy.
>>12884 they have a service where it is basically crowdfunding commissions, you go to make a commission and they pay you half of the commission price so they have the rights to post on their patreon, they might not be the pedo but one of the commissioners might.
I'm so confused
>>12886 new Zealand guy? is that the "I'll mongle your cock guy?" wish i saved that meme
>>12889 No no, like the mosque guy who got them to shut down the original 8chan.
>>12883 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rfnz32eOpS4 btw I'm 95% sure I have that entire back and forth screencapped somewhere so feel free to frantically pleas with everyone not to believe my "re-write" so by the time I come across it you look like a complete mental patient. >>12885 k >>12886 >>12890 I don't use them often mostly due to freaks spazzing out over horseshit like further up thread, and also because I think these boards tend to closed and re-open several times across several sites.
But I digress, I jacked off to a video of my wife's boyfriend tickle torturing her today, was nice of them to send it to me from his lake house in Uganda.
>>12874 post more feet pics, slut
(2.56 MB 480x480 1605344176438.gif)

>>12832 >Find artist on DA >Really good quality 3D models and tickling machine setups >"Check out my Pixiv for uncensored work" >Do so >Dozens of borderline pizza image sets with scarily good quality models, lighting, etc. I'm thinking of this one guy called Gopher in particular, but I'm certain there's more that do the exact same thing
>>12896 >"borderline pizza image sets" Is this slang for some kind of inappropriate and possibly illegal stuff that I presume I should be glad to be unaware about, or it is actual, honest-to-god cuisine pics?
>>12898 I know the artist hes talking about, they're just 3d rendered models, not real. not super realistic, but enough to be uncomfortable to look at. I've seen much worse ones myself. pixiv can be gross like that.
>>12896 Ditto Not the best situation, feels really shitty. Dudes so talented, it’s a shame.
>>12898 Short for "cheese pizza," or "CP." Which is what you call it if you want to avoid getting the board shut down or attracting the kind of people who want it. You can guess what those letters actually stand for. Though the idea of a fetish artist moonlighting as a foodie and having secret accounts to just post food that he tries to hide from deviantart is hilarious.
>>12895 later
>>12893 >>12874 realtalk tho, james. you're the only person in this 'community' who consistently feels the need to make yourself known and 'defend' themself any time someone talks shit. Not even Chesh has done this as much as you. People like Nitro, Chaz, and Monokron, they get shittalked on here all the time, they're fully aware of it, But even spergs like them know better than to show up here crying and sperging about it. They know better than to fan the flames. ... Well, chaz has vagued about it on twitter, but thats as far as he went. What I'm asking though is, why do you do this to yourself? Why the fuck do you care so much about what a collective of faceless spergs like us are saying about you? Is your ego that fragile?
(123.01 KB 1200x1200 Margot Cara feet.jpg)

>>12905 Why not? Chaz "knows better", and that still got him what seems to be the second thread dedicated to him? The fuck do you care how "fragile my ego" is, you're clearly in here hoping people see these constant freakouts spergouts right? How much time and energy do you think it takes to post "lol, cocksucker made that up" on an imageboard? Why wouldn't I post? I'm not screaming "You better stop or I'll sue you!" or leaving Kujman-style threats of violence. Cope, seethe, mald, etc.
>>12905 He’s our boards own personal Ethan Ralph
(50.39 KB 480x410 1549448205458.jpg)

>>12906 about the response I expected. Carry on.
>>12908 Well ackshually NitroPunk is trying to start a DMCA takedown on the oldthread
>>12906 To be fair, the thread isn't "dedicated" to him, it just opened with a meme at his expense. And I honestly think the only reason the last thread got so Chaz-heavy was purely because he vagued about it on Twitter and that got everyone's jimmies rustled so they started just dumping on him.
>>12874 >James is still around Even with all the shit thrown at you, it makes me very nostalgic of that « let’s make a game » thread back on the older board. So which artists do you hate?
>>12896 Hate this shit, way too many pedofags in this community.
Does anyone on this board commission, or are you all pirating hipsters? I always wanted to know what the demographic is around here.
>>12930 I've commissioned some stuff and I've also been part of a few people's patreons, but 95% of people who come here do it just to get free stuff.
(49.08 KB 938x322 FG1RCOzaQAACYAn.jpg)

>>12930 There's only a handful of artists I consider worth paying for on Patreon. If I need specific stuff I just commission whatever artist I can find at the time... Which is a rarity. Everything else I find here or elsewhere for free. I don't care.
>>12872 CleaninghouseTK a pedo? You do know that loli art isn't CP, right? By that logic majority of pokemon girls art posted in various threads here is pedo art. Now TicklingOscars is another matter... those 3D models can be creepily realistic at times. Nonetheless I think he sticks to fictional characters? I might be wrong on that one though...
>>12930 I commission a couple times a year on average, currently supporting a trio of creators I like on Patreon. I buy a few videos and comics a year. I'm glad to pay for good stuff, there just isn't a lot of it / any artist who is decent and into tickling will have campers snatching up their slots immediately.
>>12934 I do not completely understand the tickle fetish to be honest, but what I don't understand at all is how you mofos never see it coming. It's like having a diaper fetish and being like "Y ru sick0 in2 babby??" The salt makes sense, but have you ever considered getting into something more adult-oriented if you're that pissed about it?
(69.44 KB 225x225 E4AuMYjVoAMuC0J.png)

Oh right. Artists. Let's see... TicklingOscars: Has this really weird style where everyone has round heads and bulbous feet and toes. Needs some lessons in anatomy. Also lolis. Lots of lolis. ScreamPunk/whatever they call themselves now: Their art is the same. Same foot poses, bland anime characters roped with some kind of green bondage because 'muh brand'. Overly sensitive. Thinks they are the feet kink version of Shadman. Mei Gonzales: Not really a hate thing, more of an annoyance. Art is crude at best but has a legion of simps on twitter praising everything they do. A problem a lot of female artists with self inserts probably have to deal with most like. Chaz: Other than the constant drawing of Mamabozongo is his constant self praising for drawing feet. 'WOw I'm getting reAlly good guyz at drawing this foot! Wanna see it now?? Only on Mah PatreoN!' MSC: The dude can actually draw some very good pieces. Solid anatomy (mostly if you discount the monkey toes and warped limbs at times) but has a terrible ego problem. Obsessed with increasing his follow base on twitter and generally seems unpleasant to interact with. Probably more I have but then it would more class as 'annoying' artists rather than 'hated'.
>>12911 I think you're a memespewing retard who shit talks artists who are genuinely better than you are.
>>12940 That describes this entire thread.
>>12930 never patreon, only commissions. patreons are for suckers who willingly throw money away for artists that don't care about them and who progressively go staler and staler.
>>12940 Don't forget being a tracer.
(1.14 MB 300x300 1629975972810.gif)

>>12940 >>12945 >it took two boards and 3 threads to get called out Rude, I made an active effort to tone down the memespewing, and I'd argue I'm very tame when it comes to fotm meme trends - but I won't deny the rest, it's unironically completely right!
>>12948 >rapid reply feigned indifference lmao
kusujinn needs to stop doing toes to twins like anyone gives a fuck. also mtj should fire every artist they have except the guy who did maggs like 5+ years ago
>>12872 how can you hate on wtfeather their art has improved DRASTICALLY over the past 6 years and they’re one of the only artists to consistently have good expressions and unique poses. they’re not taro by any means easily top 3 western artists
>>12954 >DRASTICALLY Do Americans really?
>>12955 Was he really American? Remember something about him being spanish
>>12957 >zero reading comprehension Well that confirms it.
>>12954 >doesn't do the same 3 poses again and again >drastically improved are ... are we talking about the same wtfeather or?? like are you from some Mandela effect universe where wtfeather is good? does your wtfeather also do same face on every single drawing? does he use the same base drawing like 4 times too like ours does? >>12957 he's Argentinian, used to say that on his da page
(2.97 MB 500x640 1612300251579.gif)

>>12960 No I’m genuinely surprised ppl don’t like him bc you could literally say the same thing about aza and retards praise her literally all the time
>>12963 She suffers from the same problem, but of course lonely retards give her a pass.
>>12963 The few that nickrikku did are less cringe than anything in wtfeather's gallery. Though you can learn to appreciate the latter's works once the stockholm sets in.
>>12964 fair enough, just don’t know how he made your list when nitro bill cleaning caroo demondaart pierrot fucking dr random/willard all exist
>>12966 >my list
>>12967 Yeah your list you moron there’s like 483817273 shitter artists in this dogshit fetish
>>12954 All of his art now is literally traces of 3D models. There's so much weird shit in his art now, he just draws the face and hair onto models that they don't fit with at all and puts some detail into the feet. He's just one on a long list of artists who went to absolute shit and started doing the bare minimum when he got a decent following on Patreon.
>>12969 Come to think of it I can also see EXACTLY when he started using them, I guess I never really paid any attention to it because it’s literally porn and I don’t spend all day looking at it
>>12966 I'd like to know by what metric wtfeather is above BillVicious and Pierrot. Both of them are rare cases where they got much better after Patreon.
>>12969 >TFW wtfeather took Rachel Cleo and the other one out to the back with a shotgun in tow dude was what got me into furry in the first place, and one of the few artists that made me want to start to draw, now i look at him like a husk of what he once was, and not just cause of the stopped doing furry thing but his quality has just fallen off a cliff and ive seen him respond to some people in his comments who asked why he didn't draw his old characters anymore or why his art style changed with such disdain and hatred like they aren't the reason his retarded ass was even able to start a Patreon in the first place. This isn't how someone who appreciates his fans or even his paying customers acts at all. again it's not that he changed, it's how he changed and how he hates and berrates anyone who brings up anything from his old art. I'm genuinely surprised he hasn't nuked his older stuff because it's just so much better in comparison I'm worried he will start to think his free shit is competing with his newer shitty paid art
>>12971 Pierrot can’t color for shit and bill has the shittiest expressions I’ve ever seen in my entire life, plus plus he can’t draw boobs
>>12973 I'd say Pierrot is way better at coloring than wtfeather and same goes for Bill and facial expressions, but I guess that's just an opinion so I won't argue with you.
>>12972 these were by far the best stuff you could get in 2016 i see what you all mean so i take back what i said but there used to be a time where wtfeather was pretty much undisputedly the best
>>12972 Same. WTFeather died when he started tracing anime girls. Aint too many good furry tickle artists out there either, that side of the fandom's even more ratchet than the regular tickle community.
>>12974 looking at them side by side theres something about wtfeathers that appeals to me more
>>12978 the thing about Bill is that his faces feel mundane and samey, they're not bad by any means, but they don't show really tickly agony in any way, and it's not the small details either, there is jsut a lack of punch on the way he does faces.
>>12978 That Cynthia one is great, but it's pretty much the highlight of his gallery (he also saved a ton of effort by only drawing the feet and her face). This is more representative of his average drawing.
>>12972 >>12976 Seethe harder furry fags!!!
>>12979 I like his facial expressions, especially when he draws several panels that progressively show the victim losing it. Not everything is amazing, but we shouldn't be comparing the absolute best of one artist vs some random drawing from another one's.
>>12980 THAT cynthia piece is probably the most iconic drawing for the entire fetish community in my eyes. >>12982 i was trying to compare a similar expression but yeah i shouldve chose something more relevant
>>12968 >projecting
(225.36 KB 1809x915 Euy9oMvXcAMCKiM.jpg)

>>12982 bill is fucking great, one of the best, probably the one of the really small handful of people in the whole community who's worth supporting. also it seems every artist goes down a sharp downhill after they've been at it for years. what is it, just burn out? complacency? can't be that or else they'd just stay the same instead of sharply declining right? maybe I'm looking at it throuh rose tinted glasses and 16-18 year old me had way lower standards but i could swear a lot of oldfag artists that are still around today used to be at the very least more creative back in the day. some artists who used to be in my top 10 are now pushing the boundaries of how little effort they can put into their art and get away with it (see pic related). i hate that we all just silently agreed to pretend like we don't all notice this shit being pulled constantly by many artists. interesting poses, original characters, scenarios, and art styles get replaced with generic faux-anime style, generic anime-of-the-month characters, in generic stocks and walls. sad! many such cases!
>>12988 also just to add in case you didn't notice: all the feet in this image are just mirrored, and some even copy pasted and recolored, only the white and dark blue ones have their toes slightly changed
>>12966 >>12973 This has to be the first time I've seen anyone dislike Pierrot. Not that I'm saying you aren't allowed to, I'm just surprised. I feel like he's one of the few veteran artists who still sticks to his guns and does whatever he thinks is interesting rather than going with the flow.
(5.91 MB 5184x3744 KP1 ink.jpg)

>>12993 Furthermore, I think he's one of the few if not the only one that seems to actually give more of a shit now that he has a patreon. Hopefully that doesn't decline soon. Granted, I've never really thought of him as one of the most talented out there either.
Hate's a strong word, but I genuinely highly dislike when this dude pops up in search. That and he put out packs and guides to do what he does so like five other people do the same shit he does.
>>12993 I wouldn't say I hate him, but his stuff is a bit odd. he's a rare artist who started off doing reasonably good stuff but has never really improved or got worse.
>>13005 I really wish DA had an option of hiding artists. (Does it? It should) And better search options in general.
>>13005 >>13007 >Hates a strong word >On a thread called "Artists you hate" >On fucking 8Chan b r u h this hag nigga leave that hugbox shit on twitter and go ham if u need
>>13008 It used too have slightly better ways to search before they forced the update everyone hated. Also, honestly I could you could possibly just block an artist you don't want too see, but as I said he posts packs and guides to do what he does so a bunch of other people post similar shit now. I barely use search anymore, I just look at people's favorites to find stuff.
>>13009 True enough, my bad. What I should of simply said was it bugs the shit out of me when he, and the several other people post the these terrible fakes.
>>13009 >larping as a twitternig
>>12996 This is likely an editing error. All the other variants of this picture (without speech bubbles) have Kim with the proper skin tone color.
>>12872 >Proraindancer dudes a constant downer. An absolute stick in the mud. And every time I see someone bitch about caroo I always suspect it's him. >>12988 I'm onto you. Your arts ok though, I guess.
... I should clarify I don't like caroo either but that's beating a dead pony at this point.
>>13009 Hey Lethal.
>>12884 >>12887 >>12872 NOOOOOOO B-B-BUT THE LOLI RIIIIIIIIIGHTS >>12934 >You do know that loli art isn't CP They call it "virtual CP" nowadays. >>12911 James was cooler back then. I don't mind him now though, idk why all the spergs are seething with him. >>12945 Citation needed Tracer or not though he is pretty great.
>>13042 t.seething pedophile
>>12930 I've wanted to commission but there's so much stuff out there for free already I feel it would be a waste of money Also I'm too shy
(1.31 MB 850x1427 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13039 >He thinks anyone with a tiny bit of edge is me Based schizo, rent free as they say >>13042 >citation needed Take my word for it then : Tracing is completely normal for most artists, it's just another tool to get pics done. People don't fap to the process, they fap to the result. I have some very badly, overly traced pics in my gallery (mostly from before 2020), and I can see how uncanny they are, but I don't care if someone tells me how morally bad it is that I traced Nonon's hat from a 3D ingame model. If I like the result, and you like the result, it's good enough for me.
>>12894 Post vid
>>13060 Based lethal >>13044 Yes.
>>12930 I sub to a few Patreons and a Fanbox, if you consider those commissions. Besides that, I haven't paid for a commission in years because there is a good chance I'll have some kind of hang up on my end and won't like it. In addition I think the content I enjoy most is stories and they're tricky to commission.
>>13065 I know someone on discord who writes really nice stories, want me to hook you up?
>>12937 >MSC Personally I rather dig the way he does long-ass toes, that's my thing. But yeah, he can be a bit egotistical about a lot of stuff. I was a member of his Discord for a while.
>>12900 >calling pixiv gross when deviantart, furries, and ticklefags exist ??? >>12896 >>12901 >>12912 OH NONONO BROS, THE POOR LOLIS
>>12993 There have been a few people over the years who were somewhat critical of Umojar's work. I first discovered him when he posted on the Anime Tickling Forum and for a while thought he was doing great, this was the time he took his place as one of the best artists in the fetish. However at some point he started doing nothing but commissions and I feel like his art suffered both conceptually and technically, unless it was something Umojar was interested in and in that case it would usually turn out quite well. I think this is the reason why he suddenly seems to have gotten better after opening a Patreon, he can pretty much do what he wants and get paid for it. Though personally I'll say I have some quibbles with his writing and think a good portion of the scenarios he depicts are more contrived than others. >>13066 I'd appreciate it, if only to have the option and possibly find a new writer. As I alluded to in my previous post however, I feel like it may be tricky on my part. I'm just as much of a footfag as a ticklefag, if not more so, can be a stickler for certain things, and have ideas that may be considered too silly or weird even for this community. The aforementioned is for the most part why when the thought of a commission would pop into my head, I would immediately wonder if two of my friends who have written in the past would take the case. They'd already be aware of my eccentricities from our talks.
>>13071 >and have ideas that may be considered too silly or weird even for this community. Alright bucko you tell us what they are now or else, now I gotta know what your jam is.
>>13060 Adopt a trip
>>12940 >>12945 Don't forget being a pedophile, either.
>>13072 tickle snuff probably... >>13069 niggas will talk shit about Loli art and anyone who draws anyone a second under 18 but then will turn around and post dozens of pictures of underage MHA characters, genshim impact characters, and pokemon girls. there's double standards everywhere anon. truth of the matter is, everyone has jerked off to an underage character here, now to get them to admit it is something else. why do you think they lash out so bad? >>13042 >>12934 don't bother trying to explain to these borderline third worlders that lines on paper or a screen aren't illegal. most people here live in countries where they almost had to buy those porn loicenses to legally watch any porn or where looking at anything not approved by the ministry of anti-racism lands them a week in jail. these people can't differentiate a cute heavily stylized anime cartoon dragon Loli from a real human i guess, which is funny because whenever some fox news boomer says videogames teach kids to kill theyre the first ones to yell "we can differentiate fantasy from reality!!"
>>13088 oh no guys he drew dawn from Pokemon that one time everyone knows she's 17 and a half call me when he draws kanna, maybe then I'll follow the guy
(348.92 KB 1026x613 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13085 I guess I should try it out, If I find out how I'll use it. >>13088 Bros....The heckin cartoon femalonies....erotic... I'm so sorry.. >>13089 You forget about the mentally ill who are so obsessed with anime character age they get outraged over main cast MHA and pokegirls too. Only characters you're allowed to like are Dimitrescu and any other twitter approved fotm. >>13092 based herobrine haunting the thread
(27.94 KB 720x203 IMG_20220129_112251_398.JPG)

God, just look at his replies, they're pretty much "You wanna see how good I'm at sucking my own dick?"
>>12832 Going back to this faggot for a sec, I don’t follow him on Twitter or anything but I follow people who apparently do, so I occasionally see his shit on my TL and holy Fuck is he annoying sometimes. I now understand what people meant by him pushing his animal crossing characters and trying to garner hype for more of them like papabito or whatever the fuck he called it.
>>13109 Kinda copy pasted from last thread but in short the moment he got a Patreon he abandoned DA and his Twitter went from gallery of drawings to a screaming void about money issues and shitty previews of his Patreon
>>13110 Overall, fetish artists go rotten the moment they get a platform to start charging for their stuff. when was the last time that Chaz released a nice full tender fetish pic for free? Like once a month? Fuck, sometimes he goes for months without posting anything good, you know, the kind of content made people follow him. Not the cringe yee yee ass Animal Crossing comic. Now people are funding his cringe fanfic when they were promised porn
>>13105 >his
>>13112 At this point, simps sucking Homunculus dick and Homunculus sucking his own dick
>>13105 A prolapsed clit doesn't count as a dick, Kate.
>>13071 They are 𝓐𝓻𝓮𝓼#1287. And they should not mind, they are quite open on this kind of thing.
okay, is it me or XPTZ is becoming too much attention whore? i mean seriously his art is getting progressively worse because he doesn't understand what made him good and he rather die on this fucking hill that to get good.
>>13226 His art was never good.
>>13226 XPTZ was always kinda mediocre and an attention whore, he never got away from his enablers telling him how much of a good idea it is for him to sell rehashed content, disgusting sonic 3D renders, and make websites no-one gives a fuck about. If you want to see anything good by him you really have to go back at least 7 years or so
>>13226 >>13227 >>13257 Dunno, I like XPTZ's art.
(1.05 MB 1022x850 ClipboardImage.png)

Idk if that counts as an artist but whatever. >Be a stupid tranny >Have a retarded vtube avatar, literally the definition of "draw a girl, call it a boy" >pretend to get tickled during streams "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" with his grown man voice >Somehow people dont find it cringe >Somehow people post clips of this shit as if it was hot This is just sad
>>13274 >people have different preferences I thought that this was a thread for artists that you hate, you know, people that have done something actually bad instead of people who did something cringe once or who you are not into.
>People have different preferences To this I'll say bad tastes exist, and considering this >>13273, you definitely have horrible tastes
(11.93 KB 320x180 mqdefault.jpg)

>>13275 >you can only hate people who did something bad
>>13274 I will guarantee you Cash money That this guy is on the forum right now
>>13287 >That this guy is on the forum right now What do you mean, here, on the board? How do you figure? And how do we smoke him out?
Almost every poster here is as bad as the people you're namedropping.
>>13288 Call it an educated hunch. The guy himself clearly has a tickle fetish. He’s clearly an anime fan of some ilk. He likes role playing as a tranny ‘Lee in front of people. If I had to guess either him, or the person who designed the character itself is a fetish artist. Because there’s fanart he probably interacts with the tickle fetish community. Finally as far as I know this the last living community for this sort of shit. There’s an outside chance he’s not, but I’d honestly put down cash that he’s on here, and has been involved with the anime/chan/tickling community in some form for a while. Then again I’m just a retard pretending to be Sherlock, so who knows. He could just be a dude who realized this is probably a way to make money off horny dudes in their teens-thirties and is just doing it to pay bills. He’s doing the male equivalent of e-girling. But my money is still on the former And as for the second question: why bother smoking him out? Who cares?. Just let the guy be unless he turns out to be a tremendous douche bag. I guess if he reads this and goes on some spergy rampage on stream then sure go ahead and do it, but right now he just seems like a dude.
>>13298 meds
>>13274 Nah I like Mim.
>>13276 Who are you talking to?
(321.24 KB 499x385 1605984803029.gif)

>>13298 >Mim makes a schizo seethe by enjoying his fetish actually pathetic.
>>13274 Never seen someone so angry about their own whyboner before lmao
>>13311 > Projecting this hard >>13307 >Deflecting this hard
>>13274 literally this. im so tired of faggots drawing this shit, like ooooghh i have to draw the clearly pandering vtuber with a grown male voice - such a ler mood am i right? shut the fuck up!! PLEASE. and to these same people: PLEASE stop shitting up discord servers with your asdfgsfdhgsdfasdfg >w< LER MOOD!!!! LER MOOD!!!! ASHGFASDHGFDAHGFD no one likes it besides the one tranny that keeps roleplaying with you for some reason
>>13313 Cope seeth mald
>>13318 i will, thats exactly what the thread is for cope seethe and dilate tranny
(9.45 KB 500x500 448.png)

>cope >seethe >mald >projecting >tranny >sneed >jew >sneed >sneed >schizo >mald >dilate >sneed >meds >s
>>13321 Damn that’s some quality art Very sneed
>>13321 chuck
>>13274 B-but, I like Mim... :(
(101.42 KB 849x772 IMG_20220201_111940_934.jpg)

>>13329 i have the upmost disdain for anyone who likes vtubers at all. like sure their designs are cute- hell some of them are great, but it's painfully obvious they're pandering hard and you're being taken advantage of and manipulated for profit. i don't know about you guys but i just don't feel good about myself knowing that [character] i like is extremely fake, pandering hard and their personality is specifically forged in order to get the most amount of money via donations or free promotion from fanart, YouTube clip compilations etc, and it's painfully obvious too. whoever denies it might just be straight up autistic and have issues or low experience with social situations if they can't pick up that's whats going on. every time i see someone sperg out about how much they love X vtuber or Y vtuber on twitter or discord, it feels like watching a dumb hamster walk right into a snakes mouth. I'm genuinely surprised more people aren't self aware, i mean they're quick to call out when a corporate social media account is being fake in the name of profit but i guess when it's coming from a cute anime girl it's easier to believe? hell it worked for Wendy's so that might actually be it.
>>13348 What do you think every commercial work of art, every commercial movie, every commercial animation, every commercial book, every character in those works, is? A real person whose stories translate 1:1 with reality?
>>13351 >every commercial work of art, movie, animation, book etc i mean... have you seen the kind of people that consoom that shit? consoom marvel movie, consoom comic book, consoom art of gacha game girl #52764? i have nothing but disdain for them too. the thing in common with these are that they're all things that are made with the main purpose of making money. that's not to say you can't make money with art, but if money is the main or sole reason it's being made, you can usually tell and feel how soulless it is. Hell if you watch "real" people streamers you can even tell when someone is streaming cause they enjoy it and who's there only for the money. most vtubers are part of a company (like hololive for example) and their job is to make as much money as possible, so i don't blame em, but you can tell it's very corporate and orchestrated. I'd put money down that every "cute slip up" or "funny mistake" they do is planned days if not weeks in advance in order to pander to the audience, that wouldn't bother me if they played the vtuber thing as "person playing a character and telling a story" like you suggest, but they do everything to convince you that this is who they really are and you're sharing this emotional connection and seeing them in their intimate private life, and of course what better way to get money than when the funny chicken girl pretends to be sad and everyone emotionally invested throws money at her to cheer her up? the whole Vtuber business model is mainly based on emotional manipulation, and you can take that as an exageration on my part and it probably is a little, but you can't deny that these people will leverage whatever emotional connection has been fabricated for profit. if you like it and see it as a character being played, good on you! youve at least got more than a couple of brain cells still kicking around up there. but the sad fact is, most of the people who watch, draw fan art, and donate don't see it that way and that is used against them. imo it's a business model thats just straight up scummy
>>13354 >>13348 FINALLY, I’m filled with hope reading this. It’s exactly the same shit with onlyfans whores, girls who know how desperate for affection and sex guys on the internet are, and profit from it by creating fake one way internet relationships revolving around whatever the fuck fantasy they’re playing into. And then when anyone talks about this predatory business model, all people can think of is. « YASS QUEEN! SCAM THOSE INCELS!! » It’s as if their losers are so into findom they can’t even accept the fact they’re paying for what’s essentially already free online. It seems as if every product, company and franchise nowadays is solely carried by the designs of its female mascots and protagonists which every artist in quest of a crumb of attention draws, perpetuating the cycle. >TL;DR Sexual and affective misery, as well as the worship of women in today’s society ruined everything. I hate women so much it’s unreal
>>13358 >I hate women there it is. And yet they're the incels? lmao >>13354 >unironically using 'consoom' I think you're too young to be here Besides Nyanners is a two faced cunt and notorious hypocrite she's hardly an example of all of them.
>>13360 Found the vtuber fag I don’t care if you think I’m le epic incel, fact of the matter is your life revolves around a soulless product made for actual losers, and you act as if somehow people criticizing the dogshit you consume are beneath you. Keep dilating to whatever animal eared anime girl says the most quirky thing in fake broken english
>>13354 >>13358 The people are just touch starved and para social relationships are the only things that come close to triggering the oxytocin and dopamine levels they need to survive. Just feel bad for them and move on.
>>13362 i would if i could man, but when discord servers I'm in and my twitter feed are full of people gushing over the Vtuber girl of the week every day and saying peko after every sentence like it's the funniest shit they've ever heard it's kind of hard to ignore em
(596.46 KB 1538x1194 gawr.png)

>>13364 You're missing the point fag The characters are cute But people like you are just as cringe as funko-pop collectors
>>13364 ah so you're out of actual arguments or justifications i see. i don't even know where you're pulling that argument from anyways, i said it in my first post some of the Vtuber designs are great, hope whoever designed em got a big paycheck instead of being like a 70$ commission off some rando but people like even love other anime and cartoon characters, the difference being there isn't a whole community centered around about basically throwing money at money at the people who use the models to exploit the parasocial relationships of their viewers
(151.15 KB 620x675 1628347353141.png)

>>13367 >ah so you're out of actual arguments or justifications i see
>>13369 yes that is what I said
(749.74 KB 926x870 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13368 >I'm right because I don't use 4chan slang Please shut the fuck up
(60.61 KB 599x804 1526367482986.jpg)

>>13370 I'm not arguing with you, I'm mocking you. what argument has been presented that can't be answered with 'who cares lmao'? If you can't enjoy an image of a cute girl being tickled because of le cringe fandoms, you've already lost, I can't help you.
(77.06 KB 232x217 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13373 I'll fap to anything as long as it's vaguely feminine and has feet. Pretending to be beyond such thing is dumb and it seems to be the argument you're making, I agree. However it is a hate thread that adresses the little cringes of our daily life. And in a current climate where half the artists online constantly try to get attention with the newest cute flavor of the month basic looking characters as if they were paid shills, it gives plenty of matter to hate. The fact you take it so personally however, seems to show you're very interested in vtubers. And no amount of soyjaking or greentexting my post will change the fact that I find it quite sad, and I dare say cringe.
>>13354 Holy fucking based, anon i love you.
(27.78 KB 474x626 FKbk_9tXwAMpdlu.jpg)

>>13374 ohhh ok, see, I was under the impression this was an artist hate thread on a ticklefag board, not #vent. What else can we bitch about here? The californian economy? the fact they've made cadbury cream eggs smaller?
(3.59 MB 4155x2703 ClipboardImage.png)

(48.02 KB 1194x189 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13377 I believe the vtuber subject holds some value, as it is pretty much complaining about artists whorring out to anything popular for good boy points. It's as if instead of having integrity, they would rather do like picrel and play the "Hey fellow ticklefans! I too, love memes! they're so quirky and funny!" card. Can you look at this image and title and say with a straight face that it doesn't fill you with either hate, cringe, hilarity, or a mix of all three?
(121.10 KB 279x400 1642901910740.png)

>>13378 I'll consneed to that as long as we're bringing it home, never liked this artist
(1.36 MB 1280x1513 ClipboardImage.png)

(698.24 KB 1280x959 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13379 toothpick looking feet motherfucker These drawings are actually unhinged I hope he sees what feet look like in real life someday
>>13348 Too much truth in these posts anon. Based as fuck. I fucking despise the people that follow these V-tubers as their form of entertainment. They are the new Bronies except unfortunately more socially acceptable in many spheres of the Internet and it's oh so tiresome. Fuck artists jumping on the bandwagon drawing these E-thot avatars. Fuck autistic idiots unironically watching them in hopes of getting some digital foot shots of their soulless digital puppet and cooming to it for days on end, telling everyone about it. V-tube craze needs to die already. Holy fuck balls. Sperg rant over. Continue people.
>>13383 >soulless digital puppets i have never heard a more accurate description for those things anon, thank you
>>13383 The mating cry of the guy whose donation message wasn't read.
(4.34 MB 1836x2600 TiedToTwins29_hd.png)

(482.94 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

I hate kusujinn Sure he can make some good art when he puts his heart to it, but he ultimately killed his last remaining good series to focus on his obsession with that one ugly character type. People nowadays say anything is weeby for this and that reason, but Kusujinn is without a doubt an actual greasy weaboo who can't stop posting about "le epic yellow asian girls in art books doing shibari and eating sushi" Going forward, I will post all of his future patreon content that I haven't paid for here with a hateful comment so that his little discord army can stop telling him to change the kemono links.
>>13434 It's not enough for me to dislike him but his obvious yellow fever and kinky schoolgirl kinks are unfortunate considering that he has had other more interesting ideas he just buried. I'm quite salty he left his Egyptian princess and foreign European slave girl duo with so little attention, their adventures in ancient world could have been so good.
>>13434 Yeah, I love Kusujinn's art and Asian girls in glasses are hot but I'm getting so tired of just seeing these two fuck around for 29 pages and constantly reaffirm the nothing main character that they're actually totally into his fetish and he isn't a weird creeper at all! It really isn't just Chaz. Sometimes artists just get on this fucking obsession that they won't shake out of.
>>13435 I still like his art but like... I miss the princess. she was a cool idea. This series is grating on me - with a name like tied to twins i was kind kf expecting, you know... some tying. Some tickling. Something other than one picture a week of two girls just sort of there. This sucks.
(1.14 MB 813x982 ClipboardImage.png)

(89.61 KB 649x535 ClipboardImage.png)

(24.96 KB 790x117 ClipboardImage.png)

(86.79 KB 543x327 ClipboardImage.png)

(219.26 KB 600x475 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13437 >>13435 Back then he had no problem drawing these two and younger looking girls, they would still be extremely popular if he continued drawing them. I don't know what happened, but he went from drawing a lot of those characters in that body type from trying to purge absolutely everything remotely young looking. Over the course of two years, he went from being obsessed with Nagatoro to being a braindead age-elitist about it. I cant find the precise post he made about it, but the entire comic is based on a "LMAO WHAT IF NAGAOTORO BUT WITH FEET" idea he had, except it lacks the humor, personality, cute characters and soul of the manga it's trying to rip-off. Even these attempts at "subtle jap humor" are straight up just taking elements that he think are funny from nagatoro and add a foot somewhere
I'm just gonna write down my impressions of artists that I've been familiar with for a while and my opinion of how worth it is to support their patreon. Kusujinn I only ever sub to his patreon for a month at a time if I see he's released a picture I'm interested. As a bunch of people have mentioned, his Tied to Twins sucks compared to the Fetish Palace he had going before. I don't have a foot fetish so all the close ups of feet from slightly different angles he draws do nothing for me. I don't think he's ever went a full month without drawing any tickling, but if that's all your into there's a good chance you're not going to get anything you care for. Lostonezero Became way worse after starting patreon. Only releases one picture a month with a hundred variants and the tickling ones usually look like a complete afterthought that he put almost no effort on. BadPierrot Reverse case where he actually got much better after Patreon. He used to have one of the most boring galleries with the majority of his art being just feet tickling in stocks, but at least for now he seems to be getting more creative with a wider variety of posing. Still a lot of stocks in his art, but definitely improving. Pirata Used to be similar to Pierrot, technically good art but everything was just one stocks picture after another. Unfortunately that seems to be what he's stuck to even to today, and he also releases way less art than most other artists. Moekaki He occasionally releases something pretty great, but most of the time his pictures turn out incredibly unappealing, at least in my opinion. He often draws women with really bony looking limbs and 12 pack abs and it just doesn't look good, on top of that his facial expressions often look weird. He's also the artist that probably latches on the hardest to any meme girl (samsung sam) and is obnoxiously judgmental of anyone who's fapped to a 17 year and 364 day old anime girl. BillVicious I've already mentioned I really like him, and I think the biggest problem with his Patreon is not anything about him but his patrons. Everything is decided by popularity polls, which means that only the most basic, overdone characters ever get picked. If you want to subscribe to him, then his $1 tier is almost just as good as his highest tier, the only thing you'd be missing out is the final picture of the month (he usually posts 4 total). His $3 dollar tier is basically pointless since all you get is access to hid dead discord and sketches a few days before the final picture is released. The main appeal of the $7 tier is that you can suggest characters to go on the polls, but if your character is mainstream enough to have a chance of winning then someone else was going to suggest them anyway. He really needs to have either some sort of raffle where he randomly picks one of his $7 tier subs for an idea or a contest where they pitch an idea and he chooses which one he likes best. As much as I like his art, I can't justify spending more on him when I don't really get anything for it.
>>13444 I can't agree more on your BillVicious opinion. It's no surprise to anyone that patreons tend to have the worst taste ever, asking for the same characters and situations over and over again. Recently, some guys have been asking - and even voting - for a character by the name Lori Loud I think, from God knows which cartoon that thing spawned from. She's not even remotely close to Bill's style! Who is doing this?
>>13442 I'm sure the obsession with age thing is a result of moving from DA to Twitter as his dominant platform. Twitter has a surprisingly large mob who will hunt down and harass anybody who draws anything that looks even vaguely underage, with the exception of Pokemon/BNHA/Persona/other popular series characters which are all given a pass. He definitely used to draw outright loli too, but only had it on Pixiv and nuked it from there a while back.
>>13444 The terrible truth is that if youre in this fetish and you dont like feet 99% of the content is not going to be worth the price of admission, there's simply no incentive for artists not to lean heavily into the foot fetishism because it makes a shitload of money (footfags will eat up anything) and its more than likely that the artists themselves are more interested in feet than anything else too. I'm just waiting for tickle jesus with a gigantic wallet to come down and flood the market in typical pareto principle fashion, lets hope hid taste isnt shit is all.
>>13451 this, wtf is up with twitter? a non-tickling artist i follow recently was basically forced to make a twit longer apology TWICE and go on hiatus until the mob blows over. why? one of the maybe thousand people they follow retweeted a barely "lewd" drawing of a Loli once. and one guy found out and began hounding him and more and more people joined in on telling him YOU SUPPORT PEDOS!!!! and of course when the average 2 braincell twitter user reads that with no idea of what's going on, they jump in the bandwagon immediately. twitter is truly hell, i don't know why people chose it as an alternative to DA. it has no gallery feature (i don't want to sift through the 400 memes some artist posted in between drawings in the media tab), the UI is shit, there's no real search function so people seeing your art depends only on other bigger artists retweeting you so if you're not friends with any you're fucked, and the people on there are the absolute worst. see, we talk shit about artists we dislike on here and that's where it ends, twitter users will make sure you bend the knee if you caught their ire or else get called a pedo or racist or anything else publicly on every one of your posts for the end of time
>>13456 Twitter is unironically the best place to advertise as an artist these days. It's not so much that Twitter is good, more that everywhere else has got so bad that it's really the only option for building a following.
>>13457 >Twitter is unironically the best place to advertise as an artist these days. We truly live in the darkest timeline.
>>13456 God Yae is hot she makes me go awooga mamamia bazinga
(2.21 MB 1581x1016 Ripper roaring.png)

>>13456 >>13457 >>13451 >few days ago >chilling around on discord on a friend's server >talking about artist we hate, they're either douchebags or annoying >suddenly some fucking tranny perks up >"yeah i don't like the fact they like l*li art, there is something wrong with that" >tell them my current best friend is into Loli and he's quite an upstanding guy >"UUMMMMM sweaty you better watch out he's a pedophile in the making, everyone who likes loli is a danger to children" >i reply "well, trans people usually jump on the bndwagon to groom, molest and even corrupt the minds of children" >tornado siren.wav >"HOW FUCKING DARE YOU COMPARE ME TO A CHILD FETISHIZER!? YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD I'VE FOUGHT THE LAST TWO YEARS SO PEOPLE ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM! IT'S SO FUCKING HURTFUL YOU FUCKING ALT-RIGHT! FUCK YOUUUUUUUUU REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" lmao, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
(67.12 KB 167x183 unknown-149.png)

>>13457 >everywhere else has gotten bad has it? i mean da "banned" nudity but everyone just posts the censored version and then links to the uncensored one in their sta,sh in the description. sure you have to sift through some shit or weird edits but at least you get to find new good artists every once in a while. not that much different than sifting through the dozens of posts of ugly money hungry foot whores, fotm memes (currently FNAF), and general weird shit that artists you like retweet (you know who you guys are) before you see a drawing, much less a good one
>>13464 DA's constant fucking around with the UI is the main reason people left, nobody really cares about their policies. It kind of reached terminal velocity a while back and now the community aspect is completely dead compared to how it was even a few years ago.
(326.50 KB 1349x2048 E-sXRxAVkAsEao4.jpeg)

>>13465 there's other sites though, what about pixiv? they're lax with the rules and afaik they haven't changed their UI drastically like da did with bullshit ass eclipse and the newer notification panel that you have to manually mark each notification as read or else it stays there forever. seriously what the fuck were they thinking?
>>13462 >tickling discord that lets you discuss artists you dislike and bash trannies without getting insta banned what is this magical place?
>>13468 it's not a tickling discord server, but just a random server where nobody cares about what other people may say because veryone has their own opinions and don't cave in to peer pressure, something that is severely lacking in most tickle servers or tranny run servers.
>>13466 Pixiv is difficult to build a following on for Western artists, dealing with Japanese comments is difficult, and art needs to be censored. You have to remember the goal isn't just to find a nice place to post tickling smut, it's to build a nice following who will follow you right into Subscribestar or something.
(253.12 KB 500x422 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.73 MB 1168x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13467 Based >>13466 Yae is hot but Yanfei is better
(272.00 KB 893x680 WxLWW3b.jpg)

>>13474 >>13442 Yeah he used to be way more into loli's/teens until the DA censor police cracked down on him
>>13476 Sad. The other hit girl one he did was pretty hot too.
(383.40 KB 712x800 BywwmF6.jpg)

>>13480 Here ya go Anon
(626.68 KB 681x850 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13480 They were still all on his pixiv though before he nuked it all, my bet is he got shittalked by some girl IRL into purging it.
(93.13 KB 1280x599 aHwAAW5l.jpg)

>>13483 Probably, hard to say. What I do know is that he was down to draw anything back when he took commissions.
>>13482 NOice, thanks. >>13483 Happens awfully often, don't it? Artists being strong-armed into not doing the shit they want because of 'won't somebody please think of the fictional children?!' or other moral bs
>>13476 >>13482 >>13483 Beautiful finds, all of these. I vaguely remember the Penny one, and can’t believe that one got nuked. Saved.
(348.14 KB 1000x1097 Hermione_Tickled.jpg)

>>13467 Ok idk why the fuck this got deleted earlier but here it is again
(3.72 MB 4552x3688 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13487 >>13488 >>13489 Ahhh now that Ive found some oldschool Kidetic connoisseurs, we NEED to talk about pic related It's definitely his old style right?
>>13490 Totally, I got no doubts that was his work
(211.40 KB 1051x761 35fIfplAbuM.jpg)

(133.60 KB 636x1000 BZLfrAe27kM.jpg)

>>13490 >that featureless dark figure style for the kidnapper Heh.
>>13476 >>13482 The only artist to ever do quality Hit-Girl artwork. I was so disappointed by the fact that he did only two; I was really hoping for a sequel for the second one. Now it will never happen.
(121.58 KB 1280x905 06_ill.jpg)

Wait a minute...
>>13490 I vaguely remember this girl blowing up in popularity a couple years back, with a lot of people drawing her. And after giving it some thought and doing a quick search, I found the name Vivian James. I’m ignoring the history behind her creation since I don’t care about that, but I will say this: the gamer girl is adorable enough and huggable enough to be the lucky winner of a lifetime of tickles with no hope of escape.
(516.13 KB 1590x1080 be5.png)

>>13508 >lifetime of tickles with no hope of escape please caroo, you've already ruined Isabelle and Miko... don't take Vivian from us too
>>13509 Perma tickle hell is based, I understand that caroo makes it really badly but It can be done really well
(66.02 KB 966x1500 ebf.jpg)

>>13476 I suppose if he's gotta earn a living from his drawings now he can't really afford the pain of accusations for drawing underage characters. Gotta get them Patreon bucks after all - it's just a safe mover for him. But I do miss the variation he had. >>13508 Surprised you don't know of Vivian James - otherwise known as the 'daughter of /v/' during the entire shitstorm that was Gamergate. You a Zoomer? https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/vivian-james >>13509 Nothing wrong with a little Vivian abuse. Go nuts Caroo.
>>13509 I was thinking more a tickle hell with variety to it, with a mix of tickle tech, manual methods, animals, and perhaps experimental methods like some fuzzy, wriggling mass or other curious creatures that have been educated in the fine art of tickling.
>>13512 I am a zoomer, yes.
>>13511 yes i agree, permanent tickle scenarios are great, and there are some drawings that are in my top 10 favorite that are permanent, but they've just been ruined for me by him to the point where the phrase "long term" activates my fight or flight instinct.
Jimbob, If you're somewhere reading me ... Please.... Vivian James.... Permatickles... Please...
>>13517 Lethal Cringer detected.
>permanently ticklized and loving it
>>13528 >ticklized This term is cute and I love it. So many characters could use ticklizing
(171.20 KB 1499x856 Vivian 1.png)

>>13517 >>13530 Ready for being 'ticklized'
>>13532 B A S E D A S E D
>>13532 Jimbob is that you? Or is it a doppelganger?
>>13528 >>13530 Is "ticklized" any different from just the regular "tickled"?
>>13528 I get the reference Your humor isn’t lost
(202.41 KB 1499x856 Vivian 2.png)

(268.46 KB 1499x856 Vivian 3.png)

>>13534 You be the judge. Here's the follow up. Thanks for the inspo!
>>13537 I like it. I also like how two of the faceless ticklers are smiling innocently while enjoying her laughter as the last one smirks smugly and gives her a heck of a brushing.
>>13538 They're just having a good time! It's all good, innocent fun! Except for the victim who is doomed to suffer a new life as a tickle slave but honestly, you just can't please everyone.
>>13537 he is among us... >>13528 I'm sorry this board is full of zoomers anon, i get it
>>13530 >>13535 It's a reference to this newfriend
>>13543 Don’t care, I just think the term ticklized is cute. >>13539 Always nice to see the ticklers having a blast. And she really should just accept her fate in stride rather than grumbling about it.
Has Kusujinn done anything particularly scummy or acted like an asshole to anyone here? I get disliking when an artist you like shifts into a new niche or interest, especially when there's lots of contention between tickling versus feet content in their works, but I don't know if I'd go as far as to say I'd hate him. >>13532 Jimbob draw more scott pilgrim eventually please
>>13451 This is along the lines of what I was going to say. If you're in artist in the West, drawing anything problematic is probably like playing Russian Roulette right now. I'm pretty sure this is why LOZ went from drawing characters like Ruki from Digimon to above eighteen or at least favorably ambiguous. >>13444 I'm not sure I'd go so far as to call tickling an afterthought in LOZ's work, but if you know anything about the history of his work it's not hard to plausibly argue that tickling is on a lower tier for him than damsel in distress. >>13466 Pixiv had a controversy where it was rumored the higher echelons were in league with a group that stole artists' works to be used in some kind of art exhibition. That is what caused the Japanese exodus to Twitter. You also have people blaming more Westerners using the site.
>>13532 >>13537 Undeniably based. You're one of my favorite artists for a reason.
>>13545 Not at all, some people here are just salty he draws things that he has personal interest in. Instead of their own favorite obscure character scrimbo mcflumpus from the anime movie game adaptation. Thats the entire mindset of "beggars" here, "make what I want, anything else is automatically bad even though it's his choice but no it has to be to my taste." The pure seething of some guys here is laughable.
>>13614 i don't think it's unfathomable to see why people would be mad. his yellow fever comic has a title that implies bondage, the first page or two implies tickling at the very least, and then he throws it all away to draw these two borderline racist caricature asian girls over and over again doing absolutely nothing of note can he draw what he wants? sure. are you entitled to him drawing exactly what you want? not at all. but can people be at the very least disappointed by what is basically deceptive marketing? absolutely. it's like if you subscribe to some YouTuber for, idk, let's say Minecraft gameplays and then he makes a video called Minecraft let's play and when you open it it's actually a video of some fat Asian dude eating hot wings in front of a camera. youre kinda dissapointed, maybe even a little peeved. you subbed to this guy for a specific thing and were promised said specific thing, when you don't get it it's fair to feel slighted. you can draw whatever you want just don't tell people it's gonna be one thing and put out another and then be surprised when people don't like it
man is one pair of buck teeth and big eyebrows away from being cancelled can't wait to see what his next WW2 "let's bomb the nips" propaganda poster tier characters will do next
>>13620 It looks fine, jesus christ, theres nothing wrong with the aesthetic. The biggest problem with the comic is its generic footshit which is unforgivable
the issue with tied to twins isn't the fact that they're stereotypical asian school girls, it's just that its boring as shit and has 0 content besides a shot or two of feet. you can't call it a comic when the majority of the pages are just single drawings with next to no dialogue and no plot progression whatsoever. instead its 'wait a full week for the next page and its just another shot of the twins in class showing their feet and texting the MC. wooooooooaahhhh.' at least fetish palace actually went somewhere and had different scenarios besides "pictures of girls taking pictures of their feet". kidetic has always excelled at beautiful details/lighting and portraits and that's fine that's where he shines. but claiming this loosely strung together series of drawings of school girls in various positions is a "comic" is laughable if you wanna draw asian school girls just do it, don't act like its a series that anyones interested in the plot of
>>13618 Pretty sure he posted publicly a month or 2 back that in February he would start delving into the anticipated bondage/tickle content with this series going forward. Did it take long?? Sure, but this series also gets posted publicly within a month and isn't exclusive to patreon. If you can't wait to jerk off to digital feet then thats your problem. There is nothing to be upset about other than whiny entitlement. (as per usual on here).
>>13631 >i can't read a post fully before knee jerk replying to it ok now actually read the post and reply to it
>>13618 The problem is that the absolute threshold for coomers to actually detect an artist is in decline, and seek out better content is subterranean. There isn't any real demand to produce interesting stuff, and then 2 or 3 years down the road people wonder how they ended up like WTFeather. Worse still are the fans with weird parasocial inclinations to frame anyone with criticism as acting unreasonable. >>13631 Per instance.
Always a great day when HAG's trending, boyz
(179.58 KB 300x465 1637347707351.gif)

>>13645 HAG bros, we RULE the tickling community
>>13646 >top 5 thread every day since its been made, mostly top 3 whos bumping the caroo thread? someone tell them to just post their shit here
(2.82 MB 2378x2344 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13654 I'd argue Caroo hating is an entire different culture but you're right
Why does it feel like Chaz speaks like this whenever he posts a badly cropped WIP? DON'T YOU GET IT GUYS?! IM DRAWING FEEEEEET, SHE'S SHOWING HER FEEEEEET
ok, i know i talked about him last thread but can we please talk about ticklepaw? >start out with cute simple pictures (poodle girl in pic related) >rough style but shows a lot of promise >stops posting one day >comes back a while later drawing like absolute dogshit >declines further each drawing according to some anon, he became forevereal trannifized and they convinced him that his art was too cute and he needed to draw more ugly characters to smash the cis white heteronormative patriarchy or some shit, and the retard actually fell for it. latest update as of today, i went to go get some pictures to show the decline but apparently now he deleted all his old art either today or yesterday except for a few things, saying he's done with tickling and wants to move onto only NSFW because his tickling art doesn't get enough attention and burns him out. i hope someone saved his older cute stuff. if you're reading this you do you ticklepaw but just because you switch from tickling to nsfw doesn't mean you'll get more than your usual 4 favorites and 1 retweet because of that horrific new art style. if what that anon says is true, please distance yourself from those manipulative and honestly mentally fucked up people (not talking about being trans). there's plenty of more positive communities online that won't try to trick you into becoming worse...i miss the old ticklepaw
>>13694 i was the anon who posted that, sadly ticklepaw ghosted me and others who were trying to help him with those "friends" of hers. They got him good; also doesnt help that he's esl (Polish) so he gets at least 74 percent of what we're saying. One of his friends is Polish, apparently now theyve convinced ticklepaw to dance naked and send nude pics to them on discord (keep in mind ticklepaws barely 19) and so on. He's only going to get worse and i wish that he would come to his senses but he's too fucking young to understand he's being used and manipulated under the guise of pride. Now I aint gonna go on a tranny rant but why the fuck does the transgender community have so many people who behave like that? Again not all but fuck, i wish that community would call out fucked up people in their own walls more often
(71.81 KB 353x450 1629984259.ticklepaw_gfgf.png)

>>13694 >why isnt my tickle art getting any attention? :( fr tho it makes me sad. So much potential mangled in the womb.
>>13708 this picture is where you can most see the decline. remember when he did the "redrawing my old art again" and put both that one and this one side by side? i think they took it down a little while after it was posted, like he still has some little voice of reason still in his head telling him "does this really look better to you?" >>13705 >making him send crossdressing pictures >making him dance nude for them this sounds eerily similar to that crossdressing/sissy grooming blackmail ring that happened on 4chan a few years back, if anyone remembers that. i hope he didn't get swept under that, but i wouldn't be surprised if we see "property of Reiko" tattood on him at this point based on what you're telling me
>>13690 Get a less childish and cringey fetish if you don't want to see childish and cringey artists.
(3.71 MB 2048x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

>Pic of Samus getting tickled by metroids >Zooms in in places where she's being tickled so we can more clearly see what's going on >Doesn't bother redrawing the zoom-ins This is genuinely retarded
>>13768 My only question is why armor Samus? It's like tickling a damn robot.
>>13769 >It's like tickling a damn robot. Fucking hot.
(630.04 KB 800x600 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13769 Apparently there's a small niche for "under heavy clothing tickling"
>>13772 well, it's not a bad idea either, a girl wearing so much armor that if something crawls under it she really can't do anything but take it and bear it, frantically pulling at her armor pieces to try and make it stop to no avial, it's really fun.
>>13884 furfags are a different kind of mentally ill
(198.45 KB 573x900 pan.jpg)

(80.65 KB 741x900 pippi.jpg)

(1.27 MB 625x700 hai3.png)

(134.73 KB 1024x1176 jinora.jpg)

>>13483 I have been following Kusujinn (aka Kidetic) for a very long time. I still remember his long deleted older works on DA. He somehow managed to fully purged all of his old works from the internet with only a few survivors in some backwater websites. It really saddens me since they were really good. Heres some i managed to find.

(514.60 KB 706x1000 rika.jpg)

also these two were from his pixiv before they were deleted. you can probably guess why
(407.65 KB 660x1600 elion.jpg)

(128.81 KB 1024x826 gipsy_girl.jpg)

(181.95 KB 1280x796 matsumi.jpg)

(124.41 KB 917x593 hogkorraandgirl.jpg)

I found the black cauldron pic out of sheer luck from browsing 4chan archives
>>13892 Have always loved this Penny piece.
>>13476 >>13891 >>13892 >>13893 So he stopped drawing what made him happy and self-censored because pear-clutchers came crying... what a fucking coward.
>>13944 lmao pear i fucked up
>>13908 Ditto, it's pretty great. The discarded shoe, the innocent, curious look, the cute pose, foot and character of course. First time seeing the Haibara pic here >>13891, but I'm a fan of that one already too.
>>13944 We don't know what happened for sure. I'm more inclined to believe that either art isn't merely a side gig for Kidetic or doing it as a profession is an aspiration for him, in which case it seems like continuing to do this type of art publicly outside of Japan and possibly Europe could be career threatening. >>13947 That pretty much sums up what I enjoy about it. I think the innocence aspect is most appealing for two reasons. The first is that Penny is usually portrayed as being quite book smart, but the knowledge of fetishes arguably doesn't have a lot to do with smarts, it's more about growing up and learning about the adult aspects of the world. The second, is that because of the aforementioned it almost becomes a sort of game of seeing how much the perpetrator can get away without Penny catching on and requiring the use of restrictive methods. Kidetic's Haibara pictures are nice too, my favorite may be the one of younger and older Haibara together.
(7.75 MB 2051x2900 TiedToTwins30_hd.png)

Page 30, still nothing
>>14062 What a waste of time this comic is man. Like yeah the art is top notch but it's just boring and stale now. Hoo boy, asian student showing her feet again and literally nothing else.
>>14063 Footfags deserve the rope.
>>14065 Even us footfags don't find anything interesting in this comic.
>>14066 Sometimes the comic got this weird disonance between colored and monochrome, realistic and cartoony so feels out of place or straight up a few pages feel like bad filler
>>14067 I think it's because Kusu uses a lot of Clip Studio Paint assets from the model store for much of his works. He then only has to draw a girl on top of that. It's a simple way of adding a background without drawing it.
>>14067 To be honest I don't even have anything against the style. Style is fine, except I don't really find female characters attractive so far or appealing. My opinion is that the story is the issue. Basically we are still in introduction of the story, barely any development or anything appealing. The MC is a shy guy with thing for classmates feet, ok. He has a twitter account ok. She finds out. Uses it for some of her and her sisters fun ok. And that's that. On other side in Hotel story by now we would have three kidnappings, tickle torture scene, and god knows how much exposition about some shady organization with thing for feet. :D
(210.43 KB 646x947 elmao.jpg)

>Caroo's art being sold as nfts behind his back lol
(21.69 KB 512x248 1603055943635.jpg)

>>14073 not just caroo, a bunch of tickle artists https://opensea.io/SARMASIS from the spread, it kinda looks to me like all the tickle art was scooped up from this very board so which one of you faggots was it?
>>14073 People buying this shit, bankrupting themselves lmao. Now imagine for hard Nitro'll reeeee when he some dipshit decides to list his shit
>>14074 Беисд
Really hate Nitropunk, less because of their art and more all the download links for their stuff on kemono are dead links.
I wonder how many people come here to bitch about artists only to then go to the kemono/request threads and beg for their stuff.
>>14223 More common than you think.
>>14223 A lot of people. Most of the complaints aren't about the art being shitty, they're about the artist being a cunt.
so, uh... is anyone gonna tell him?
>>14238 I'm assuming they know and don't care they do got cute feet tho, wont lie. penis be damned.
>>14238 People like troonies
Moekaki I used to really enjoy his work, hell, I even paid for his patreon for a few months But dude really thinks way too highly of himself, and he rarely finishes (or even makes progress to) his projects... I originally followed him for his "How I paid for college" comic, but in the few last damn YEARS the thing has barely advanced, let alone had any tickle scenes...Instead, he constantly talks about this and that new thing he has going on... None of which go ANYWHERE I honestly get pissed just thinking about him nowadays
>>12832 Fagoot is making more of his animal crossing shit that ends up on my timeline, fucking grannybito or some shit. God Damn is this all the dude is gonna do?
>>14240 >17 posts >half of them consacred to defending vtuberfags >now admitting to appreciating troon feet Like potery >>14238 I told him the other day, he wouldn't believe me so I had to send the selfies, he sounded very shocked and in denial, he's probably still wondering if it's real or not. I think he can't quite fathom that men can shave and put on nail polish as well
>>14378 >consacred Related >potery Pottery
(13.38 KB 225x224 1528259050853.jpg)

>>14378 Is someone cranky they did a wanky to some Y chromosom'd feet and didn't know until it was too late? Cute feet is cute feet, boy, girl, trans, or vtuber (the fourth gender) don't matter me none nevermind.
(169.50 KB 1076x1526 1643978549286.jpg)

>>14382 >>14384 I am secure enough with my sexuality but thanks. +I'm not Kron take your meds + L + ratio + it's ok if you're bi, you're missing the point I long for the day someone doxxes vivi's ass on twitter for being dishonest and not publically displaying he's a disgusting troon, can't wait to se the reactions of tens of simps in pure cognitive dissonance learning they got catfished. This goes to all faggots in onesies thinking it wont happen. It will, I'm not the schyzo to do it, but it will happen
(45.54 KB 285x150 i dont trust like that.png)

>>14385 Viv being trans isn't a secret, anyone with a degree of awareness will remember a time when their gender was listed as 'male' on their deviantart. I remember the subject being brought up a few times when they were still in the TKL server, too. You seem far too upset with them for your vendetta to not stem from a questionable orgasm or five.
(1009.54 KB 760x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

>>14386 >Viv being trans isn't a secret >remember a time when their gender was listed as 'male' on their deviantart Not only was that 3+ years ago, Vivi's twitter is an entirely different demographic, and the whole concept of him being a tranny was memory holed with the beginning of his feet pics posting, since he had already burned most bridges with the people he knew from pre-transition. Sure it might be common knowledge here, but to say it is on twitter of all places is a stretch. But sure, I'm secretely very angry for fapping to his feet pics, it's my tragic revenge backstory, you got me all figured out. It's definitely not because catfishing is wrong, especially when financially profiting from it.
(181.29 KB 1025x305 f.png)

>>14387 I guess. But if they're paying to nutt, and they nuttin, how fleeced are they getting?
>>14388 It's not so much that they're getting fleeced, it's more like they're eating mcnuggies at a Mcdonalds where the employees dip them in piss before drying and serving them. The customers could be completely oblivious about the fact someone spit in his burger, I still find it morally despicable even when ignoring the obvious unclean dimension
(97.76 KB 1069x1044 EozTa71XYAEAnLm.jpg)

>>14389 Yea but these arent mcdonalds customers, they're coomers, and I like seeing coomers being taken for what they got. I guess thats why I bare no ill will towards vtubers?
(373.58 KB 800x800 1615570049679.jpg)

>>14389 Meh. Let coomers coom to whatever takes their fancy idc. I'm sure a lot of them don't really care either what gender the feet belong to, as long as they make pee-pee hard it's good to them. I don't think it's scamming if the feet fulfilled their purpose. And if the few people fapping to them only can jerk it with the thought that it's a female? Then they deserve to be 'fleeced' for their own naivety.
(606.13 KB 1414x2000 FLdtO5IUcAMQQbD.jpeg)

>>14386 >Viv being trans isn't a secret, anyone with a degree of awareness will remember a time when their gender was listed as 'male' on their deviantart. yeah if you were on da multiple years ago and bothered to check or also happened to be in that specific discord server during that time. most people on twitter probably aren't even aware he used to draw at all, he's got like almost 0 overlap with his DeviantArt fanbase on there. >>14389 i agree hard with this. it's not that he's trans, i could give less of a fuck, it's that he's profiting from hiding the fact that he is. if "feet are feet" like some other anon says, then why doesn't he just let people know, since according to that, it apparently won't affect him and his followers won't care right? plus i just gotta feel bad for all those poor guys thinking they're jacking off to an uwu so cute shy goth girl and it's really some lanky pasty ass dude wearing nail polish
>>14404 You know full well that once he does make it clear he is trans those follower numbers are going to drop. That small bit of validation from twitter will go. So it's much more beneficial to keep quiet and cling on to that sense of validation while there are people thinking they are a 'cute gothic girl' and not an aging dude.
>>14405 yeah i know this and i know that he knows this, but the dude acts so cocky about it like he's deluded himself into thinking everyone knows he's trans and they like him either way which he knows just isn't true. we had him sperg out in one of the older artist hate threads (don't remember if it was the one here or on Kun) about how everyone knew he was trans and everyone who didnt like that he didn't tell people was secretly a closet gay who accidentally jerked off to him and is now out for revenge- hey kind of like >>14386 was doing! anyways, obviously when someone told him that if he believed that to put in his bio that he was trans, the dude promptly fucked off. probably realized that any random anon could make a Twitter alt and post his selfies as a reply to his posts and his whole little sand castle would come crashing down.
>>14404 >then why doesn't he just let people know, since according to that, it apparently won't affect him and his followers won't care right? They absolutely will care. If people find out those feet are physically male, sales numbers will surely drop like a rock. There's no way to make money off of foot fetish stuff unless you can convince everyone you're biologically female. The market for male feet is just too niche. And that's not even getting into the messiness that is if the feet are of a trans person. It may suck that someone is making money tricking people into thinking they're an uwu goth girl but honestly if you have the feet for it why not market it. If those people buying would be opposed if they knew but they buy it anyway because they don't realize, it's on them for either falling for it or deluding themselves.
>>14408 >um sweetie it's actually their fault for getting scammed >vivi is blameless, he's only marketing his feet! do you really think that? do you legitimately blame the people for not knowing the bone structure of male feet compared to female feet or something? i mean sure its obvious to us, we've probably seen more pictures of feet in a week than a victorian era foot fetishist could hope to see in their entire lives, so we could probably tell. but idk maybe I'm just a moralfag when it comes to these things, i just don't like anyone lying or omitting important truth in order to make profit, either in big business or some twitter tranny marketing feet pics.
>>14410 >i just don't like anyone lying or omitting important truth in order to make profit Well, that's the problem, you are being a moralfag about it. It'd be nice if no company or individual person ever lied to make a sale, but that's damn near impossible. Some of the responsibility must be on the buyer to make sure they're buying the thing they actually want. In a perfect world people like that wouldn't exist, but we don't live in a perfect world. I can't really speak to much, I'm bi so I don't give a shit what gender the feet I'm fapping to present as. It's not that you're wrong, it's literally that it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission and people are inherently pulled towards the easier options. Also who's the girl in that image she's really pretty and the art is good
>>14412 >it's on the responsibility of the buyer kind of hard when he's done all he can to hide the fact though. it's not like it's some small warning hidden on the back of a can, the only way you could know is if you somehow knew leafy pre-troon phase 4 years ago or someone told you. I'm glad you're bi and can jack it to any feet but most people just don't like that kind of shit, especially once they found out they've been tricked. back to the nugget analogy that one anon made, what if you liked both nuggets and burgers, but you went to McDonald's to get nuggets and you get given a burger, sure you like burgers but you thought you'd be getting nuggets. wouldn't you go back to the cashier and say this isn't what i wanted? plus i know this isn't a perfect world that's why I don't support people doing immoral things. if it can't be perfect why not try to make it as good as we can get it? and sorry i don't know the character name
>>14413 >what if you liked both nuggets and burgers, but you went to McDonald's to get nuggets and you get given a burger, sure you like burgers but you thought you'd be getting nuggets. wouldn't you go back to the cashier and say this isn't what i wanted? No, because I fear confrontation and dread the idea of bothering anybody.
anyways I've come here to complain about shit I've noticed and i got caught up in this discussion instead of what i came to do: I've noticed that some artists i once liked and looked up to are fucking manipulative as hell now. don't wanna do a commission or trade for me? oh that's fine ^_^! anyways look i did gift art of your characters and posted them publicly without telling you!! so how about doing that commission/trade now?? like yeah i totally believe you aren't trying to guilt trip or social pressure someone where you pull shit like that. it's painfully obvious and i feel bad for anyone who actually falls for that, which sadly is the majority of people who are just oh so star struck that their favorite 45 year old receding hairline artist half assedly drew their characters so now they just GOTTA take the commission now, i mean it'd be rude not to! fuckin cult leader tactics.
(303.34 KB 1660x2048 E3LDfEXVIAIT21A.jpg)

>>14416 Shh don't tell them everything, [REDACTED] !! I'm sure they'll find themselves once the commission comes out
>>14404 On 1 hand, they're paying for the feet, the feet stay the same no matter if his gender comes out. On the other hand, this is just scamming because not everyone would like to fap to male feet. He should just admit it in my opinion.
>>14416 That's a pretty specific and bold assumption to make imo. You saying that big artists can't make gift art for people nowadays without speculation of alterior motives? How do you know they are specifically after commissions too? 🤔
>>14421 because they do this every week to a bunch of people. word gets around, believe me. I'm not basing this off of one or two things I've heard. I've heard complaining from multiple people that this is what he does. not everyone is happy with it, despite them going along with it. amd a big artist can make gift art but you can tell when someone is doing it because they want something out of it
>>14416 Are you talking about Caroo? I've seen someone say this about him before.
(209.82 KB 304x324 Consider the following.png)

>>14435 >>14416 >>14421 i think the difference between giving someone a gift and trying to suck up to them comes to how the person usually behaves; if someone is known for giving gifts and stuff like that, they do it to their friends, people who can't draw or simply people who take requests, then you can assume it's being done in good will, but when the artist is locking all content behind a paywall, usually don't use their social media outside of promoting said locked off content, don't try to spread out or talk to artists and usually put themselves in front of anything else, then you can tell when a gift is being used as a manipulation tactic.
>>14384 This trash tier take that trannies are real women is the reason we are in the state that we are. In what world are we trying to push the discord tranny and fuck up someone’s life because they are being blindly praised for it?
(48.81 KB 900x593 485.jpg)

>>14436 >>14435 it is pretty weird. he never draws gift art and just drops one out of the blue
(1.16 MB 1166x1247 486.png)

>>14450 wrong pic
>>14450 I really like this image, do you rp?
>>14455 >>14454 You know what? sure. you start. in this thread. I'm sure others will join too!
(101.35 KB 363x521 ClipboardImage.png)

>>14458 Jerry the delitized mouse : Momma!
(107.77 KB 442x394 4ab.jpg)

>>14450 >he never draws gift art he does it every time he wants something from someone. check out who he draws gift art for and check their profile and youll find a picture that says something like "requested by the lovely caroo who drew my oc as a gift for me so i had to return the favor ^_^" dude basically strongarms people into doing these weird forced trades where theyre technically under no obligation to do it but they feel socially pressured to do it. dude ends up winning each time too cause he always half asses his gift art 99% of the time and the artist he decides to prey on puts in all their effort because "omg caroo noticed me!!" and he knows this. just look at the gift art he does and look at his "real" pictures or paid commissions and theres a huge quality difference. imo it shows that he didnt draw a character because he really liked it but because he wanted something from them.
>>14467 >tfw caroo will never draw you unsolicited gift art in a attempt to get an art trade cause he already knows you don't care for him much >>13321 Wow someone saved that?
>>14463 Judayo: can i tikklle u pl0x?
>>14469 why would you want that? Caroo hates drawing anything that's not ponies, Isabelle, Miko, and Judy hopps, unless your oc is any of these characters, it'll be shit and he will half ass it.
>>14451 wait is that her real skin and hair color? i thought the guy was just drawing her in black and white and if he ever did it in color he'd give her like normal skin and hair, is she just like incredibly pale with grey hair?
>>14513 I think it's just that Caroo is a dumbass who doesn't realize those pictures are in black and white for the aesthetic. It also does kind of put more stock in the theory that he's doing gift art out of nowhere to try to get stuff out of other artists, because if he was doing a gift art for that guy you'd think he'd just ask what her color scheme is. The fact that he just went with her blank colors suggests he did this on his own because he wanted to "surprise" them (and also because if he asked and made it obvious he was doing one the person could refuse the gift before he did it).
>>14513 I think it's obvious stylization, and Caroo just went with it because there really isn't any other palette for her besides the monochromatic. All of the comics she's in are black and white, except for the blushing. It would look too unlike the character if she was drawn with "real" colors
>>14537 if he was going for stylization why did he put her in a full color background with another full color girl right next to her? makes no sense, and honestly if you ask me the picture as a whole just looks weird. if she really is black and white stylized and not just uncolored, then the whole picture should have been black and white, and if she was just uncolored he should have asked for the color scheme instead of pulling this lazy move.
Can we get a tier list of artists we hate?
>>14550 you can make it and no one would agree I feel, though caroo would definetly be S tier. the guy has his own dedicated hate thread and constantly gets brought up for the shit he pulls, which is funny because I've never seen him SAY anything bad or controversial (I think he does it thinking that's how he can avoid drama) so to me it seems that he's being judged for his actions and not his words
do you guys wanna see my tribute to California star?
>>14745 i honestly don't even know what that is or why this person keeps spamming all of these 2 seconds gifts that get rewinded back and forth.
so uhhhh who made the sharky thread and why did it 404 after like just a few hours?
>>14795 Because cringe.
>>14795 Oh nonono Sharky bros Our mensch is a jannie But seriously, Sharky kicks ass and I can’t imagine someone genuinely having a problem with him. That being said whoever would delete a thread like that to protect him is being a fag. Let people bitch, they’re just going to embarrass themselves.
>>14805 Schizos don't feel embarrassment.
>>14805 OP deleted his own thread...
>>14811 t. jannie
Never mind the Iraqi dragon slave boy, fucks up with Nomads comments? Like bruh musk is one footfag thing but this is some srs pedo shit https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45191299/
>>14850 >Black people don't have lips like that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0L_oJMhcs0
>>14811 We’ll if true then as usual OP is a fag
>>14850 I thought that this was the "artists you hate" thread, not the cringe thread.
>>12988 I wonder if there is any correlation between starting a Patreon and quality declining. Like at some point you have to start looking at it as extra income and as with any job that you don't love to do (Let's face it, drawing takes a lot of effort to make the thing look good) you start doing the bare minimum to meet the requirements.
Sorry for the double post, but I forgot that I had 75% of the thread left to read through >>13069 Some of the bad stuff that I found on pixiv might not leave me even after my death >>13093 Still waiting for a day where some artist straight up tells those people to fuck off in every description of their work, but then again, that's a pointless and retarded idea >>13274 Unrelated, but wasn't there a Gura shark ripoff that was suspected to be a guy using a voice changer? >>13348 I have no doubt that most of the personalities of vtubers are fake (like basically any character that is played by someone), but I wouldn't go as far as them intentionally tailoring it to get donations and stuff, at least from the start >>13368 Isn't the D-Fox guy a tracer as well? >>13457 Tbf you can get some good numbers and money on Pixiv if you tag your stuff properly, (the Pixiv request process is pretty artist sided in my opinion as well) the downside is that you don't get any clout that you can leverage when speaking to someone online (which is what I assume 99% of people on Twitter desire) since the platform is mostly used by Asian artists. Another downside is that you can't go full nudity since the japs have weird laws that make it illegal >>13772 Pretty sure that just falls under the general "clothing with tentacles" thing >>13891 >>13947 Completely forgot that he did Haibara >>13962 >Kidetic's Haibara pictures are nice too, my favorite may be the one of younger and older Haibara together. Does anyone have that one saved or is it lost media now? >>14437 Sucrose deserves more tickle art
>>14887 nah nomad's drawn some shit even if its trace
yes twitter tickling artists, we really care about your extremely controversial "war is bad" thread of tweets that are currently filling up my timeline. now post the drawing of some girl getting tickled already, PLEASE.
>>15171 >global superpower instigates war of aggression >economic and political consequences felt on a world-wide scale >mad vlad threatens "never seen in history" consequences to any country that tries to stop him >"but guys I need to COOOOOOM" normally I'd agree with you anon but come on. let people panic a bit.
>>15171 cope, faggot
>>15171 gotta love it when pure fetish bait preaches about politics tho that being said tho watching them sperg out is hilarious
I too, gain moral clemency and political advice from fetish artists that draw cartoon birds getting foot fucked.
(1.46 MB 1280x1280 ClipboardImage.png)

>>15461 You have to admit that drawing sucks. I don't know if it's black humor, but if it were, I don't find it funny at first glance. Rather, that guy's "pervert" is more superior than his common sense.
>>15461 >>15462 It may not be an amazing drawing, but it does provide some decent levity.
(397.93 KB 600x289 ClipboardImage.png)

>>15462 Come on even the jews have had their own israeli nazi porn industry at some point, stop being so caricatural in your moralfagottry
(360.42 KB 640x354 russian general.png)

>>15461 Now he needs to do one with Natalia Poklonskaya
>>15464 That shit doesn't justify anything, it doesn't mean it's automatically acceptable anymore. Tell me what you want, but only a fucking ape would have a sexual idea on those subjects.
>>15467 I'm positive it already exists
>>15469 >moralfag can't comprehend the world doesnt revolve around his internet definition of what a good subject to nut to is You're beyond repair propaganda-san
>>15467 Not from the same artist
(403.17 KB 1000x1304 FL3sA_VacAA5CEK.jpeg)

>>15461 i love that the outrage coming from this picture is coming only from actual literal trannies and mega faggots. anonbb, ticklepaw, anyama/HL, quinn, etc. not a single mentally sane person in those replies
https://twitter.com/tickle_paw?t=vAIS3W1XWMwrVwFtNm8MhQ&s=09 TicklePaw's seething, broken English and "I'm bad but YOU ARE TOO. Lol." brand of attention whoring never ceases to be funny. Kek. Says it's taken. Guess they're about to be property of Reiko or some shit. Shame. That Cheetah sona used to be fuckable af before their art got trannified.
>>15505 hey lethal. Why don't you draw no more?
>>15505 People really forgetting rule 34 huh? They should just go back to their safety bubbles if they don't want to see this stuff. People can and will make porn of shit like this lol.
>>15461 >>15500 I really shouldn't be at this point, but I'm constantly shocked at how much of a standard Twitter moralfag HomunculusLover is. They've had an online presence for nearly two decades at this point, they should know better.
>>15511 theyre literally mentally deranged, and worst of all - british. any chance they get to feel morally superior to someone they will take it because in any other facet of their sad life, they are morally inferior
>>15461 recover this from the smoldering remains of the Internet in 2092 and present it as a propaganda poster
(167.13 KB 600x600 1644917463997.jpg)

>>15507 >me >using spongebob image reactions Nice try, I wouldn't post about it here while exposing my sorry ass in public. Also I'm extremely lazy which is why I don't draw more
>>15473 Oops, sorry you piece of shit, I didn't mean to feel grossed out that some idiot with hormonal issues is doing tragedy porn.
>>15500 Your right to tell people they're not sane is the equivalent of your fucking sock of semen drying in the sun, because last time you went to 50 porn sites, searching for the word "tickle."
>>15532 >>15534 Shut the fuck up you Tranny ass motherfucker. Is it tragic it's happening? Yes, but fuck this is no different than when there was Pictures of Mei from Overwatch in this situation after the Taiwanese Protests against CHINA.
(368.51 KB 1928x2922 FKRXiASUcAQPfTn.jpeg)

>>15532 >>15534 ok tranny, maybe next time take your antipsychotics before you come on this board?
(1.56 MB 1308x916 Jill Valentine tkl.png)

kids kids, calm down. you're all retards.
You uh, you wanna try that face again Gir?
>>15548 Cant unsee it
Caroo thread got buried so posting here i know itching is a kink some people have with tickling but bruh swollen, itchy cock? sorry but like nah nigga
>>15547 DeviantART moment
(1.08 MB 2998x2840 1612250533853.jpg)

>>15550 yeah this is really weird, kinda painful to look at even. idk what was going through his head when he thought to do this. also, how does he piss? >>15552 you know we're not stupid right? we can tell when someone's trying to derail the thread
Feds think we're really that stupid, huh?
>>15552 Shinn, are you trying to take revenge on /tk/ again?
>>15552 Loli thread's further down, fed
Schrödinger's fed - simultaneously assumed and treated as the FBI and an actual nonce unless further information is provided.
>>12872 > And all cucks who delete their art galleries altogether ftfy Speaking of deleting art, what ever happened to Piru? That artist had some amazing genital tickling pieces and when they quit, they hid their gallery too. I want to say the reasons came up in the old /tk/ board before cuckwheels had his hissyfit but it was so long ago I can't remember.
>>12954 I think you may be confusing PawFeather for WTFeather.
>>13371 >taking the bait this hard
>>15461 Are they going apeshit because they think it's Pro-Russia? If anything, I think it's a clever jab at Russia if it's meant to imply that all Russia can effectively do is tickle the borders. Ukraine's forces are fighting like demons.
(140.33 KB 455x530 FKjVxjGVIAAiCLs.jpg large.jpg)

>>13462 everyteim
(601.34 KB 1200x1200 FMryl9LUcAIhm1E.jpeg)

>>15587 have you guys seen his "censored" version? i genuinely like it and think it's really clever lol. >Russia witch's outfit is white red and blue >Ukraine chan's outfit plus the cheese is blue and yellow >the mouse tied to the broomstick being the Bayonet and tying together the cheese being there
>>15591 to be fair >US age of consent is 18 >rest of the civilized world is 16 >for some reason if a character isnt over 18 the artist is immediately a pedo can we please stop pandering to US law? they can get region locked out of jacking off to the art for all i care, i just wanna jack it to anime girls that are 17.9 years old without some fat fuck mouth breather calling me a pedophile while stuffing his mouth with 17 big Macs and a Walmart roast chicken
Schizoposting hour in /tkr/, is it?
(893.38 KB 499x281 1328152687508.gif)

>>15593 I mean it is kinda funny how the twitter/ the internet constantly bitches about how ass-backwarrds US systems and laws are, but universally agree the age of consent laws are EXACTLY where they should be. I mean myself, I refuse to fuck anyone younger than 25. Just because it takes an alarming amount of time for people to stop acting like high schoolers. that said I'm not gonna cry "PEDO" if someone in their 30s-40s fucks an 18 year old or something. Just question their taste. >>15597 all day, every day.
>>15593 From the outside looking in it seems like everyone in America is treated like an infant until their early 20s with their various weirdly high age restrictions on certain things. I know people who had decent jobs and owned homes when they were under the drinking age in America. Yet they are happy to attempt to ruin kids lives if they drop out of school and you can begin the process to enlist in the army before you're even 16.
https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/10150391/ Bad writers count? This journal is just wow
day 1374 still no tickling in the tickling themed series. have some weird ass borderline racist faces though
>>15825 I still can't figure out if these girls have some personality traits other than "they show their feet".
>>15826 Yes they also have the "Look, I know nothing about this fetish, aren't I cute?" trait.
>>15826 >>15827 It's obviously just trying to be a foot fetish version of the "beta male self-insert and sexy socially assertive girls who just hang out with him for whatever reasons" anime setting.
>>15825 This guy is so creatively bankrupt
>>15825 I mean. I wouldn't call it racist. He just likes his Asian girls, that's well known. It seems to me he is just experimenting with poses that aren't bondage focused for his own growth. He has no competition when it comes to the quality of content when he does make tickle stuff so he really can do whatever the fuck he wants. It will be a slow burner but the tickle content will eventually come. You'll just have to keep on his Patreon and find out! (Or pirate it idc)
>>15837 >You'll just have to keep on his Patreon and find out! that's what this is all about isn't it? if he actually put out tickle content patrons would pay once or twice, take what they want, and unsub until a few months down the line and do it again. he knows that if he keeps stringing people along they'll all stay subbed waiting for the promised tickling scenes. i don't think he counts on people getting tired and just unsubbing of being strung along with false promises. >he has no competition he kinda does though. like... every other artist that's ACTUALLY doing tickling? i know 99% of people following him for tickling content might barely give a passing glance to these drawings, a few seconds of attention for hours or maybe even days worth of work on these pictures and comics. while every other artist that's actually drawing tickling instead of perpetual teasing, no matter how "lower" quality they are compared to him are probably getting their pictures actually saved into someone's tickling folder and fully appreciated. >he is just experimenting with poses that aren't bondage focused for his own growth. maybe he should be practicing faces and expressions instead. kind of jarring when the coloring, shading, anatomy, clothes, etc is so good only to be ruined by some weird uncanny valley face making an expression that's only ever been made by someone who's eaten taco bell right before work and still has 4 hours left before his break.
congrats to the TKR community for staying drama free for like 3 weeks now
>>15825 We are now 2 weeks later and still no tickling. It's a shame to see, I loved the fetish palace. This is literally just "hey look, feet and asians." and that's it.
>>14378 ahahaha, partly newfag here; had no idea. i can definitely see it now that you drew my attention to it. amazing what confirmation bias can accomplish i will keep wanking to vivi's feet tho. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>17770 being gay is fine, go ahead. tricking people who aren't gay for profit isn't fine though.
>>17809 s'funny though innit
(29.60 KB 1614x176 NOT THE HECKIN TWINSERINO.png)

TTT ruined this man lol
>>17868 Context?
>>17868 I don't have access to the patreon channel anymore PLEAAASE take a screenshot of the whole thing lmao
>>17868 Where abouts was this posted? I can't see it on his channel, did he post it somewhere else or has it been deleted?
(344.75 KB 3137x1948 kusujin 1.png)

(349.80 KB 3140x1503 kusujin 2.png)

>>17871 >>17872 >>17873 It was a DM that he sent me cause i used the thumbs down emote on some TTT posts
>>17878 lol i never thought kusujinn would end up being one of those people who completely reject any negative opinion. the man is paying you money, let him thumbs down react for fucks sake!! it's not like you're telling him "no you NEED to work on something else", just a reaction. if you keep doing it i bet the guy will just ban you silently.
>>17878 I respect that "I'll do what I want, you can leave" mentality, but it's just a thumbs down. What a crybaby, you aren't allowed to dislike this series because I like making it!
>>17878 I don’t think this is the win you think it is
>>17868 It's pretty fucking clear you are trying to bait him into getting upset at you by doing this shit. There's a difference between negative but constructive feedback, and hating just to get a reaction out of it. Get a fucking life and just unsub from the guy if you really dislike that type of work of his that much.
>>17898 >>17901 +1, you look retarded thinking you baited him into LE EPIC SPERGIN! XD as you autistically try and grab his attention every post. I don't like the series any more than the rest of you but goddamn.
>>17878 Yeah, this definitely isn't as bad with context as that little snippet was on its own. It's pretty close to "AHA I WAS JUST PRETENDING TO BE RETARDED!" territory.
>>17878 since you're here, could you please leak all of his new stuff this month here or on the kusujinn thread.
>>17909 Kill yourself.
>>17911 most peaceful day on a fucking tickling board for some godforsaken reason
(518.21 KB 1400x1289 FO_l-u9WYAwRokj.jpeg)

>>17911 >>17904 >>17902 >>17901 >>17898 hello kusujinn Patreon subscribers. this is utter bullshit baby throwing a tantrum behavior and you know it. if any other artist was dmming their PAYING customers telling them to not to negative react to their art they'd be on this thread and you would be laughing at them. the man isn't telling him to draw something else, he isn't threatening to unsub, he isn't asking where something else is, he isn't even saying he doesn't like it. hell, he's literally telling kusjinn to keep drawing what he wants to draw and he will keep supporting him even if he only draws TTT, and even then he throws a shitfit. kusujinn's fame has gone to his head and he has regressed down to the same mentality that a mediocre DA middle schooler artist has with the "you can't not like what i do!! because I enjoy doing it!!!" mentality. fuck off.
(3.76 KB 196x105 ClipboardImage.png)

>>17878 Based. You're doing god's work >>17914 This, but it's not recent. I remember a few years ago I was following his stream on picarto, and someone proposed he did a patreon like wtfeather at the time (it was when wtfeather had just started his patreon and pumped out generally liked content) Faggot answered with 'Sorry, this wtfeather or whatever he's called and I are not in the same league :) ' It was a bit surreal and I think no one but me picked up on it at the time. I'm probably going to get called out for lying, but I don't really care, his behaviour kinda reminded me this. Also, only reason he does TTT is because he's very obviously burnt out with fetish work. >disappeared a couple of times in the past >Only to reappear with commissions or more recently, a patreon >went from full on comics >to drip feeding 2 comic pages a month >to two feet pics a month >meanwhile his SFW works are exceptionally well made fully colored animations. >He's quite litteraly holding unknown animanga conventions for which he makes every single art props with incredible character designs >But he wont give more than 2 hours of his time on a tickle pic he's being payed at least 3 grands to do. Truth is, he dislikes making tickleporn nowadays. His SFW webcomic (which I wont share here) is a failure (pic related). His attempt at a pedantic SFW VN about 'writing good VN' was a failure. All of his OCs are either recolored designs from his SFW pages or old projects. He's been creatively bankrupt for a few years and it shows. He probably despises ticklefags because they're the only people giving him money, not allowing him to work on what he truly wants : a creatively bankrupt unknown webcomic. I've got proofs to all of this; but I'm still pondering what and what isn't ok to show.
(542.71 KB 735x683 ClipboardImage.png)

>>17923 Keep thinking that, it doesn't matter, keep paying for his artistic equivalent of dog food. It's a free market.
>>17901 >>17902 >>17904 >bait >merely pretending Eggs-plain. As far as I can tell he openly disliked something the guy made and got DMed being told to either shut up about it or leave, no disliking allowed, and the one looking retarded here is Kusujinn. What is he, doing it in a strictly TTT focused server or something? Only reason I could think of to go that far. >I use this discord to post my pics and people can say positive stuff, sometimes neutral or rather negative stuff (there was a few of them about ttt, I don't mind as long as it's respectful) >but people putting a dislike under every thing they don't like bother me Like, what? How are these not contradictory? I get it's not a youtube channel where you can just spam dislikes, but still, guy's got an opinion, what's wrong with sharing it?
Wow, this guy is really trying hard.
>>17911 >>17904 >>17902 >>17901 Wow look we got two samefags in this thread!
Put me in the screencap
(9.29 KB 444x145 ClipboardImage.png)

>>17932 lmao none of those people are me jackass, try again
>>17942 Sir? Why would you screencap and point at how its not you on 4 different posts? Why would you even answer a post if none of the yous are attributed to you? Sir...I think you used inspect element. If you kept one (you) you'd be more credible, sadly you epic failed.
>>17921 You can't just say that then not give more details.
this whole board
>>17949 <----- you jesus isnt real Biden won and will win again trans ARE women and your children will be diverse and gayified and white men will go extinct by the end of this decade. cope, seethe and learn to code you white male privilege nazi redditor racist sexist cunt trump humper
(174.05 KB 306x256 What.png)

>>17948 >>17921 Haha I really want this to be true but this is the internet and anyone can make all kinds of bs on here so I'm taking this with a pinch of salt. Source? I mean if it's true I get it. Fetish fags can be the most unappealing, draining, demanding and entitled creatures to infest the internet and if my livelihood revolved around them I would want my interactions to be as brief and uninvolved as possible while I milk them doing my own thing - in this case for Kusu it's TTT. Kusu throws his Patreons a bone by doing a quick sketch of whatever waifu happens to win the polls so it keeps them pledging. Pretty smart if you ask me and regardless of the hate he gets his art still is pretty top tier.
>>17953 It does make sense. It was speculated earlier in this thread that the reason he deleted all of his "questionable" art was because he was trying to make a living from doing art, and that makes even more sense if he was trying to hit it big outside his fetish work.
>>17901 >>17902 I don't see how its bait. Its not like i was in there to only thumbs down his art, since i would post positive reactions to the art that he made that I like, which vastly outnumbered the art that i disliked.
(235.62 KB 595x598 ClipboardImage.png)

>>17953 Source : stumbled upon his sfw page when browsing twitter out of pure chance. I managed to put the pieces of the puzzle together from there. Lots of non-english material so it makes sense it wasn't found sooner. Try to find her anywhere else online, I dare you
(135.90 KB 920x830 corrin react.png)

>>17964 This looks like his old style. I'm no Kusujiin expert but I feel as if he's progressed a little further from this, even though it's still nice. Curious. Well whatever his SFW stuff I'm willing to bet it's not gonna be a big deal. Every artist worth his salt has an alt account of some kind so good on them.
>>17964 Interesting, that's definitely his art style. I'm guessing his Patreon is also not in English?
>>18024 i gotchu fam
i dont hate any artists
>>18024 I'm gonna have a fucking heat stroke just looking at this >>18028 so unique and special! a wholesome userino! so brave! >>17950 don't you have to upload your feet pics to twitter and pretend you're a girl for money or something?
(11.97 KB 219x230 images.jpeg)

Every time I look at this thread I lose 1% of my soul
>>18031 i dont hate any artists
anyway back on topic redscript does amazing work and Lynn is a dream ler but his fucking disgusting toejam and foot sweat shit makes clicking through any big comic of his is like stepping through a field of landmines and hoping i don't hit any until i'm done jerking off. seriously would it kill him to just focus on tiggling and lay off the gross body gunk garbage
>>18062 Right? Like his scenarios are always half-hit, half-miss. >This girl is going to get tiggled mercilessly on her bare feet for ages– Sweet, thanks for the– >–while chugging mugfuls of rancid, crunchy orc toe jam!!! Great, thanks.
>>18062 Seconded so fucking much. When he does just plain tiggling artwork it's great, but his other fetishes are just boner-killers.
>>18081 >>18062 This is where he peaked. Just an extremely cute, sharply animated tiggle gif of a good character, with nary a green smelle like in sight. He has never topped this, and I suspect he never will.
>>18075 This. This is the exact reason why I stopped browsing redscript's art because of his disgusting side fetish. Another example i can think of is knilsfm/tklsfm with his fucking death fetish. Or angrykoala with his gore fetish. Or noircastle with his pee fetish. So much quality content yet they just love to taint it with the worst fetishes
>>18092 AmyRoseEater Had a weird autocannibalism fetish.
>>17964 Just post the webcomic. Obviously if you could discover it through a public twitter there should be no expectation of privacy
>>17921 > 'Sorry, this wtfeather or whatever he's called and I are not in the same league :) ' To be fair, that is true lol. And frankly, I don't blame him (or any other artist) at all for focusing on a SFW career over an NSFW one. Money in NSFW may be bigger, but a proper SFW career can be reliable in a way that NSFW cannot. Pay ceiling is higher too, as is professional satisfaction. >Also, only reason he does TTT is because he's very obviously burnt out with fetish work. Yeah, with that I agree, and I do think it's a bit sad, because he actually managed a nice cash-cow with his NSFW work. I really hope he doesn't fuck it up. .
>get asked a simple personal question >immediately break down in tears >first instinct is to consider suicide after being told that bursting into tears is not a normal adults response to being asked a question trannies are mentally sane guys i swear!!! ticklepaw falls further each day... when are we taking bets on when he'll 50%?
>>18297 It's kind of funny seeing someone sperg out but joking about their potential suicide is lame.
>>18303 I mean if they can't handle or lie their way through standard questions in a Uni questions, then they're going to off themselves before they graduate. >>18297 Probably in about 2 years, maybe less.
>>18297 Still though, publicly calling them a life failure? I know college professors can be complete assholes, but if they're not exaggerating that's still completely shitty. Should've punched them in the teeth like any normal person would've instead of venting about it on twitter.
>>18303 I'm not joking, they definitely seem like they're constantly on the verge of offing themselves. I'll have to agree with the other anon, i give em 2 years max before they either realize they're being retarded and stop playing pretend or they off themselves
>>18304 >I mean if they can't handle or lie their way through standard questions in a Uni questions, then they're going to off themselves before they graduate. No, fuck off. This wasn't an overexaggeration over questions regarding the subject of the class (assuming their story is true, of course, which I have no reasons not to). Their personal lives are not the business of the teacher and I too can think of a dozen things one could ask me in front of a class that would make me nervous. Proceeding to call them a life failure for having anxiety is a gigantic dick move. I get it, 42% haha, but they're on the right on this one, fuck that teacher.
>>18312 lol Lmao
(45.33 KB 538x510 1646280189057.jpg)

>>18312 Here's how I picture it >"Ticklepaw, have you done your homework?" >"I errmmm I eeermm I... ermm I ermm..." >"What could be so interesting at home that you didn't even try doing them?" >"I ermmm.... I-I-I-I" >Ticklepaw breaks down, unable to find the words to express how complaining about NFTs on twitter was so much more important than doing his homework >"This isn't how you're going to pass this year young man! And stop wearing makeup, this is just cringe" >Later that night, Ticklepaw would cry and complain about this incident on twitter, forgetting to do his homework again, continuing the neverending loop
Excuse me while I laugh harder.
>>18392 Lmao you couldn't pay me to put that on my desk
>>18312 >they're on the right on this one, fuck that teacher. Fair enough. Unless, of course, they're lying...
>>18392 As someone with a foot fetish and very little interest in boobs, I'd much rather have a standard waifu boob mousepad. It would be easier to explain than this shit.
>>18392 these will be in stock for months until he has to sell them at a loss when his wife yells at him to get rid of the mousepads just lying there
>>18419 And even then they still won't sell
>>18419 >>18441 Please don't underestimate the power of fetishists... I wouldn't be found dead having one personally but I've seen some people who would love this.
(195.34 KB 864x1536 Screenshot_20220406-121847.png)

>>18392 Bruh these comments
>complains that he's getting let go from his job at target for no reason a few months ago >begs for money because he got fired for no reason >gets a new job and immediately starts fucking around on the clock and you wonder why you can't keep a job down for more than a few months, huh Chaz? don't worry buddy, I'm sure your wife just loves working like crazy to support herself and her useless husband who can't keep a minimum wage job.
>>18593 i genuinely feel like some people are caught in a time loop that starts from 2007 and ends at 2009. They will turn 50 years old and will still use the XD emoticon and will still sport Awesome Face avatars. It's bizarre.
>>18442 damn you were right
(21.18 KB 700x175 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18858 At least not all hope is lost. But man, imagine tickling your mouse pad because it has feet in it.
>>18857 i miss those times. way better times on the internet at least, no one really took anything too seriously back then and everyone was just having fun in their own little communities... i don't blame them for wanting to continue pretending it's still the same. Facebook was the downfall of the internet, bringing in people who never touched a computer for more than googling a recepie or wikipedia for school and took everything online as seriously as real life, but that's a rant for another day. just saying i understand em
>>18593 4 of those are confirmed turbo nonces!! I wanna hate the man, but he also just duped a bunch of paedos into throwing money at him for literal trash.
>>18876 >no one took anything too seriously on the internet in the 2000s
>>18878 what some flame wars on some forum? some name calling? certainly at least you can agree that people didn't take it AS seriously as they do today. you can agree that if you called someone a retarded cocksucker online in 2005 they would probably just call you a name back, but now people would respond way more personally. they take it like you walked up to them irl and punched them in the face infront of all their family and friends. i have a theory on why this is but again, this is the artist hate thread on a mongolian basketweaving pictograph board site, we probably got better (and more entretaining) shit to do than talk about the decline of internet culture or some bullshit like that
>>18877 i have not heard a thing about those people before, care to elaborate anon?
>>18881 People back then are just as insane as they are now and the only reason they didn't try to take it into real life is because people actually followed internet safety guidelines and didn't constantly dox themselves back then. Internet drama was just as much of a thing back in the 2000s as it is now, except now the internet actively encourages you to dox yourself.
>>18392 You just know that someone WILL upload a video of cumming on that. Someone probably already has and I just don't know.
(578.07 KB 2048x2048 what the fuck.jpg)

>>18944 isn't this like the top British guy in FetLife who tickles a bunch of people because he has a reputation as "the one who atleast won't rape you" so women keep going to him for some strange ass reason
>>18945 no clue, I just saw this on Twitter
>>18946 truly a hellhole
>>18944 Holy autism Batman!
>>18884 look I'll explain it to you, back in the day, if you used a forum or message board or whatever, and let's say your username was fuckurmom91. you weren't fuckurmom91. that was just your screen name. when someone attacked you, they atacked fuckurmom91. you knew you weren't really how you acted online, you knew how to separate real life from internet. you didn't get too worked up. sure you might have started a little shit talking war, cause fuck it, it was fun, but you didn't spend nights thinking about what shitfuck92 posted about you on the off topic section on the wow private server forum or whatever. now a days, people don't have that separation between online and irl "personas". they're not fuckurmom91 anymore, they're like @JohnGreen1991 now. every picture and post they upload to Instagram, Facebook, twitter has been carefully curated by them, ignoring and deleting the parts of themselves they like the least and only uploading the best of the best. they spend hours taking the perfect picture, hours thinking of the perfect reply to someone's witty joke, hours thinking of a clever bio. this is them at their carefully curated best. and you attacked them. you called them a boring cocksucker. you didn't just attack their online persona, you attacked what is the best possible version of "John Green". they realize they're still flawed, they've exposed the best of themselves to the internet and people STILL dislike them, still criticize them. No wonder people take it too seriously now, I'd say that for some people, their online persona is even MORE important than their irl one. after all, I'm sure you know plenty of people who look like models and act like they have a great life on social media, but are boring as hell and unkempt as fuck irl. that's why I think people take shit more seriously now. thanks for coming to my TismTalk - now back to the regularly scheduled artist hate
>>18950 based oldfag
>>18944 Man oh man
>>18950 Actually so based
what's up with twitter weirdos posting shit like this? and it's always twitter people too, no one ever did this shit on Tumblr or DA. not to mention it's always the weirdest most suspicious people too who say this shit, like you wouldn't see someome normal with nothing to hide posting shit like this, really makes you think why they post it in the first place... if you ask me, people who post this shit are either probably either currently or planning to groom/flirt with some underage follower and they're laying the groundwork so if it ever gets out they can just be like >"Well i didn't know they weren't 18, i mean i even said in a tweet don't follow me if you're not 18 so i assumed they were!!" anyways remember, if you jerk off to tickle porn before 18 YOU ARE A DANGER TO YOURSELF AND THE ARTISTS YOU JERK OFF TO! Anons, go apologize to the artists you jacked off to RIGHT NOW for putting them in such danger!
>>19012 as oppose to what, anon? >oh you're not an adult? thats ok, come look at my porn ;)
>>18944 pawfeather really saw the untapped market in the pedo pits and pandered to it as hard as he fucking could with this character. i hate her and everything about her. I unfollowed paw on literally everything so I could stop seeing her and her stupid shitty faux-tsundere act and she STILL crops up on every site i still care to check because he can't stop beating this horse while money keeps flying out of it.
>>19014 Realize that anyone can follow any account and don't waste energy by screaming into the void The tweet is literally one of those "Are you over 18?" prompts worded differently.
>>19014 as opposed to saying absolutely nothing? are you retarded? by your logic every single tickle artist needs to make a statement like this.
>>19020 It does kind of raise a red flag when nobody else bothers, doesn't it?
(2.20 MB 3508x4961 Daz's Original Pic.jpg)

(763.82 KB 1024x1365 Lululewd's Original Pic.png)

(2.50 MB 1920x2717 just credit him ffs.png)

(441.01 KB 1920x2560 traced but still decent.jpg)

Okay not sure if this is the right thread, but can we talk about this RefilGames12 person? Like their entire gallery is traced over from Daz and Lululewd except it's actually their "oC Do nOt sTeAl" while not crediting the originals and even putting their own logo. Now that shit is nothing new for DA, cause I've seen hundreds of low quality recolors and lousy trace jobs over the years. But the weirdest thing is that this person's actually legitimately good at coloring and repurposing art. I mean look at this coloring of Daz's Demencia pic. It's like Daz actually colored it! It's even got redone linework, full shading, and highlights on the hair. Too bad they didn't just credit Daz and say they colored his pic. It's mirrored tho so I guess that makes it completely a different pic! Idk, I just think it's weird that this person actually knows how to draw and color but still decides to yoink other people's art and just say "I drew this btw :)".
>>18944 So that's where Pat went when the Super Best Friends disbanded!
>>19012 >>19014 >>19020 ticklefags sperg about minors following them because they know they have the innate urge to sext with everyone who gives them any disproportionate amount of attention. By screaming "DON'T FOLLOW ME YOU PESKY KIDS" they can cut it off from the get-go.
(162.44 KB 1749x1905 EzgOLe3WEAAh2f-.jpg)

Do you have any OCs you want to punch in the face? Because after you see this guy every 5th picture, you start to feel like that.
>>19034 I still kind of really want to tickle him until he breaks, actually.
(163.06 KB 775x1280 1649712424.zp92_sneksketck1.jpg)

Can this bitch draw other characters for once in his life? He keeps making new OCs and not drawing them in favor for his incest/MILF fetishes instead It's the same routine everytime with Margaret. If you that Chaz with Mamabito was bad this obsession is a million times worse Man I miss Sebrina and Scepera
>>19070 Bruh i miss Sebrina too and what's this ms Zard shit? bruh fuckin? in high school? B r u h imma need yo to take a seat over there bruh cuz im finna worldstar this shit as chris hamson. Like srsly tho ZP cant draw for shit and only gets more self absorbed with each post nigga should have 2 work in a special ed clinic so he can see what a incest does to a motherfucker like bruh aint no sane niggas ever come from mother son fuckin bitch gonna be looking like texas chainsaw ass niggas with them double roaws of teeth and mutated chris chan dick nigga got 3 balls and no knees cuz this nigga draws foot size of a subway ass sandwhich jared fogle ass motherfucke damn Zack what happened to your ass bruh? all proud n shit over tennessee ass bullshit damn
>>19070 frankly idgaf who he draws, i just want more than one tickle pic every 3 months.
>>19083 Based Ebonics anon returns
>>12832 >>19070 Bro fr, I was thinking some days about him, I used to love his work, and he could really put out some fantastic pieces But nowadays all he draws are some half-assed foot fetish pinups, and that incest crap... Last tickle pic he drew was of chloe, and that was a fucking redraw, like nobody was gonna notice it... It's really infuriating, seeing an artist go downhill in quality and creativity
>>19083 thank you for making my day niganon, you remind me a lot of viper. i really really hope this actually is viper and he's a ticklefag
>>19091 he started going downhill hard since he became gay and started taking pictures of his own mom's feet irl
>>19099 Wait, for real? The mom's thing I mean He could be any lgbtq+ denomination he wanted, but his art seriously really got stuck on unimaginative soles shots and nearly overweight versions of his OCs, oh, and sub par 3D renders I got curious like last week or so and checked a lot of his past works, he used to do so many different scenarios and situations, now none of that remains
>>19107 oh I'm not saying it's bad *because* he's gay, I'm saying that it started getting bad around the time he started being more gay publicly. and yes it's true, a bunch of it is deleted now but I've seen pics of his mom's feet. don't wanna be rude to Zack but uhh... definitely not a milf to say the least. that plus the fact that he is obsessed with that incest lizard family comic is well... disturbing to say the least, especially given recent events with a certain Chrischan
>>19022 they deactivated their dA, literally less than a day later. You can still see all their art on it because of dA's weird archiving but their account is gone.
>>19099 >Mom's feet >irl pics Hold the fuck up bruh PLZ tell me you got proof. I need to see this mom's spaghetti shit
>>18882 it's because they have shown interest in the mousepads. they're randos
>>19099 I still like his stuff and he's like the only fucker who draws thicc furry tickling regularly but having to follow his Twitter for pics makes me want to kill myself. He's like the most unfunny human being alive and constantly posting stupid reaction images. >>19070 I miss Mina, Sebrina, Scepera, etc. I don't mind Margaret but that big bitch needs more tickling already.
>>19282 I find it hilarious how these people think putting a BLM or LGBTQ++ emoji in their handle creates an impenetrable forcefield for them to hind behind as they continue to do and say silly ass shit.
i would like to post a greivance/rant i have with tickling game makers as a whole, since I've been bingeing a few recently and i think this thread is the best place to do it without making a whole new thread. PLEASE stop making your tickle fetish games have in depth mechanics and need 2 hands to play! I understand you spent a lot of time on your cool tickling rpg game, but i want to jerk off while i play it, i don't want to have to be juggling 3 different status meters and thinking ahead 2 turns in a fight, or solving an item puzzle like it's resident evil 1, or find the blue key, i want to jerk off!!! this is what Shigeru Miyamoto would call bad game design! if you want to make a fun game, go for it, there are a few tickle games ive played could easily be a stand alone rpgmaker game or indie game and still be fun and maybe even popular without fetish content, but the second you include fetish content and market it to your fanbase who follows you because they like to coom to your art - any story, gameplay mechanics, challenges, puzzles, etc are thrown out the window immediately because people want to jerk off to this, not to play an actual full fledged game with interesting and engaging gameplay mechanics. so many tickling games feel like if pornhub made it so that you had to solve a jigsaw puzzle before being able to see a 10 second snippet of a video and then back to the jigsaw puzzle... at the very least, if you worked hard on your game and want people to play it because they like it and not because they're coomers (bad idea making a fetish game then, but i digress) then at the very least PLEASE just release/include a zip pack with all the tickling animations or tickling scene art from the game alone.
>>19294 Jimbobabob had the right idea; he released all the tickling art to his game separately so you can jerk off to it on your own terms if you don't feel like playing his game. I don't understand why that's not common practice.
>>19296 i understand why, imagine you worked hard on coding this game, even if it's rpgmaker you still spent countless hours planning it all out, making custom art for it, making a nice little story, branching paths, special enemies, the whole 9 yards. and someone comments 'yeah cool ok now give me the art" like bro i spent a month making this game and you don't even want to play it you just want to see the art? and the answer is 99% of the time is going to be yes. same with people who write pages upon pages of lore for their "super cool tickling universe" OCs and give their OCs pages long backstories. like dudes no one cares, no one is going to read that your oc studies finance at the university of ottowa and has a hobby collecting porcelain dolls from the Victorian era and has had 3 different cars during her life one of which she won via the McDonald's Monopoly game promotion in 2016... like damn!!! just give them a simple story like "she's a cute photographer girl who likes exploring abandoned buildings and gets tickled by ghosts" or "shes a quirky engineer that builds crazy tickle machines that backfire on her constantly" like fuck we don't care about your extended universe with more deep lore than a dark souls game!
>>19294 Also, stop making me use the mouse! I'm right-handed, motherfucker! I'm not learning how to fap with my non-dominant hand for your stupid Flash game!
>>19296 >jimbob had the right idea Bro it’s literally just a western fairy maze reskin The game is very good but it’s nothing groundbreaking But yes, now that Jimbob made his game every other retard wants to make one as well. I won’t call anyone out but the amount of time I’ve heard some rando wanting to do a hypercomplex tickle rog (with rpgmaker of course) is staggering
Don't create your own fetish games; if the process doesn't kill you, the response you get will. If it's all fap fuel, folks barely stick around.
>>19323 I meant that his good idea was releasing all the art for the game separately, not that he made a game.
(269.68 KB 1280x1280 IMG_20220415_200213_116.jpg)

>>19323 jimbobs game was great, probably the only one i actually had fun playing because of the challenge of the bosses. "the dark souls of tiggle games" if i dare say. the big flaw i didn't like was like, to see many of the tickle scenes you HAD to lose or willingly get hit. it should be the opposite! you should be rewarded for winning, not losing imo. i hope he makes a sequel where Trixie is the ler and it's the enemies being broken as you tickle them more, and for bosses you get a big tickle scene picture when you beat em. trap them in those eternal tickling chairs or something, something that's like bad end, but for them. makes more sense gameplay wise i think. either way, based that he released all the art separately, Chad move
(45.73 KB 752x600 Daz Is Pissed.png)

>>19022 >>19116 Dude's back at it again, and now Daz is pissed.
>>19329 fucker has the audacity to charge to steal art lol
>>19334 >Pix Of course it's a Brazillian.
>>19282 >middle school PE teacher Why am I not surprised?
>>19328 >i hope he makes a sequel where Trixie is the ler and it's the enemies being broken as you tickle them more, and for bosses you get a big tickle scene picture when you beat em. trap them in those eternal tickling chairs or something, something that's like bad end, but for them. makes more sense gameplay wise i think. Fuck that's a fantastic idea.
>>19346 please be jimbob saying this please be jimbob saying this
(120.56 KB 1170x393 IMG_9605.png)

(352.26 KB 1170x1743 IMG_9606.png)

>>19329 >>19334 ladies and gentlemen... we got him
(11.79 KB 636x115 vro.PNG)

>>19551 Its footshit anyway, who cares?
>>19299 >and give their OCs pages long backstories I only agree with a point here. I find that tickling stories where the lee is just a blank canvas that exists merely to be tickled to be far less exciting and hot than ones where the lee is an actual character with a personality that you care about. For the same reason, mainstream scenes, brief as they may be, are often as hot as an intense tickle fetish clip because you know the character. It's for the same reason I suspect that stories and art involving already established characters are so popular. Seeing a generic unnamed woman get tickled is less attractive than seeing one you recognize and have some emotional investment in.
>>19596 yeah but i don't know about you but when i look up tickling art when I'm horny, and when I'm horny i don't feel like reading a 2 page backstory about her job as a financial advisor or whatever. i think the only people that actually read those are the writers/artists friends, or coomers who look at what is essentially porn "casually" without even being horny
(68.58 KB 665x571 GangTickle.jpg)

>>19596 "Backstory" is fine, I prefer it over shit like the MTJ comics where it's "Mob Boss Man and instead of murder it's TICKLE TORTURE!", but yeah there's no need to overdo le epic lore like most of these guys do. Some light "worldbuilding", for lack of a better word. That's all you need. Maggs does it pretty well. Before he started doing this weird amputee fetish or whatever shit he's into now, Cheshire Cat when he did Cali and friends content was very good at peppering in just enough character building and backstory to be fun without overwhelming the actual fetish content with too much who gives a shit deepest lore.
(166.23 KB 600x789 Nov_Bonus3.jpg)

(199.29 KB 600x947 Nov03_pg2.jpg)

>>19603 MTJ's stuff bores me more because all of their characters have the exact same personality traits, which are: gets tickled a lot; and tickles a lot. Nothing else is even remotely consistent and I'm left wondering why they even bother reusing the same characters when they could just as well replace them with anyone and it wouldn't make any difference. Not even something basic and fetish-related such as their most ticklish spot even matters. It may say in some character profile that one girl's feet are her weak spot or that her belly button is her absolutely most ticklish point, but this is never relevant in the actual comics. They laugh just as much regardless of where they are tickled, and it's not ever as if any tension is built up where the protagonist has to do something and endure the tickling where we as readers can fear (or hope) that the tickler will figure out that her armpits or hips or whatever are super sensitive and that she'd buckle under in seconds if tickled there. Some of their older comics, like Yenny and Sonya, did this better. While Yenny's feet in general and her birthmark in particular where stated and shown to be incredibly ticklish, she was so desperately ticklish that any part of her body could have been stated to be her weak point and it would have flown. See the attached images for examples of situations where her weakspot could just as well have been her navel. Maggs suffers from the same problem. None of the girls in those comics have any real personality traits beyond being ticklish and liking to tickle and if there's supposed to be any difference between them in how ticklish they are and where it's never conveyed on the page.
>>19601 Nah, hard disagree fam. Emotional investment in the characters gets me harder than the core of a neutron star. The issue is that 99% of writers can't write for shit so most of the time your options are no time-wasting bullshit or yes time-wasting bullshit. But think about what happens when you come across fetish stuff in mainstream media when you're not expecting it. A scene that would have you clicking out of the tab immediately if it was porn is suddenly the hottest thing in the world. Why? Because you give a fuck about the characters, there's stakes, the writing has you immersed. There's plenty of vanilla erotica that nails this, where the writing is so good you forget you're reading erotica until the author whacks you with a fucking home-run scene. It's just that the tickle fetish community is either full of shitty writers, impatient illiterate retards, or both.
>>19634 emotional investment is good i never said otherwise, im just saying mainstream tickling has the advantage that it's media that's usually seen when you're not going to jack off. you watch an anime or a cartoon casually whenever you've got some free time, whereas if you want to be emotionally invested into someone's OC, you either have to a. be someone who looks/reads fetish art and stories casually or without being horny, aka a coombrain (actually the beginnings of porn addiction/desensitization please watch out for this anons it will possibly mess with your irl sex life) b. be a really big fan of someone's characters and universe that they're interesting enough to read outside of fetish reasons OR they have a non fetish story series that they just happen to also make tickling stories of the characters (very very rare) c. have the patience and self control to read pages worth of backstory while having your dick in your hand
>>19603 >>19634 As much as I like The Agencies (and it's spin-off) comics, I feel like they had the opposite problem. They were far too convoluted about worldbuilding for their own good and had so many characters that I'm not sure if the writer's intention was to imply that the fate of some of them is to be tickled indefinitely or if he just forgot about them or didn't happen to think of any ways to bring them back into the story later. The grandeur of the setting also made some volumes feel pretty underwhelming when the intensity of tickle torture and gravity of the scenarios was toned down from what happened before due to so many characters to follow in their own different plotlines.
>>19515 he's fucking back. can we all just please report his shit? I've done it with 2 alts already
>>19328 >>19346 Seriously, I've been wanting a tickling RPGs where you play as a villain ler protagonist and expand your collection of enslaved heroines for the longest time. I just wish someone else would make them, I can't do art.
>>19673 Wasn't Tickling Demon Army something like that?
>>19673 The currently being developed episode of The To-Tickle List is pretty much that. But, it's also The To-Tickle List and so you have to endure Brandon and Cissi being there the whole time.
This is gonna give away who I am and probably burn some bridges, but fuck it; it was too funny not to share and I'm long passed the point of care and investment in this "community". Here's a peeve that's been burning at me for sometime: the blatant paedos in our community that are getting paid for it. To use a "so ballsy I almost respect it" example: Lethal. Lad used to have a pretty nilla name and despite being one of those "pay me is I can buy commissions" patreons, I could let it slide. But now he's "ProjectCHTK"... Mate, why even bother hiding it? We all know the CH doesn't stand for Chair Handler. It's no wonder a bunch of the decent OGs dipped out and lurk.
>>19715 >i hate lolis >draws a loli who's gonna tell him it stands for Cleaning House TK... good bait though. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since you said paedo and not pedo, and I'll assume you're a eurofag. in America and like the rest of the uncucked world, drawings are legal since anime characters aren't real. sorry you've been brainwashed by whatever cuck country you live in into thinking wanting to tickle a heavily styleized drawing is equal to real cp
>>19715 let's be real here, that comment isn't that funny, nor related to what you wrote and if you really wanted to show it without showing who you are, you could have easily opened that page from an incognito tab. let's be real and honest here, youre fishing for watchers aren't you? you thought the average chan user is the same as a Twitter user, and would think "omg he hates Loli art! wow he truly is a bastion of ethics and morality, I'm going to watch him"! am i right?
>>19719 >Loli >Morality Yea cuz liking little kids get yo ass some stripes right? Nigga gtfo with thst morality shit bru go fight some foot v belly niggas or some shit if u here for morals. Art might not be illegal but it turns some heads when you rubbing2 a 6 year old lookin nigga nigga drswn kids is still kids and ye its better than raping irl but nigga people gonna look and bust of yo ass drawn or real you cant handle it? Than keep that shit locked off and private damn u gonna post on u r facebook you love kidnapped tickling bitcges next to your irl ass next too? Do that n niggas will come out the wood work to judge n fuck wit u. Same reason why we jeep this shit on lockdown on the net damn nigga
>>19729 >Art might not be illegal but it turns some heads It's this. I don't think anyone really thinks they're actually going to argue some retard out of enjoying "art of" kids. Regardless of it's legality or morality, though, the vast majority of the population will have a negative perception of you for doing it, and you're not going to argue that out of them either. Now for the love of Christ the King, enough of this fucking topic.
>>19715 That wasn't even funny, you really just baiting for drama. >>19730 Wait until you realize a majority of fetishes turn the heads of the majority. Even feet still make people wonder "just why".
>>19742 Feet and "the other fetishes" won't make people think you're a literal danger to society.
>>19751 omg guys he likes this heavily styleized anime drawing that looks, talks, and behaves absolutely nothing like an actual child of the same age! he definitely wants to fuck the nearest kid from the kindergarten!!!! like don't get me wrong, if someone has actual irl kid pictures or videos, fuck em, straight to jail, actually give em the death sentence if possible. but you're really comparing apples and oranges here with anime lolis and irl kids.
>>19764 Again, you're trying to "logic" your way out of it. The fact of the matter is "C'mon fellas, it only KINDA looks like a kid" ain't flying with 90% of the population.
>>19751 >>19786 TickleWizard is in the UK, where almost any porn that doesn't depict consensual sex in the missionary position is illegal, so that argument really doesn't hold up. Almost everything depicted on /tkr/ is illegal in the UK. Bondage is illegal, any kind of pornographic drawing is illegal (although unlikely to be prosecuted), saying that loli/shota is bad because people think you're a threat to society is pointless in a discussion started by someone who lives in a place where even a recording of a woman having an orgasm is illegal.
>>19786 well i had posted a picture to go along with it to show it, but some brain dead janny decided to delete it. here it is again. to the tranny janny: Google crying kid, it's like the 10th result on images.
>>19751 >>19786 wait until you realize the 90% of the population will also think you're a threat to society if you express anything but hard progressive leaning opinions in public and don't support the side of current issue the government is telling you to. hell, that guy mentioned the UK right? as far as i remember you can't even say you don't support gender reassignment surgeries for children or you would be unironically charged with a hate crime. >>19791 ok ok my bad. Incase people wonder it was a picture of Kanna next to a picture of some regular kid's face to show that anime lolis look nothing at all like any real child of the same age. anyways what I'm saying is, people are retarded. remember when people saying that that anyone drawing/fapping to uzaki chan was literally drawing/fapping to Democrat activism? i mean if you're going by their defenition of a child in terms of anime art, nothing short of an old woman would be borderline Democrat activism for them. theres no winning with them, might as well fap to what you want unless you absolutely feel the need to tell everyone what exactly you fap to (outside of a fetish-based Vietnamese pictograph board) and care about their opinions.
>>19793 aghh filters. democrat activism = pizza made of cheese, Incase you didn't know like me
>giving a shit about any of this You lot need to coom more and think less, and I don't say that lightly. No, it's not harming real children, nor is it an indication that someone is/is going to, you sound retarded. No, you're not gonna convince everybody you're not nuts and/or a an actual monster for getting off to it, it's pointless. No, nobody gives a shit if you think it's gross, people do gross shit and enjoy it all the time plus it's not against the rules of the board, grow up. No you're not gonna talk anybody out of thinking you're disgusting for liking that stuff, according to their outlook any argument you make is going to sound like nothing but the rationalizations of an actual pedophile, and nothing you can say is going to change that. You don't owe anybody explanations over your behavior so long as this remains legal within whatever context applies. You don't have to accept anybody personally if you don't want to. These are not irreconcilable positions: there is literally no reason to argue about this as much as people do. >>19796 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
>>19799 but anon you're forgetting the most important reason... it's fun to get mad and argue on the internet!
(801.87 KB 1054x1224 unknown-33.png)

>>19715 Alright pedo, keep projecting.
>>19800 Fair and based.
>>19802 lmao and it looks like cleaning house TK preview image too. im starting to think that he got rejected by them and has started some personal vendetta against the group
XPTZart fell off so hard after they made some art that has been free for years behind a paywall
>>19676 Yep, still one of the best tickling games out there IMO. Nice CGs, simple gameplay mechanics, and basically non-existent story (but just enough). Also, no need to have specific saves for points in the story since you can just get the character scenes whenever you want after capturing the girl. Slave trader also has good content, but the gameplay is a bit tedious.
>>19695 Unpopular opinion, I actually like Cissy. She's a hot design. I do wish the TTL creator would allow her (or better, them) to be broken now and then. Part of why most people find them boring and one-note is because of being unrelenting tickling gluttons and yeah, that gets boring. For me the hottest scenes were the game in that bar (where Brandon is trying to break one of the villain girls before Cissy gets broken) and the game with the overlord avian brothers (Same deal). But both of these scenes kinda get robbed of their appeal when you realize you will never get a failstate no matter what happens. I feel TTL wastes too much time working on game mechanics and shit like that and is a bit lazy where it matters.
>>19857 TTL is a big example of common failings in adult game development. Too much focus on the gameplay, not enough focus on the kink content, and it commits the cardinal sin of not being possible to fully play with one hand.
>>19857 I will say that I like Cissy way more than Brandon, but neither is particularly likable in my book. They both have incredibly shallow personalities with very few defining traits outside of the tickling. Cissy isn't as outright annoying as Brandon is, however. To add to the problem, what few personality traits they do have have a tendency to change on a whim between episodes. And also, yes, the games put way too much focus on mechanics and making each episode have its own gimmick instead of fleshing out the characters and tickling scenes.
(216.63 KB 614x293 ClipboardImage.png)

You cannot make this shit up The face of Pawfeather fans
>>19965 I'll give him this; at least he's average looking. Showing his face doing this very, very autistic art project might not be the best idea, but as far as ticklefags go he's solidly "ok" tier.
>>19715 hahahaha this nigga just got his art removed from a discord server im on for posting loli HAHAHAHAHA talk about projection
Finna take irony for 300 bruh
>>20461 >>19282 >>19012 >No pedo plz >BFF with Sodiepawp bruh literally this
>>19967 I don't think that's paw lmao
>>20593 It's not, it's already been pointed out it's some semi-popular Britfag.
I wanted to take it easy on Mesuta but he keeps posting grotesque retarded shit bruh take a look for yourself https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/mesuta/
May The 4th, imagine Patreon locking a tickle drawing for a "holiday" when another artist drew a much better tickle drawing and posted it for free
you ever get kinda excited to see art of underused characters but then remember there’s nothing to be excited about cuz it’ll just be the same “no-scenario, lazy character faces and models just with a red wig slapped on top, in the same chair/stocks or non-descript pink goo” pic as usual?
I hate cleaninghousetk for existing
>>21024 I don't completely understand what it is it's a patreon but with a bunch of artists all in it? so if I singed up, I'd be seeing a few artists I like, but also paying for a bunch of artists I don't like?
(30.31 KB 400x400 UP_PvT5z_400x400.jpg)

Something fishy is going on with this guy, and the mods on this board. recap of what's happened >someone requests videos of chiizu on the tickling video thread >someone who claims to know chiizu says to please not share them since she was groomed into making them by nitropunk/screampunk >nitropunk comes in the thread and starts ranting about how he has never done anything, but in the rant accidentally admits that he did have to groom/push her to make at least one video she didn't want to make >someone else tells nitro to shut up because they know it was true since he tried to groom them when they were underage >"chiizu" (aka nitro changing his name) comes in the thread and says "hey guys nitro did nothing wrong i wasn't groomed :))) please buy the videos" >no one buys it >nitro deleted all his "chiizu" posts >suddenly every single post speaking bad about nitro is deleted by mods >the ones defending nitro and sceenshots of "chiizu" saying they werent groomed stay up >people keep trying to post screenshots of what nitro said or talk about it so people don't post videos of someone who didn't want to make them in the first place >all posts are immediately deleted by mods, except the ones defending nitro yeah, something fishy is going on here for real. does nitro have a mod friend? Also he's known to try to DMCA/report threads that talk badly about him, but if he hasn't done anything why would he be that desperate to hide the fact that he groomed chiizu? shit ain't adding up. if this thread goes down, then we know for a fact nitro has friends in the mods here, since there are like 3 other artist discussion/hate threads that have been up for months with no issue.
>>21025 he hates it because he can't stand the sight of a 2d fictional anime Loli getting tickled
>>20992 Not gonna lie, these aren't bad.
>>21080 Nah I hate it because it feels like they’re just paywalling a lot of artists people like even if said artist has shit like a fanbox already
Never heard of any of these people but I really grow tired of tickling communities always being plagued with this kind of shit.
>>21076 Are you sure you aren't just a paranoid nutjob?
>>21076 Wouldn't be the first time. Someone spent well over a year pretending to be someone else on the original /tk/ and its associated Discord so they could become a mod and delete posts of their Patreon-exclusive content.
>>21091 >>21076 if thats the case, shouldn't any copyrighted conten t of Nitros be removed right away? has that happened?
>>21100 Nice try nitro lmfao
>>21076 Satur1n/scream/nitro/whatever has always been a pretty cancerous person that most coomers (including myself) tolerate because they can draw decently. Sometimes the autism is funny (14 GORILLION VARIENTS BRO) and sometimes like this grooming thing, it's just disturbing.
>>21103 no moron, I'm asking if any of nitros pics were posted and then removed by the mods, not saying "we should take them down"
>>21105 I've not seen their works in here, that I can remember. But of course I've not seen 100% of the content so I could have just missed them However, I have read several times people saying that in the old board there were problems of copyright with their works and each time someone ask for their content here someone say something in the lines that would just bring trouble Any other artist works flow here naturally, even from Azamukuchan, despite the simp(s), but not from Nitro. Even from other artists that make an effort to protect their work from being shared, like Kusujinn. So even if I cant assure you an answer, it's noticeable the trouble related to this artist work. It's either happening or what happened in the past and people just want to avoid it to happen again, I guess
>>21076 great they merged (aka hid) the thread i made in here. further proof i would say, since there's a dedicated caroo hate thread up right now with no issue, and there have been other specific artist hate threads up in the past too, and those are just like "ooh they are mean and draw bad :(" while this is like serious shit. maybe I'm being paranoid, sure, but isn't it a little fishy? it's like what >>21135 said, everyone's art ends up here eventually, except nitro/scream's. every bad thing said about him gets hidden or deleted, and now when like 3 people speak up against something serious like him grooming girls, suddenly the posts of the people calling him out get deleted, the posts defending him stay up, and the thread made about it gets shoved into an artist hate thread so no one can see it when they browse the catalog. I'm convinced he's either got a mod friend in here or somehow is a mod himself. pictures can be DMCA'd sure, but not text posts calling him out for shit he's done. so why would they be deleted?
>>21139 Maybe the mods just don't like it when you try to derail threads with arguments about child grooming?
>>21149 yeah that's why they hid the thread here then right
>>21076 >>21149 >>21150 tbh the only thing I've seen "hidden" was posts over that "girl he groomed", and no evidence of him actually doing anything prior to ALLEGEDLY the girl in question begging everyone to leave them, alone. While it's entirely possible the Admin is in on a child grooming racket, I'm feeling it's more likely said girl just desperately didn't want to be discussed and asked the mods to purge shit. Because I've never actually seen Nitro shit actively purged before now, and in all fairness nobody was actually posting "grooming evidence" before despite being asked repeatedly. Tranny's advocate, "trust me dude I saw it all!" with no caps seems to be a very common theme in these cringe/hate threads. I'm willing to admit I'm off, but it's more likely the admins took pity on the civilian and opted to kill discussion instead of anyone actively trying to help Nitro get away with pedophilia.
>>21151 I understand what you say. I've also not seen myself evidence of Nitro taking down stuff, but people saying it's always an issue with him/her. I also understand why the thread would have been purged, regardless if it was in favor of not for Nitro, as you say. However, what I've seen is that regardless the reason, there's a lot of toxicity around Nitro, even if I don't know if it's her/his fault or not. Every time there's a discussion about Nitro is way worse that the eternal war between the foot/anti-foot fags ffs, and only with Nitro in particular
>>21152 >Every time there's a discussion about Nitro is way worse that the eternal war between the foot/anti-foot fags ffs, and only with Nitro in particular not true Every time you badmouth gardenerjames, he HAS to show up to shittalk everyone badmouthing him, insisting how little he cares about our opinions, even though he's the ONLY person in this kink region who reacts this way. He may show up just because I said that, who knows.
>>21160 you're literally the only person I've ever seen whose post ID doesn't refresh. And your is months old. Are you on a VPN?
>>21162 I'm just a funny guy
(127.46 KB 657x527 suspicious apu.png)

(83.45 KB 951x840 WQiS4F0.jpg)

>>21164 Aight, truth is, I actually have no idea. It only seems to happen in this thread, too. my ID refreshes like normal in every other thread.
>>19334 Gigabaka v2.0
>>19715 I have no idea what you are trying to say. >>19718 >>19802 Why do you assume he is dan? He is the TickleWizard person.
(2.72 MB 360x270 oo.gif)

>>21165 This question has started to haunt me Maybe the mods did it cause I'm a self-admitted shit stirrer to make it harder for me to stir shit If that is the case, I am sorry mods, I promise to be a better noodle

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